What is the origin of Tetada Kalimasada?

The art of Kalimasada was brought to the Indonesian Island of Java more than 5 centuries ago by the early Hindu settlers. Earliest known materials indicate that skilled practitioners of kalimasada were well known for their martial prowess. The art uses a unique technique of chanelling one’s inner energy as well as his environment to maintain one’s physical well being and enhance his martial skills. Due to the potential of the art being used for destruction rather than for good, the teachings and practice of kalimasada have been kept secret and known only to a few families, passed on from generation to generation through the centuries. Almost a decade ago, the present Grand Master, IR. Eddy Surohadi, deemed mankind was now ready to be given this art . Under his watch, he wanted to emphasize the healing and passive nature of the art rather than the martial side. In September 1991, he founded the Institute Terapi Tenaga Dalam (Institute for the Development of Inner Energy Cultivation and Therapy). He added the word TETADA (acronym for the institute ), thus forming what the practice is currently called : TETADA KALIMASADA. The Institute, headed Master IDA SUROHADI M.D.- wife of the Grandmaster, has established a research and development team, consisting of over a dozen medical specialists in Indonesia and Europe. Their primary objective is to constantly improve the teaching methods of Tetada Kalimasada in the light of current medical and scientific advances. As of November 2001, Tetada Kalimasada has over 100,000 students and practitioners worldwide. What are the basic principles and objectives of Tetada Kalimasada? Tetada Kalimasada operates on the basic principle that “man is composed of matter and energy”. Each body has seven major energy points or “chakras” located along the main nervous system - from the base to the crown. These energy points are storehouses and transmitters of universal energy - they interact with the electromagnetic energy field and transform these into energy that sustains our lives. The chakras are often associated with the endocrine gland system and each chakra is closely connected with the functions of particular organs. The tetada kalimasada exercises or movements performed during practice are intended to stimulate and open these “chakras” so that they can receive and transmit more energy effectively. With this, specific parts of the human organs are enhanced, making them healthier. What are the objectives of Tetada Kalimasada? The objectives of Tetada Kalimasada are: • To train oneself to develop one’s inner energy abilities to attain holistic well being • To heal oneself and others To gain inner balance through concentration • To control one’s mind and emotions • To develop one’s telepathic and telekinetic abilities • To develop and cultivate strong bio-electrical energy • To practice passive self defense • To enhance meta-physical appreciation What does the black and white circles represent? The figure shown above is the symbol of tetada kalimasada. The black and white circle,slightly overlapping, symbolize the unity and balance of the physical and spiritualaspects of life, working together in harmony. It represents the ultimate

gall bladder. below the chest): This chakra is connected with the functions of the upper abdominal organs (stomach. Dragon Ball Z. while the chinese call it chi .inspiration and self-expression. colon) SPLEEN/ SOLAR CHAKRA (located above the navel. emotions. kidneys.g. This group is headed by International Master Dr. Tetadakalimasada has established a research and development team consisting of over adozen medical specialists in Indonesia and Europe. ovaries. ability to communicate. e. uterus. spleen. This is the first of the upper chakras which merges anindividual’s consciousness with GOD. Several other asian cultures as well as martial arts disciplines dothis. high blood pressure). between the eyebrows): This chakra is connected with the functions of the pituitary gland (controls other glandsincluding the thyroid and adrenal through the hormones it produces). etc further proof that the concept isnot something new but has been with us since ages ago and it is only now that we arere-discovering it.the conceptof inner energy is used extensively in their martial art styles. However. whose main objective is to improveits teaching method. Various films and anime have popularizedthe concept. It is better knownas the third eye (psychic or clairvoyant ability) CROWN CHAKRA (located at the top of the head): this chakra unifies the body and .human conditionwherein the physical and spiritual aspects are balanced in perfect health. Ida Surohadi What Chakras/Energy points does Tetada Kalimasada Focus on? Tetada Kalimasada’s movements or exercises work on the seven main chakras or energy points of the human body namely: BASE CHAKRA (located at the base of the spine in Men and between the ovaries in women): Main function . I noticed your symbols are similar to the yin-yang symbol. Does TetadaKalimasada claim that it is the only art that cultivates the individual's innerenergy? Tetada kalimasada does not claim to be the only discipline that uses or develops one’sinner energy ability. THROAT CHAKRA (located at the base of the larynx): This chakra is connected with the functions of the thyroid glands.. Star Wars.has the basic energy that people need in order to function in their daily activities NAVEL CHAKRA (located between the lower abdomen and the navel area): This chakra is connected with the functions of the reproductive organs of the male an female (urinary tract. among the inner energy disciplines Tetada Kalimasada has taken a bold stepin reconciling current advances in medical/scientific principles with centuries oldpractices through the establishment of the Terapi Tenaga Dalam Institute. balance self esteem. pancreas) HEART CHAKRA (located at the center of the chest): This chakra is connected with the functions of the heart (cholesterol. Matrix. lungs.also uses inner energy for healing purposes. BROW CHAKRA (located at the center of the forehead. liver. Yoga. in its various forms. The japanese term for inner energy is Ki. prostrate) and the lower abdominal organs (large and small intestines.

as these are the basic movements. It builds energy through the compression of air between the diaphragm and anus. What are the Jurus/Movements? The Jurus/movements used in the practice of Tetada Kalimasada are: 1. • Movements and Steps (Jurus): These are anaerobic movements designed to stimulate the various chakras. thus stimulating the highest expression of the human spirit. The bio-electrical vibrations created by eachmajor energy point or chakra during the training period will be interconnected bythe master to form a continuous bio-electrical flow of energy throughout the body. • Progressive Relaxation (Tafakur): This is a Tetada Kalimasada form of meditation wherein one is taught how to control the energy flow from the navel chakra to the different parts of the • Energy Synchronization : this takes place when the Masters deem a member is ready to move on to the next level. all levels are required to perform these during every practice session. BRIEF EXPLANATIONS ON KEY COMPONENTS OF TETADA KALIMASADA • Triangular Diaphragmatic Breathing (Duduk Nafas): This is a breathing technique that the practice has developed to generate inner energy.Jurus Dua 3. courage and humanitarianism. values. there are a total of eleven basic movements/ juruses .Jurus Satu 2. • Alpha Concentration : Term used to describe a very relaxed consciousness wherein one can cultivate abilities such as healing. ethics.This is also the secret art of fine tuning the bio-electricity generated within thebody at the alpha frequency level to make the refined energy effective forhealing. and rejuvenation.Jurus Tiga 4. It is alsoknown as the chakra of pure intuition. attitudes. What are the key components of Tetada Kalimasada? There are five key components in the practice of Tetada Kalimasada: • Triangular Diaphragmatic Breathing (Duduk Nafas) • Movements and Steps (Jurus) • Alpha Concentration • Progressive Relaxation (Tafakur) • Energy Synchronization The combination of these 5 techniques stimulates and increases the energy in the 7main energy centers/chakras. The more energy you have in the chakras the healthierthe organs. seeing the larger purpose in our lives.Jurus Empat . This act can only be performed by a Master.mind with the spirit. hypersense.

Any idea ortechniques mentioned in this material is not meant to be an independent guide toprivate practice.5.Jurus Enam B 8. PANCAR DAYA (11 levels): This course trains the mind to increase and intensify the refined energy outflow from one’s body. I am interested to learn about tetada kalimasada’s healing or curative aspects since I am past middle age. Can you tell me more? Although it varies from person to person. It cannot be learned byreading this material alone nor referring to any existing references.Jurus Tuju 9. kalimasada’s rapid results have been documented as follows: • stimulation of the 7 major energy centers are known to heal minor illnesses and boost the body’s immune system • Lowers blood sugar for diabetics • Lowers high blood pressure . It isrecommended a twice a week practice session because the body must have time toabsorb the energy that has been generated in a session .Jurus Delapan 10. PANCAR SONA (4 grades): This course focuses on refining the inner energy ability gained in the dasar level and combines it with the universal energy for superior effectiveness. They will also learn to develop their telepathic abilities. Can one learn Tetada kalimasada on a self taught basis .Jurus Enam A 7.assuming one also hasknowlwedge in other inner energy disciplines? Or can one get accelerationthrough the levels if one knows other martial arts disciplines? The ability to practice Tetada Kalimasada correctly is transferred to members only bytrained and authorized instructors under programmed guidance.Jurus Sembilan What are the Structured Progress Levels? Briefly there are three main levels: DASAR (6 grades): This course focuses on the basic development of one’s inner energy. Students will learn to heal themselves and others. (Read explanation on energy synchronization) We require a minimum of 18 sessions for a practitioner to finish one level.this is one aspect that mustnot and cannot be rushed.Jurus Lima 6.

• Alleviates emphysema • Is there evidence that this bio electric/inner energy exists? Shown below are some fotos/videos of applications of the inner energy that a practitioner develops: Here. This one shows a practitioner stepping on a flourescent lamp that has been energized note that like the newspaper the lamp does not break under the weight of the man . This picture shows a practitioner being lifted on a sheet of ordinary newspaper theinner energy has been projected on the sheet of paper so it does not tear under theweight of a full grown adult.the practitioner is able to project his inner energy so that it shields him from the flames. a practitioner is doing the fire walking exercise .

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