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Sugarcane Area Production and Yield (Graph) Projected 1947-2010


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from I.S.O. Report "Survey of Sugar Crop Yield" National Sugar Crop Marketing Years of Main Sugar Producing / Consuming Countries Jan / Dec 1 Egypt Kenya Malaysia Aug / Jul Romania Apr / Mar Indonesia South Africa May / Apr Brazil Jun / May Argentina Mauritius Jul / Jun Australia Bangladesh Spain Dec / Nov Thailand

Sep / Aug Oct / Sep Nov / Oct Canada China Cuba Colombia Costa Rica Guatemala Italy France Mexico South Korea Germany Nigeria Philippines India Taiwan Sudan Japan Switzerland Pakistan Turkey Panama United Kingdom Poland Venezuela Sweden United States European Union Russia Ukraine Source:- Sugar: World Market and Trade U.S.D.A

from I.S.O. Report "Survey of Sugar Crop Yield" 10 Largest 10 Largest Sugar Producers 10 Largest Consumers (in mln metric tonnes,raw value) (in mln metric tonnes,raw value)

98 0.153 48.03 4.74 166.29 25.94 4.62 3.77 6.40 7.981 37.88 3.40 from I.835 44.61 4.79 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 India EU-27 China Brazil U.672 71.188 164.153 156.81 6. raw value 2009-10 2008-09 2007-08 2006-07 2005-06 2004-05 Production Consumption Surplus/Deficit Import Demand Export Avaiability End Stocks Stocks / Consumption ration in % Source: 159.673 41. Arab Republic 22.77 5.251 144.55 20.88 140.96 5.S.94 16.903 48.15 1.442 9.raw value) EU-27 U.S.12 3.234 50.19 ISO world Sugar balance September 2009 .593 160.79 154.170 36. Russian Federation Turkey Ukraine China Japan Belarus Egypt.085 63.962 48.930 51.006 48.506 45.404 51.08 2.53 0.244 61.801 146.S.18 5.318 50.995 65.123 48.A Mexico Pakistan Australia Russian Federation 32.S.O.47 44.121 39.787 48.183 58.234 31.964 53.94 5.73 11.99 4.54 2.98 150.448 -2.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Brazil India EU-27 China Thailand U.87 -10.54 0.164 152.38 15.94 14.90 2. Arab Republic Iran 16.43 7.59 200304 142.00 4.70 0.79 2.7 10 Largest Cane Sugar Producers (in mln metric tonnes.711 48.042 167.A Russian Federation Mexico Indonesia Pakistan Egypt.29 25.A Indonesia Argentina 32. Report "Survey of Sugar Crop Yield" World Sugar Balances (Oct / Sep) in mln tonnes.197 44.A.446 -8.S.176 56.47 14.368 6.378 48.807 -6.317 -2.225 167.raw value) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Brazil India China Thailand Mexico Pakistan Australia U.45 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 10 Largest Beet Sugar Producers (in mln metric tonnes.78 0.62 3.86 9.

416 2.953.236 1.740 10 1.266 26.269 2.495 27.089 16 2.176 4.S.239 1.995 13 15.120 2.059 7.S.530 15 1.344 7 2.911 2.508 2.551 5.813 3.649 30.220 2.216 10.805 4.349 2.359 5 3.000 Tonnes Production * * * Note: Prod.090 2.110 3.466 5.213 2.984 32.O.015 3.169 5. Ranking based on (08-09) Source F.766 20.076 5. Report "Survey of Sugar Crop Yield" International Trade Market Monthly Refined Sugar Prices US$ / Tonnes .153 3.000 Tonnes Production Beet Sugar 31.359 1 12.415 2.900 2.220 2.942 13.682 2.217 1.541 2.521 8.297 12 7.425 7.869 11.256 3 2.528 5.446 1.590 8 S.280 1.420 14 2.779 9 5.314 6 34.754 5.154 1.A World Sugar Production 2008-09 Cane Sugar 118.No.130 1.920 11 4.S. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Name Argentina Australia Brazil China Colombia Cuba Egypt Guatemala India Indonesia Mexico Pakistan Philippines South Africa Thailand U. Licht's October'2009 Production in Raw Value Countries producing over 2.704 9.193 1.857 1.0 million tonnes included from I.350 1.661 2.204 2.680 8.683 2.736 2 2.119 2.139 1.970.939 5.212 5.815 28. Report "Survey of Sugar Crop Yield" World Major Cane Sugar Producing Countries 5 Year Production & Ranking 1000 Tonnes Raw Value 08-09 07-08 06-07 05-06 04-05 03-04 Ranking 2.520 2.311 2.002 5.277 2.007 5.962 3.755 32.103 1.036 2.525 2.502 6.000 Tonnes Production Total 149.from I.160 1.533 14.435 2.094 1.318 2.281 4 3.282 2.459 2.795 14.226 2.730 28.017.O. O.826 2.397 5.

16 245.48 352.76 224.81 227.87 210.32 313.24 405.31 279.82 328.53 277.12 353.44 337.00 225.91 314.50 220.96 184.28 233.16 379.54 246.85 312.42 223.95 228.86 376.98 383.Months October November December January February March April May June July August September Av.93 576.00 365.63 400.56 219.50 260.99 250.82 217.28 220.45 234.62 344. Retail Price 2000-01 2001-02 2002-03 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 259.00 231.84 288.76 Source: " LIFFE London / ISO" .94 241.43 247.02 481.61 326.35 392.87 445.65 265.37 212.51 450.03 215.46 460.00 335.34 404.90 247.45 253.23 258.46 256.15 279.05 356.93 285.00 201.90 324.30 224.04 329.43 227.52 333.52 233.31 213.63 248.24 348.20 387.00 242.16 444.50 260.96 261.05 311.39 248.85 397.27 338.21 225.30 234.70 388.92 379.08 330.18 233.54 214.43 203.05 285.92 471.25 242.71 259.42 556.77 266.89 238.26 329.10 440.71 417.02 277.08 371.25 323.95 191.25 275.31 222.76 236.09 238.18 248.67 319.06 197.89 258.58 347.79 322.07 461.45 468.35 304.78 226.77 225.64 236.10 326.99 277.42 266.

He added that infrastructure is being improved in the province under a comprehensive programme and substantial resources are being utilised on the . He said the ongoing developmental projects in Punjab were leaving a positive impact not only in the province but also on the overall economic situation of the country." he added. reforms process. provision of potable water. which is a proof of the fact that the devolution of powers has proved very useful. The Chief Minister also apprised the Prime Minister about the pace of implementation of ongoing mega projects in the province. He said that national internship programme is being promoted in an effective manner in Punjab which will result in improving professional skills of youth for availing job opportunities. especially the construction of roads. Pakistan needs consistent progress in all the fields as it is the only guarantee for the sovereignty of the country. he said that democracy was being strengthened and people were taking interest in the political affairs. The Chief Minister said that collective efforts of provincial and federal governments were resulting in relief to the masses due to which PML would achieve a thumping victory in the forthcoming general elections. electricity and gas supply. He thanked the Prime Minister for bearing 50 percent cost by the federal government on the setting up of the burn centre. Terming the increased political activity in the country as a healthy sign. The Prime Minister also appreciated the development strategy and reforms process in the province and expressed satisfaction over the pace of implementation of development projects. He said that projects of development and uplift of the people have started yielding encouraging results and the standard of living of the masses has improved. He said that reforms programme in education. "Continuity in government policies would bring about economic development apart from further strengthening democratic institutions. Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz said this while talking to Punjab Chief Minister Pervaiz Elahi who called on him here at Governor's House on Monday. price hike: Prime Minister LAHORE (August 21 2007): Infrastructure development. Development strategy in the province. He said that a burn centre was being set up at Jinnah Hospital at a cost of Rs 860 million. He said that President Pervez Musharraf would contest the presidential election between September 15 and October 15 in accordance with the constitutional provisions and his re-election would ensure political stability and economic prosperity in the country. He said that local governments have undertaken commendable development activities. health and other sectors of development and execution of development projects have resulted in considerable decrease in poverty.Strategy to be evolved to check inflation. have brought about a positive change in the lifestyle of the people of rural areas. political affairs as well as organisational matters of Pakistan Muslim League came under discussion during the meeting.

" he said. The government was fully capable of handling such elements and protecting lives of the citizens. which would be checked through adequate supply of items of daily use at reasonable rates. Talking to Punjab Governor Khalid Maqbool during a meeting. However. The government.000 destitute families would benefit from this programme. the PM added.679 Times in 2.3 million members of 600. The rising demand and improved buying power of the people was one of the factors for inflation. and to make the 'Vision 2030' a reality. certain elements profess such tendencies which are inconsistent with socio-cultural and religious beliefs of people. peaceful and hardworking. Khalid appreciated the policies of the government and hoped that this would bring a positive change in the lives of the people. Business Recorder [Pakistan's First Financial Daily] Sponsored Links 08-22-2007.improvement of means of communication. held at Aiwan-e-Sadr. "We have to have a stable political environment. Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz said that the government has devised a comprehensive strategy to check inflation and price hike. they occasionally attempt to create law and order situation which causes embarrassment not only to the country but to the people also." he said at the launching ceremony of 'Vision 2030' programme. Join Date: Nov 2005 Posts: 326 Countries: Thanks: 3. He also apprised the Prime Minister of various development projects initiated by the Punjab government. "The people of Pakistan are generally religious. He said that Punjab government has initiated a programme for rehabilitation of the families living below poverty line and an amount of Rs 500 per month would be given to such families. was taking appropriate measures to ensure that prices should remain stable during the holy month of Ramazan. 08:21 AM #5597 (permalink) Judas Iscariote Banned Members President stresses need for political stability: 'Vision 2030' launched ISLAMABAD (August 22 2007): President General Pervez Musharraf on Tuesday urged the political power holders in the country to maintain a stable political environment for continuity and sustainability of development policies. The 'Vision' envisages a roadmap for future development in key areas of national importance. As such. He said that 4. he said.432 Thanked 3.382 Posts .

and globalisation. like population growth." In this connection he referred to the efforts being made for peace with India and the approach to ensure that things stabilise in Afghanistan and on the borders within the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). issue of construction of major water reservoirs. the challenges like power generation. He said that security of Pakistan was paramount. coming through a fair and transparent election." He called for a "balanced political approach" to allow the government. it was extremely important that "we develop national consensus on issues. and said: "We have to surmount all these boldly..The gathering being addressed by the President comprised National Assembly Speaker Amir Hussain.. federal secretaries. confront them and defeat them and carry on going on the path of our future vision. just and prosperous Pakistan through rapid and sustainable development in a resourceconstrained economy by deploying knowledge inputs.. to continue for five years so that it can focus on the plans and achieve the objectives." The President said that it was the duty of every government to ensure security. shortage of water resources. "Our potential to deal with external threat must remain always. the President said. Pakistan has a very bright future ahead." the President said. ." The President said: "If we can meet these. peace within and peace without. diplomats and senior government officials. the government must be able to maintain security from internal threats". "They erupt as challenges . we cannot do this anymore . The President spoke of the 'Vision' that looks for a "developed." the President said. We have to generate political reconciliation to meet those [threats] and finally ensure good governance. but from strength. Insha Allah. and added that "at the same time. and cannot brush these under the carpet. scarcity of water.. population growth and "the forces that are in conflict to our national harmony and integrity" would create obstructions at a later stage. "We have to achieve these targets so that our 'Vision 2030' continues moving unimpeded by these centrifugal forces that may harm it and may create obstacles." He said that it was also vital that "we maintain harmony externally. food and energy security. Governors and Chief Ministers of NWFP and Balochistan. we must face these challenges boldly. industrialised. environmental issues. He said that in the run-up to the election. challenges and threats. federal ministers. progress and development of a nation and wellbeing of its people. and stressed that it never could come from weakness. parliamentarians." Otherwise. He mentioned a series of challenges.

but vowed that "we cannot allow this to continue". President Musharraf called for achieving greater food security through yield and area intensification. and added hat the government was offering numerous incentives to foreign and local investors. He talked about the need for larger water reservoirs to preserve the precious water resources. The President said that industrialisation was very vital for the country's progress and development.Musharraf said there was need to develop infrastructure and communication. Earlier. bringing the rural areas at par with the developed areas. besides having holistic approach towards education. which also needed to be exploited. He said there was wide scope for growth in the livestock and dairy sectors where. He talked of the ambitious programme of establishing nine foreign universities in the country to impart quality education to the ypuths. besides protection of environment. with even little investment. The President referred to the country's large coal reserves and said that China was meeting 70 percent of its energy requirements by using coal. He pointed to the need for human resource development and improving the quality of the population.3 percent due to government efforts and pointed that still one person out of four was very poor. and added that poverty had been reduced from 33 percent to 24. and termed it vital for the country's development. He said that welfare of the people was at the centre of all developmental activities. besides brick lined water courses and canals to irrigate larger areas. He stressed neesd for skill development as part of growing industrialisation and said that greater synchronisation between the universities. "The 'white revolution' must be pursued vigorously." he said. energy and pipeline links with the Central Asian Republics. He said that it was important to convert the railways tracks to standard gauge and to have faster trains to create linkages with Central Asian Republics and country's sea ports. good results could be achieved rapidly. Business Recorder [Pakistan's First Financial Daily] . industry and vocational training was required. Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz presented the 'Vision 2030' documents to the President. including alternative sources for energy. He called for managing the population growth. countering deforestation and building road. rail. He said there was also need to concentrate on primary and secondary healthcare. He said that Pakistan has huge untapped potential.

The size of the US market for mortgage is said to be a little over $2 trillion industry. finding way into equity. while estimates suggest hedge fund is under $2 trillion market.1 trillion market. the turmoil in the global financial market forced Fed to lower its discount rate by 1/2 percentage to 5.debt this year could be $300 billion. Fed. disclosure made by Bear Sterns head fund of its Subprime debt holdings rocked the financial market. In other words. Banks regularly hedge their exposure by means of derivatives. But funds such as shortterm commercial paper. bonds. 08:24 AM #5598 (permalink) Judas Iscariote Banned Members Little risk to Pakistan's economy KARACHI (August 22 2007): On August 7. which has a $1. But announcement by BNP Paribas on August 9 that the bank had decided to freeze withdrawal on three investment funds with assets of euros two billion ($2. CD's and US treasury bills. In a short span of 10 days. Estimates suggest that total asset investment in Subprime. the announcement was made despite strong signs emerging from the US market of Subprime mortgage market collapse. it also meant that Federal Reserve's monetary stance would remain tight until they succeed in containing inflation.75 percent in an effort to provide liquidity after failing to lift the market. the Fed decided to ease its credit stance and funds started rolling into the economy. banks avoid using this facility as the market perception is that if a financial institution approaches the Fed discount window. In July.6 trillion industry. US money market fund is said to be a $2. 2007. leading to the current turmoil. Soon after 9/11. the 10th largest loan provider in the US.382 Posts . The size of derivative market is believed to be around $20 trillion. which never stops thinking about inflation. How quickly things change. housing and commercial paper. Generally.679 Times in 2.432 Thanked 3. which are $2 trillion industries.08-22-2007. are not hedged. Fed's discount window will provide 30 days loan facility to all home mortgages and its related assets. US central bank policy makers came up with a declaration that inflation remained their primary target. ie on August 17. despite injection of $350 billion (approximately) by the global Central Bank. it is seen in trouble. Join Date: Nov 2005 Posts: 326 Countries: Thanks: 3. Surprisingly.7 billion) added fuel to fire. has suddenly stopped talking about inflation.

yet couple of banks were said to have preferred borrowing from the market rather than approaching the Fed window. the LIBOR rates have been pushed higher. Morgan. But discount rate cut of 50 basis points suggests that Fed could ease its Fed fund rate either before or by September 18 when FOMC meets. Canada. It is a worrisome news to know that French President Sarkozy in an urgent letter addressed to German Chancellor Merkel has shown his concern about the financial market turmoil and has questioned the rating agencies failure to issue warning against a state of great anxiety and confusion in the market. but it may not be very encouraging until the market is aware of the US financial market fiasco. which indicated that they were as safe as US Treasuries. Apparently. too. which was agreed on a six-month floating rate basis. Credit Suisse and a large number of other good banks and financial institutions have been badly hit and the damage is intensive. such market is called an unregulated market. Australia. overnight Fed fund rates soared to 90 percent. it looks as if the market is moving towards stability. This could be temporary. Any slash in US interest rates . BOA. Big names such as Citibank. have declined by 28 percent and 24 percent respectively. This year. It is likely to witness more volatility before getting back to normal. Hence. Except for the 1st Sukook bond worth $600 million issued by the Government of Pakistan on January 27 2005. But in the present circumstances. and now due to global liquidity crunch. they will be looking for more such support in future. SUBPRIME'S IMPACT ON PAKISTAN'S ECONOMY Subprime mortgage may have a global impact. BNP Paribas. which has to bear the price volatility due to rising US interest rate.During the Gulf war in the early 1990s. which has spilled over to big parts of Europe. but direct risk to the Pakistan's financial market is minimal. So far it has lost 30 percent of its value. J.P. the share prices of two rating agencies. If the turmoil further aggravates. UBS. the so-called financial gurus must be full of praise for the Central Bank's act. Moody's and S&P. Japan and South Asian economies. Creditworthiness of the two rating agencies Standard and Poor's and Moody's Investors Service has been badly damaged for giving credit derivatives Triple-A ratings. it is not considered a free economy and the so-called experts make a lot of hue and cry. Is it not very strange that frequent interventions by Central Bank are quite contrary to the general perception of a free market economy? When a Central Bank steps in to intervene in an underdeveloped country.

European Central Bank's President Jean-Claude Trichet is said to be reconsidering ECB's rate policy. While. since the rating agency S&P has shifted Pakistan's outlook from positive to stable. was up by 2. it would be interesting to note if the European Central Bank follows in Fed's footsteps to ensure stability. Bond maturing on June 1. In real terms. which out of $1. In 1997. The spike in short term yield is in line of demand in the international market arising from short dated funds. Euro bond with coupon rate of 7. Pakistan's Euro bond with coupon rate of 6.E.806 percent to 8. With Pakistan's forex reserves comfortably hovering around $12 billion. Pakistan may not enjoy the same type of spread if it decides to float Euro bond.894 percent. European rate is currently 4 percent.2 billion SCRA funds could have 25 percent to 30 percent hot money. with coupon rate 6. 2016.538 percent.75 percent that matures on February 19. the remaining of the euro bonds floated by Pakistan are fixed and therefore will have no negative financial impact. 2009. GLOBAL CONCERNS AND REMEDY Since the ongoing global financial turmoil is not over. 2017. While ECB is alert to take further steps to avert credit squeeze and to stem the turmoil. The turmoil pushed bond yields substantially.875 percent jumped up by 2. so risk could be minimal. which is a residual quantity of liquidity for overseas investments. nervousness still prevails in the market.27 percent to 9. maturing on March 31. Stability would be the key factor for easing of Fed rate. as available funds in F. This is a much sharper fall than stock market crash in October 1987. was up by 1. the holders of bonds are nevertheless the risk takers. Fed cut its rate by 25 basis points on three occasions.125 percent. it should not be a matter concern.663 percent to 9.usually favours borrowing cost. As of August 15. Banks could be sitting with small risk. 2036.145 percent and 30-year Euro bond maturing on March 31. when the issue of Long Term Capital Management rose. The Fed would be watching the market carefully until its next FOMC policy meeting due on September 18. 25 is Rs 2.3 billion. (positive means possibility of upward revision to high whereas stable stands for neutral outlook). Some risk could be seen in Pakistan's equity market.769 percent to 9.556 percent. Pakistan is currently better placed by floating $800 million Euro bond in March 2007 and presently is a net gainer by over 100 basis points (approximately). The US short term Treasury bills yield tumbled on Monday. but these funds are invested with the financial institutions. rose by 1. Another tool available with the Central Bank is that Fed could do a currency swap .

as the turmoil in the credit market still looks far from over? The true consequences of global financial turmoil will only be known several months or years hence. which performed tremendously well and attracted record amounts of $8. However.with Europe to provide liquidity to the market. which gained sharply on unwinding of carry trade.432 Thanked 3. Habib Bank Limited (HBL) and others were proceeding according to their tentative Join Date: Nov 2005 Posts: 326 Countries: Thanks: 3. Japanese yen. Euro could still be the currency of choice due to healthy interest rate spread and wide corporate profit in Europe. The investment conferences and road shows held within Pakistan and abroad have contributed significantly in the amazing increase in portfolio investment. Mr Zahid Hamid. Business Recorder [Pakistan's First Financial Daily] 08-22-2007.382 Posts . he added. attracted $811 million and $650 million respectively on their listing at the London Stock Exchange. He informed that two GDR transactions of Oil & Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) and United Bank Limited (UBL). the big question that remains to be answered is that how the world would know that the global financial crisis is over. There is a huge risk of unwinding of carry trade positions that could further strengthen yen to 107 per dollar by year-end. Director Asia Pacific for UK Trade & Investment who called on him along with UK¶s Deputy High Commissioner here on Monday. respectively during the year 2006-07. federal minister for privatisation and investment stated this during a meeting with Mr Asif Ahmed. Mr Hamid stated that the economic reforms introduced by the government would go a long way in the days to come. This could push euro to 1. Kot Aadu Power Company (KAPCO).4350 against the dollar.679 Times in 2. 08:32 AM #5599 (permalink) Judas Iscariote Banned Members µPakistan to sustain growth in foreign investment¶ ISLAMABAD: Pakistan will sustain the growing momentum of foreign investment and privatisation proceeds. Meanwhile. is taking a breather. GDRs of National Bank of Pakistan (NBP).4 billion and $2 billion.

Diplo. "The feasibility study of the project would be launched within next few weeks and work on the project is expected to get underway in the first quarter of 2008. Daily Times . Mr Asif Ahmed appreciated the support being extended by the Pakistan High Commission in Britain to British investors and hoped the exchange of investors¶ delegations of both the countries would help a lot to improve the existing trade and investment relations.432 Thanked 3. "Each water supply point will be set up at maximum distance of half kilometer from the target houses. It has been proposed that minimum quantity of 25 liters water per person will be provided in a day.679 Times in 2.382 Posts .Leading News Resource of Pakistan 08-22-2007." he added. Join Date: Nov 2005 Posts: 326 Countries: Thanks: 3. 08:34 AM #5600 (permalink) Judas Iscariote Banned Members 150 villages selected to supply water through solar electrification ISLAMABAD (August 22 2007): Pakistan Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) has selected 150 villages in Tharparkar district of Sindh province to supply water under the framework of solar electrification of remote villages.time frame. Nangarparkar and Mithi. The Minister lauded the interest of UK and US investors in the economic activity of Pakistan while terming it encouraging and assured the visiting guests that Pakistan was in the process of further improving its competitiveness and facilitation arrangements for the foreign investors. The project titled 'Sustainable Development of Utility Scale Wind Power Production' is being initiated in collaboration with United Nations Development Programme. "The quality of water would be maintained as per standards set by World Health Organisation (WHO). The villages selected in first phase for the feasibility study in Sindh are located in talukas of Chachro. He said that after completion of feasibility report the local communities would be involved to identify their water needs." he elaborated." an official of the AEDB told APP on Tuesday.

Leading News Resource of Pakistan 08-22-2007. I will make efforts to change mindset of Germans towards Pakistan. said Ambassador of Pakistan designate to Germany Shahid Kamal.679 Times in 2. Speaking at a lunch hosted on Monday by the President Pakistan-German Business Forum Qazi Sajid Ali that was attended by leading industrialists and businessmen of both countries including KCCI President Majyd Aziz. ppi Daily Times . He called for more interaction at governmental. Qazi Sajid said that Germans¶ interest in making more investment in Pakistan is growing due to the efforts of the German Embassy. ³The intensity of ties between the two countries is quite strong and growing. Consulate and their companies.432 Thanked 3. and cultural and NGO level between the two countries in order to create a soft image of Pakistan.382 Posts Pakistan¶s economic indicators are healthy and we will encourage more trade and investment with Germany. parliamentary. Join Date: Nov 2005 Posts: 326 Countries: Thanks: 3. educational.Business Recorder [Pakistan's First Financial Daily] 08-22-2007.2 billion and Pakistan¶s exports to Germany $700 million annually. At present German exports to Pakistan were valued at $1. 08:34 AM #5601 (permalink) Judas Iscariote Banned Members Pak-German trade rises to $2bn per annum KARACHI: Bilateral trade between Pakistan and Germany has now risen to about $2 billion per annum and is likely to grow further.. 10:35 PM #5602 (permalink) Judas Iscariote Banned Members Saudi group wants to invest in mega . Shahid Kamal said that a high level German parliamentary delegation would visit Pakistan next week.´ he added.

is a prestigious group with a very vast network carrying out score of projects in the entire Kingdom. Chairman CM Inspection Team. Addressing the ceremony. The ceremony was attended by provincial secretaries and other guests. The Chief Minister appreciated the objectives of MoU. Secretary to C.382 . Secretary (LU).M. supply of Sui gas. Some of these included the largest Mall. IG Sindh. These development schemes include power supply to the far-flung areas. top of the line residential and office plazas. prominent businessmen and other senior government officials were also present on the occasion.8 million schemes in Jhelum near completion JHELUM (August 22 2007): Federal Minister for Population.projects KARACHI (August 22 2007): A delegation from Saudi Arabia. Join Date: Nov 2005 Posts: 326 Countries: Thanks: 3. he observed. a MoU related to proposed projects was signed.432 Thanked 3.679 Times in 2. 10:36 PM #5603 (permalink) Judas Iscariote Banned Members Rs 167.679 Times in 2. Chaudhry Shahbaz Hussain had approved several development schemes of Rs 167.8 million for his constituency NA-62 Jhelum-I last year. called on Sindh Chief Minister Dr Arbab Ghulam Rahim at Chief Minister House here on Tuesday and showed their interest for making investment in mega projects. chain of "A" class Hotels. He pointed out that Bindawood Group has shown keen interest in investing in similar kind of projects in Sindh in the first phase. while rest of the project would be completed in the upcoming few weeks. full range of Super Markets etc.382 Posts 08-22-2007. led by Sheikh Abdul Razzak. the Chief Minister said that both Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are brotherly Muslim countries bound together with fraternal ties and these will continue to grow in all fields including business and trade. Bindawood Group. which have been completed. Chairman Bindawood Group. road infrastructure. Business Recorder [Pakistan's First Financial Daily] Join Date: Nov 2005 Posts: 326 Countries: Thanks: 3. Senior member board of revenue.432 Thanked 3. Later at simple ceremony. installation of new telephone exchange.

which sought foreign jobs. while amount of Rs 127. he said.679 Times in 2. he added. they held talks with the concerned people and apprised them about the quality of Pakistani manpower. He further said that the OEC was safeguarding the interest of both the employers and the employees by adhering to moral principles and high ethical values. During their visits. both skilled and unskilled. More than 30 links roads have been constructed while several villages have been provided Sui gas. The official also revealed that Federal Minister for Labour Ghulam Sarwar Khan and OEC Managing Director S M Junaid were presently visiting these countries.382 Posts . while the work on the 15 other schemes being underway. said an official of Overseas Employment Corporation (OEC) on Tuesday.8 million under the Khushhaal Pakistan Programme. Chaudhry Shahbaz Hussain. 10:36 PM #5604 (permalink) Judas Iscariote Banned Members Singapore and Brunei may recruit Pakistani workers KARACHI (August 22 2007): Singapore and Brunei are willing to recruit workers. While describing the details of development schemes. from Pakistan. Legal support was provided to every registered Pakistani workers and the OEC helped the employees understand the working conditions before going abroad. Similarly.Posts upgradation of filters and provision of clean drinking water. Business Recorder [Pakistan's First Financial Daily] 08-22-2007. said that he had obtained funds of Rs 40 million under the Khushhaal Pakistan Programme-II. he said that 82 villages of Constituency NA-62 Jhelum-I had so far been provided electricity from February to August 2007. in a press release here. The capacities of telephone connection have also been increased in 28 telephone exchanges. he said that the process of installation of water supply plant is in initial stages and it would be completed by the end of current year. which could help enhance image of Pakistani labour abroad.432 Thanked 3. Majority of technical institutes were teaching outdated courses and using old Join Date: Nov 2005 Posts: 326 Countries: Thanks: 3. He said that the government would start training programmes for unskilled manpower.

etc. education. Aug 21: South Africa and Pakistan have agreed to increase economic cooperation in all fields particularly in mining. production trend in automotive products. manufacturing. engineering and technology. steel. An official announcement said the delegation underlined the importance of specific work programme in these sectors so that the relationship could be built on sustainable basis. having experience of working abroad in fields of medicine. investment environment. efficiency improvement initiatives. Business Recorder [Pakistan's First Financial Daily] 08-22-2007. EDB General Manger Zahid J. South Africa agree to boost economic ties ISLAMABAD. The South African delegation was visiting Pakistan after eight years¶ gap. engineering. 10:39 PM #5605 (permalink) Judas Iscariote Banned Members Pakistan. science. Director Department of Trade and Industry. to enhance technical know how. This understanding was reached during a meeting held here on Tuesday between officials of Engineering Development Board (EDB) and the visiting six-member South African delegation led by Willem van der Spuy. agriculture. Yaqub gave a detailed presentation covering macroeconomic indicators. Join Date: Nov 2005 Posts: 326 Countries: Thanks: 3. Bilateral Trade Relations ± Asia. he added. export processing zones and potential sectors for enhancing cooperation.432 Thanked 3. The delegation assured that South Africa was keen to build partnership with Pakistan on the basis of South-South cooperation policy of the country and would like to increase interactions between the two governments and business communities. chemical and plastics.679 Times in 2. He said the government would formulate a policy to utilise the experience of returning Pakistanis as was done in Japan and Korea. shipping. These countries used to send their manpower abroad only to polish their skills in advanced working conditions and thereafter utilised their professional experience for the growth of the country's economy.382 Posts . He said that Pakistan's technical manpower was well-trained and diversified.

Business. Sources in Sindh Mines & Mineral Department told Business Recorder here on Wednesday that earlier a show-cause notice had been issued to the group but it failed to accelerate the work as per conditions of the MoU. As a first step. a delegation of senior officials and technical experts of Mines & Mineral Department had visited the site. 01:34 PM #5606 (permalink) Judas Iscariote Banned Members 200 megawatts power plant: Sindh decides to annul MoU KARACHI (August 23 2007): The Sindh government has decided to terminate the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed with Dadabhoy Group for setting up a coal-based power plant in Sonda-Jherruk.679 Times in 2. 2007 08-23-2007. Pakistan will attend Nairobi Fair scheduled in October 2007 so that its products could be promoted in African countries. August 22. Provincial government had served a notice on the Dadabhoy group for the delay in undertaking the 200 MW power project. The meeting was informed that Pakistan had prepared an aggressive African initiative policy for increasing its export to the region.He informed the delegation that a steel policy was under preparation covering incentives to investors for steel-making at different parts of the country and requested for South African help in steel production. He added that Pakistan had learnt a lot from South Africa in auto sector and formulated its new auto development programme based on pre-announced tariff policy. After detailed survey of the project site. Not more than a dozen holes had been drilled for coal exploration at the project site contrary to the claims of company officials. Following the visit and on the spot inspection of the site. After serving the notice. successfully implemented by South Africa along with other incentives. they came to know that the reply submitted by the Group claiming that it had drilled over 250 holes was totally baseless. officials of the Join Date: Nov 2005 Posts: 326 Countries: Thanks: 3. following the Group's failure in executing works on time. South Africa agree to boost economic ties -DAWN .432 Thanked 3.382 Posts . Pakistan.

which at the .382 Posts Sources said that the government has been pressing the sugar mills for starting the crushing in October in Sindh and in November in Punjab and NWFP. Join Date: Nov 2005 Posts: 326 Countries: Thanks: 3. About the chances of handing over the project to any other company. At the start of this month. they added. sources told Business Recorder on Wednesday. According to these reports.department decided to terminate the MoU. The government also acknowledges that the import of sugar could deprive the farmers from good return as the industry could use this option in a tit for tat response to the government decision of importing sugar.679 Times in 2. 2005. the government need not import sugar. Dadabhoy group had planned to set up a 200 MW coal-based power plant at an estimated cost of $400 million in association with North China Power Energy Company Ltd. the sources said. sources said that it was too early to say anything in this matter. the government was planning to import between 0.432 Thanked 3. Some recent press reports suggest that the government was ready to use the option of sugar import for ensuring supply beyond November this year. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed on June 27. However.5 million tonnes of sugar for carryover stocks. and if the mills agreed to start crushing in November. Sindh Minister for Mines and Mineral Development Irfanullah Khan Marwat had signed on behalf of Sindh Coal Authority and Amin Dadabhoy on behalf of Dadabhoy Hydrocarbon Limited.2 million tonnes of sugar and the Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) had 0. Business Recorder [Pakistan's First Financial Daily] 08-23-2007. sources said. According to project details. the sources said. the mills had 1. 01:39 PM #5607 (permalink) Judas Iscariote Banned Members Bumper sugarcane crop expected this year ISLAMABAD (August 23 2007): Pakistan is poised to get a bumper sugarcane crop this year. this proposal was set aside due to the fear that farmers would not get good return. The government demand has not been accepted by the sugar industry.3 million tonnes of sugar stocks.4 and 0. there are indications that the sugarcane production target of around 55 million tonnes from an area of 1.015 million hectares for this year will surpass. According to initial estimates.

The sugar industry blames the government for not honouring its commitment to keeping sugar prices at reasonable level to help them dispose of stocks and make the payments to the growers. . as during July 2007 $12.5 million in the July 2006.432 Thanked 3. It may be mentioned here that during last fiscal 87 percent upsurge witnessed in the net foreign investment and the net foreign investment for the first time reached at $8.679 Times in 2.2 million to $188 million as compared to $164. are not satisfied with the government's mechanism of fixing the indicative price of sugarcane. depicting a decline of $26 million during July 2007. Both are poles apart on stocks lifting.48 billion in the fiscal 2005-06.5 million as compared to $-37. 01:42 PM #5608 (permalink) Judas Iscariote Banned Members July foreign investment down 14. While.382 Posts Central bank statistics shows that during July 2007 net foreign investment including portfolio and foreign direct investment (FDI) stood at $156. Decline of 426 percent in the portfolio investment is the major reason behind the overall decline in the foreign investment. FDI has increased by $23.rate of 0.7 percent during the first month of current fiscal 2007-08 due to major dipped in the portfolio investment.8 million during same period of the last fiscal. according to the sources. The government and the sugar industry are at odds over the start of next crushing season.7 million during July 2007 as compared to $11. availability.3 million as compared to $176. as portfolio investment in the last July 2006 stood at $11.3 million portfolio investment has witnessed against the outflows of $500 million.7 percent KARACHI (August 23 2007): Country's net foreign investment witnessed a decline of 14. and the prices. The sugar mills. the portfolio investment witnessed a dipped of $500 million to $-37.42 billion as against $4. The provincial governments fix the prices under their political compulsions. Business Recorder [Pakistan's First Financial Daily] 08-23-2007.3 million during the same period of the last fiscal. Join Date: Nov 2005 Posts: 326 Countries: Thanks: 3.350 million tonnes per month consumption can meet local demand till November.7 million during July this year.

AboutUs plans to grow the Lahore office to 120 people over the course of the next year. who are fully capable to compete in the international market.Business Recorder [Pakistan's First Financial Daily] 08-23-2007. which was already functioning in Lahore for almost eight years with impressive achievements and decided to open a branch office in Lahore. Greg Hinckley was a good friend of him. To a question. When asked about his interest in opening operation in Pakistan. "The AboutUs wiki was launched in August of 2006 and now. the site has seen very rapid growth of over 4 million unique visitors per month and thousands of user generated edits per day. Raymond King said he was inspired by another US based company. adding that he said that Mentor Graphics was able to find great talent in Pakistan. finding a country that has a significant potential of growth and talented human resource to compete in international market. He said 'AboutUs' started its operation in Lahore in April 2007 with only eight employees and now their figure has touched to 20. 01:43 PM #5609 (permalink) Judas Iscariote Banned Members US firm wants to expand operations LAHORE (August 23 2007): US-based Company 'AboutUs' has planned to bring in foreign investment in Pakistan.' While small at present. good infrastructure and high level of tolerance.679 Times in 2. To keep up with its growth. he added. Company Founder Raymond King told Business Recorder during his visit in Lahore. he said that Pakistan is an emerging market with a blend of unique talent. Mentor Graphics.382 Posts ." he added. along with a culture of innovation and dedication. a Pakistani expatriate who was instrumental in opening and establishing Mentor's office eight years ago now using his experience to help develop 'AboutUs. Talking about Mentor Graphics he said that Mentor Graphics Corporation's President. content creators and community experts are needed quickly. which is more than double within three months. "I believe our company will create a market in Pakistan with the support of Pakistani talent. He also praised the Pakistan over its efforts to pave suitable ways for Join Date: Nov 2005 Posts: 326 Countries: Thanks: 3. he revealed. He said Mohsen Gilani.432 Thanked 3. he explained. one year later. developers.

Liaquat Ali Jatoi has said that import of cheap electricity from Iran to Balochistan would benefit both the countries and the consumers of the region. Mohsen Gilani.bringing in foreign investment. Gilani said Pakistan has the required talent. The minister said that the import of 1. He directed the authorities concerned to remove bottlenecks in commissioning the project as early as possible. During PakIran joint economic commission in Islamabad.432 Thanked 3. Join Date: Nov 2005 Posts: 326 Countries: Thanks: 3. Business Recorder [Pakistan's First Financial Daily] 08-23-2007. it was told. TAVANIR for import of 100 MW had also been signed.25 cents/kwh for supply of additional 100 MW power to Gawadar by TAVANIR.382 Posts . Gawadar and Panjgoor districts and the border towns of Mashkhail and Taftan. Wapda and TAVANIR agreed on a tariff of 6. To another query.679 Times in 2. potential and effective educational system to become an offshore technology epicentre in the region. Kyrgystan and Afghanistan were also participating. The meeting was informed that presently 39 MW was being imported from Iran to meet demand of south-west Balochistan comprising Turbat. AboutUs founder said that his company already had invested a huge sum of amount and more investment is in the pipeline. another contract with M/s. The minister said this while chairing a high level meeting to review the technical and financial aspects of import of power from Iran. Considering rapid development in and around Gawadar. 01:46 PM #5610 (permalink) Judas Iscariote Banned Members Import of power from Iran: authorities directed to remove bottlenecks ISLAMABAD (August 23 2007): Federal Minister for Water and Power. which was approved by the ECC.000 MW power from Central Asian states was also being actively pursued and presently a team was discussing the modalities for import at Montreal where Tajikistan. country manager of AboutUs said he was quite happy and satisfied with the offices' performance and his ultimate goal is to establish a sustainable operation in Pakistan and through this technology Pakistan would definitely gain a tremendous visibility among other developed nations.

the national consumption. and producing industrial stocks representative of the national inventory. The Iranian company would bear the cost of 65km line in Iran to provide power to Pakistan at its border.Food Industry Email Share Favorite RePublish article Share 0 National Day. Supply and demand in the domestic market in 10? November inevitable tension. .500 tons of sugar. production and marketing rate of 97% or more.000 tons of industrial surplus inventory. To the end of October. early November the remaining stocks must not meet industry demand for the domestic market. The minister stressed the need for expediting the efforts for early completion of the project for importing cheap electricity from Iran for Balochistan. Cheng Hard To Break A Short-term Correction Sugar . The domestic market until the end of September sales of 1. but the sugar beet production cuts this year. While sugar beet production areas have been opened in northern virgin. short-term stability of the domestic market price. The team will also finalise various aspects of the project with their counterparts in Iran shortly.The meeting also discussed the proposal of laying 55 kilometer 220 KV transmission line inside Pakistan for which financial assistance was being given by the Iranian government. 2007. Xining.000 yuan / ton position continued breakthroughs in the spot price Also in 4200 yuan / ton under the oscillation.000 MW power from Iran for which an MoU has already been signed by the two countries in April. Guangxi reserves earlier than the date of the meeting of sugar out of Library Association proposed a reserve of less than 15 tons of local sugar. As China's sugar industry is the regional production. which inhibits glucose Zheng 5. Regulation. the August meeting in mid-Xining.201. producing less than 400. less than 40 tons of inventory is not enough consumption of the country a month.Sugar. the end to the 2008/2009 crop season sugar supply and demand to draw a conclusion Sell Data released already. facing a more significant short-term production are difficult to meet the needs of the market south of the country. The meeting also discussed import of 1. Sugar . As the storage time throwing candy back in Xining Association meeting date is expected to allow the market to investors that the price is better to place to reserve a library sedan chair. resulting in short supply situation. The meeting also discussed financing and other aspects of the project and decided to send a larger technical group including Finance Ministry's Representative to Iran to further clarify the terms and conditions and other modalities for quick implementation of the project.

While domestic production has not yet appeared to refer to the forecast supply and demand of the new crop season is still faced with more uncertainty. Shows that the actual formation of bad output next year to determine supply and demand at home and abroad after the current supply and demand can affect only the country's reserves of carbohydrate storage. the El Nio phenomenon led to global supply and demand there is a big uncertainty. balancing short-term domestic demand. the Thai sugar is 5958 (1-15%) = 5064 yuan / ton. the remaining local reserves and lack of domestic market consumption of industrial stocks to 1-month offseason demand. the new crop season production of the international market despite some recovery. the second gap once the library's influence on the supply and demand is the drop in the bucket. But publishing the import and export quotas for the new year.And into October. 400. even tax-free. However. supply and demand suddenly tense. showing the characteristics of heavy volume decline. the quota has no practical meaning. which is 800 thousand tons of sugar round of pool time crossing. If the current 4. Zheng main contract fell below the 4500 Sugar? 5. as long as the international price of sugar does not drop 18 cents / lb below the domestic price of sugar will not inhibit the formation of the international price of sugar to make living in high quota the role of market regulation loss. Surplus if the domestic market and international market prices of living high.000 yuan / ton range of support between the position of the oscillation. And the State Reserve of domestic white Granulated sugar The shelf life of no more than 3 years. but can not fully meet international market demand. you can use the quota balance the domestic market supply and .ezinemark. another problem facing the country the same reservoir. Guangxi reserve in the library group.000 yuan / ton. First place in Guangxi reached a short-term reserves of the bank's role in market regulation. it will be in direct injury to the domestic industry. if made of sugar (information market) is still a supply and demand gap. State Reserve General Reserve 2. In the quota. from the lowest shipping costs in Thailand to import sugar to October 16 the International Sugar Quote as a reference.200 yuan in accordance with national / ton spot price parameter calculation. the State Reserve a Library 800 thousand tons in 2007/2008 crop season purchasing and storage of domestic white sugar serve two purposes. news released on October 13.000 tons less than the industrial stocks stretched. Current spot prices are higher than 1. Next crop season. while the completion of the state sugar reserve the smooth round library. can not achieve the purpose of regulating the market. to May 2010 will be over shelf life. Position at this time point. 2007/2008 crop season State Reserve bought 80 million tons of domestic sugar. the Brazilian sugar is 6023 (1-15%) = 5119 yuan / ton.55 million tons. the international price of sugar has declined. enough to balance the tension between supply and demand in the beginning of crop season. Read more: http://business. Then the local reserve for the first time out library? Average monthly consumption of 1 million tons relative to the Chinese market. But once the internal and external markets are the result of excess.

Chemical & Pharmaceutical (Cyanamid Pakistan). The company have completed 24.5 km long pipeline for supply of fuel oil to AES Power Plants at Lalpir.) Leather (Bata Pakistan) and Vanaspati & Allied (Wazir Ali Industries). Ghazi Fabrics International. Mehmood Textile.G. It may be noted that Sugar sector was the major loser. The company is planning to participate in the White Oil Pipeline Project. This exorbitant increase in price has had a negative impact on the profitability of sugar industry. Khan Cement and Fecto Cement. 109. PSO signed an agreement with Pakistan Railways for transportation of additional 500. Shakargani Mills. Kohinoor Industries. Kohinoor Textile.000 tonnes perannum of furnace oil from Pipri Marshalling Yard. Associated Industries. Pakistan Synthetic. Novartis Pakistan.45 million during the year under review. 3745. . These included 7 companies from Textile (Crescent Textile. Pak Elektron. while this decision has given a boost to cane producer. Faran Sugar. Crescent Sugar. 2826. Kohinoor Industries. additional railway tank wagons loading infrastructure and pumping capacity was completed and commissioned during the period under review.51 million in 1998.31c781c6479. Shahmurad Sugar.49 per cent despite difficult economic scenario of the country. D. parallel to the existing PARCO pipeline. There were 24 companies which showed fall in sales table as compared to 31 in the previous year. The company showed a rise of 10. Novartis Pharma.81 per cent in its sales from Rs. Ayesha Textile. which envisages construction of a White Oil Pipeline.8 per cent of the petroleum trade of the country during the year under review.508.76 million to Rs. Bata Pakistan.02 million to Rs. and Ghazi Fabrics).G. Indus Dyeing.24 to Rs.861 million tonnes in the preceding year showing an increase of 7. while 23 co mpanies lost money during the year 1998 namely: Karachi Electric Supply Corp. Pakistan State Oil (PSO) has been maintaining the top position for nearly last two decades by handling 76.html#ixzz1BxMpf2V0 Under Creative Commons License: Attribution No Derivatives Companies performance well during the year 1998 despite all odds. Umar Fabrics. D. 2. Shahtaj Sugar. Quetta Textile.000 tonnes per annum of furnace oil from Keamari Terminal.000 tonnes furnace oil storage at Lalpir and commissioned along with 12" dia. continued to make optimum utilisation of the nine lubricating oil blending plants and two reclamation plants under its control.a state enterprise. Synthetic & Rayon (Dewan Salman Fibres. To achieve the required loading capacity.54 per cent from Rs. Pakistan Services. PSO . 2 companies from Cables & Electric (Philips Electrical and Siemens Pakistan) and one each from Transport & Communications (Pakistan National Shipping). It has also pushed the cost of sugar production much above the international price and has also led to a crash in domestic sugar price.749 million tonnes of petroleum products in 1998 as compared to 11. Auto & Allied (Atlas Honda Ltd. Attock Refinery and Pakistan Oilfields). Khan Cement and Fecto Cement). Meanwhile dedicated fuel oil receipt facility through railway tank wagons was also accomplished as part of this project. Rupali Polyester and Pakistan Synthetics) and Cement (Cherat Cement. 121344. because of raised sugarcane price by the Government from Rs. ICI Pakistan. Pakistan Tobacco Company. 3 companies each from Fuel & Power (National Refinery.35 per 40 kgs during the period under review. Cyanamid Pakistan. The company sold 12. whereas its pretax profit declined to 24. Decline in profits was registered by 25 companies as compared to 37 in the preceding year in the table of Top 100 Companies according to Sales. PSO also signed an agreement with Pakistan Railways for transportation of 500. Haseeb Waqas.

The implementation of these contracts is likely to bring anoth er 20-25 per cent reduction in overall prices in US Dollar terms as other vendors are forced to compete. the network expanded from 3.40.21 million against 12.58 per cent from Rs. .000 digital lines with full backup services. its pretax profit jumped to 19.63 million at an interest rate of only 2 per cent per annum.183.47 per cent during the year 1998. The company expects that the experience of Turkey project shall help in achieving lower equipment costs.Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited maintained its 2nd position in the table with its sales amounting to Rs. The introduction of a 5 minutes pulse for local calls with the slight increase in monthly line rent is likely to bring additional revenues along with foreign exchange revenue of about US $ 400 million from international traffic.52 million during the year under review.86 million in the precedingyear.593. Similarly.79 million during the same period under review.466. The total contract amount is about $95 million with a five-year foreign currency loan of US $34. Another contract for supplement supply and continued financing agreement for US$40 million at an internal rate of 2 per cent per annum with ZTE for the next 5 years along with Technology Transfer Agreement and local manufacturing agreement with ZTE. showing an increase of 14.26 million lines to 3. Meanwhile.14.46.04 million as compared to Rs.569. The company's turnkey contracts with the Chinese Consortium cover the supply and installation of equipment for 266.