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10:56 pm, 1/23/2011 3rd LIVE, Mayan day 8 Wind

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♥ This video I come to you as a robot, tonight - in the video. It represents me coming out of my mechanical aspects - the way I’ve been programmed. We all have. Might as well acknowledge it. Running or looking away from it isn’t constructive or creative. Let’s just be with what is. How very primitive is our current state of society and technology on the earth. I share a memory I had of being in a much more advanced time and place - elsewhere than on this earth. When I ‘Came back’ here, it was quite a culture shock - a shock in many ways. Oh, how primitive to think we need these terrible gas-burning things on wheels to move from place to place. I was quite shocked by that. So, maybe better for all concerned that we don’t have full access to all of our memories - all our lifetimes. That would get in the way of our state of peace - or it could. Better to just be content to be here and now. Then again, time itself is such an illusion. We just think there are these silly things called seconds and minutes, hours and days. They are just constructs - they don’t really exist. Every moment is just now. This is quite beautiful in many ways. One of them is that everything and everyone that ever lived is still alive - right here and right now. Right this minute. If you have someone dear to you - even a pet - who isn’t around physically anymore - they’re still very much with you. You’re just not with your Self. Try that out. Self with a capital ‘S’ of course - your whole Self. We come out of that to do this dance we’re doing - to take our parts in the play.

Heck, every thought you ever though, or deed or emotion or anything, just from this lifetime - that is all right now, as well. You never really lose anything. It’s still right there - just as alive and shining as it ever was. We just imagine that there are these illusory separated-out things called hours and minutes. Then we divide the indivisible into these little pieces - as if it was real. What a laugh and a lark. The same thing happened elsewhere in society - this separating out the inseparable. We can see it in education, where we have the specialists in this and that field. We have the same in science and in medicine. Specialization - which equals almost infinite division - has just about ruined our society and our world. Can you see this? I was listening to Terrence McKenna the other day when I had this illumination. If you think he’s just another druggie, then you haven’t listened to or read his work. He’s quite intellectual, and the fascinating thing is the wide range of his studies and his mastery. He pulls things together that other people aren’t qualified to do. He didn’t specialize quite so much - got a broader education. All of the differences are in the process of going away. We’re coming faster and faster back into unity. I hope that more and more people begin perceiving the death that has been this endless division. Everything in our world is so divided up, and that is just symptomatic of the way we’ve divided ourselves out. We’ve separated brother from brother, brought in competition and endless other divisions. Now we’re in quite a mess. Well, let us see that the remedy lies in recognizing our isolation - in seeing the flaw in our endless division. Let us recognize the self in one another’s eyes, until we can truly say, “These eyes, through which I hoped to see God, are the eyes through which God sees me.” That’s where we are going. Are you coming along for the ride? I surely hope so. You punch your ticket in heart - that’s where the train station is that takes you where we are going - into the magical Kingdom of Heart our true destination. It doesn’t take time to get there, either. Every time you have a thought of any kind around time, why not recognize it as wrong. They all are. There’s no such thing - not the way we’ve conceived of it.

Every thought, deed, interaction - every idea or feeling - every vibration that you send out has an effect on all of Cosmos. Take that in. Be sure to be in heart when you do. Know that there literally is NO separation between all of Life - and that all Life is sentient. You affect and influence everything - just by your being. You could be in a coma and still do this. The mentally challenged are not less - are not excluded. Heck, some of them are likely the highest souls on the planet. We’ve got everything wrong and backwards. Hey, I’ve got an idea. Let’s turn everything upside down and backwards. It’s that way now, pretty much in everything. So, if we do that, then the net result should be that everything comes out right-side up and frontwards - back in beautiful functioning order. Heck, it’s worth a shot. What we’ve been doing up to now is a colossal failure. Just look around. Well, seriously, we are truly all linked up. Even the Himalayan yogi in his cave up there in the mountain fastness - he is still supporting the world, helping hold us all up in consciousness. Every good decision you make - based in heart - makes it that much easier for others to do the same thing. They can ride on your vibe. Do you see? It’s time to really begin shucking, double quick, all the limits and confines we previously accepted as real and right. They are not. All is one. Nothing is separate. If there’s an evil felon out there, that is you and me. Nothing is separate. Let’s take advantage of our understanding of that. Let’s own the reality of the way everything is. That’s the only way to change it - to recognize all of this as OUR OWN reflection. It’s clear to see that our Western civilization has no heart. It’s all in the mind - the left-brain at that. It’s pretty sad, the way it has carved and cut up the world. It can also be framed as the masculine absent the feminine. The net result is the same - not that heart is just feminine - that’s not at all what I’m saying. Balance is the key - not polarization. It’s time for us to fess up (confess), and to come into some real

humility. Let us look to the indigenous peoples around the world, and bow before their mastery of heart living. They know, and have known all along you can’t divide the earth and everything else up this way and survive - with any integrity. It doesn’t happen. Let us look, too, to the East, and to Asia. Let’s have the humility to recognize the superiority, the beauty and harmony of their recognition of the being, the body as one whole, as a unified system. They recognize, deeply, the flow of energies in things. When we cut and divide things up endlessly we inhibit the flow. We don’t unite things enough to even perceive it. No wonder science doesn’t believe in the soul. I propose that it’s the intensity of the specialization in science that has castrated the whole field. There’s not enough union, enough collaboration, enough cross-discipline study to see anything in its wholeness. Yet everything is truly whole. So, science has come to far afield of the Truth to be useful for much of anything. Even where there is the short-term gain, there is long term harm. How could it be otherwise when Truth, the truth of oneness and wholeness, is not honored? So, let’s turn everything that is upside down and backwards. I propose that, since it’s all a reflection, as it is, this will cause it to be righted and begin making sense. Ha! Okay, so it’s crazy. Mind, in all its sensibleness, is the one that is crazy - absent the rulership, the guidance of heart. That is apparent. Can you put your heart glasses on and see this?

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