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Dear Assemblymember of California,

We are writing in support of SB 54 and AB 1080. These efforts will require all single-use
packaging and products manufactured or sold in California to be recyclable or compostable by
2030 and will cut single-use packaging and plastic waste by 75%. SB 54 and Ab 1080 are
ambitious bills that will make our state the first to partially phase single-use plastic containers.
Germany was able to do this, so why can't we! We understand there are some downsides to this
bill, as there needs to be massive amounts of investment for innovation and technology in our
flawed recycling and composting systems. Still, it is a great start and will set the grounds to
begin working towards a more comprehensive fix that can move through the legislative process
in the future. We need to start taking responsibility for what we create and discard.

Plastic pollution pollutes at every step, from production to disposal, although it is perceived to
miraculously appear from nowhere and go nowhere. Long before it reaches the environment,
plastic is harming us and our planet. Oil and gas extraction and transportation are part of the
plastic's lifecycle. Toxic chemicals are released in the communities where the fuels are
converted into the chemical ingredient for plastic. Take the Formosa Plastics incident in Point
Comfort as an example of this pollution. In addition, the plastics we interact with may include
other chemical additives or coatings that can leach out plastic into humans, putting our health at
risk. Finally, only a small percentage of plastic is recycled. The rest ends up in landfills, in the
environment, or is burned. All of us are devastated by seeing plastic, whether on land or in the
ocean, yet what is even worse is that it threatens ecosystems' stability and biodiversity at all
ends of the food chain. Let us start taking action upon this never-ending pollution.

Below are some letters and work from members of Team Marine outlining the urgency and
support from our community upon these bills.

Thank you for your consideration,

Team Marine