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1. Low-emitting and fuel efficient vehicles are defined as vehicles that have on the ACEEE annual vehicle achieved a minimum green score of rating guide? A B C D 20 30 40 50


The LEED reference guide contains the following: A B C D Project scorecard Previously submitted Credit Interpretation Requests List of USGBC company members Potential technologies & strategies to achieve credits


What must be obtained to confirm materials have been diverted from the waste stream? A B C D Waste haul receipts Site plan denoting collection areas Construction waste management plan Location of waste management company

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How much more energy efficient are LEED buildings when compared to typical buildings? A B C D 8% - 12% 15% - 21% 25% - 30% 37% - 41%


A project is undergoing a major renovation and will be phasing out the CFCbased refrigerant within the HVAC systems. When must the CFC be phased out? A B C D Prior to project completion 6 months after project 12 months after project completion Prior to project registration


Burning coal releases harmful pollutants such as A B C D CFC CO2 SO2 NOx

? (choose three)


Choosing to separate construction waste off-site may useful to projects with tight space constraints. The process of locating all waste in one container is known as: A B C D Commingled Churn Postconsumer Preconsumer

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Which of the following items would qualify for regional material? A B C D Salvaged beams located in building adjacent to project Material extracted 150 miles from project and manufactured 450 miles from the project Mechanical equipment manufactured within 300 miles from project Elevators shipped from within the same state as the project


The movement of work stations and people within a space is known as: A B C D Chain-of-custody Management plan Churn Albedo


A project purchases RECs equal to 50% of the building’s energy usage. The project also includes an onsite windmill that provides over 50% of the building’s energy. What is the maximum amount of energy required to be purchased from the utility company? A B C D 0% 25% 50% 75%

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Tradable commodities that represent proof that electricity was generated by a renewable source are: A B C D Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) Carbon Credit FSC coal Green-e


How many levels of LEED certification are there? A B C D 2 3 4 5


A project missed Platinum certification by two points. What level of certification did it achieve? A B C D Gold Silver Bronze Gold +


Which of the following is not a LEED certification level? A B C D E Gold Bronze Silver Certified Platinum

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How is an Integrated Project Delivery different from a typical approach? (choose two) A B C D Team is assembled early in the project and is collaborative Linear process in which info is shared as needed Risk is transferred to the greatest extent possible Communication is digitally based


Which of the following are standards referenced by LEED? (choose three) A B C D E ASHRAE The Energy Policy Act of 1992 Forest Stewardship Council AIA LEED reference guides


Graywater is defined by the following? A B C D ASHRAE 90.1-2007, Appendix G EPAct of 1992 Uniform Plumbing Code, Appendix G ASHRAE 52.2-1999


How is water usage of a water closet denoted? A B C D Gallons per flush Gallons per minute Gallons per usage group Cubic feet per minute

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Full Time Equivalent (FTE) occupants are determined from the following two? A B C D E Building occupancy Building floor area Full time employees Transient occupants Usage groups


What substances are used in fire-suppression systems and deplete the stratospheric ozone layer? A B C D Halons HFCs Carbon Dioxide Ammonia


What is the definition of emissivity? A B C D The ratio of the radiation emitted by a surface to the radiation emitted by a black body at the same temperature Measure of the ability of a surface material to reflect sunlight (visible, infrared and ultraviolet) on a scale of 0 to 1 Measure of the ability of a surface material to reflect sunlight (visible, infrared and ultraviolet) on a scale of 0 to 100 Measure of a material’s ability to reject solar heat as shown by a small temperature rise

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Which requires the most treatment to become potable? A B C D Graywater Stormwater Blackwater Well water


Which strategy can help promote the use of alternative fuel vehicles? A B C D Additional parking Preferred parking No parking Assigned parking


Water calculations are required for which categories? (choose three) A B C D E Sustainable Sites Water Efficiency Energy & Atmosphere Materials & Resources Indoor Environmental Quality


The architect, HVAC designer and commissioning authority are LEED APs. How many LEED credits can be earned on the project? A B C D 1 2 3 None

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Including a LEED AP will earn a credit in which category? A B C D Exemplary Regional Priority Energy & Atmosphere Innovation


Volatile Organic Compounds are addressed by which categories? (choose two) A B C D Sustainable Sites Materials & Resources Indoor Environmental Quality Energy & Atmosphere


The site area is defined as A B C D


The total area within the legal property boundary The total area of the property minus the project building The total area of the property minus the development footprint The total area of the property minus the hardscape areas


The following are included in the development footprint? (choose three) A B C D E Vegetated open space Access roads Nonbuilding facilities Hardscapes Private park

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Waste diversion can not include which items. (choose two) A B C D E Durable goods Excavated soil Ongoing consumables Hazardous Materials Recycled materials


A recycling program must address the following items? (choose three) A B C D E Glass Plastic Rubber Carpet Metals


The Credit Interpretation Request (CIR) and ruling process provides A B C D


an opportunity for a LEED project team to receive consulting from the USGBC on the structure of the LEED process technical and administrative guidance on how LEED credits apply to the project a line of communication between the LEED project team and the LEED project review team. Free guidance on LEED projects

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What tool assists the LEED project team with an anticipated LEED point total? A B C D LEED Reference Guide Project Registration form LEED project scorecard USGBC website


Projects located in urban areas can reduce stormwater runoff by which of the following? A B C D Detention pond Retention pond Tank and oil separator Discharge runoff into master system


Which of the following is considered renewable energy? A B C D Geothermal Coal Fossil Fuel Oil


Prerequisites ensure the following: A B C D LEED project meets all applicable local / state codes LEED projects remain within budget a minimum level of sustainability is achieved projects achieve LEED certification

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Triple Bottom Line includes the following guiding principles: A B C D E Economic prosperity Environmental stewardship Social responsibility Integrated approach Life-cycle cost


Materials found onsite and refurbished to be used for a different function are ? considered A B C D Salvaged Regional Recycled Churn


Forest Stewardship Council certified wood ensures A B C D The wood has been provided from a local forest


The wood has been manufactured within a LEED building The wood has been extracted by an environmental responsible forest manager The wood will provide a favorable life-cycle cost

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A builder would like to achieve an innovation point for the insulation he will be installing within the attic of a home. What are the steps to ensure the point will be achieved? (choose three) A B C D E The builder prepares a written Innovative Design Request The builder submits the IDR to the USGBC The LEED for Homes Provider submits the IDR to the USGBC Point is earned once IDR is submitted Point is earned upon approval ruling by the USGBC


Who enforces building codes? A B C D Architect Government Agency Civil Engineer LEED Project Administrator


A developer owns a 75 year old building and is interested in applying for energy efficiency grant programs. What should be considered to be replaced to improve energy efficiency? A B C D E Exterior glass Shear walls Wood floors Plumbing fixtures Irrigation system

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An owner would like to purchase a building within a TOD (transit-oriented development) site. Which items may be negatively affected from the site selection. A B C D Mass transit options Available access to district cooling and heating Community connectivity Stormwater Management


A humid, southwest project must give special attention to A B C D Cx qualifications Erosion & Sedimentation control requirements Material performance of envelope Energy modeling integration



Which project could apply for O+M certification? A B C D Registered new building LEED certified space renovated for tenant buildout LEED certified building on a college campus Currently undeveloped building in the preliminary phase of design


Why does a project need to develop a vision statement? A B C D Define environmental / energy goals of project Provide clear guidance of which LEED points will be pursued Define project budget Educate project team members on sustainability

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What would you not consider in a Life-Cycle Analysis? (choose two) A B C D E F Durability Material product selection Rentable income Reuse potential Energy consumption of mechanical systems Process energy consumption


What should be considered when developing a project’s construction budget? (choose three) A B C D E Alignment of the budget with the program Focus of project’s goals during design and construction Development of specific project goals Energy consumption of the mechanical systems Non-potable water available for irrigation


What refers to the consideration of initial cost vs. overall value? A B C D Life Cycle Cost Value engineering Full financial accounting Bid cost estimating

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What should be considered when pursuing LEED in a local community? (choose three) A B C D E Local attitude of community Number of LEED certified projects in community Local codes and regulations Environmental conditions Local incentives


The project team has elected to submit a CIR regarding a rainwater capture system. What should be included in the submission? A B C D E $200 Contact info of designer of the rainwater capture system Supporting photographs and calculations LEED project scorecard Concise question and possible solution


The campus application guide assists with the following? A B C D Certify a bunch of buildings with one credit Certify a single building in a group of buildings Define a logical and consistent LEED project boundary Register a single building for multiple LEED certifications

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Which of the following are recommended for a LEED project’s contractor plan? (choose three) A B C D E Onsite wastewater and demolition plan Construction IAQ management plan Erosion & Sedimentation control plan Occupant recycling plan Ventilation schedule


What are CIRs used for? A B C D Contact with LEED project reviewers Design guidance Provide project certification under special circumstances Technical analysis of how a strategy applies to a LEED credit


LEED 2009 online includes new features such as A B C D E Contact info of LEED project review team Ability to sort projects by trait Data linkages to auto-populate forms Mid-review clarification for major requirements Mid-review clarification for minor requirements

? (choose three)

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Site area is defined as? A B C D E area within the legal property boundary development footprint area hardscapes and building footprint total site area minus the building footprint total site area minus the building footprint and hardscapes


Which strategy most effectively reduces heat island, mitigates stormwater and restores habitat? A B C D Non-native plants Pervious pavers Photovoltaics located over site hardscapes Vegetated roof


An environmental site management program with less fertilizers would reduce what? A B C D total phosphorous levels total suspended solid levels stormwater runoff heat island

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What strategy would help restore the groundwater aquifers? (choose three) A B C D E Vegetated roof Pervious paving systems Native plants Rain gardens Graywater systems


What must development density calculations include? A B C D E Public parks Water bodies Public roads Right-of-way Parking lots


What may help reduce vehicle emissions? A B C D Additional parking Assigned parking Preferred parking No parking


Community connectivity ensures what? A B C D Project is within ¼ mile of transit lines Project includes pedestrian access to basic services Project restores site to natural habitat Project is provided with preferred parking

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What is considered a basic service? (choose three) A B C D E Restauraunt Hospital Day-care Museum Bank


A green roof should return what? A B C D Save energy in operating costs Increased life of roof Increased stormwater Save site space


What is the most effective heat island reduction strategy? (choose two) A B C D E Open grid paving and tree shading High albedo surfaces Photovoltaics over building and hardscapes Vertical green wall Locate project in urban area

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Low flow fixture saves how much potable water when compared to standard fixtures? A B C D 30% 60% 90% Low flow fixtures are waterless


Which of the following strategies would help reduce demand for potable water? (choose three) A B C D E Native plants Non-native plants Efficient fixtures Rainwater capture Pervious paving


What can graywater be used for? (choose three) A B C D E Landscape irrigation Sewage conveyance Swimming pools Mechanical equipment make-up water Showerheads

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Which is a flush fixture? A B C D E Water closet Waterless urinal Shower Kitchen sink Lavatory


Water use reduction calculates the percent water savings by comparing the baseline case to what? A B C D Commissioning report of installed plumbing fixtures Fixture count and usage groups The requirement of the local codes Installed and calculated design case


What is a benefit of using graywater through a drip irrigation system? A B C D Reduce heat island effect Less chance of human contact Increase evapotranspiration rate Promote native vegetation

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Discharged water in rivers and lakes contains the following contaminants? (choose three) A B C D E Bacteria Nitrogen Toxic metals Total Suspended Solids Carbon


What referenced standard addresses indoor air quality? A B C D ASHRAE 52.2 ASHRAE 55 ASHRAE 62.1 ASHRAE 90.1


Green power is governed by what? A B C D E Green-e Green-c Greenfields Green seal Greenhouse gas emissions

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Increasing a building’s ventilation rate would effect which LEED categories? (choose two) A B C D E Sustainable Sites Water Efficiency Energy & Atmosphere Materials & Resources Indoor Environmental Quality


What is the most efficient, cheapest and simplest way to comply with the intent of fundamental refrigerant management? A B C D E Select CFC-based refrigerants Select HCFC-based refrigerants Select HFC-based refrigerants Do not use refrigerants Select a building connected to a district cooling system


Which are considered to be natural refrigerants? (choose two) A B C D E HCFC CFC HFC HC CO2


CO2, H2O, NH3, HC and Air are considered to be natural refrigerants

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What does not qualify for green power? (choose two) A B C D E Solar Geothermal Biomass Fossil fuels Natural gas


A college campus has a central plant with an old CFC-11 refrigerant and plans to replace it with what? A B C D CFC-12 HCFC-123 CFC-114 HFC-23


What causes ozone depletion? A B C D Climate change and global warming Natural refrigerants Release of CFC’s Charging HVAC equipment with HCFC’s


Reducing emissions contribute to what? (choose three) A B C D E Smog Acid Rain Climate Change Greenhouse gases CFC’s
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CFC’s are found in what? (choose two) A B C D Centrifugal chillers Fire suppression systems Insulation products Roofing materials


An office building has a split system with 1% CFC-based refrigerants. Which it true? A B C D Project achieves refrigerant prerequisite Project achieves refrigerant credit Project achieves exemplary performance credit Project is ineligible for LEED certification


Where are RECs available? A B C D E Almost anywhere European market North American market Participating local utility companies Projects with installed on-site renewable sources

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What made CFC’s illegal in the United States? A B C D E F EPAct of 1992 Greenbuild SMACNA ASHRAE Montreal Protocol Kyoto Rule 14021


Why were some refrigerants banned? A B C D Ozone depletion Negative effects of end-of-life use Increase global warming Discharge into receiving streams and lakes


What would you find within a comingled office bin? (choose three) A B C D E Tuna cans Local newspaper Soda cans Ink jet cartridges Carpet tiles

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What should be considered when developing an ongoing recycling plan for a tenant? (choose three) A B C D E F Size of collection area with respect to development footprint Size of collection area with respect to building footprint Size based on property area Collection area to be protected from elements Signage of collection area Dedicated area to promote easy clean management


Which would classify as pre-consumer? (choose three) A B C D E F Fabric scraps Sawdust Peanut shells Soda cans Used carpet tiles Cardboard used to ship office equipment


Crushed aggregate from a neighboring, demolished building is used for backfill on a newly developed site. Which item would this promote? A B C D E Building reuse Material reuse Recycled content Construction Waste Diversion Regional Material

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What standard references recycled materials? A B C D E ISO 14021 40 CFR FSC EPAct of 1992 Green seal


Which products are considered rapidly renewable? (choose three) A B C D E Cork FSC – wood products Bamboo Linseed oil pre-consumer and post-consumer products


The main goals of providing recycled products are? (choose two) A B C D E Reduce demand for raw material extraction Promote local economy Promote sustainable forestry practices Reduce the rate of new construction projects Reduce waste disposal

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How are regional materials defined? A B C D E Materials extracted & manufactured within 500 miles of project Materials extracted with 500 miles of project Materials manufactured within 500 miles of the project Mechanical equipment extracted & manufactured within 500 miles of site Specialty equipment extracted & manufactured within 500 miles of site


When is the LEED AP certificate submitted online for a credit? A B C D E Design phase Construction phase Exemplary phase Innovation phase Registration phase


Which category do exemplary points achieve credit within? A B C D E Sustainable Sites Water Efficiency Innovation Location & Linkages Education & Awareness

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Innovation in Design should have what attributes? A B C D Quantifiable environmental benefits Quantifiable human benefits Quantifiable financial benefits Quantifiable political benefits


Exemplary performance can be achieved by what strategy? A B C D E Erosion & Sedimentation control plan Environmental Tobacco Smoke control plan Local & Regional materials Recycling program Ventilation rate


What governs land use and building size? A B C D E Zoning Codes ASHRAE LEED rating systems Architects


What may be considered community based open space? (choose two) A B C D Pedestrian-oriented hardscape Parking lots Public parks Private parks

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