Section 1 The Nature of energy

Energy is everywhere and is involved in everything - Energy: the ability to do work or ability to cause change - When the energy is done working it moves on or changes its form - Energy has different forms-electrical, chemical, radiant, and thermal - Example: Money is like energy because if you have a 100 dollar bill you could change it to coins or u could trade it to gold and so on but here energy is the one changing. Gravitational Potential Energy - Anything that can fall has potential energy stored in it - GPE - Something that is higher than another object has more GPE Formula      


Section 2 Conservation of Energy
y Everyday conversions - A light bulb converts energy from electrical to light as well as thermal energy - Mechanical Energy: is the total amount of potential and kinetic energy - Law of conservation of energy: energy cannot be created or destroyed

02/1/09 | Section 1 The Nature of energy


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