The Test Run

The project has struggled with constant delays, budgetary concerns and technical malfunctions. The initial test run of the Kerensky Translocation Array didn’t happen until three days ago, long after this project demonstration had been scheduled. The test had some problems of its own, though it appeared to be successful. The data from the test run is very odd, though. Nonetheless, Mr. Smithee presses on for a full demonstration for investors. During the test run, the Quantum Flux Doorway (labelled “Alpha”) was damaged. No one is sure how or why. The refore, the demonstration will have to use the backup Quantum Flux Doorway (labelled “Beta”). The Quantum Flux Doorway creates the tiny wormhole that allows for teleportation, so it is a key component of the array. The other pieces of the Array, like the Safety Interlocks and the CryptoAnagon Transmitter are still in working order. Which is lucky, because you don’t have backups for either of those. The Safety Interlocks keep the experiment from getting dangerous. The Crypto-Anagon Transmitter controls the destination of the teleportation beam.

Welcome to Sufficiently Advanced Technologies!

Sufficiently Advanced Technologies

We hope that your employment at Sufficiently Advanced Technologies will be an enjoyable one. You will hopefully find your employer, Alan Smithee, an agreeable one. Dr. Kerensky will be project supervisor for Project ISIS. If you have any questions or concerns please direct them to Dr. Kerensky or to Mr. Smithee.


ISIS Project

As you know, Project ISIS is an attempt to create a functioning teleportation device, utilizing Dr. Kerensky’s radical new breakthroughs in theoretical physics.

Demonstration Agenda for

Tara Samms
Project ISIS presentation January 22nd, 2021

Tara Samms

You’re the lowest ranked scientist on the project. You haven’t even finished your PhD yet. But sometimes you think that you’re the only sane person left on this project. Mr. Smithee has been pushing everyone too hard, and the stress has been wearing the staff down. You tried to tell him about how Kerensky has started to act weirdly, but Smithee hasn’t listened. He says that once this big demo is finished then everyone can take a break. During the run, the teleportation portal seemed to open as expected, but some unusual electromagnetic phenomena was detected. Some sort of energy field spread from the portal, in the direction of Dr. Bread. You wanted Smithee to delay the demo for the investors until you could sort out the readings and figure out what happened, but he didn’t want to listen. You got your younger sister Bella Spelvin an exclusive press pass to the test run and the demonstration. You’re trying to give him the big scoop that will help her journalistic career out of the dumps. But you’re worried she’ll do something stupid and make you look bad in front of Smithee. So keep an eye on her, okay?

Look out for your kid brother George. You want him toget a big scoop here. You also hope that he doesn’t embarass you in front of your employers. So keep an eye on him. Maintain an island of sanity amidst the chaos. You want to keep everyone on task and calm through the rest of today. Once you’re done here, everyone can rest and relax for a bit. Get Kerensky to credit you properly. This entire project relies on theories pioneered in your thesis, but she doesn’t acknowledge anyone’s work but her own. That self-centered egoist needs to admit that other scientists worked on this project, too, whether or not they finished their PhD program. Find out why Irving left you. You loved him, and he just disappeared. Wrecked your marriage along the way. Why did he leave? Why does he call himself “David Agnew” now? Should you blame him for your marriage falling apart?

People You Know
Your sister, Bella Spelvin, works as a journalist for one of the 24 hour news networks. You managed to get her access to this demonstration so that she could scoop the other channels. But since her first visit, she has been acting a bit oddly. You’re not sure what exactly is wrong, but you’re concerned for her wellbeing. ‘David Agnew’ - A few years ago, you had an extramarital affair with him. But at the time he said his name was “Irving Braxiatel”. And one day, he just disappeared. Since then your husband found out and left because of it. Do you still love Irving, or do you blame him for your marriage falling apart? Both? Why is Irving back? Why did he leave? What’s with the different name? Alan Smithee - He’s the boss here. You tried to warn him that the staff was wildly overworked, but he wouldn’t listen. Now you have these weird readings from the test run, which should really be analyzed thoroughly before you go running a new experiment. Dr. Kerensky - Lead researcher for the project, she’s vain and a bit eccentric. She’s been acting more oddly every day. Dr. Bread - A researcher on the project who outranks you. She’s been oddly withdrawn since the test run. Is everything okay?

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