IEEE(Institute of Electrical and electronics engineering):

It was introduced in the year 1984. It follows ISO Standards. ISO stands for International Standard Organization. IEEE Projects are based on research oriented concepts . These are in PDF format which are authoritative. They follow white paper organization.

IEEE Papers are developed for “people safety”. If u want to publish IEEE paper You haveto follow three things, they are 1) Symposium 2) National Conference 3) International Conference

IEEE project contains base paper which are developed by one or more authors. These base papers are developed to overcome the problems of previous papers. Base paper is a combination of Theoretical content , pseudo code and experimental studies.

IEEE base paper may depend on around 25 domains. The new requirements mostly falls under these domains. Example of domains is : 1. Load Balancing 2. Parallel distributed computing 3. Data mining 4. Data ware housing 5. Neural networks 6. Artificial intelligence

7. Web 2.0 and 3.0 etc…

DAY 2 Base paper
Base paper contains the following: 1. Title 2. Abstract 3. Nomenclature(Index culture) 4. Introduction 5. Design and Implementation 6. Evaluation 7. Conclusion or future work


Every research oriented concepts are in thesis format as follows: 1. Chapter a) Introduction 2. Chapter a) Motivation and back ground 3. Chapter a) Analysis 4. Chapter

a)Design 5. Chapter a) Implementation


Data mining:Mining is an analysis process . At preprocessing stage we implement data mining using queries.We generate objects in database or large repositories.

Client Server architecture:Client-------------------------Server--------------------------Database

1) Client to server:Client and server communicates with bridge or middleware. By using this middle ware clients’ requests are sent to server. Some times it becomes busy at this time we have to implement Decision making techniques which is one domain .

At this situation we need an optimal solution which should overcome this problem. We can get it by compression using aggregation techniques( like sum , avg, count) ..

Tampered Area:-

It means defected area.

2) Server to Database:-

Distributed Computing:The number of requests coming to the server from client is called load. This load is divided among various sub servers. And these sub servers responds to the client requests. During this we may come across many issues. These can be solved by using distributed computing domain comcepts.

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