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Sep | Oct 2020


California Sculpture SLAM 2020
Through November 1

Top Left: Kevin Porter, Agharta VIII, 2020, 3D printed nylon

Bottom Left: Yves Goyatton, The Weight of Time, 2017, cement
Top Right: Darlyn Susan Yee, Body Cocoon No. 26, 2018, knitted
wool, acrylic, polyester, metal

California Sculpture SLAM showcases current works by established and up-and-coming California sculptors. The biennial
exhibition’s goal is to provide a platform for a wide variety of concepts and materials in contemporary sculpture.
This year’s exhibition was juried by Shana Nys Dambrot, an art critic, curator, and author based in Downtown LA. She is the Arts
Editor for the LA Weekly, and a contributor to Whitehot, Flaunt, Art & Cake, and Artillery. u

Juror’s Award of Excellence winners:

Seda Saar, Prismatic
Belinda Hanson, Beast
Mary Dee Thompson, Torso
Alexandra Rose, Ammunition

Digital exhibitions are available for free at

Be sure to also check out the virtual walk throughs of SLAM and Terminally Optimistic created by Haven Properties.

San Luis Obispo Museum of Art • 1010 Broad Street • San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 • 805-543-8562 •
Terminally Optimistic LIVE THROUGH THIS
Through September 27 September 18 to November 1

Rachael Winn Yon, Fool’s Folly, color screenprint with hand-cut stencils.
Collection of Steve Sumii and Janet Swanson.
Dese’Rae L. Stage, Portrait of Lagemas George.
This retrospective exhibition, hosted in partnership with the Established in 2010, Live Through This is a collection of
Central Coast Printmakers, features 16 prints by Rachael portraits by photographer Dese’Rae L. Stage featuring the
Winn Yon, a Central Coast resident and artist who passed true stories of suicide attempt survivors across the United
away in December 2019. States. This project reminds us that suicide is a human issue
With a wink, Rachael Winn Yon describes herself as by elevating and amplifying survivors’ voices through raw,
terminally optimistic in Sky Bergman’s documentary honest stories of survival, and pairing them with portraits of
Lives Well Lived. She was playful, joyous, broad-minded, those survivors in the moments just after telling their stories—
adventurous, curious, and energetic and her art mirrored putting faces and names to the statistics that were the only
her personality. Yon was an active supporter of SLOMA and representation of attempt survivors for far too long.
member of the Central Coast Printmakers, an affiliated artist Select portraits, along with links to the survivors’ stories, will
group of the Museum. This memorial exhibition celebrates her be available to view digitally at
levity, humor, and artistic talents. September 18–November 1, 2020. This exhibition is hosted
The public can access the digital exhibition, along with a in partnership with the County of San Luis Obispo Behavioral
curated Spotify playlist and a virtual walk through of the First Health Department and Cuesta College. u
Gallery, for free at u

Through September 27 October 2 to November 29
Brushstrokes 2020 is a Occupies Space features
digital exhibition featuring 42 26 sculptures by members
paintings by members of The of the Central Coast
Painters Group, an affiliated Sculptors Group and
artist group of SLOMA, and Art Center Morro Bay.
members of Art Center Morro This non-themed juried
Bay. exhibition explores a wide
Artists were invited to explore range of media including
a variety of subject matter, glass, ceramic, stone, and
from portraits of loved ones wood. Selections were
and animals, to serene made by Monterey-based
landscapes, to abstraction. artist and gallery owner,
Selections for the exhibition Gail Enns.
were made by Central The exhibition will be
Coast based artist and available to view digitally
Cuesta College printmaking at
instructor, Marcia Harvey. current. Award winners will be announced at the digital
The public can access the digital exhibition for free online at opening reception on Friday, October 2, 2020 at 6 PM. RSVP u for the event at the exhibition webpage. u
Image: Nico Vandenheuvel, Painting Her Selfie (detail), carbon on
collage painting. Image: Ken Wilbanks, Splash Down, glue laminated construction beam.

Page 2 • Sep | Oct 2020 • Art News • San Luis Obispo Museum of Art 805-543-8562
Learn more at
The Painters Group
There are no TPG meetings scheduled for September or Virtual Workshop: Drawing For Accuracy
October. In this virtual workshop, instructor Lury Norris will teach you
The digital exhibition Brushstrokes 2020 is currently on view the different tools that are used to encourage and assist with
at u accuracy when drawing from life. This weekend workshop
— S. Kay Burnett & Carolyn R. Henderson will help you train your eye and hand for absolute realism. All
experience levels welcome. Age 16+.
CC Sculptors Group Oct 17 & 18, 10 AM — 4:30 PM with breaks and critiques.
Oct 2, 6–7 PM: The long-delayed Occupies Space exhibition Registration $130 members, $145 general. u
will have its virtual Opening Reception. Juror Gail Enns will
discuss the exhibition. In the meantime, please enjoy the Virtual Workshop: Artful Quilting
extended virtual showing of California Sculpture SLAM on the Inspired by Picasso’s etchings and Matisse’s cutouts, create
SLOMA website with the interactive “walkaround” video. u a series of drawings with fabric and thread. Instructor Gina
— Carl Berney Gilbert will teach you how to turn your drawings into quilted
projects using appliqué, traditional quilting, trapunto, and
CC Photographic Society hand and machine stitching. Use your own drawings, those of
Sep 8, 7 PM: Local professional landscape photographer your children or grandchildren, and apply these techniques to
Nic Stover presents “Things That Go Click in the Night ­­— create colorful works of art.
Adventures (and Misadventures) in Night Photography.” Join Nov 7, 10, 14, 17, and 21 (Tuesdays & Saturdays) from 10 to
CCPS to talk about the challenges of planning, focusing, 11:30 AM. Registration $160 members, $175 general. u
predicting, and processing night images.
Oct 13, 6 PM: Rad Drew presents “The Magic of Snapseed! Beyond Technique with Frank Eber
Process Mobile Images to Perfection!” Rad is another return This workshop will continue in the tradition of the 20th
webinar presenter who will teach you how to process images Century California Barbizon movement. The focus will be on
on your iPhone or Android phone using the powerful free app, emotional responses to nature to encourage the individual
Snapseed. u — Ralph George & Cheryl Strahl artist’s expression while balancing the forces at play in
creation of a painting. Workshop will be held outdoors.
CC Printmakers Nov 6–8, 9 AM — 4 PM. Registration $360 members, $395
CCP members have not had any Zoom meetings but instead general. Max 10 students. u
have been creatively keeping in touch with a “snail mail”
project. A list of participants have weekly sent a print or art PROGRAMMING UPDATE
image along with a bit of writing about the print, how our lives
are going, and how we miss meeting in person. We have Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most group events
done about 16 weeks so far and are now going to embark on including Film Night, Art at High Noon, ARTalks, Art After
a second wave. u — Evy Justesen Dark, after school art classes, concerts, and the travel
program are currently on hold. The Museum of Art will
Digital Art Group resume group events in accordance with state and county
Sep 14, 5:30 PM: DAG Zoom meeting. More info to come. recommendations. For now, visit and follow us on
The Digital Art Salon and Digital Shorts Film Festival have social media for fun virtual activities, events, and classes.
been moved to spring 2021. The entry deadline is now Want to help SLOMA? Visit to learn more.
January 10, 2021; call for entry form available online at Every donation makes a difference. u u
— Gerry & S. Kay Burnett San Luis Obispo Museum of Art Mission Statement
Provide and promote diverse visual arts experiences for people of all
CC Craftmakers ages and backgrounds through exhibition, education, creation, and
Sep 9, 2 PM: Zoom meeting to share what we have collaboration; and preserve the Museum’s permanent collection as
been working on during the quarantine, discuss how the an artistic legacy of the California Central Coast.
Museum’s current closure and future plans affect CCC, and
also make plans for how to share or highlight the work of Museum of Art Museum of Art Staff:
CCC members. If you don’t receive an email invitation by Board of Directors:
Sep 8, contact Dianne Draze at u Maryellen Simkins, Interim
— Dianne Draze Meets the 4th Tuesday of Executive Director
every month at 5:30 PM. Courtney Davis, Assistant Curator
CALLS FOR ENTRY Charles Feltman, President Erica Ellis, Collections Manager
Robyn Letters, VP and Community Engagement
Grounded: Deadline November 29, 2020. Juried, all media Nancy Piver, 2nd VP Mary Waters, Administrative
exhibition open to artists of SLO County. Enter online at Carl Berney, Secretary Assistant Todd Peterson, Treasurer Lena Rushing, Gallery Assistant
Digital Art Salon: deadline January 10, 2021. This juried Tyler Beaty José Lemus, PM Life Drawing
exhibition will feature the diverse artwork being created Roger Carmody Beth Mott, Youth Education
by contemporary California digital artists. Enter online at Charles Crotser Coordinator
KC Duggan
Digital Shorts Film Festival: deadline January 10, 2021. Theresa Perry
Juried exhibition of short films showcasing digital art. Enter Barb Renshaw
online at u David Richards

SLOMA.ORG San Luis Obispo Museum of Art • Art News • Sep | Oct 2020 • Page 3
All painters invited. 9 AM–Noon with a critique during lunch.
Contacts: Debby Veldkamp 805-801-3617/, Joan Faubert-Suttle, or Mike Grahek
805-481-8621/ Bring a folding chair, water, face masks, & food.
Sep 3: Biddle Park, 3500 Lopez Dr., Arroyo Grande. Large area of trees and grass park areas.
Sep 10: Martha Saulsbury’s home, 1082 La Vida Lane, Arroyo Grande. Last house (yellow) on the right.
Sep 17: Jim Trask’s home, 460 Aloma Way, Arroyo Grande. Phone: (805) 481-3318. House is on the left with big oak trees at
the driveway.
Sep 24: Old Town Gazebo, Arroyo Grande.
From Hwy 101 South, exit Grand and turn right on Short St. into the city park. Lots to paint. Gazebo, chickens running around
loose, the creek and trees and the backside of old town shops.
Oct 1: See Canyon Apple Farm, SLO. Hwy 101 to San Luis Bay Drive exit. See Canyon Road on west side of the 101. Drive
up the canyon a bit untill you see on your right See Canyon Fruit Ranch signage.
Oct 8: Tiber Canyon Ranch, 280 West Ormonde Rd, SLO.
Oct 15: Cayucos Pier. At the ocean end of Cayucos Dr. by “Duckie’s Chowder House.” Great views of oceanside commercial
buildings, beach, and pier or anywhere along the main street of town.
Oct 22: Park Ave, Pismo Beach. Go to end of Park Ave to the large parking lot on the left.
Oct 29: Sweet Springs Nature Preserve, 660 Ramona Ave, Los Osos. Park on left hand side of street. Lots of views to paint of
Morro Bay, Morro Rock, trees, and the park. u

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on the west end of Mission Plaza
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