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May 19, 2014

Doreen Hunter
123 Far Out St.
Paradise, CA 95969



This stunning example of the Aesthetic period was made by the Meriden Britannia Co. of Meriden,
Conn. At the time they were the largest silver company in the world. In 1898, they willingly merged
with 15 other silver companies to form International Silver Co. of Meriden, Conn.

Your tilting ice water pitcher tilts forward on its stand to pour ice water into a beautiful goblet with
gold washed interior sitting on its own small shelf, adorned with two beautiful cast flowers. The
double-walled pitcher with internal ice flap (to keep heat from entering) and goblet are satin-chased;
the plain silver background is a satin finish that contrasts with the bright finish of the flowers, leaves
and stems.

Your #43 ice water set is pictured on Page 273 of the 1886-1887 Meriden Britannia Silver-
Plate Treasury Catalogue. The original cost was $34.00

The stand or holder is festooned with cast birds, rosettes and flowers. The goblet and pitcher are
embossed with flowers, birds, spider webs, bamboo and dragon flies.

The goblet is 6” (inches) high with a 3” round base, the ice pitcher is 12½” high with 6¾” round base.

The stand or frame is 19” high with a 9½” round base. #43 is stamped on the bottoms of the
goblet and ice water pitcher.

Actual replacement value of this set is $1,695.00 plus any applicable taxes.Attested,

Thomas H.
Maxwell, Owner
Maxwell Silver
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2 original copies