Mineral Properties Worksheet

If any of the following statements is a characteristic of a mineral, place a check mark beside it. If it is not, leave it blank. 1_______ Made of one or more elements on the periodic table 2_______ Is formed by years of compression under the earth’s crust 3_______ Is formed by cooling after a volcanic eruption 4_______ Is a solid 5_______ Has a unique crystalline shape 6_______ Can be melted easily with a simple campfire 7_______Has luster, a hardness number and specific density 8_______ Is usually found on the coastal areas of the United States We use different tests to identify a mineral. Match each test with it’s name. 9_______Moh’s Scale 10______Crystalline Structure 11______Specific Gravity hardness 12______Streak 13______Luster 14.______Fracture 15.______Cleavage A.Relative heaviness of a mineral B.Color it leaves when scratched on porcelain C.How easily it scratches other materials or it’s D. Shape as it grows E. Breaks along a plane/line F. Appearance G. Breaks unevenly or shatters

Take the following list of items and give their hardness on the Moh’s scale. You may have to use a text book or the internet to find your answers. Diamond A nail A penny Talc Glass Steel Amethyst Topaz

place these symbols on the map to show what countries mine and trade in what gems. pick and choose what you feel your child is capable of doing. then use your map to answer the questions. ~ Amber ^ Jade Lapis Lazuli Mexico # * ! ~ Haiti ~ ! Garnet * Topaz \ Emerald Brazil ! * $ Namibia ! * + Sri Lanka ! * + $ Myanmar ^ ! Romania $ + Cambodia Uruguay Columbia Afghanistan $ \ ~ \ # Opal +Aquamarine $ Amethyst Zircon South Africa ! ^ India ! Germany Madagascar ^ * ~ United States ^ # $ + ! Australia # ~ $ * Zambia $ China ^ Parents. . Each will be listed below. Using a blank world map.There are several activities you can do with your child using this information.MAP SKILLS-ECONOMICS Here’s a list of countries that mine and trade in minerals and gems along with a key to what minerals and gems they trade and mine.

Take the following list of countries and write beside each. what minerals and gems they mine. (using symbols. transferring information) Mexico ________________________________________________________ Brazil Haiti ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ Namibia ________________________________________________________ South Africa______________________________________________________ Sri Lanka _______________________________________________________ India ________________________________________________________ Myanmar _______________________________________________________ Germany Romania _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ Madagascar _____________________________________________________ Cambodia _______________________________________________________ United States ____________________________________________________ Uruguay ________________________________________________________ Australia _______________________________________________________ Columbia _____________________________________________________ Zambia ________________________________________________________ Afghanistan _____________________________________________________ China __________________________________________________________ .

Predict a possible trade arrangement between two countries: 5.What country has the most gems and minerals to mine and trade? 1b. what country would make a good trading partner? 3. How many countries mine emerald? 9.Using the country list and symbol key. Emerald is very expensive and amethyst is not. You can purchase emeralds in the United States. answer the following questions: 1. There are 8 countries on the list that only mine or trade in one stone. can you explain why? . Are they poor countries or wealthy countries? 6. Is that country a wealthy country or a poor country? 2. How many countries mine amethyst? 8. How is that possible? 4.Australia would like to trade Opals for Lapis Lazuli. What conclusion can you draw about the number of stones and gems a country can mine and it’s wealth as a country? 7. yet we do not mine them here.

Breaks along a plane/line F. Appearance G.Relative heaviness of a mineral B.7 are characteristics of minerals 9___C___Moh’s Scale 10__D__Crystalline Structure 11__A___Specific Gravity hardness 12__B___Streak 13__F___Luster A nail = 6 Steel = 5+ A penny = 3 Amethyst = 7 A.How easily it scratches other materials or it’s D. Breaks unevenly or shatters Talc = 1 Topaz = 8 .3.Key to page one 1.__E___Cleavage Diamond = 10 Glass = 5.Color it leaves when scratched on porcelain C.__G___Fracture 15. Shape as it grows E.

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