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Internet World Trading

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Internet World Trading

About the Author: I am an educated CPA from University of South Denmark. For 12 years I worked as a CPA in Denmark, but after that I have been traveling around the world as a specialist in staring up manufacturing factories, in Germany, Africa, Lithuania, Russia and USA. So with my background I have been an entrepreneur in many different environments and cultures, which means I have learned to fight for success and never give up. Over the last year, when I was working in Colorado, USA, I started up as an Internet Marketer and the business is running very well today after a long fight and a lot of challenges in the beginning. Take a look at my LinkedIn profile:

If you need support and a Home Based Business that really works, see I hope to meet you again soon! Kind regards Hans Norgaard Internet Word Trading


Internet World Trading

If you are delivering a digital product such as E-Book, report, software, or script, remind your prospect that the delivery is instant.

For example:

The delivery process is automated and you can receive the manual instantly upon purchase. So, it doesn't matter even if it's 4:00AM in the morning so purchase your copy right now and you discover how you can tap into the planet's BIGGEST social networking site and bring your business to greater heights!

Avoid using the until midnight excuse.

This is primarily the case in Internet Marketing circles where most savvy marketers know it’s really only a script at work. Unless you really meant that your product offer would be gone by midnight, you should refrain from using this tactic.

Because in ways more than one, it’s pretty misleading even in pursuit of getting your prospects to act now. Evidently, your product would still be there the next day, being sold at the same price.

So use any other scarcity factors but this!

Press your prospect to act on scarcity reasons.

You can say that you’re limiting the number of copies of your product (and keep your word on it!).


Internet World Trading

And it has been proven that scarcity sells. People by nature like to have the privilege of owning so this is one factor you can really bang on to increase your conversion rate and sales.

For example:


This is NOT an open-ended offer. This sale runs for only 7 days. After the 7th day is past, this offer will expire and be removed forever!

Quantity Based

Only 100 copies will be sold. No more than that. Once the 100th copy leaves the shelf, this offer will not be made available again, EVER!

Use Fast Action Bonuses.

Nowadays, just offering bonuses just isn’t enough an incentive especially if you’re in a competitive niche. So you can add your edge by offering time sensitive bonuses.

Aside from your bonuses having to be perfect complimentary products to your primary offer, the fact that they are scarce encourages your prospect to act now and swap the Fast Action Bonuses and get rewarded more value for the same money purchased.

Tighten the offer with a long-term guarantee.


(or post-script). You have nothing to lose except a chance to try it out! Use P. Also assure your prospect that you will be shouldering all the risk for him or her throughout the guarantee period.Internet World Trading The longer your guarantee term. Just try. but I seriously hate to see you pass such a great deal that I’m willing to shoulder all the risks for you so you can try it out worry-free! You may continue to go on and write: You have my word that this is the big break through you’re looking for.S. even 6 . Don’t think. and I’ll refund every cent of your purchase. And if it’s not up to your satisfaction for any reason whatsoever. Encourage your prospect to try your product out and test-drive it instead of being neutral or indifferent.S. No questions asked. Here’s an example: Don’t to summarize your offer or reveal hidden benefits. just drop me an email. I stake my reputation on my claims (in as bold as they may be). the better. Here are some things worth summarizing in your P. delete the product off your hard drive.

7 . You can choose to reveal even more praises and testimonials in effort to encourage your prospect to act now and become your serve as good summaries and presses your prospect to act now by purchasing from your order link/button/form.Internet World Trading though you don’t have to cover all of them. It could be an unannounced bonus. You can stress on the Fast Action Bonuses and how scarce they are that if your prospect doesn’t act now. Tell your prospect that the price you’re asking for is a bargain. some will do: You are shouldering the risk for your prospect through your Money Back Guarantee. he or she will miss them out. It would be more expensive and costly in terms of money. If you have no other urgency factors. P.S. You can use the P. stress it out to your prospect on how valuable it is to him or her to tackle her current problems right NOW and not later with your offer.S. You can do this by comparing to other possibly higher cost solutions by your competitors (without naming names) or less effective alternatives. All in all. guarantee statement or a reward for acting immediately. to reveal other hidden benefits not mentioned earlier in your sales letter. time and effort (or all) if your prospect seeks other solutions or alternatives than yours.

Now why would you even pay $2.Internet World Trading For example: Which one do you think is a smart thing to do? Invest $97.00. you can tap into the secrets of top marketers at the measly price of $47.00 and find out all of what you need to know about making a killing in the stock market OR flushing thousands of dollars into shooting in the dark and get killed in the process? OR For the first time ever.000 to attend a seminar to learn the same secrets I share with you in my audio course? 8 .

clever marketing is good marketing! 1.Internet World Trading Now we are going to discuss everything you need to know about writing headlines and sub-lines that really force people to keep reading.Color your headline red.Imply a benefit or a summary of your offer in the headline. Even if you are using another character in the headline. The color red usually symbolizes urgency or importance. 2. not YOU or someone else. the headline font is 1 or 2 times larger than your standard font. Thus it’s important for your headline to stand out from the rest of your standard font. you can use black or text with yellow highlight in the background if red won’t suit your sales copy’s color theme. The purpose of your headline is to grab your prospect’s attention to read and qualify him or her. Alternatively. it is advisable to use red as the color of your headline plus this color can be used with almost any theme color suitably.Your headline font must be larger than the standard font used for your sales letter. However. Let’s be honest. make absolutely sure 9 . 3. When you follow the steps correctly this method of writing will force people to fall for everything you say. Usually. And the benefit should often refer to your prospect.

It makes your sales copy more interesting to read and in many cases. Speaking of characters 4.Introduce a character in your headline. Depending on the nature of your product or service. Too! This headline is best aimed at people who are broke or bankrupt and how they can improve their financial status. regardless of how old they are. and then hopefully purchase from you. For example: Discover How A 24 Year Old Student Is Making THREE Times More In Income Than His University Professor On The Internet! This headline is best aimed at young and the young at heart who wants to know how to make money online. the higher the chances you can hook your readers to read your sales letter. the more you can relate it to the majority of your prospects. relate it to your prospects.Your sub headline serves as a hook to make your readers continue 10 .Internet World Trading that it ultimately has to do with your prospect and why or how it could benefit him or her. Or: How A 27 Year Old Unemployed Chap Broke Out Of Bankruptcy And Became Financially FREEÖ And How YOU Can Do It. 5.

and is often differently colored. you want to make your prospects feel that they owe it to themselves to read every line of your letter. which are not shared in the headline. The sub headline goes on to explore other benefits for your reader to continue reading.Internet World Trading reading. 6. As a general rule of thumb. too. Black is a matching color for the sub headline. use in between 20 to 25 words for your headline.Don’t use too many words in the headline. In short. Don’t make your headline too long to read otherwise your prospect would just get lazy immediately and leave your sales page without knowing the full benefit of your offer. and 4-6 lines. The sub headline is generally smaller than the headline in font size (by 1). 11 .

Put all your benefits in bullet form. What they don’t know (because you’re such an effective copywriter) is that you actually closing the deal once they get to the middle. And guesswork? Forget it. but show them to be somewhat less viable than yours... your readers will be more and more interested in what you’re saying. For instance: Sure. You don’t have the risk tolerance for more financial mistakes and no more time to waste! So what’s the best solution? Introducing Your Name Product Here.Internet World Trading If you’ve done everything the right way. 12 . you can attend a seminar but UNLESS you have the deep pockets.Introduce your solution through your product or service. this option is well way out. They needed a little more reassurance so they checked out some testimonials now they are going to make up their mind and buy! 1. You may want to show your prospect some other alternatives before moving in with your own. 2.

Internet World Trading There is no neater way than to highlight all the benefits of your product or service out in bullet form (spaced out in between) like: Insert benefit #1 Insert benefit #2 Insert benefit #3 Important! Don’t confuse benefits with features. hypes and beat around the bush material. 13 . You get strictly all of what you need to know from my manual and I promise you all your guesswork will be eliminated 40 pages later! 3. Benefit: You can download the product instantly and not have to wait for 6 weeks of delivery! Feature: The E-Book is 40 pages long. For example: Feature: The product comes in PDF format. You will do well to table the components and sections of the benefits accordingly. divide the benefits section into several easy-toread portions. Features are what your product may appear and look like.If you are running a membership site or the product has a lot of components to address. Benefits: My manual doesn’t carry fluffs. Benefits are what the product can DO for your prospect’s good.

you receive 10 brand new products with Master Resell Rights. there really is no point in prospects buying your product because all the core information are readily available in your sales letter! Also. don’t make it easy for people to guess your contents or secrets. but don’t give the secret away! Because when you give the secrets or the contents of your product away. For example: Discover the one little trick you can use to maximize your conversion rate just by adding this ONE word to your headline! 14 . because we are taking the liberty of producing the products straight from our hot hard drive! And you can resell these products at any price you wish and keep 100% of the sales no profit sharing involved! Component 2: Sales Letters & Graphics Pack With each of the new products. you also receive a professionally written sales letter complete with mini site graphics to help you sell the products for you! 4. I guarantee you’ve never seen them before.Internet World Trading For instance: Component 1: The Resell Rights Library Every month.Give only hints in the benefits.

people don’t like self-centered people (even if they are themselves). 15 . In other words. Generally.Stress more on What’s in it for your prospects and don’t be too much of yourself. refrain from using too many It’s and more of YOU’s in your benefits.Internet World Trading OR How to use G_________ to build your mailing list at ZERO COST! 5.

You are doing better if your sales letter produces above 4 percent. you should consider them double-edged swords. online sales letter consists of mainly the use of mostly words and then some images. And words are indeed powerful tools. because sales letters in this fashion have been proven to be all time-tested. Some marketers reportedly produce 6% and some as high as 20-30% to cold prospects! Believe it or not. sales letters are really just one LONG page with one person in mind: to help sell the product to the prospect. it did not take long for people from business backgrounds to tap into the growing world of E-Commerce. It’s like an electronic salesperson on your behalf. Thus.Internet World Trading The use of sales letters had been around for as long as direct response marketing have been practiced in the conventional brick and mortar world. And it certainly didn’t take long for direct response marketers to carry their offline practice into the online world. A sales letter is considered to produce a good decent conversion rate at 2 to 4 percent. This is the case. 16 . And ever since the Berlin wall came down and the World Wide Web came up. you see the practice of one-page-long sales letters being used widely today by businesses of various sizes to sell and push their products and/or services into the Internet marketplace. As you probably know by now. and it certainly beats having you to prospect and sell to someone else face-to-face or gamble on sending out hard copy mails (that can span 5-20 pages long when printed) and face the chance of not covering your investment on printing back.

17 .Internet World Trading If used correctly. not only would your sales letter suffer in conversion rate. Perhaps you want to seek all ways possible to offer your sales copies a boost without having to spend a fortune on expensive copywriters in the process because you don’t have the deep pockets for it at the moment. If used improperly. words can sell literally. it might just deliver the wrong message and the worse case scenario can be that of offending your prospects (besides not closing the sale). I have a sneaky suspicion that your sales letters are currently not producing the kind of conversion rates you want. Or this is your first try at developing a life long asset or skill where marketing online is concerned.

Not only does it make your testimonials more believable (since mere text and names can be easily faked by just about anyone).If you have a lot of testimonials. voice or video. add audio or video.. 4.Internet World Trading When using testimonials. photos add a hidden message whereby you took some effort to get these people to endorse you and your product/service. So make an effort to get not only the URLs but also photos where possible.e.Present the testimonials in a nice yellow-shade box. This would also add the believability factor to your testimonials. Alternatively. 18 ..If possible.Use photos and/or URLs below the names of your testimonies. Also. it’s easier for your customers to relate their happy experiences from benefiting from your product or service through their own personal touch i. 3. 1. pepper them throughout your sales copy. the URLs make it possible for your prospects to possibly crosscheck with them. you have to remember . Light Yellow has been proven to be the ideal color for testimonials in boxes. Also. you can go for gray shade depending on your sales copy’s color scheme. 2.

with the best testimonial placed right below your sub headline. you will do well to save all or most of the testimonials in the below mid section where you prove your credibility by letting others doing the talk for you. your testimonials shouldn’t be about Wow John! You’re great! (If your name is really John. 5. In short. If you have too few testimonials to pepper them throughout your sales copy. 19 . save them for below mid section. You may still want to save the best 1 or 2 testimonials and place them somewhere below the sub headline. twos or threes below every component or before another sub headline in the body of the sales copy.If you have few testimonials.Make sure your testimonials are results-oriented. It should be about what your product or service done to benefit the testimony. 6. to encourage your prospects to read on.Internet World Trading You can delegate the testimonials around the your sales copy in a convenientreading format. The other testimonials can be peppered in ones. of course).

voluntarily. He stood up." said the first friend. and began to walk on the water to the shore and back to the boat with the teapot. They laughed at each other. put one leg over the side of the boat. and the second friend volunteered to take get the tea leaves. They agreed to row a boat to the middle of a lake and have an afternoon tea. As they boiled the water. He returned shortly after getting the tea leaves by walking on water.Start your copy with a story. too. Here goes: 1. The three friends soon enjoy their afternoon tea on the boat. Here’s an example: Once upon a time. Many average sales copies today are written in such a boring manner. they realized that they had forgotten to bring the teapot. You can immediately hook your prospect’s interest by relating a fable or preferably a true story on your account. The three friends rented a boat and rowed to the middle of the lake. He put one leg over the side of the boat and walked on water. "I'll get the teapot. the realized that they had forgotten the tea leaves. Most importantly. too. there were three friends who have decided to take a short break from a long discussion. The stuff that people want based on your effective headline and sub-line writing skills.Internet World Trading Since you have already created the proper headlines and sub-lines now you need to get into that real nitty gritty stuff. the story must have to do with your offer later in the middle of your sales copy. but it would be nicer if they had some tidbits. The third friend volunteered to get some tidbits 20 . As they sat down to enjoy their tea.

the other two friends jumped in to rescue him. he asked... "How did you two manage to walk on water?" The two friends looked at each other and said. Seeing that he was drowning..Internet World Trading from the shop rows by the shore. then you can write your opening letter addressing the article rewriting problem. if most of your prospects are currently facing a problem with rewriting Private Label articles and your product is an article rewriter software. won’t it defeat the purpose of purchasing Private Label articles to help you save time? 21 . He stood up like the other friends and put one leg over the side of the boat.. If your product is closely related to a very important or critical recent issue faced by majority of your prospects." 2. As the third friend climbed into boat for safety. soaking wet. SPLASH! He sank and struggled to keep himself afloat. but won’t that waste your time? And if you’re going to spend hours rewriting. there is no better case scenario than this (or niche marketing at its best as I’d like to call)! For instance. He began to put his weight on his leg and.Address an important or critical issue. Sure. "Oh. such as: Most people today carelessly purchase the Private Label Rights to articles. submission rejections from article directories and an army of riddling copycats. maybe thousands. that's because we know where the rocks are. And the result: plenty of Search Engine penalization. He insisted so anyway. though he was somewhat reluctant to do so. one way is to rewrite the articles completely to be unique. that have already been sold and used by hundreds.

whether they know it or not. how many of you were thinking of 7? Easily more than 75% of the floor raised their hands up. Think of a color. Here’s another fact: people can be predictable. The 3 questions he asked were: Think of one number. Overall.Make safe assumptions about your prospect. and Think of a flower. This is proven in an informal study when a speaker asked the audience 3 simple questions. the truth is that you can still make some safe assumptions now and then and people DO make assumptions now and then. he guessed AT LEAST ONE answer correctly of the 3 questions more than 75% of the time! Amazing. While some successful people adopt the don’t make assumptions attitude. isn’t it? 22 . This was also the case when he asked if they were thinking of blue and rose for the subsequent questions.Internet World Trading 3. They didn’t have to reply him just yet and they were instructed to only remember their answers. When the audience made their mind up in a flash. for the first question. he went to ask.

(with your product or service. of course). And then. it goes to show that people are predictable and as long as you understand the majority of your prospects and their needs. You want to qualify your prospect by telling him or her the problem he or she is facing. ? 5. Remember! Be careful not to go overboard with exaggeration.s. as if it’s a real big deal. but you want to make it really important that your prospect should tackle the problem a. you want to make the problem sound BIGGER.a.Internet World Trading While this was a mere study. A simple introduction would 23 .p. OR: Chances are that you have failed in your past relationships or this is your first try at scoring a date with your dream girl. 4. though.Don’t forget to introduce your self! You don’t have to make it super fanciful. you would’ve qualified a big fraction of them! For example: I have a sneaky suspicion that you’re on a tight budget and have less than a few hundreds to spend on your marketing and advertising campaign.Be sure to follow in by mentioning a problem your prospect is facing.

Internet World Trading suffice. but before that I established factories all over the world for more than 30 Years. For example: My name is Hans Norgaard and I have been Internet Entrepreneur for a living since 2010. 24 .

In untapped markets. They know the secrets to success. You would have wasted valuable time and money if you used mass marketing techniques without first strategizing about the state of the market. Automate your service centers to cut down on costs and help your customers at all hours of the day. There are two general types of secrets that Internet millionaires know which include external and internal secrets. In addition. It is critical to have a marketing strategy and not just jump into marketing techniques. we don’t have to use mass advertising anymore because mass advertising doesn’t have strength because consumers have choices. We will discuss these secrets in detail in hopes that you will use them to your advantage and become an Internet millionaire yourself. It diversifies your business so you are bringing in money through many different areas. The backend part of your company supports these profit centers. which help keep the marketing costs down. Internet Millionaire Secret #3: Search for and grab untapped markets. Internet Millionaire Secret #6: Set up your business so that you are replaceable. You can make yourself replaceable by branding.Internet World Trading 2 PART "Seven Secrets of Internet Millionaires" Internet millionaires don’t acquire their wealth and success by luck of the draw. Branding 25 . you will succeed in your own Internet business. Internet Millionaire Secret #1: Internet millionaires recognize that strategy should be the foundation of any marketing plan. you will be able to establish a rapport and trust with your customers. The business market in general is going in the direction of niche markets because customers have more choices regarding places to buy their products. Seek out people that have not been able to have access to your product in the past. For example. you don’t have to deal with competitors. This will allow you to sell services 24 hours a day 7 days a week online. Internet Millionaire Secret #5: Try to automate as many services as possible. They focus on selling their products and services to specific niche markets. let’s look at the external secrets that Internet millionaires have in their tool kit. Internet Millionaire Secret #4: Your backend strategy is crucial to success. First. You can’t rely on retiring early if you only have one profit center. Internet Millionaire Secret #2: Internet millionaires are not generalists. These secrets are so valuable that if you implement them. You want several profit centers that allow you to sell your products and services to more customers.

only 5% ever make any money and only 1% makes big money. They are able to make decisions quickly. One of the most vital secrets is that Internet millionaires persevere and never give up no matter what obstacles cross their path. Branding your value. Internet millionaires also have internal secrets.Internet World Trading encompasses yourself or the value that you provide. therefore they earn the big checks. if there is a single reason why the Internet today is so proliferated with ads and banners. Affiliate marketers don't carry any risk. The "Super Affiliates" do it very differently from all the other millions. When you consider that those are the top three things people want to avoid. Money-Making Internet Business Models Amid all the noise and hype on the Internet today. two heads are better than one so you can discuss ideas and strategies you have for your business. they do not handle customer service and they do not need any up-front investments. but it doesn’t allow you to take a break because you have to make every decision. Even though there are so many affiliate marketers out there. Remember. build a team to support your business venture. since there are absolutely no barriers to entry. Internet Millionaire Secret #7: Don’t work alone. Almost anyone can sign-up for an affiliate program for free and start promoting the product or service on the Internet with hopes that someone will buy. They have learned the correct information and modeled others that have proven success. since they do not pay for the creation of the product. An Internet millionaire has selfconfidence and believes in their product. business. Create a team of marketing. In other words. In fact. a mentor and accountability individuals. 3 Easy. even the most amazing Internet marketing technique will not work if you don't understand how to apply it to YOUR business. They are not afraid to make a mistake and realize that their job doesn’t define whom they are. not many people realize that all the ideas and techniques you can find are petty much useless if you don't first understand your business model. sells your expertise and not your time. it's no surprise that almost everyone and their neighbor promotes an affiliate program or another. on the other hand. it's because of affiliate programs. The 3 most popular business models are: 1) Affiliate Marketing This is perhaps the most popular one out there. Branding yourself is lucrative. 2) E-book and Information Publishing 26 . giving them instant commissions.

very low production and maintenance costs. e-book authors need to be more disciplined in their approach to Internet marketing. something you can teach to all those people you have built a relationship with. have no obligation to teach you their "Secret Strategies to Become a Millionaire of any variations to that. and you think it's going to be easy. and are willing to put in the effort. when you do it right. they have very. You'll need to spend some amount of money getting your business up and running.Internet World Trading Sitting at the other end of the spectrum. but the point is. Whatever initial start-up costs spent can be covered by selling just a few copies of high-margin e-books. Well. Of course. For this simple purpose. why tell you the absolute truth when you'll end up as their competitor? No one wants more competitors. People in this business usually think they're talking about network marketing. It's not going to work. the payoff in this online business model is much more rewarding. The reason why e-book marketers and "Infopreneurs" make more money is simple. If you're thinking about publishing and selling your own e-book online. right? 27 . While affiliates can get away trying to "get something for nothing" the same is not true for the e-book type of business. though. has to build a relationship with these people and help them to start their own business. You'll need to learn a lot more than affiliates are required to. E-book authors. it's not as easy as it sounds. The key is to have simple systems that are duplicable. The role of the Internet here is only to get you the names and contact details of people you can talk to. almost 90% of people get it wrong when it comes to Internet based network marketing. no matter what they say. that doesn't sound like network marketing to me! Internet based network marketing is simple if you understand it. However. Anything digital doesn't cost a single cent to be produced in millions if necessary. and you can even recruit an army of affiliates who are more than willing to do all the selling for you. The reason is simple. In my opinion. Of course. but in reality they are talking about affiliate marketing. it is not necessary for you to have a high-tech system and pretend that your auto responder is building relationships for you. They focus on selling more and more every month. they also need to invest more than affiliates do. not a computer. think again. 3) Internet Based Network Marketing I've heard many people say that the Internet and network marketing are a match made in heaven. They hide behind their computers and pretend everything's going great. when done properly. after which YOU. They have systems that are so complicated only they can understand it. the "E-book Publishing" model is a truly profitable business. They try to make the Internet do all the work.

So. 3 Quick Ways To Start Your Own Online Business In Less Than 24 Hours The Internet and online business especially are becoming more and more popular by the day in to days world simply because people are starting to see the true benefits of the web. Affiliate Programs. make sure you understand the basics. no one will be selling you half-baked truths when their success ultimately depends on yours. Rest assured. That's a pretty intimidating number for someone wanting to start their own home based business on the web wouldn't you say? These were the same obstacles I was up against when I first ventured into the online world of business. 28 . Business Model #1. the start up costs for a online business are next to nothing compared to the offline world of business start ups. But I didn't let that stop me and I hope that won't stop you either from wanting to start your own online business. consumers are starting to trust the web more.Internet World Trading Internet based network marketing is very much the opposite of that. You HAVE to tell people EVERYTHING you know or your business will never take off. Information overload can stop you before you even get started. and stop listening to and buying things that are not applicable to your business. Are you ready? I hope so.000 results for that keyword alone. For this reason alone.000. I always recommend that if you're new to the online world. I did a search under the keyword term "home based business" and the search results returned 575. The only set back most people run into when wanting to start one of their own online businesses is How and Where to get started. you need to first join an Internet based network-marketing business at least to learn. No matter which model you choose. I saved you the hassle and put together 3 of the quickest ways for ANYONE (that's You) to start their own online business with next to no investment required and can get started in less than 24 hours. and more importantly.

associateprograms. This is the quickest way to get started online. Resell Rights.refer-it. The best part of all is.http://www. 29 . This is the fastest way for anyone to start a online business who really doesn't have any experience or knowledge on how to create their own Business Model #2.. The upside to this is you get Ready-To-Go websites with PROVEN sales letters that convert. which then again saves you time and money in having to create them yourself.. Not such a bad trade off wouldn't you say? Business Model Refer It . Resell Rights are simply products that have already been created and are available to anybody who is willing to pay for the Resell Rights to market them.http://www. All you have to worry about is generating the traffic to your affiliate link and collecting your commission checks. Period! Here's a few Affiliate Directories to give you a start: Associate Programs . You just get to keep all the profits.75%).Internet World Trading Affiliate Programs are simply programs set up by the business owner for others to sign up for and promote for the business owner for a agreed upon commission (usually between 10 . you get to keep 100% of the $Profits$. What I mean by that is you get full rights to the product or products and are able to claim them as your own even though you didn't create them yourself. Private Label Resell Rights are simply products that are ready to be branded with your name to it. Private Label Resell Rights.. The other really cool thing about Private Label Resell Rights products is they come with Ready-To-Go websites. The great thing about Affiliate marketing is it doesn't cost you a single penny to get started.. The original creator of the product maintains full rights. you don't have to worry about refunds or customer service that come with owning your own product. The draw back is you can't claim those products as your own.

3 Quick Ways To Start Your Own Online Business In Less Than 24 Hours. and you get a percentage of the sale. but you do need to either be able to set up a website.. Once you've figured that out the only thing left for you to do is put together a. or you make a small fee for each person who requests more information.Internet World Trading Well there you have it. leaving you frustrated. along with many smaller retailers (with lots of good products and services). Plan For $Profit$. A better way to make money is to find a niche that serves a smaller group of 30 . the only thing left for you to do Right NOW is make a decision on what you would really enjoy doing as a business online. Keep in mind that running an online business takes time and effort. It’s not a good idea to try to compete with an established retailer like Wal-Mart. you can get started without any products. However. Now. The easiest way to locate any of the above via the search engines is by entering something like this into their search engine web form: Affiliate programs + "what your niche is" (Note: make sure you use the quotations around what niche you want to target. Here are 3 simple ways to make money online even if you don’t have your own product: Affiliate programs Being an affiliate means you are selling other people’s products.. You don’t need to be a computer expert to run an online business. Target. which is one less roadblock for most people wanting to start a business. Most major retailers offer affiliate programs. or Circuit City. Very Important!) This will save you time and target your search much better. 3 Simple Tips For Making Money Online Even If You Don’t Have Anything To Sell! Have an idea about making money online but don’t know where to start? There are several ways to make money on the Internet ñ even if you don’t have a product to sell. just like running any business. where as if you were to just enter 'affiliate programs' into the search engine web form you would get a gazillion results. or have the resources to pay someone else to do it for you.

A good place to start is Commission Junction (http://www. Then you need to promote your website to enough people so you can make money. You can also sell individual ads. a simple way to get started is to write your own how-to booklet. but don’t have a lot of money to create your own. start with something you know a little offers a simple service to help you sell your information product. Google will automatically determine which ads are best for your site. By placing ads on your site. and Google will be able to determine the best ads for your visitors. Then you need to find the right audience to sell those products and services. You need to pick the right products or services. do a search for creating information products or writing (there are other advertising programs you can offer. or enjoy doing. you should have enough ideas to get you started ñ even if you don’t have a product to sell yet! 31 . Write a How-To booklet If you don’t want to sell other people’s products. while selling the basics from Wal-Mart to beginners. you might start a fishing site that sells canoes and fishing products to people who like fresh water fishing. To learn more. and start writing. You can also find smaller retailers who may offer more specialized products to those who know a lot about fishing. you earn money for each person who clicks on the ad. Once you create your product.CJ. and if your set gets a lot of visitors. and Google does the rest. And offering a good solution can make you lots of money! Making money online takes more than just building a website. based on the topic of each web page. and there are others to help you get started. Again. All you have to do is place the code on your web page. Pick a topic you know enough to write about. For now. How to catch fresh water fish or How to plan a fishing vacation on a tight budget are possibilities for the fishing niche mentioned above. and you’ll get an idea of the products you can offer. you can make good money. But using a program like Google is simple.Internet World Trading people. be creative. Clickbank. Be creative in finding your niche. Again. rather than selling sporting goods to everyone. and determine your own terms and the best way to succeed is to find a niche. but for now Google’s is the biggest and most popular). that you can easily reach. For example. Information products are always good sellers ñ the key is to solve a particular problem. and before long you can be making money online! Adsense from Google Adsense is an advertising program from search engine Google. create a website around that topic. there are lots of problems out there that people need help with. and you will find lots of resources.

and how to handle problems as they arise. A business plan will give you an idea on how you want your company to progress. you should get in touch with an IT company right away. but running a successful Internet business can be a bit more difficult. there are free ones. but many of them are not having any luck at all. It is impossible to know everything about your industry. if you do not ask questions to other people you will only be holding your company back. Remember. Do not reinvent the wheel. by following an established Internet Marketing Plan you can take a shortcut to your online success. Never be ashamed to ask for help if you are having a rough time. This way you will have some background information on the industry instead of simply going into the venture blind. In other words. Be aware though to not follow unsuccessful plans. By following the tips above you will be well on your way to running a successful Internet business. 1. Before you can run a successful Internet business. 2. There is nothing wrong with doing this. anybody can run a business. If you want to be successful while running your Internet business. 4. choose an industry that you are familiar with. You will just want to make sure that you do your homework before starting.Internet World Trading 4 Instant Tips for Running a Successful Internet Business Running an Internet business is not a difficult task. why not look at it as a way of making new business contacts? If you are having a technical problem that you cannot figure out. which are just excellent like "The Internet Marketing Master Plan". This is something that you should come to grips with before you even get started. but to be successful you will have to be determined. 32 . By doing this you will ensure yourself of knowing where to start. In fact. there are a couple of tips you can follow. where as a marketing plan will direct you on how to grow your company. Make sure that you are organized from the very start. Of course. This will allow you to follow your plan as the days go by so that you do not get lost. you are going to need the necessary knowledge. It is hard to be successful in anything if you do not know where you are trying to go. Instead of thinking of this as a bad thing. These are two things that are synonymous with every successful Internet business. There are thousands of people that have their own online business. if you are looking to start an Internet business. it is possible to run a successful Internet business even if you do not have past experience. The most successful Internet businesses are ones that have a quality business and marketing plan in place from the start. A lot of business owners do not like to ask other people for help because they do not want to hurt their pride. so there are times when you will have to ask questions. 3.

delivery of the product. These stories might be true but did you know most of them have failed so miserably several times before they can really make money? They have learned from their mistakes and move on. 2. it is a vision issue. it will never work and so many others negative words coming from people who don’t really understand in this Internet Business industry. Programming And Graphic Designing In Order To 33 . they create joint ventures. You Can Make Easy Money From The Internet Most people believe you can make money overnight and by not doing anything at all. So what is this big Internet lies? Below here are the 10 big Internet lies that you should know: 1.Internet World Trading 5 Big Internet Business Lies You have heard from people saying Internet Business is a waste of time. If it is not a currency issue. and they get ready and then build up anticipation for a launch ñ then BOOM it explodes! 3. It may seem as if some gurus are overnight successes with the wild numbers some people have brought in during a day or a week selling information or products online. All the follow up. you will not make any money. there is no real money to be made online. Starting And Running A Business On The Internet Is Expensive Do you know that you can start your business with zero cost? You can actually earn your income by joining a very high quality affiliate program. In other words. your job is concentrating on marketing only. Dollar. If it is what you have in mind right now. they prepare. You have probably heard of stories of how people make 5 to 6 figure incomes in the shortest period of time imaginable. especially if the country’s local currency is smaller than that of the U. countries.S. Why some people make a fortune and some don’t even make money at all? Simply because the people who make thousands or millions of cash knew all the lies in this business and they will not trust these lies. Some interesting facts about overnight success ñ it normally takes months if not years to realize. it does work. The thing is. See and think big and your results will have a tendency to match your thoughts. this myth is what sets the realistic apart from the unrealistic. Usually. Usually the expensive statement often comes from people who are living in nonU. answering questions from customers and so on are done by the owner of the program.S. See and think small to get small. You Must Know HTML. as an affiliate marketer.

you are not selling anything. Think for a moment. Remember though. Show people what their lives would be like with what you offer and you will have a sale without selling anything at all! 5. 4. most successful people are true successes because they only focus their time on what brings them successes. Put this in your head. It is a path and not a destination. The money is in the relationship. one of the biggest shockers was the discovery that most of the biggest on the gurus today do not have the first clue as to how to build a web page. don’t try to sell to other people. which you can hire them to design your web pages exactly like you wanted. You probably heard this from most gurus out there. These gurus earned more money because they knew how to reach people. On The Internet. Period. The money is in the list. As a matter of fact. There Is No Need To Know How To Sell This statement has make people who hate selling are attracted to ads that read no selling required. In this business. If you want to create your web pages without having to learn programming. All the above are just some of the big Internet lies. you inform your potential customers. The idea of networking with people is unattractive to most who hate to sell. You have to be smart in order to really achieve success that you could possibly imagine. Success is like enlightenment. is there any logic at all you can make money without doing anything at all? Usually these programs are usually unworkable and fly-by-night operators run some. But you should also have this word in your mind. Actually there are a lot more Internet lies you should stay away from. In fact. 34 . You Don’t Have To Build A Mailing List At All Laughing out loud ñ that is like saying. Instead. I don’t want to be in business. You are just showing people their life and how it can easily be enhanced by what you have to offer.Internet World Trading Start Your Business You don’t need to know all of these at all. They either outsource for professional help or establish Joint Ventures with other individuals who can compensate their lack of knowledge in any one of these areas. just find someone else that can do it for you. your mailing list is as important to you as the Yellow Pages is to a conventional B2B business. HTML and designing skills. There are many professional web designers you can find on the Internet.

delivery guy and your marketing department rolled up into one. I suggest that in addition to these sites. but they will be able to unsubscribe if they wish. you cause people to make decisions. you'll be able to add a popup to your site with a single click Tell A Friend Generator . Urgency Sells: When you offer limited time offers. You must have a customer service desk. An auto responder will keep your site in the mind space of your potential clients who have signed up for your newsletter or requested more information. We are open People don’t enter stores that have a closed sign at the door. Then one of the important things you will want to have is an auto responder. Use this generator to create a quick. try post an FAQ section ñ Frequently Asked Questions. one-step button that you can add to your web site that will let your visitors tell their friends about your site with just one click! Add this to your site and watch a whole new flood of targeted traffic come in! All these types of scripts are available for free or for a small fee online. It would generate a line that looks like this: This offer expires on XX/XX/XX. they may inquire about your product.Pop up windows that appear on your web site when a visitor enters or leaves your web site have been shown to dynamically boost subscriber rates and sales. what strategies are particularly effective and find ways to incorporate them.Internet World Trading 5 Essential Elements of Profitable Sites What technology tools do successful websites use? Remember that a website is a store front. so act quick! The Popup Generator . that you visit lots of sites you would like to emulate and see what they do well. You need a script that keeps a deadline up to date on your website. This can take the form of a form where they fill out their name and email.) Nothing says Closed louder on a website than old content: old date references and postings. no tool is a match for the power of viral marketing. Now that people think you are home. the likelihood of making a sale increases steadily? It may seem like you are being intrusive. 35 . It can be to simply subscribe to your newsletter or they may have a specific question. Did you know that after 5 emails. So one of the best things you can do is to get a script that keeps the current date front and center for your visitors. (Well some do. If you want to have a stress-free site. Even if you don't have any programming knowledge. You don’t have to update it everyday ñ it does it all by itself. and open for business. we talking about the law abiding kind here. but you know. it’s your customer service rep. It will send out preformatted emails at defined intervals automatically.No matter what promotional tools you use on your site.

Again be patient ñ you will succeed if you really try.Internet World Trading I know even just the little bit above seems overwhelming. I am not saying it is impossible. 5 Mistakes You Must Avoid When Starting A Home Based Internet Business 2 years ago I left my job as a sales manager to start a home based Internet business. You can buy some product and services that helps you on the way. Often it is a question of making minor changes. Well perhaps a mentor. Be realistic ñ you have to have some of the key skills needed it you are going to succeed. I had already bought a lot of books promising substantial incomes within days or at least a month. measuring the effects of the changes and wait for things to start happen. but most end up with a giant information overflow and no money in the pocket. Fifth mistake to avoid is not learning the basic stuff. You must plan for a modest income the first 3-5 months. First mistake to avoid is rushing into a home-based business that program that you know little or nothing about. attract visitors and make money from you visitors. Forth mistake is starting cheating when you get desperate and low on selfesteem There are a lot of scrupulous people out there making money from guys like you who has been knocked in the first round A lot of communities are exchanging clicks for Google AdSense. Produce a list of alternatives and try to identify the critical success factors and skills needed. but you must understand and be able to handle the basic stuff if you want to establish your home business and survive. Nothing could stop me now I had several project up and running in no time. Did you really think you could get away with it? You end up getting banned from the program and excluded from one of the best home based Internet businesses you can find. Starting a home based Internet business is like a boxing match. The basic skills for succeeding with a home-based business is to create content. someone who has done all the above and more would be of interest to you. Many people on the Internet want to make money from selling you the perfect home based business. What I did and you should not repeat is thinking that it is something wrong with the program when the money doesn’t start pouring in. In many cases they haven’t even tested the program themselves. Be patient ñ work 36 . Third mistake is quitting a program to soon. Second mistake to avoid is thinking you can go from zero to a successful Internet business in 30 days or less.

You want to put your Internet business on a webpage of your own. Affiliate Programs. Business Opportunities. and people tend to buy more from people they know and trust. Do you feel the same about buying from a vendor on the street as you do about buying from a person in a store? They’re both vendors. Think about it. Affiliate programs are THE ABSOLUTE BEST business opportunities out there because the ONLY thing you need to do to run your Internet business is to market your affiliate link. STEP 4. Find something you feel is a good business opportunity. You can scour the Internet for all sorts of different business ideas and opportunities. A webpage is like a storefront. Their confidence in you will be an additional factor that will compel people to buy from you. 5 Steps To A Successful Internet Business STEP 1. etc. packing. Get your own Blog and make one post a day. emails. A Blog. is a great way to establish yourself as an authority figure on whatever topic you decide. There are many places online that will host and let you set up your Blog for free. simply put a BRIEF description of what is being offered along with your affiliate link. These sites are professionally designed to maximize the number of people who buy or join so a brief description. Do not disclose too much in your description because people might THINK they know what it is all about and not click on your link. Having Cost-Per-Click advertising on your website is a way to earn additional income that can be VERY substantial.. will produce 1000's of different search results. 37 . Most people who visit your website will not buy from you. Doing a search on any search engine with the keywords Work At Home. They will eventually develop confidence in what you are saying. Home Based Business. returns. If people are going to leave your website. If you only have a brief description of what your webpage is about along with individual descriptions of your product or products people will respect that. Web Log. is sufficient. and will begin to trust you.Internet World Trading hard and smart and you will become the champ of home-based Internet marketing. phone calls. It projects respect to your business and who you are. storage. As a result some people will check out your webpage to see what you have to offer them. STEP 3. Sweet deal! STEP 2. checks and credit cards just to name a few! Not so with affiliate programs. just enough to spike their curiosity. shipping. You want to let your affiliate website do all the selling for you. once someone has clicked on your affiliate link your only job is getting the next person to click on it. short for. Get your own webpage. If it is affiliate programs you have decided upon. complaints. but the store gives you a certain feeling about the person you are buying from that a street vendor just can’t give you! Your webpage dose not has to be fancy. Make Money Online. With a traditional business you must deal with inventory. Put Cost-Per-Click (CPC) advertising such as Google AdSense on your website. As people return to read your daily articles. they will eventually come to view you as an authority on whatever your Blog is about.

thousands of new surfers open their browsers for the first time. quality over quantity. they will turn up in the search results. It dose not take any special skill or any great intelligence. When people do a search using keywords or phrases that are in your articles. The more links you have pointing back to your website. as with anything in life. John helps people to work at home using various business opportunities that include affiliate programs. so be sure to insert highly searched for keywords and phrases into your articles! You will need to include at the bottom of all your articles your bio. When you submit your articles] The more articles you write and submit. You will have 38 . Everyday. the higher the chances are of your articles keywords and phrases showing up on search results. and applying that knowledge. punctuation. Your bio will contain a brief description about who you are along with a link to your website.. sentence structure. No one will take what you have to say seriously if you don’t write correctly. If you follow these five etc. the search engines will eventually find them and will spider every word. This is the most important advice you need to know. Tip 1: Surf in security. like most of the Internet population. This is how you will get FREE advertising! People are searching the Internet for free information.. Take your time and check your spelling. So there you have it! Having a successful Internet business is simply a matter of understanding how things work.Internet World Trading wouldn’t you rather them leave through a link on your website that will pay you money every time someone clicks on it? Google makes putting their AdSense on your website E-A-S-Y! The ads are relevant to the content of your website. the higher your websites page rank with the search engines will be. meaning the higher up on the search results will your article turn up. grammar. Write and submit articles to article submission sites. you can surf easier and faster with a friendly browser. If you desire your own home based business visit http://www.yoursite. It might read for instance [ John Doe is the owner of yoursite. The most important thing. The first action that you will do if you are new to the net is to open your browser to surf. but if you have some good advices in the early beginning. it is confusing in the beginning. STEP 5. Continue following steps three and five and watch your Internet business grow! 5 Tips For New Internet Surfers. is persistence. If you have a PC. you cannot fail. so don’t stop writing and submitting articles! I do want to stress however. Google can even put its AdSense on your Blog as well.

sometimes. The second reason to choose Firefox is that you save time. I really love this one. all that in the same window. for the first time. for sure. It will save you time and a lot of headaches. or open it in a new window. And everything will go smoothly. with Internet Explorer. it is recommended. You can download Firefox for Free. but take your time. If you don't take your precaution. but it is not the best browser available on the net. you just tape e in the address bar of your browser. For instance. and it is in fact limited. You can download AVG. you may loose all that is stored in your hard disk. select open in a new tab. You just type Firefox in google. by introducing a virus in it. One of the first reason you should use Firefox is the integrated Firewall.ebay. That is really powerful. you will be even more happy to surf on Internet. then http://www. then after save your file in the folder you yesterday. you wrote: http://www. Tip 5: Don't forget a good anti virus. whenever you click on a link. There is a lot to learn when you start on Internet. You may think that it is hard to surf on Internet. Tip 4: All your downloads at the same place. and open it will appear in the drop down menu. You can open fifteen windows in one time if you want.ebay. However. and you want to see the news. To switch between your pages. just click on tools. bookmark is favorites) a tab. which protect you against spyware and other ad wares. when you went on ebay. You just scroll to find your program. you just right click on the link. Firefox enable you to open several pages in one window. and you have now two pages in only one window. and then you select all the time. you can surf in tab. The fourth reason to choose Firefox is that when you download a file on your computer. It is a very intelligent way of to save your download on your desktop. Tip 3: See all your pages in only one window. which is excellent at download. you just need to click on anyone of the page you want to look in. 6 Steps to an Effective Online Business 39 . but you face a problem: Where did you save that file? With Firefox. and a pop up window appear. While you surf on with Firefox. for instance. it's like magic. and it's fun too. you want to open it. It is very efficient when you are doing some researches on a subject. Let's explain: you are now looking and you're done. When you will discover Mozilla Firefox. Better. you have 2 choices: open the page in the same World Trading Internet explorer installed in your computer. you can bookmark (in Internet explorer. some hijackers will attempt to damage your computer. Tip 2: No need to tape http://www. on Google for example.

rather than 6. what works for one person or in one month may not work for another person or in the next month. A few tips here: Rather than accept free web hosting. or become an affiliate marketer. You must find a product that meets today’s needs. absolutely must. finally break down and purchase the knowledge to write a good sales pitch. and the online market is inherently different this year than it was last year. 2. Do it the other way around buy the knowledge first.Once you have your web site up and running. Traffic generation tactics are significantly different than they were just a year ago. and although the implementation strategies are different today than several years ago. and in exchange are paid a percentage of the income from the sale. They are foundational. You may be tempted at first to write a sales pitch on your own. useful product. where you promote a popular product.Internet World Trading Creating and running an effective online business is realistically comprised of several hundred. You must be willing to pay for the rights to sell a current .Determine how the potential customers can view your product and see a sales presentation. but this will serve as a guide for the direction of your efforts. purchase your own domain name and pay to have your domain name and web site hosted by a professional web hosting company with a reputable history.Develop or discover a product. there is no cookie-cutter. you must develop a sales script and web copy. These 6 Steps are simply the bare-bones skeletons of what has to happen for your online business to be successful. get-rich quick scheme on the web.000 other marketers. you need to. If you develop your own product or purchase the rights to sell someone else’s. The Internet is constantly changing. and hardly resemble profitable strategies three years ago. this is probably the most important thing you can do. Too many marketers try to wing it in this area and after a few months of losing money online. invest in a few courses on web copywriting. 3. Customers will not buy just because you have a web site---they buy from the web site that does the best job of convincing them it has 40 . they generally take your fledgling business with them. Aside from your web hosting decision. and they all begin to promote it. the basic steps remain the same. 1. but unless you already have a lot of experience in the offline market writing effective sales letters. and start making sales from the beginning. unless you are using an affiliate program that supplies a sales page. A 5 year old product whose resell rights you can buy for a dollar or get for free probably won’t meet the needs of today’s consumers. New technological improvements occur monthly. Contrary to what you may hear rampantly on the Internet. What works for one individual when he is the first to sell a certain product a certain way may not work just six months later when he has sold his idea to 40. If your free web hosting company goes bankrupt. you will need a website. Be willing to spend some money upfront on learning this skill. and impact the online business environment. Not only is every online business different.

Once you begin to get traffic to your online business site. Again. When you first begin. you really can become successful in business online. but they are a sure waste today.You must develop a traffic source that works. you must invest your income in paid forms of traffic generation. but time consuming traffic are: writing articles and posting them to article directories. and are losing money. but on average they only purchase $25 per hundred visitors. You may see hyped-up ads for thousands or visitors for a low cost or millions of banner ads for another reasonable price both of these methods may have worked 2 years ago. and what percentage of visitors from each source are purchasing your product. nor time to seek out low cost advertising. you must keep detailed records of where the traffic comes from. it will not happen overnight. By tracking your expenses on each type of visitor and by tracking your revenue on the same sources of visitors. Once you begin to make sales. but you are not profitable. However. you will run out of enthusiasm for generating the free traffic. commuting long distances to workplaces and the desire to spend more time with the family are contributory factors towards this desire and urge to start an internet home-based business. 5. you may be on a shoestring. you probably shouldn’t be attempting an online business. the income may feel good. 6. low cost classified ads. and by keeping diligent records (there is plenty of good web site tracking software on the market that can help you do that). 41 . Assuming you have been willing to spend some money on sales letter writing and a decent web host. Good sources of low-cost. and ezine ads. 7 Critical Steps-To Launch A Successful Internet HomeBased Business! The concept of starting an Internet Home-Based Business either Full time or Part-time is catching up with most people in the developed economies of the west. if you build a solid online business with a solid foundation. 4. If you have visitors that cost you $50 per hundred to come to your web site. you can develop a profitable online business. If you do not. you may be able to skimp in the traffic arena for awhile. Furthermore the uncertainties of present day employment. and you will not get rich quick. If you do choose to go the low-cost route know two things up front the returns are really low and you will spend vast amounts of time on traffic generation. you can determine which campaigns need changes or need to be eliminated and which need to be increased in intensity. and without reinvesting the income from your first sales into advertising. and that is OK.By following this pattern of steps. If you do not have money to advertise. if you have plenty of time. The Global Business Opportunities the Internet offers an entrepreneur today is something that was unimaginable ten years ago and the smart ones are jumping on to the bandwagon. and are willing to spend some money learning how to do it right. you are sure to fail.Internet World Trading the best product for their need.

5. Clickbank and ClixGalore who provide a whole range of Affiliate Programs to choose and Strong Future International. Ask yourself If others can be successful why can’t I ? 2. a product that satisfies a specific need of customers. Do not under any circumstances leave your job until your home-based business has started generating a profit and you are able to sustain yourself from it. Preparing a Business Plan should be your first priority. There should be a short term and a long-term plan. Again the advice of a professional is useful in helping you to choose a domain name and in selecting a web hosting company. start getting that special feeling of being a Successful Internet Home-Based Business Entrepreneur. Do some research. Yes.Internet World Trading 1. Motivate yourself and start believing in yourself. should all be planned out. There are also several leading Affiliate Program providers such as Commission Junction. and the support system you have.e. Website. 3. Domain Name and Web Hosting: The website is the most important vehicle that showcases your Internet homebased business to the Internet marketing world. since fancy domain names and unsatisfactory web hosts can stand in the way of your business success. you have to obtain the services of a professional to design your website unless of course you are capable of doing it yourself. avoid the Scams and choose a niche product i. Stick to your Full-time Job: Stick to your full-time or day job while you are in the process of building your Internet Home-Based Business. Link Share. Prepare a Business Plan: Once you have made a decision to start an Internet Home-Based Business. Choosing a Product: Selling your own product is the quickest and easiest way to make money from home but starting off as an Affiliate is often the best option for all new homebased business entrepreneurs. Get that Special Feeling: The first and most important step towards SUCCESS is the feeling that we can SUCCEED--Nelson Boswell. the funding strategy. 42 . Choosing the right products is the gateway to success. There are several Affiliate Programs promoted by successful and highly respected Internet Marketers in addition to leading organizations such as the Amazon. What is your goal? How do you propose to achieve it? The product you wish to sell or promote. 4. For this and other technical reasons which are beyond the scope of this article. the tax benefits.

7 Secrets To Building Your Online Credibility In a way. Especially as a small business owner with no large company name behind yours. 7. In other words you have to be knowledgeable in whatever you do. You may find it beneficial to place your picture (even a smug shot) on your website. So if you want to work at home and succeed in your Internet homebased business.Internet World Trading 6. (Where do you think the acronym 'WWW' came from?) There is no real central authority that is in charge and many scam artists take full advantage of this. 43 . Here are seven ways to build your online credibility. 1. Failure is no option for you. Building opt-in lists and advertising your internet home-based business will start bringing in additional traffic and sales for your business boosting up your morale. building credibility in the prospect’s mind becomes crucial. Promote your Internet Home-Based Business: Once your Internet Home-Based Business website is up and about. the Internet may be compared to the Wild Wild West. your prime work now is to make your presence known to the Internet business world. you have to be completely dedicated and focused on your business. These steps if followed with dedication and perseverance will take you up the ladder of Success to reach your goal of being a Successful Internet Home-Based Business Entrepreneur. Having done the preliminaries such as preparing and optimizing the content of the website. Motivate yourself to succeed for success is your goal. Knowledge also elevates you to a position of authority and boosts your image in the world of Internet Marketing and Internet Home-Based Business. Be Passionate and Educate Yourself: Success comes only to those who are really passionate about whatever tasks they do. Reciprocal link building. submit it to the Search Engines and Directories. Keeping abreast with the technological developments taking place in your chosen field of activity is vital both for your survival and success. submitting to article directories and article submission sites will start generating traffic to your site. writing articles.

In this our automated age REAL counts. The Loooooonee RRRRanger! The gallop of the horses. 3. She said that she would not want to do business with someone who was prejudiced against her anyway ñ I thought to myself ñ Problem solved! Your photo helps your visitor to reach across the great chasm of the Internet and touch your customer -ñ right from their monitors. and mobile phone? This information adds to your credibility. 4. Your address also adds a sense of structure to the very fluid environment of the Internet. It is therefore easier to connect and form a relationship.Internet World Trading Brick and mortar stores have the advantage since the clerk has a direct face-toface conversation with the customer. Even though this is a real fear I think that the best reaction I read on this point came from an Italian-American small business owner. Do not use a free email or hosting service as your main site. We have emotions and use them to communicate. Most of the fears expressed were that people might be turned off by the owner’s ethnicity. Here again you are being transparent and in the open about your identity and how you may be contacted. email. and you do not intend to take their money and close down your website the next day. I can still fondly remember those days before my family could afford a television. not to mention your perceived availability. landline phone. There is a REAL person behind this website. As children we often listened to those radio dramas. It is much like the sign on a brick and mortar store ñ this is where I’m located. I recently read an interesting thread on a marketing forum message board with several people giving their opinions on the pros and cons of placing your picture on your site. It all has to do with feeling connected and human. You have nothing to hide. Can you be reached by fax. you were there. This is closely tied to the former tip. Place your PHYSICAL address and contact information on every page. There is nothing that can communicate emotions like the human voice. Provide an audio message in your own voice. Why do you think cellular phone customers are trading in their old phones for the new talk-to-me-and-seeme-at-the-same-time models? 2. That is why just a post office box number would not suffice. You smelled the gunpowder and rode those horses! What can you use your voice to do? At least it can say. We are not computers ñ we just use them. You were there in the center of the action. the crackle of gunfire trust me. 44 .

.. This makes it almost imperative for you to provide a page with your privacy policy. Some say that in business image is I think that almost all web-hosting services provide POP email accounts. Information you should place on this page includes: .your company objectives. Why? She sees you are not afraid to be checked out. That may be taking it a little too far but you are NOT who you think you are but what the customer perceives you to be! If you use a free email service such as hotmail. *Is the information shared with a third party? *Let them know how they can opt out of any mailing list they sign up for. 6.truste. When a surfer appears at your site for the first time it is like going on a blind date. She can then know if you are the one she really wants to build a relationship with. Just knowing this outline of who you are places the visitor at ease and most of the nervous jitter hopefully disappears. The About page gives her a good chance to get a quick background check on you. What carry the 45 . duh. It may be best to use the account associated with your paid website’s domain.a personal and professional biography. *Why you track their IP address. . 5. Use your customers’ unsolicited testimonials and product what does this say about you? You are so successful but you cannot even afford a paid email service? Most spammers use these free email accounts anyway that’s another count against you. Internet users are becoming more and more sensitive to how their personal information is being used. For a more detailed discussion on website privacy you may check: http://www. Include a Privacy 7. What you say about your product or service is not really taken seriously.maybe a photograph of yourself.a comprehensive description of you and your company. . . General concerns that would have to be addressed are: *How you use the information that is collected.Internet World Trading Tied closely to credibility are the perceptions that you create of your business. address and telephone number. Have an About page. I mean what are you expected to say anyway? It’s your product . The visitor may have heard a little about you and know where to find you but she is practically just window-shopping.

So what do you need to take action on for your online business venture? Here are a few ways you can create a greater stream of income through your own Internet Marketing: 1. and that will greatly increase trust which eventually leads to profit. and sometimes if your articles are good they’ll be used and published on websites. 2. the gold’s in the list. Write articles When is the last time you have written articles to be published in article directories? Thousands and thousands of people will see these articles you’ve written and submitted. There are many ways to bring your income to the next level. Publish an e-zine Have you started publishing your own e-zines yet? E-zines are newsletters that you send out every few days for your subscribers so that they can read and gain information from. 7 Steps To Skyrocket Your Internet Business Profits. The less information you give about the customer who is providing the testimonial the less believable it is. As many gurus have mentioned. people are skeptical with anything that includes money.Internet World Trading greater weight are the opinions of other experts in your field. testimonials from your customers. 46 . So pour on the testimonials ñ too much is not enough. No one wants to buy junk. Use all these strategies to help build your credibility online and see more customers willing to open their wallets and their hearts. There you had it. and promote any affiliated programs. 3. E-zines can also help you improve the relationship between you and your subscribers. Publish testimonials Testimonials can greatly increase your sales as it works like a proof ñ that the products you sell works. This means that you can get instant credibility if you present the unsolicited testimonials of your satisfied customers. So clear off the doubt in your visitors and show them the proof. These testimonials should be accompanied with the email address or website and full name of the customer. sell your products. I have had visitors who actually contacted these customers to confirm that the testimonials were real. But what carries the greatest weight is what the customers themselves say. and it all relies on just a little work that you can take anytime.

Try to emphasize the benefits over and over again about affiliating your product. Our place of work is open for business 24/7 so we can work when we want and for as long as we want. If you have involved in Pay-PerClick advertising like Google Adwords or Overture.Internet World Trading This way. and every visitor are potential buyers. you can clear off the ineffective keywords. 7. lets look at the advantages of creating and building an online income. and only bid on more profitable keywords that brings you profit. Offering a guarantee This is extremely important. This situation offers a less stressful working environment. provide sufficient tools. 5. make sure you’ll grab hold of it right now and execute them right away to multiply your revenues. 4. First and foremost. it is important to remember that there are few 'Get-Rich-Quick' schemes on the Internet. why won’t you offer a guarantee? You must earn your visitor’s trust. here are the 10 most powerful unwritten rules that may well prevent you from 'skidding into the ditch'. Look upon it in much the 47 . only then will they be comfortable in investing their money for your product. execute the plan. 6. Make a point of reading through them monthly and remain focused on the road ahead! 1. share affiliate tips and strategies with them so that they can successfully promote your product. Publish an affiliate newsletter Once you have gotten your affiliates. Promote your own affiliate program Whenever you have the chance to do so. Many of our regular duties can be run on autopilot leaving us with more time for family. 10 Powerful Tips for the Newbie Internet Business Entrepreneur For the newbie Internet business entrepreneur. Tracking your advertising It is important that you track your advertising. you can’t let them do it all by themselves. If you haven’t included these steps in your online business venture. Provide them an affiliate newsletter. and to a certain extent we are in control of your own rewards. you can drive tons and tons of traffic to your site without cost at all. However. social and leisure activities. and you’ll be receiving a whole lot more in your profits. 70% of people who sees no guarantee will leave the sales page just because they’re not convinced! If your product delivers well. Many times people will not have the urge to take action until they are asked to do so.

Don't sack your boss till you have the confidence in your complete ability to earn regular income. with scant reward in the early days. if you're focused. are scams. Don’t pay too much attention to images of earnings checks or bank statements purportedly demonstrating how much the account-holder has earned. to try out a few programs in your spare time. Anyone can write them or get their colleagues to do so! They may con some. you would find they have one thing in common! Dedication!! They are prepared to work hard and long to achieve their goals. They do not lose 48 . and they won't answer your emails of complaint! MLM too. which. who have made a great deal of money from their endeavors. Avoid the 'Get-Rich-Quick' schemes. or in fact any website telling you that your money will be doubled or trebled in a matter of days. bother to write and market an eBook describing how he did it? I think not! Go with your first instincts. it is a simple task to create whatever you want with a little creativity. Would you then offer to tell everyone about your 'secret formula'? I don't think so! You will no doubt come across those who will try to convince you they have found such a recipe. NEVER get involved in 'get paid to read email' sites. Scripts. it is useful. ask yourself this would a guy who says he's earning several million dollars a year. Avoid them!! It's not difficult to find bona fide traders on the Internet. 3. If you were to take a close look at all the successful Internet marketers. they are usually quite accurate! 6. They don't work! 4. and no doubt offer to share it with you. not just financially but in wasted time too.Internet World Trading same way as you would if you were creating an offline business. or see boasts of huge income! 5. 2. requires commitment and a positive attitude right from the offset. it will be worth the effort. An address or telephone number is a good sign they are genuine. The same goes for letters of recommendation or testimonials. Look for offline contact points. as part of the learning curve. Think positive and stay focused at all times. Imagine you discovered a method of earning huge amounts of money on the Internet. Whilst it is important to have your mindset focused on a full-time successful online business. creating attractive images and even building your first website! This can all be achieved as a 'spare time' activity. or you will become rich overnight. Always shy away when you see the word 'Secrets'. There may be a lot to learn but trust me. Believe me it will cost you. Similarly. they are scams and you wont earn a penny. especially early in your Internet career. but don't let it be you! 7. Another good test is to send them an email before you sign up to see how efficiently they reply. in order to be successful. Get the feel of the Internet marketing arena and at the same time learn a little about HTML.

You should be able to access any file. you are likely to have your account closed. 8. It won't be worth the hassle believe me! Read the Terms and conditions section when you join a program and if you decide to sign up. then you have to be aware that the infancy is almost over. You can make more money from the Internet without building any business. So much time can be saved with a tidy desktop! 9. Be organized! Keep all your business activities logged and documents filed in the correct folders. Don't be tempted to send out high volume unsolicited email (spam)... Check your email accounts at least daily and file the important ones. I cannot stress this point often enough to you. Everybody wants to take advantage of the Internet must treat it as if it a mature entity. You will make useful contacts during your Internet campaigns. If you still think that you can easily make fortune out of the Internet. The Internet gains its maturity faster. which if applied. You should understand that building an Internet business is different from making money from the Internet. more a collection of simple guidelines.. software or email within 30 seconds. Avoid leaving large amounts of funding in any online marketing or promotion website! Most websites have a strict policy on spamming and if you are ever accused (rightly or wrongly) of sending unsolicited emails.Internet World Trading heart if everything doesn’t come together today. then you may miss the big picture of it unless you are aware of the things you should ask yourself and give your answer before you build your Internet business.. Don’t be frightened to name a file or folder with a long name (within reason). will serve to make your Internet Marketing experience a safer and more enjoyable journey! 10 Questions You Should Answer Before Building An Internet Business If you believe that the Internet is still in its infancy. folder. Try not to 'stand on toes' 10. then adhere to those terms. Stick to the basic etiquette of Internet Marketing. You’ve got to be serious about using Internet as your business vehicle. and the ‘quick buck’ rarely influences them. 49 . which could result in you losing your funding too! So that's it! Not a set of rules.

then you must make an exercise to find that strength! 3. 7. to do it correctly. 10 years. You may decide to get a business coach to help you grow your business. Do you have the technology? What technology needed for your business? What will be involving? You need to decide which technology is appropriate to your business. Make a list of clear and measurable goals with detail activities to reach it. Do you recognize your business strength? What is your business strength? This will affect the whole concept and strategies of your business. So. if you do it correctly. you won't win the business game. Do you have a good quality customer? What kind of customer will you have? One part of your business activity should be about finding good quality customer. the Internet business you're building will make money for you even while you're sleeping or away in vacation. Do you have a good quality information to offer? Your customer needs information. or 20 years. 9. you should ask yourself these questions before building any Internet business: 1. But here's the interesting part. Do you set your business goals? What missions you want to be accomplished to achieve your business vision? These missions will be your business goals. evaluate and buy your products again. Do you have a business strategy? What to do to win your business? Use a Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle to test your business strategy. and again. the money stops coming in when you stop your Internet activity. 6. 8. Making money from the Internet needs you stick to the Internet all the time. On the other hand. Do you have good quality products to offer? What products you want to offer to your customer? You have to make sure that the product you want to offer to your customer is the one with good quality.Internet World Trading While building an internet business may 'cost' you big investment. Do you have a vision? What is your business vision? You should have it clear in your mind what your business will be in the next 5 years. Do you have a business coach? Who will mentor and watch your business growth from the outside? Sometimes you need more than just advice and consultation to grow your business. again. Simply put. 2. If you think that you don't have that strength. 50 . making money from the internet may cost you nothing or less. Good quality customer is the one who's willing to observe. 4. Unless you can provide it. 5.

The average professional suit for a woman can cost over$150! Can you imagine NOT having to buy expensive work clothes anymore. passion. Pure and simple. for a field trip at school. provides tax base for necessary programs such as police and fire. Family. how much do you think a work at home mom uses expensive convenience foods and restaurant take out? 7.Internet World Trading 10. 2. 10 Reasons For Women To Start An Internet Business Starting an Internet business is in my opinion. If you can't answer just one of the 10 questions above. build a retirement. or sales calls. an Internet business can start generating income almost immediately. Flexibility. and how much money a year you can save your families’ budget? Also. Because I work at home. the patient and the endurance toward the business? The last things you should have: guts. and one reason why you shouldn’t! 1. one of the fastest and smartest ways women today can make money. Less taxes means more money in your pocket. or just simply make ends meet. I can arrange my schedule to be available when a child is home sick or heartbroken. we forget to forge something in our lives that reflects our inner selves. It provides good role modeling for our children. and a community where people exhibit pride and hard work is a better place to live for us all. Let’s face it Moms. or to just take 51 . Our communities that we live in are better off for us having started businesses. With the right guidance. Do you have the guts. then you may cancel or think over again about building an Internet business. Tax Benefits. 3. Starting (and becoming successful) in your own business can boost your feelings of self worth. Many of us are so busy being Moms. and that’s a good thing! 6. and that makes everyone in your life a winner! 4. Whether it’s to get out of debt. and community members. A work at home job is great for just that reason unless you have to leave home for appointments. Work at Home Household Savings. Here are 10 reasons for starting an Internet business. we all could use a more of it. Most women who start a business at home are going to be able to take large tax deductions for their home business. and wives. Then you’re right back to babysitters and being away from your kids. An Internet business truly lets you run it from home. a lot of you want to be home with your kids. Perhaps you will inspire more women in your community to start a business! 5. the passion. Community. Money. Self Esteem. patient and endurance to build your business. parties. Working at home means no expensive wardrobes.

9. Provide search capability. and your dreams. Start a business for you. You determine how much you work. No more being paid less than you are worth. If you educate yourself right. 52 . a website could be beautiful and an example of all the latest technology and still not attract a single visitor if not promoted correctly. Provide interactivity with features like forums quizzes and tools. Being in charge of your own business means you are no longer at the mercy of layoffs. and make a good income. Put up features. How many bosses would give you the day off to read? 8. starting an Internet business is a great place to start. you can pretty much combine hard work + persistence=unlimited income. not someone else. There is so much pressure on women today to do it all many times we feel we are not successful unless we make a lot of money. a home business can crash too but at least YOU hold the reins and make the decisions. it is. Don't have the site be just an online brochure. One reason NOT to start an Internet business DO NOT start a business to please anyone else. Building the site is one thing. Don’t get me wrong. work at home.Internet World Trading a mental health day once in awhile and sit at a park and read. In fact. or the mother in law. or your next-door neighbor that you can do it all. You can sell your business later on down the line it’s an investment! Build it large enough and successful enough. A website is a waste if it simply re-hashes something which could easily be put into print. no more begging for a raise. but if you want to follow your dreams. never gain a pound you get the idea. which take advantage of the Internet as a medium of communication. Web visitors like to interact. and how much you make. 10. 10 Tips For Web Success The webmaster's biggest job is to get their traffic up and keep customers/visitors coming back. Here are 10 tips to guide you to success with your website. Running a business is not for everyone. (1) The Internet is a new medium. not to convince the world. At least compared to print. and many website owners have sold their sites for hundreds of thousands of dollars and started out knowing very little about building an Internet business. but simply building and posting a website does not guarantee traffic. are perfect moms. Filter information for them.

Yes. you need to have product information and other information on your site that won't change much. It’s like walking into a restaurant. not the company. Don't overcomplicate your website homepage. When getting that communication. Any web visitor. Remember. (6) Pay Attention to Form/Design. Most visitors have short attention spans. it will appear enormous to somebody on a smaller resolution. but you can also post more timely content. Also. It inflates the ego of the company more than it helps your customer. A well-designed site communicates professionalism. A site. (3) Design the site for customers. which is not really useful to the site's customer. don't post content. then you will be there for a while and eat. Some sites simply over-do it on the eye-candy. Many web designers operate on fairly large screen resolutions and sometimes forget that even though a graphic looks great to you. A poor design makes the site seem like an afterthought. You need to have content on your website which is timely and relevant to the customer's life. So. if the hostess comes and greets you right away and walks you to a table. Provide tips and techniques . Actively ask for the feedback and suggestions. you might wonder what is happening. don't go too light on graphics. Keep the visitor involved and make them feel like a valuable contributor. 53 . The same analogy goes for websites. capture their email address. This will allow you to communicate with them long after they have moved on and forgotten about you. whether they admit it or not. judges your company by your website unless they have something else to go on. Your site needs to satisfy the needs of customers. But. and using the default font and no color is not very aesthetically pleasing. Big graphics just for the sake of graphics often impress the site's designer more than the visitor. (4) Involve the Visitor.things that are immediately applicable and solve a problem. (5) Keep it Current. is not interesting. which never Posting month-old news is not interesting. You can. which is poorly designed. Ask for communication from your visitors and answer that communication swiftly. some visitors may still be accessing your website via dial-up. When a person visits your website.Internet World Trading (2) Treat the Customer's Time as Valuable. not the company. On the flip side. You either need to use it or you will lose it . you have their attention for that point in time. pay attention to graphic and design size. post content about how your products can be used in certain situations in life. A slow website will cause your users to leave quickly. If you walk in and just stand there and nobody comes to greet you. Best results will be obtained if you make it very clear where to click to find what they need. And avoid overflattering marketing hype about the company. what you need to design your site homepage so that it grabs their attention and provides what they are looking for right away. for example. Your site needs to load up quickly for all users. Do not use graphics that are large and purposeless. Posting dry product information.

When a visitor communicates to you via email. sell package deals. Participate in forums. Promotion makes or breaks a business. don't operate as if you are a self-contained island. Employ the "push/pull" marketing strategy. etc. A company site. Create a free eBook directory on a specific topic at your web site. Post links to other websites and ask for a link in return. Form partnerships with other sites if it is appropriate. 54 . and as long as you respect the ethical considerations of your mailing list. Give them a pop-up when they try to leave your site. Sometimes you just want to talk to somebody. Use newsletters. A visitor coming to your website is the pull.Internet World Trading (7) Promote. Hiding behind general email address like "sales" and "info" is OK as long as there is a way to also email you directly. When you set up your website. 2. is good. What are people reading? How are they finding you? Do they just come and leave right from your homepage? How long as they are on your website? Do they return? This data is immensely valuable in fine-tuning your website based on customer needs and wants. The Internet is a medium. You can trade leads. (8) Don't Operate in a Cocoon. out-going email. They may never return. When posting links to other websites. Give your visitors that ability. When it comes to communication. not to impress the site's owner. 15 Ways To Start Your Internet Business Sales 1. the biggest mistake of any Webmaster is designing the site for what THEY want. Remember. A successful website is designed for the target audience. which allows email direct to the management. Start a mailing list and use it. Or at the very least make external links open in a new window. (10) Track Your Visitors Pay attention to your site's statistics and react accordingly. contests. Just remember how much you hate calling a company and getting stuck in their phone system. but later you want to push content back to them in the form of a newsletter or other promotional material. don't just send your visitors somewhere else.anything that will cause people to return to your website. Look for ones that have the same objective. not only will this keep your email address from being picked up by spammers. share marketing info. clubs. (9) Have a Plan to Attract Repeat Traffic. Provide them an exit page. you should use it. Get out there and keep in tune with what is happening on other websites related to your own. it will also allow you to ask your customers for their email address and then store that address for later use. people like personal contacts. which is shared by millions. Find a strategic business partner. Invite visitors to sign up. auctions . it is best to use a web form. People will visit your web site to read the free eBooks and may see your product ad. forums.

8. sometimes you have to spend money to get results. Ask people online to review your web site. 12. New ideas are usually the difference between success and failure. Use ones like love. fun. Start an auction on your web site. I'm not saying out right copy them. 6. This can earn their trust and put them in a good mood. 13. but practice some of the same habits that have made them succeed. Offer daily or weekly visitor bonuses. Just ask your visitors in return if they'll refer their friends to your web site. accounting. Include emotional words in your advertisements. 14. If you're selling a book. Create multiple streams of income with your web site. 5. You can easily do this by just writing articles and submitting them to e-zines or web sites for republishing. freedom. security. Allow people to download software or e-books from your web site at no cost. Give your visitors compliments in your ad copy. 4. I hope this little E-book helped you. 11. Sometimes businesses don't want to advertise unless it's free. Remember to take a little time out of your day or week to brainstorm. marketing. 9. You can use the comments you get to improve your website or you may turn the reviewer into a customer. 10. relief. You could out source your secretarial work. If you need to earn money from home and learn how to increase your income see my homepage: 55 . This will increase your repeat traffic and sales because your visitors will visit regularly to get the visitor bonuses. You could sell your own products. Brand your name and business. Take risks to improve your business. sell advertising space. etc. 15. etc. Out source part of your workload. 7. etc. Combine a product and service together in a package deal. satisfaction. Model other successful business or people. You'll save on most employee costs. offer an hour of consulting with it. happy.Internet World Trading 3. It could increase your sales. in return they will be easier to sell too. join affiliate programs. You'll draw traffic from auctioneers and bidders. The type of auction could be related to the theme of your site.

increase-u-income.Internet World Trading My team gives free support until you reach your goals. You can sign up on my website or send my an e-mail if there is anything I can do for you December 2010 Kind regards Hans Norgaard Internet World Trading 56 .com E-mail: internetworldtrading@gmail.

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