Campus Times Checklist

Staff: Staple this completed checklist to all stories before turning them in to editors Failure to complete and check off all of following items by deadline constitutes a missed deadline FIRST DRAFT (By 1:50 Monday) q Story/document is “slugged” with the accurate name/date per the assignment sheet • Example: 2-12-10 Crash q Story is uploaded into writer’s Campus Times folder (using the slug as the file name) and printed in hard copy q Hard copy is stapled to assignment sheet, and press release or event program when applicable q Story/Document has the proper header on the upper left-hand side of the page: • Slug & date of publication • Byline • Section of paper • Word count q Story is double-spaced q Story is within 50 words of the assigned word count q Story has at least the minimum number of live sources interviewed and accurately quoted • Three (3) is the minimum, unless more are specified on the assignment sheet q All names are CQ’d, meaning the spelling of all names has been double checked for accuracy, and <CQ> appears next to the name on first reference • Example: Eric Borer <CQ> q Story has a tag line: Your name can be reached at your e-mail address • Elizabeth Zwerling can be reached at q Story has a complete and accurate source list: Including the full name, title, e-mail address, and daytime phone number(s) of all interview sources • Example:
1. 2.

Elizabeth Zwerling, Associate Professor of Journalism, University of La Verne,, 909-593-3511, Ext. 4293 Etc.

FINAL DRAFT (By 1:50 Wednesday) q All edits and corrections per editors have been addressed and story has been revised accordingly q Any questions, concerns or disagreements re. editing has been discussed with section editor, Editor-in-Chief and/or adviser q All edits and updates have been made to the version in the writer’s electronic Campus Times folder and final draft hard copy has been printed and stapled to original story, assignment sheet, etc. Please note that all stories are subject to additional editing during Wednesday/Thursday editing process. All staff writers are encouraged be present and work with editors and the adviser on all stages of editing their stories.

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