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Episode summaries
The following list is ordered by the original airdates of the episodes, which is the
Japanese airdates. (Note: The anime episode lists still use Tetsusaiga instead of Tessaiga,
this is only because the English anime uses Tetsusaiga in the titles. On the rest of wiki
pages, instances of Tetsusaiga have been universally agreed to be replaced by Tessaiga.
For more information, please see Tessaiga.)

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

[edit] Season 1: episodes 1-27

Japanese Title
Ep Original
Picture English Title
# airdate
Kanji Romaji

The Girl Who Overcame 時代を越 Jidai wo Koeta

Time... and the Boy えた少女 Shoujo to
1 2000-10-16
Who Was Just と封印さ Fuuinsareta
Overcome れた少年 Shounen

Fifteen year old Kagome Higurashi is dragged down the sealed well at
her family shrine, only to find herself transported back to ancient Japan.
There she meets Inuyasha, Kaede and the centipede youkai, Mistress
Seekers of the Sacred Shikon no Tama O
2 を狙う者 Nerau Monotachi 2000-10-23

InuYasha, released from the tree by Kagome, has only one desire; to get
his claws on the Jewel of Four Souls and use its powers to become a full
demon. Kagome, free but homesick, runs off into the forest to find the
Bone Eaters Well, hoping that if the well was her entrance to the Feudal
era, perhaps it can take her back to her time.

Down the Rabbit Hole 井戸から Honekui no kara de
3 2000-10-30
and Back Again ただい Ido Tadaima!

With the Shikon Jewel shattered, each shard has the ability to increase a
separate demon's powers. InuYasha fumes at the thought of having to
collect the scattered pieces of the jewel and Kagome, upset, falls into the
Bone Eater's Well and finds herself at home.

Sakasagami no
4 Yura of the Demon-Hair 逆髪の妖 2000-11-06
魔 結羅 Youma Yuura

The youkai, Yura of the Demon-Hair is set upon killing Inuyasha and
claiming his Shikon shard for herself.

戦慄の貴 Senritsu no
Aristocratic Assassin,
5 公子 殺生 Kikoushi 2000-11-13
丸 Sesshoumaru

Kagome is adapting to life in the Feudal Era. With the arrival of Myouga,
Inuyasha's youkai-flea servant, Kagome learns the truth of Inuyasha's
mother and meets his youkai half-brother in the flesh.
Tetsusaiga, the Phantom Bukimina Youtou
6 妖刀 鉄砕 2000-11-20
Sword Tessaiga

Inuyasha must overcome an illusion of his mother and fight Sesshomaru

for possession of the Tetsusaiga, their father's legendary sword.

激対決! Gekitaiketsu!
Showdown! InuYasha
7 殺生丸 VS Sesshoumaru tai 2000-11-27
vs. Sesshomaru
鉄砕牙 Tessaiga!

Tessaiga is now in the hands of Inuyasha, whilst Sesshomaru's fearsome

dog youkai transformation brings harm to Kagome.

The Toad Who Would Tono Youkai
8 九十九の Tsukumo no Gama 2000-12-04
Be Prince

With Sesshomaru temporarily out of the way, InuYasha and Kagome set
off in search of the shards of the Jewel of Four Souls in an attempt to
reunite its powers. A young samurai they meet along the way leads them
to a castle where a vengeful toad demon has possessed the reigning

Enter Shippo... Plus, The Shippou Toujou!
場! 雷獣
9 Amazing Thunder Raijuu Kyoudai 2000-12-11
Brothers 兄弟 飛天 Manten Hiten

Night is setting on our heroes en route, when suddenly a blazing foxfire

appears. The fire is a trick belonging to Shippo, a mischievous little fox
demon, whose father has recently been killed by two Thunder Brother
demons named Hiten and Manten. Shippo tries to steal Kagome's and
InuYasha's jewel shards to use for revenge.
Phantom Showdown: 激対決! Youtou Gekitotsu!
10 The Thunder Brothers 雷撃刃 VS Raigekijin tai 2000-12-18
vs. Tessaiga 鉄砕牙! tessaiga

InuYasha seeks out the Thunder Brothers to rescue Kagome, and before
long InuYasha is battling against Hiten. In the meantime, Kagome uses
Shippo's shape-changing tricks to transform him into a bow and arrow to
attack Manten.

Gendai ni
Terror of the Ancient みがえる
11 Yomigaeru Noroi 2001-01-15
Noh Mask 呪いの能 no Noumen

When Kagome's grandfather is hurt by an ancient Noh mask come to

life, nobody believes him until they see it in action. The mask, animated
by a Shikon Jewel shard, will stop at nothing to gain a body of its own,
so Kagome must protect her jewel shards while Sota tries to bring
Inuyasha from the past to save her.

The Soul Piper and the モッケと Tatari Mokke to
12 2001-01-22
Mischievous Little Soul 小さな悪 Chiisaina Akuryou

InuYasha spots a benevolent demon called the Soul Piper, leading the
souls of dead children with its tune; it's a good sign when its eyes are
closed, but should they open, the child is taken to hell. Meanwhile,
Kagome has found the vengeful spirit of Mayu, the older sister of Sota's
comatose friend, and she is a likely candidate to be taken to hell unless
she lets go of her anger.
The Mystery of the New 新月の謎 Shingetsu no Nazo!
13 Moon and the Black- 黒髪の犬 Kurogami no 2001-01-29
haired InuYasha 夜叉 Inuyasha

Inuyasha, Kagome, and Shippo save a girl named Nazuna, who despises
demons, from being attacked by spider heads. An unusually anxious
Inuyasha does not complain when Nazuna's master allows them to say,
but Kagome and Shippo soon learn why when the spider heads attack.

Nusumareta Kikyou
14 Kikyo's Stolen Ashes 桔梗の霊 2001-02-05
no Reikotsu

Inuyasha dreams of Kikyou killing him again, then wakes up and sees a
demon who carries the scent of graveyard soil and Kaede's blood. The
group soon learns from Kaede in her village that Kikyou's ashes were
stolen and now she intends to recover them.

Return of the Tragic Hiun no Miko
15 女 桔梗復 Kikyou Fukkatsu 2001-02-12
Priestess, Kikyo

The demon Urasue kidnaps Kagome in order to bring Kikyou back to

life. The clay doll made from Kikyou's ashes fails to live until Inuyasha
unwittingly says her name and causes Kagome's soul to leave her body
and enter Kikyou's. A revived Kikyou is confused, but also enraged and
now seeks to destroy Inuyasha for betraying her fifty years ago.
Mystical Hand of the Migi Te ni Kazaana
16 2001-02-19
Amorous Monk, Miroku 穴 不良法 Furyou Houshi
師 弥勒

Inuyasha, Kagome, and Shippo encounter Miroku, an unusual (and

lecherous) young monk when he steals Kagome's Shikon Jewel shards.
Cursed with a void in his right hand, Miroku reveals the source of his
curse, the demon Naraku, who has been after the Shikon Jewel for fifty

Cursed Ink of the Hell- Jigoku Eshi no
17 の汚れた 2001-02-26
Painter Kegareta Sumi

Inuyasha, Kagome, and Shippo decide to team up with Miroku when

they notice the demonic aura surrounding the castle of a nearby lord and
his kind daughter. They must recover a Shikon Jewel shard bringing an
artist's paintings of his hellish nightmares to life.

Naraku and Sesshomaru Te O Kunda Naraku
18 だ奈落と 2001-03-05
Join Forces to Sesshoumaru

Sesshomaru receives a human arm with a Shikon Jewel shard embedded

in it from Naraku as a means to wield the Tessaiga and destroy Inuyasha.
Miroku discovers that his wind tunnel can be inhibited by the
saimyoshou, the wasps from hell.

Go Home To Your Own ごめ! お Kaere, Kagome!
19 2001-03-12
Time, Kagome! 前の時代 Omae no ni de Jidai

After defeating Sesshomaru, Inuyasha fears for Kagome's safety and

sends her back to her era. To ensure she does not return, he takes away
her jewel shards and blocks the Bone Eater's Well.
Despicable Villain! The Asamashiki Yatou,
20 2001-03-19
Mystery of Onigumo! き野盗 鬼 Onigumo no Nazo

Kaede reveals to Inuyasha and Miroku that in a nearby cave, she and
Kikyo once cared for a badly burned thief, who ended up lusting for
Kikyo and allowed his body to be consumed by demons from his desire
for her and ended up creating Naraku. Naraku soon unleashes a
corrupted Ryokan upon them since Inuyasha is too injured to fight back
and Miroku cannot use his wind tunnel with Naraku's saimyoshou in the

50 年前の
Naraku's True Identity Naraku no Shinjitsu
21 真実 奈落 2001-04-09
Unveiled ni Semaru

Consigning to the fact she cannot return to the past, Kagome goes on a
date with Hojo. Miroku and Kaede attempt to protect an injured Inuyasha
while Shippo tries to bring Kagome back to the past to save them.
Naraku reveals he is responsible for pitting Kikyo and Inuyasha against
each other in order to gain the Shikon Jewel.

Ashiki bishou
A Wicked Smile; 笑さまよ samayou Kikyou no 2001-04-09
Kikyo's Wandering Soul う桔梗の

Kikyo, who survived her encounter with Inuyasha, lives peacefully in a

village, but must steal the souls of the dying to maintain her presence in
the world, which alarms one of the village girls when a monk named
Seikai is killed by the priestess when he tries to save her soul.
Meanwhile, Inuyasha, Kagome, and their friends investigate girls losing
their souls, which inevitably leads them to Kikyo.
かごめの Kagome no Koe to
Kagome's Voice and
23 声と桔梗 Kikyou no 2001-04-16
Kikyo's Kiss
の口づけ Kuchizuke

Inuyasha takes off to find Kikyo, but Kagome ends up finding the
priestess first and tries to explain the true circumstances which led to her
death. Kikyo, no longer caring about how she died, cannot overcome her
hatred of Inuyasha and decides to drag him to hell to join her in death.

Enter Sango the Demon Youkaitaijiya,
24 屋珊瑚登 2001-04-23
Slayer! Sango Toujou!

The demon slayer Sango is the sole survivor of an attack engineered by

Naraku to destroy her village of demon slayers and acquire their Shikon
Jewel shards. An enraged Sango seeks revenge against Inuyasha, whom
she believes to be responsible for the attack.

奈落の謀 Naraku no
25 Naraku's Insidious Plot 略をうち Bouryaku O Uchi 2001-05-07
破れ Yabure!

Kept alive by determination alone, Sango reluctantly accepts a Shikon

Jewel shard from Naraku, whom she does not trust. The demon slayer
and Inuyasha face off in battle, but the truth is soon revealed when
Naraku leaves a puppet in his place to fight Miroku and Kirara.

Ni de Tsui
The Secret of the Jewel かされた
26 Akasareta Shikon 2001-05-14
of Four Souls Revealed 四魂の秘
no Himitsu

In exchange for their kindness, Sango reveals the secret to passing

through a barrier to a cave near her village where the priestess Midoriko
created the Shikon Jewel. The truth behind the nature of the jewel is
水神が支 Suijin ga
The Lake of the Evil
27 配する闇 Shihaisuru Yami no 2001-05-21
Water God
の湖 Mizuumi

Joined by Sango the demon slayer, Inuyasha and his companions find
themselves in a village at the mercy of a malevolent Water God. After
being hired by the village headman's son to save his friend, Inuyasha,
Kagome, and Shippo work to destroy the false Water God while Miroku
and Sango go to free the true Water God.

[edit] Season 2: episodes 28-54

Japanese Title
Ep Original
Picture English Title
# airdate
Kanji Romaji

Miroku Falls Into a 罠にか Kakokuna Wana ni
28 2001-05-28
Dangerous Trap かった Kakatta Miroku

Tricked by a praying mantis demon disguised as a beautiful princess,

Miroku ends up damaging the edge of his wind tunnel while fighting her
and returns to his master to have it healed. Trouble arises when his
master ends up possessed by a demon and tries to kill a weakened
Sango's Suffering and 苦悩と Sango no Kunou a
29 2001-06-04
Kohaku's Life 琥珀の Kohaku no Inochi

Naraku resurrects Kohaku with a Shikon Jewel, but erases his memory
since the pain is too much for the boy to bear and orders the boy to attack
Inuyasha. Using Kohaku as leverage, he offers to let Kohaku live forever
if Sango brings him the Tessaiga.

Tessaiga Is Stolen! た鉄砕 Nusumareta Tessaiga
30 Showdown At Naraku's 牙 対決 Taiketsu Naraku no 2001-06-11
Castle! 奈落の Shiro!

After stealing the Tessaiga, Sango discovers that Naraku has stolen the
form of Kagewaki Hitomi, the lord whose father hired them the fateful
night her kin were killed. She proves to be no match for the demon until
her friends arrive to rescue her.

き哀愁 Kokoroyasashiki
31 Jinenji, Kind Yet Sad 2001-06-18
の地念 Aishuu no Jinenji

Inuyasha and Kagome go to a village in search of a herb to help Sango

and Kirara and end up meeting the half-demon, the gentle Jinenji, who is
being accused of killing villagers. Inuyasha sets off to kill the real demon
while Kagome tries to improve Jinenji's self-esteem. Touched by her
kindness, he ends up protecting her from the real demons and gains the
villagers' acceptance.
Kikyo and InuYasha, き哀愁 Ni de Jaki Ochita
32 2001-06-25
Into the Miasma の地念 Kikyou to Inuyasha

Naraku is shocked to learn that Kikyo is still alive. Meanwhile, InuYasha

and company are investigating a demon problem in the mountains when
Kikyo suddenly arrives. They battle the demons, and once defeated, their
souls merge with Naraku's. Having gained a new body, Naraku kidnaps
Kikyo and disappears.

Kikyo, Captured by Torawareta Kikyou to
33 た桔梗 2001-07-02
Naraku Naraku

As they search for Kikyo, Inuyasha and his friends fall into a deadly trap
set up by Naraku so they will all be destroyed by illusions of their
deepest fears. Kagome, immune to the spell because of her jewel shards,
finds Kikyo no less than hostile towards her and takes away her jewel
shards to give to Naraku.

34 Tessaiga and Tenseiga と天生 Tessaiga to Tenseiga 2001-07-09

Sesshomaru, dissatisfied with his sword Tenseiga, wishes to have the old,
absent-minded swordsmith Totosai make him one. The unwilling Totosai
has Inuyasha defend him, causing the brothers to fight. Totosai reveals
the heritage of Sesshomaru's sword before creating a diversion to allow
Inuyasha and the rest of his companions to depart. Soon after leaving
Inuyasha and his companions, Totosai is attacked by Sesshomaru. Once
again, Inuyasha battles his brother as Totosai's protection, but must now
face Sesshomaru's new defense of a dragon's arm.
The True Owner of the 選ぶ真 Meitou ga Erabu
35 2001-07-16
Great Sword の使い Shin no Tsukai Te

As Inuyasha and Sesshomaru continue to duel for possession of Tessaiga,

both brothers discover the unexpected power of their respective

略奪! Kagome Ryakudatsu!
Kagome Kidnapped by
36 Chousoku no Yourou 2001-07-23
Koga, the Wolf-Demon 超速の
妖狼 鋼 Kouga!

Kagome detects the presence of two fast moving jewel shards and the
group meets Koga, the leader of the wolf demon tribe who takes an
instant dislike for Inuyasha, a dog demon. Koga decides to kidnap
Kagome and use her ability to see Shikon Jewel shards to destroy the
demonic Birds of Paradise attacking his clan.

The Man Who Fell In に惚れ Kagome ni Horeta
37 2001-07-30
Love With Kagome たあい Aitsu

As Inuyasha and company rush to save Kagome and Shippo, Kagome

agrees to help Koga on the condition that he will not let the wolves hurt
Shippo. When Inuyasha finally arrives to help, Koga audaciously
declares his love for Kagome and incites Inuyasha's jealousy.
Hanarete Tousu
38 Two Hearts, One Mind ふたり 2001-08-06
Futari no Kimochi

After another heated argument, Kagome decides to return home and

restock her medical supplies to discover her friends are worried that she
may lose Hojo to another girl. Meanwhile, Shippo attempts to explain
why Kagome and Inuyasha are arguing again to Kaede, who offers some
sound advice that Inuyasha decides to take.

Trapped In A Duel To
39 れた死 Shikumareta Shitou 2001-08-13
The Death

During a raid on a castle, Koga's wolves are killed by a mysterious

woman, who lures Koga to the castle with a poisoned jewel shard. When
Koga finds Inuyasha amongst the fallen wolves, they begin a duel to the
death while Miroku and Sango enter the castle to fight another demon
puppet of Naraku.

The Deadly Trap of
神楽の Kazetsukai Kagura
40 Kagura the Wind 2001-08-20
妖艶な no Youennaru Wana

Inuyasha finds himself at the losing end of his battle against Koga until
Kagura the Wind Sorceress shows her face and defeats Koga with ease.
Inuyasha's Wind Scar is useless against Kagura, who controls the winds,
until Kagome steps in to purify the air with her arrows. As a defeated
Kagura escapes, Inuyasha notices a familiar spider shaped scar on her
Kagura's Dance and Kagura no Mai to
41 舞と神 2001-08-27
Kanna's Mirror Kanna no Kagami

Miroku is unexpected reunited with Koharu, a young girl who fell in love
with him and has run away from her village when her master's son came
to her with unwanted advances. Meanwhile, Kagura, an incarnated
detachment of Naraku, and her older sister, Kanna wreck havoc upon the
same village by stealing the villagers' souls and controlling their bodies.
When Kanna finds that Kagome's soul is too big to hold within her
mirror and decides to leave her weakened instead.

Yaburareta Kaze no
42 The Wind Scar Fails た風の 2001-09-03

Inuyasha continues to fight Kagura, who is using her wind to reanimate

the soulless villagers; when he decides to use the Wind Scar against her,
he gets a nasty surprise and finds Kanna using her mirror to reflect his
attack. Naraku arrives to present startling news to Inuyasha - Kikyo
willingly gave him the shards of the jewel she took from Kagome.

Tsuini Oreta
43 Tessaiga Breaks 折れた 2001-09-10

Inuyasha confronts Kikyo as to her motivations for giving Naraku

Kagome's jewel shards and she explains it is part of her plan to destroy
Naraku. Meanwhile, Naraku has unleashed his third incarnation, the
telepathic monster Goshinki, who manages to break the Tessaiga but
unexpectedly cause Inuyasha to transform into full-blooded demon.
Kaijinbou no Jaakuna
44 Kaijinbo's Evil Sword の邪悪 2001-09-17

Finding the corpse of the fallen Goshinki and detecting Inuyasha's scent
on it, Sesshomaru takes the demon's head to Kaijinbo, the rogue
swordsmith and former disciple of Totosai, in order to commission a
sword made from Goshinki's head. Totosai reforges the Tessaiga, but it is
too heavy for Inuyasha to lift, which becomes a problem when Kaijinbo
arrives, possessed and wielding his newest creation: Tokijin.

Sesshomaru Wields 丸、闘 Sesshoumaru,
45 2001-10-08
Tokijin 鬼神を Toukijin o Furuu

Kaijinbo is destroyed by his own creation - the sword Tokijin - because it

is too evil for its maker to wield. Kagura directs Sesshomaru to Tokijin
and watches as the demon claims his sword and wields it against his
brother. While Inuyasha and his friends escape before feel the full brunt
of Sesshomaru's new weapon, Kagura decides that Sesshomaru may be
strong enough to destroy her master.

Juromaru and Juuroumaru to
46 と影郎 2001-10-15
Kageromaru Kageroumaru

Inuyasha and Koga reluctantly team up to fight against the devastatingly

fast duo of Juromaru and Kageromaru, Naraku's newest incarnations.
Onigumo's Heart Still 残る鬼 Naraku ni Nokoru 2001-10-22
Beats Within Naraku 蜘蛛の Onigumo no kokoro

Kagome returns home, upset with Inuyasha and Koga's pettiness. Naraku
finds Kikyo, but realizes that he is unable to kill her because he still
carries Onigumo's heart within him. In order to destroy her, he takes
away the souls that she needs to remain animated and a weakened Kikyo
flees only to end up back the Sacred Tree where she imprisoned

Return to the Place た場所 Deatta Basho ni
48 2001-10-29
Where We First Met に帰り Kaeritai!

Witnessing Inuyasha and Kikyo embracing after he saved her from

Naraku, Kagome becomes upset and quickly returns home again after
leaving medical supplies with Miroku and Sango. She contemplates
returning her jewel shards and never returning to the past, but with some
advice from her mother, she confronts Inuyasha and confesses she is
happy to be by his side and knows she cannot compete with his feelings
for Kikyo.

49 Kohaku's Lost Memory た琥珀 2001-11-05
Kohaku no Kioku

Sango finds her brother alive when he is attacked by demons after his
Shikon shard, but discovers he has no memories of who he is. Inuyasha
is reluctant to let him join them, a wise decision when Kagura attacks
with a horde of demons. While Inuyasha and Miroku distract her, Sango,
Kagome, and Kohaku escape into the forest.
Ano Kao ga Kokoro
50 That Unforgettable Face が心か 2001-11-12
ら消え kara Kienai

Kagome finds herself the target of Kohaku's attacks when he suddenly

recalls an order from Naraku. Inuyasha soon realizes this and goes to
save her, but finds that Kohaku was unable to kill her and now Sango
intends to atone for her brother's actions by killing him and then herself.

InuYasha's Soul, Kokoro wo kuwa re
51 われた 2001-11-19
Devoured ta Inuyasha

A moth demon named Gatenmaru traps Inuyasha and Miroku in a

venomous cocoon with the intention of taking the Tessaiga away.
Unfortunately, once separated from the sword that seals his demonic
blood, Inuyasha begins to transform.

The Demon's True 止めら

Nature: The れない! Tomerareni! Youkai
52 2001-11-26
Unstoppable Demon 妖怪の no Hounsho
Within 本性

Inuyasha's demonic transformation gives him great power, but no sense

of control over himself as he kills indiscriminantly, which Sesshomaru
discovers when he arrives to gauge his younger brother's power.
Father's Old Enemy: Chichi no Shukuteki,
53 敵 竜骨 2001-12-03
Ryukotsusei Ryuukossei

Hoping to find a way to wield Tessaiga, Inuyasha goes to Totosai, who

instructs him to defeat Ryuukossei, an enemy who his father could not
defeat, in order to gain the strength required to lift his reforged sword.
With Ryuukossei asleep, the task is simple - until Naraku decides to
wake the dragon up.

The Backlash Wave: 鉄砕牙

Tessaiga no Ougi
54 Tessaiga's Ultimate の奥義 2001-12-10
Technique 爆流破

Inuyasha fights both his demon transformations and Ryukossei and

regains his ability to wield the Tessaiga, as well as a new technique: the
Backlash Wave.

[edit] Season 3: episodes 55-82

Japanese Title
Ep Original
Picture English Title
# airdate
Kanji Romaji

石の花と Ishi no Hana to

The Stone Flower and
55 七宝の初 Shippou no 2001-12-17
Shippo's First Love
恋 Hatsukoi

Shippo falls in love with a young girl who believes her deceased older
brother will return to her someday.
Kiri no Oku ni Bijo
56 Temptress in the Mist 美女の誘 2002-01-14
no Yuuwaku

Miroku and Sango go off to defeat a beautiful demon luring away men
from a village and stealing their youth.

すべては Subete wa
Fateful Night in
57 桃源郷の Tougenkyou no 2002-01-21
Togenkyo (Part One)
夜に 前編 Yoru ni (Zenben)

While Sango leaves to repair her Hiraikotsu and Kagome returns home to
take a test, everyone else has an unfortunate encounter with Tokajin, a
man who feeds a demonic peach tree human bodies after having fed it a
Shikon Jewel shard.

すべては Subete wa
Fateful Night in
58 桃源郷の Tougenkyou no 2002-01-28
Togenkyo (Part Two)
夜に 前編 Yoru ni (kouhen)

While Miroku and Shippo are shrunken and trapped by Tokajin, the Peach
Man, Inuyasha is unable to fight back because it is the night of the new
moon again. Kagome returns to find her companions missing and must
save them from Tokajin.

Beautiful Sister Bishoujo shimai no
59 妹の弟子 2002-02-04
Apprentices deshiiri shigan

Inuyasha and his friends wait for Sango, who has not returned. While her
weapon is now fixed, she finds herself delayed by two sisters seeking to
become her apprentices.
黒巫女 五
The 50 Year-Old Curse Kuro Miko
60 2002-02-11
of the Dark Priestess 十年の呪 Gojuunnen no Noroi

Naraku offers his Shikon Jewel fragment to Tsubaki, a dark priestess and
rival of Kikyo, in exchange for cursing Kagome and using the girl to kill

Kikyo and the Dark Arawareta Kikyou
61 梗と式神 Shikigami Tsukai 2002-02-18

Having successfully cursed Kagome, Tsubaki uses her to kill Inuyasha,

but is interrupted by Kikyo, who warns her former nemesis not to
underestimate her reincarnation and that she will kill Tsubaki if she dares
to harm Inuyasha.

Tsubaki's Unrelenting 底知れぬ Sokoshirene Tsubaki 2002-03-04

Evil Spell 椿の呪縛 no Jubaku

Kagome struggles to break Tsubaki's curse, while dreaming of her life if

she had never fallen into the Bone Eater's Well and met Inuyasha. Tsubaki
is defeated as Kagome reflects Tsubaki's attack back at her exactly as
Kikyo did fifty years ago.

The Red and White Ikute mo Habama
63 阻む紅白 2002-03-11
Priestesses Kohauku Miko

As Tsubaki flees with her fragment of the Shikon Jewel, she returns to the
shrine where she once trained and tricks Momiji and Botan, two young
priestesses, into believing Inuyasha and his friends are their enemies.
Giant Ogre of the 多宝塔の Tahoutou no
64 2002-03-18
Forbidden Tower 巨大な鬼 Kyodaina Oni

While Miroku and Shippo convince priestesses Botan and Momiji that
they are not enemies, Tsubaki frees an oni from a tower and absorbs it to
gain the power to defeat Kagome and Inuyasha. The defeated priestess
loses her eternal beauty and youth when Naraku decides he wants his
fragment of the Shikon Jewel back.

Farewell, Days of My さらば青 Saraba Seishun no

65 2002-04-08
Youth 春の日々 Hibi

Odd things happen when Myoga the flea returns; Sango, Miroku, and
Inuyasha are all possessed one after another and act strangely. Little do
they know, another flea is responsible - Shuuga, who intends to marry

Naraku's Barrier - Naraku no Kekkai
66 界 神楽の Kagura no Kesshin 2002-04-15
Kagura's Decision

Naraku's barrier is mysteriously weakened, which allows Koga and

Inuyasha finally to detect the demon by scent. Meanwhile, Kagura must
decide whether or not she should betray her master after she acquires
Koga's shards.

The Howling Wind of Fukiareru Uragiri no
67 る裏切り 2002-04-22
Betrayal Kaze

Kagura discovers that Inuyasha will change into a human during the new
moon, but decides to keep it to herself when Naraku, who is undergoing a
horrifying transformation of his own, threatens her life again.
Shippo Gets an Angry Shippou e Ikari no
68 りの挑戦 2002-05-06
Challenge Chosenjou

The younger sister of the Thunder Brothers, Soten, decides she wants to
fight Shippo, whom she blames for the deaths of her brothers.

Terror of the Faceless 顔のない Kao no Nai Otoko

69 2002-05-13
Man 男の恐怖 no Kyufu

Naraku decides to expel Onigumo from within him for good, but it
unexpectedly takes on a life of its own as another incarnation. The
incarnation steals the face and name of a monk named Musou and wrecks
havoc across the countryside, uncertain of his true desires until he sees
Kagome's face.

Onigumo's Memories えった鬼 Yomigaetta
70 2002-05-20
Restored 蜘蛛の記 Onigumo no Kioku

Inuyasha slices Muso to pieces, but worries about Kagome's safety as she
and Kaede investigate Onigumo's cave again while Muso slowly
reconsituates himself. Meanwhile, Naraku decides to pay Kikyo a visit.

Three-Sided Battle to Mitsudomoe no
71 死闘の果 2002-05-27
the Death Shitou no Hate

Muso continues to regenerate himself each time Inuyasha destroys him.

Naraku discovers that while he can bring himself to kill Kikyo, he is weak
without Onigumo's presence within him and sets off to reabsorb Muso.
When Inuyasha finally finds them both, Naraku reveals a startling secret
about himself.
Toutousai no
72 Totosai's Rigid Training 珍妙な試 2002-06-03
Kimyouna Shiren

Inuyasha decides to visit Totosai in hopes of finding a method to break

Naraku's barriers. He and a young cat demon, Bunza, end up teaming up
to beat a mantis demon destroying Bunza's village as a method of training.

Shiori's Family and Shiori Ayako to
73 とアイツ 2002-06-10
InuYasha's Feelings Aitsu no Kimochi

Myoga offers Inuyasha a method gain the power to break barriers, which
involves defeating and absorbing the blood of a bat demon known for
creating impenatrable barriers. Unfortunately, the task requires killing
Shiori, an innocent child and half-demon like Inuyasha.

The Red Tetsusaiga Kekkai Yaburu Akai
74 赤い鉄砕 2002-06-17
Breaks the Barrier Tessaiga

Taigokumaru, Shiori's grandfather and the leader of the bat demons,

continues to use Shiori's powers to protect himself while destroying
Shiori's village. When Shiori discovers Taigokumaru is responsible for her
father's death, she provides Inuyasha the means to destroy her grandfather
and the ability to break barriers.

The Plot of the Panther 豹猫四天 Hyouneko

75 2002-06-24
Devas 王の陰謀 Shitennou no Inobu

A group of panther demons come after Kagome for her Shikon Jewel
shards, but seem more interested in attacking Inuyasha and Sesshomaru.
Seeking revenge for the defeat of their master at the hands of Inuyasha
and Sessohmaru's father, they kidnap Kagome.
(ター Hyouteki wa
Target: Sesshomaru and
76 ゲット) Sesshoumaru to 2002-07-01
は殺生丸 InuYasha

Inuyasha breaks into the Panther demon's barrier using Tessaiga's new
ability. After Myoga reveals why the demons are seeking revenge,
everyone splits up to confront the devas separately.

The Panther Tribe and 豹猫族と Hyounekogoku to

77 the Two Swords of the ふたつの Futatsu on Kiba no 2002-07-08
Fang 牙の剣 Ken

To resurrect their master, the Panther demons have captured entire

villages to sacrifice. However, when the master is revived, he
unexpectedly kills three of them to return to life and Inuyasha and
Sesshomaru end up working together to defeat the Panther demon leader.

Sango Mokushi
78 Only You, Sango ふたつの 2002-07-15
Shite, Onrii Yuu

Sango meets an acquiantance from the past, who asks that she defeat a
bear demon haunting his castle and proposes to marry her.

邪見の鉄 Onrii Jaken no

Jaken's Plan to Steal the
79 砕牙ブン Tessaigabun 2002-07-22
取り作戦 Toriatsukai

To prove his worth to Sesshomaru, Jaken decides to steal the Tessaiga

from Inuyasha. After many failed attempts, he and Rin manage to acquire
the sword, but are forced to abandon Jaken's attempt entirely when Rin is
kidnapped by Kagura.
Sesshomaru and the Sesshoumaru to
80 さらわれ 2002-07-29
Abducted Rin Sarawareta Rin

Naraku threatens Sesshomaru with Rin's safety unless Sesshomaru kills

Inuyasha, an ultimatum Sesshomaru ignores. Inuyasha ends up fighting
Kagura, who is only putting on a show for Naraku, whom she wants
Inuyasha to kill. Kagome and the others pursue another Shikon shard,
likely the one embedded in Kohaku, who is guarding Rin.

Vanishing Point: Naraku Tachikireru Naraku
81 る奈落の 2002-08-05
Disappears no Yukue

Naraku is forced to fight both Sesshomaru and Inuyasha, who work

together to seriously wound Naraku until their sibling rivalry gets the
better of them. The fight is halted when Naraku remotely orders Kohaku
to kill Rin before vanishing, which forces Sesshomaru to leave and save
the girl's life.

Gendai to Sengoku
82 Gap Between the Ages 国のはざ 2002-08-12
no Hazama

While Inuyasha, Miroku, and Sango investigate Naraku's abandoned

castle with disappointment, Kagome must study for an upcoming test in
her own time. Chaos ensues as she struggles to catch up in her studies and
Inuyasha drops by and refuses to leave until she returns to the past with

[edit] Season 4: episodes 83-110

Japanese Title
Ep Original
Picture English Title
# airdate
Kanji Romaji
The Female Wolf 女妖狼族 On'na Yōrōzoku to
83 Demon and the Lunar と月虹の Gekkō no 2002-08-19
Rainbow Promise 約束 Yakusoku

Ayame, the granddaughter of Wolf Demon tribe leader in the north,

searches for Koga, who is needed to unite the Wolf Demons and once
proposed to marry her. Meanwhile a demonic hairball from Naraku's
abandoned castle is attacking everything in sight and Koga decides to
take off with Kagome to protect her, only to run into an angry and
jealous Ayame.

超速の花 Chōsoku no
84 Koga's Bride-to-Be 2002-08-26
嫁候補 Hanayome Kho

Ayame and Kagome manage to get along when Ayame tells how Koga
once saved her and promised to marry her. When the giant hairball
arrives along with Inuyasha and the others, Koga must save Ayame from

The Evil Within Jaki ga Michiru Oni
85 ちる鬼の 2002-09-02
Demon's Head Castle no Kubi Jō

Inuyasha and his friends run into an old woman fighting a demon and
save her. After she introduces herself as a demon exorcist, they decide to
join her to fight a demon haunting a nearby village.

Secret of the Possessed 依り代の Yorishiro no Hime

86 2002-09-09
Princess 姫の秘密 no Himitsu

While Inuyasha continues to fight the demon headman of the village,

Sango and the exorcist go off to save Miroku, who has been paralyzed by
the real demon: the headman's beautiful daughter.
Meguru Kikyou no
87 Kikyo's Lonely Journey 梗の孤独 2002-09-16
Kodokuna Tabiji

Kikyo meets an old man who tries to rob her, but suddenly collaspes
from chest pain. He tells her his tragic story, that he was an evil man in
his youth and responsible for Onigumo's injuries, and now seeks
redemption, though he believes he will never find it.

Three Sprites of the 猿神さま Sarugamisama no 2002-10-14

Monkey God の三精霊 San Seirei

Three mischievous monkey sprites are looking for their god's idol and
won't release a very inconvenient stone effige sealed to Inuyasha until
their god is freed from the missing idol.

Nursing Battle of the Aitsu to Kare
89 彼のお見 Omimai Taiketsu 2002-10-21
Rival Lovers

Kagome becomes sick and needs to return to her time to recover, which
results in her friends dropping by for a visit. Inuyasha, concerned for her
health, concocts a very odd medicinal cure for her.

Sota's Brave Confession Omoikitta Souta no
90 た草太の 2002-10-28
of Love Kokohaku

Sota wants to impress Hitomi, a girl he likes, and turns to Inuyasha for
advice. With some help from Kagome and Inuyasha, Sota manages to
confess his love for Hitomi, who accepts him.
The Suspicious Faith 怪しい祈
Ayashii Kitoushi to
91 Healer and the Black 祷師と黒 2002-11-04
Kuroi Kirara
Kirara い雲母

Shippo witnesses a girl, Koume, take away Kirara, who has mistaken
Kirara for her own two tailed cat Kuroro, who has been thrown out of
Koume's village because a faith healer has declared Kuroro the reason
behind the bad luck befalling the village.

復活した Fukkatsu Shita

Plot of the Walking
92 者たちの Monotachi no 2002-11-18
野望 Yabou


出没する Shutsubotsu suru

The Mysterious,
93 謎の助平 Nazo no Sukebei 2002-11-25
Lecherous Monk
法師 Houshi


四魂の玉 Shikon no Tama o

The Sacred Jewel Maker
94 を造る者 Tsukuru Mono 2002-12-02
(Part 1)
前編 (Zenben)


四魂の玉 Shikon no Tama o

The Sacred Jewel Maker
95 を造る者 Tsukuru Mono 2002-12-09
(Part 2)
後編 (Kouhen)

Byoki ni natta ano
96 Jaken Falls Ill なったあ 2003-01-13


97 Kirara, Come Home! konai 帰ってこない雲母 2003-01-20


Dokutsu ni wa
Kikyo and Kagome: 桔梗とか Kikyo to Kagome 2003-01-27
Alone in a Cave ごめの二 no Futari Dake


鋼牙と殺 Sesshoumaru to
Koga and Sesshomaru, A
99 Kouga Kiken 2003-02-03
Dangerous Encounter 生丸 危
険な遭遇 Souguu


Truth Behind the Akumu no Shinjitsu
100 Nightmare: Battle in the 実 嘆き Nageki no Muri no 2003-02-10
Forest of Sorrow の森の戦 Tatakai

Garamaru, the brother of the moth demon Gatenmaru, appears to seek

revenge on Inuyasha by trapping his friends in cocoons that will
transform them into moth demons as they are plagued by their worst
The Snow from Seven Are Kara Shichinen
101 七年目の me no Nagori Yuki 2003-02-17
Years Past

Miroku recalls being saved in his youth by a beautiful woman named

Koyuki during a blizzard. History repeats itself when Koyuki returns and
takes Miroku away, leaving Sango and the rest to his friends to come to
his rescue.

Bourei ni
Assault on the Wolf- 霊に襲わ
102 Osuwareta 2003-02-24
Demon Tribe れた妖狼 Yorouzoku

Kohaku uses one of seven Shikon shards to resurrect the monstrous

Kyokotsu, the first of the Shichinintai, who attacks the demon Wolf
Tribe. Kohaku assigns him to find more Shikon shards and Kyokotsu
finds the perfect opportunity when he runs Koga, who has returned to
save his tribe.

The Band of Seven, Yomigaetta
103 みがえっ 2003-03-03
Resurrected Shichinintai

Sango takes off on her own when Kirara suddenly picks up Kohaku's
scent; the two siblings end up fighting while Mukotsu, another member
of the Shichinintai, watches. Meanwhile, Inuyasha and the others end up
fighting another newly resurrected member of the Shichinintai, the
unpredictable and deadly Jakotsu.
The Stealthy Poison のびよる Shinobiyoru Doku 2003-03-10
User, Mukotsu 毒使い Tsukai Mukotsu

Jakotsu gets away when Mukotsu releases a poison that burns Inuyasha.
He continues to cause trouble for both Inuyasha and his friends and
Sesshomaru and his companions with his poisonous attacks.

The Ghastly Steel Bukimina Hagane
105 鋼の重装 2003-03-17
Machine no Juusoubi

Ginkotsu, the machine man and member of the Shichinintai, arrives just
as Inuyasha, Shippo, and Kirara rescue their poisoned friends. Inuyasha
orders Shippo to take their friends to safety and the kitsune takes them to
a nearby temple. When Kagome awakes, she discovers Renkotsu, the
priest caring for them, has a Shikon shard in his throat.

Kagome, Miroku, and Kagome, Miroku,
106 Sango: A Desperate 弥勒、珊 Sango Zettai 2003-04-14
Situation 瑚、絶体 Zetsumei

Inuyasha arrives at the temple where Kagome and the others are under
Renkotsu's spell, but is distracted by the return of the supposedly
destroyed Ginkotsu. Renkotsu sets the temple afire before revealing that
he is also a member of the Shichinintai. By the time Inuyasha finds his
friends, Shippo sadly informs him that they have all stopped breathing.
初めてみ Hajimete Miseru
The First Time We Saw
107 せる犬夜 InuYasha no 2003-04-21
InuYasha's Tears
叉の涙 Namida

Inuyasha is devastated that his friends almost died because of his

weakness, though Myoga has saved them by sucking the poison from
their blood. Meanwhile, Kikyo has found a kind doctor caring for local
children named Suikotsu, who possesses an unusually pure Shikon shard
and a strange anxiety around blood.

The Secret of the Pure Kegarenaki Hikari
108 き光の秘 2003-04-28
Aura no Himitsu


霧に隠れ Kiri ni Kakureta

Hidden in the Mist:
109 Hakureizan e 2003-05-05
Onward to Mt. Hakurei た白霊山
へ向かえ Mukae


Enter Bankotsu, The 七人隊の Shichinintai no

110 Leader of the Band of 首領 蛮 Shuryou Bankotsu 2003-05-12
Seven 骨登場 Toujou


[edit] Season 5: episodes 111-138

Japanese Title
Ep Original
Picture English Title
# airdate
Kanji Romaji
The Big Clash: Banryuu Geikitotsu! Banryuu
111 蛮竜 VS 2003-05-19
vs Wind Scar! vs Kaze no Kizu


Afloat on the Lake
Komen ni Ukabu
112 Surface: The Barrier of 浮かぶ 2003-05-26
聖島の Hijiri Shima Kekkai
Hijiri Island


The Sacred Vajra and the Hijiri naru Dokko to
113 Mystery of the Living 独鈷と Sokushinbutsu no 2003-06-02
Buddha 即身仏 Nazo


Kouga no Kokou
114 Koga's Solitary Battle 孤高な 2003-06-09
naru Tatakai


Lured by the Black Suikomareru Kuroi
115 まれる 2003-06-16
Light Hikari

The Exposed Face of だされ Sarakedasareta
116 2003-06-23
Truth た真実 Shinjitsu no Kao


Vanished in a River of に消え Honoo no Kawa ni
117 2003-06-30
Flames たアイ Kieta Aitsu


Into the Depths of Mt. Hakureizan no Oku
118 の奥の 2003-07-07
Hakurei no Oku


Divine Malice of the Kougoushii Akui no
119 い悪意 2003-07-14
Saint Seijya


Fare Thee Well: ら蛇骨 Sayonara Jakotsu no 2003-07-28
Jakotsu's Requiem の鎮魂 Chinkonka

Final Battle: The Last
最強最 Kessen! Saikyou
121 and Strongest of the 2003-08-04
後の七 Saigo no Shichinintai
Band of Seven


The Power of Banryu! Kyouretsu Banryu
122 Duel to the Death on Mt. 竜 白霊 Hakurei-zan no 2003-08-11
Hakurei 山の死 Shitou


Behind the Darkness - Kurayami no Saki ni
123 先に新 2003-08-18
Naraku Reborn Sinsei Naraku


Farewell Kikyo, My Saraba Itoshiki
124 愛しき 2003-08-25
Beloved Kikyou yo


The Darkness in Kagome no Kokoro
125 の心の 2003-09-01
Kagome's Heart no Yami

Transform Heartache みを 勇 Kokoro no Itami wo 2003-09-08
into Courage 気にか Yuuki ni Kaero


Don't Boil It! The ダメ!
Nichadame! Kyouhu
127 Terrifying Dried-Up 恐怖の no Himono Youkai 2003-09-15
Demon 干物妖


Battle Against the Dried-
怪と激 Himono Youkai to
128 Up Demons at the 2003-10-13
闘文化 Gekitou Bunkasai
Cultural Festival

Kagome returns to school to help out with the Cultural Festival, but
things become chaotic when Inuyasha arrives and reveals the dried up
food she brought back and cooked are actually dehydrated food demons.

Chokyukai to
Chokyukai and the と略奪
129 Ryakudatsusareta 2003-10-20
Abducted Bride された Hanayome

Shippo's New
七宝奥 Hoeru Shippou Ougi
130 Technique, The Heart 2003-10-27
義 心の Kokoro no Kizu


Trap of The Cursed Wall Kannon Kakejiku
131 け軸 呪 2003-11-03
Hanging Noroi no Wana


Miroku Houshi no
Miroku's Most 師の最
132 Motomo Kikenna 2003-11-10
Dangerous Confession も危険 Kokuhaku

Miroku must save Sango, who is now possessed by the same demonic
salamander eggs that were ingested by the rest of the village women.
However, she proves to be much more formidable an enemy and during
their fight, he comes to realize how much she means to him.

Sesshou-maru wo
The Woman Who Loved を愛し
133 Aishita Onna 2003-11-24
Sesshomaru (Part 1) た女 前

Sesshou-maru wo
The Woman Who Loved を愛し
134 Aishita Onna 2003-11-24
Sesshomaru (Part 2) た女 後


The Last Banquet of Miroku no Shishou
135 師匠最 2003-12-01
Miroku's Master Saigo no Utage

After various holy men have been murdered, Miroku begins worry about
his master, Mushin, who has been hurt in a suspicious way. When
Mushin says that he is dying, Miroku and his friends do whatever he
asks, no matter how troublesome... until they discover the how the old
monk got injured.

A Strange Invisible 明妖怪 Kaikitoumei Youkai
136 2003-12-08
Demon Appears! 現る現 Arawaru Arawaru!


An Ancestor Named Go-senzo-sama no
137 の名は Namae wa Kagome 2004-01-12

Mountain of Demons: Youkai Sanga Futari
138 りのサ 2004-01-19
Survival of the Duo no Sabaibaru


[edit] Season 6: episodes 139-167

Japanese Title
Ep Original
Picture English Title
# airdate
Kanji Romaji

The Great Duel at Shoun 昇雲の滝 Syouun no Taki no

139 2004-01-26
Falls の大決闘 Dai-Kettou


Eternal Love, The Syouun no Taki no
140 い 乾坤 2004-02-02
Naginata of Kenkon Dai-Kettou


Entei, The Demon Horse Tokihanatareta
141 れた 妖馬 2004-02-09
Unleashed Youba

暴走炎蹄 Bosou Entei to
Untamed Entei and
142 と戦慄の Senritsu no 2004-02-16
Horrible Hakudoshi
白童子 Hakudoshi


3000 Leagues in Search 父を訪ね Chichi o tazune te

143 2004-02-23
of Father て三千里 san senri

A child demon otter seeks to restore his father's head that was cut off by

Hosenki and the Last Housenki to Saigo
144 最後のか 2004-03-01
Shard no Kakerai


Bizarre Guards at the Anoyo to no Sakai
145 2004-03-08
Border of the Afterlife の境に 異 ni Iyouna Momban

In the prologue, Kagome reminisces about the first time she met
InuYasha. Acting on a tip from Kagura, the group heads toward the Realm
of Fire just behind Naraku's saimyosho and find Gozu and Mezu—the
guards of the Gate to the Afterlife.

気性荒い Kishouarai
The Fiery Bird Master,
146 鳥使い 阿 Toritsukai Abi- 2004-03-15
Princess Abi
毘姫 Hime

ペシャル Meguriau Mae no
The Tragic Love Song of
147 めぐり逢 Unmei Renka 2004-04-19
Destiny (Part 1)
う前の運 (Zenben)

Flash-back to how the sacred jewel was discovered and came into Kikyo's
possession. Then her meeting and falling in love with Inu-Yasha.

ペシャル Meguriau Mae no
The Tragic Love Song of
148 めぐり逢 Unmei Renka 2004-04-19
Destiny (Part 2)
う前の運 (Kouhen)

Flash-back continues with Onigumo's transformation into Naraku. Naraku

disguises himself as Inu-Yasha and then as Kikyo to turn them against
each other. He kills Kikyo who seals Inu-Yasha to the tree of ages before
dying. Kikyo is re-incarnated in modern times as Kagome.

The Single Arrow of Haran wo Yobu
149 ぶ 一本の 2004-04-26
Chaos Ippon no Ya


The Mysterious Light Seija wo Michibiku
150 く 不思議 Hushigina Hikari 2004-05-03
that Guides the Saint

Kagome's Instinctive かごめ 本 Kagome Honnou no 2004-05-10
Choice 能の選択 Sentaku


Mamore Sosite
152 Protect and Plunder! て奪い取 2004-05-17


The Cruel Reunion of 運命は残 Ummei wa

153 2004-05-24
Fate 酷な再会 Zankoku na Saikai


The Demon Linked with Anoyo to Tsunagaru
154 つながる 2004-05-31
the Netherworld Youkai


The Demon Protector of Shikon no Kakera
155 けらを守 2004-06-07
the Sacred Jewel Shard wo Mamoru Oni

Final Battle at the 墓前決戦! Bozen Kessen!
156 Graveside! Sesshomaru 殺生丸 vs Sesshoumaru vs 2004-06-14
vs. Inuyasha 犬夜叉 InuYasha


奈落を貫 Naraku wo
Destroy Naraku with the
157 け金剛槍 Tsuranuke 2004-06-21
Adamant Barrage
破 Kongousouha


Stampede of the Daibousou Musuu
158 数の妖怪 2004-07-05
Countless Demon Rats no Youkai Nezumi

Naraku decides to send Hakudoshi and Kohaku to bring Kikyo out of

hiding. Hakudoshi decides to use countless demon rats as a way to draw
her out, but fails.

Kohaku's Decision and Kohaku no Ketsui
159 意と珊瑚 2004-07-12
Sango's Heart to Sango no Kokoro

As the battle continues to destroy the rats Sango and Miroku come face to
face with Kohaku. As Sango attempts to destroy the box, she and Kohaku
are nearly killed in the process.
幸せを呼 Shiawase wo Yobu
The Loveable, Yet Two-
160 ぶフタマ Hutamata Bouryoku 2004-07-26
Timing Scoundrel
タ暴力男 Otoko

Kagome returns to the present and InuYasha follows her. He wrecks her
bicycle; then almost destroys an airliner trying to create diamonds with
his adamant barrage to pay her back. He meets Kagome's three friends.
Surprisingly, they like him.

弥勒法師 Miroku-houshi
161 Miroku's Past Mistake 昔のあや Mukashi no 2004-08-02
ま昔ち Ayamachi

Miroku's womanizing past has finally caught up with him. A young girl
named Shima is to marry a catfish demon, but refuses him because she
claims to be Miroku's wife. Sango begins to doubt Miroku's feelings for
her and finds she cannot openly forgive him; is this the end of their

Forever with Lord Sesshomaru-sama
162 と永遠に to Eien ni Issho 2004-08-09

A group of monks attempts to locate children kidnapped by a demon, Rin

included. Rin is faced with the choice of living in a village, or staying
with Sesshomaru.
Kohaku, Sango and 琥珀珊瑚 Kohaku Sango
163 Kirara: The Secret 雲母 秘密 Kirara: Himitsu no 2004-08-23
Flower Garden の花園 Hanazono

Kagura takes Kohaku to his home village to pay his respects to his dead
relatives. Kirara also goes there and is ambushed by demons. Kohaku
rescues her; then shows Kirara his secret field of flowers. Sango arrives
looking for Kirara. Kohaku hides from her. Kirara shows the flowers to
Sango who realizes that Kohaku is there and tries unsuccessfully to find

Possessed by a Parasite: 最強の敵 Saikyou no Teki,

164 Shippo, Our Worst 宿り蛹七 Yadori Sanagi 2004-08-30
Enemy! 宝 Shippou

Naraku steals an orb which conceals demonic auras from a mountainous

demon. The demon awakes, shedding parasite chrysalis demons. One of
them possesses Shippo causing him to attack his friends. Eventually, they
destroy it and most of the other parasites.

The Ultimate Key to Naraku wo Taosu
165 す最大の Saidai no Tegakari 2004-09-06
Defeating Naraku

The mountainous demon gave crystals of his aura to Miroku to use in

finding the orb and thus Naraku. Hakudoshi creates an experimental series
of demons for no apparent reason and InuYasha's group destroys all but
the last of them. Naraku uses the orb to sneak up on Kikyo and tries to kill
her. Hakudoshi's last experimental demon steals Miroku's crystals of aura.

The Bond Between Futari no Kizuna -
166 Them, Use the Sacred Shikon no Kakera 2004-09-13
Jewel Shard! (Part 1) けらをつ wo Tsukae!

The Bond Between Futari no Kizuna -
167 Them, Use the Sacred Shikon no Kakera 2004-09-13
Jewel Shard! (Part 2) けらをつ wo Tsukae!

Naraku lures Inuyasha and the others into the stomach of a large stone
demon. He traps them there with the intent of collecting the Jewel Shard
after they are dissolved by digestion. InuYasha attaches the Jewel Shard to
his sword. Kagome helps him keep control of himself long enough to
blast free of the demon. The series concludes with everyone promising to
pursue Naraku until he is destroyed and knowing that the way to
accomplish this is to destroy the child that represents his heart.

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