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January - 2011


Udyog Bhavan, Siripuram Junction, VISAKHAPATNAM - 530 003 A.P.
Phone : 0 8 9 1 - 2 7 5 4 1 3 3 F a x : 0 8 9 1 - 2 7 5 4 1 8 9
Website : www.

Price Rs. 500/-



VISAKHAPATNAM, The 2nd biggest city in Andhra Pradesh and the city of destiny is having beauti-
ful green and gold land, which is named after VISAKHA, the God of Valour. Today, Vizag as it is popularly
known as braved all odds and grown from a small fishing town to a bustling, industrial city. With the devel-
opment of I.T. Industry, many IT Companies having global reputation and network are in queue to open vis-
tas for their operations. Hence, Visakhapatnam City has got tremendous potentials for future development as
compared to other cities of Andhra Pradesh.

1. Paradesipalem (Ozone Valley ) Layout :-

The Layout is just 12 Kms. away from Visakhapatnam City and 22 Km. from Airport, surrounded by
beautiful hills and green landscape with peaceful atmosphere. The layout is situated in S.Nos. 103/2, 104/1
& 2; 106, 107, 108, 109, 118, 119, 120, 121, 122, 123, 124, 125, 126, 127, 128, 129, 130, 155/1, 2 & 158 of
Paradesipalem. The layout is being developed with infrastructure in all respects such as with roads, open
spaces and parks with bus facilities. Now, the VUDA is coming up with the proposal of auctioning 121 Plots
in this layout. This layout is abutting to 200 feet wide State Highway leading from Visakhapatnam to
Srikakulam and thereon. The layout is quite access to the employees, public to perform the journey to and
fro as the frequent RTC buses are plying from Visakhapatnam to other district and states.


Kurmannapalem layout ( Sites & Services Scheme) is located about 25 Kms from Visakhapatnam
City on the way to Anakapalle town and falls within the limits of Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal
Corporation. This layout is having 100' approach road from National High way and close to Gajuwaka Town,
Vsp Special Economic Zone, Steel Plant & Civil Township. VUDA has developed 188.75 Acs of land under
sites & services at Kurmannapalem under seven phases, providing total 2058 Nos plots of HIG, MIG and LIG
Categories. This layout is developed with black top Roads, pucca drains, Street lighting and other infra-
structural facilities like Park, School, Playground, commercial complex & other community facilities. A full-
fledged housing colony that is Rajeev Nagar Housing Colony under phase-III is also developed by VUDA with
total 792 Nos of houses.Now, VUDA is proposed to auction 14 Nos of Commercial and Residential plots in
Kurmannapalem Town Centre Layout Phase-I, V &VI layout.

3. VUDA & Chilukuri Housing Projects Pvt. Ltd ., Joint Venture Layout at Kapula Uppada Village :-

This layout is just 20 Kms away from Visakhapatnam city and surrounded by beautiful hills and
green landscape with peaceful atmosphere. This is a joint Venture Project with Chilukuri Housing Projects Pvt
Ltd., situated in S.Nos.134 P, 135,136,137 P, 138 P, 146, 147 P, 149 P, 150, 151, 152 P, 153 P, 154 & 155 P of
Kapulauppada (V), Bhimili Mandal. The layout is developed with infrastructure in all respects such as with
black top roads, storm water drains, street lighting, and water supply from ground water sources etc. Open
space and parks have also been provided. Now VUDA is coming up with the proposal of auctioning of 16
Plots in this layout. Layout is approved vide L.P. No.35/08.

4. M.V.P. LAYOUT :-

The VUDA has developed M.V.Palem layout under I.U.D.P. Scheme, Plotted developed scheme and
also taken up housing scheme in an extent of about Ac.420 during the years 1977 - 1980. The M.V.P. Colony
is 8 Km distance from A.P.S.R.T.C. Complex. This colony is provided with all infrastructure facilities. Some left
over plots are available for auction. 2 Plots in Sector-VI & near Appughar of M.V.P. Layout are now proposed
for auction.


VUDA and M/s Godavari Township Pvt. Ltd. have developed joint venture layout at Gandigundam
Village of Anandapuram Mandalam by the side of 300' Master Plan Road from Pendurthi to Anandapuram
road in S.Nos.139/P, 143/P of Gandigundam Village of Anandarpuram Mandal. It is very nearer to
Simhachalam. Now, VUDA is coming out with an auction of 2 Nos. of Plots in Gandigundam Layout. Layout
is approved vide L.P. No.46/06.
Issuing officer Signature
Office Seal Application No.



The Vice Chairman,
Urban Development Authority,

1. a) Full Name of the Applicant : ………………………………..………………

(In Block letters with Surname)

b) Father / Husband's Name : …………………..…………………………..

(In case of Married Woman Indicate Husband Name)

c) Age : …………………..…………………………..

d) Address for correspondence : …………………..…………………………..

(with Pin code) present Address : …………………..…………………………..

E-Mail Address : …………………..…………………………..

Telephone No. Off: Res: Cell No:

2. Payment Particulars of EMD : D.D. No. ………………………………….….

: Name of the Bank …………………………....

: Date ……………..Amount Rs. ……………..


I, have read the terms and conditions and I shall abide by the terms and conditions
of allotment now in force and those which may be framed by the VUDA and by the
Government of A.P. from time to time.
I hereby declare that the particulars furnished above are true to the best of my knowl-
edge and belief.


Whether the application is in order or not Yes / No

For Vice -Chairman

1. Please remember to detach the recognition slip below before you send/submit your
application. Keep the recognition slip with you or with your representative.
2. Two Passport size photos of the applicant duly attested by a Gazetted Officer (to be pro
duced) if your bid is successful and confirmed.
3. Collect admission Pass from the office of VUDA duly submitting your filled in application
to avoid rush on the day of auction. However you can also submit the application on the
day of auction or during any time of auction and get your Admission Pass.
4. If you do not produce the recognition slip at the office, You will not be given an admis
sion pass to participate in the auction, even if your application is received and duly
5. Please enclose the terms and conditions duly signed on each page.
6. For any information you may contact Mobile No: 98660 76932, 99595 00190.



I hereby authorise Sri/Smt. …………………………………………………….. to be my
representative at auction.

Signature of the Authorised Representative Signature of the Applicant



Detach and produce on the day of auction at 10.00 A.M. at Auction Centre
/ VUDA office on any day prior to the auction during office hours. In case of applicants
who have sent by post, to be produced at the Counter on the day of auction and
collect admission pass.

Application No.

Name of Applicant
Specimen Signatures




Signature of the Applicant

If the applicant cannot personally attend to submit the application, an

authorized representative can be sent by him.


Allotment of plots will be made to whom the highest bid is confirmed by the Vice-Chairman, VUDA. The
Vice-Chairman, VUDA shall be the Auctioning Authority and represents on behalf of the Authority for auc-
tions and reserves right to exercise discretion on all matters pertaining to the auction and can not be
questioned in any manner whatsoever.


a. Any person can participate with an application in the auction along with EMD of Rs.25,000/- till it is
confirmed. If the Bid is confirmed, the Admission Pass has to be surrendered. The second highest
bidder can participate in the balance bidding process for any other plot in any other layout till he/she
succeeds. In case he/she does not succeed as highest bidder his/her eligibility in which he/she stood
over as second highest bidder will be taken into consideration in the event of failure to pay the amount
by the 1st highest bidder.

b. All correspondence will be made in the name of original applicant only.

c. Two recent passport size photographs of all applicants shall accompany the application, one being
affixed to the application at the space provided and duly signed by such applicant and the other to
be enclosed with the application duly signed on the rear side of the photo.

d. The sale of application forms and receipt of filled in applications supported by EMD will be continued
even after commencement of the proceedings of the auction also. Eligible applicants can participate
in the auction at any stage on the day and will be entitled to bid for plots, which remain, yet to be auc-
tioned as and when plots are put to auction.

e. Incomplete applications will summarily be rejected and will not be included in the pool of applica-
tions for the auction. The decision of the Auctioning Authority is Final.

f. Applications received without EMD will be summarily rejected. The deposit amount of Rs.25,000/-
towards EMD for participating in auction as per Notification (which bears no interest) has to be remit-
ted through crossed demand draft of any Bank in favour of Vice-Chairman, VUDA, Visakhapatnam
payable at Visakhapatnam. (Cheque or any other mode of payment will not be accepted.) Separate
D.D./Banker's Cheque is to be enclosed to each application.

g. It is the responsibility of the applicant to send the filled in application along with EMD amount of
Rs.25,000/- well in advance. The Auctioning Authority is not responsible for any postal or other delay
or loss of documents in transit and no correspondence in this regard will be entertained.


A. The Sale of plots will be on Public - auction.

B. The auction will be held at the place on the dates and as per the schedule as given in the Notification
/ Advertisement.

C. The auction of the plots are being conducted as per the schedule given in the Broacher. Any plots
which remains as per the schedule will be reauctioned on the same day or the last day of the auction
or at the sole discretion of VUDA.

Signature of the Applicant.



A. Filled in Applications in all respects shall be submitted in VUDA office at Siripuram as given in the
Notification / Advertisement.

B. Mere submission of applications (including applications sent by post) does not confer any right to
claim acceptance of it and the VUDA reserves the right to reject the same.

C. Incomplete Applications received in any respect or without EMD or contrary to these terms and con-
ditions and any other instructions will be rejected, even after acceptance of the bid/ tender.

D. Intimation of Confirmation-cum-Allotment or otherwise as the case may be, will be sent by Registered
Post/ Speed Post within 15 days from the last day of auction. In case of non-receipt of such intima-
tion within 15 days, it shall be the responsibility of the applicant to personally obtain a duplicate copy
of the same from the Office of VUDA. Non-receipt of intimation by the applicant shall not be a ground
for non-payment of the sale price or for delayed payment.

E. All statutory formalities and procedures shall be adhered to and observe strictly by the successful bid-


A. The entry into the place of auction will be regulated and Applicants having the tokens / Admission
passes issued by VUDA on the day of auction accompanied by one more person, if such applicant
so wishes, are only permitted to participate in the auction.
B. In case of any disorderly conduct or disturbance by the applicant or the person accompanying the
applicant, and any untoward incidence takes place, in or around the auction place or for any other
sufficient reason, the Auction Officer shall be entitled to exclude such persons / from the auction
premises, cancel their token / Admission pass and / or initiate criminal proceedings under law.
C. The applicants may also authorize their representative in the prescribed form (Proxy) to participate in
the auction on their behalf.
D. The Plots offered for allotment on the same condition "as is where is" basis. The applicants should
note this before bidding for the Plot. The Applicants should inspect the plots and satisfy themselves
before bidding, as otherwise, it is deemed to have inspected the plots and satisfied themselves
regarding the suitability of plots in all respects.
E. Counters will be opened at the Auction place Two Hours before the time fixed for commencement of
auction for issue of token / Admission passes in exchange to the Pay Order issued by any schedule
bank towards EMD paid along with Application to participate in auction. The token / admission pass
must be preserved safe and VUDA will not be responsible for any loss of token / admission pass.
The unsuccessful bidder should invariably surrender the pass to claim refund of D.D. etc. on the fol-
lowing day.
F. The Auction Officer shall have the right and power to change, modify, alter, extend, prepone the time
of the auction and also to postpone the auction to any other date.
G. The Auction Officer shall have the right to accept or reject any bid without assigning any reason and
no grievance thereof will be entertained.
H. The bidding by the applicants shall be in multiples as may be fixed by the Auction Officer before com-
mencement of the auction.

Signature of the Applicant.


I. The Upset price per Sq. Yard for each plot will be fixed by the Auctioning Authority as given in the
brochure. The auction will be knocked down for the plot in favour of the highest bidder. Soon after
such knocking down, the highest bid rate will be accepted by the Auction Officer / Auctioning
Authority and such acceptance shall be binding on the applicant.
J. The highest bidder should make 10% of the total cost of the plot on the spot immediately by obtain-
ing, D.D from any Bank or remittance challan from the IOB VUDA Branch available at the reception
counter taking into minimum consideration and the balance on the following day, failing which, the
offer of allotment will be made to the Second Highest bidder duly forfeiting the entire amount paid by
the 1st highest bidder. In failure to make 10% spot payment by both the 1st and 2nd highest bidders,
they will loose their deposit amount and forfeited to VUDA Account. The balance amount of 90% has
to be paid with in 90 days in three equal monthly consecutive installments.
K. The highest bid itself will not confer any right over the confirmation of allotment, unless and until the
Vice-Chairman, VUDA & Auctioning Authority confirms the same.
L. In case of postponement due to exigency, the same will be informed to the applicants at the auction
place, or through a newspaper notification if not possible by affixing a notice to that effect on the
Notice Board in the office of VUDA.
M. The auction of plot shall be as per the schedule given in the brochure. Any undisposed plots for what-
ever reasons as per the schedule may be reauctioned on the last day of auction or at a later date to
be notified separately at the discretion of the authority.
N. The EMD and other amounts to be paid to the VUDA towards the cost of the Plot by the applicant shall
be drawn by way of Demand Draft in favour of Vice-Chairman, VUDA payable at Visakhapatnam
only and it shall not carry any interest.
O. The Highest bidders should ensure prompt steps to credit the amounts to their accounts sent through
RTGS in time. Any delay due to Identification of Plot Number etc., the VUDA is not held responsible
for such delay and the penal interest will undoubtedly carry.


A. The decision of Vice - Chairman, VUDA shall be final and binding on all the matters pertaining to auc-
tion and the same shall not be questioned in any manner whatsoever.

B. Payment of 10% of the cost of the plot excluding the EMD is to be made on spot invariably.

C. The payment of balance 90% of the cost of the plot is to be paid within the next 90 days in 3 equal
monthly installments (EMD amount will be adjusted in the last installment) or within another 60 days
extension granted at the discretion of the Vice-Chairman, VUDA for special reasons to be recorded.
for which period, interest is payable @ 18% per annum. No extension will be considered beyond 150
days in all. In case the successful bidder fails to pay the cost as per "b" and "c" above or if the allot-
ment is cancelled for any other reason subject to the auction conditions the entire cost paid and the
EMD will be forfeited without any prior notice. No interest exemption shall be considered in any case
even if any application is made for such exemption and no reply will be given and the applicant/ allot-
tee is liable to pay the interest as per the terms and conditions of allotment / auction without waiting
for any reply / rejection letter.

D. Such plot whose allotment to the successful bidder is cancelled will be allotted to the next highest bid-
der provided his / her bid is appears to be reasonable to the Auctioning Authority and will then be
considered as successful bidder. He / She should pay 10% of the cost of the plot on spot and the
balance 90% payment as indicated above.


A. All payments shall be made by way of D.D. in any Bank drawn in favour of Vice-Chairman, VUDA
payable at Visakhapatnam or cash remittance in VUDA A/c with Indian Overseas Bank, Siripuram
Branch, Visakhapatnam.

B. All outstation DD's shall be payable by way of D.D. Drawn in favour of Vice Chairman, VUDA,
Visakhapatnam. VUDA will not be responsible for postal delay. Interest at 18% p.a. will be levied on
all the delayed payments, till the D.D. is realized to VUDA Account.


A. EMD carries no interest.

B. In case of rejected application or unsuccessful applicants, the EMD amount will be refunded to the
applicant or authorized person within 7 working days.
C. In case of acceptance of the bid, the applicant shall at once surrender the Admission pass issued
by VUDA.
D. VUDA shall not be responsible for any forgery of signature of the applicant in the authorization form
and it will be presumed unless it is proved to be contrary that the applicant has given such author-
ization at his / her / their own risk.
E. For non payment of initial amount of 10% cost of site by the highest bidder on spot, the EMD paid
stands forfeited.
A. Initial amount is 1st payment of the sale price i.e., 10 % of the sale price as spot payment excluding
B. In case of cancellation of allotment for non payment of balance sale price as stipulated or for any other
reason, the entire initial cost and EMD stands forfeited.
C. In case of non confirmation of the bid amount by the concerned authority, (VUDA) for any unforeseen
reasons, the initial amount will be refunded along with the intimation letter without showing any rea-
son, by way of Cheque without any interest.


A. All the payments by the applicant shall be made within the stipulated time. For non payment of the
sale price within the stipulated time, the allotment is liable to be cancelled without any intimation or
whatsoever nature.

B. For the purpose of prompt accounting and in the interest of the applicant, he./ she may intimate the
payment particulars as and when made as per time schedule.

C. The allotment is also liable for cancellation for violation of any other terms and conditions as contained
herein or as may be communicated from time to time.

Signature of the Applicant.


D. In case of cancellation, for whatsoever reason, the initial cost along with EMD in full will be forfeited.

E. With drawl from allotment or surrender of allotment by the applicant amounts to cancellation for the
purpose of refund of the amount paid by the applicant, duly forfeiting the EMD & 10% initial cost paid.

F. In all the cases of refunds, the applicant shall surrender the original challans of payment and submit
advance stamped receipt to the Chief Accounts Officer, VUDA and seek refund either in person or by
post giving specific address and such refund will be made through an A/C payee cheque. VUDA will
not be responsible for loss or misplacement of the cheque sent by post or for its mis-utilisation. The
final decision for any refund rests with the Vice-Chairman, VUDA.


A. The second highest bidder will be considered for allotment of the plot on the same terms and condi-
tions, in case of any cancellation for non-payment of initial cost by the highest bidder. For this pur-
pose, the second highest bidder shall become the successful bidder for that plot and he is bound
by all auction and allotment conditions as applicable, on par with the successful highest bidder.

B. The Balance of site cost shall be payable within the date stipulated in the intimation letter. The pay-
ment shall be either through Demand Draft / Bankers Cheque / Pay Order etc. or remittance in VUDA
Account with I.O.B., Siripuram, VUDA Office building. No cheques will be accepted.


A. The Plot size is subject to variation. In case the actual area is less, the cost of excess payment made
by the allottee, if any, will be adjusted against future installments or refunded without interest. In case
the actual area is more, the cost of excess area will be calculated at the bid rate. The allottee should
pay the amount at bid rate within such time as stipulated by VUDA in its communication, failing which,
18% Penal Interest will be charged.

B. It is upto the allottee to take over possession of the Plot on full payment and preserve his plot before
registration, as otherwise, it is deemed to have taken over possession of the plot and does not con-
fer any right to claim to handover possession of the Plot. Further, the VUDA is not held responsible
for any sort of litigations arise at a later date as regards to the physical features, boundaries of the
plot, consequent upon its registration.

C. Conveyance of the plot through a registered Sale Deed will be made on the names of applicants only
at the cost and expenses of the applicant within three months after payment of the full sale price and
any other dues or such further time as may be granted by VUDA at the request of the allottee / auc-
tion purchaser failing which, the allotment shall stands cancelled without further notice besides for-
feiture of EMD, Initial cost and any other amounts till then paid and VUDA will be at liberty to re-allot
/ re-auction the same as the case may be.

D. No exchange of plots will be considered under any circumstances whatsoever reason.

E. It is further clarified for the purposes of all statutory payments like V.L.T. property tax / House tax etc.,
the last date of registration schedule specified in the allotment proceedings shall be reckoned and
from that date onwards, the allottee shall be liable to discharge all statutory obligations, payments
and the like.

13. The area of the site as given in the brochure is approximate and subject to variation.

14. All disputes arising out of or in relation to or in connection with the auction, allotment
or any other subject touching the plots in any manner whatsoever either directly or indi-
rectly shall be subject to and confined to the jurisdiction of the Courts at Visakhapatnam
alone, as the case may be.

15. The plot so allotted shall be developed as per G.O.Ms.No.678 M.A & U.D. Department
dated 7-9-2007.

16. The allottee is solely responsible for protection of auctioned plot from the date of pay-
ment of full site cost.


A. The layout of the site and the plan are displayed in the office of the VUDA and also at the respective
layout site at the conspicuous places.

B. The successful bidder of the plot after payment of full cost of the plot together with interest if any, with-
in the stipulated time shall be responsible for undertaking and complete the construction of a resi-
dential building within a period of 3 years from the date of acceptance / allotment, failing which, the
allotment of plot is liable for cancellation.

C. The purchaser has a right to sell away the plot to whom so ever he / she likes on the same conditions
with the prior approval of VUDA duly paying legitimate charges subject to condition that the trans-
feree should undertake to complete the construction of the residential building within 3 years.

D. The Authority has power to forfeit the entire amount paid and to execute unilateral cancellation deed
in case of default of construction of a residential building in the plot allotted within the specified peri-
od of 3 years.

E. The allotment shall be subject to cancellation for violation of any of the terms and conditions or stip-
ulations or instructions.

F. The allotment is also subject to such rules and regulations of the A.P. Urban Areas (Development) Act,
1975 or directions of the Government and such other terms and conditions as may be communi-
cated by VUDA from time to time.

G. Water, drainage mains, etc shall belong to VUDA or such other body as may be entrusted with the
laying and maintenance. VUDA reserves the right of entry into site or premises by its nominees, rep-
resentatives to inspect, cancel, alter or repair any water or drainage mains passing through such

H. All rates, taxes, charges, fees, assessment and other levies, etc., of whatsoever nature shall be paid
by the allottee to the concerned authority / body including VUDA from the date of allotment (Auction).

I. It shall be the responsibility of the applicant to obtain necessary permission for construction of the
building from the appropriate local authority as required under the law and VUDA may consider
issue of NOC for obtaining loan.

Signature of the Applicant.


J. VUDA reserves the right to defer, cancel, alter, amend or modify the Notification / Advertisement call-
ing for the applications for allotment.

K. Permission for mortgaging the site will be entertained, in favour of bank, financial institutions and other
Government Agencies, for payment of balance site cost to VUDA subject to condition that demand
draft in favour of Vice Chairman, VUDA is directly sent to VUDA for the total dues payable by the
allottee to VUDA as on the date.

L. The nomination given in the application is valid till the plot is registered in favour of the applicant /

M. All the correspondence will be made to the address given in the application form. It shall be the
responsibility of the applicant to get any change in the address obtaining acknowledgement from

N. VUDA will provide infrastructure like roads, water distribution system, drainage system, external elec-
tricity network. The plots put for auction are on as is where is condition. The applicants shall inspect
the site and satisfy themselves of the condition and location of the plot before participating in the
auction. VUDA will not carry any development work in any individual plot such as removal of boul-
ders, land levelling etc.

O. It shall be the responsibility of the allottee to have service connection secured from the respective
Organization like A.P. Transco for electricity, G.V.M.C. for water supply and drainage and at his / her
/ their own cost.

P. In all matters of doubts or disputes or in respect of any matter not provided in these terms and con-
ditions, the decision of the Vice- Chairman is final, and binding.

Q. Transfer of allotment is agreed in principle in the name of the blood relations of the allottee subject
to the payment of transfer fee.

R. The allottee is entitled to claim the refund if any excess payment is made to VUDA and simultane-
ously, the VUDA is at liberty to collect the amount if any, amount due to VUDA due to erroneous cal-
culation including Penal Interest even after registration of the Plot.

I have read the terms and conditions above and I shall abide by them.

Signature of the Applicant.



VENUE :- VUDA Children Theatre Time : 10.00 A.M. onwards

Sl.No. Date of Auction Name of the Layout Sl.No. Plot Nos. Extent in Sq.Yrd Upset price per EMD in Rs.
Sq. Yrd in Rs.

1 99 266.66
2 101 266.66
3 105 266.66
4 106 266.66
5 150 311.11
6 151 311.11
7 152 311.11
8 159 266.66
9 160 266.66
10 161 266.66
11 162 266.66
12 163 266.66
13 166 266.66
14 167 266.66
15 168 266.66
16 169 266.66
17 192 311.11
18 193 311.11
19 194 311.11
20 195 311.11
Paradesipalem 8000/- 25000/-
1 24-1-2011 21 112 166.66
Layout 22 197 333.33
per Sq.Yard
(Residential Plots) 23 198 333.33
24 199 333.33
25 200 166.66
26 201 166.66
27 202 166.66
28 206 166.66
29 207 166.66
30 237 266.66
31 238 266.66
32 239 266.66
33 240 266.66
34 264 266.66
35 265 266.66
36 266 266.66
37 276 266.66
38 277 266.66
39 278 266.66
40 279 266.66
41 280 266.66
42 281 266.66
43 282 266.66
44 283 311.11
45 388 166.66
46 389 166.66
47 392 166.66
48 393 166.66
49 394 166.66
50 395 166.66

Sl.No. Date of Auction Name of the Layout Sl.No. Plot Nos. Extent in Sq.Yrd Upset price per EMD in Rs.
Sq. Yrd in Rs.

51 396 166.66
52 397 166.66
53 398 166.66
54 402 166.66
55 403 166.66
56 404 166.66
57 407 166.66
58 408 166.66
59 409 166.66
60 413 166.66
61 414 166.66
62 415 166.66
63 416 166.66
64 417 166.66
65 418 166.66
66 419 166.66
67 422 166.66
68 423 166.66
69 426 166.66
70 427 166.66
Paradesipalem 8000/- 25000/-
25-1-2011 71 428 166.66
Layout 72 429 166.66
per Sq.Yard
(Residential Plots) 73 430 166.66
74 431 166.66
75 432 166.66
76 433 166.66
77 438 166.66
78 439 166.66
79 440 166.66
80 441 166.66
81 442 166.66
82 443 166.66
83 458 166.66
84 459 166.66
85 460 166.66
86 461 166.66
87 462 166.66
88 463 166.66
89 475 311.11
90 476 311.11
91 477 311.11
92 478 311.11
93 479 311.11
94 486 266.66
95 487 266.66
96 488 266.66
97 499 266.66
98 517 311.11
99 518 311.11
100 519 311.11

Sl.No. Date of Auction Name of the Layout Sl.No. Plot Nos. Extent in Sq.Yrd Upset price per EMD in Rs.
Sq. Yrd in Rs.

101 520 311.11

102 528 311.11
103 577 311.11
104 586 266.66
105 587 266.66
106 590 266.66
107 591 266.66
108 111 177.77
109 115 194.44
Paradesipalem 110 116 166.66 8000/- 25000/-
27-1-2011 111 540 266.66 per Sq.Yard
112 541 266.66
(Residential Plots)
113 542 266.66
114 543 266.66
115 555 266.66
116 556 266.66
117 557 266.66
118 558 266.66
119 208 152.42
120 583 574.11
121 584 502.55
122 1 1524.75
123 2 1397.17
Kurmannapalem 124 3 1422.6
Phase-I 125 7 924.44
Town Centre Layout 126 8 924.44
Shopping / Office 127 9 924.44 12000/- 25000/-
2 (a) 27-1-2011 128 10 924.44 per Sq.Yard
129 11 1016.89
130 12 746.08
Residential. 131 13 747.92
132 14 712.24
Kurmannapalem 12000/-
2 (b) 27-1-2011 Phase-V Layout 133 HIG-52 362.00 25000/-
per Sq.Yard
(Residential Plots)
Kurmannapalem 12000/- 25000/-
2 (c) 27-1-2011 134 224 288.88
Phase-VI Layout per Sq.Yard
135 232 313.06
(Residential Plots)

Kapulauppada 136 1-B 1191.67

Layout - Chilukuri 137 4 1000.00
Joint Venture 138 128-D 941.44
Project with VUDA 139 129-G 166.67
140 129-H 600.00
6000/- 25000/-
3 27-1-2011 per Sq.Yard
141 209-C 311.11
142 219-C 266.67
143 267 152.37
144 278 173.33
145 288 169.44
146 124 311.11

Sl.No. Date of Auction Name of the Layout Sl.No. Plot Nos. Extent in Sq.Yrd Upset price per EMD in Rs.
Sq. Yrd in Rs.

147 105-D 311.11

Layout - Chilukuri
148 287 166.67 6000/- 25000/-
149 244-B 327.78 per Sq.Yard
Joint Venture
150 124-B 311.11
Project with VUDA
151 301 334.45

152 Sector-VI 431.00

4 27-1-2011 M.V.P. Layout 21000/- 25000/-
153 Near 1550.00
per Sq.Yard

154 81 488.25
5 27-1-2011 Gandigundam Layout
155 88 474.67
1500/- 25000/-
per Sq.Yard

Obtain application At VUDA office, ground Floor Udyog Bhavan

Complex, Siripuram Jn., Visakhapatnam

At VUDA Office, 8th floor, Udyog Bhavan Complex,

Obtain passes for Siripuram Jn., Visakhapatnam & at the VUDA
participation in the auction
Children Theatre on the day of auction.

Submission of filled in - - - do - - -
application along with EMD
Upset price for plots/ bits will be as indicated
UPSET PRICE against each layout in a separate sheet schedule.

The layout plan of the site is enclosed along with

LAYOUT PLAN the application and also displayed in the office of
VUDA and also at respective sites.

Participate in auction VUDA Children Theatre,

Siripuram Jn., Visakhapatnam.

Through Public auction and allotment to the highest

Allotment bidder.

Rs.25,000/- by way of D.D. in any Bank drawn in

Payment of EMD favour of Vice-Chairman, VUDA, payable at

10% of the cost of the Plot must be paid on the

Payment of initial site cost Spot by way of cash in Bank through Challan at the
Indian Overseas Bank branch Counter or D.D. by
the successful bidder at the Auction Venue

To the unsuccessful applicants within 7 working

Return of EMD days after auction in exchange of token issued.

1. VUDA Information Centre/ Indian Overseas Bank

Sale of Applications : Ground Floor, Udyog Bhavan,
Siripuram Junction, Visakhapatnam.
2. Indian Overseas Bank
R.P. Road, Secunderabad Branch
D.No. 4-2-25 No. 28 & 32, 1st floor,
Rashtrapathi Road,
Secunderabad- 500 003.
Ph: 23468827. 10.30 a.m. - 5.30 p.m.
3. Indian Overseas Bank
Himayatnagar Branch, D.No. 3-6-276/2, 1st floor,
Near Hyderabad Stock Exchange,
Himayat Nagar, Hyderabad- 500 029.
Ph: 23468860, 10.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.

4. Indian Overseas Bank

Jubilee Hills Branch, Road No.1, Plot No.1355A,
Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad- 500 034.
Ph: 23421525, 9.00 a.m. - 4.00 p.m.