Creating An Attractive Identity

September 20, 2005

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Creating An Attractive Identity

4 Getting Started 4.1 Five Things For Success In Life . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Becoming More Attractive 5.1 What Is Atractive? . . . . . . . . . . 5.2 How Do People Know If Something Is 5.3 Beliefs And Filters . . . . . . . . . . 5.4 Some Practical Advice . . . . . . . . 6 Body Language 7 Attitudes 8 Commanding Presence 9 Vocal Tonality 10 Image and Stereotypes 11 The Next Step . . . . . . . Attractive? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


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Part I

theApproach: An Introduction By Dan Rose
1 Company Overview
theApproach is Vincent DiCarlo and Sebastian Dimitri Drake. Talk about masters. I’ve actually had the opportunity to spend some time learning from these guys in person. The things I have seen are unreal. Their methods of teaching are phenomenal, and their system is polished to a very high level of sophistication. They’ve spent years perfecting this discipline as both an art and science, and they’ve been teaching guys professionally for quite some time now. I will try and pass on some of their basic introductory topics to you right now. This book is not only meant to be an introduction to their concepts and techniques, but also as a prepatory guide for prospective students, so that they can maximize the learnings and improvements made on an actual live program. Vincent and Sebastian have written hundreds of articles on the topic of dating and seduction, and have given informal lectures in various cities around the world. Vincent is known in particular for systematizing and breaking down ’Natural Game’ and being able to transfer those qualities possessed by guys who are naturally good with women to his students. He was also the first to break down and outline the exact process of how to develop spontaneity from scratch. He has just finished working out various intention maps which lay out all of the key moments that shape and define the future development of a given sexual relationship, and is currently teaching these exclusively at live theApproach programs. Sebastian is known for his highly social and playful approach to the


most of my friends had trou4 . and is in the process of designing methods for tapping into ANY woman’s given ideal fantasy. and I really felt I had reached the limit of how much progress was possible. I was getting plenty of phone numbers. Seriously. Keep an eye out for his upcoming full length ebook! Sebastian has turned out an extremely high percentage of successful students. tips and techniques for every possible situation.400% more than they were pre-workshop. is ’How do you want to use this material?’ 2 What We Can Do For You We change men’s lives for the better in a dramatic way. most are currently getting laid anywhere from 100% . Nothing too spectacular. was I wrong. And I was doing alright. and to be honest I was a bit skeptical. This was an area of my life that I was working on very dilligently. and even had a few short flings. Extremely satisfied and grateful. I had been going out specifically to meet women a few nights a week. The real question however. And they produce results. At the time. And they’ve also helped men find the women of their dreams. Part of my job is to keep in touch with ex-students and track their progress. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I thought I was doing pretty good. When I first joined theApproach team in late 2004. seduction and dating. and together they’ve got plenty of mindsets. They have turned guys who were once shy virgins into complete playboys ’living the lifestyle’. I knew they had an amazing track record with their students. I mean. Boy. He is currently interested in something he calls The Array of Possibilities. Both Vincent and Sebastian are literal walking encyclopedias of everything related to and empowering his students with spectactular attitudes and beliefs. It’s all possible.

And I got better. Now I am part of the team. And everything changed. They pointed out subtle behaviors of mine that were holding me back. which allows you the greatest opportunity to get personalized attention and make major and paradigm-shifting changes and realizations. And then I saw Vincent and Sebastian. theApproach live program consists of small-group classroom style seminars and in-field workshops.1 Our Programs theApproach StandardTM Official Workshop theApproach’s World-Class Small Group Workshops represent the highest level of integrity when it comes to live pick-up. Seminars are taught exclusively by theApproach founders Vincent DiCarlo and Sebastian Drake. Therefore both workshop and seminar space is limited. The StandardTM has proven itself time and time again with the remarkable success of every client who completes the training. 3 3. Spend an upwards of 30-35 hours with two 5 . I’ve never had so much fun doing anything else. Just watching them that first day not only shattered my reality of what it truly means to be a ’pick-up artist’. They gave me better ways of doing things. and it feels great helping others. The seminars are designed to be highly personalized and interactive.ble even talking to women they didn’t know. And it was only the beginning. They made the impossible look easy. Effortless. They started correcting my mistakes. It’s genuinely a blast. Carefree. We witness tremendous change in our students. seduction and dating instruction. but I began to subconsciously absorb their attitudes and beliefs. MUCH better.

Workshops take place almost entirely in the field with intensive real- 6 . Not only will we provide you with the neccessary tools for the tricky situations and challenges you will encounter. Introducing: theApproach StreetGameTM Official Workshop Learn what it takes to enter the world of women’s fantasy..2 theApproach StreetGameTM Official Workshop Do you see beautiful women in the daytime. but we will improve your attitude and mindsets using interactive exercises which streamline your thought patterns.. coffee shops or anywhere for that matter? Would you like to have your pick of these same women for a romantic encounter? Did you know that these women are wanting. or even bookstores? Do you see them in train stations. they are eagerly anticipating it! theApproach StreetGameTM Workshops are exclusive workshops aimed at the advanced level students who want to take their daytime pick-up skills to top level. and they continue to develop and systematize them further. destroy negative thinking and eliminate self-imposed limitations. Their teaching methods are just as refined as their skills with women. theApproach programs zero in and focus on each student to determine what your inherent personality traits are and develop them in the most attractive way possible. Realize that 90% of the women you see are not only open to having a sameday intimate connection. 3. Workshop groups are limited to a 3:1 student to instructor ratio. walking down the street. wishing. in malls.of the top recognized pickup gurus in the world. night after night. and hoping for the exact same thing? Only in the movies? Think again. In addition. you will receive highly constructive feedback in order to address those things that are currently holding you back from your desired success.

3. and we’ll never share your information with anyone. This is for the guys who are really serious about taking their game to the next level youll be working one-on-one with an instructor at all times. which will in turn make you even more confident. and we can track your progress over the long term. confidential and secure. The bootcamp takes place almost entirely in-field. and youll see each group of women which you engage becoming progressively more attracted to you than the last.3 theApproach BootcampTM Intensive Workshop If you theApproach Standard and StreetGame Workshops sound great. but youd like to do even MORE to improve your game. all the field work will take place in the venues YOU prefer. Phone coaching is completely personalized to the individual student. the ultimate in personalized attention. Keep up on all the latest concepts and ideas or even get tailored advice to a specific situation. check out our Bootcamp program. Malls. Busy Streets. learn all the newest techniques and even get specific exercises to stay on the path to mastery. Youll become more confident and achieve more success with women that weekend. Youll get incredibly detailed feedback on your interactions.time coaching and training. You can customize the bootcamp entirely to what you want.Train Stations are all fair game! 3. Phone coaching is completely personal. • Get Coaching to Attract that Special Girl 7 . Speak directly with either Vincent or Sebastian and get advice right before your important date. Bookstores. You can work on any area of your game for as long as you feel you need to. help is still available via theApproach Phone Coaching. Grocery Stores. you youll get a massive amount of experience in one weekend. Workshop students can even follow up their programs to stay sharp.4 theApproach Phone Coaching Even if you can’t make it to one of our personalized workshops. which will lead to more success in the future.

Brush up on your conversational skills. 3. and is a great way to keep your skills sharp after taking a full program. We understand our clients are busy people with a lot going on in their lives. Audio Programs and DVD’s from theApproach. personal coaching is now available to the general public. theApproach Personal Coaching is currently offered in Boston or New York City. theApproach personal coaching is held to the same standard as our other workshop programs and has turned out some highly successful clients.5 theApproach Personal Coaching Once offered as an additional option to our workshop clients.6 Ebooks. or even get a fashion makeover. get critiqued on your body language. Audio Programs and DVDs Expect a complete line of Ebooks.• Learn All the Latest Concepts and Techniques • Follow Up On Your Workshop Program to Stay Sharp • Take your Existing Game to the Next Level • Get Personalized Coaching Even If You Can’t Make A Workshop • Talk Directly with Vincent and Sebastian • Get Specific Exercises and Assignments Custom Tailored 3. Spend a day with Vincent or Sebastian any time your schedule will allow. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter list and stay current with not only our newest tips and techniques but also our important announcments! 8 .

and just those three. after a solid base in those five things.1 Five Things For Success In Life If you truly believe you are attractive. Those are the first three. If you can manage those five things. If. while those first three are critical for just about all parts of a good life. you’ll be able to achieve an incredible social and sex life. the next two are also very useful. let me break them down a little. 4) Stay open-minded. The criticals. you can do anything. which are necessary for success in dating or any other area of your life. Now. 3) Have fun. you’ll be on your way. 4. 1) Like yourself. and throw in a some advanced 9 . 5) Learn. you go out and start actively socializing. With those three.Part II Creating An Attractive Identity 4 Getting Started When it comes down to it. with the goal of eventually becoming a person who truly believes he is attractive. 2) Be confident. all of your success in attracting women is dependent on having both positive beliefs about yourself and proper execution of techniques. The essentials. you will do the following three things. Techniques are used as a way of emulating a person who truly believes he is attractive. That’s it. However. Those are things we aim to develop through our behaviors and actions.

What do I mean by ’like yourself?’ It’s so simple. and are ostracized if they deviate from it. Here in the U. a better razor. Alright. which is promptly mocked and satirized. I’m an American. the new soda that’s got a great taste while being very low in carbs. teachers. and authorities often turn a blind eye to bullying. In short. It’s not allencompassing. people are often put down. we’re given a double standard from birth. For all you emotional folk: Your whole life will be better and you will feel stronger and more alive if you like yourself. There’s a happy feel-good message of ’Everyone is a special and unique snowflake’ that’s said in elementary school. people are given a billion reasons not to like themselves. but so difficult.discussion. and insecurities are played upon on a daily basis. reasoning it off as ’kid stuff. You need to accept every part of yourself. the idea of non-satiation rules supreme. even the parts you don’t like (which doesn’t mean don’t try to change for the better!) For all you analytical folk: There is not a single advantage to disliking yourself. You’ll be happier with a faster car..S. but at the same time. People are told they can’t be happy without stuff. Basics of self-esteem are taught throughout school and by parents. Parents. but it’s an idea. 1) Like yourself: The root cause of everything good that can ever happen. and 10 . Here’s some random points I’m just going to throw out.’ The media constantly draws and redraws a fake norm that people should strive to achieve. Consider that. the most fashionable suit. and people are told to be never satisfied. They’re constantly taught to seek validation. You need to like yourself as a person... In countries based around consumption.

I know I’ve got skills that I’ve honed to a precise degree and I can use them decisively. it’s about fighting my fears when they come up. With practice. I could. and defeating them. including good relationships with other people and good sex with beautiful women. I can’t tell you exactly what confidence will be to you. It’s about using my abilities as well as I can... you’re the only you you’ve got. Now. but you’ll know it. At the same time. For me. It precedes and precludes almost all good things in life. But more importantly. I know I’ll do the best job possible. My breakthrough came when I realized there were many. one way is to realize that there is no reason not to like yourself. I move decisively. but when I caught on. If you act confidently. I used to say things like. many good things about myself.. but after I’m trying my best. I’d say it so much without even recognizing it. I really did believe it. it became sickening. Confidence. ’Damn. some of which are included in this guide. Strive for improvement. don’t. I genuinely came to like myself. Arguably the single most important interpersonal skill.. What is confidence for me? It’s knowing that I have lots of ability and infinite potential. Now you’re aware of some of what’s going on. but it’s convoluted.told not to decide for themselves. I hate myself. Most of it’s right. most people think they like themselves when asked. how to do that? There are many ways. and often can’t realize that they. so why 11 .’ in my head. It’s critical. I screwed up again. I didn’t even realize I was doing it for so long. 2) Be confident: The world is yours for the taking. I know that anything I don’t know or can’t do. but like and accept yourself. with teaching. in fact. everything from business to family to relationships to (yes) pickup will go more smoothly. I think people trying to explain confidence is where a lot of the rhetoric out there came from.

This is because I know I have ability and infinite potential. and no matter what happens. it doesn’t matter. 4) Stay open-minded: Consider and reconsider everything. you should always 12 . and improvement in any of those three areas will translate to improvements EVERYWHERE else in your life. If you go out with a friend whos acting as your wingman. It could be that you like the music of where you’re at. or that you like going out with your friends that came with you. 3) Have fun: If you’re not having fun doing something. There is no failure: There is only success and learning. So remember: Like yourself. those are my ’primary three. This is key to true success in anything. So.. you’ve got enjoy what you’re doing and spending time with women and people.. Your results will be infinitely better if you’re having fun.. Anyone can improve in those three areas. Aside from the fact that your time is valuable. If you want to do bars. you’ve got to enjoy bars. Just have fun. or you like self-improvement. decisively after I’ve picked the best course. It doesn’t matter how or what’s fun about what you’re doing. You’ve got to have fun socializing. you’ll have enjoyed yourself. you’ve got to have fun doing the whole process. and have fun.. This is as much a life skill as a pickup skill. you’ve got to like him and like spending time with him. or you like karaoke at the place you’re at. you’ve got to have fun going out to nightclubs.doubt myself? I act quickly. be confident.’ I think that those three mindsets are pretty much necessary for a truly happy life. From the first approach to full sexual intimacy. If you want to do work in nightclubs. Open-mindedness is considering and reconsidering anything and everything. To truly be good at attracting and seducing women.

there’s two things I’m driving at. and can talk to them about it. When you do not achieve what you set out to achieve. I’m not going to go on a feel-good. is actually unrelated to true kindness and tolerance. to anyone. don’t be afraid to rethink them later. learn from it. learn as you do. Try to 13 . Part of open-mindedness. Even fundamental beliefs of yours may change from time to time. Secondly. regardless of who they are and what they do. many different people on different levels. and come up with interesting conclusions. is tolerance. I like to live and a promote a live-and-let-live philosophy. because I’ve got some unresolved views on tolerance myself. and my life is better for it. and to solidify that knowledge by practicing it afterwards. Kindness is not subservience or supplication. I can relate to many. because it’s useful to you. though. so don’t get them confused. The students who see the most dramatic changes in their lives as a result of our programs are the ones who came into the programs with the greatest commitment to learn everything they could. I like learning about anything and everything. Learn things in general. Strive to be better and improve. On the whole. and even if you can’t accept some things at this time. 5) Learn: Learn about anything and everything. like buying a woman dinner. which doesn’t mean you should allow people to walk all over you. for willing to consider a new point of view or rethink an old one. You can repair mistakes you’ve been making with practice and guidance. I know about all sorts of little interesting things. politically correct trip right now. Be willing to rethink what kindness really is from time to time: It’s possible that some things the media raises you to think are good and kind acts. Be kind whenever possible. and will benefit you in pickup and in other aspects of your life. I can think in different ways about different things. Why not? When I say learn. and I think it’s invaluable to me. Note that I said ’whenever possible’.

and base proficiency are required in all five of these skills to truly succeed in this endeavor. • Identify how people initially evaluate another’s attractiveness on a snap judgement. or guys who are naturally good at attracting women.Which can be downright confusing if you don’t know what that means. Here’s what I want to do in this section: • Define what attractiveness is. In fact. and to be happy in all of your life. many unconsciously. you will improve your life and your ability to pick up and date women. as will results in all skill-based endeavors. These alone can improve your life.. some people believe that they could never be attractive: Which might be the craziest thing I’ve ever heard.. At any time. they will continue to aid you and teach you as you continue to improve your skills. Seek out sources that can aid you. • Explain how beliefs and thought processes affect the snap evaluation. and that can cause a lot of confusion for some people on ’How to be attractive’. and ask for help when appropriate. ’Realize you’re already attractive and you’ll be attractive’ . Anyone can apply them successfully. 14 . one of the best ways to ground your newfound pickup and dating skills in your reality is to hang out with other men who are good with women.think of creative solutions. 5 Becoming More Attractive An attractive person does a lot of things: Some consciously. Anyone can grasp these concepts. After taking one of our programs. • Give some practical examples and advice on how to become more attractive. Those are my five first things. if you go back and pick one of those and work actively on improving it. Work on them and your life will improve. And then you hear things like. Attractiveness is influenced by a great deal of things. Whether these guys are also former students of ours.

settling down. Having or relating to the power to attract. her ex-boyfriend in California. or aesthetic sense. Now. but can be very attractive on a level to a woman with an agenda of getting married and settling it down.. My general definition of attractive is something that is desirable on some level. One of my girlfriends said it best: ’If I was going to get married right now. a man who will stick around and be a father figure for her children. Let’s look at one of those definitions of attract: To draw by appeal to natural or excited interest. that won’t help in building a good. By that. He still wants to marry me. a lot of things can be attractive on a lot of different levels. yet these characteristics ARE attractive to women with a very specific preogative (such as getting married. and he recently offered to fly into Boston and get a hotel just to meet up 15 . Arousing interest or pleasure.1 What Is Atractive? Merriam-Webster gives two definitions: 1. her boyfriend isn’t a very attractive guy. and he’s yet to move on. They’ve been broken up quite a while. Now we’re getting somewhere. I mean. For purposes of this book. if a woman is ready to settle down. if that’s what you’re after) . healthy relationship (or having enjoyable casual encounters. That doesn’t quite do it.5. she might look for a man who is very gentle and nurturing. a man that is less willing to take large risks for potentially large rewards. I’m going to deal with the kind of attraction that’s most relevant to dating and socializing: When I refer to something or someone as being attractive from this point on. emotion. the first interesting thing I’ll note from this: There are things that are not sexually or romantically attractive at all to women. That is. I’m referring to things that are attractive in a way that leads to sex and relationships. by all accounts and measures. I’d marry my last ex-boyfriend. 2. These qualities of stability aren’t universally attractive.’ Now.. raising a family). My girlfriend lives on the East Coast. but I’m going to focus on what can cause sexual or romantic attraction.

it all starts with the senses. For physical beauty.2 How Do People Know If Something Is Attractive? Of course. and my gal’s nothing if not pragmatic. objectively. That little aside there explains something major: There are many qualities that are not universally attractive. but his loyalty (bordering on obsession with her) and his low-risk lifestyle would make him a pretty good husband. Money is attractive by itself to most people. She could marry many more attractive men than him. that’d be useful for establishing solid relationships and/or getting quality sex. Hearing also matters. An attractive person is just a person with a lot of those traits. The working definition of attractive for the rest of the post is something that is desirable on some level. a lot of behavior that’d turn off many girls would make a gold digger downright giddy. When a woman sees a man. it’s usually on what she sees with her eyes. At 16 . the person needs to be seen or touched. and sometimes on what she hears (if she hears him before or simultaneous with seeing him). but can be attractive in certain situations. Another great example would be a female ’gold-digger’: Something very attractive to her would be mass amounts of wealth.with her: And that’s after she’d told him she wouldn’t have sex with him ever again! He’s not particularly attractive. anything I write about as being an attractive characteristic will be a trait that is desirable on an interpersonal level. Unless otherwise noted. 5. but few men that she’d feel so secure in his job and faithfulness. While wealth is rarely unattractive. If no other information about the guy is available. she almost always makes a quick snap judgement about him. That DOES NOT mean that throwing money around and spending it on these girls is building a solid relationship. it does not necessarily make the holder of the wealth more attractive except to people with certain agendas. or even the best way to get her in bed. as do scent and taste.

turning your collar up or down as appropriate. This is daunting to a lot of guys. don’t play into a victim mentality: If you find yourself thinking. putting on clean clothes. applying something like Chapstick or lip balm.. positive adjustments are good. buttoning or unbuttoning cuffs. check this out: You don’t need to completely overhaul yourself in one day. The fact is. you can change a person’s initial perceptions of you with could give you a significant edge. try taking a 10 minute break to do even one small thing to up your appearance . putting on clothes that fit your figure well. washing your face. yes.000 times more well-dressed. Any small. then get off the self-pity kick and make one small change.. But the matter stands: People quickly size you up. Seriously. 17 . within a few more seconds... cleaning your shoes (even if they’re sneakers or sandals). styling your hair (even really quickly with your hands). and if you’re spending a lot of time reading articles on dating. Whatever you do. in fact. You don’t need to do 30 things at once: One little change makes a little difference. Any one of: Doing your hair. shaving or trimming / styling a beard or mustache. well.that point. taking a shower. and yet she’s made an immediate impression. What’s that mean? Something we’ve all known for quite a while: Improve your physical appearance. very little if any conscious thought has been made. Many. And a quick note on dress: Just coordinating the clothes you already own can make you look 10. as much as you can. cutting your fingernails. There’s probably at least a dozen little things you could do easily in the next week to become more physically attractive.’. within reason. adjusting your clothing and playing around to find a cool style (including tucking or untucking shirt tails. ’I’m too unattractive to. and it’s a lot easier to go from (at least) a neutral initial impression to a positive one than it is to go from a negative initial impression to a positive one. lots of other things. figuring out how many buttons on the top and bottom of a button-down shirt to unbutton. etc). many men do not want to hear this. washing / cleaning your hands. and.

You don’t want to taste poorly. either method will work perfectly. but the modern. it’s nothing you should sweat. too. you’re fine. then get it off your mind. Whether you want to provoke conscious thought with your touch or not in a given situa18 . and applied perfectly. As long as you don’t smell bad. I’ll address what a good tonality is momentarily. can provoke conscious thought on her part. make a little effort to be good. Of the five senses. with either a good cologne or aftershave. and don’t sweat this. Thus. but within moments. This is why socially learned people advocate having a strong tonality: Either naturally. western world has done a strange thing with touching: They’ve made it often more of a big deal than it really is. regardless of how nonchalant. Either method can work. It can be a plus to smell ’good’. don’t smell bad. In this department. you’re in conversation with her. or pleasant smelling soap and shampoo. I hope. but because there’s not too much conscious effort that we should or could put into it. I’m not going to talk about taste and smell for the rest of this article: Make sure you’re not bad in those departments. Be assured that touch is a huge part of the equation.Physical appearance largely dominates the initial first impression. you’ll be kissing the girl of your dreams. maybe make a little effort to smell good. but again. I’ve laid out the base idea behind four of them. so I’m constantly battling that. Before any of your words even register. or by consciously focusing on it and adjusting it to its best level. by being and feeling comfortable. brush your teeth and take care in that department. Between the kind of ethnic foods that I like and regular salads. not because it isn’t huge. Taste: Eventually. and I’ve notably not mentioned touch much so far. And of course. I eat a lot of onions. the tone of your voice has huge impact on what you’re saying. and breathmints are a good quick fix. when I talk about how the information you’re giving off is processed (that’s when we’ll talk about body language. and then forget about it. Not a problem: A little fruit at the end of a meal goes a long way towards fixing your breath. if you’ve been waiting). Smell is something that’s easy to cover. many touches.

If the man giving advice is a 35-year-old businessman in Italy. 5. Be a man. his conception of ’being alpha’ and ’being a man’ 19 . and has some relationships. The guys he’s sharing with weren’t there for every girl he’s interacted with.3 Beliefs And Filters If I got together a bunch of guys and asked them. and that’s attractive. he’ll have a lot of insights. Those are catchphrases that have some truth to them.’ I might hear: ’Acting like a man is attractive. Not bad at all. and we’ll get to it momentarily. but aren’t the whole picture.’ And so on.tion is something worth a little thought. or right. so he needs to ’sum it up’ for them.’ I might hear: ’People want what they can’t have. And this is where the confusion comes in: If a cool guy spends a lot of time socializing with women. • The very first. knee-jerk reactions about whether a person is attractive or not come from our senses. So if he wants to share them. the information from our senses is filtered. ’What makes a woman attracted to a man?’ I’d get lots of different answers. After that. but in a scene like this one. But he’s saying that from the perspective he’s got.’ Not bad advice. ’Making her feel good is attractive.’ I might hear: ’An attractive guy doesn’t need her. from acting like he’s acted like with women all his life. So he says something like: ’Be alpha. • Things can be attractive in different ways. from the places he’s been. by and of themselves. This is where things get complicated. I might hear. They’ll be pretty complicated. What we’ve established so far: • Attractive is something that’s desirable on some level to someone. we’re largely dealing with being attractive in a way that’s going to help our romantic and sex livses. and based on his unique experiences. None of those are wrong. he needs to break them down in a way that they can be understood. and don’t have his frame of reference.

until you’re aware of the pattern. almost everyone raised in that area had some deep.. If someone were to tell me that that’s the way the whole world should be run. Some things are going to be the same. deeply hold the belief that I should be free to share my opinions and logically debate them with whomever would like to hear and debate with me. 20 . I’m repulsed when I hear about governments censoring their citizens.. THEN you can consciously think about it. for it to even become conscious thought. and men worked. feel physically repulsed at that idea. very different from a 17-year-old Canadian high school kid’s idea if ’being alpha’ and ’being a man’. It goes like this: Sensory Input =⇒ Belief Filters =⇒ Conscious Thought You see something. it’s very. very. you filter it through your beliefs.. To illustrate the example. So unless you come into something with an open mind. very.. and that that is never wrong.. which you now are. let’s look beyond dating and sex: I. it’s largely true. as crazy as it sounds in a diverse nation. but the guys that the 17 year old Canadian is going to look up to is going to be very different from the Italian guy. Telling a woman that being a ’working mother’ was an option for her would be as alien as telling a Manhattan woman today that she needs to get married and start having children by 20. In the 1950’s in America. or hear it. it has to go through my beliefs: And I. Can you see how it’d be difficult to change your beliefs? To get to an idea. or smell it. So let’s get to the heart of it: In every place I’ve been to. That’s just how it was. Everything you perceive is filtered through your beliefs. Like. very unlikely I could ever come to that belief: Because to even think about that idea. it can be very hard to change them. you wind up filtering what you’re sensing through your beliefs. in many areas it was completely assumed as a fundamental truth that women stayed home and raised children. or your beliefs are wired in a very good way as to allow you to make constant adjustments to them. myself. underlying core beliefs that were similar.

and at least isolate yourself from them long enough to consider the ideas. nor an exercise scientist. I’ve observed the pattern and even felt it myself when I was lifting weights. What does this mean? You need to recognize any negative beliefs you may have about yourself. I have no idea why this is. and aside from basic knowledge. which is a good thing. I’m not a biologist. because the idea couldn’t even make it past their beliefs to be thought about. largely by your upbringing and experiences. Many times I’ll tell a student of mine that he’s attractive. The difference is very small. when they walk. but just the way guys with larger arms move. but a well-muscled guy’s arms seem ’pushed out’ more than normal . Don’t let your beliefs stand in your own way. If a woman (or man. a bit differently than guys with smaller upper arms. I can’t really tell you how anatomy works. But one thing I CAN tell you is that if you adjust your walk ever-so-slightly. 5. it’ll become natural and you’ll need no more conscious thought in that department.4 Some Practical Advice Here’s an example: Guys that have large biceps and triceps move their arms. but the idea can’t make it through his beliefs without me making him recognize that his beliefs need changing. they’ll often parse over little details if they see that piece of the equation. The arms thing is just a very. very small piece of an overall attractive 21 . It’s quite possible that they could never come to that belief. The belief in what’s attractive is interesting. far before I logically convince him of the (relatively) simple fact the he’s attractive.not just in terms of muscle mass. but they’re a lot more flexible than you might imagine. too) has a belief about what’s attractive. They’re ingrained in you.Another example would be telling a devout religious person that God does not exist. then you’re walking like a guy who has ripped muscles. After you consciously adjust your walk for a short while.

it gives you plenty of time to screen the girl if she’s compatible. for a while. If every attractive guy a woman’s ever known has walked and talked a certain way. there are ways that are attractive. on a casual glance. and move like an attractive guy. body language. you’ll have had plenty of time to attract her via more conscious processes that it won’t matter any more. The emphasis on being cool. and comfortable: Being relaxed and knowing you’re attractive will make you have the body language of someone who is relaxed and attractive. Consciously manipulating your body language and movements slightly. If you watch attractive guys. almost universally. I. they’ll have similarities between them. stand. you’ll be in with lots of women. And it’s cyclical. it might not stick over a long course. can be a good thing while you get the hang of it. that’s great. People’s filters react based on what they’ve seen already. the belief that you’re attractive will smooth things down and make you more cool. have written a couple articles you might check out on having a good walk. But more than anything. you’ll look more attractive. If you synthesize a good behavior and make it who you are. If you walk. People who feel they’re of high value carry themselves with their shoulders broad and their head up. and the 22 . that so much of the game is based around getting five minutes of a woman’s attention so that you can show her who you really are. wait. This is a good thing. smile. an okay-looking guy walking and talking that way will appear attractive to her. and if she is. While there isn’t ONE correct way to do any of these. too: She’ll start getting more attention. she’ll be attractive. really. Something I’ve noticed: If an average-looking girl wears an attractive girl’s clothes. This is true for tonality. Even still. calm.presence. sit. myself. If you only ’turn your walk on’ when you’re out looking to meet women. But the fact stands: If you emulate a good behavior and that gets you in with one woman. and style. It’s interesting. and carries herself like an attractive girl.

Health is universally attractive on an instinctual level. Even if the guy is physically fit with shows all other signs of health and strength. so she’ll feel more attractive. you won’t be. Then their success REALLY takes OFF! The beliefs a guy carries with him translates into how he acts. what should they guy do? Should he try to act the way she’d find attractive? Or should he just BE attractive and KNOW he’s attractive? I find the second way much easier. Learning to be attractive. this is largely being done away with: Though racism is still around plenty. This is true regardless of what the first thing you like to say to a girl is. This could be any race of man and woman. deep down. she’ll carry herself well. It’s a cool thing I get to see when I teach: Often prior to taking a program. And since she’ll feel more attractive. Faking can’t really work. and then they REALLY believe it. Racist beliefs can be used as filters to filter guys out. if you will. finally. and they get that first positive spark. if you don’t believe you are attractive. that you’re attractive. most women at least exercise their free23 . a guy will have gone through a lot of frustration. Regardless of what you want to say. Any woman he meets will assess him based on her beliefs. she might let her societal filters override it. They worked hard. Emulation is okay.attention will be more positive. But someone’s filters can override that: Let’s say a woman from an upper-class family sees a man of a race other than her own. So. Filters: We all have instincts as to what’s attractive and not. The same is true of men. and start truly acting attractive. That knowledge alone will make you act like an attractive person. regardless of what the societal definition of attractive is. though: If you believe you’re faking. you should know. in the Western world. Then something just clicks on program and they start to really feel it. (Thankfully.

’ It was funny. The sleeves on your white cotton t-shirt can make the difference between you looking like you have biceps or not. dress is a really simple thing to help you stand out and be represented as physically fit. have a girl you know try on a few different cuts of the ’classic little black skirt’ at a department store.. I remember. like. You know. at the beach. Anyway. I once had a friend who rowed. and he pointed something out to me: He showed me the sleeve on his T-shirt. but thankfully. and said. most filters aren’t as hard-line as the race one. because he was right. and I’ve got small shirts with big sleeves that make my arms look tiny. That little thing can appeal to a mostly unconscious filter. and even though styles of clothing can look very similar. I’ve got large T-shirts with small sleeves and I look ripped in them. He shared an interesting observation with me.) That’s a simple example of a negative filter. and thus attractive. many cuts are going to make her look not so good. another is going to make her look hot. many. He was wearing a white T-shirt one day. ’Always try to get T-shirts that the sleeves are tight around your biceps.. He looked very toned. a very small cut of cloth can make you look more attractive. I have no idea why women enjoy shopping so much. with as difficult as it must be for them.dom to try dating outside their race a few times in their lives. but didn’t have large muscles the way a bodybuilder would. but it was interesting to look at him: He was very toned and in shape. A little effort into your clothes can make you much more attractive. If you need to prove this. but he’d look rather skinny in a baggy sweatshirt. One cut of it is going to make her look elegant. say. most filters can be used to your advantage. Instead. Arms Bulging On Sleeves = Muscles = Healthy = Attractive It’s why even though you look similar on most days. a boat with oars and such? I’m not sure exactly how the sport works. But more important 24 . and many.

The first time I did it. I’m so confident in myself (belief) that I rarely get afraid of anything. There’s confidence in actions. and it reflects your internal confidence. and command attention. you’ll appear to have internal confidence (the belief). and I wasn’t sweating it at all. can’t be seen by itself: But it translates into your actions. on a belief level. and. Even if you don’t have internal confidence. the belief. It manifests itself in actions. A few more dives jumps later and I was totally confident. I muttered a quick prayer and just jumped off. I’m going to make a differentiation here: There’s confidence as a belief. This is a confident action.t han clothes are attitudes. even if you’re just emulating it. The action itself is a slightly exaggerated walk. Now. Had I been completely sure that I was invincible. that’s fluid and cool. Have you ever been cliff-diving? It’s where you jump off a cliff of some height into very deep water. But I wasn’t quite at that point in my life. will translate into confidence in your actions. speak clearly. Confidence in yourself. Confidence is attractive. This ties into the bodylanguage piece: By moving like someone with confident bodylanguage. 25 . I’d have been completely confident jumping off that cliff (literally). Right now. I’m so confident about where I’m going and where I’ve been in my life that I don’t even really fear death (at least in the abstract form. This makes me appear confident in my actions. I had no confidence in the action. it might change depending on the situation). and the beliefs they come from. a woman sees a man walking like he’s confident. Confidence in yourself. and she thinks he IS confident. It’s very fun and a little dangerous. I stand strong. It’s knowing your value is high and you’re awesome. Confidence as a belief is confidence in yourself and yourself and your abilities.

I want to be someone who is knowledgeable about many things. you can work on emulating the behaviors someone with that belief would do. so you feel more attractive. Me. you need to take it to the next level and find the BELIEF that that action comes from. What you want to do. perseverance for getting better. that’s good. The best thing you can do to help yourself reach a goal is find a suitable belief.. can you see what beliefs I should start to develop? I want to develop open-mindedness for my knowledge. and so on. The first step is figuring out two things: Who you want to be. I want to live a life that’s comfortable without being excessive. intelligent set of morals I can live by. he becomes attractive to her. and make it one of YOUR beliefs. talk. These little things will be seen when a person meets me. able to speak with anyone. help myself. As for what your beliefs should be. you can start to create a cycle where you get more respect. What I want to do is help people. and be a good person by my standards. BUT.. as you grasp and REALLY REALLY believe your beliefs. In the meantime.Thus. and I want to form relationships with people where we can enrich each other’s lives. Just reading my list. and I need to cultivate a strong. 26 . reworking your beliefs can take a while. They’ll see the way I smile. worth knowing. and. always be getting better in everything I do. I need to believe I’m attractive. shrug. and it’s good to take action right away. walk. But to really become good at the game. and I want a woman for me to be loyal to me. and in helping people. It’s the same for any attractive action: You can pinpoint what the action is and do it. and so on. I want my relationships with women to be with women who are everything a man can ask for. that’s up for you to decide. eat. Simply by walking attractive. able to bring other people up. drink.

and then a cycle has begun. But as an example. Likewise. No hesitation. So you could focus on your listening.This article is about becoming more attractive. 6 Body Language The main charactersistics you want your body language to have are: 1. If you walk like an attractive guy. Put your intentions out in the open for all to see. because you felt attractive. guess what? You just did another behavior that attractive people do. you’d feel more sincere. You will: 27 . you’re walking like a cool guy and you’re smiling like the guy that owns the place. Then you get more respect and more attention.. You’re well on your way to becoming attractive.. many sincere people make eye contact. you’ll get more respect from men and more attention from women. naturally. start with one behavior they do. 2. Modelling your behavior after the behaviors of people you want to be like can be helpful. As such. and the cycle continues. That doesn’t mean try to pretend like you’re them: Instead. And in doing so. and that’d make you a bit more sincere. and what’ll you do? I’m going to bet you’ll smile like you own whatever place you’re in. If you are relaxed and confident you will naturally take on certain nuances of body language. And suddenly. so you could try making eye contact more. Big and Open. let’s say you want to be more sincere: What’s a quick thing many sincere people do? Listen. you’ll feel more attractive. As such. No weird jerky movements. Relaxed and Slow. and watch as it sparks a cycle.

Many more guys turn women off by not touching them at all. if you do it with the confident expectation that she will enjoy the touch. and eventually women will crave your touch. Some guys turn women off by touching them before the woman is comfortable with their touch. There are a few technical specifics to touching a woman. just lean back slightly. When you are seated. lean back in your chair. or looking at the floor it signals that you are insecure. At first. because at first your touches will often be rejected. The same with when youre standing against something. Leaning back shows that you are relaxed and comfortable with yourself and with the girl and her group. but a touch that you have to think about is better than no touching at all. touch a woman in safe places. or staring. You can improve your looks tremendously just by improving your posture. and appearing asexual. You want to avoid hard eye contact. Look at her steadily are warmly. eventually you want to escalate to non-safe places. Of course. While you are learning. but mainly it is your frame. • Make steady. warm eye contact. Ideally. her arm. The proper time to touch a woman is largely determined by your frame. Leaning back is not incongruent with direct game because it is not a sign of disinterest. just lean back slightly onto it. Dont slouch. you want to avoid darting eyes and looking around the room. or her hand. or too late. Good posture is a sign of confidence and is attractive to women. but do this only after she is receptive to kino on safe places. err on the side of touching a woman too much rather than too little. 28 .• Lean back. It is an invitation for her to follow you into your comfortable reality. • Dont touch too early. This is part of the learning process learn from the experience. You want to make your touch slow and confident: No tentativeness. a touch should be spontaneous and you should not think about it. • Stand up straight. then she will. only of relaxation. Similarly. on her back. Bad posture is a sign of low self-esteem. Of course there are also factors specific to the girl. You will have to set aside your ego to do this.

It cant just be a insincere little affirmation you repeat three times before you talk to a woman you really have to believe it. Like leaning back. assume that every girl who you talk to is attracted to you.’ You are an alpha male you set the social rules. one hundred percent. First of all. you should not see your approaching women as something you should be sneaky and ashamed about. All the others will want to be like you. since you believe you are an attractive male. this shows that you are relaxed and comfortable. so why do you care what they think about you? And even if they are people who you do see again. not the other way around. with no uptight or fidgety movements. but they are literally the key to everything with women. not what others think he should do. Attitudes take time to develop. An alpha male does what he wants. you shouldnt be controlled by what they think. You should assume that you own the world.• Be completely relaxed. Too many guys think. ’Bbut what if other people see me talk to her?’ Who cares? Most of these people you are not ever going to see again. 7 Attitudes Your attitude should be that of an alpha male. 29 . Our main focus in our programs is establishing these attitudes in our clients. This should be the attitude you strive towards. This is ridiculous. than she will be. and that every single person in the world likes you and wants to see you succeed. Dont be concerned about ’Following social rules. Second of all. and you should act accordingly. If you really believe a woman is attracted to you. And most importantly for dating and seduction. Assume that you will be successful in everything you do. you should not care what other people think when they see you approaching. so they can attract women regardless of what techniques they use. You are enriching the lives of every woman you approach. so will conform to your rules. This attitude should be your end goal in your journey of self-improvement.

They dont project dominance. tactics.especially girls who are in difficult logistical situations. or techniques at all. to the point where you do not even consider the possibility that a normal. such as talking on a cell phone. You will notice as you improve your commanding presence that you can open women in situations which previously you thought were impossible.8 Commanding Presence What is a commanding presence? First of all. without even listening to what they have to say. commanding presence has nothing to do with gimmicks. you will command the attention and of women with increasing ease. For a woman shopping. So often. and are repelled by it. and other guys. you must command her attention more than the person who she is talking to. you must command her attention more than the music. In order for a woman to stop and talk to you. As you become more and more confident and dominant. They are not powerful enough to draw the woman away from whatever activity she was already engaged in. For a woman on a cell phone. People can pick up on this instantly. This is because they lack commanding presence. your presence must be more commanding of her attention than shopping. dancing in a loud club. Many guys have problems opening girls on cold approaches . guys who know sophisticated techniques will not have success with women because they dont have commanding presence women instantly write them off as losers. Because you are so sure that you can command a womans attention. you need to be more commanding than the activity which she is engaged in. your presence will in 30 . friendly woman would not give you her attention. Commanding presence is extremely important in pickup and dating. Commanding Presence is the ability to make people listen to and obey you because you project dominance and confidence. or even just walking in the other direction on the street. flashing lights. For a woman in a loud club. they are unsure of whether or not people will listen to them and attach importance to what they say.

even the smoothest. Make warm.turn become more and more commanding because of this. 31 . loudly and confidently? • Improve your body language. and that you dont think its worth spending time making yourself look the best that they can. however. and she will stop. and will get a weird vibe from you. • Improve your image. Here are some things you can do to improve your commanding presence: • Improve your tonality. and by repeated successful experiences in social situations. most genuine. You can also improve your beliefs directly through various exercise to reframe your experiences positively. Find cool. then she will sense that you really dont expect her to stop. 9 Vocal Tonality Another very important factor which will make a man more attractive is his vocal tonality. are you saying it slowly. take up space. Are delivering your opener to stop her in a weak. and look people straight in the eye. relax. Dont dress in a generic way. Dont dress like someone who doesnt pay attention to their looks. Thus. lean back. which are taught in our workshops and bootcamps. and look down towards to floor? If so. do you confidently believe that she will talk to you? If you do. you can make anything seductive just by virtue of you saying it. and all the other things recommended in the body language section of this guide. she wont stop. opening lines are not going to work for you. If not. • Most important: Improve your beliefs. If your tonality it is great. timid voice? Or.. including improving your body language. When you attempt to stop a woman and get her in a conversation. but also. image. Theres many things you can do to improve your beliefs. Do you stand in a hunched over. with bad posture. This conveys that you think you are not attractive. you want to avoid overcompensating and dressing like a clown. then she will sense the confidence and authority in your voice. tasteful clothes which give you a tight image and show that you treat yourself well. If your tonality is not good. tonality. friendly eye contact.

Another important aspect of your voice is its pitch. At first it will seem ridiculous. just a little high enough to be audible. you will become habituated to the new. slow down the pace of your voice. 32 . In a high-energy. women will be drawn in and entranced by your new. you now want to work on the speed of your speech. you want to talk especially slowly. you want to make your voice deep and resonant. a too loud voice is seen as overcompensation. however. there is an optimum speed to be most seductive. A well-projected voice lets everyone around you know you think what you have to say is important. relaxed pace of your voice. but most guys talk too fast. your voice will be drowned in the bass. You want to strike a balance between being loud enough to be clearly heard. In order to make your voice more attractive. and not being overly loud. and nobody will be able to hear you. He draws you in with his slow rhythm and mesmerizing deep voice. This is what you should be aiming for in quiet situations. While your old. Again. Most guys. party atmosphere you want to talk slightly faster. like you are talking in slow motion. In loud club situations. You want to convey complete relaxation and dominance. With time. In the daytime. your tone should be slightly higher than in the daytime. Once you have gotten into the habit or projecting your voice well. Your tone still should not be ridiculously high. This is because if you talk overly deeply in a club. fast-talking voice conveyed that you were hurried and uncomfortable. Similarly. Project your voice from your diaphragm. err on the side of being too quiet. In an intimate moment before a kiss. loudly and powerfully. you need to project your voice loudly enough to be heard clearly. You should also calibrate the pace of your speech to the situation.First. however. Think of the tone of a hypnotists voice. slow. This is especially important in the nighttime. deep and resonant. confident and relaxed pace of speech. in a daytime situation you want your voice to be loud. A high voice is viewed by women as weak and feminine. but a too quiet voice is easily ignored. So. where youre competing with loud music.

’skinny’. will see different parts of who we are. ’tall’. So when I get the question ’Can I get success even though I’m ?’ . I shake my head. and give them feedback on their voice. ’fat’. Regardless of your height. and people in general. No. I’ve seen guys of all races get nervous and wonder if they can succeed. and have very hot girlfriends. Read that again.. and become even more loud. and a well-projected. Girls. you want to make your voice slightly higher and faster. In addition. But what if you’re short? What can be done about that? Well your height isn’t going to change. 33 . We use tonality exercises in each one of our programs to achieve a seductive tonality in the daytime. You probably don’t like every single thing about yourself.In a loud club situation. ’young’. Insert any of ’short’... also insert every race . Who does? Hopefully you’re trying to work past the things you don’t like and become the best person you can be. conveying energy and playfulness. what you care about is bedding beautiful women and getting plenty of respect out of everyone you meet. Something Very Important: The image you put forward has to be stronger than any negative stereotypes about you. But I don’t think that’s really what you care about. and the ways that they can improve on it. ’old’. you can bed plenty of beautiful women. 10 Image and Stereotypes We’re all a mix of many different things.yes... This is a common problem.. we coach all our clients in-field. captivating and fun tonality in the nighttime.

34 . ’He’s old’ ? No way! She thinks he’s a rockstar. even. but his image is one of a certified. And successful businessman and very cool and fun guy to socialize with. can I get race of woman?’ Just last weekend. Look at Hugh Hefner. full-on playboy. ’I’m race. legitimate.The image you put forward has to be stronger than any negative stereotypes about you. ’Can I get white women even though I’m Asian?’ I was blown away . Hugh is a bazillion years old. I’d be superboring. good style. you don’t want people to think ’Wow. He was a cool guy. If you’re short. you want to have some sort of powerful and positive image. Instead. then I’d be in trouble. What does this mean to you? The image you put forward has to be stronger than any negative stereotypes about you. You don’t want to give off a ’short vibe’. And yet he asked me. and seems fun and cool and successful. My image is not ’white’. When a 20-year old woman sees Mel Gibson.and I told him of course he could. but he had to have a stronger image than something generic. If the first thing a woman thought when she saw me was ’This guy is white’. decent looks. he’s a short guy’ when they meet you. I had a student ask an interesting question. does she think. A common question I get is.

’He’s Asian.They’d buy into the stereotype that he’s asexual.Think typical ’suburban guy’. When any woman looked at one of these guys. 35 . dragon-tattooed guys. so women would lump him into the category of ’asexual Asian guy’ . she didn’t think. They called him ’the bull’. Whereas if you’re another race. hot girlfriends and luxury cars and nice clothes and a ’Don’t mess with me’ look. I don’t have a suburban guy image. white. On the other hand. This works for and against some races that are stereotypical as being powerful and masculine. No joke. shaved heads. I used to work out at a gym that had guys that looked to be Triads in Y’know. This guy had women all over him .’ As an example. very respectfully. Here’s what you need: The image you put forward has to be stronger than any negative stereotypes about you. but he was *jacked*. If you’re Caucasian in America. Ripped.’ She thought ’He’s powerful’ or ’He’s a gangster’ or ’He’s buff. He had thick glasses and wore frumpled clothing and slouched over. He had no image. I called him ’el toro’ very. any image is stronger than the fact you’re white. Caucasian is the majority in America. I knew a Chinese computer-programmer. The thing is. it might be a stronger image. let’s compare two Chinese guys I knew. and of course Asian as well. But what if you’re not one of those? The sad reality is that some races have stereotypes attached to them in certain places. Chinese mafia. Muscles upon muscles. He was about 5’5. One went to that gym. latin.

I didn’t put off the negative vibe associated with Americans in France. Spanish.because The image he put forward was not stronger than the negative stereotypes around him. You can bet your last nickel that I didn’t want people to think ’American’ right off the bat.. he started to ’get it’. something. I’ve been to parties where I was the only person in the room that didn’t speak fluent Mandrin. ’Am I too short?’ . ’Italy’. Cultivate an image for yourself. and the women bought right into that.’ When women would ask where I was from. Thing was. He didn’t have a ’short vibe’. If you’re wondering. In fact. I wanted women to think ’Wow. No. or Creole.. everyone knew I was white. That means I was doing something right . then people will pick something arbitrary about you and assume the stereotypes. I was getting a lot of ’Amsterdam’. and yeah.. Tom Cruise is pretty short. and ’Russia’. he was picking up girls of various races normally. Everybody’s got something that’s unappealing to some group of women. Think on that. But it wasn’t what I put forward. I’ve been to parties where I was the only white person in the room. what a stylish powerful guy. I’m still American. I’ve had students at short as 5’2. I got to make a brief pass through France recently. he acted like a highrollin’ playboy type. 36 ... If you have a weak image. I’d tell them to guess. By the end of his program. When I told this to my Asian student last weekend. but I wasn’t ’the white guy’. But I’d keep a warm smile and a good vibe. then think of if you put off a short vibe. Hell. the shortest student I’ve ever had slept with 3 women within 2 months of meeting with me. You’re either young or old or too skinny or too fat or too short or too tall or.. he didn’t identify with being a ’short guy’.

The internet can help. and it is. information you read on the internet is not a complete solution. 11 The Next Step This article is not a complete guide to pickup and dating it is only the beginning. reports like this are only complements to our real-life programs.If you have a solid image. Youll hear two of the worlds best pick-up artists and dating masters teach you about the basics of body language. you need to master much more than this to escalate an interaction with a woman all the way to sex. tonality. At our Seminars and In-Field Workshops. you need real-life experience in the field. And you get the girls you want. In the classroom seminar. youll work with instructors Vincent and Sebastian in a small group setting. which are essential 37 . Learning how to meet women effectively is important. and also to establish a good relationship. By learning the attitudes and behaviors in this article. and all the other topics mentioned above. as they coach you through difficulties you are having in all stages of your interactions with women. image and style. At best. and take your game to the next level. exclusive or open. But. but in order to make a real change. You may even want personalized attention from real masters of pickup and dating. and all those other things you have no control over . vibing. height. race. you will undoubtedly be well on your way. how you could ever possibly change into a truly attractive guy who can get any woman he wants? We believe in order to make such a change. Such a change may seem drastic to you. You may be asking yourself. your age. if you are not currently having any success with woman.They fade to black. with her afterwards. you are given the tools you need which will give you an edge on all other guys.

You can benefit instantly from our collective years of experience. Also. http://www. be it opening. and boost your game to the next level in one weekend. or holding an interesting conversation. theApproach 38 . Well work with you on any component of the game where you need work. kissing a girl. number closing. we change your core identity through working directly with your inner beliefs. We will point out your mistakes and sticking points. providing you with the skills to meet and attract women anywhere. night after and years of frustration and loneliness from going home alone. you will see we care about your success and will give you personalized attention every step of the way. anytime. but if you have them the skills that you learn in the workshop can save you literally years of crashing and burning with women. detailing not only our fundamental methods of generating attraction and escalation. After weve supercharged your game in the seminar.the-approach. The groups are kept small as the student to instructor ratio is limited. Well even work with you on phone game. visit our website. but also some brand new advanced concepts not found anywhere else. If you have any questions. If you check out our reviews. The field work will take place in both daytime and nighttime venues. feel free to drop us a line at our website. We wont just give you a bunch of techniques. If youre interested in learning more about our programs. and give you targeted feedback. Yours Truly. we will take you out into the field and coach you interacting with women in real time.for attracting women. You will still need motivation and hard work to achieve success. be sure to check out our soon to be released e-book. Vincent DiCarlo and Sebastian Drake Founders.

but if I ever did get there.their former clients. if nothing else. If I did not do this I may or may not have gotten to the level of where I want to be. of New York City ’Sebastian is one of the best pick-up artists I’ve had the pleasure of meeting .his game is top-notch in all ways. He knows all about the learning time watching Vincent.. I still correspond with them through email. I have on my todo list since the seminar to email you a testimonial. so that they can’t steal my girlfriend!’ -Tim S. and both get the same amazing results using theApproach framework and concepts. and I could not be happier.. of San Fransisco.I mean it was effortless! Just knowing that these guys exist was enough to convince me to sign up. Attached to this email are the pics in my car of the chick I met while we were ’in the 39 . TX ’Sebastian and Vincent have completely different styles from one another.. the proof is in the pudding. It was great and I learned so much.’ -Brian K. but the list is way too long! LOL Well as far as results. we share secrets and all the latest tricks of the trade and so on. Highly recommended. CA ’Yoooo Vince! Wasup big man! You wont believe. I dont think there is many things as valuable as this. it will save me years of my time. I always remember back . I realized how easy it was to pick up girls who already had boyfriends or were married even . And there’s a whole underground network of guys they’ve trained in every city . I came to the bootcamp with a completely open mind. It’s like you become a part of this exclusive secret society or something.’ -Chad of Austin.12 Testimonials ’I was literally trusting these guys with my life..

but its made me more successful in business too. but still keep them as a bootycall. I dont even sweat it. You guys are Hitch to the extreme! Forget reading books on this stuff. I took theApproach Bootcamp a few months ago and just recently did a one day refresher of personal coaching in Boston.worked!’ -Raj of New York City ’I feel I am in a unique situation. Although both guys are in their twenties.. It took me the 2nd date to get in there. LOL. Not only did the workshop help me in going after any female I desire in my path. I was blown away at how well their method works for someone like me. my wife loves the changes she has seen in me. For example. young women love older men if they have class and sophistication.. since I am 45 years old and married. and is 40 . You can use anything I say in this email as my testimonial. not just theory. in my humble but accurate opinion. you might not believe I pick up girls half my age. They identify with me and understand all of my concerns. cause I have others in the pipeline waiting to meet me anyway. And if you saw me. Their very smooth and subtle approach is well suited for older men.field’ at the mall. Now I have that buffer of ladies I can call on to hook up with. And Im amazed with how those couple lines you advised me to say to past exs. who have a man. no other method has made me learn more than yours of making us actually do the work out in the field in real life situations. Like the pauses between the flow of my words when I do seminars. They actually pointed out many advantages we as older men have with younger women. It truly is a wonderful feeling that when a girl cancels on me now. I can’t say enough great things about Vincent and Sebastian. J so as u can see Im a happy camper. The hardest part was making the time with my schedule to hook up with her. They also reminded me of all the positive things I have personality wise to offer women. and the conversation exercises when I meet prospects (for business and pleasure!). In addition.

but you’ll never reach the highest levels with your attitude. Before I took the program. I took a bootcamp with two additional days of personal coaching and it paid off huge. then told me: ’I can tell you’re serious about success. He asked me why any woman would be lucky to have me. and it’s all golden.’ -Vlad G of Boston. I was feeling better. He taught me for a bit longer. we started looking at which of my attitudes were good and which weren’t. he started going through Attitudes with me. I was determined to get better. When I met Sebastian for my bootcamp. poorly dressed loser. Are you willing to change?’ I said yes. dating beautiful and amazing women. I told Sebastian I wanted to practice all night before I saw him tomorrow. Do you want the truth?’ I did. He went on. ’Chance hasn’t been easy on you. I found it unbelieveable when he told me how he used to look and act. and living my dream of teaching people to do better things. He 41 . but I was serious about improving. It wasn’t on me either and I’m here right now before you. I was a fat. Now. ’I can teach you all the tech in the world. and told me how he once was worse off than me in a lot of ways. I can’t guarantee you’ll have the results I did. He asked me if I liked myself. Sebastian related his story to me. I said she wouldn’t. Sebastian taught me about the ’Lottery of Attitudes’ and how where we’re born and stuff that happens when we’re very little shape most people’s entire lives. MA ’I’m really glad I took theApproach. Which made me happy and which didn’t. I said I didn’t. At the end of the first day.convinced the program has strengthened our relationship. Are you willing to change how you think?’ I was! The first day.

I practiced solo and women were opening up to me. Sebastian reinforced some of the attitudes he’d already worked on with me. It hurt a lot but it felt good too. The next morning. but Vin took good care of me and said it’s natural for it to take a while to seep in. of course I do. I showered and came to day 2 of the program. taking me from beyond bad to looking really really sharp. As we were wrapping up day 3 Vin got a call and answered it. The next day. I liked what I saw.told me to hold on and got on his cell phone. I went to the gym with him and lifted weights and broke up a big sweat. 42 . I met up with Vincent and we went shopping for clothes for me. and called a friend of his who is both a personal trainer and a former student. I was pretty sore still from the gym. I was a bit frustrated at this part of the program since there’s so many skills. and Sebastian said I was really talented for going at such a good pace. I said hell yes. I said goodbye to Vin’s girlfriend at mid-day and we worked all on conversational skills. That night. then handed the phone to me. then started into the basics of approaching and initiating conversation. Sebastian asked if I wanted to work out in the morning. but I felt good. I flew through day 2. Vincent TOTALLY changed up my style. I got a new haircut and Vin brought in his girlfriend of the time who worked in the fashion industry to help me get the most cutting edge style and find good bargains at the same time. I felt very comfortable with him the whole time and he made me feel really good. I was really happy with how I got dressed up and I was feeling really good in my new clothes. I went out with Sebastian’s trainer friend and we practiced after the program hours were over. then more fieldwork. Things were going well.

We covered a wide range of subjects and then got out there. Vin had explained to me when I signed up that you can get 1:1 personal coaching time. I had already improved my health. He told me he’s happy to match the dedication level of the student and I was being very dedicated. It was pretty cool to have him do that for me. style. and was doing much better. qualifying. and other skills. I got to see a couply demonstrations with Sebastian or Vincent explaining what the other was doing in real time. and Sebastian said he needed a nap. Well it was very cool having both guys. looked better. and attitudes. It was also cool to see how they worked together and got things going. We broke from the gym a few hours before the program was going to start. I called one of my female friends and she said I sounded totally different 43 . Now it was time for the heavy stuff. but I couldn’t help but go practice my developing skills in a bookstore. At this point. I learned a lot of advanced techniques but I was able to start doing a lot right away. After we broke. cold reading. I got her number when I had to leave for the start of the program! I met Sebastian and Vincent actually came along as well free of charge. I went in with Sebastian’s favorite opener on a girl in the cafe and we talked for two hours. they’ll go two instructors to one student. but a lot of times if Sebastian or he is free and in the same area.He told me to get plenty of sleep that night and eat a good breakfast in the morning. Things were coming together great. I got four phone numbers and a kiss! Amazing! I felt better. He went and got some sleep. The got into screening. touching. I met Sebastian before the program and we worked out together. I had learned how to approach and the execution behind good conversation.

including the girl from the bookstore and the blond girl. Sebastian taught the basics of good sex. but right now I’m going to have some fun before I do. I asked how and she said ’Totally alive. and gave me exercises to do to keep getting better. Haha too late! 44 . I felt tired but energized. They did my final debrief. It’s been three weeks and I’ve slept with three women. and I’m meeting so many more women. then Sebastian saw a really hot blond chick as we were ready to break..’ I went in and started running my game. I used some of the storytelling and screening techniques I had learned and demonstrated my interest in a good way. answered all my remaining questions. They covered miscellaneous skills. We did a little more field work and things were going really well.. she’s all yours. I looked great in my new clothes. I invited this beautiful beautiful blond girl back to my place for dinner and drinks. He said ’Go. I got a few more numbers and another kiss. not a chasing way. I was sore and I felt like my movements might’ve been kind of jerky from lifting weights but it didn’t even matter. The program has been amazing to me. I’m actually looking to settle down once I find the right woman. I came to the last of day of my personal coaching program. Vin taught relationship skills.on the phone. The last day of my custom program.’ As per Sebastian’s recommendation. I was really sore but it was a good sore. Vin and Sebastian were both there again. I moved a bit stiffly from the weights yesterday but it was all good. I called the girl I met in the bookstore earlier that night. Things were so fluid it was out of this world. and they went over the full structure of a pickup together. I got a gym membership and I’m doing full body workouts three times a week. A lot of women in my life that were looking right past me and taking me for granted now are trying to get with me. I feel so much more happy and successful. At the end.

amazing performance. You are gods among men. empowering. Sebastian. but if everyone can get even 1/10th of what I did. thank you. MA 45 . Newton. Vincent.I’m so glad I took theApproach and I can’t thank Vincent and Sebastian enough. it’s worth every penny. I don’t know if everyone can have my results. Life-changing.’ -Phil Anderson. motivating.

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