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General Guidelines for submission through BLESS

• Application through BLESS only for NEW Application. Renewal and amendments to the
current licence are currently not available.

• Applicant to complete the online declaration form.

• Applicant is required to submit manually all supporting documents as listed below. The
applicant must quote BLESS submission number in each and every supporting document.

• All documents must be submitted in physical form / hardcopy at the following address:

DOSH HQ – Putrajaya

Aras 4, Blok D3, Kompleks D,

Pusat Pentadbiran Pusat Putrajaya,

62530 W. P. Putrajaya

Tel No.: 03 – 8886 5000

• All attachments must be submitted to DOSH HQ in 10 working days of BLESS application

submission. If attachments is not received within the said days, the application applied
through BLESS will be automatically rejected.

• If any fees are required by the agency, the applicant can utilise the E-Payment function in
BLESS provided the agency has activated this function. If any payment is to be made, a
payment request from the agency shall be prompted to the applicant. Otherwise, the agency
can request payment to be made manually.

• All information from Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) related to the company are made
available in BLESS, thus applicant is no longer required to furnish these information and
Specific Licence Checklist and Guidelines

1. Applicant to complete the online application.

2. Scan and upload completed application letter inclusive of the following details:

a) Application letter to produce official application. The letter shall be from the manufacturer,
supplier or the owner.

b) The application letter is required to have company’s name, address, date of letter, letter’s
reference number, name of owner, machinery model, layout of the machinery to be
installed and a signature.

Attention: Local manufacturer / installer must be registered with DOSH HQ.

3. A1 sized drawing plan in Malay or English, showing these particular details:

a) Overall plan design and installation with measurements.

b) Location drawing, detailed assembly drawing or detailed drawing showing clearly welding,
pin and others connections.

c) Plan drawing for platform.

d) Technical specification such as safe working load, lifting height, lifting speed, hoisting
machinery type as well as model and others.

e) Details regarding materials specification including the material size and quantity used.

f) Specification data on type, safe working load (SWL), hydraulic model / type, capacity,
model, lifting height, lifting speed, upright crossing, floor area, code, power supply, control
and other information, placed on the right hand side of the drawing plan.

g) Empty space for the departmental approval seal with at least 12cm x 7cm of space on the
right side of each design plan.

h) Signature and plan’s number on each drawing plan.

4. Design calculation:

a) Structural strength and load calculation based on international standard code.

b) Wire rope safety factor.

c) Calculation for static load and dynamic load.

d) Impact factor.
5. Hoist certificate / specification.

6. Wire rope certificate specification.

7. Operation and maintenance manual.

8. Confirmation letter from structure engineer.

9. List of safety features:

a) Explanations on the function of each safety features.

b) Layout of each safety features on the machinery.

10. Customs discharge form (if imported).

11. Load test procedure.


∗ Appendix A14 must be filled and enclosed.

∗ In case of manual submission, every application must be in set of three (3) and placed in
a file.