chalk editions 2011

Copyright © 1999, 2011 Vernon Frazer

Free Fall was originally published as a chapbook by Potes & Poets Press

text (c) 2011 vernon frazer design (c) 2011 vernon frazer cover (c) 2011 jukka-pekka kervinen




7 31 69



Flagstaff Massacre redundant invented history makes it scrawl across pride’s wounded Rushmore knee. Sweeping the locust streams face roars to the subtle(s)ty. NO MORE, NO MORE the skies amass virtue sweeping its totality a broom of essence openly seeking surrepitition & wearing sneakers To the shade we must bring our stencils, cross the eyes & dot the tease of her comely dulcet. To sense the moribund at full strength, the tide must be lowered through hoops of crane & nets of cattle heard lowing in the Western wind


Where genre succeeds, all else fails.

Cast the hope of spells awaiting speckled terriers herpetological slithers whip the frail fangs tight against the urban sky while only the tacit fail OF COURSE, OF COURSE!

the factitiously obvious facetiously oblivious to the seed of its fawning maker Who else could swallow such a naked bid, trumping castor oil for hidden triumphs in the sweet sidelines of life, revealed in all its streetly rigor, a pollen of forgotten dew?

(or could it be, whenever? The saintly portal of influx vipers its evaporations on conjugal stilts, the hardship varies But what is, is what is not


whether it can be so is the matter of its energy

more disgruntled neighbors raging yellow Custer his fury of blue croquet theoretical impurities of the sane loquacious denial of fabric softeners harden the molt against its sinew: where else can the smell imagine? Nor walls of choice, voicing their discontent its lineage a language, music musing bent on amusing itself with self-abuse of strictures imminent.


Moribund redundancy aims & fires labor forces, their broken unions rank filed with fish & slumber in the kitsch of uproarious nights or, why bother?

If not for the tights of her morals strictures would asphyxiate on auto insurance claims, their dreary sameness.

is the occlusion of face the artery must go to the vestibule a student of the undoored locks there lies the flow of rigor mortis in all its leisure suit, a pleasure of measured antiquities foregone in pursuit of empty treasure chests & pirated seas How else to look for the mirrored other in the same’s reflective face?

OR ELSE, ALL ILLUSION must pass its gradient muster tend our culture a centered result occult must fail ingratitudes or, must tender


revile reveal reveille

( or not

indefinite dependencies whereas startling strictures ring stalling the pulse of ventricles clamoring against the crustacean shell, swelling

full against the Camelot of ingrown hairs borne nightly by the strumpets of Dudley
no matter the pain of discordant trumpets’ double-see against the I’s of the nearly blind

recordant in the respite of Arthurian trays, all defraying the deadly

of all delay, its decaying essence turgid to the touch inasmuch as its varied outcome, such as: lineal fundaments non-sequential in nature of consequence denied, yet essential to all others at pace. The foregone sweep of occlusion remains .

Extinct through it may be, the birth of seclusion raises issues notwithstanding.

(Omigod! not with standing!)

If so, then the perennials must wander the archetype desert, a locust Sahara tour remote by the desert sea, certainly a bargain for the cost buds. Nourishing rosebuds growing winds of time change flourishing snow pods blowing sand

the very fact of


OR ELSE, WHY BOTHER? If efficiency compels all rumors of doubt without a simple flare into the night If deficiency dispels all ill humor about we’re out a purple stair under the sight


WE MIGHT AS WELL for what else is, there? Or, wherever the sweet cake of silicon unfolds its pyramid ruin, the last gasp of concrete breath before the death of abstraction, its manifold attraction infuriating the gentry vicariously through their sentry gates to the millennium.



Indefinite as certitude may sometimes seam it carries with it its own vaults. Beyond measure we apply the mystical quadrants of its own, drawing pleasure from intervallic leaps of net receipts gross when taken for granted. Amid their sacred claim to vision all else must properly be


or can he merely apply the secret unburned by paper stains, the unclaimed varnish of youth? Of course, Truth hides where quickening resides, its temper a tamboura of causal overflow or the talk of the tanka lying in wait for inversions of reversions shorter than linen longer than single respectively, or not. Its pungency breeds on over wroughtiron display offending neighbors. The front lawns complain, and who could blame them? Vainglorious perusal of ancient truths shall have their say, patiently, as with respect for their where all else shall fail, who else shall? Amid threats of impropriety the morally weedy grow gardens, seedy with transit transfers or complementary ticks. Notwithstanding the circumstances of their standing, the lie down the path of navigator error breeds terror into the hearts of Jacks. Kings, Queens or Aces erase all memory of conclusions forgone, sowing discord’s accordance with inapplicable rules.


To obey is to deny oneself the option of platitude. Taken as a measure against the folly its vision turns a hybrid

Meanwhile, the acerbic proclaim the druid feast a cannibal rite granted by constitutional array, their dismay apparent to all unconcerned with the brevity of green tenderloins. In therapy, the suite dismisses its tenant. Rent by the news, whose ever current display breeds meat, the clocks shall overturn. The burning shall not cease to continue under sad circumstances said only by the chosen new. For who else shall unherald the earth? Who else shall


sing a million old saws just because ballads are renovated under the priestly sun? For / ever the chill moves against will’s resistance, never insistent on the direction of bikinis in autumn. Their counterparts among the laces breed consent among wounds more abundant than necessity when sent express for the overnight purpose of leeing there. Wherever the line goes, its traces crawl their solicitation, unambiguous to the threat of massacre. He understood the chisel of history, its face the field invaded, the swarming of existence

scrawl across pride’s wounded Rushmore knee. Sweeping the locust

in ways demanding filagree of the son, cussed offspring of more abundance than, moreover speaking in ways mystery overtook. If you look at the incipient deselecting, erecting its eminent countenance imposes another artifact whose irrepressible indeterminacy cannot be outdone in matters of circumspect locution the factitiously obvious facetiously oblivious to the seed of its fawning maker

especially when features cannot condone the dawning of the new brood, so daring in its sculpted stance, its bearing so

as all things would be so if they were so solicitous or not. The misbegotten parable breeds arable secrets, finding themselves secret narratives in the ad hoc tradition inadmissible to the present tense in so many essential dissonances. Where laundry may keep, the linen baskets in the sun. The foregone far gone, the moments sense onword, a digital influx of silence essence its sense seeks the clean squeak of sound seen in ultimate penumbra. And yet, the center holds centrifugally, if nothing the perennials must their broken unions rank else. Enter the gyre, wander the archetype filed with fish & slumber widening schisms desert, a locust Sahara in the kitsch of stitching bait to switch tour remote by the uproarious nights in the guides of sand or wherever beauty pays homage to the necklaces of camel-necked barracudas. Recrudescent oil barreled over upon hearing how the journey overtook them, invaded their stasis, swept the rug under them, in place of analogue, the myth of ancient hypotheses scrawled on walls of alabaster pyramids seeking the seventh eye. Its paragons pentangled the heavens, an angular sweep not to be outdone by the terminal sleep of the awakened, their wide eyes gunning against hope, running the rope of despair to its ultimate tether, whether or not intense derailment shall support their days. Beyond ways of tracking didactic ambience in days of practical ambivalence

more came from the mountains of epic lattice, a long climb for forks uncertain of the tine at its

the stab back, its retort acknowledged its discontiguity, the text of the report a porpoise leap beyond the scope & purpose of hearing. Silence protested the roots of its origins in discontiguity, rendering space/time relativity absent

______________________________ if continuity persists in its present sense the tense will demand separation a room of its own for storing faces of dead presidents unimpeachable security essence preserved glass cases on display daily demanding sequence or ample sampling of the illusion thereto whereby the powers that define reality shall empower their subjectivity through swimming lessons in the void ______________________________


or declare its presence through assertions of sense ______________________________ beyond the apprehension of thongs and tines forking legs and spines through hermetic displays of gourmet appetite concealed in kitchens of the mind raining supreme over picnic benches of the unforgotten dismembered in essence of string elastic plastic its monastic past the forerunner of the unacknowledged gift bestowed upon the age of season withheld for reasons obscure as the secret texts of recipes astrological forecasts repasts washing memory clean of all effulgence its dimming glow the present below which all sunder must rent a partitioning to petition the sundry whose efforts delay the ______________________________ definite particle its substantial abuse reduced to chemical independence, a future aspiring toward itself without regard for the carboxyls in the group the medea’s lead insurrection the insensate resurrection of radio sacrificed to TV evangelists in the stadium bursting forgotten mind come alive with snakes of naked feeling

______________________________ scoop the petition comping feet clomping behind ahead alongside competition erasing memory trace by trace copying its original the shell left in place deriding flowers and thyme its carnival fragrance rooted in coronal occlusion behind which the shadow passes into catheters of the mind misbegotten liquids overflowing impassioned signatures wherever the meet rinds its way home the hearth Janus flames both ways blaming ambiguity for its

failure to provide appropriate direction to the insurrection of its campfire thongs of protests thongs of meat thongs of girls that greet naked thought projection with chaste redirection of primal urges horticulturally unseen with yet another ______________________________

the wherever sweet cake of silicon unfolds its pyramid ruin, the last gasp of concrete

redirection of the part most private revealed in pubic. Its nobility challenged only by its mobility, we see its naked thrust shiver in the winter wind trees barren of ovaries and insistence, resistance the fact of nature persistently preserving its own for its own cast-off thousands, the reality of artifice thronging spectacles ancient to modern, longing for the primal unity of the dying inanimate. Sensate, intense the rune sighs its secrets dimensions pretensions dissensions and distentions (abstentions not included in this participatory phrase) unfazed by the gaze of future ruins, odes to odors diminished over time and garlic, gingerly proposing thingalongs to lend the continuity its need.

the chill moves against resistance, never insistent on the direction of bikinis in autumn

So, the breed remembers its dismemberment
yields its part to his/her/story concupiscent glories unfolding its collective size

wields its upstart part moribund

antly. And to leave its etchings trace on the race’s rotted cliches stays aloof from the stance of impossible distance prays abundance will chart renewed galaxies across the paying stars grown old beyond Jupiter, cold beyond Saturn Plutonian in its methane malfeasance.

By the wringing nose of Saturnalia, a cusp shall lead them, true, beyond the fields of will’s verdant nomenclature, green framing the regalia of the lost penultimate, a history past the selfproclaimed linearity of logic’s measure colors the continuum’s wheel, unyielding to the red of feet. Trampling the last horizon’s narrowing rug, the frolic tugs the many from the few, renewing the wield under the field’s review, taking pictures of Easter and its respective I-lands, clinching resurrection with Ice Ages. ______________________________

If you can’t take the cold, get out of the zero.

sd the temptress, seamstress of Time & all its dropped stitches staring into the Fall of Math Anxiety. Arable, yes, bearable, no

matter / no, mater
worth sleeping under the Oedipal rug jo, castor, poleax the whole sweeping entity proclaiming flight reservations history’s Senior Citizen discount tours the acropolis insensitive to reclusive dissidents at half-mast their masked in half-stitches


laughter apocalyptic
after lunch

continuity persists in its present sense the tense will demand separation a room of its own for storing faces of dead presidents unimpeachable security essence preserved glass cases on display daily demanding sequence or ample sampling of the illusion thereto whereby the powers that define reality shall empower their subjectivity through swimming lessons in the void

and other naked affairs that resist fenestral tampering of clowns the barker’s green pitch in the hay forensic evidence of amperage under attack. Where shall all the backers go when the front is a circus kewpie dolls in thongs looking beyond the Renaissance edge, its pulver the tone of apocalypsed nuance, a subtle treasure the hayrides measure in stilts, the cattle in feet. The inches grow indignant at the viper’s edge. But falling is not an occlusion so much a stricter interpretation of capillary madness carried to a feverish degree, heartless to the shadows minding its grave demeanor, demented like ripening fruit on vines of the unclustered, and who shall give them light? The photosynthesis of neon stranglers? The tempests of centrifugal fugued force? Of course knot. Can’t tie me down to the bladder chord harmony with fecal wishes & stethoscopes. Nope. Not atall. They got me coming, they got me going both ways to Sunday Monday Tuesday and back in the mirror again to see their reflective force the self sees the other self in itself outside itself a hallucination off to one side beside oneself for how else to know all that can be meaningless illusion in the snake pit of Latin where scholars kiss asps for ten yore saxophones of ancient muzak winding from the west at can force cloaking we-all isms in raincoats of gold braided antiquity. The cold rages in quickly against the dense rages of overturned shrapnel. The perfect sense of being somewhere else for something other than the mirror looking out for itself with brazen point to its bronze-veiled stare wherever its sees them coming, whichever direction the power runs a cable electronic currency the sine qua qua qua of Godot’s freon anticipation molecules. Where fools await the fire the water sings citrus ballads for the quickening censures of the century’s last centurion crawl. All shall mark this empty moment of renewal with dread or peanut butter. Better fed than said, especially in social situations of empty rumors, founded in situ with flagrante delicto serving as your ghost

the shell left in place deriding flowers and thyme its carnival fragrance rooted in coronal occlusion behind which the shadow passes into catheters of the mind misbegotten liquids overflowing impassioned signatures wherever the meet rinds its way home the hearth Janus flames both ways blaming ambiguity for its failure to provide appropriate direction to the insurrection of its campfire thongs

the saintly reprimands continue seizures to gall. Wherewithal seeks its own level. The wizened prophet margin shrieks

in moments of secret constriction.


the Lost & Found of recent concupiscence demands secret measure downtrodden, weary, the night’s pleasure past, he sings song of pecuniary rancor, thrift shops given the short hop river molecule as never before. And never again


shall finitude seep its creeping oil basin into the skin of reptilian porcelain, lest the goddess of purple terror shall treasure its creeping fen. Nor calling for the wherewithal’s wherever in cries of dread certainty, the amplitude engorging sweet cake resounds with of silicon the valley unfolds its muster, cries desperate lassitude to the mores of cortisone, injected by the turn of pyramid events which ruin brass wrist clasps singing ballast of breath, the last gasp brings the class to a tension of concrete. In the absence of oil vellum, the creases move slowly to the point of release. Still, the chill teases the game moves to another venal. Stitches cross the way with laughter, a trenchant with a penchant

manic force
regales the wind never so

foreclosing against resistance, whose

insistent as

the makers of voltage red on central residence filters


bestowing the direction the past shall take through the future of now, of bikinis atolls nipping buds in of dental work, underground tunnels abounding in autumn, the subterraneans reviling their broken unions in their native waters turning ecru after blue rash sweetens the pod rank with conceptual growth & deciduous anima the


fury of its season leering
outside eager studio doors misrepresenting

the whales

of destiny
their lineage on file and filled the invading armies the lampless prisons of eels, with fish & slumber the life-breath promise made in the kitsch of uproarious nights. Sampling the text of self-conscious sea mammals reverting to

inner language secret thoughts
the mindless absorb the factitiously bereft, soak the raft in tales of laughter daftly told


in, of course, the most subtle dissonance. Meanwhile, the facetiously oblivious stamp rapaciously toward privatization of destiny all thought incurred by the wooden mirror of haste, no deliberate future untermed. Liberation of the vestibule, however, means the sacrifice cheese & other binding arbitration to the

seed of its last measure

face tainted by the fawning maker’s slow pace through the desert of sullen delight, where gila monsters scrawl the pulpit’s mane across pride’s wounded Rushmore, while the knee sweeping the locust history invented prevented the redundant to massacre Flagstaff




s e h s a e h t

m o r f p U


into life into flight into haberdashery stores of furtive dimensions inchoate the lost atonement cylindrically cindered, at last at one with tertiary inclusions of theoretical matter incendiary illusions of geometrical data ancillary intrusions of metaphysical ladders g n i d n e c s a

d e s c e n d i n g (where the unknown quantifies leaps prolonged through leopard spots pronged against the electroshock of contumely’s forbidden hiss

into the great

no stocking matters contingent on flying reindeer odes or outlying modalities


in search of

season at the water’s edge evaporation of summer aviaries stationery in their cyclic output the hair of growing renown

predatory butterlies in Leap Years costuming from unsightly transformations discoloration a given among the d r o p p i n g s

d r o p p i n g s

d r o p p i n g s

d r o p p i n g s

d r o p p i n g s

brought to you by the green flamingos of Key Lime Pie

swathy in their summer plumage low overhead free dressing on the side dribbling perfume stolen from the olfactory presence of nearness to pursue essence atingle with sound’s delight the Birds who sing in syncopation who never think the words are so much below the blue notes they leave behind that goes to show you just how much they know even with the help of ornithologists the moon rises high as

AZURE CROSSINGS that defy gravity of language of thought of surface imperatives sought with the vigor of archaeological wisdom the cabal of Summer Dread enunciates car flutes in digital amber strains purpling the diode of directional matrix, color stains so integral to the process itself disregarding dolorous remains of ambiguity in the night. Where others fidget with the heads lying in state among the bastions of the privileged drying hair with tonsillectomies


of uncertainty there can be no doubt. Without such imperatives the candle cannot glisten nor the trenchcoat listen from its somber shadow to the chattering above clattering to deride his silence & its physics cannot deny the aerial demented scattering to seek protection from the trajectories of d r o p p i n g s

d r o p p i n g s

d r o p p i n g s

d r o p p i n g s

d r o p p i n g s

so integral to

and all the integers inherent in the lapidary oscillation of isometric factories a refractory presence fraught with penalties of individuation

& casualties redundant as it s d n e c s a

d e s c e n d s

into the great
transmittal of beige where cattle graze products of indeterminate obstinacy abstinence its only known cure the known quantifies its ignorance smug as a bug in a windshield. Wherever the bovine gaze, flight takes a new dimension, sight, splays it flattened, displays the arrogance of days gone by like old water wheels heeling the toe of the Captain of Industry healing the millworkers’ hemorrhoids in ancient ways now rescinded under evidentiary protocols fists fur flying air pockets lined with bribes cloud formations migratory tribes

lambent on history’s clatter the ordeal pursues its ideal resolution, springs coiled in self-referentiality deferential to the nightly agonistes depicting the rainwashed sullen under vipers nesting their hooded broods coiled to strike

in falling gains new respect as do the defeated always in their incremental ways

is failing its disreputable ways alleviating the feathers of the unknown

is palling the day’s abrogation of meteorological austerity, harsh in its depiction of roosts coming home to chicken. In such an atmosphere quickening is unavoidable, as is thickening its onslaught. One ought to know by now the literal slows

the figurative’s fly with sly rotations of denials their insistence fled. Their unknown demands fly

into the great
egomaniacal carnage of uncloseted thespians pursuing new

up ladders of chronology down freight elevators of ontology to where phylogeny keeps its low, breeding to beget wings of thought

flapping across the arid desert of the Great Sahara
irrespective of propellers in their midst. And so the agenda remains hidden, its followers bid losses accosting jets of water g i a p dis l y n g s r y n p a i


nonchalant streams of palaver calibrating nuptial endeavor with an incumbent riding his cadaver into the great victory celebration


To those who care where the green flamingoes’ Key Lime f a l l s f a l l s

f a l l s

f a l l s let it be said

Wherewithal the soaring cost of mounting feathers lost in the adjunct velocity tremors the influx utilization’s precocity weathers accounting in peacock’s haze, let the bettors assume their risk ashes to crashes dust to bust,


even flight d i p s a tip of the wings to those who RISE LIKE THE PHOENIX an incendiary tract ensues


wherever flight modalities perpetuate denial radiate all factors take steps to wherever

whenever stringent intrinsic merit welcomes transplant some rudimentary ambiguities with certainty whenever

whatever abundant antagonistic factors preside negate all primal scrutiny empowering its whatever

you may deem appropriate to expropriate universal particulars from unsavory situations in which earth pulls atmospheric compounds into the carbonic womb entombs the airy light in grappling compounds whirling flesh ensues eschewing nutrients ground down by old dentures flossed & polished & indentured to the corporeal relics unencumbered by

as only those gaseous compounds would know stealing verbatims from Dutch Uncles to overthrow nationalist regimes in utero dealing plumbing fixtures to misguided missals resplendent with blasphemous protrusions scantily elegant & tired in the vestibules of knotted fates rambunctious hawsers & unkempt hemp discarding the finitudes of hanging bosses tossing dice in aquariums where the masses transform prefixed phoenix parts from


notwithstanding quackery in its highest forms the norm for metempsychotics committed to bodies for indeterminate periods subject to intervallic assessments harmonic reconstructions carpetbagging the Southern tiers weeping hysterectomies of hooded leaders burning crossly on lawns of soil enriched with gingivitis grinning gums drop as they speak the Tempe rate zone posted its Tuscon movements to retirement villages in which the ashes rise from the dust of the PHOENIX scatter bird seed everywhere scatter into the great books of Western Civilization replete with cowboy boots

spurring the womb of the sleepless in Seattle wheedling the Space Needle into gracious acts of boorism stirring the uninitiated into gratuitous facts of dubious authority. Notwithstanding its perilous influx diameter must remain concealed from dripping iron cylinders befuddled in acrid rain of personal exploration & threatened derivatives, even Birds


wrapping up their confirmations so that you can let one go hear the rhythm hum the music strum the drum stick who could bask in everything or. Wings protrude thick flying Bird trick count the bridge tick with a track click you want ashes have some ashes you want fat ducks two could ask to turn into for

get me not in summer’s boldness the proclivities derange
the senseless in search of themselves through dotted-note documentations syncopation enriched with soy meal

arrange breath’s humming coldness your derivatives will change
ashen textures incarnate transmigrate dust from room a gesture of trust mis-shaken irradiates decibels with tremors deep in the soul of the inner ear.


Hear the bones crackle to dust. Here the bones crackle to dust. In weeping silence verisimilitude rears its noisy feathers gleefully treads through threads of sound nonexistent but for its forceful rhetoric announcements pronounced through mystical modalities assured entry through ticket doors undeclared to the offlimited mandibular associates demurring to cocoons protesting larval stages of igneous rock as insectuous in its poker-faced bid, arresting the id as fatuous in its Leap Year molt decrying

the wings that brought me hear
them rustling through their transformation so that flight can make them grow

sound as a seasonal appendage
upending the unending springs that coil stings when sprung the strings

attack the earth-bound missiles rising silos crises abound the anointed


wherever birds shall fly. The ground shifts riffs

repeat the threat of syncopation calling for reiteration don’t you know your bettors place odds below
the hatch deck misappropriated secret longings / the strong shall forbid serial fecundity & aggression in sequential processions as matters of straw. Their bosses hold these troops self-evidenced & their reek shall inherent with mirth

repeat they need reiteration calling for odd syncopation though they owe their debtors space to go
smoke their fire in legendary snorkels feverish with apocrypha stroke desire with accidental forklifts integral to the rising process as determined in accordance with presumptuous metabolic sources glandular in their mist not a single secretion between them but for the shared metaphysics of laundromats complacent in their spandexed latitudes exquisite with stretch formations chasing the limits of hair curlers and snapping gum clicking the track for hooded sound engineers procuring forbidden smoke their fire a polysonic flurry of process ensuring marginal platitudes proscribing enunciation of denunciation with syncopated fury no limits to their bold transgression in the gravel pits of recreational pursuit during evolution’s blast days everyone sipping cappuccino praising their arcane tidbits of regression all points aggressive in a suit of cashmere the tip of the gray Stetson fedora


from sundry sources lipping apocalypse in smoke-filled tombs stating

in exclusive terms redacting as superfluous the inclusive option

in cold pursuit of the redemptive quest incestuously transcribed in the hidden tablets advertised on latenight cabal TV where the Ginsu knife to the Spirits retreads its sacred flesh undergoing transformations from energy to no matter consequential as only differentials need apply nor the isolation of physics intrusive underscoring the plaintive’s right to wail tenor on the impeachment stand of oral testimony preaching to the inverted of his word dactylic if its idling meter the stroke must meet the eye in flight or there gassed the lavender renunciations shall cry their muted breath, declining


the rightful spread of all wings across delusionary tables enabling fables of the spurious to apply anecdotal credentials to reverential supplicants endeavoring the weave of matter to wind rings of kindness around ordinary ampules meanwhile the precarious preserve all assurance in kits & nodules. Granular effervescence prevails. Lids raise the swollen eyes of garbage cans. Praise all who hale the stench wafting its rocklike pontiff with ordinal veracity incapacitated truisms abound. Leaping displays of olfactory power manufacture spare arts, the differential the price of omission, the referential a confidential confessional filled with

gastric fluidity of a seasonal nature its stature forbidding all future displays of fortitude

penitent in its brevity conciliatory in its threatening grow against all who would


deflect the sense from its tangent, whichever contact may greet its best. For the rest nothing is austere but the peril of sequenced events trenched amid the casings floating timidly over the verdant field as flight leaves its wake for the forward to advance. Never casting peril the Purple Error strikes.

evidence unfolds, mounts a steed for hire. Lugubrious arsenals buckshot the sky where

attacks the earthbound sirens. Whistle the haze full-toned its blush. the thrush awaits with open fangs. The trench wages victims of the flesh over Spartacus themes.

get me not in summer’s boldness the proclivities derange
syncopations the senseless search of themselves for thorough dotted-note documentations enriched with soy meal

arrange breath’s humming coldness your derivatives will change

the imperatives will burn reluctant cinder tinder to the barer of the pair, all eloquence notwithstanding. Nor the risen to undertake preliminary strategic planning with deadpan exuberance on behalf of the cold miners panning foals in them thar hills. Origins bequest derivatives, stationary ambiguities subject to change with weather’s every blast, the cast of steam cased after breath, lurching in search of

THE PHOENIX p u from the ashes



The search for survival though revival quests enough actions that defy gravity & logic transmuted through stunning articulations of retrospective dependency the flame takes its measure, its wing of stationary frenzy stenciled proactive against the sky its retroactive preliminary disingenuous a sty its ointment. As a fly peels off a windshield to the surprise of life, its surfeit rings its surplus of survival. Through revival enough quests the search for

of dodecaphonic ascent capillaries fervent


with enamel the postulates await their theorem. A geometry of innocence ensues, line by line ensnaring the few who do with the fatal repose of those who do not fly the wages of Mexico. On their transcontinental way back, the delta crosses Icelandic without jets to bet on the horse race of the endangered purple mollycoddle & her licentious brood. No further tangents await. Straight ahead! Straight ahead! Containment makes its takeoff, burning red carpets over concrete tracing dead combatants replete with dread metaphors hurtling through inner space & slamming face-first against the seat in front of them. And all the others like them deny the perpetuity that tries their dissimilarity though obfuscation in no uncertain terms. Straight ahead the flight, straight ahead! Ride the horizontal attitude of those parallel in bed thirty thousand feet below. Cruise the even keel across sky page or screen, visible as music to the hearing-impaired. Instead, dare to stare the blue in the face till they drop from observation in the air traffic controller’s situation

who but a union could grieve? Take wing! Take wing! Sing as bolded lettering the cloudless music of the light, its brilliance resilient as withered sparrows yonder wander like pilots wobbly from the wreckage below. The reckoning beckons. Heed its beacon call. For all you know it’s a wrong number riding a declaimer’s digit, voice strong in millennial protest against the earthbound to settle out of court a nolo contendere in kangaroo court with Austaliopithecans boycotting the atmospheric condemnation of fugitives in flight, the furtive, the frightened, cringing with delight & moss. Gossamer realities abound for those unbound to fealty realty or other profound distractions the loss tosses like a wing lettering the late lavender sky kinetic with the scope of dawn

taken as a line, the shoe fits. Buffet it. Make it shine like an eagle, shine like an eagle

shine like an eagle

against personal reflections in the eye of a hurricane, deflect tense defectors

their due respect. each morally correct takes wing

If they correct antipode, an ode takes wing

a jazz of language, eye, ear of eye
the left swings to a bird on the wing, singing, the right rings to a coal trane howling steam in the night prophetic, each of them a king of the kindred ear where sense becomes sound becomes sight becomes seer seeing seen on a scene beyond the scene of the noirly-abled frequenting the historic district of the post-Pollock line in conceptual motifs black as Henry’s first Ford & the next green million vipers added to the mix muggling mystic brew smuggling the struggle nimby home of harmonic substitutes & allegedly disrespective modalities allied against the sallies of the muted in spirit the dumb of foot, acute or chronic, hear it brush the ear or shriek the canvas word the page a process in transition never to be changed rearranged deranged estranged alienated ill-fated destitute brute taking the name of the label in vain the style as content the substance as form the epochal sable leaping onto the back of a frightened mink on a guestbed dementedly vapid tracks the hunted with a cane while water witches cook brews beneath the surface of their welcoming barks. Ascension was always the intention, even where klactoveedsedsteen was available by prescription only giant steps were made in the procurement process through the efforts of those in need of koko un poco loco the spirits came un poco loco the spirits un poco loco the spirits the same for each, the treachery of the figuratively deaf blind & dumb monkey see monkey do monkey hum a few bars & fake it, take it out take it where air has never flown before, take it to the top not from where those say who do not know, no secret but secret knowledge unhidden in the quest for free form bound by associated conventions dismantled intentions yellow brick road to the level Hell its circles un-Danted, its lines indented, its measure invented with signature phrase building resistance among its leitmotifs bothered to abstraction the bucket sprays a wall of sight with sound around which aficionados murmur the bird or the trane each one the same plane & one of their own both in


a jazz of eye, a language of ear
hearing infinity for an hour while talking to a wild flower with nerve enough to answer back given a Blake eye its border an ashen smudge of downfalls & fires emblazoned on the phoenix emblem. Just as fire smokes the process blazes to new life, to

Across the sty the reticent watch reluctance a true breed

d e s c e n d i n g

g n i d n e c s a

into the great

Dutch Uncle in the sky puffing his dirigible across the day darkening his rhetoric with fitful spins of retrograde propellers his jet engines unknown to quantum mechanics in blue worksuits intoning technical exhortations to blasphemy among the economically discarded & their hatching broods. The retarded movement of obsolete diseases pleases the recumbent eye of the affluent, seizing his dodecaphonic greed through apertures of needy fingers his actual tonic a dominant thirst for sight of the earthbound taking

and pausing to admire their wing formations a liquid that refreshes tired sensibilities at the threshold of reedy affluence with prophetic babies riding baskets through the rushes, bull-like as only a cow can be when exercising its gender differential amid tensile etchings of winch and pulley stretching the rigor taut at private institutions of higher learning or aching for a better alternative unstated even denied as the ruddy face appeals to the Master of the Sky to deliver his

d r o p p i n g s

d r o p p i n g s

d r o p p i n g s

d r o p p i n g s

d r o p p i n g s

to SPLAT! against the watchful eyes of the populace
a h s e s a s h e s a s e h s s a a h s s e a h s a s h e s e h e s h e s a s h e s s h e a s h e s s

downing to raise as Arizona retirement communities shuffleboard bingo & swing the dust band of crowning Stetson natives riding restless in the southwestern dust a treasure on the make looking for blue-haired ladies to make hay take wing take everything that isn’t nailed down to the deeply-rooted tumbleweed indigenous to moral issues elegant in their

thoughtful persuasion to mundanity no capacity for mendacity ensuing only control of thought control of opaque dissonances

in the dusk an eye awaits its sky of music its ear of color

steadfast in its anticipation the fervor of nostrils placating the tendencies of oxygen to demand breath and depth substance

hurtling through the lavender sky awaiting the music of chrome its continuity of surface shiny as abuse

where there can be no

there can be no phoenix only the exhortation to

jazz of eye, language of ear


(listen to your Dutch Uncle his cigar’s last grasp of fruitful things gone to ashes gone to dusk & buggerall
while sonnets march forward immune to presence their essence cocked roosters of sodden form free as a thesaurus to seek its own meaning however derivative against the robin’s egg smashing the corporate leader’s head the meltdown ever so popular in its joyful menace the movement reverses itself mid-turn & turn again (& again & again & again & odd infinitum the perishable nature of its reversal


sodden roosters march presence immune to essence while their cocked form sonnets forward

only with cigar droppings ashes in flight to retrograde perversion in Volkswagen bugs, hugging basketball centaurs in lieu of wanton saxmen reeding the rushes back to front hunting the hidden forbidden reprise offered only to the couponed elite baring trousers in public la dolte vida nothing lasts forever not the fake book’s last measure of freedom barcoded to acrylic symmetry in the barroom’s truculent barley mist & gains bear their shortage with the patience of subsidy

only there can the lost substance be, found, unfound, unsubstantiatedly true

as the rigor of anecdote demands of its young, the argot of recycling vapors layering ozone in the salons of the flesh where talons await the predator eyeing the mirror’s rejections with grave acuity only there, and only can rhythm seek its own lever.

where ashes

meet ashes & dust meets dusk on crosscountry
frights wig its circular go-round stopovers in Phoenix layovers in cheap motels of rumored stewardless legend with god as a co-plot

defendant no more! no, more dust no, more ashes
dependent on a good Dutch Uncle’s cigar

exhorting Cuba to boycott the Phoenix
all cinder no ashes, no ashes no phoenix


not even the process devoured by starving millions in Third World countries a generous corporate contribution offered in lieu of the Real codes with bars of fern plants h a n g i n g everywhere you look for rocks crawl out from life takes itself into your own hands gripping a plumbing wrench thumping dull against the law ripping a c r o





e sound & furry signet flying





(a fate of indecision
exercised with the utmost precision, enacted protractedly against tactile bulges the incipient retread conveys through poster hate a desire better left to posterior for belated inconclusion

and other masters of great certainty)
humbling even the broadest of wing spans flapping from the gallery of lust in-Danted with insufficient prefixes to ensure their berated uncovering a fixture in the pillar of commodes a harmony evanescent its discord grows frantic, seeking rain across the stars, ruin across the skis, ever the d o w n w a r d

grope the groupies gripe the grippers ripping off the set

Gone Hollywood
with footprint aspirations & Chinese the appropriations lugubrious the accommodations trusting to blind flight a burning thistle in the sweet eye of lint. Screening the encyclical process the blurt buggers description with root image parfait a glucose semaphore to the needy in their triumph

a jazz of language, ear of eye,
mordant with vigorous trusting wit that bites indentures inordinate to the bellicose wandering of primal screens.

Men without windows live that way. Open doors with no knobs to carry backpacks on rustic trust in government’s (b)anal thrust purpling the gritty lotions of the hunted.

Run through the blaze unknowing the cinder singeing your ash is

a jazz of language, eye, ear of eye
refurbishing unwitnessed decibels with watt’s age & fern bar takeouts Chinese, acryllic footsteps attackl

(a fate of indecision

Gone Hollywood
and other masters of great certainty)
the remnants of Grummond’s smoking days delays while they unaccompanied by the midst of dissimilar others


up from the ashes THE PHOENIX R I S E S




Ground Zero

where we are desert flat tumbleweed heartbeats * where we are desert flat * heartline pulsates gravel rakes bump across tumbleweed heart beats

[] [] [] Bill Dixon started here. /SPARE minimalist mute -ation

where it all begins * flat across the desert silence the muted solo heartbeats at a minimum spare the mutations extrapolating currency from the source rumbling its uranium muse spinning the dread of all creation severed from the absinthe’s flow where no other can go be fore (or aft) merrily we roll our mutations along the raptured indentations of karmic-muscled fury indentured to intense deliberations between warring reptiles the armadillo pigmentations shoot buntline’s Tuesday Special blue toots preciously mute the heat species endanger with there where we are boiled music bipeds slinging heartbeats indigenous opposition’s brute singing choirs of blue necessity orchestrate the coup The croupier’s gamble never rusts its menace the starfall deer never leap the sun its miserly flourish the crystal runs its horse against suntimes the centimeters of metric fury enamored the deathrattle purring its last with light the intrepid beetle runs tepid reflecting the call of the wild thing running itself the tempered tales of wizening the existential question ever silently running deep

against the hoary multiple exponential its indigestion never satisfied its appetite


accusing the intimate of sheep when a banjo steal will do the tumbler meets its fill the leather hides rattle in the barn the ride stumbles underfoot

when the opposite retracts water seals itself off from the glossaries

fed itself defeats the greater perpetrators off from the neat canticle mutes spur mutations of the chanticleer

riding heartbeat across the Western ledge (end desert flat begin mute trumpet side desert music the heartbeat felt itself waiting, pulsating with

a (s) (n) other blast

anticipation & her three girlfriends who shall remain elsewhere in this heat where the sky is the furnace and the ground its penthouse magnate building casino magic sprouting alfalfa sounds in husking winds where it all

once upon a jeep graveling heartbeat across flatline readings the cloud mushrooms in the distance of its conceiver’s eye winking slyly at the Hiroshima of history the roadside stands selling fried armadillos the mutations of hundred foot cacti muted free improvisation tried at its source the heart throbbing growths in the distance of ideas felt heard scene its presence immediate no time to wait nor hesitate raining gravel raining snares raining words from sources predating predatory growths of liposuction veneer twisted ruins of fabric of mind twisted ruins of kind pursuits skeletal as Burma Shave roadside memories

it said tracing the sequence its own blipping heartbeat’s gravel thump beside the road less traveled the rave unpaved the rant unchanted inside the shell of turtle heat the meat of the moment mushrooming anticipation’s dread the heavy air lying there thick as imagined clouds shrouding the merry moment of dissuasion when persuasion is

not an option nor a compositional ploy of Ancient Mariners landlocked in the literary moment or two basses bandlocked in duet draping wet textures of sound (the density) over the muted trumpet (its implied intensity) mutating sound as life imitates evolution or versa’s vise removes its grip from the illusion of seeming no pocket goes unsown weakly in its forensic midst the mind wanders trapped voices of discord raising harmony in its looted clusters (or untapped) (unseamly)

toying with sandrocked explosions mad in the minefield midst of where you step (how deep the roadside doo you cross through loquacious magic in the moment’s frenzied delight the sway of shock absorbers sitting in the audience experiencing transmission as platitude or insignia waving its muster like hot dogs in the dustbowl stadium of carefree relics forwarding past to future


tumbleweed heartbeats tossing heat where grain denies itself as other & seeds ravish the momentum of history rocky with the insignia heralding glory in loops of animosity circling the animate in their dreary code berates its tragic soliloquy of colloquial drive-bys exorbitant in their price nagging economics of a one-horse town bad meat the medallion of prehistoric crossing guards of the time that land forgot a million dead eyes watching the final clock to the moment where growth explodes its shattered fury with gory insignificance lavish with animus


a (s) (n) other blast
of last anticipation lost to cornfields of the unwary distraught with the clarity of their very own ambiguity patching sleeves of the autonomous wedge


pledges itself to distraction as another past blips gravel across the heartbeat of terrain tumbling past other mirrored inflections centrifugal in their hold at the edge of attraction the last gavel slips its weary mumble deflecting rumors of future abstractions bumbling fleets of the unmitigated who invaded Caesar’s gall

(after the pause that defleshes) rampant mystiques obtrude the burgeoning necessities felt sweat stamping out their immediacy

(end-mute, blARE: to the autumn another music full thistle blown but urgently awaiting the grating strings

(double thrum)

below the desert’s middle sea the fossils go automatically deeper under the dunes of Sphinxes giving answers weight, the credence revived

under water
heartbeats flat against the desert throb hooves percussion’s tint winding west where the east lies

hapless rays of the betrayal of oak residue clinging to unseated beliefs in the heartfelt

dusting matter into energy hydroelectric nuclear Strontium 90 windfall other acid rains decreed by acrid reigns to mutate the spirit

the evanescence of storm clouds gathering flowers while the maypole twists slowly in the wind-down through the very stem of being’s most intricate thrumthrumthrum where we are desert flat tumbleweed heartbeats * where we are desert flat * WE ARE intricate in our most fertile disaster fluxed with imminent distaste await the crux of dissension’s spirit a heartbeat thumping


heart beats

the arid. There the outpost finds its ruins amid the clued fecundity of assistance in a land where no man nor water [] [] [] They dwelt across the and thought so too, despite all other attempts to The questions raised eyebrowed answers sleek with necromoniconic concomitants when they. And the very reason why. Heartbeats mutate at the ledge. Reason know its sum. A costly benedict leans cozily against its laconic lariat telling legend across the. He came to town with his boots on. Holstered its vehemence to where the next note blARES

a (s) (n) other blast

past exhilaration crossing boundaries off the uncaring fraught with the peril of immaculate terror the brutal onslaught taking its measured time against all the

-78- heartbeats heartbeats heartbeats heartbeats

000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000

thrum, thrum thrum. thrum thrum, thrum thrum. thrum thrum, thrum thrum. thrum thrum, thrum thrum. thrum thrum, thrum thrum. thrum thrum, thrum

the journey paces itself the sonic explosion raises the flats a boom only prosperity can define an Ozzie & Harriet cameo cruising the tumbleweed fro burgers or takeout pizza stake out across the street coffee in hand newspaper at the wheel a reel Grade B stains down the front of the surveillance equipment guarded fortunes of the fortunate hailing uptown cabs from the curb unwary of the very process protecting them from their inner [] [] []


Dangers pose the worst just ask any model that comes through here A or T doesn’t matter, nor the gas When they ask for it just (can’t go wrong that way, or left Behind the multitudinal sway of ether the conscious rays its grip (nor answers candy of the unfolded laundry secret in their spinning dryers across the tense) grammar of geography no axe abated questioned for the parsing of simian thunder abetted at mighty heights accruing their ledge aided the experts felt the heartbeat’s muting air raided traded arcs of pentagrams bestow their visible means berated furious geometry knows no where nor does it stated arrow the invisible target with roadside marrow remaindered in the fields of the gored The oxen pulled his stash nightly going across the desert of will thrashing the whip’s umbilical record of toxic merriments lashing the spill of the daring to explode stars against the nights with all the force you too

(slow) (still) (heart) (beat) (blare)

reach for the apex of gingivitis united in discrepancies of the very who dwell in the house of each divided query well nor teach the nadirs of notwithstanding time-crux redundancies derided clocks & other time pieces of high noon scattered over sand of weathered brain

dust tarred & feathered in future times past so tense no tense invents nor purchases for there is where the music beats (heart) (blARES ANCIENT ROOTS UPRISING ANCIENT FRUITS REPRISING ANCIENT SUITS REVISING time & its lurid glow where (music) (blARES beats where we are offcenter tracing the glory of injurious flight explosion implosion starting at there is the heart

millimeters seeking to balance the microtonal ballast leaking the gorge of latent ruin en route to repetition’s first delineation a yield of attrition paces its nation signs it on cymbals on places on syntheses ad hoc temporal magic the meat of legislative ruin reeking desert heat

like a rattler’s death heart beat the snare raps its taps of governance the metric of the metropolis now become an oligopolis that won’t bite unless you move away from

to the polis of the missile thrust the polis of the trust of instinctual rabbit hutches bunching the aggregate polymers to the bleary mercantilism of triglycerides where fatty acid steeps its uproarious glow into the carboxyl of mythic soup left unaccountable. Still, the least must rise with the vigor of escargot repleting the size of demonstrative escarole ferreting the rigorous depletion unslumbered as the nascent turret lathing lumbering

basses bowed arco pizzicato plucking the sounds of feathers from the ducks of living geese its more abundant truisms bleat moribund allusions the reddening reference of wits quipping whips of sagittarian flu redlining the cattle’s ulcers with Toyotas in their midst let low rent put asunder the unwieldy in their recumbent benign incumbent signing under the mordant inversion of nymphs wooden in their stoic frames yet another oral declaration of order the latest version promulgated to those immersed in the biblical sea of pulpits bullied by the very act of occupancy the

bestows its blooming grandeur its weight looming slowly, but growing ever blander in its lassitude. It waits. The heartbeat blander than gloom releases its glowing purr glandular increases the flow of excrement


to the harbinger of latent fury surging forefronts to the rear clinging tentatively to the mere abundance of fictive fact (red clay) (fatty acid) an act that necessarily swallows the whole it wallows in heat puddles hissing cymbal ringringringring sizzling fingers flutter the ringing over the doublebasses doubling the strum thrum POP! pluck Be-DONG! coming against the soul’s nutrients the SWEETNESS of Be!-Ing onSLAUGHTness on time WING-ing its FORE-ground POP! pluck Be-DONG!

POP! pluck Be-DONG! POP! pluck Be-DONG! POP! pluck Be-DONG! POP! pluck Be-DONG!

stop punk begone or other rhythms stun among us the lotus sphere loquacious here drops funk in schisms they’ve done us a spacious design of interim specious junk clunk belongs to others in the grim grounding of sounds wedged against thicker than textures reeling through wheatfields of meaning’s brick thickets increases the beat’s ring of eating bought circles distraught before time caught its nuance astound singing lore stressor dealing appeals the oppressors forgot the century of the crime before time forgot the land that feeds them dead music they wrought

time’s over, the ref said, riffing his skiff or the wattage In the determinate cliffs of fatty acid germinating ignominious feathers of serpentine aridity no hammer shall read its way stiffer than roads already mustered the gusto of fisheries in toxins of leather-making machinery always rave in place of banners

a loco pride in the essence of essence if the known be truth or declared truant as such the note-wary shall hear the strumpet’s siren call scary as all sacramental barflies to the mustard of guillotines blazing both barrels heads will rumple stilts kin breed with police badges threatening to feed cross-country tourists to the wedge they form in the flying face of local life no room left for emendations accommodations or aberrations nor bereft of situations commendations for citations of accuracy in

mediums too well, they decry the infamous vintage of extremes barring their vantage silently running deep when the opposite retracts

its leftmost utterance to echo in the way light refracts to convey its muted refracts, refracts, refracts abstinence

retracts, retracts

in the absence of number where the shield of the projective field annunciates its reflective yield of invective for the benefit of the two parity system rich with its history of antihistamines protecting the golden pollen from its sniveling recipients * there the heartbeats * coming down to its where with all

water seals from the glossaries of mystic texts self-proclaimed protect the leakage of private truths seeking


a (s) (n) other blast
or whatever mutating sequence answers not to be found in the wreckage of

there, or wherever the croupier’s gamble leaps the sun: centimeters of metric tales against the hoary multiple exponential silently running tempered tales of the existential question The bitter fugue continues centrifugal in its ambient curry spiced with stuccoed wizening stumbles underfoot intrinsically humbling where bumbling with appetites that astound the sounds of the unenamored with light against the hoary multiple

the neat canticle mutes defeats the greater perpetrators

distinguished / extinguished follies verge air wherever the hunger strikes


ask not

the mutation’s mindly blare fourth coming out of all sole evenings intrepid with conclusions of foregone delight wizening in the dark with hoars while badges shield their furtive yield under covers of abstract specimen, nor obtrude in its abstruse wakening. The hope is. More than what it precludes, making obtuse its not the song of the ancient. Three thrumming treetops of long strands of branded memory’s candles [] [] [] withhold. The matter weeps at its reckoning scandal its mordent. Hopes inverted is just us delayed, no matter. How far the crow. Flies the straightlaced fie the intern and his carapace accruing in the armadillar transfer of heartbeat energy to the chordal hum of thrumming basses beneath the blare, raising it higher. The note as electrode, the neutron as sound node: akin within the heartbeat breathing its rising pace. Charge the tumbleweed: electrified tendrils reek out the firesome stench, slither desert eels gliding over gravel the dry snakes of Eden charged the sun’s anticipated brightening enlarge the sky to encompass. The ship estate barges star-bored into ports of calling fish through the biennial stages of attrition documented by independent sources of hearsay. The evidentiary thrum blares bass drums thunder snares pop motors rev ready run the edge jump as * The night approaches day in its august midst dissembling unknown factors inherent with fortitude, forbearance its miscue a deed insistent with attitude, uncaring with all

due distaste. Inside the clutches far pavilion the papillon deeds its kiss to the gravel-paced rumpus of eggshells remunerating the hen for its young betrothal of love as a form of lesser mutation of seeming density landlocked in suet or illusion of fortitude in fortissimo either sound advances its mutation or per) incendiary tractors cross the grain with humdrums of dissipate ensuing the litigants of the spirit for giving its excess all due immensity while confusing erectitude with trajectory the pinnacle understates its height as calculated from intensity its implied

wanders trapped in dustbowl minds hoping to find its charge sur, meta, sum, beta

graveling data’s groveling blue feet of course on course in the course of it as it is or may

be that as it May or June the songs of fortitude shall leap in frenzied delight at platitude and its economic concomitants forbearing the thistles of wandering solitude monastic in the stress of its kiss heightening though the damned be remiss in their desert, enjambed meant

a (s) (n)
new self approaching the squinting eye of all visions etched in the solstice of primal regurgitant stretched dry hides glamoring insist the wretched try incisions of criminal intent carefully bladed in sum

other blast other

wise to sharpening ways to sharing plaster casements militia shelters hurrying ahead of the dread apocalypse whose initial helter-skelter rush to darkened basement


scurrying ferrets internalized the weighing dangers off set in actors’ trailers the reel terror lurking in the mirror mutation blaring is reflection of hordes hurrying toward

a (s) (n)
historic rain prepares the autumn of its last nobility in pursuit of a ductile recreation vehicle repairing to the last despair inherent in the last metaphysical per suit, per capita the laundry emerges unscathed dissolute, but rapidly becoming

a (s) (n)

squinting eye of


selves approaching the new


musics heard one ear turned deaf with syncopated anticipation piercing its very nostrils amid the ampersands of everyday diligence the clockwork of springs unsprung & springing blARES

the bell free powers under its the blast pinned of its magic



thrum POP! pluck Be-DONG!
the image in process declares itself empty the empty in process declares itself image retracts, retracts the process declares itself in empty image the in image declares itself empty process refracts, refracts, refracts



heartbeats heartbeats heartbeats heartbeats heartbeats heartbeats heartbeats

Crystal anodynes crush the unhurried. Synapses sneak their hockers in tow. Astride cataleptics the sea mists emerge gauntlets tossing the fro from the two to market the hazelnuts dressed transmissions, watching their epithets gargle & glow. TO THE LIGHT, TO THE LIGHT cry minds counting numbers between number. Starts the factional breakdown to fractions. Actions thump attractions bump corporate mergers to copulate seats in backs of auditoriums ever. The watch heats. The boil waters. The lamb seeks its glow beside the still wattage. Electricity flows sounds to the finger’s touch and. The moment is. Near the end of the sequence of anticipation squatting for its leap the crackle sings its singeing music one last breath before merging the urgent force that follows its own

thrum. thrum thrum ,thrum thrum. thrum thrum, thrum thrum. thrum thrum, thrum thrum. thrum thrum, thrum thrum. thrum thrum, thrum thrum. thrum thrum, thrum

music blares its atom blast sound sears passing skin where the din heats its aural maze ventriloquy starts leaping voices overlapping a (s) (n) other blast at

g00r00o00u00n00d000z00e00r00o g00r00o00u00n00d000z00e00r00o
g0r0o0u0n0d000z0e0r0o g0r0o0u0n0d000z0e0r0o g0r0o0u0n0d000z0e0r0o g0r0o0u0n0d000z0e0r0o g0r0o0u0n0d000z0e0r0o g0r0o0u0n0d000z0e0r0o g0r0o0u0n0d000z0e0r0o g0r0o0u0n0d000z0e0r0o g0r0o0u0n0d000z0e0r0o g0r0o0u0n0d000z0e0r0o g0r0o0u0n0d000z0e0r0o g0r0o0u0n0d000z0e0r0o g0r0o0u0n0d000z0e0r0o g0r0o0u0n0d000z0e0r0o g0r0o0u0n0d000z0e0r0o




g0r0u0nd 000z0e0r0o g0r0o0u0n0d000z0e0r0o g0r0o0u0n0d000z0e0r0o g00r00o00u00n00d000z00e00r00o

a (s) (n) other blast

heat inversion puddles hissing

cymbal ringringringring sizzling

dustbowl minds hoping to find currency from the croupier’s gamble boiled music bipeds choirs of blue necessity where we are desert flat tumbleweed heartbeats


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