The Embedded Numeric Keypad

(What it is, and how to use it…)
Due to space limitations, laptops have fewer keys than a full-size desktop keyboard does. So there are a few tricks that manufacturers use to attempt to give back some of the functionality that might have been sacrificed for the sake of a more mobile package. The embedded numeric keypad shares some of the keys for alphabetic characters (A, B, C, etc.) with numeric characters (1, 2, 3, etc.) so that touch-typists can enter values quickly using the familiar ’10-key’ configuration (see example). You may notice that the numbers shown in this example are in a different color, just as they are on your laptop. Your laptop also has a key [Fn] (close to the left [Shift]) which appears in the same color. To activate the embedded numeric keypad, press [Fn] and [Num Lock] (shared by the [F4] key) at the same time. Pressing these same two keys again turns the feature off. There is a little light under your right wrist that looks like a padlock with a number ‘9’ in it -this indicates whether number-lock is turned on. This feature has no effect on the other keys (numeric or otherwise) on your keyboard. If you want to use the numeric keypad for just a few characters, you can hold down [Fn][Shift] while pressing the embedded numeric keys; when you release [Fn][Shift], the feature will be turned off.

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