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Game Instructions

The game you are about to play explores how a tobacco control alliance
could make use of social media, blended with other activities. It empha-
sises the interplay of goals, audiences and methods and is played as a
team. Each table is a team and will complete the game tasks as the meal Goals & Resources
progresses. Although it has a serious purpose, the game should be fun to Stakeholders
play and will be competitive between table teams. Prizes will be given!
1 3
Game sequence
1. We’ll explain the game, and describe “Averageville” - a typical town
where we might be working, with a range of problems and opportuni-
ties. Each table will have a different focus for discussion. Two A2 sheets
Method / Project Cards
will be issued to each table (see right). Before the main course starts,
each team should complete the sheet outlining the goals of the pro-
gramme and the main stakeholders involved.
2. Following the main course, each team will receive a set of cards show- 2
ing various methods that might be used to assist the programme. Each
card consists of a title, a description and a cartoon or photo (to make
each card visually different) and a number indicating the likely cost of
the method (1,2 or 3). Teams are asked to assemble a programme
from cards whose total cost does not exceed a budget given to each
table (not the same for all tables!). The selected cards should reflect the
GOALS and STAKEHOLDERS already identified and address the issues mento
rt alli
ance l
Media suppo use of soci

and opportunities offered by the scenario. s e rv

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elp is rs who w
ble to
availa ant to make
satio to embe ir work
in g ces ge of
ways m
in the
Smok a ranor support an easily-updated
3. Having selected the cards Teams should now note the resources that
vides . (blog) where activists can
rv ic e pro owebsite
ki n g
se sm campaign smoking-related issues
A new rt quitting
day, suppo
they think will be required to make the programme work. Smoki
y cele
ng Da wn centre
nity of
Pra ctice
a g e a No oppers in 0 Use the
Man ed on sh system IDeA online co Campai
ask for 2 g
focuss to find re m ning web
sources, munity of practic

help share id e Create si te
eas and or
website support an ea
campaig (blog) where ac sily-updated
n smok tivists ca
Each team should attempt to make their sheet as visually interesting as ing-rela
ted issue n
possible to put over the thinking behind their programme. There will be no
verbal presentation - sheets will be put on the wall so other teams can see
the results.
The organisers will examine the sheets after dinner and chose those that
they think give the most inventive / creative / interesting presentation.
Prizes will be awarded!

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