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G08 Broadview Medi Centre Tel +27 (021) 761

Broad Road Mob +27 (076) 932 2166
Wynberg Fax +27 (086) 664 6932
Cape Town e-mail:

B2B Contacts
Procurement : Bheki Xaba,

Recruitment : Tsholofelo Kgole

Proprietary Complement
Membership : Bheki Xaba, Tsholofelo Kgole

Empowerment Profile : 1 Woman In Equity Position (HDI)

1 Man in Membership

Business Activities
Location of Office : Cape Town

Staff Complement
Total Number of Professionals

Eutaxy Personnel Solutions cc was founded in 2006 as a Recruitment and Placement

We efficiently handle the Recruitment and Headhunting of Executive Staff at Senior, Middle,
Junior and Supervisory Levels in Manufacturing and Mining Industry as well as Service sectors.

 We service Specialist sectors like Insurance, Banking, Media and Advertising, Freight
Industry IT and Engineering
 We have in the previous years done some recruiting for National, and Provincial
Government departments.
 We headhunt scarce skills for the Financial Services, Government, Mining Industry and
the Petrochemical Sectors.

Our database comprises the following

Chief Finance Officers, Chartered Accountants, Finance Directors, Senior Auditors, Company
Information Technology and Communication
Applications Development Managers, Dbase Managers, Systems Designers, Analysts, Project
Managers, Programmer Analysts,
Human Resources Management
Directors, Generalists, Industrial Psychologists, Change Management Specialists, Skills
Development Specialists,
Project Managers
IT, Engineering, Construction, Government Projects, Projects Coordinator
Operations and Production
Operations Directors, Managers, Production Engineers
Senior Technicians
Telecommunications, Mechatronics
Senior Mechanical and Electrical Engineers with GCC

Recruitment Policy
Our recruitment and selection Policies are such that we embrace the following
Standards in delivering service to our Clients
Labour Laws of the Republic
Codes of ethical conduct regulating the field of Human Resource Management
Codes of ethical conduct regulating the Recruitment Industry
Fair Competition and Practice
Gender Equality
Equal Employment Opportunity
ISO 9001:2000 QMS
A recognition of the need for continuous improvement through research and Human
Resource Audits.
Excellence in competitive strategy and Human Resource Practice to create
organizational and societal efficiencies.
Embracing Economic Empowerment
Affirmative redress

Professional Bodies
We currently envisage a Corporate affiliation to the following professional bodies
The Institute of People Managers (IPM.SA)
South African Board of Personnel Practice (SABPP)
Association of Personnel Service Organizations (APSO)
Cape Town Chamber of Commerce and Industry(CCC)
Investors in People

We are 100% BEE Comprising of South African, Black, and Historically Disadvantaged

(a)Membership Element:

(i)BEE Women Empowered: 1 We have seen one woman Member coming on Board at
beginning of 2008.
Tsholofelo Kgole who manages our Government Sector Recruitments Sector Portfolio

(ii) BEE Men Empowered: 1

Bheki Xaba who manages our Executive Recruitments Portfolio

(b)Ownership Element:

Ownership HDI Individuals : 100%

HDI Women : 50%
Disabled : Pending
(c) Voting Rights Element:
Voting Rights HDI Individuals : 100%
HDI Women : 50%
Disabled : Pending
(d)Economic Interest Element:
(i)Economic Interest
Economic Participation
Policy 1: 50% Of Earnings After Interest and Tax (EAIT*) attributable to each Member.
Policy 2: A share of 50% of losses commensurate with Profits enjoyed
Black New Entrants
We have seen 1 Black New Entrant into Eutaxy Personnel Solutions

(e) Management Element

Eutaxy is fully managed by 100% BEE men and women

(f)Employee Ownership Element:

Eutaxy is still in its initial stage of development but our employee ownership Policies should
Our staff to start their own similar enterprises or receive franchises within our structures (a
model we have modified from Quest) so as to manage niche markets or surplus work and
diversified operations like Call Centre and Temporary Recruitment, or Strategic Business Units
such as our Training and Development arm, because we believe where staff is developed, it
results in growth and staff must be empowered to put their acquired skills, knowledge and
abilities to optimum use in the form of giving them latitude to fully exploit their own business
opportunities that prevail in our lucrative economic environment.


In short we have adopted a strategy that all employees at all levels be conversant with HR
issues and undertake the APSO exams within 2007 so that the whole firm is HR orientated and
HR driven so as to maximize efficiency in delivering customer satisfaction.
This we aim to achieve through our comprehensive HR Policy, Skills Development and
Learnership, In-house Training programmes, Coaching, Mentoring, Motivation and Exposure to
new skills, methods, practices and innovations in HR (such exposures shall be facilitated by
our social development policy).


Our firm has a strong commitment to developing a generation of future HR practitioners. We
envy and imitate the strategy of leading firms in consultancy (Deloitte and Ernst and Young)
to employ Articled Clerks. Our primary stage of this pilot project is to take up university
students from relevant disciplines for practical training and exposure to the corporate
environment during holidays the majority of whom do casual labour in restaurants and non
related fields.

Exposure focus:

We aim to expose them to practical themes in the following practices

Marketing, Human Resource, Accounting & Finance, Taxation and Statutory Regulation of
Business, Transactions of commercial nature including Organizational Communication. This is
our drive from the abstract to the concrete, so that we eliminate the notion that theory
belongs to the class room.

We aim to expose the learners to mature and work oriented knowledge skills and abilities and
in tandem expose our staff to vibrant and energetic approach to business studies. This
mutual combination will yield a refresher of the old minds (our staff) and the inspiration to
young minds (student) but most importantly an ultimate healthy competitive spirit on a grand


Our recruits are multi level and multi disciplinary. We supply human skills and experience for
Executive, Supervisory and Operative vacancies.

We advertise and attract suitable talent from many disciplines such as Accounting, Auditing,
Marketing, Human Resources, Project Management, Retail Management, Engineering,
Production Management, Shipping, Banking, Logistic, Information Technology, and Media.

Our Human Resources abilities enable us to handle recruits with the following qualifications:
MBAs, BComm Degrees, CA.s, CIS, CIMA, ACCA Graduates, for Executive positions
Diploma and relevant experience for Middle level positions
Certificates NQF or experience for Lower level or Supervisory positions
Project Managers in IT, Engineering, Mining Operations and Construction.

We cater for the needs of Retail, Mining, Manufacturing, Transport and Logistics, Shipping,
Media, Information and Communications, Banking and Finance in and service both the Private
and Public sectors of the economy and we boast a healthy database of full blooded and willing
job candidates.


Our recruitment process is rigorous .We seek to assess among other things intellectual
capabilities, analytical competencies, and ability to function independently, or as a member of
a team, dependent on the situation.

We aim at excellence and consistency in assessing the candidates’ knowledge skills and
abilities and are cognizant that individual personalities differ as well as jobs vary with
organization even in the same sector and industry. Our choice of selection instruments are
systematically designed to ensure consistency in recruitment , validity and reliability of
selection criteria , so that ultimately the individual selected is one who matches both the job
needs and job situation; and is a compatible team player with other individuals in the client

We emphasize on a client focused culture in the structuring of our job interviews so that we
deliver to the client those candidates with an ability to see their jobs and job related problems
from the client’s perspective. This we achieve through paying attention-to-detail to the exact
requirements of the client so that we go beyond mere selection and assess even the ability to
fit into the organization and be successful in it.

All consultants embark on an in-depth and rigorous in-house training which entails day to day
pre-work HR grooming on legal, recruitment, ethical, and communication and business
strategy issues with the primary focus on client satisfaction. Our interviews dominantly
structured with, of course, room for that unstructured communication in order to create

Our selection instruments (predictors) and criteria are based on principles of validity and are
assessed as such and we take every care to harmonize these predictors with the job
specification and the client’s recommendation and suggestions including preferences.

We do reference checks and credential verification. We run criminal checks on all applicants
and we notify them of our intentions to do so. All our consultants bound by our
‘confidentiality clause’– to the legislation regarding Privacy of Personal Information.


The fee structure and terms of payment are contained in our SLA termed Permanent
Placements Service Level Agreement owing to the contractual nature of the content.

Our rates are highly competitive owing to our mission statement Your Partner In


Being in the Consultancy Business we recognize that we are a Human Resource Management
organization and that changes and advancements in the field affect us in that they change,
motivate and influence our future methods and policies.

We are current and up to date with problems facing firms in respect of CV and qualification
fraud, labour turnover absenteeism, job dissatisfaction, harassment, new legislature and
labour relations.

We uphold a Brand Image Policy: ‘Quality Agency-Quality Candidates-Quality Clients ‘and we

have a very stringent Candidate Interview/Assessment Protocol that we conform to which
-Job Spec Review and Analysis
-Zero Error Policy on Candidate resume review
-Competencies Benchmarks exuded by Scholarstic Knowledge, Skills in Relevant Field, Values
Attitude, Length of Experience, Leadership Ability, People Skills, Concern for Productivity vs
People vs Machines, Time Management Interpersonal Skill, Communication and Superior
Computer Skill
-Rigorous Interview Policy with determined Content, Frequency & Duration, and Technique
-Qualification Verification
-Reference Checks with the right personnel, in the right authority, who are able to give fair
and accurate information about the former employee (preferably a Grade higher) for
meaningful results.

We are committed to Principles of Fair Competitive Practice and subscribe to highest ethical
standards and as such we have adopted the Codes of Ethics of the following Professional
The Institute of Directors (IOD)SA -for Conduct of Directors
The Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA) SA -for Corporate
Governance and Practice
The Institute of People Managers (IPM), read in conjunction with the Association of Personnel
Service Organisations (APSO) for Recruiter Practice. We desire that future staff be registered
with any Professional Body so that the firm has a greater control on the ethical behavior of its
members because we strive for excellence.


Management is currently engaged in very serious policy development in regard to the
employment of individuals with disabilities and the empowerment of all historically
disadvantaged individuals and learnerships and the empowerment of youth and clear and
concise and definitive policies are under process of completion and implementation both
within our structures and in the recruitment practices communication thereof in the form of a
newsletter to our clients and applicants us underway in pdf format .



Outsourcing the recruitment process is a delivery option with many great and potentially
invaluable benefits to the company.
One of which is to free HR department to operate more strategically
Increased efficiency
Most importantly recruiting through Eutaxy is a time saver.
We act as a buffer between applicant and employer
We obtain scarce skills for employers.
We make more effective placements because this is our core business and our specialty
We highlight star applicants among a vast incumbent base.
We are a mediator between applicant and employer.
We offer advice to clients with reference to the job market outlook and status quo.
We provide ease of informing unsuccessful applicants
Criminal checks and credential verification
In addition there are numerous other advantages.


We have a very amicable grievance policy and an open door to discuss any dissatisfaction
with our service and quality.

We have an elaborate Service Level Agreement based on standard recruitment agency

practice and
Should the client not be satisfied, our Quality Management Policies allow us to improve
pending the
Company Lawyers’ decision and our directors’ discretion.

We also believe in the use of an independent arbitrator where a case of dispute arises and an
amicable resolution cannot be reached and where both parties cannot reach compromise and

Address: Sanza Administrators
P.O. Box 32583
Profession: Associated General Accountants (SA)

Membership Practice No.: 652963


Pending insurance portfolio package review.

Our Bankers Standard Merchant Bank of South Africa Adderly Street


A green box and white box, the name Eutaxy interposed onto it against the white background.
The name Eutaxy which means in ‘Good management order’. The white symbolizing the
transparency of our policies and the green symbolizing the fruitfulness which comes with this
transparency of policy in Managing Black Businesses within this young and budding economy
of South Africa.


‘Your Partners In Recruiting’


Executive PA
Bheki Xaba
Alechea Van Zyl
Tsholofelo Kgole

19. VISIT US AT* (under reconstruction)


During our first year we worked with mentor agencies and placed Project Coordinators
Project Mangers Construction, IT Project Managers, Web Content Developers, Insurance
Industry, Unit Trust Officers Banking, Project Analysts, Chief Finance Officers, Chartered
Accountant, Human Resources Managers, Human Resources Director, Senior Projects Director
Department of Sports and Recreation, Code 14 Drivers during 2007 Driver Strike, Senior
Credit Analysts

We desire to see our Clients satisfied in 2008 and our Brand developing into a an emblem of
Quality Agency-Quality Candidates-Quality Clients, to quote Winston Churchill ‘
‘an organisation is only as good as its workforce’


So far the company has seen this giant leap towards women empowerment and employment
equity and skills development.

(i) A radical change to receive one woman into Company Ownership, Control and Membership

50 % Women Empowerment
>50 % Historically Disadvantaged women
100 % Black Economic Empowerment Ownership, Exercisable Voting Rights

(ii)Good results evidenced by the distinctions in Assignments and Coursework

Results obtained by our elected B Commerce candidate.

Learners Assisted since inception in 2006: Two

-Varsity College B Commerce Case Study and Support to date 2007-Nothemba Mbatha
-Helderberg College Office Practice and Management Job Experience 2007-Memela Yalezo

(iii)Executive Development

50 % Executive Development. One executive has so far been to an Executive Development

Programme in 2007. This is a great inspiration to the rest of the team and in future we require
a stable bench mark of 85 % and an ultimate target of near 100 %.

(iv)Participation in National Skills Development Programme

The firm has taken a what we coin a “Proactive Stance” towards the National Skills
Development Programme by sending our Member to attend a Skills Development Assessor
OBE Course
Thus we have Managers that fully understand the scope and functions of the NQF, SAQA, and
the SETAs, their objectives and their priorities. This has propelled us to develop
Recommended Skills Development Policies and Training Materials coined ‘QMS Policies’ by the
Accrediting SETAs.
(v)Future projects
Successful employment of people with disabilities 2008 March
The undertaking of learnerships by Mid 2008
The Completion of our Management and Public Admin Training (EMPAT) QMS Policies

The subsequent Accreditation with the Services SETA

(vi)Future Quality and Service Delivery Standards

A zero grievance Policy primarily
-within our working structures, and
-secondly in all working relations with our Clients, Job Candidates, Recruiting Community and
the HR Fraternity as a whole

(V)Socio-Economic Development (other Black Businesses Assisted)

Enterprise Development: As a Consulting Business we have so far seen the assistance of 10

Businesses in attaining incorporation as well as assisted them in
Business Strategy, Company Profile, Training QMS Designing, Policy Designing and Business
Plans as well as BBBEE Compliance Issues.

Areas of Specialisation: Inzika Construction-Start up and Business Policies

Simply Impartial Recruitment –Start up and Business Profile
Bayolise Training Centre-Business Plan, Marketing Research, AgriSETA
Body Repair Shop-Marketing Planning and Business Strategy
Environ lay-Funding for Scrap Tyre Recycling
Vuvu’s Communication and Boutique
Premier Conference and Events Management