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AIESEC Knowledge Test Reviewer

AIESEC in Ateneo de Davao University

AIESEC in the Philippines
Prepared by Jacobin C. Ocbina; AIESEC Local Committee Vice President for Outgoing Exchange 1011

AIESEC is a global, non-political, independent, not-for-profit organization run by students and recent
graduates of institutions of higher education.
o Its members are interested in world issues, leadership and management.
o AIESEC does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, creed,
religion, national, ethnic or social origin.
o Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind’s Potential
1. Activating Leadership - We lead by example and inspire leadership through actions and
results. We take full responsibility for developing the potential of other people.
2. Demonstrating Integrity - We are consistent and transparent in our decisions and actions.
We fulfill our commitments and conduct ourselves in a way that is true to our ideals.
3. Living Diversity - We seek to learn from the different ways of life and opinions represented
in our multicultural environment. We respect and actively encourage the contribution of
each individual.
4. Enjoying Participation - We create a dynamic environment by active and enthusiastic
participation of individuals. We enjoy being involved in AIESEC.
5. Striving Excellence - We aim to deliver the highest quality performance in everything we do.
Through creativity and innovation, we seek to continuously improve
6. Acting Sustainably - We act in a way that is sustainable for our organization and society. Our
decisions take into account the needs of future generations.
Our international platform enables young people to discover and develop their potential to
provide leadership for a positive impact on society.
The Way AIESEC provides its members with an integrated development experience comprised of
leadership opportunities, international internships and participation in a global learning

PBOX or Project Based on Exchange is project made by AIESEC aimed to give positive impact to society.
PBOX focusing on educate people about world issues that important to be known. In PBOX, there are
some exchange participants from other countries to promote cultural understanding.

Terms and AIESEC Jargons

o AI, AIESEC International - International headquarters of AIESEC in Rotterdam,
o @ — International symbol for AIESEC
o PAI, President of the AI – The overall head of AIESEC International
o MC, Member Committee – Refers to an AIESEC Country (MC Libya, MC Philippines). It is
the national Leading Group.
o LC, Local Committee
o LCP, Local Committee President – Oversees the Operation of the LC
o LCM, Local Committee Meeting
o EB, Executive Board (president and vice-presidents)
o VP (or LCVP), Vice President. They are: OGX, ICX, TM, Fin, ER, SnR, Comm
o OGX, OutGoing eXchange – the department that is responsible for marketing exchange,
recruiting exchange participants, organizing GIOS, Pre-Selection Interview and Review
Boards, and Facilitates Ambies Night and the like.
o ICX, InComing eXchange - contacting companies, getting sponsors, selling AIESEC and
earning internships. ICX is a former portfolio which merged with Corporate
Development. Dealing with the intern and the company used to be done by these two
seperate portfolios. Now, ICX takes care of both incoming interns and their respective
employers to ensure their satisfaction.
o TM, Talent Management - interviewing new members, checking their progress in @XP,
reallocating members to destined positions, intern servicing; Serves as the
organization’s HR Department.
o Fin, Finance - keeping track of committee's profits and losses, reallocation of financial
resources, buying equipment for the betterment of LC's life.
o ER, External Relations – Takes care of Alumni Relations, Raising of Financial, Activity and
Learning Partners, and Keeps in constant contact with moderators and BOA (Board of
o COMM, Communication - Responsible for AIESEC marketing, exposure, branding,
relationships with the university, media coverage and updating information on the
AIESEC websites.
o PM, Project Manager – Serves as the project coordinator of a certain event, program or
project in the LC.
o IS/ISM, Information Systems or Information System Management — people responsible
for IT issues
o Leadership Team — EB, project managers and other AIESEC leaders in the LC (Support,
IS, etc.)
o OC, Organizing Committee — group that is organizing a certain event (for example a
o OCP, Organizing Committee President – Spearheads the OC Operation
o OCVP, Organizing Committee Vice President – Takes charge of ever department under
the OC (for example Marketing, Finance, Delegation, Logistics etc.)
o OCM, Organizing Committee Meeting – Does menial tasks under the OCP/OCVPs
o NLDS, National Leadership Development Seminar – The Biggest conference in every MC.
Sometimes only called as LDS.
o Faci, Facilitator – In certain AIESEC events, they give lectures, seminars and speeches.
o MCP, Member Committee President – Leads and overseas the entire operation of the
o MCVP, Member Committee Vice President – Heads each department in a national scale.
o NST, National Support Team – Supports AIESEC operations depending on focus areas; X,
Comm, ER etc.
o Matching — Procedure where placements and exchanges are brought together (it's
done through
o EP, Exchange Participant – person who will be an intern and will go on an exchange.
o TN, Trainee Nominee – The partner companies/organizations where EPs do their
internship/traineeship/exchange XP.
o Trainee - is what the EP is called when they are in the country where they are doing
their internship.
o PBoX, Project Based on eXchange – A Local project of an LC or a National Project of an
MC where Exchange Participants fill the positions of an “OC” to run the program. It
could vary advocacies from Environmental Sustainability, HIV/AIDS and other social
o APXLDS, Asia Pacific Exchange Leadership Development Seminars - An international
conference for AIESECers in line with exchange.
o CEED - Cultural Envoy for Exchange Development. This is an AIESEC exchange program
designed to help AIESEC grow. It is when an AIESECer(s) from one country visit(s) MC/LC
to help another MC/LC to grow through programs introduced to the host country from
the sending country, or partnership on exchange to bring about symmetrical growth to
o CEEDer - is a person on a CEED. They either help AIESEC of another country or learn
from them.
o BCP, Best Case Practice – these are cases in different MC or LC realities that are used as
sample cases in dealing with the realities of another MC or LC.
o KPI - Key Performance Indicator. This is a tracker used by TM to see how their LC is
o X Types, Exchange types - there are four exchange types in AIESEC:
o MT - Management Traineeship (economic and finance fields)
o DT - Development Traineeship (social and environmental fields)
o TT - Technical Traineeship (technology and engineering fields)
o ET - Education Traineeship (teaching and coaching fields)
o Newies — New AIESEC members
o XP or AIESEC XP, AIESEC eXPerience - model that describes what kind of experiences our
members can gain during their AIESEC time
 Each country (sometimes group of countries, or territories within a country) with an AIESEC
presence has its own national Member Committee (MC), which coordinates activities for that area.
Members also belong to a Local Committee (LC) for each university or college.
 AIESEC Approach - As stated on its website, AIESEC strives for “positive social change” by using the
On an individual level, AIESEC enables students to live the AIESEC Experience by taking on leadership
opportunities, gaining business skills, and connecting to a global network of students by attending
international conferences and interning abroad. There are five key principles, namely Taking an
Active Role (main goal: proactive behaviour), Developing Self-Awareness and Personal Vision
(assuming responsibility), Increasing Capacity (learning theory and applying it in practice), Building a
Network (networking) and Challenging Worldview (holistic world view).
 Partners - The AIESEC website proclaims that it holds several high-profile partnerships, among them
with companies like Alcatel, ABN AMRO, Cadbury Schweppes, DHL, Electrolux, AB InBev, PwC,
Enterprise Asia, HP, Microsoft and UBS. These partnerships are mainly related to presence of these
partners at AIESEC's forums, and provision of talent from AIESEC to these partners. AIESEC provides
global talent sourcing for AB InBev, Alcatel Lucent, and DHL.

More Facts:
- Present in 111 Countries
- Present in 1700 Prominent Colleges and Universities
- With 50000+ plus members
- 5000 partners across the world
- More than 10000 exchanges every year
- Conceptualize in 1946 and born in 1948
- Started with 7 Countries and 9 Universities in Europe after WWII
- is the exclusive network over the world wide web for @ers and EPs to keep track
of the member’s @ XP and to see the pool of TNs and EPs available in the whole of AIESEC

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