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Alberto Pérez González

CURRICULUM VITAE Name: Nationality: Phone: E-mail: Address: Pérez González, Alberto Spanish +34 615 817014 C/ Dr. Iranzo 78, 1ºCtro. 50.002 Zaragoza (Spain)

 Profile Professional, highly qualified Electrical Engineer with excellent organizational and team working skills. Experience in management of Electrical Facilities accomplishment. Ideal candidate for position requiring initiative, responsibility and challenge.  Key Qualifications - Degree in electronics engineering (Industrial electronics). (University of Zaragoza, E.U.I.T.I.Z) - Specialized technician in Hardware electronics (FP2, I.F.P Pablo Serrano). - Professional technician in electronics (FP1, I.F.P Pablo Serrano).  Computer Science Skills - Software CAD/CAE: - AutoCAD. (General design). - AutoCAD Electrical. (Electrical Control design). - PROTEL. (Printed Circuit Board design). - Office software: MS Office: Word, Excel, Access. - Programming: C, Cobol,Visual Basic, µP Assembler.  Languages - English: - Translation: intermediate. - Conversation: intermediate. - Writing: basic. - Spanish: Native.

 Additional information - Technician license.(Professional Habilitation Certified by Gob. de Aragón, Spain).
Facilities (categories): Electrical Low Voltage (IBTE0, all categories). High voltage transmission lines, Generating stations, Substations and Transformation centers (LAT1, LAT2). Water supply (A). Thermal facilities in buildings (CIA-B, CMA-B). Gas (IG-A). Refrigerating facilities (IF-RF). Liquid oil products (PPL-C2, PPL-C3).

- Experience in teaching (Programming, Electricity/Electronics). - European driving license (type “B”). - International mobility.
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Teaching of CAD/CAE commercial software applications to engineers. S.Full administrative management and operational control of several tasks as ERZ-ENDESA engineering department contractor. Position: Electrical engineer. Position. . S. .L. Industries. Position.  UTE Rubau/Pacsa (Barcelona. Professional experience  MEG.Budgeting for electrical construction accomplishment LV-HV. . Public concurrence buildings. Specific facilities. Position: Commercial Technician. .Management and checking of electrical construction and electrical transmission lines accomplishment.Commercial presentations about electric equipment. .Consultant about technical questions related to electrical equipment.  EDELVIVES (printing workshop) 1997. .Technical studies for the New s Supply Requests department of ERZ-ENDESA. Civil works )1996. Technical expert in electronics. Position: Plant worker. (SCHINDLER) 2001-03. Alberto Pérez González Page 2/2 CURRICULUM VITAE . .Implementation of projects/studies of lighting technology and emergency lighting.Tasks related to road construction.OFFSET machine operation.  Aletá S. Topography assistant.L. Provisional facilities. Residential buildings. etc… .L.  Talleres Avance. . architects. (Electrical construction) 2004-09. .Implementation of technical projects in electrical facilities: low/high voltage electrical transmission lines. .Assembly and checking of electric/electronic components and control equipment and SCHINDLER elevators. (Commercial delegation of electric material) 1998/99. .