Making Mom Happy Ch.

01 bypalacechief© (NOTE: This is a work of fiction and fantasy, involving an incest theme with consenting adults, and produced for adult entertainment only. If you do not agree with an adult incest theme do not read this story. This story starts quite slowly as I enjoy a long tease before the 'hotter' stuff. If you like fast paced action from the start, it might not be for you!). I'm now 21 with quite an unusual sex life, one which I think many of you might envy. I'll tell you how it all started almost 3 years ago. My name is Rasheed and I am Indian. I'm an only child and live with my parents. My mother Sheeza is 51 and my father Manish 52. My mother is a housewife and father works for the government. We live in a nice flat in Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay. We are not rich, but my father's income is quite adequate and we live reasonably well. At the time this story started, I would describe my mother as 5'3, quite a full figured lady - with large boobs and a round full bottom, but she was not fat and still retained a waist and curves. She sometimes wore western clothes but more often than not was more of a traditional dresser in a sari.

My father was 5'8" and a bit chubby, but not bad looking at all for his age. I always viewed him as quite serious. He had responsible job managing a local government department, and always acted kind of important and with authority. My views on him (and my mother) would soon change in a particular way, but more of that later. Finally, just a quick word on myself at the time the story started. I'd just turned 18 and was pretty much naive to the ways of the world. I'd led quite a sheltered life, and I was quite innocent when it came to sex, but had a few magazines in which were scantly clad women, although not fully naked. It was hard to get hold of very explicit stuff unless you went into some of the rougher parts of Mumbai, and as I mentioned before, I was very innocent and shy at that time, and would have never thought about doing that. I sort of liked one or two girls at my school, from a distance, but never really had the courage to go up to them. That was about it in terms of my experience with sex - hardly anything. I did masturbate of course, often thinking about some sexy looking girl I'd seen on the TV on in one of my magazines. At school some of boys I hung around with told me stories about girls, and of course I knew how everything should work. and all the various words people used, but most of it was theory!

This was all about to change! About a month after my 18th birthday I was sitting on the floor in the living room with my back against the sofa watching TV. Mom was lying on the sofa with her head raised up against a cushion at one end and her feet up towards my head. Dad was in the armchair a few feet away, his head engrossed in a newspaper, his favourite 'activity'. "Rasheed" said my mom. "My feet are aching after being out shopping this afternoon, please can you massage them for me." "Sure mom" I replied. I turned facing the sofa and she raised her sari a little above her ankles. I rubbed her feet, not thinking about it too much and with half an eye on the TV. After about 10 minutes my hands became a little tired and I asked if I could stop. "Sure, thanks son, that's so much better." she said After a couple of days mom asked me to massage her feet again. Dad was in the room again as well, reading his paper as before. This time he looked up and said "that's right son, make sure your mom's comfortable." Like before, mom lifted her sari and under-petticoat a little, but this time a bit higher up to her calves.

I started to think about her body a bit more. I started to look at her a little differently. but as time went on I kind of got used to it. Maybe all sons go through this phase thinking about their mom's like that I thought. I actually started to look forward to doing it in the evenings. After a few minutes I actually started to enjoy the sensation of touching her calf muscles and feeling her soft skin. In the summer she would wear western style light ankle length cotton skirts with a . rather than my mom. I started rubbing her feet. even if it was my mom's."Give my ankles and calves a rub as well please darling" she said. And I guess during those first couple of weeks. It was now getting warmer . At first I felt a bit ashamed. This feet and ankle rubbing continued a every other day or so for a couple of weeks. so my mom seemed to shave her legs.the summer months were starting. For the first time I noticed how smooth her lightly tanned skin and the part of her leg that I could see were. There were no hairs visible. I think for the first time I saw her as a woman. and normally this meant a change of wardrobe for my mom. It was a kind of nice touching a woman's skin. After about 15 minutes mom said to stop and thanked me again for making her feel "much better". and looked after their appearance. then up toward the ankles and then her calves. in a sexual way.

she was lying on the sofa again. this time in a light cotton skirt and top. keen to get going. and seeing the amount of flesh in front of me which I'd never seen before in one go got me excited. "Rasheed please do my feet now" she said. I was waiting for mom to ask me to do her feet.blouse. To my surprise she raised her skirt up just above the tops of her her knees. and for the first time I saw the lower part of her legs completely exposed. Now it may not seem much to be excited about. head buried in the newspaper. but you've got to remember. under the knees and rubbed both front and back silkily. "Do my legs up to my knees as well" she said rather nonchalantly and closed her eyes as she rested. We (at least mom and I) were watching television. So the third week after mom first asked for a foot massage. This was the first time I'd be massaging her whilst she was wearing a skirt. instead of a sari. I . I was very much innocent when it came to girls and women. "Sure mom" I replied. I was kind of excited. and I didn't have to wait long. This time I started with the tops of the calves. My dad was in his usual armchair. lying on the sofa with her head resting on a raised cushion at one end.

I was sure. being asked to do so by her and she enjoying it. Here I was getting a kick out of massaging my mom's legs. I almost felt guilty at looking as if I was enjoying myself. her eyes still closed. and so was mom. "give your mom a nice leg massage". At one point she said "that's very nice". and then stuck his head back into the newspaper. I wanked myself off thinking about my mom naked. Hey things were great! Later that evening whilst in bed before sleeping. since the last massage.the material seemed more sheer and thinner and a couple of times when she stood on the balcony with . I couldn't keep my eyes off her rear and legs. This time a couple of days passed and mom didn't ask me to massage her legs. "That's right son" he said to my surprise. I sneaked a look over at dad's direction at one point and saw him looking at me.was enjoying the sensation. But I noticed her wearing some new skirts. I felt relieved. and dad telling me to keep up the good work. And I was sure the skirts she were wearing were new . And boy did it feel good. How did I know they were new you may ask? Well.

As I turned around slowly. when your father's home" she added." "Yes sir" I replied. I was sure she would ask me to massage her again. dad in his armchair reading the newspaper and me on the floor resting up against the sofa with my head a couple of inches from mom's feet. Whilst she was in the kitchen preparing lying on the sofa. I was sure I could see through the material momentarily. that would be nice" she replied. and saw the shape of her upper legs and butt. "After dinner. On the third evening after the last massage. "Make sure you do a good job Rasheed.the bright sun behind her. I went back to my room with a hard on and wanked myself off thinking about it. not looking at me. After dinner we all settled into the living room in our usual positions . dad piped up. "Please do my feet now Rasheed" said mom after a few minutes. as she'd never gone more than a couple of days without now. . I took the initiative and asked rather casually "would you like me to massage your legs tonight mom?" "Yes.

I decided to see if I could go up a little above her knees without moving her skirt. rather than stopping at the knees. and slowly slid my hand up the front of her legs. She seemed to be enjoying it. I settled down on the floor next to the sofa and started rubbing mom's legs with a bit of talc on each. up to her knees. feeling the lovely fleshed smooth skin there. In double quick time I ran to the bathroom and grabbed a bottle of talc. I slowed as I reached them. I started at the toes again. The talc made it a very smooth and sensuous feeling sliding my hands up and down. but this time. one on each leg. Suddenly I had an idea. I glanced over at dad. I would start at the top of the toes of the feet and then slide both hands up. Mom's eyes were now closed and her face and body completely relaxed. Then I'd slide my hands to the back of her calves and then down the back of them. "That sounds a good idea" said mom smiling. "Would you like me to put some nice perfumed talc on them as I rub?" I said. After a moment. I continued this for a few minutes. .Mom had lifted her skirt up just above her knees again. who was still engrossed in his paper.

going up above the hem line of her skirt. "Manish.just about half way up her thighs. "I quite enjoy giving you a massage. "You know. But it must be very uncomfortable for you sitting on the floor .you won't be able to massage it properly. Thank you. That was lovely. my back aches me sometimes as well and it would be really nice if you could give that a rub sometime as know the ones we saw in the shop the other day?" 'Massage table' I thought as she spoke." She looked over at dad. and your not that old . I repeated this a few times. 'The ones we . but not too far . "You can stop now Rasheed. how much are one of those folding massage tables . but did open her legs a bit more." "Aw that's ok mom" I look very well for your age. You've really got a nice touch with your hands." "Thank you son" she replied.and ever so gently slid my hands under the material of her skirt and up a little over the front part of her thighs. I looked at her face as I did so and she gave no facial reaction. You really do help your old mom feel better. I dared not go any further! After about 15 minutes mom opened her eyes and smiled at me.

without thinking about it at all. I ." That night in bed my mind was working overtime."In case you're wondering Rasheed. My mind raced and I said "yes.saw'. of course".they had already seen a proper massage table to buy. as we'll only get it if he's happy at giving me a proper back and leg massage." "Yea dad sure . You know she gets a bit stiff there sometimes. They showed us how it works and it can fit under our bed as well when we don't use it. "Oh they weren't expensive" replied dad. "It looked really good in the shop. Dad spoke up again . " "Ok" I said. I kept quiet. My parents seemed to be taking this a bit seriously . "Do you want one?" "Well if it's alright with Rasheed. and you'll be a great comfort to her." She looked over at me. wondering quite what was going folds up does it?" "Oh yes" replied mom. "Let's order one. that you could help with her back as well. we saw one the other day as your mom thought you were so good at relieving her leg worries .

You can massage me through my blouse right from my shoulders. The fabric of her blouse was quite smooth. and down to the base of my back. That evening after dinner dad and I set up the table in the living room in front of the sofa. as I'd like to feel your hands on them. but now it looked like I would be touching much more of her. I'll let you pull up my skirt when you get to my legs though. I thought." I slowly started circling my hands over mom's shoulders. rather than over my skirt. A few days later the massage table arrived.was already getting worked up doing mom's legs. It was quite neat. Dad settled down in his armchair and this time watched for a bit. with two folding sections and supporting legs. I looked over at dad who by now had . let's see how it goes. and I could feel her flesh ripple as my hands skilfully massaged her. "do my back first". Wow! Again I wanked myself to sleep thinking about it. Then you can do my legs. Never mind. "Where would you like me to start mom?" I said. "Well" she said. Now I could see the shape of her body a bit better and actually walk around her. The top only had a thin cushion though and I wondered if it might be a bit hard to lie on for mom. but still wearing her blouse and a skirt lay herself face down on it. barefoot. Mom.

Although I had a bit of a boner. I couldn't see it's shape properly as the skirt lay flat. I moved my hands slowly down to the middle of her back. I massaged the top of her shoulder and down to the center of her back as far as I could reach from this position. and I was shafting it back and forth in mom's mouth whilst I . I felt my dick rise in my jeans. She didn't object.gone back to reading his paper. down to the tops of her thighs. and didn't show the line of her butt very well. rock hard. giving a nice curvaceous look. so I went backwards and started massaging from her shoulders again. It was quite large looking and the cheeks of her buttocks were still raised . she was face down with her forehead resting on her arms which were folded. so she couldn't see it. and dad appeared engrossed in his paper I let my eyes wander down to her butt. I moved my hands down to the base of her spine and couldn't resist just letting the tips of my fingers lightly touch the top of her butt cheeks. but I got some idea. I didn't want to push it too much this first time on the table. I moved to the top of the table so that I was standing with my crotch towards the top of mom's head. A sudden thought flashed through me. rising from the base of her spine. in swirling circular motions as I continued to rub. As mom couldn't' see me. I was imagining that my dick was out.

feeling the pressure relieved. I think I had a slight sweat on my forehead. . thinking about feeling up mom's ass. Luckily. and started wanking.massaged her. I almost ran to the bathroom. I'd forgotten the talc for her legs and said "back in a minute mom . Hurriedly.have to get the talc". and let my fingertips wander down to the top of her ample butt cheeks again. My dick became even harder at the thought and I decided to move back to the side of the table. being careful not to go too far again. I even hit some of the tiles on the back wall with cum. I moved over to the edge of the bath so my cum would go into it and not on the floor. Fuck. This time my dick responded by stretching the front of my jeans. I thought. the height of the table meant my crotch was under the table top so it couldn't easily be seen. the force was so great. I had to relieve myself. spurting what seemed like a ton of cum into the bath. I needed that. Although my cock was tight against my jeans. I moved my hands down her back to her spine again. In no time at all I came. I put a bit more pressure on the tips of my fingers this time and felt the ample cushioning there. My cock burst out and I started rubbing it. I locked the door behind me and undid my jeans.

in effect hiding it with a double layer of cloth." "Had to use the toilet" I said. so instead of stopping just above the knees. mom turned her head and said "you look your time. I thought I'd try to lift it higher than ever before so it showed more of her thighs. The only disadvantage for me now was that the folded skirt fabric now lay over her butt. washed my hands and grabbed the talc as I left the bathroom. I put the talc container down and slowly peeled back mom's skirt. And you can lift my skirt up to above my knees. Hopefully I hadn't been too long.. . As I returned to the living room with the talc. I finally folded the upper part of the skirt so that almost half her thighs were showing. to be continued.I cleaned up. "Oh" she replied. and lay her head back down in position as before." She raised her legs a bit so her skirt would slide up. "Please do my legs now. exposing more and more of her lower legs.. She didn't say anything in objection.

Slowly. I was a little stunned by her response. . As I massaged them from the ankles. "Make sure you do a good job son" he said. As I couldn't see where her buttocks began due to the fold of her skirt. I thought I'd try my luck and go up a bit further. but not before to my surprise she said out loud. I realised my error. As I reached the back of her knees. "that feels nice Rasheed". over the fleshy part of the back of her lower thighs and slid them under the edge of the skirt where it had been folded. I thought. who was still engrossed in his newspaper. I slowly moved up in circular movements. my fingers went a bit too far and I felt the lower part of her panties.Never mind. forcing itself against the fly of my jeans. They were more exposed than ever I'd seen them. Suddenly he looked up. she actually seemed to enjoy it! My cock responded as you might imagine. and quickly moved my hands back down. I'd just felt up the lower part of her well formed ass cheeks albeit through her panties. and that was the trade off. I slid my hands up. up to the lower part of her thighs. looking at her legs. but instead of telling me off. I looked over at dad.

when I felt the material of her panties. above the knee and slid them slowly up. " Do the tops of my thighs a bit more" she added. Occasionally mom would utter some appreciative word. I slid my hands further up like before. I started to feel more confident and wondered if I should dare going up further over the whole of her butt cheeks and feeling each ass cheek fully. "Yes sir" I replied. being careful not to go too high over her ass. I carried on like this rubbing up and down for the next few minutes or so. as before. I noticed mostly when my hand reached the lower part of her ass cheeks. I realised what an ample and large ass she must have. squeezing firmly as I did so. As she seemed to want me to do the tops of her thighs. When I squeezed the flesh of her butt cheeks where my fingers touched them through the panty fabric. but stopped. "Do as your mom says" said dad."Rasheed is doing fine" piped up mom. under the fold of her skirt. and let my fingers feel the lower part of her butt cheeks through the fabric when I got to the edge of her panties. which I was enjoying getting the feeling of immensely. I moved my hands over the base of the back of of mom's thighs. .

I would reach the panty line." . and slowly started moving up. gently squeezing and rubbing the flesh of the back of her thighs. I realised we'd probably be stopping soon. I let them wander up over the panty fabric and over the full mounds of her ass cheeks. I began just above the back of her knees again." "Thanks son" she said. Any moment. juicy flesh in each palm. As I felt it. "I think that's enough for today. rather than pull my hands back down. one in each hand. so as not to seem too obvious. so decided to try my luck as we got to near the end of the massage. I swallowed. that's nice" said mom before my hands completely left her ass cheeks. but said in a rather timid tone "I'm glad your enjoying the massage mom. I didn't circle my hands around. and then quickly moved both hands down again to the thighs. "Ooh.I was feeling quite turned on at this stage and feeling like I needed to cum again. I slipped my hand under mom's skirt and moved upwards. The feeling was ecstatic and I squeezed down hard enough to grab a full handfull of thick. not sure what to make of the compliment.

the heat wave set in. .to be continued. Apart from the evening massages life carried on 'as normal' during each day. and as far as I knew neither mom or dad ever mentioned the massages to anyone else. that there seemed a bit of an 'electric air' between us all. but only once or twice during our sessions. It was hard to put my finger on it. but these sessions seem to have some 'energy' to them and although to an outsider it may have looked a bit odd. and I was sure both mom and dad didn't suspect what I was really doing. and neither did I. so as not to appear too obvious. But we only ever did the massages when there were no other guests or family visiting anyway. That seemed ok.. when I disappeared for a few minutes. I'd often get so turned on that I'd have to make an excuse to go to the bathroom and jerk myself off for relief. after a while it seemed perfectly natural. It was only when the three of us were all alone in the evenings after dad and I had set up the massage table. I would let my hands wander occasionally up to mom's awesome butt cheeks for a 'full' handful whilst doing them.. or so I thought at the time.. Then after another couple of weeks. The massages continued like this every few days for a couple of weeks.

Mom came into the living room with a dark blue bath towel draped around her and carrying a couple of . "I'll be a lot more comfortable. Mom came in wearing her usual skirt and blouse. "Why don't you take a quick shower and then come in here." said mom. We'd get this every year of course. It was a couple of days after the heat wave had set in and dad and I had just finished setting up the massage table.It became really hot. I'm sure Rasheed won't mind" he said. They helped. "And I'm all hot and sticky" she added. After about 10 minutes. I got the shock of my life. whilst I had shorts and a tshirt on. "Oh. we had a couple of those portable-cooling units. in India. but it wasn't the same as having full air-con and it was still warm and humid in the flat. Give me a few minutes Rasheed. Dad went back to reading his paper. "That's a good idea. especially in the evenings. Dad was wearing light cotton shorts and a half sleeved shirt. it's too hot in here" she said in a complaining tone. but that never made it any easier. Although we didn't have full air conditioning in the flat." I sat on the sofa and waited. Dad looked up from reading his paper.

rather timidly. looking up from reading his paper." added dad. With the bath towel still wrapped around her. so it's over my bottom" she said. I've brought in some small towels. "Just slip the small towel under the big one. . looking around on her elbows. "That's right son." I swallowed. I'm going to lie on the massage table and you'll have to put one over my bottom under the bath towel and then take the bath towel off so you can massage me properly. the same colour. My hands were shaking. but I tried not to let it show. I grabbed a smaller towel from her hand and hesitated whilst she released the bath towel from under her. "Now Rasheed. leaving most of her legs and the area above her boobs completely exposed. so it was free from below but still covered her back and butt. "That's better." she said. not quite believing what I was hearing and trying to cover the slight bulge in my shorts with one hand.smaller towels. "Sure mom" I said. The bath towel covered her boobs and down to the tops of her thighs. I had never seen her like this before and I felt my prick nudge against my shorts. she lay herself face down on the massage table.

revealing more and more of her naked flesh. keep calm. I tried to adjust the smaller towel so it would be covering most of her can remove the bath towel now. 'Oh fuck.' I thought. and my dick jerked up in my shorts again. 'How am I going to control myself?' "That seems fine" said mom." 'Oh shit. so as not to expose her completely.' I thought.. I didn't get a glimpse of her butt as I looked away so as to appear quite innocent to what I was doing. "The small towel feels like it's positioned ok . and slid the smaller towel under it. keep cool. and would only just cover it. My fingers invariably couldn't help running over the fleshy cheeks of mom's ass as I did so. but although I couldn't see it's position exactly. 'Here we go. over both thighs.. I could tell the towel was not really very big. I slid the small towel up. The feeling was extremely arousing. starting from where the bath towel lay over her shoulder blades. Slowly. First her .I lifted the blue bath towel slightly from where it covered her thighs.' My heart raced.. Then. replacing the bath towel over the smaller one. I started to peel it back.

and boy did it look good. . The smaller towel only just covered her ass. and their width was such that. and although a little overweight. Her skin was very lightly tanned. She had a very voluptuous figure. although large. then the lower back and then the smaller blue towel just covering her butt. I ached to bury my face in between her ass cheeks there and then. her butt looked in proportion to the rest of her body. giving an hourglass figure of sorts. As my mom lay there on the massage table. I could now also have a better sense of her body's proportions.mid-back came into view. as it rose with the line of her large butt cheeks from the small of her back and down to the tops of her thighs. for the first time I saw her almost naked from the back. she had retained her curves. and as she lay there I could even see the sides of her boobs as they squashed outwards against the cushion of the massage table. and finally it was all off. I threw the large towel on the sofa and stared at the awesome sight in front of me. Although not fully exposed due to the small towel. and there was an arch shape from her boobs down to her hips and waist. but I had to hold myself back. the flesh of her ass cheeks rose up in a smooth curved fleshy mound. hairless and smooth looking. And now I could see the shape of her fabulous ass more clearly than ever before. and it was a vision to behold.

smiling. After just a couple of strokes I came. I was standing so my crotch area was below the top of the table so it couldn't be seen by both mom and dad from the position I was in. My head was in a spin at the sight of mom virtually nude from the back. "Oh yes. "Yea dad . By now I had a bead of sweat on my forehead. and I should be able to do a much better job" I blurted out. in front of me." he added. that's much better now isn't it Rasheed? You can now massage your mom like a professional. "I just need to go to the toilet for a minute. and placed her head down on her folded elbows." I grabbed one of the other small towels so as to cover the front of my shorts and almost ran to the bathroom. which was by now pulsating. not really knowing much about what I'd just said. Dad looked up from his paper. After locking the door I ripped my shorts down and grabbed my looks much more comfortable. and my dick straining in my shorts. 'How the fuck am I going to get . I was so worked up! 'Wow. Luckily. spurting wave loads of cum into the bath and on the floor – I couldn't even direct my cum properly so it missed the floor."Now you can massage me properly" said mom.' I thought.

.. virtually naked from the back was amazing." I replied whilst at the same time thinking what a relief she didn't know in what way.. To be continued.through this massage?' I cleaned up and regained some composure before walking back into the living room. I moved over to the side of the table and barely knew where to start. This is where we really get going... looking up as I walked in. The sight of mom again. "Yea mom – just had to relieve myself. "That's alright then.!) * "You ok Rasheed?" said mom. but I had to do it." she said. and I knew that touching her skin would get me going again. The sight of mom's near nakedness . Report Story bypalacechief© 0 comments/ 155991 views/ 0 favorites (Thanks for all your feedback so far.

even though it would be below her eye level. I dared not go to the end of the table by her head in case she spotted it. a bit like a rabbit looking into the headlights of an oncoming car in the dark. past her rib cage. Slowly down.sure dad. along the curve of her spine and to the small of her back just above the start of her buttocks. My prick had already started moving inside my shorts. under the table." I carried on up to her shoulders. Dad then looked up from his paper.. I kept my hands over her back although it was tempting to let them slide down to her sides where her tits protruded out a little as they lay squashed against the massage table cushion.yep. give your mom a good rub all over. The skin on her back felt wonderful to the touch. Then I started moving downwards for the first time. "Just what I needed after a long hot day." "Er.." I placed my hands at the centre of mom's back and started to massage in smooth swirling motions.had me dazzled. I thought I should wait a bit before trying that. "Don't be shy now Rasheed. still standing at the side of the table. "Ooh that's lovely" said mom. I was just about to start. .

'What am I going to do now?' as I tried not to let her or dad see the tent in my shorts. I let my fingers wander over the beginning of her ass cheeks. 'She's gonna see my hard on now.. I looked up to see if dad was watching but he had his head in the paper. "Sure mom" I replied." said mom.' Awkwardly. It felt wonderful. "It'll be easier if you stand at the top of the table" she added. I carried on rubbing my hands. I'd kind of got used to her being quite expressive when my hands wandered near her butt.that's nice. under the towel. "Can you do my neck please now?" said mom after a minute or two. 'Fuck it' I thought. She looked up for a moment and saw the bulge . God it felt great! "Mmmm. kneading the flesh beneath me. 'Oh boy' I thought." she said softly. I moved up to the end of the table by her head. As my hands went over the small of her back. "Do my lower back a bit more Rasheed. firmly..My prick responded again. My dick was now straining against my shorts again.

.... I grabbed the bath towel and handed it to her whilst looking away... which I knew so well when he was annoyed at me. Dad looked up. shall I leave the room?" Mom and dad exchanged glances.. "Rasheed what's that?" she said.. Shaking. I now expected a good telling off.. especially from dad.couldn't help it. "Throw me my bath towel. I thought." said mom without getting up so as not to expose her tits. "I." I blurted out. They could now both see clearly the tent in my shorts. you know. just seeing you in the flesh and all. "Oh. "I should have thought about it a bit more before asking you to massage me with so little he's going to go .er. I think I've just got a bit worked up. here it comes. so she could cover herself up.I . The game was up.." "Rasheed!" said dad in his authoritarian my shorts. hearing her remark. 'Here we I'm sorry. "Oh you poor thing" said mom to my mom.

and. waiting for the next sentence." I swallowed." he repeated "you've become a young man I see.. now.' " at me." . Dad smiled at my response. I do feel very flattered" said mom who was now sitting on the massage table with her legs hanging down and her body covered with the bath towel. I guess I do find it exciting" I said. as when she had originally come into the room.. which stunned me..I'm just not used to seeing a woman without any clothes on. "Is there any part of me that excites you especially when you touch it?" she asked to my utter astonishment. "Go on. and quivering. trying to sound all innocent and like the victim here. "Does your mother excite you when you massage her?" he added... "Oh." he said "answer you mom truthfully. "Rasheed. to my utter surprise. I gulped again and I looked over at dad.

maybe we should stop for now. when I was in bed. . I'd never heard him." said mom in a semi serious tone."Oh.. again.well.. "Why don't you take a shower and cool off now". I was getting so aroused. The thought of mom naked got me worked up again.well I do like your bottom a lot" I finally blurted out and half embarassed.. I felt a wave of relief go over me and left the room. I mean. and it was kind of a relief that they knew how I had been feeling whilst massaging mom.. "Yes.. Later. "Perhaps your dad will have to talk to you about this. I guess it would have happened sometime or other.. to my surprise. it's quite normal for a young man like you to get excited when seeing a scantily clad woman. Both mom and dad laughed out loud. I thought about the evening's events before going to sleep. me too" said dad. I think. Don't feel bad or ashamed though Rasheed. and I couldn't quite believe I was having this conversation with them both! "Well. or mom talk like this I wouldn't have been able to do it much longer without losing my head! Their easy going reaction did surprise me though..I guess. even if it is your mom" she added smiling.

shall we say. and I dared not raise the subject myself to avoid further embarrassment. He sat on the sofa next to mom." continued dad "we realise you are a young man with normal. but it was as if nothing unusual had occurred.and I wanked myself off thinking about her before going to sleep. "Rasheed" started dad. Then after about a week." I looked at mom who smiled reassuringly." I sat down in dad's 'usual' armchair. We spoke as normal and got on with our daily activities. "your mom really misses your massages. and mom didn't ask me to massage her." said dad. You know she was getting a lot of relief in her feet and back and she's not as comfortable as she was before. "Sit down Rasheed." . human feelings. and we have a problem in that you get sexually aroused whilst massaging her. The next few days were a bit strange in that neither mom nor dad mentioned what had happened. "We have something important to talk to you about. "But. dad called me into living room one evening.

I blushed."I do feel very flattered. get in the way. when you get." "We can just relieve each other's aches " added mom . "You poor thing" said mom. and with a wink. not believing quite what I was hearing. "So what does that actually mean dad?" "Well. shall we say 'worked up'. son" added mom. "I was just being selfish and not thinking of the effect I was having on you. "mom will help you to relax again so you can carry on massaging her without letting the problem." I sat there. I recovered my composure and said hesitatingly. looking at me. so you can carry on massaging her and relieving her aches and pains. mouth half open. lost for words. "Are you ok with that?" said dad. "Your mom and I have talked about this over the last few days. But we'll work something out" she added smiling." he emphasised the words 'worked up'. and we've decided that mom will help you out by providing some relief to your feelings. with my eyes almost popping out of my head.

" continued dad. it's better to keep these. "Let's go to the bedroom. Dad and I followed her. Thirdly. shall we say. Secondly. as other people might not understand. Are you ok with that?" "Yea sure dad" I replied. "Oh. sessions. "Firstly. only when I am here. still stunned by this conversation. however." I said. My legs were trembling at the thought of what was to come. . between us. "Would you like to give me a massage now Rasheed?" said mom. In my parents' bedroom there was a large king-size bed in the centre with a study table by the window and an armchair similar to my dad's favourite chair that was in the living room. and my heart racing. I started to feel aroused as she spoke. with my dick semi-erect in my pants after all this talk. and not let anyone else know. "There will be some rules. not quite believing what she was saying.with a slight giggle. "Sure" I replied." replied mom as she got up. from now on you will massage mom on our bed in the bedroom.

Dad sat himself in the armchair with his newspaper. but watch me massage mom on the bed." I couldn't quite believe it. you and mom just do your stuff whilst I read my paper just like we used to do in the living room" he said. your father and I decided that it would be better if I relieved you first so you can concentrate better on my massage afterwards. I still couldn't believe what was happening. Mom sat on end of the bed and faced me. First the top two buttons and then she pulled the blouse out from where it was tucked into her skirt. and pulled up a stool near the end of the bed and sat on it. "Rasheed. I could see a cream coloured bra underneath which covered her boobs. I caught my breath as she removed her blouse . "Now. I'm going to undress and let you have a good look at me. but he seemed to just want to carry on like before. 'Did she just say what I thought she said?'. I decided to go with the flow. and then finally the last two buttons. "I can also watch you both and make sure you're comfortable and doing a good job with helping mom." I swallowed. raced through my mind. With that she started to unbutton her cream coloured blouse.

and then went back to reading his paper." he said. And with that she turned around and showed me her butt in its natural glory. "I know you like my bottom. My heart was pounding. "Don't be shy now Rasheed. darling. so I thought not to waste any time.completely and smiled at me." he said looking at me and in a tone like we'd done this a hundred times before." she said teasingly. although not a close up yet! There was a neatly trimmed looking triangular patch of pubic hair there. she unzipped her skirt and let it slide down. Then without further hesitation. and looked at me. naked from the waist down. This was amazing! And there in front of me stood my mom. wearing just a bra. Mom moved her hands over her bra in circular motions as she touched the fabric. "Oh that's nice. It was lightly tanned . She wasn't wearing any panties! Dad looked up and grinned. and leave my panties off" said mom. Rasheed. and although I had no idea of womens' bust sizes. just like that! And what a shock I got. Her bra was quite low cut. "I'll show you more of these in a minute. For the first time I saw a woman's pussy from the front. smiling. they sure looked big to me.

And with that mom. I wanted to touch it there and then. seeing her ass cheeks wobble from side to side in front of me. again without turning around. and I saw her fleshy ass cheeks ripple and slither against each other causing my heart rate to go into overtime. and swinging her hips. without turning around. the shape. My mouth was dry." he said laughing. "Yea mom" I said. standing on the spot wriggled her ass in front of me. This made me even more mesmerised. I stared transfixed and absorbed the curves. The flesh rippled a bit as she stood. . It was all my dreams come true. Dad looked up again. "wow mom".with wide mound like ass cheeks. but I managed to utter. "Would you like to see what's between my ass cheeks?" she then said. "Give him a wiggle. "Do you like mommy's bottom?" she said teasingly. again struggling for breath. I realised it was more fabulous than I'd ever imagined. and the parting line in the middle of her cheeks. As I stared at mom's ass in its natural state for the first time ever. My dick was now straining vigorously in my pants.

with what looked like small flaps of skin hanging down either side. and what a glorious sight it was. one on each."You can have a little peek now" she said. and bent herself forward slightly. this time louder. As she did so. "But I'll let you have a better look later. The parting between her ass cheeks opened slightly. My dick was now raging. so the sight was completely new to me. I saw her asshole. I'de never seen a woman's pussy before. she placed her hands on her ass cheeks. We don't want you using up all your energy now do we?" And with that she parted her legs a little. and with more energy. I could clearly see her pussy. she put her hands . It was light pinkish-brown and with a star like appearance emanating from the centre. Then as if she knew I wouldn't be able to see quite clearly. letting me see her ass cheeks ripple and wobble again. Then pulling her cheeks apart further. Now. and then slowly pulled her ass cheeks apart. but I still couldn't get a clear view of her. I gasped. "Wow mom" I said again. Then she let go of her ass cheeks and wriggled on the spot again.

take off your trousers. "Come on" said mom." I grabbed both my boxer shorts and my pants and yanked them down in one go. There I stood with my trousers at my feet and my 7 inch cock sticking out rock hard. with pre-cum oozing . putting her hands on her hips she said. "There's nothing to hide from us. I sucked in air as I saw the large areola surrounding her nipples. "Shall we see what effect I've had on you so far? Come on. looking at me. which I'd never seen before on a woman in the magazines I had." "Don't be shy now Rasheed" added dad. I stood up and mom laughed seeing the front of my pants stretched to the limit by my already hard cock. I kind of felt strange showing my dick like this to both my mom and dad. I undid the catch of my pants and hesitated for a moment.behind her and unclasped the bra straps. She shook her tits at me and smiled letting me see them in all their glory. She pulled off the bra and turned around again letting me see in full view her large tits. Then.

out of the tip. "My, Rasheed, you have grown into a young man," said mom looking at my dick. Dad looked at me and said, "Well done young man. Now let your mother relieve you as we discussed. Take your top off as well." I kicked my pants and underwear away, pulled off my t-shirt and stood in front of mom and dad completely naked. Mom sat down on the end of the bed. "Now Rasheed, there are many ways in which a woman can relieve you. One is to take a man's penis into her mouth, which I enjoy very much. Have you heard of this before?" "Yes mom, I think I've read about it," I replied meekly. "Good" she replied. "Now come over her and stand in front of me." "Now," she continued, "before I play with it, when men and women relieve each other like this, we often say words which may sound dirty or unusual. You might know some of these words already, some of which describe our various body parts. Your father and I often use these words when we

relieve each other and we feel it is ok for you to do the same, if you want to. Do you know what I mean?" I was stunned again by her remarks, but way too much into what was happening to care now. As far as I could see we were going to have sex of some sort, so it didn't really matter what I said now. "Yea sure mom, you mean words like cock and tits, or fuck?" "That's right, Rasheed" she said smiling and looking pleased that I knew what she had meant. Now, don't mind if I say some of these words as well as its quite relieving when men and women play together. Isn't that right Manish?" she said looking over at dad. Dad had dropped his paper and was now watching us intently. " Yes that's right darling. You just go ahead and say what you like Rasheed, we don't mind at all, and it will probably help to relieve you better as well. Remember mom is helping to relieve you so you can massage her really well afterwards." "Come closer Rasheed," said mom. I moved myself to the end of the bed so that the tip of my dick was directly in front of mom's mouth. She grabbed the base with one hand and then looking up into my eyes as she did so, took the head of my prick into her warm, welcoming mouth.

I gasped, feeling the ecstatic warmth of a woman's moist lips and mouth around my dick for the first time. "Oh God mom, that feels so good." In inched myself a little closer to her face and she starting bobbing her head forward and backwards as she took my dick deeper and deeper into her warm, wet mouth. "Oh fuck," I cried out, starting to feel totally uninhibited. She then stopped sucking for a moment and lapped her tongue around the head. I couldn't believe this was happening. Here was my mom sucking on my cock and my dad looking on encouragingly a few feet away. "Go on Sheeza – suck him good" said dad out loud. Mom looked up at me again and then let her tongue lick the piss slit at the tip of my prick, playing and tickling it for a moment, and then engulfed my entire shaft again in her mouth. I grabbed her head and carried on pumping back and forth in time with her sucking motions. As I looked down again, I could see her large boobs jiggle and bounce under my prick. The sight of mom's

until suddenly I felt myself cumming.. I'm cumming." I said. Ah. "Ahhhh. and I felt my dick get even harder.." "That was fabulous mom. I hope you're feeling relieved now. "God mom. She seemed to sense my increased arousal and responded by sucking even harder... gently cleaning it up.. Rasheed. "I'm cumming. AGHHHHHHH. holding her head in place.Ahh." I started fucking her mouth faster.. feeling the cum pulsations continue and then slowly subside. "That was lovely." I cried out. collapsing next to her .. you tasted very nice. mom. her head was bobbing back and forth. in and out. and from side to side inflamed me further." I shot my load into her mouth and she clamped onto my pricked as I did so.. AHHHH.. thrusting forward and in time with her sucking motions. She then looked up at me again and licked her lips. I felt the semen rise in my balls.." I said. whilst mom sucked on every last drop.. Faster and faster. wow" I added. "I never imagined it to be so good.tits bouncing up and down. "I don't think I can hold out much longer. swallowing all I could give her. After I'd stopped cumming and my prick started to become limp she licked around it.

We can try a few different ways as we go on. "Well. I guess so dad. but with a few extras thrown in. leaving her boobs hanging sexily over her chest. sure mom" I said." "Yea. But now do you think you'll be ok to concentrate enough to give your mom a good back and leg massage for a while?" "Yea." Mom smiled and leaned back with both hands on the bed behind her." I replied hesitantly. "For being so understanding. "Until I get excited again.on the bed. that was your first relieving session. son." "Yea thanks dad. .." said dad "I realise that as this is all quite new for you." said dad "I hope you're now feeling much better and can continue helping mom. "Congratulations son. (Thank you for your continuing positive feedback) "Now before you go on Rasheed. the sight of your mom's naked body might get you aroused quite frequently. a like before with her massages.. still not completely comfortable talking like this with him." I said." To be continued.

your mom and I will teach you about sex as we go along. "So. Besides . so that she can relieve me as well as you.." continued dad "Now that you are more aware of sexual activity. "Although he might not be able to cum as often as you. "Now you mustn't be shy" added mom. which I'd never imagined would be taking place an hour ago. Are you ok with that?" "Er. and watching you and your mom has had an effect in arousing my sexual feelings." I sat on the bed listening to this extraordinary conversation. This also means that I may join you and mom occasionally when you are massaging her. I'm not as young as you and my powers of sexual activity are not what they used to be.. just be yourself and relax and we can all have some fun in relieving each other."Don't worry about that" he continued " You'll be able to control yourself better in time. and which was changing my life completely. One other important thing is that you're not the only male here. but your mom and I still relieve each other as well.I guess so" I said timidly." "Your father is still quite frisky at times" added mom with a giggle. "Just because your dad will join in.

as your mom and I both enjoy talking like that when we relieve each other in private. "Come on. "Well. using words and phrases which are considered in the outside world to be rude or dirty. but I didn't think they had noticed the twitch in my will be quite nice for me. thinking this must all be a dream. never having heard her talk quite like this before. "That's to be expected. give my back a nice rub for as long as you . "I see our little talk is having an effect on you already" said mom with a laugh." I blushed again at her words. dear" replied dad. and then lay herself on her front on the bed. Mom and dad both saw it this time. let's see how far we get this time" said mom as she got up. and felt my cock move ever so slightly as she spoke." I swallowed. "And don't forget" continued dad " That you are free to express yourself as you like. The suggestion turned me on. her tits swinging freely in front of her. having two hard cocks to play with. But my prick told me it was actually happening as it slowly filled out and became semi-erect. also half laughing out.

I managed to continue like this over her back and shoulders for about ten minutes. My dick was still semi erect as I tried to focus on her needs. with my semi hard dick swinging a little in front of me. "Oh. and firmly kneaded her know. and do my best in giving mom a massage. I moved down her back very slowly. I started at her shoulders." I added light heartedly. or maybe you'll be able to tell when I need some relief. I knew it wouldn't be long before I would be fully hard as a rock again. as I began to relax at little at the 'situation' I was in. sure mom. but I decided to do what I could. I got up. though.can. the . and started rubbing her back. that feels great" said mom "Are you ok?" "Yea. in round swirling motions. This seemed a little absurd.. before I have to relieve you properly again" she said lying naked on the bed. I knelt on the bed. and without looking at her butt. rather than my sexual arousal. her ample butt completely exposed for the first time whilst I would be massaging her.. to her shoulder blades and over her next to mom. Then as I moved down to the small of her back. Trying to concentrate as much as I could. " I replied "I'll let you know..

"Well. making sure I grabbed a full palm of flesh in each hand. getting a good feel all over her ass. and I let my hands wander over the curvy flesh. even though I knew she would not refuse." It felt like those words were sent from heaven.sight of the mounds of her fleshy ass cheeks got me going again. She looked down at my cock and saw I was hard again. almost from my subconscious mind. It just came out. She pushed herself up onto her elbows. "I'd like to kiss you down there mom" I said almost appealingly. I was in ecstasy. and my dick responded. it looks like it's time to relieve you again" she said smiling at me and with what seemed like a twinkle in her eye. and I surprised myself as I said it. and their sight was like a magnet now drawing my hands ever closer. . "You've got a fabulous ass mom. and swirled them around fully. I hadn't touched them yet. feeling and pressing down hard. "You can massage and feel it if you like. "Thank you darling" replied mom. and her big boobs hung down sexily under her." I said boldly.

and ." said dad as he continued to undress. By now.Dad. who had all this time been watching us intently. and I still hadn't sucked on them yet! Dad started to unbuckle the belt of his pants. and he saw it move. and that way Rasheed can get his wish. "I'll get on the bed." "What would you like to do darling" said mom sitting up on the bed now. and you can suck me whilst you are on all fours. "Well. I wasn't quite sure I was ready for this. Seeing the joke I joined in and felt a wave of relaxation go over me. They looked awesome. dad had removed his shirt and trousers. without me responding as they both laughed out loudly. but it looked like it was going to happen any way. and give your ass a good lick and kiss. then got up from his armchair and said "Rasheed. I've enjoyed watching you and mom immensely. as did mom. "I guess that's ok with you then" he said. How does that sound Rasheed?" My dick jerked up at the thought. her tits again wobbling and jiggling in front of her. and now we will show you a way in which she can relieve us both. Laughing seemed to do the trick in easing my tension at being naked with dad.

so it seemed quite incredible to see him like this in front of me." said looking at both of us. "So you want to lick mommy's ass and pussy do you?" "Yea mom." I replied. You ready Sheeza?" he said looking at mom. and he was neatly trimmed around his pubic hair. He pulled those down in one go and I just couldn't help looking down at his dick. "Now. Dad and I stood at the end of the bed. "Right then.…this will be nice. stark naked and with a semi hard on (it had gone down a little at the sight of dad!). . He was slightly chubby. more confidently than ever before. she said in a firm tone. Then looking directly at me. realising the fun was beginning. but he was about an inch taller than me and still had fairly good looks. as was to be expected at his age (53). and licked her lips. we can have some fun. "Mmmmm. It was still flaccid. one after the other. we are all in our natural state.only had his underwear on. waiting for mom's response. and he had quite a responsible job. Mom first looked at him stark naked and then at me." he said smiling. I had always viewed him as an authoritarian figure.

And while you do that. "If you want to lick any part of me with your tongue. and one that I had never imagined as good as it was. raising it up so her fleshy cheeks were open and gaping at me." she said teasingly. you can be more vigorous. so that I could kneel down on the floor and my face would be level with her ass. and her butt a bit further up. start gently first. but not too far. like I did with you earlier. She was positioned so that her feet were off the end of the bed. I didn't really care. Mom then put her knees on the bed and straddled his legs and started licking and playing with his dick. . she presented her gloriously large ass to me." Dad moved onto the bed and lay himself down on his back. "Then I'm going to get on the bed on all fours and you can have a good close look at me. I'm going to give your dad's cock a suck. It was an awesome sight."Have you ever seen as woman's asshole and pussy in close up before?" she continued "No mom" I replied. and as I respond. but from what I was looking at. What a position! I couldn't quite see what mom was doing to dad. As she did so.

satisfied with playing with the flesh of her butt cheeks. I was still absorbed in worshipping mom's ass. smooth flesh. so didn't think much more about that. Gently. I could hear sucking sounds. so I could take in fully the sight of her pussy and asshole in close up. God they looked so good.I knelt down and faced mom's wide ass cheeks. stretching the skin on either side of her pussy and ass and watched as the skin moved out exposing more of her. like I was kissing a precious piece of gold. whilst letting my right hand wander all over the right ass cheek. Each cheek was at least two hand widths wide and one and a half high. I licked the skin like flaps on either side first (I . one in each hand and moved them around in swirling motions. I moved my face over to the left cheek and did the same. Then I kissed her right butt cheek in three or four places. Then I darted out my tongue and ran it along the taught. I pushed mom's ass cheeks apart a little. I moved my head back slightly. Then. and guess mom must be slurping and sucking all over dad's hard dick. groping and feeling every inch for all I was worth. First I laid my palms on each fleshy but smooth cheek. I was in heaven. Now I wanted to lick her.

Mom wriggled her ass back into my face a little. Now. darting my tongue in and out. She responded by wriggling her butt a little. I hoped. I carried on lapping at mom's pussy for another minute. This was my first ever pussy licking. as the flesh there stretched out from the centre rings. pink flesh there. That's right Rasheed. let me feel your tongue inside me. ." Her words spurred me on but my dick was at full stretch.would learn all the names of the various bits later!). but to me. I let a bit of my saliva slide down my tongue and into mom's pussy and then carried on lapping at it. and I knew I would need to cum soon. and just couldn't get enough of licking at the moist wet. and then decided to move up to her asshole. so she must have been enjoying it." said mom breaking off from sucking on dad. and finally the pink moist flesh inside her pussy. absorbing its shape and colour. "Lick mommy's pussy good. I wasn't very experienced at pussy licking. it was pinky-brown and with a star like look. I was in heaven. so I may not have been very good at this stage. First I looked at it.

It was about the same length as mine. I think I'd like you both in my mouth. "I think I'm gonna cum soon mom" I said out loud. Wow! Dad got up off the bed and stood at the end of it next . but maybe a little thicker. I didn't feel at all embarrassed now. I just wanted to cum and my state of arousal seemed to increase at realising that both my dad and I were having sex like this with mom. I saw dad's erect dick for the first time. I was so worked up and aroused. and so I probed a bit further letting my tongue enter her hole further. lets change positions. She stopped sucking dad for a moment and said. I got up and stood by the end of the bed. She didn't object." 'Both in her he mouth?' Wow what an idea. The strange thing was. not sure what her response might be. This was amazing! What a fabulous sensation – my tongue in my mom's ass! My dick was now aching and I felt I wanted to cum. not knowing exactly how hot mom was. with my hardon sticking out in front of me.I let my tongue lick her asshole gently for the first time. "Ok. I thought. As mom got up too.

only inches from mom's welcoming mouth. and licked around the head with her tongue and lips. . giving him exactly the same attention she had given me. Mom sat on the end of the bed and indicated to us to move closer with her hands. I was incredibly aroused. I could see her nostrils inflamed as she breathed and in a highly aroused state. Then she did the same to dad's. his dick sticking out in front of him. First she moved her mouth in font of my dick. "Oh yea. she continued her sucking again. Then she moved her mouth down to my balls. She then engulfed my prick into her mouth. with our rock hard dicks standing out me. "Suck on my prick mom" I said as I was getting near to cumming. She continued for a minute and then moved over to dad. there both dad and I stood. giving them a lick and suck. Returning to my prick. And then. letting the saliva in her mouth lubricate every movement in and out. sucking on it hard and clamping onto it like she was sucking a lolly. Her boobs jiggled and swung from side to side below us as she sucked on me." I said. like mine.

"I'm cumming too" said dad. Mom moved her head forward a little so as to make it easier for us. at the same time. Mom pushed us out of her mouth and said "Wank into my mouth. The sight of mom sucking on both dad and I like this finally did. and I think we were both equally aroused at the suggestion. Dad then inched closer from the other side of mom's head and did the same. then I standing on one side of her head. and mom. and I want you to each try to put the tips of your pricks inside. and grabbed our pricks." And with that she opened her mouth wide and stuck her tongue out waiting for us to cum on it. both of you. it and I shouted out "I'm gonna cum". and pushed them in as far as they would go.Then after a moment she said "I'm going to open my mouth. let the tip of my prick onto her mouth. Dad and I both looked at each other. one in each hand. with her eyes closed licked around both heads with her tongue and lips as she could. . Then she raised her hands. touching each other on one side. Finally the heads our dicks were both in her mouth. I want to taste you both at the same time.

. this was fucking incredible! I collapsed onto the bed. It was an incredible sight. then momentarily lapped some of the cum into her mouth.. Dad was only a moment behind me and finally he cried out "I'm cummimg.. on her tongue and face. As I lay there on the bed. I do like the taste of man cream. swallowing as she did so.Ahh. in the after glow of pleasure. and some spurted down over her tits. and some went onto her cheek. Dad flopped into his armchair.." I looked up at the ceiling and thought I was dreaming! . After just a few strokes I shouted "Ahh.. mom still sitting on the bed. with a look of delight and pleasure on his face. whilst some of it trickled out onto her chin and tits. but my pussy is still aching.AHHHHH". utterly amazed at what had just happened. Wow. said "Mmmm… that was lovely. and I felt like I was going to cum a bucket load.. which semed like ages. She kept her mouth open as long as I was cumming. AHHHHHH" and spurted a huge amount of spunk onto moms tongue.Both dad and I started pumping our dicks. and came on her similarly.

The sensation was fabulous. looking at me and smiling. there's nothing like a long lingering kiss to get the old juices flowing again. I sat myself next to her.. although you may still enjoy it... We'll have to get you talking more like that. she put her arms out a little. I sat up and said "I'm sure I'll be hard again soon mom." said mom answering herself. beckoning me to her." With that. and for the first time placed her lips on mine. "Go on Rasheed. if you don't!) "I'll just have to play with myself until you're ready again. (Please read earlier chapters to appreciate best. with a slight laugh." I went a little red in the face. realising I had said the word 'fucked' in front of mom and dad like that. "I do like it when you talk dirty. both of us still naked.To be continued. who had been quiet up to now as he sat naked. and first kissed her on the cheek. "That's right. Your body is so sexy and I haven't actually fucked you yet." said dad." he said. Come and give me a kiss.. as it does turn me on. "No you haven't" said mom. "On my mouth silly" she said. watching us from his armchair. .

Then I slid my hand back up her body again towards her boobs. I felt her place one hand on my prick and she toyed with it. placed two fingers of her right hand in her mouth. My dick stirred even more. squeezing the mound of flesh there." and with that. It felt wonderful. over her stomach and towards her butt. enticing it to grow as she fondled it. I swirled my hand around her right boob. and then up and down the front of it where I could feel the rougher area of the areola skin and the nipple in the middle. After a few moments like this she broke off kissing me and said "Watch my fingers now. It was an electric feeling as our tongues swirled around each other and our lips engaged. enjoying the feeling every inch of bare flesh. all the while kissing her passionately in a deep wet kiss. showing me her pussy lips and opening there. and then inserted two fingers in. I couldn't help moving my hands up and down her body. moistening them with her saliva and then moved them down to her pussy. pumping them in and out. I let my hand wander down her rib cage. My dick started to twitch again as it came back to life.She inserted her tongue into my mouth and I responded. She opened her legs. As we kissed. . especially feeling up her tits. It felt fantastic.

as you'll be able to see her wonderful ass cheeks as you enter her and get to feel them and give them a good slap. "I would really like to see you fucking your mom Rasheed. especially in the doggy position from behind. Seeing her do that. "Oh yes darling" she replied." piped up dad again. with her legs apart and her tits dangling tantalisingly on her chest was an incredibly horny sight. and now with Rasheed involved in our sexual games. I will be well looked after. getting really turned on by this talk now. her fingers moving in and out of her pussy. Isn't that right dear?" he said. looking over at mom. Mom was still playing with herself. apart from getting my dick sucked by her of course. You'll like that. opened her mouth slightly and poked her tongue out at me. as if she was licking some part of my body. "There's nothing I'd like to do better. My dick stirred again. "In my pussy from behind or in my mouth. and still playing with herself. Would you like that?" "Yea sure dad" I replied."Let's see how quickly we can get you fully hard again" she said. "Yes. I like both just as much too. I knew I would hard ." She smiled over at dad and then me." "Fucking your mom from behind is my favourite activity.

she said "Rasheed. "I'd like to hear you talk dirty to me some more Rasheed. what you will do every day to me?" Her words had the desired effect." added dad.enough to fuck her soon. "Go on. and now that you are allowed to. I will get so much pleasure feeling you up every day." He looked over at mom and said "Sheeza. still not so comfortable with being so openly crude. "It's all part of the fun." I blushed again. charging up my inner lust. and still with her fingers pumping her twat. And now that you and dad have taken me into your confidence and allowed me to take part in your sex games. and in giving you what you desire. Mom noticed the movement of my dick and said. I will enjoy fucking you in front of dad and watching . I've wanted to play with your ass cheeks and to bury my face and tongue between them and lick your pussy and asshole. "Ever since I started massaging you mom. you'll have to direct him a bit." Mom looked at me. tell me how much you like my ass and pussy? Tell me how long you've wanted to play with it. I'm going to give you a good fucking every day and worship that ass of yours whenever you will allow me to.

and I surprised myself which such a long speech. "But. all over your body." As I had started to speak. "Our sexual activities and games must never be discovered or discussed outside the three of us.him fuck you as well. and give you as much pleasure as we can. even those things that you might consider to be dirty or perverted. the words just flowed. "My fingers can only do so much. Now. "That was wonderful darling. sexually speaking. sexily walked over to dad. but I can see you're getting harder and harder Rasheed." continued dad. "Yes. "Now that you are in our confidence. and with me still sitting on the end of the bed." added dad. one of us in your mouth and one in your cunt and then cover you with our spunk." She stood up. We will both fuck you at the same time. and pleasure ourselves fully with our bodies" he added. as others may not understand. I must do something to get you to that final stage when you can enter me. swinging her hips . as we must share our innermost desires." "All this talk is getting me hotter and hotter" said mom at last." said mom. Feel free to suggest things. let there be nothing to hide between us.

and showing me her buttocks in their full glory as she walked. Then she did the same with her other tit. and then turned around. Then she pushed her right tit up so the nipple stuck upwards and she put her chin down and stuck her tongue out. which was now sticking out. then she grabbed both tits and squeezed them together. Mom shook her chest so her boobs swung from side to side. It was incredible watching the show she was putting on for me and it had the desired effect on my dick. The sight of her butt flesh rippling and jiggling. As mom reached him she bent herself forward slightly towards dad. licking at her nipple tantalisingly. . kissed him on lips. showing me the curves of her ass even more as she bent. and the curved beauty her big. had me mesmerised and I started to drool. Then she bent forward ever so slightly. licking the nipple for several seconds and squeezing both tits together so they pointed at me. fully erect. wide. but well proportioned ass. so her boobs hung down sexily in front of her and swung then from side to side again. presenting me with a full frontal view of her ample boobs and neatly trimmed pussy. about eight feet away. which started throbbing at the sight. She looked at me and then at my dick. Dad's chair was directly in front of me. My eyes feasted on the sight.

with his head about level with mom's glorious ass. watching intently whilst I wanked myself. as if she was licking it. as if wanking. pointing my dick towards her and carried on sliding my hand up and down my raging shaft. play with your dick Rasheed. . had spread her butt cheeks. Mom turned her head around towards him for a moment and said. Dad had not been idle whilst mom and I had been putting on a show for each other. who was sitting on the armchair behind her. Let mommy see how you like to play with it. Oh yes.I decided to respond to her teasing by grabbing my aching hard on with one hand and moving it up and down the shaft. Stick that tongue in and out." She pushed her ass back into his face. and how hard it is. dad. and with dad's tongue buried in her pussy from behind. and had been licking busily away at her pussy. Fuck. Mom responded by saying "Oh yes. baby." She stuck her tongue out again teasingly. this was so hot! I stood up. Whilst still bent forward slightly. "Yes darling suck my pussy good. and then turned back towards me. she swung her tits wildly in front of me again. As mom had bent her self forward slightly.

. whilst your dad is still playing with me. I walked over to her." I said. I couldn't wait any longer. mom said to me "Honey. I want you to stick that hard dick in mommy's pussy now. one with each hand." "Ok. and. with my dick bouncing up and down in front of me. and let dad suck your tits. whilst I come at you from behind. to have you in me for the first time. never having done this before. so I got a good view. What position would you like?" I thought quickly. "You'll have to help me mom. bent forward slightly and pulled her ass cheeks apart. You're now going to stick that hard cock of yours in me for the first time. "Have a good look darling." said mom "That will be kind of nice." Mom turned herself around to face dad. aching to stick it in to her inviting. with my hard on still raging. Fuck me good and hard." she said. how about if you turn around with your hands on the armchair." That was it. "Mom. wet hole.After a few moments of this. before positioning herself as I had requested. "At mommy's asshole and pussy.

I aimed the tip of my cock between her pussy lips. It felt fabulous. slapped it on her ass cheeks a few times. I couldn't quite see the entrance to her pussy due to the fact that as she was standing."Don't worry" she replied. letting my dick slap against her flesh there and in the ass groove. Finally. which was understandable for his age. I moved myself behind mom. her hands on the armchair's cushioned armrests and her boobs dangling enticingly in front of dad's face. inviting me into her. then up and down her ass crack. "I'll guide you in." She positioned herself like I had suggested. I thought I saw his dick twitch a little in response. bending forward in front of dad. and grabbing my fully erect dick. which he had now started to lap and suck at. and the flesh of her buttocks still covered much of her ass crack. which were by now hanging down. "That's right said mom. so it first touched her asshole and then her pussy. It felt incredible. and my cock raged even more. but he was way off being fully hard so soon after cumming a bit earlier." and I felt her hand guide me . I spread her cheeks a little with my hands to get a better view. rubbed my cock up and down a few times. and then seeing her asshole and pussy lips.

" I was up to the hilt. . "You're all in now.gently further in towards her hole. "Oh fuck. was in all the way up to my pubes. Mom's pussy muscles welcomed me as I thrusted. She moved her ass back in time with my pushing. Pushing further. "Oh yes. It felt amazing. Rasheed. yes. Mom gasped. "In and out now." said mom. and then pushed in again. "Push yourself further in now" said mom. and instinctively I withdrew a little." I started to increase the pace of my movements. I adjusted my standing position closer to mom's ass and then thrusting harder. in time with mom's. The feeling was ecstatic. so it slapped against my balls. clamping onto my dick. darling" she said encouragingly. urging me on. "Yes." said mom. The first ever fuck of my life and in my mom's pussy! "Fuck me. I pushed in further and suddenly felt a grip of what must have been her pussy wall muscles clamp onto my dick. Then I felt the tip of my cock touch flesh on either side.

"Fuck. "Cum inside me. She loves it. and slapped the side of her butt cheek with my hand." said mom." "Oh yea". "Fuck her Rasheed. now slapping myself hard against her fleshy ass cheeks and gripping her hips. Fuck me. Yea. fuck her hard!" Dad's words fired me on. I said. "What an ass. fuck me hard." I let my right hand wander up mom's back and over onto her right boob. yea. now lost in this almost animal act. and was now helping support her as I thrust forcefully from behind. "Yes. fuck" I continued. in the throws of my lust. "Fuck bitch" I said. Dad had stopped his sucking of mom's tits. yes" continued mom "Fuck. "Fuck your mom good." said dad encouragingly. fuck that pussy. Stick that hard cock inside me. now well into what I was doing. with dad encouraging me . what a fucking ass." It was incredible watching the sight of my naked mom bent down in front of me.Fuck me. Go on." Her words spurred my lust and I increased my pace. "Fuck.

do it baby. "Yes. Come on. "Oh yes. I carried on pumping her. "I love fucking you like this mom. fill my pussy." That was it." I shouted. in and out. inside mommy's cunt. I was now totally lost in my burning lust. ." "Yes baby" she replied. And next time you can fuck me in my ass. and the thought of fucking her in the ass. I felt free as I had never felt before. fuck" I cried out. with my prick burried in my mom's pussy. now" mom almost shouted. and finally felt myself cumming. thrusting into her wet hole and slapped her ass cheek. her incredibly horny words. It felt completely natural. harder and harder. whilst I was fucking her.. tipped me over the edge. In all my wildest dreams I had never thought this would actually happen. with my sexual urges being satisfied like this.. and I knew I couldn't hold out much longer. "I love it too. I carried on pumping.on. Fill me with your spunk. I felt the semen rise in my balls. ""I'm gonna cum.

Ahhhhhh. I felt myself cumming and spurted deep inside her. Fill me with your hot.. which was hardly surprising.Ahhhhhh" I shouted as I came." she replied. I was sure I could see some of my spunk dripping down the inside of her legs.That was it.. baby. and I let my chest fall on mom's back. I kissed her back where my face touched her skin there. Mom. "Yes. as my dick became limp and fell away from her.. in the mean time was now bending forward.. Finally. and then. in the same position as she had stood whilst I had been fucking her. thighs and pussy area. As I thrust forward deeply. The cum pulsations continued for what seemed like ages. . Looking carefully at her sexy butt. and it felt like I had cum a bucket load inside mom's pussy.. I slowly staggered back to the bed behind us.. cum for mommy. enveloping her with my arms. I felt her pussy walls milk the final few drops of spunk from me. kissing dad on the lips as he sat in the armchair with her legs still wide open. and sat down with an enormous smile and feeling of well being on my face.. spunk. That had felt wonderful. "Ahhh. as I had felt like I had cum loads.

" said mom. My first ever fuck. we don't want to tire you out completely.." I got up. and what a way to become initiated to the ways of sex". "We've done a lot tonight. Go to bed. Finally mom turned around. when we'll have some more fun. "So how was your first ever fuck darling?" To be continued. "You're no longer a virgin now. reassuringly. "Good" she replied. smiling and sexily placing one hand on her hip said. feeling exhausted now.. as we want you to recharge yourself and rest for tomorrow. "Well-done son" said dad. but also exhilarated. * "That was fabulous mom. "Now.That was incredible. looking at me slightly concerned." I said. It is recommended previous chapters are read first to enjoy this part best. he added. and as I passed by mom on the way to the . beaming a wide smile at me...

door, she gave me a kiss on the cheek, and a light slap on my ass. "Have a good sleep," she said with a wink. I went to my room, and pretty much fell into bed. I was still on a high, but it was a nice high, one that I would learn gives a good sleep after sex. As my head hit the pillow as I slipped under the duvet, I drifted off to sleep almost straight away. I fell into a deep, deep, sleep. I didn't dream, I don't think, I just slept, like I had never slept before. -------I don't know what time it was when I awoke. I felt something warm and soft nudging up against my belly. I was flat on my back in the bed, not my normal position when waking, and as I opened my eyes, I couldn't believe my sight. It was mom's naked ass cheeks hovering over my chest, giving me a gaping view of her asshole and cunt. "Mom?" I said. "So your awake now darling," she replied. "I was trying to be gentle and wake you slowly with my movements" she added, not looking at me, as her head must have been somewhere near my cock,

which was by now springing to life as if on autopilot. "I wanted to make sure you knew last night was not a dream," she continued, "And you would wake up to the sight of my ass, which I know you adore so much." As she spoke, she moved her butt towards my head a bit more and almost smothered my face with her fleshy, butt cheeks, rolling and rubbing the mounds over my face, whilst she lightly teased my stomach and cock with her tits as they hung down under her. Jesus, this was incredible, what a way to wake up! My cock was rock hard now at this incredibly horny and sensual feeling, and the sight of mom above me in a 69. She started licking at my dick, as if it was a lollypop, teasing me more, by not yet taking it fully into her mouth. As she played with me, I inserted my tongue into her pussy and took in the aroma of her ass as it hung over me in. She'd obviously showered, as she smelled clean, fragrant and fresh. I lapped at her cunt, licking her labia lips and silkily running my tongue up and down the pinky flesh inside. As I did so, I grabbed the fleshy cheeks of her buttocks, one in each palm, and squeezed and felt them greedily, as if trying to devour her whole, glorious, full backside, in one go.

As I grabbed the fleshy orbs of her ass, moving my head forward to penetrate my tongue deeper into her cunt, darting it in and out like a mini-prick, she took my hard dick into her mouth, all the way. It felt amazing. I pulled my head back for a moment and just watched her asshole and cunt, and the flesh of her ass cheeks ripple, just inches from my eyes, as she continued her licking and sucking on my dick. I could spend hours in this position, just looking at her wide full ass like this. "Yea mom, suck it good. That's fucking great. I love your ass. Wake me up like this whenever you can - its so fucking hot!" She responded by tightening her lips and mouth on my dick, and sucking harder. At this rate, I wasn't going to last long. Her pinky-brown asshole looked really inviting, and I had an urge to taste it and stick my tongue in. "Move back a little mom" I said, "I want to lick your asshole." She promptly obliged, still playing with my dick. For a moment she stopped sucking and grabbed my hard on with her hand, stroking up and down the shaft, as she adjusted herself for me.

"That's right Rasheed" she said. and shot a huge load of spunk into mom's mouth. and I started lapping at her asshole. "Lick mommy's asshole." Her encouragement spurred me on. swirl it around. stick your tongue in it. letting my saliva moisten and wet it thoroughly. I felt myself building up to cum. and shouted "AHHHHHHHH" as I thrust my hips upwards hard. deep throating me. We continued for another minute or two like this. Her mouth had taken the place of her hand again. She writhed on top of me. and she was now bobbing her head up and down my shaft. My tongue was back at licking at her pussy now. before inserting my tongue in." I shouted again. until. and adjusted the movements of her warm wet mouth to my upward thrusts and increasing the pressure of her lips on my dick. "AHHHHHHH. and after a moment I felt the spunk rise in my balls. warm tongue. yes. I laid my head back onto the pillow. I started bucking my hips. It tasted great. being activated and played with by a moist wet. and then back into mommy's pussy. whilst she clamped onto my prick. enjoying the pleasurable sensations of her nerve endings there. She seemed to sense I was going to cum. still spurting into .

and told him I wanted to give you a morning wake up treat." She's swallowed the lot. . After a moment. "I love sucking cock first thing in the morning and having cum for breakfast.her. "That was lovely" said mom." "You sure did that. "He's just showering". "Fuck yea mom. "You now know how to keep me happy. I heard dad's footsteps in the corridor and then he came into my room. After a moment. she gently licked around my dick and the tip. she got up and laid down next to me on the double bed. "I showered before him. like the cat that got the cream. looking fresh and with a towel wrapped around his waist. As I relaxed on the bed." I replied. laying my head back on the pillow next to her. and I felt a wave of pleasure run through me." "You're so hot mom." I said with a giggle. and leaned over and kissed her on the lips. Take it all. cleaning and savouring the taste. replied mom." she added. "Where's dad?" I asked.

Rasheed. cheekily grinning back at him. I wanted to smell nice. a nice wake up?" he added.Here I was. I went to the toilet. "Did you have a nice sleep." I replied. I was butt naked. why don't you go and have a nice shower. but felt pretty much uninhibited as I walked nude in front of mom and dad out of the room towards the bathroom. "Now. I wondered quite what she meant. and more importantly. mom sure knows how to give a nice good morning wake up call. whilst I give your dad a rub down?" said mom. but I was getting used the nudity and open sex now. and dad casually walking in on us. It still felt a bit weird. Yea. brushed my teeth and took and long warm shower. "Morning son" said dad. "That sounds good to me" I replied. "Morning dad. "We'll be waiting for you when you finish" added mom before I was out of earshot. making sure I cleaned every nook and cranny thoroughly using my favourite shower gel. getting up off the bed. I knew there would be more . smiling. with mom naked on the bed next to me after she'd just given me a fabulous blowjob and 69.

whilst her tits were dangling over his face. They heard me by the door. almost. Mom was straddled on top of dad. I felt like I was living in another world now. feeling revitalised. I cleared my throat. I thought about what had happened over the last 24 hours. as she bounced up and down on his pole. and gone into adulthood. rose and fell as she moved on top of dad. It felt like I'd crossed over some kind of bridge in my mind. I was hooked on sex now. with his hard dick buried deep in her pussy as he lay flat on my bed. on mom's body. and as I stood in the doorway. with the hot water spraying over my head. I only hoped I'd manage to keep up with mom being so damned hot! As I stood in the shower. I wrapped the towel around my waist like dad had done. and extremely erotic. It was an awesome sight. It seemed too good to be true – I could hardly believe it. to let them know I was to come. was extremely arousing. seeing the way moms ass cheeks rippled. and mom said . I was met with an amazing sight. and walked back towards my room. Being a 'butt man'. with his dick moving in and out of her pussy. and having my father around while we did it seemed pretty ok too! After getting out of the shower. I could hear pleasurable moaning.

don't be shy now. where she and dad could both see me clearly. her asshole looked so inviting." I added. "Come in Rasheed. still standing behind them a few feet from the end of the bed. I'd just like to watch for a while.nonchalantly. I wanted to make a little 'show' for mom. whilst still riding on dad's cock." I replied." said dad. as if to put on a better show for me. I removed my towel. As she looked over towards me. so I could get a better view of dads cock as it slid in and out of her pussy. that looks nice." "I'm here mom. "I want to . "Mmmm. myself." said mom. so moved to the side of the bed. so that my raging prick came into full view. and then. "How about two hard cock's mom?" I said brazenly. "Just hold off a minute Rasheed." I said. angled her butt a little higher. enjoying being lewd in my language with her. Mom tossed her head backwards for a moment. My cock responded at this horny sight and pushed against the towel still wrapped around my waist causing it to 'tent up'. as well as a better look at her gaping asshole. "Your ass looks so good from here. God. "Have a look at this mom.

and mom moved faster on top of him. Finally they both shuddered and mom collapsed on top of dad. I'd have told the them they were completely mad. Just watch us for a bit. I felt myself going a little limp again. They had both been quite loud with their 'Ahhs' and 'Oohs'. and I walked over to the side of the . pointing in the direction of mom's tits. and started to stroke my hard on in front of them. who'd. but as they collapsed on the bed.finish cumming inside your mom like this. Mom. indicating they were going to orgasm. they both started moaning and shouting. "We can't have you going soft on me now Rasheed. so come here. One thing a woman can do is have sex again very quickly and enjoy it. If someone had told me a few months back that that one day I'd be standing like this next to my bed after my usual morning shower. after seeing such a lovely boner you had earlier. enjoying the after-fuck moment. as the action had stopped. rested for only a minute or two noticed and said. The sight of them fucking had kept my hard on going pretty much." She beckoned to me. swinging wildly. whilst my mom and dad fucked wildly in front of me on my bed." I stood there whilst dad increased the pace of his bucking up into mom's cunt. But it was happening! After a few moments. her tits.

burying my face in those large mounds. "Ok. and whilst I stood in front of her with my cock level with her face. baby" said mom. licking and slurping all over them. "But only if you play with my tits first. "That's right son.bed nearest to her. My cock jerked up. my head was now about level with her boobs." After a few moments more of this. Lick mommy's boobies. they're aching for some attention. "Oh yes." said mom." piped up dad. she stood up and positioned herself all fours on the bed next to dad. becoming even harder in response. . Like father like son. She sat up. first the left then the right. as she played with my dick in her mouth. I knelt down in front of mom so that with her still sitting on the bed. she took my now semi-flaccid dick into her mouth. "I'd like to fuck you doggy style if I can this time" I said. "Your mom will love that. "That feels so nice. and it's my favourite position too. grinning as he watched us. He looked like he was enjoying the sight of mom sucking me. I licked gently around each nipple and areola. with his back leaning up against some pillow and legs stretched out on the bed. and then groped and squeezed her tit flesh. eh?" he added." I didn't need to be asked twice.

encouraging me. come on. "Fuck me harder. I shoved it in and felt her pussy walls clamp onto me." I said out loud. wet cunt. and my dick became even harder doing this. stick it in. fuck me" said mom. "Go on son" added dad. "Oh yes." . she loves it. and then out again. all the way from her pussy up to her asshole and then back again. I couldn't help kneeling down once more and kissing her ass cheeks all over. Then I pulled aside the fleshy part of her ass cheeks near her pussy a little. "Oh yea. I ran my tongue up and down her ass crack. enjoying every sensation as I did so." I slapped myself hard against her buttocks as I thrust in fully for the first time. running it up and down her ass crack. as I felt her pussy grip my prick.presenting her glorious ass to me as I stood beside her. "Stick it into her. "Yes baby. and inserted the tip of my cock into her inviting. Then spreading her cheeks wide open to expose her fully. this time inserting my tongue in her pussy fully and tasting it before fucking her. fuck." said mom. Then I stood up again and slapped my now raging dick on her ass cheeks for a moment. spurting me on.

I slapped her right butt cheek again. but I couldn't help it. Finally. and my balls slapped against her buttocks.AHHH. Mom was shouting now.. Fuck me. With a final hard thrust. fucking you like this from behind.I gave her right butt cheek a light slap as I thrust into her.. I just love fucking you. and then grabbed the sides of her hips firmly and really thrusted hard.AHHHH.. "Yes. Your ass is so fucking hot. humping away for what seemed like ages and exchanging obscenities as we fucked. We carried on like this. and it felt so good." The sight of her below me wriggling her hips and moving her awesome ass back towards my dick as I fucked her was driving me wild. so I went deep into her ass flesh with my groin.. It felt so animalistic. mom. yes. Fuck me. Fuck me baby. this time a little harder.. and hard . the whole thing. I felt myself cumming. Fuck yea." I felt like an animal rutting. and shouted out I was going to cum. this is so fucking good.AHHHH.. "Fuck yea.

you permission to have sex with your mom whenever you like. "Ahhhh. You may touch me and feel my body any time you wish. savouring the after moment and feeling high with sexual pleasure after having fucked mom again." I cried as I came. Your dad and I can . Eventually.. and I will take great pleasure in sucking your cock and drinking your hot cum at any time you can give it to me. feeling the final pulsations of my prick as mom's pussy walls milked me dry. even when I am not here." It was music to my ears hearing dad talk like that. and in front of me. Feel free to do whatever takes your fancy. I let go of her as my dick became soft and crashed onto the bed. and in any position you like. anywhere in the flat. I grabbed onto her hips firmly and spurted deep inside her. and although I didn't realise just how perverted we would all become in time." Mom who had been grinning at us both added.. as well as your's. as long as your mom is happy with your activities. I'm sure we'll have lots of fun. but especially when I am here.Yessssss.smack on her right ass cheek. "You can be as free as you like with me Rasheed. and you can be as dirty and adventurous as you like.. I'm sure it will add to our sexual pleasure. I just said "Thanks dad. I will fuck with you at any time.

" "Good. and I have housework to do." I replied. "Nothing would give me more pleasure." We went our separate ways for the day. whatever we do at home must never be discussed outside the house. I phoned a couple of friends and we met up at a local shopping mall for coffee and a chat. having threesomes will be most pleasurable at any time!" she added." "Sure. In fact. without hesitation." added dad." she continued. "You must promise to satisfy me regularly. thinking about what I had done at home. and I'm sure you would like to see some of your friends. and it must be a firm secret between us all. Rasheed. laughing out loud.also now indulge ourselves freely without having to close doors. everyday. I felt a little strange at first talking to them. But remember. "We've done enough this morning. "I would never dream of talking about this to anyone. Your dad has to go into the office. with time to kill. They were around the same age as me and also between school and going to college. Rasheed. "Sure mom" I replied." "Now. "We'll have some more fun later this evening. but kept my . mom. let's all get back to our usual activities for the day" said mom.

Dad was home from the office and mom was cooking. now grinding my crotch into her butt whilst at the same time moving my hands to her front and cupping her boobs.30pm. I got home at about 6. I casually said 'hi' to them both and went off to shower. I looked over at mom. and I decided to find out if it would be ok now. as having had an education in the pleasures of sex now. "Ooh. "I've always wanted to do this whilst you were cooking mom" I replied. squeezing them through her . I did look at the girls walking around a little differently though. reading his paper as usual. Dad was in the living room. that feels nice. based on our conversation this morning. made me feel attracted to them even more. one on each and gave them a firm squeeze. I moved behind her and placed both my hands on her butt cheeks. after a slight startle. She was wearing a white blouse and beige skirt and had her back turned to me and as she chatted away nonchalantly about her day. I decided to sit at the kitchen table and watch mom cook. I had often wanted to squeeze mom's butt cheeks when she was cooking in the past.composure and they didn't seem to notice anything unusual in my behaviour." she said. and my dick stirred thinking about the sex we had. now dressed quite normally and fully clothed. After getting dressed.

"Your dad often sticks his cock up my ass. Mom felt it . she wasn't wearing a bra. especially with you sucking my dick at the same time. with a giggle. and I love it too!" My dick hardened even more at her words and caused the fabric in my pants to tent up. when I had felt her ass cheeks. "I love your ass mom. feeling it and playing with it. I got a surprise.blouse. and it almost felt therapeutic to say it to mom like that." she said. I could spend hours looking at it. "We'll have to try that later. I hadn't felt any panty fabric! Wow! "Aren't you wearing any underwear mom?" I asked. almost whispering into my ear. And come to think of it. breaking off our kiss for a moment and hugging me. "I think we'll have more fun around the place if I don't now. I'd love to stick my tongue up your asshole and then my cock. I was getting worked up now and said softly into her ear. "You do like my ass don't you son?" said mom. As I responded to her kiss. squeezing and mauling at the flesh there with my hands. with our tongues lapping at each other. "I didn't see any point" she replied." she said. I again felt her glorious full ass." The words had flowed easily as I spoke. and then turned around and gave me a sloppy kiss on the lips.

knelt down in front of me. fuck.. Then she moved down to my balls and licked them all over.. unzipped the flies of my pants. "Call your dad. "Yea mom. and with that. and ground her crotch into mine. suck it hard. pulled down my boxer shorts and engulphed the entire length of my bursting cock in her mouth in one go.suck that hard cock. she said. "For now it looks like I have something extra to do whilst I'm cooking". I grabbed her head forcefully as she sucked. yea. as my lust was now raging." It felt fucking incredible. go on. and still almost couldn't believe this was happening! But it was. She started making gobbling and sucking noises as she sucked. and I watched her lips slowly move up and down the length of my shaft. and I was loving it! My testosterone levels must have been very high. She continued sucking on it.. and face fucked her mouth in time with her she hugged me." . momentarily breaking off.. I stood there and looked down whilst my mom was giving me a blow job on her knees in the kitchen where I had watched her before for ages in the past.this is good." she said. "I want him to watch.

using her tongue to tease me by playing with the tip and then my balls. "So you started without me I see?" I looked up at him for a moment. "Wank yourself off on my face and into my mouth" ." As mom continued sucking on me she looked over at dad. She continued sucking me. "I'm gonna cum soon mom" I shouted. whilst mom went back to slurping and sucking on my dick and balls.I shouted out to dad. angling her head a little as she did so. "I'm sure we'll be having some after dinner treats as well. so she could make eye contact with him. and then back at mom's head as it bobbed up and down my shaft. who was in the other room. "I'll save myself for later" he said. he smiled and said. whilst I held onto her head and hair. and letting me face fuck her mouth like it was a pussy. Dad sat himself on a chair at the kitchen table and watched us intently. As dad came in to the kitchen. She was an amazing cock-sucker! I was getting to the point where I could feel the cum rise in my balls. and as if to say 'enjoy watching your wife suck on our son's dick'.

chin and cheeks. as I felt myself cumming. almost slapping her tongue with it. she .Ahhh... and then over her lips. and watched as the waves of cum went over mom's tongue which she lapped into her mouth. pointing it at her open wide mouth and face as she knelt on the kitchen floor in front of me. thoroughly licking it all over.. with a final few pumps of my hand I shouted "Ahhh... "Yea. slapped my dick over mom's mouth and cheeks a few times. She stuck her tongue out. as I seemed to have cum bucket loads.. and then cleaned up my dick. and I pointed the tip of my prick there. let's see you spunk all over your mom's face" added dad encouragingly. and as I did so. which was a good thing. She stopped sucking and I started to wank my hard on. letting her feel my hard on that way. It's warm moist feel on my pisshole felt incredible. As the initial forceful cum waves subsided. I carried on pumping my shaft..Ahhhhhhhhh". As mom let my now limp dick out of her mouth. she took my dick into her mouth and swallowed the remaining cum which flowed.. She held her tongue out firmly inviting me to cum on it. as it became soft again. She had closed her eyes as I came.she replied. Then..

looking over at dad. and sitting back on one of the chairs next to the kitchen table." To be continued.. Help your mom with dinner and let us eat soon. "I hope you'll have some more of that for me after dinner" she said." she added. and your mom will have two hard cocks to feast on at the same time! You have both made me quite excited. gabbed a sheet of kitchen paper." added dad. swallowing all she could find there. looking at me. "That was fucking great mom." "Yes.. We all sat around the kitchen table eating not long . Mom stood up. her face glowing with pleasure. but I shall hold off for later. I just can't wait to fuck you in the ass later. son. pulling my pants up. "That was just my very own special first course!" "Sure mom" I replied "You're so fucking hot. and then teasingly rubbed some of my cum into her face cheeks and licked around her lips. and wiped some of my excess cum off her face and smiled back at me." I said. "And you too.looked up at me a smiled. "We will indeed have lots of fun later.

She also did once rub her foot up and down my calf under the table. which I found rather exciting. It still felt a little odd. After we all finished eating. Nothing more was said about what might happen later. During dinner both mom and dad never mentioned anything about what me might do later. We were the regular family at home watching a movie together! . I helped to put the dishes into the dishwasher. probably to reassure me everything was ok. Just a day or so ago. in the past. My life a few days ago seemed a long distant dream. You couldn't blame me feeling that way. though. one of my favourite indian dishes. We had a nice curry with rice. but a real turn on too. The wine helped to relax us all. and we all went into the living room to let our meal digest and watch a bit of TV. and dad was ok with me doing it in front of him with mom! And mom – she was so hot too! It all seemed a little bizarre. we all had sex together for the first time. and it again caused my dick to stir. We all had a glass this evening too. Occasionally. mom and dad would have some wine with dinner and offer me some if I wanted. and mom and dad chatted away as normal like they had always done. popadoms and a cucumber 'raita' (which is yogurt with finely sliced cucumber). And occasionally mom gave me a wink and a smile.after. But my dick had been stirring thinking about it.

mom. rather hesitatingly." "Sure dad " I said. Sheeza" replied dad. as he sat in his usual armchair. and that adds to our enjoyment. "Well. during the day we all become our normal selves. in a matter of fact way. as the sexual impulse seeks freedom of expression.30pm. It will certainly add to our enjoyment. have you recovered your strength?" "Er. Rasheed." she continued. The change in our manner is quite natural. you have my permission to talk as freely and crudely as you like. smiling back at .The movie ended at 9. "Shall we do it in the living room tonight? It might add to our enjoyment. "One thing I wanted to say to you. we do talk quite obscenely.yes. and as well as obtaining this freedom through our sexual acts. blushing a little. " Was that. what do you think Manish?" said mom. "Do feel free to talk in a way that you may consider to be 'dirty' or explicit. it is also done verbally. "Now... You must know by now that when you father and I pleasure each other." "Yes" added dad. but during our sex game sessions. looking up from reading his paper." "Good idea." I replied. looking over at dad. Mom who had be lying on the sofa with her legs stretched out sat up said.

"Give me a while to get ready. Rasheed" asked dad." she said. "I want you both to sit on the sofa." she said. Then mom called out from the hallway. "We'll put some sheets and cushions down." said dad to me after mom had gone. I went over the stereo and put on some background music. Dad put his paper down and came and sat next to . It looked pretty inviting by the time I had finished! "Put on some music." "You've both showered" responded mom. grinning cheekily at us both. I had about six or seven largish cushions. which I spread on the floor." and with that. and cushions from the other room. On returning to the living room I moved the coffee table away from the centre of the room so we had plenty of space to put the sheets down. I sat on the sofa a waited for mom." I got up and did as asked. not too loud. Dad carried on reading his newspaper like it was a normal evening at home. in a loud she disappeared into the hallway. and then change into something more appropriate. "But I still need to. "Get some sheets from the linen cupboard. My dick stirred again in anticipation. "Rasheed.

swinging her hips from side to side. She came in wearing a lacy black bra and stockings and black high-heeled shoes. Rasheed." she said smiling. after a moment. in front of both dad and I. wearing deep red lipstick. "You look fabulous darling. "Ok. and nothing else! She was completely naked from the waist down. ." Then. as we sat on the sofa together. and had brushed her hair so she looked really pretty. just for you. She sexily walked into the room." was all I could say. and my jaw dropped. stunned by her sexy "How do I look?" "Wow mom. "We're both on the sofa now. and stood about six feet away. Mom had made up her face with make up. Sheeza" replied dad. My cock jerked up in my pants." added dad. "Nothing below the waist. mom walked in. showing us her neatly trimmed pussy and lightly tanned flesh.

although her body had 'filled out'. which hung down a little. but could easily have passed for 41. in turn. lightly tanned.Then she gave us both a bit of a serious look and stuck her index finger into her mouth and sexily sucked on it. She was 51. She had large brown areole. She now stood before us. She could be best described as buxom. After a moment. bent forward slightly and swung her chest. and then let them go. Then. and inserted her finger in it. "Do I . completely nude except for the black lacy stockings and high-heeled shoes. and pointed them at us. as they had lost some of their pertness due to her age. She then put her hands on her hips and said. she put her hands behind her back and unclasped the black lacy bra. after moistening her finger. Mom grabbed her boobs. and I could see the nipples were starting to become erect as she became aroused. and then looked at us both. Her large. with full hanging boobs and still having an hourglass figure of sorts. bowing her legs slightly as she did so. she moved her hand down to her pussy. as if it was a prick. I loved her shape. ample boobs. so that they swayed sexily from side to side. playing with her self. one in each hand. came into full view. and teasingly let it fall away from her boobs and slowly onto the floor.

She's a real fuck slut." I said." "Good" she replied. "Aren't you dear?" said dad. "Give me your hard cocks.look slutty enough for you both?" As I sat there and looked at mom's body. I love fucking so much. Fuck her good and fuck her hard. mom. and from now on whenever you like. "Yes. And then you can fuck her in her mouth and pussy. "You're going to fuck your mom in the ass tonight." I said. "Wow mom. She loves it. "That looks fucking great. I live ." "That's right son." said dad encouragingly." said mom. and we can fuck her together in every hole. so decided to oblige. smiling. still a little lost for words. my dick was straining hard in my pants. talking the most obscenely I had heard so far. I'm going to ram my hard on right up there." I guessed mom wanted me to talk dirty to her. "I wanna fuck you in the ass. Let me suck on them and then fuck me in every hole. replying to his lewd remarks. "That fucking ass of yours is so fucking hot. "Now tell me what you are going to do to me. and I love a hard dick inside me as much as possible.

but a good amount of flesh on her butt cheeks. Rasheed?" she asked. so that it gave an ample and full fleshy mound to hold onto and play with. you want to fuck me in the ass.. bent forward slightly and pulled her buttocks apart. her ass was extremely well formed and curvy. "See where you are both going put your hard pricks .. just the way I liked.for dick. Then mom said. Then she parted her legs a little.. She wriggled her ass for a while as she stood on the spot. Isn't that right?" Dad and I both nodded back at mom. "Then let me show you were you are going to put it.I do. ample butt.yes. And the two men I love the most in the world are going to give me their hard cocks any time I want." she said. with very little cellulite. "Look at my asshole and pussy" mom commanded. watching her ass flesh wriggle like that. She made me feel incredibly horny. exposing her asshole and cunt fully. put one hand on each ass cheek. For her age. It looked great. Slowly she turned around and showed us her full. mom" I replied. "Er. "So. letting us see the flesh on her ass cheeks ripple and jiggle. teasingly. wide..

tonight. Dad. I pulled off my t-shirt so I was naked.. raging up in my pants. I then inserted my tongue into her cunt and lapped at it.yes baby. enjoying the sensation of her flesh there. still in the same position. I knelt down behind her. saying "Ooh. as mom exposed her glorious private parts and spoke to us so dirtily. undid my pants and pulled them down with my boxer shorts. and then licked sloppily up and down her butt crack.. . and then walked over to where mom was still bending over.. and I could see he was hard also. did the same..lick me good. grabbed the sides of her buttocks for grip. seeing me get up." I continued for a few moments satisfying my appetite for her ass with my mouth. letting my saliva flow as I did so. Then. My hard on shot out. Mom responded. I couldn't hold back any more and stood up. she wiggled her butt again. whilst holding her butt cheeks apart. and tasting her pussy." My dick again responded. as if inviting us to it.

Then dad said. her buttocks fully open to our view. "Rasheed." I stopped licking mom. Your father plays with me for a long time in this position normally." said dad. "Darling. Like father like son! Wow. despite my earlier oral licking of her. and I'll do the same. She looked incredibly sexy in that position. and finally showed us her slightly raised wide ass. and she put down a few cushions on the floor. how amazing that mom loved to show her ass off like this! "Kneel down so you are on one side of your moms ass cheeks. I was still drooling at the sight. We both positioned ourselves so that as mom was on all fours. "I can spend ages like this. It must have been in my genes. I couldn't think of a more sexy position to see a woman. he loves it so much as me." said mom. . loving the attention you can give me. you should know I just love showing off my ass and pussy in this position." Her words were music to my ears. Then she went on all fours. making herself comfortable on the cushions. kneel on the floor for us. so we can both enjoy your fabulous backside. I was on one side of her ass cheeks and dad was on the other.

"I'm going to pull the flesh of your mom's left ass cheek to one side and I want you to pull the right cheek. and then inserted my tongue into her asshole. so we can see her asshole open more fully" said dad. although I was dying to stick my cock into any one of mom's three holes. sniffed her ass. where mine been a moment ago. my turn" said dad. I complied." "Now. and so was dad. which made her asshole and cunt almost gape open at us. and inserted his tongue into mom's asshole. letting my saliva flow into it.. lick me good and deep" encouraged . It was incredible watching as we did this. "Yesss.. I bent my head down and licked the pinky-brown flesh there. "Ooh. "That feels so nice. Both holes looked delicious. "Lick your mom's asshole.yes" said mom. instructed dad. We pulled mom's ass cheeks apart in unison. I stopped licking mom and then dad bent his head down. I was really hard by now. responding... but I decided to follow dad's instructions for now.Manish.

So there was dad with his tongue up mom's ass. as I still wanted to get into mom's ass. face fucking her. can I fuck you in the ass now?" "Yes. As dad continued licking mom's asshole and sticking his tongue into it. let mommy take care of it. Be gentle at first.." I knelt down in front of her face and she took my prick into her mouth and started sucking and licking it." Mom stopped sucking me and dad took his tongue . baby. let dad show you how. and me with my dick in her mouth. This was great! I didn't want to cum to soon. as she engulfed it. and felt her moist. until you get all the way in. "Ahhhh. I moved my self around to mom's face and presented her with my aching dick. "Mom. "You poor thing.. baby" said mom." I said in relief. please suck me.. After a couple of minutes of this I said. I'm dying to stick it in your mouth. wet mouth clamp onto it. "" "Come.

Mom had put herself on her elbows now so she could support herself full whilst allowing entry and she wriggled her ass in response to dad's prodding. . Just looking at her like that." Then. the tip of his index finger and then more and more of it went into mom's asshole. was an incredibly horny sight! "She's ready now" said dad. that feels so good" said mom in response.. "Now. scooped up some of the cream and gently spread it over mom's asshole. First. "Oh.. I could see dad was being quite gentle. I'm going to lubricate your mom's asshole with this cream first. he knelt down behind mom again and putting his index finger into the jar. and pulled out his finger slowly. Dad got up with his hard on swaying in front of him. right up to the first knuckle joint. Watching the tip of his finger enter mom's asshole.yes Manish. inserting some into it with his finger as well. and grabbed a jar of vaseline from a corner table. Rasheed. with her head slightly bent down at one end and her ass sticking up in the air with dad's index finger inside her asshole.away from devouring mom's ass. made my hard on twitch even more.

" she said. I was three quarters of the way in and pulled back slowly. feeling the pressure there. but gently. and . increasing my pace. showing she was highly aroused. "Now. Now. I knelt down behind mom and did as instructed." I started to thrust in and out. the muscles there contracting and relaxing."Position the tip of your cock in front of mom's asshole. I gently pushed my raging hard on in. and mom gasped again. As the head went in a little way. Rasheed." I pushed in further and felt the walls of her rectum clamp onto my prick. "Yes. "Now fuck my ass. and gently push in." he said. and then thrust forward again. As my stretched back foreskin and piss-hole touched the star like ring around mom's asshole. "Yesssss" said mom. as it was so tight. I pushed in further. all the way in. It felt wonderful. forcing it into the hole which had already been widened by dad's prodding. mom gasped. I could see mom's asshole ring was throbbing now in anticipation.

I grabbed the sides of her buttocks hard. "Go on Rasheed. fuck your mom good in the ass. knelt down in front of her. thrusting faster. Mom was pushing her ass back into me as I fucked her. forwards and backwards. Dad and I both started fucking her holes. As I fucked mom's asshole. I continued. We increased the pace of our motions. and my balls slapped against her butt cheeks. she loves it like that. Go on fuck her hard.loving the sensation. She's a real ass-fuck slut. Me." I said. and dad fucking her mouth. dad had moved around to mom's face. feeling the sides of mom's rectum walls grabbing my cock and shouting obscenities at her. As I had held back for so long before. I knew I would cum soon. thrusting in and out. and she took his hard dick into her mouth. to gain a good grip as we fucked. after just another minute or so. and then finally. Mom who had her mouth full couldn't speak." I was fucking now for all I was worth. fucking your ass is so great. "Yea. in mom's ass. I . but dad said. I love fucking you like this. It felt and looked amazing. mom.

would you like you watch your cum come out of my ass?" "Er.." as I came inside her. Sheeza.. "Rasheed.. After a moment mom said. "Yes. I'm going to cum... whilst my dick plopped out of her asshole as it became limp.Ahhh.shouted out. "Watch".yes..Ahhhhhh. still uttering 'Oohs and 'Ahhs' of pleasure. and went on all fours again. Her backside was towards us so it hovered over the towel. Dad. Then she said. The waves of cum spurted deep and thick inside her.. slightly discoloured from the normal white creamy looking spunk.. whilst your son cum's in your ass." said dad as he came. mom" I replied. "Mom.... She grabbed a towel from the table and placed it on the sheets on the floor. not quite sure what she meant. which she swallowed greedily. and we all collapsed on the floor.. showing us her asshole and cunt again. never having experienced an ass fuck before. ." Mom licked dad's prick clean. swallow it all. "Eat my cum.... lasted a minute or so longer.. watching.Ahh. After a few seconds. I saw my cum ooze out of her asshole onto the towel. and spurted his spunk inside mom's mouth..

cum dripping butt at us. At first I felt a little disgusted seeing it. To be continued." Mom wriggled her ass again at us. so some way yet to go with this one. and we all laughed out loud."It always comes out like that afterwards.. "I'm going to be ready again soon. Thanks for the feedback so far.. positioned on all fours again. Dad had also been watching and said." said mom.. but I have fresh ideas. still on her hands and knees. looked incredibly sexy and it turned me on. still wiggling her naked. but the way she looked round at me. A bit of time has gone by since the last chapter.. holding her pose and looking around at me and smiling. after a moment. * Over the next few days we fucked all over the flat. with my cum leaking out of her asshole. "Promise?" asked mom. . if you carry on like that mom" I said cheekily. "Isn't your mom just the sexiest thing around? Look at her on all fours like that? Just like a bitch in heat.

so mom and I would do it at least twice. They both encouraged me. And I could do freely it in front of dad. subject to the usual physical limits! I could normally cum 3-4 times a day as long as I was given a chance to recuperate in between each session. If I went out with friends during the day. lunchtime. but normally he couldn't manage to cum more than once or twice. and I was always horny and ready to satisfy her.Mom would come to me first thing in the morning. Dad loved to watch us. if he was home. as long as no visitors were around. He said it turned him on. which he normally saved up for the evening after work. swallowing all my cum. or a combination of both! She seemed insatiable. The great thing was the sexual freedom. pussy and ass whenever I wanted. get into bed and either suck me off. late afternoon. . my balls would be full and aching . and once when dad came home after work and we were all relaxed after dinner in the evening. maybe three times over the course of a few hours. depending on what I was doing for the day. mom and I would fuck in the morning. She loved it too. kiss and feel mom's boobs. and being able to touch. Dad would join in when he could. So. I'd go up to her sometimes when she was cooking in the kitchen and just slip my hands over her tits.I'd have saved up all my spunk till the evening. or we fucked.

Before we started our sexual activities. Or we would fuck doggy style in front of the TV. just like it was any normal thing a family would do in the evening in the living room! Sometimes mom would straddle me whilst I was on the couch. It was just being able to have sex whenever and wherever we were at home that was the great thing. mom would . which had been placed on the floor in the middle of the room. So whilst dad sat in his favourite armchair. Or if we were sitting in the living room and I felt the urge. One of my favourite things was fucking mom in the evening in the living room. taking as much as I could of each tit into my mouth. I'd suck each one in turn. grinding up and down on my hard cock. grinding my groin into her ass. we used to just sit and watch TV. Dad would be there. We'd strip.snuggling into her from behind. still in front of dad and then do our stuff. We'd bought a large white luxurious rug. whilst cupping her ample fleshy ass with my hands as she rode me until I came. I'd kneel down in front of her. ask her to open her legs and I'd lick and play with her pussy while she watched TV. reading his paper as usual and the TV would be on. whilst her large boobs were in my face. but now when mom or I were in the mood sitting on the sofa. we'd just casually start kissing each other on the lips and feeling each other up. licking around the areola and nipple.

with some cushions under her to make herself comfy. with her tongue hanging out. inviting us to cum on it. fucking mom's mouth with his prick. or with us both reversing positions. as my dick went into her hard and really deep. Mom really loved to be fucked at both ends at the same time. It was quite an amazing sight. Sometimes he would read his paper. or near enough. in her pussy or ass. he would slip off his clothes and join us. Sometimes if he got hard and turned on enough. as dad and I would try to time our spurts to be at the same time. as if something completely ordinary was taking place a few feet away from him. Dad seemed to love watching us too in that position. so did she. and then she would lie down on her back on the rug and we'd wank ourselves into her mouth which she would keep wide open. I loved doing that and. and we'd spray our creamy white spunk into mom's open mouth and over her face. whilst I was fucking her from behind. often swapping. and then I would go into her from behind. This would normally happen after dad and I had been fucking her.kneel on all fours on the rug. one at each end. Another thing we all liked was cumming in her mouth whilst she laid down flat and naked on the rug. She's swallow as much as she could and the rub the rest into her face and boobs like it was some . and look up and watch us from time to time like he was watching TV. with us both cumming in any of her three fuckable holes. but instead watch his son and wife fuck like rabbits in front of him.

about two weeks after we'd started having sex together we were all sitting around the living room as 'normal'. Your involvement in our sexual activities has brought a new spurt of life to us. Dad looked up from his paper and said." "Sure mom." added mom "You've put a real glow on my face and I feel so healthy and sexually fulfilled. "Thank you dear. "Don't be shy now Rasheed." piped up dad. You've added so much pleasure to our lives. as you say!" and she giggled. Do you have any ideas?" "Well. Do as you like. And if you have any special requests. Your so hot and sexy!" Mom smiled at me. hesitatingly. We must of course continue to keep this all a secret between us and not let anyone else know. as long as your mom is kept happy. One evening." I replied." "Go on." I said. I'm so glad you still find me 'so hot'. "Rasheed. "I do have something I was going to ask you about. and brings your mom and I great pleasure. ideas or fantasies do share them with us. "I haven't told anyone. "How about if we experiment a little. but wasn't so sure. ." "Yes. and I'm having a lot of fun too.kind of moisturising cream. within reason. you must feel completely at ease sexually with your mom and I.

" "Ok. As I'd mentioned some time back. "I was wondering if I could show you and maybe you could wear some things like that." added mom." I said. "Show them to us. both with eager smiles on their faces. I was wondering. so the magazines I had ." I continued." said mom. and.. mom. let's have a look at these. "Go on. sounding a little shocked. getting very explicit stuff in Mumbai was not easy. and dad on the other." I got up and went to my room and fished out the few magazines I had from one of my secret hiding places." said dad.. dad. Returning to the living room. "Right." she said encouragingly. but only pretending. "Go on. looking at mom. there must be no secrets between us when it comes to our sexual desires. I found mom and dad. I sat in the middle of the couch and dad came over so that mom was on one side of me." I paused. "Well. well.what did I tell you before?" "Yes. "I've got one or two magazines in which the women are dressed in quite sexy looking underwear. looking at them both in turn." "I never realised you had such magazines.

red stockings and suspenders and red high heeled shoes. had bought it back from there and given it to me when he got bored of it. another with her back turned to us. her large boobs hanging sexily on her chest. and bending forward slightly. "Here's one of my favourites. and wearing a bright red basque. which was slightly different from the rest. One of my friends. so . white older women. I opened it up to a page where there was a buxom mature woman. Mom. It was called 'Forty Plus' and had come from the UK. who had gone to see relatives in England." I said.were mostly softcore. She wasn't wearing any panties. so her boobs hung down freely over the material of the basque that was over her mid-riff. and were very similar in size and shape to mom's. another on all fours. I picked out one of my favourites. One with her standing up but at a slight angle. It was full of sexy. not quite as old as mom. but still mature looking. with large boobs and a wide shapely butt. showing off her wide ample butt in all it's glory. so you could see her pussy. showing women wearing sexy lingerie and swimwear and posing in various positions. Then. There were photos of the lady posing in different positions. The basque had no bra cups. sexily putting one hand on her hips. with the camera behind her. being a bit hotter.

"They does look rather good. looking up at dad. thongs. and then I'll see if I can get hold of them. now having seen them. Rasheed" replied mom." said mom. Why don't you select a few things and let me know. . crotch-less panties and see through underwear and negligees. "I'm impressed by your choice. "I'm actually quite turned on by looking at these. like black fishnet stockings." I looked at her face and she was a little red in the cheeks. "Very sexy. Mom and dad looked through the photos as I flipped over the could see the lips of her pussy hanging down. "I should think so. and I think I'm going to become really very sexy looking for you both." "Mmmm. "No. Manish. which was one of my favourites." replied dad. "I have some contacts.yes." I flipped over some of the other pages and showed them other things I liked. ladies wearing boob tassels. after taking them all in." said dad. do you think you can get hold of underwear like this... "Are you blushing mom?" I said." she said.

I wish you'd shown it to us before!" "Enough taking" said mom firmly. especially with mom next to me seeing. "Rasheed. who was still sitting on the sofa at eye level to our crotches. had been my secret sexual fantasies. taking it deeper into her mouth as she sucked up and down the shaft. let them drop to the floor and stepped out of them and stood in front of mom. Our dicks stood out proudly below us inches from mom's face as we stood next to each other in front of her. I need cock!" Dad and I got up and unbuckled our trousers. my pussy is so wet at the thought of wearing some of these things for you. Then she moved over . For now I'm so hot. "Pull down your pants both of you. I could see that mom was going red in the face again as she looked at some of the other photos and finally she spoke up.I got quite horny looking at the photos and my dick was semi hard in my pants. that is one very sexy magazine you have. First. she took the tip of my prick into hear mouth and sucked on it. I need to fuck and feel a cock inside me. "Let's put a list together later." said dad." "I'm hard too. what in the past.

She was so fucking hot! "Yea. dad?" I said." she commanded." "No problem son" replied dad. looking down at her. Then. which just happened to be at the right height to allow mom take a cock into her mouth. after satisfying herself for a few minutes playing with our cocks with her mouth. she did one of her favourite things – she grabbed both our dicks. and yanked down her skirt and panties. "And then we can swap." Mom gurgled a response from somewhere in her throat. if someone stood there as she supported herself on her elbows or . One of you fuck me from behind and the other go to the other side of the sofa so I can suck you. she got up. sucking two hard cocks at once. mom. and in what seemed like a flash. "You love that don't you. took off her blouse freeing her boobs (no bra). "Can I do mom from behind first. dad's. one in each hand. and went to the side of the sofa. squashing our pricks together. still stroking my shaft with one hand as she sucked him." I said. and pushed both cock-heads into her mouth. salivating and slurping over our pricks. suck us good. "I'm going to kneel on the sofa cushions. as her mouth was too full. doing the same to him.

dad was getting the oral treatment. First. She wriggled her ass back into my face as I did so. I continued licking at her pussy. and again darted my tongue into her ass. so that the brown puckered hole opened as far as I could get it and then stuck my tongue into it. Finally. I straightened up and knelt behind mom on the sofa cushions and aimed the head of my cock at the gap between her . tickling her sensitive flesh there. as if I was fucking it with my tongue. She was one hot cocksucker! Dad gently grabbed mom's hair as she sucked him. I then turned my attention to mom's asshole. teasing her. God. Then I licked around it. as deep as I could go with her fleshy butt cheeks wrapped around my cheeks.hands. so that he could get some leverage and almost face fuck her as she sucked on him. so as to wet and moisten it. enjoying the sensation. and finally darted my tongue inside it into the pink. wet flesh there. I grabbed mom's ass cheeks and spread them to expose fully her cunt lips and open up her pussy. Then I licked around the star like rings around the hole. again spreading her butt cheeks as far as could. how I loved this! Meanwhile. with my dick aching for relief. with his hard shaft buried almost to the hilt in mom's welcoming mouth.

dad said. and felt I could last a fair bit longer. loving the feeling.cunt lips. "In your ass. stick it in to mommy. "I wanna fuck you again mom" I said. letting mom taste her own pussy juice that was on my prick as she sucked me. I hadn't cum yet.. Dad was into her from behind and started slapping into her ass cheeks as he fucked her hard. "Fuck. "Come on. and thrust it hard and deep on the first shove." as dad relaxed on his favourite armchair and looked on.. and then spurted deep inside her with a loud groan." Mom let me go out of her mouth and said. he shouted to mom that he was cumming.. yes" mom I cried out. "Be my guest. "Yes baby." mom gasped. backwards and then forwards. you horny ass-fucker. Soon. I went round behind mom as she still knelt on all fours . After a moment. let's swap. feeling the walls of her pussy clamp onto me." I pulled out of her and changed places with dad. "Ahhhh." I continued my thrusts.

I fucked her with a few strokes. . and pressed down on the sofa cushions to support herself as I thrust into her ass hard from behind. seeing this. She loved her ass being fucked. I could see some of dad's spunk oozing out of her pussy. and then with the tip of my prick well lubricated with both mom and dad's spendings. enjoying the feeling of her pussy walls. and plunged my cock into her cum soaked pussy so that dad's spunk covered the outside of my knob head and prick. placing two fingers into her wet still spunk filled snatch and started rubbing it. we me still fucking mom's asshole from behind. got up and said." I shouted. "Let me do that for you. Dad.on the couch. "Looks like I've got some lubrication for your asshole. Mom was in ecstasy below me. darling." and he knelt down next to the couch and reached under her. easily managed to insert my cock head into mom's asshole." I said. dad. As soon as I was in properly. seeing what he was doing. "Fucking awesome. I started thrusting. at first slowly and then building up the pace. she was so sexually sensitive there. Mom now had both her hands free. and as I plunged in and out of her asshole she placed one hand under her into her pussy and started playing with her clit.

I felt myself cumming. as he kept fingering her from underneath until she came.. I wondered how hot things would really become. "Ahh.Ahhh. With dad's help. I grabbed her hips firmly and shouted. almost delirious with pleasure. and half in astonishment at how sexually hot we were together." I said both in pleasure at the sex we'd just had.. To be continued.. "Fuck me..Ahhhhhhh. Dad had removed his cum soaked hand from under mom and she now lay on her front on the sofa. and mom was writhing on his fingers and hand under her.... ." As my cum sprayed into her ass. she was cumming to an intense orgasm. once mom had some of the sexy lingerie we were looking at earlier. gushing onto his hand and forearm. I flopped in a heap on the floor next to dad.Mom started groaning loudly. As she increased her moans and groans. As I uncoupled myself from mom's rear end.. dad carried on fingering her..