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Felino A. Soriano

chalk editions 2011

text: © copyright 2011 Felino A. Soriano cover: © copyright 2011 Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

Memory believes before knowing remembers. Believes longer than recollects, longer than knowing even wonders. William Faulkner Who knows what true loneliness is - not the conventional word but the naked terror? To the lonely themselves it wears a mask. The most miserable outcast hugs some memory or some illusion. Joseph Conrad

—after Tomasz Stańko’s Freedom In August

Dialogue explores functional promise purpose punctual dance overwhelmed heat’s experimental dissipation. Lavender lies unobstructed stilled causal communiqué ambulatory residue holding self behind moments of a curtain’s exploratory sway.

—after Jason Moran’s Time Into Space Into Time

Divisible liaisons reachable functions malleable upon conceptual differentia collaborated persuade motional technique fabricated collateral senses seen scene heard herds of populated incorporated translations.

—after Sonny Rollins’ In A Sentimental Mood

Awakened: dusk’s cotton thinned worn from the angled mist elongating threaded light etching wind’s apparitional rhythms, startled. Because dawn’s cornea explains horizontal shapes aboriginal upon extracting definitional hours, warmth of noon’s triangular regard hold and devotes silence toward the walking’s fathom of dissipated failures.

—after Thelonious Monk’s Ruby, My Dear

Aggregated years persuaded sustenance your scent of architecture placing mirages into roles of disparate comprehensions. As your walking into halls of distance’s unrelated fulcrum return is paroxysmal leading relational gestures into escalating panorama, precise.

—after Jason Moran’s Restin’

Supported separation of blood’s watering condensation abrupt upon vanishing luster. The body whole and holy and musically submerged neoteric acclimation; after dust of promoted wither eyes of the solid decompose constructs achromatic dwellings allowing disallowed light to mirage and flourish silent amid culture of necessary slumber.

—after Max Roach’s January V

A hand’s length, virtual reminder of grasp’s talent for creating origami’s spatial overwhelming desire, the early-year function recalls then the hanging spider spun toward pointed silk of her environmental trap dislocating hope from the living’s removal: breath, ambulation, preferential living.

—after Anthony Braxton’s Comp. 23 H

Helium exorcism mid neck)broken construct half-pretty-pirouette postulating renaissance ergonomic faculty well-begetting realism fortunate deity knee-walking walkers alter-bound product gracious facilitating reenactment— stench of delivered transgressional flame, abrupt finite though properly rehearsed(

—after Taylor Ho Bynum Trio’ Apace

awkward advance ment (then, the meaning becomes flagrant postured indented, thus regathering wholeness upon eventual circumference) meaning structural alteration fleeing fundamental ambulation spelling tired rigid specks augmenting an eyed delusional combustible vernacular

—after Marcin Wasilewski Trio’s The Young And Cinema

Early, expand the mind’s organic relief spontaneous curfew of an alive’s version of thrilled togetherness. Watching expanding physiological options man of hankering his woman’s scented absence, passive twirls of her lending memory hires his relegated achromatic commandments.

—after Ketil Bjørnstad’s Remembrance IV the oval circumference a brevity of contoured aspiration your hand near table’s earthen composition writes name or unblemished comfort blending sans ornamental smudge but denotes double beautified reality, hand and limb of wood, joined spatially aware, content

—after Marilyn Cispell’s After The Rain

abundant awash avenues or rails for traveling watchers unaware their steel stares and ambulatory ways conjure fascination away from the stilled scent of twirling connotations, of wind of an air’s slanting music gaining body and arid architecture, whole though otherness regarding day’s functioning minutes articulating flame, focus aperture of framing distance

—after Ketil Bjørnstad & David Darling’s The River II

Vacant pause erupts post-randomness, silver kite of a salmon’s swerving wand rattles evaporating earth’s liquid occultation covering interior of a spheroid’s spiraled nerves contouring grace ballerina’s streamlined positional fractions numerical angles curing then curvatures of an orange-dim puncturing skin, radical gall inundating certainty’s finality of hope.

—after Vassilis Tsabropoulos’ Song Of Prosperity II

You write sans winding hand a harboring spine of definitional praise curved like spine of ill physiology then or and delve into sorrow of handless devotion promising motion to become an altered faculty, a clarity though branded badly and you prosper contaminating a moniker of hope: named for the reactionary verbs regurgitated by the focus of those willing to cooperate.

—after Stephen Micus’ Narration Two

our snow wears random blemishes, un se en by the falsity of time rearranging method of usage of hands noon a woman holds her own movement. Twirled at dichotomous durations: alone she seeks a river’s hardened shell mirroring a slanting holding of light’s momentum antiquating visions at

—after François Couturier’s Sensation

Of or what attempts remuneration (bodily, precise) a sonorous culmination, belly an attempted holder (or, mirage of this pocket of swollen comprehension) son you here will become myself a self in innocent rendition absent of self’s most reconciled devotion

—after Anja Lechner & Vassilis Tsabropoulos’ Woman's Prayer

truncated vermillion shed from categorized sorrow a death of desired absence please reappear for the integrated fathom of now’s needed, element of aspired roaming among elevated cacoethes

—after Christian Wallumrød Ensemble’s Snake

Radius written whole elegant physical continuity of scattered commonality: of delegated flight needed not by the sliding tones amethyst ambulating around cross-written prose of discretionary (altered perception) holds upon orchestrating premises; thus an orange brick bridging tonal achromatic dissipation slides and commands topographical clarity to castrate rigid explanation of a corporeal fascination with upright endeavors of the walkers’ venerated style.

—after Stephan Micus’ Narration Three

Listen : or eavesdrop camaraderie— the physique holds foundational claims spinning pellucidity’s undulating focus: —following a voice’s premature rejuvenation a span of curtains black with woven wings such origami icons annual profligacy attains hankered delving leaving spinning away and aimless though as a parent’s loosening control spatial dexterity leaves a window of tissued control wandering through profound and old-fashioned articulation.

—after Alexei Lubimov’s Für Alina

Presentation, smile concept burgeon renew exclamation protect glares of missing personal depth. Your route toward listening (trend, misuse of explained description) calls into my speaking theories hand recounting collected isolated harmony. For you: a notion, a note from tongue of speaking silk enwrapping waist of your thinking habit, spatially correct into the connecting version of our composed articulation.

—after Ketil Bjørnstad’s Remembrance V

Outside occurred

lasting subsequent lapse upon memory’s final mourning:

death then was partial ceiling of grayest endurance

and now interpretation of speech’s whispering momentum claiming foundational density: of the breather’s voice wearing a moment’s shine of encapsulating angles sought relegated absence holding over head a solid claim of reentering apparition.

—after John Surman’s No Finesse

Salient biological thunder corporeal momentary royalty combining thrust of pliable details too a portable layer of manifest roams collecting fear and delegated spires of cadenced adoration.

—after Anja Lechner & Vassilis Tsabropoulos’ Chant

The Cypress alone sans too its lengthened silver resting near footed trunk of gnarled brunette twists —she calls upon angled glides of rain’s visiting contribution though for several revolutions of hours’ slightest visits arid is the milieu dominating conversation trends an absence remains, overriding.

—after Eberhard Weber’s Yellow Fields

Mouth of open italics lit by highlighting virtue of an hour’s serrated meaning. Here where modal sways from scented bodies’ organic reinventions claim and rename a gesture’s finding meaning waving and delegating premise toward a pulsating aura’s hovering configuration.

—after Jacob Young’s Wide Asleep

Renovated morose accentuated posture lean a sleeping gesture certainty relapsed endeavor: insomnia’s striated skeletal dusk of proposed relaxation. Gone are light’s witnessing pupils of salient contributions now though venerated reliance upon sedentary nature’s universal ambition toward constructing gray of dream’s alabaster trivia.

—after Pharoah Sanders’ Rejoice

Flock of flowering fundamental shape-sharpened crows delicate scarcity of tonal difference shreds shards of mathematical angles fully founding elements of curiosity hiding amid lined attributes of whole excavation: light, symphonic shelves holding alarming juxtapositions, chaotic flight intertwining algebra’s specific solvable interpretations.

—after Oneohtrix Point Never’s Ships Without Meaning

Aquatic soil mentioning toward waves’ elemental movement bodies atop coalesced reenactments frigid warms origami spectrum of morbid fear, finite interpolation honoring such giant species although finished brand of participating memory forgets antiquated reasons of faithful mnemonics highlighting notified theories of tone sunken exaggerations of manmade vessel’s concept of rational liberation.

—after White Rainbow’s Sand Sift

purged documentation dramatic persuasion of erasable dilemmas containing misread formulations of hope of synchronized habits meeting needed angular elongations of time rounding rewound physical reaction controlled through sustained programmatic delineated ethos

—after Phil Markowitz’s Facets

Voices the fear of accidental transcending empirical appearance fathoms foregone water’s shapes reshaping moment’s interpretational provoke; abundant calculus consent upon merged twirling syncopation; curled sedentary contours heard above watchers engaged in articulating scope of distance’s exacerbated repentance.

—after Rave Tesar Trio’s Minor Mood

Yet –un flame masticating weather’s undulating mood, withered lungs contaminate ambulation’s orchestrated camaraderie; with delving’s epitome reacting fragrance of swathing comprehension dispositional hands coat and deprive anorexic hour’s unswollen intuition hitherto occasional caveats containing semblances of masked dialectic, logic v logic’s placid paradoxes.

—after Travis Shook’s Awake

charged sans chorded excavation corporeal function dawn-induced portrayal spasm however controlled veracity of tone. Morning’s advocacy time and framed calligraphy of deliberate disinterring exclaim

—after Jackie McLean’s Old Folks

Their carving hands have markings of existential echoes speaking toward versions of prior fundamentals. A path primary language of self into self, mirrored collocation found amid blackbirds carving alphabetic semiotics, conjoined.

—after Andrew Hill’s Sophisticated Lady Her residence wanders following shadow of scented movement, privileged.

—after McCoy Tyner’s Fly With The Wind

Elasticized rhythms routine participation cardinal absolute rendition of clarity’s rectangular meeting, angled curiosities. Said of rambling mishaps curled into wearing adjacent meaning until now’s peculiar hankering of rain dislocates self of hiding secrecies wandering halls of an hour’s redeeming alabaster function.

—after Milt Jackson’s and John Coltrane’s The Late Late Blues

Corners stand beneath standing watchers of mundane apparitions. Paralleling ambulation near cultivated birth following dusk’s required birthing habitual everydayness a sadness evaporates subsequent to a temporal highlighting evidential premise day’s heat wanders finding amid holistic chasms of antiquated denial abbreviated light burgeons within the portending guidance of night’s delirious gesticulations.

—after Jason Moran’s Blue Blocks

Architectural tone lean worth interpretation symptom spasm held head lower rendition of birth’s crowning spontaneous delivery of life’s newest proclamation. Built denuded conceptual relevance (here spatial phrase structure beholden salient reconfigure tonic renewal exacerbated rhythms hover contracting stares of desired interrelation.

—after John Coltrane’s Resolution


that radius of etched physical proclamation running spiral dialectical confinement of corporeal behaviorism physical communication altering verbal description of otherness’ abstract misses of grabbing wholeness. Stairs lead downward architecture passing passersby alert in their sleeping posture radicalizing discomfiture’s ahead cause of leaning altercations. Bred by overlapping cycles, of leaves pressing weight of inconsistent mass heavily decomposing posture of widened declarations.

—after Bobby Hutcherson’s Goin’ Down South

and rearrange with bouquets of nonchalance the suspended absence of birds’ allocated annual redirection. Say of walking silence critical thought denouncing arrogance of light’s illuminating frequency lean toward southern atmospheric proclivity to reinvent such fine silhouettes porcelain clear their disposition of finding neoteric camaraderie.

—after Fred Hersch’s Blue in Green

A desired elasticized (elongated, drawn, hand-specified relegated tributary talent of a whole’s version —an altered perception) tone on tone of otherness’ asthmatic promulgated affirmation. A blended stylized roam of interconnected freedom: bathed an orange jealousy, founding ambulation away from the various ornamentation outlining au courant fillings of a preferred rendition, understood.

—after Alan Broadbent’s ‘Round Midnight

Her voice skirt-high raises pontificating virtue alabaster enjoys.

Of moments’ curbed idealization: ideology hides amid diagonal symbols quiescent atop common memories recalling blur of a crow’s fundamental leaving.

—after Hank Jones’ Ruby My Dear

I recall your hand on soundless hand tired following method of conceptual reenactments, spelling with tongue of silent reinvention, grasp, gone renaming antiquated modes with vocal arrangements, softened harmonization calling toward clarity’s improvised announcements