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Iancorics OFFENSE ex epeare S| ee: cero ses” PRESCOTT POLICE DEPARTMENT OFFENSE REPORT 470130700 4__|1 3.34074) isc easta Ree 000. 3 00 MACCURDY DR Apt:6 PRESCOTT AZ DistricyZone Fa a TS AETHER SPECT RELATOR ET 5 ORS SSFEEY VOTH OFFER IV, beige a VABIZONA, STATE OF cesarean ————— 's ic) pensaee fabsceax —r— worse ite FR prs Heal hm — = — — ——| {rar RECTOR oPESBE —— teed wana lgegza pe FS ref — St sarees fate a oops —+—_____Bhrapazon ae emer e S Slee ae (RRB cre oa et Bla: eec0 ri I orca nae VEHICLE © waner 2 ros uel yr ggg Sorry au = war part —premmnschosemne——— aera = LCoroaces “cater vonte | | |On 10/28/2016 At approximately 2200 hours Robert Biden returned a rental vehicle to |Herwz car rental at 6500 MacCurdy Dr and left his identifications, credit cards, \Attorney General badge, cell phone, a meth pipe, and a used bindle to meth inside the Co SS ae S hee OPS S a | ae co_| wm ol aq BARDON, DANIEL-351 \CRAWFORD,TROY _416 a oO — rss 20.00 ee a ai | Lane naaelaee oT re a an ee i eee THIS REPORT WAS PRINTED BY. 256 ESCOTT POLICE DEPARTMENT OFFENSE REPORT __z 0130700 Sie a Te ha is 1O29/2016— 24-18 = lvehicle. Long formed to County Attorney. INARRATIVE: On 107282016 at approximately 1215 hours I responded with Ofe Jennison to |6500 MacCurdy Dr reference a delayed suspicious. Upon arrival | made contact with a Hertz rental car employee named i lll took me to the vehicle that she Imoved from its parked spot to an area just north of the parking lot on Crystal Dr. | arrived at the location and observed a silver Jeep Compass with a Nevada license Jplate parked facing west in a gravel area. |Emily told me that they got a call at approximately 1000 hours from a Joseph McGee Stating that his rend had let the car-there overnight and the keys were inthe Igas cap area. Emily told me that McGee told her that his friend was feeling sick so they didn't know what to do. Emily stated the car was suppose to be returned last night at 2000 hours. Emily stated the store closes at 1700 hours sono one was present when the vehicle was returned. |Emily said she went over to the car that was parked in the furthest northwest parking spot that Hertz owns and recorded the gas. and mileage. Emily stated she noticed there was personal property inside the vehicle. Emily said there was a wallet with lan Attomey General's badge, two driver licenses that had the name of Robert Biden, some credit cards with the same name, and a secret service business card. Emily lsaid the items were laid out on the passenger side dash board. Emily also stated Ithere was a pipe that she thought was used to smoke meth and a white powdery Isubstance in the arm rest ofthe vehicle |Emily stated she returned the car as normal and the credit card on file was beinc \declined. Emily stated they pushed the card through for payment. Emily stated she called Joseph s number back ole him know the car has been returned and a female lanswered the phone. Emily asked for Joseph and let him know that the car was lreturned but Joseph never asked for the property left in the car. Emily said it felt weird so she contacted her manager who contacted police. Emily stated while she was contacting her manager she looked up the name on the jinternet and realized the ID's and credit cards belong to Vice President Joe Biden's Ison. When | approached the vehicle | observed several items on the dashboard of the \passenger side. | later discovered they were the ID's and Attorney General badge |Emily was talking about. Emily stated she put those items back in the dash area where |she located them. | opened the Pee oe door and when | did | observed a small white and brown \pipe approximately 3-4 inches long and a small ziplock bag with a white powdery \substance inside all sitting on the passenger seat. Emily was asked if she touched the items. Emily stated she did pick up the pipe because she did not know what it was. Emily said when she was told what it was she placed everything back inside the PRESCOTT POLICE DEPARTMENT OFFENSE REPORT __4z.0130700 fazeare AO2S2016— 25-18 JE-33022-000. vehicle, A Hertz incident report, rental agreement, smoke filer, and a muli-tool, |were also located on the floor of the front passenger side of the vehicle, z [A cell phone was later located under the driver seat. || asked Emily about the incident report. Emily stated that Robert was in an accident land traded a vehicle in for this silver compass in Palm Springs, Ca. Emily stated that the incident report is suppose to document how the accident happened and where the damage to the vehicle was located. When | looked at the report | observed Robert ibiden's fame on the report along with his Washington DC address and his phone inumbers. While | was looking at the items that were left inside the vehicle Ofc Jennison was talking to Detectives by telephone. Please see Ofc Jennisan's supplement for his \involvement in this case. \Ofc Jenison stated that pictures should be taken of the scene. | grabbed my camera land took photos of the scene. They were later placed into property and evidence. \A short while later Ofc Jennison stated that detectives had contacted the FBI and Ithey were en route. A short time later two FBI agents arrived on scene. After the two agents arrived Detective Brazell and Sgt Small arrived on scene. (Detective Brazell processed the scene. Please see Let. Brazell’s supplement for his linvolvement in this case. \While the scene was being processed and after the scene was processed | stayed with ithe car. | was later informed by Sgt Small that Robert Biden had been located by \Secret Service and was well. After Robert was located and the scene was released | \returned the car keys to Hertz. linvestigation continues/ Court process INothing further to report. PRESCOTT POLICE DEPARTMENT PERSON SUPPLEMENTAL mm 4 “6 16 _|16-33022.00 = os =e - FTF F = = a ; = = pee Reseed 0408 PRESCOTT POLICE DEPT PROPERTY SUPPLEMENTAL jas __ 6 Seven Tye*_NARCOTICS cor’ 16 _16-23022-000 000 | Drone Foes -Boned C-Corttet O-Oamages R-Recower L-tomt S- Sinan O-Ohwrininown E-Ewtanee PP.Peaonel Papen Toone | Code Property Type {416-001 |e PHOTO. Sorat Number Vaive Omer ‘Bin no 12. 0.00 DEM Duterfon’|19 PHOTOS OF SILVER COMPASS AND ITEMS. Total Value [59 99 PRESCOTT POLICE DEPARTMENT OFFENSE SUPPLEMENTAL <= poe 2614" [MISC OPROTHER Yes lir3esa pave pa ¢APHERNALIA-POSSESS/USE fen ata = epee ones faassen ximscrasnusd PRESCOTT AZ86I01 [pp 18- PARKING (OT64RAG wate aaa So rm ae jLa/es/2016 - 1¢ INO. [arene sae a ae [Yor ee earesr os aor Ta TE ra Cy semen sete (3 ree atcerer Clemo Cr tt [err CT irsemcmee Tliseaiinnyaeinay — Clos eorsene Geert ue Demet Parestneny O rergen Clrewempreiean mse Citmaconri Qrecm sense Bow ae ae ae TT eater oa rae Ta are Demers} rewne Cetera Serine RENT teen Tecanmnasenen Caran esewsnen Dee estat Cramacgcoaien _Cewersetmemneers __Clansconeor Geert Om 16-33022-001 en | ih ne fe te ee a SSSR OS BY ORO I erm Se EC RRSSPECT FS TT PSSST OB Ti fe ldropped off the prior night. Ithe vehicle for evidence. |On October 29, 2016 | was advised by my supervisor, Sgt Small, that | needed to lrespond to the Prescott Airport and Hertz for a suspicious vehicle that had been lUpon my arrival | located Ofc Jennison, Ofc Crawford and (RP/W) Emily ee the lairport terminal standing outside a Silver Jeep. 1 started by taking photographs of the vehicle and the immediately began pr eee oe pee ee eee, ea eee fen STE en TR =< KINSEY,MIKE-229 \BRAZELL, Jeremy 350 | a J THIS REPORT WAS PRINTED BY: 256 [sARmATive Ore 07-45 e-za022-001 litems located inside the vehicle. | was provided a bag that contained ID's, credit cards, a cell phone (Apple), and an Attorney General badge for the state of Delaware. lOnce pictures were taken, | began collecting items irom the vehicle. Please see the |property sheet for details of the items seized from the vehicle. / noted that there was a glass pipe on the passenger side seat that had burnt residue inside the pipe. | noted that this type of glass pipe is commonly used to smoke lilegal substances. | also found a torn small clear plastic baggie next to the pipe with white residue. I was advised by Ofc Crawford and Jenison that in between the wo front seats of the Jeep, the console opened up and there was white residue Ipresent. | located the white residue and used tape to pull up some of the residue land folded the tape back onto the other end to trap the residue in the tape. talso Iplaced a small piece of tape to close the end of the torn clear baggie as well to keep any residue inside the baggie. All items, including the glass pipe were later iplaced into evidence. 1 spoke with after processing th e to confirm some of the things she lnad previously disclosed to officers. ‘onfirmed that she could not provide the exact time the vehicle was dropp' id noted that they were not aware that cle nad been dropped of unt “Joseph McGee” had 5. ‘onfirmed that McGee called from a phone number of noted that she called that number back and a female answered the Call but we |ut “Joseph” on the phone. The scene was secured after Sgt Smail was contacted by the Secret Service and told that Robert Biden was secure/well. The keys to the vehicle were turned back aver to \Hertz. |On Monday, October 31, 2016 | called the phone TT 0 speak again with McGee about what took place the previous week and see if he could put me in touch with Biden. The call was answered by a female and when | asked if! could Ispeak with Joseph she noted that he had just went into a store. | then identified Imyself and advised the female ! was looking into some suspicious circumstances ‘surrounding a vehicle that had been left at the Prescott Airport. The female stated, “Oh yeah. You know they left the keys in the gas cap because they didn’t Iknow there was a drop box.” | then noted that the female obviously had some information as well she might be able ta provide and asked for her name. The female \eaid that her name was "Puma" and when | asked her if that was her first name or last name she noted that she dd not wish to provide me any additonal information, stated that she would rell joseph to call me and then hung up the phone. / contacted the Yavapai County Attorney's Office and spoke with Carrol Kennedy. | confirmed with YCAO that they did not want any ofthe items released in the case that had been seized from the vehicle and she said yes, | requested a GJ Subpoena to Verizon for the phone number belonging to "Puma" and it was granted. I faxed the Isubpoena after it had been stamped by the clerks office a short time later. lon November 2, 2016 | received a reply from Verizon about the phone number (found that the phone number belonged to a Shauna Stang! out of ormvife or Cottonwood, AZ. The address on the Verizon account appears to be a UPS box location in Cottonwood. | found Stang! had a listed address according to AZ DMV lin Cornville, AZ. | also found that Stangl is the Co-Founder or Owner of Grace Grove out of Sedona, AZ and according to the website her name at the Grace Grove BHITE ~ Ravied RSE Center is “Puma St Angel.” ! attempted to call Stang! again and my call went unanswered and I found that the voice mall box had not been set up. I have not been able to make contact with |Stangl or McGee at this time. YE: Please send the pipe and baggie to AZ DPS Crime lab for fingerprinting and testing of the residue. |Nothing further at this time. (S) Biden has not been contacted, \investigation Continues, Court Process... BSE vied PRESCOTT POLICE DEPARTMENT PERSON SUPPLEMENTAL — 16 lres30e2-00) BLU Reve 408| PRESCOTT POLICE DEPT PROPERTY SUPPLEMENTAL Reson W8| NARCOTICS 16-33022-001.001_| Domicade: F-Found B-Bured C-Courofot D-Oaraged Recovered L-Lomt S-Sioen O-Oterlknawn E-Evdence PP -Persornal Property PropertyType rand Name ‘Sera Nara | vane Bin Ne PHONE: ABPLE. IPHONE ___| 250.00 1669 IBATTERY DEAD CARDS BIDEN. [MULTIPLE 0.00 1669 4 VISA'S, 1 SECSERV BUSCARD (BIDEN'S NAME ON ALL) BADGE DELWR AG DELAWARE AG BADGEI0.00 1669. IN BLACK WALLET, NO ID PARAPH. TRN BAGGIE 0.00 1669 RESIDUE (SMALL AMOUNT) WHITE [Panay Tepe loes 2016 719 496 |0.00 16912 RESIDUE IN PIPE TAPE Teesioue USED TO PICK UP WHITE RESIDUE FROM VEHICLE PAPERS 1ERTZ ROBERT BIDEN 10.00 16912 RENTAL PAPERWORK FOR ROBERT BIDEN FROM VEH_ IMISCEL, FROM CAR 10.00 16912 |MISC ITEMS FROM CAR - CIGAR CASE, DEOT, SMOKE PHOTO. DEM [32 0.00 DEM. Total Value |5959 00 | VETTE vee ecmoy emis Lomo frowres nome Sposa ae Joa sate serieuesre foo co counueto op | ARCOTICS OFFENSE eee 1182413340741 16.330: fas oT feowseemnc nznons——————— (6500 MACCURDY DR Apt PRESCOTT.AZ Distric/Zone: 23. 16 TT FATTO SRC AE = BIDEN, ROBERTHUNTER __}lanzona. stare oF Hace) ipee rms onsancercemsra #492084 STATE 0 cree fe JEN Gara TaD — WRC RES tae ae JERR baa — Tenens —] wean aT po pone | Grom Worrall Sep OI (175 ‘ety leo Fa Fan fcc — 1 rane ae Set — : : cf | TEC RRaRe ATER —SCSRECTaRL AR TORT ————— {PRU ABUSE/POSS/NON NARCOTIC _ piece poo NRC OT a elationshia Unk fice aR rE aN oe | Sco - Misc oseonicn | apeeole _AOaI2 01s [On 10-28-16 at approximately 1215 hours | was dispatched to contact a Jennit regarding suspicious activity at 6500 MacCurdy. | made contact with 72 MMMM etied here 23 the asisoes tor geste ladvised she manages the Bullhead city, Kingman and Prescott locatens, [stated that she was at the Bullhead location at the time of this report. [EMI st2tec that she had been contacted this morning by her staff atthe Prescott | w inosine aromas Fae 2 [Ree + cnemenraner Gry comm ont cor ferns cy. cunmep ovement EME come wceoam: C2 32016} Kor crater an Ament Mono ese Six Sana ST a a ex TINNY S| oes CLEMENS,PAUL-164 | JENNISON,ARRON 317, Jj THIS REPORT WAS PRINTED BY: 256 location, which is located at the Prescott airport, 6500 MacCurdy. She stated that |staff members, identified as Emily and Zach, told her that one of their returned rental cars had some suspicious items left inside oi it. | asked what the suspicious items were. She advised that she was told there was an Attorney General's badge, two ldriver's licenses for a subject identified as Robert Hunter Biden, along with numerous credivdebit cards with the name Rober ier AM stated that Emly land Zach told her that they had Googled the name Robert Biden and that a photo came lup of the subject on line that matched the photo on the Washington D.C. driver's licenses. | amc that Emily and Zach told her that the subject, Robert Biden, lappeare fe son of Vice President, Joe Biden. | was told that there was also \some type of a white powder substance that was found inside the car and that the Icar was dropped off at an unknown time throughout the night with the keys left in the lgas tank compartment instead of being dropped in the after hours drop box located lat the front of the building of the airport terminal. || asked if Robert Biden was the name of subject that originally rented the vehicle. She stated that it was. | asked where the original vehicle was rented from. / was told that it had been rented from Los Angeles, Ca (LAX airport) on 10-26-16 at lapproximately 0349 hours with a rental return destination of Prescott Az. | was told |that the vehicle was ie a zn z returned in Prescott on 10-27-16 at lapproximately 2000 hours. also advised that the credit card/debit card that Iwas provided at the time of rental had been denied. | asked if Robert had Iprovided any contact information on the original rental contract lated that Phere were bao prone numbers provided, She gave me both numbers, nd, called the first number that went to a voice mail message statin Imail box was full. The second identified a business (Seneca) and then \said to push #1 to contact Hunter Biden. | pushed the #1 then heard a ring followed lby a busy signal. | could not make contact. | then responded to the airport (6500 MacCurdy) along with officer Crawford and made contact with Emily Prior to arriving at the airport | made contact with the [Criminal Investigations Sergeant, Sgt. Small and detective Brazell. | advised them lof the situation. Upon arrival myself and officer Crawford made contact with Emily. lEmily took us to the location where she had parked the car, just off of Crystal Dr. Officer Crawford took over the investigation and started to speak with Emily to lobtain additional information. Officer Crawford opened the passenger side of the Jeep land observed the items inside the car. Please see officer Crawford's original report \for further information and details. | did assist in checking the inside of the car land located a black cell phone underneath the driver's side front seat. | placed the Iphone with the other items that had been located inside the car. Officer Crawford took numerous photos of the car and the contents located inside. Detective Brazell and Sgt. Small arrived on scene a short time later to assist in the investigation. | provided them with the information that | had been provided. ladditionally two FBI agents arrived on scene to assist with the investigation after lbeing contacted by Sgt. Small. This concludes my involvement in this case. Nothing Further investigation Continues BST Revised TSE ve PRESCOTT POLICE DEPARTMENT OFFENSE SUPPLEMENTAL I26is" [misc OFF/OTHER ves [134154 _ lonuG PaRapHERNALiA-POSSESSUSE [eseomme oo Bee a es Famer pene PRESCOTT AZ, as 18 PARKING LOTGARAGE AOA 2016 - 10282016 a ee Enema eae ae cH [ata : corer Ch meni Clu ce eae Cunatner CO panit ar rome Geensonae eerie racengsr Cmeemnren Oreste Bow CL com asw neva Cuntcepie Cluwetner Cl rraven Tareas Beene ocee er Climerconres reer oe Soo a > fame ae a Cora aa Sa aT Pr TE raier L CD cemewserw Cj mewn lun carem Juma sier Crete amas Sarena Tmeaninarataay Siem ae Grenson {Cloner Dimemetemegerrs _Cecscmry moet Doe Piiueeotintyy ATS VE el uaga menage euntin IwaRcOnics OFFENSE sla amas Beet aor 33022-0038. FRC RSET {TT {fos er rs scr | at amn RSET ITIEE—————— | | ie at ean ar aspera FE eee ree e! rrr We Sa a | irra ORE — Sr - vt pe e oom — §pxcormroe —prmerpes— Tar | 4 I I _erexcsone —ioncrmnearaerirneas — —— error —— LT WO OR ETS Lawrence Tora ss paiaereNTEr |Routing: Property and Evidence This case was reviewed by the city prosecutor's office and YCAO and both declined Icharges for (S) Robert Biden. DPS advised that there was Cocaine residue in the pipe but they further noted that no Jlatent fingerprints were developed or found on the pipe. aly kcasestatiy _nanican Townes GS Roach cowinORa pcoee Ss natont ua GS)-cxMDaeniT BEPTeRar ES oe WARS Cy CUVEE SEAEY Cay chan yo POA assceoame LIZIZ016 | fon Sremrnmacein Guvewsnonnn Cugue nna Ge AONE EROACE hkTan an Tony rere I Seovpammnsour __Srasn ynonay worse Pro cnevecues rma ——KINSEY.MIKE-229 _|BRAZELL JEREMY _350 a THIS REPORT WAS PRINTED BY: 256 ouy ae IARRATINE as : P I0IZ lar this time this case will be complete. P/E: Items 350-004, 005, 006, 007, 008 can all be cisposed of per department policy. Case Complete... 7 Qgty Airy, ARIZONA DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY oO SCIENTIFIC EXAMINATION REPORT DR NO. 2016719496 Page tof AGENCY Prescot Police Department Preset, AZ 86303, AUR ORO AGENCYNO. 1633022 OFFICER BRAZELL, #350 O% DATE December 29, 2016 NAME(S) BIDEN, ROBERT EX D Latent Prints JAN 2 6 2017 Irems 350-005 Smoking type pipe a RESULTS / INTERPRETATIONS nem 350-005 was processed with no latent prints of value for comparison developed. Reel Mac Ree, 5572 RICHARD W. MACLEAN Ill, #5572, Forensic Scientist Northe-n Regional Crime Laboratory 1140 W. Kaibab Lane, Flagstaff, AZ 86001 (928) 773-3687 Laboratory System Accredited by the ASCLD/LAB - International (ISO) Any notes photographs charts or graphs generated during the examination are retained in he laboratory. AGENCY Prescott Police Department Prescott, AZ 86303 AGENCY NO. 1633022 OFFICER BRAZELL, #350 0+ parE December 07, 2016 NAME(S) BIDEN, ROBERT EXAMINATION REQUESTED. Controlled Substance ITEMS 350-005. Stone pipe containing residue RESULTS / INTERPRETATIONS, 350-005, Contained cocaine residue. ARIZONA DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY SCIENTIFIC EXAMINATION REPORT DR NO. 2016719496 Page 1 of 1 TT enw? ODmell JASON P. O'DONNELL, #6924, Forensic Scientist Northern Regional Crime Laboratory 1140 W. Kaibab Lane, Flagstaff, AZ 86001 (928)773-3687 Laboratory System Accredited by the ASCLD/LAB - International (ISO) Any notes, photographs. charts, or graphs generated during the examination are retained inthe laboratory. Fromveao, qes2018 17:28 went =.001/001 Yavapai County Attorney SHEILA POLK 255 East Gurley Street Yavapai County Attorney Prescott, AZ 86301 youo@yavapal us November 16, 2016 NOV 21 2016 Prescott Police Department DR: 16-33022 Det. Jeremy Brazel ‘Suspect Robert Hunter Biden RE: Declined for Felony Prosecution Carol D. Kennedy has reviewed the report and prosecution is declined for the following reasons’ Charge Reason Declined Drug Paraphernalia-Possess/Use Declined, Referred To City Prosecutor Does not warrant felony prosecution on these facts at this time. The highest possible charge is a class six felony. That charge would likely be designated a misdemeanor even if D convicted at a jury trial. D has no prior felonies. This charge can be appropriately handled in the Prescott City Court. Please forward to the Prescott City Prosecutor for misdemeanor review. [Prescot Police Department Property & Evidence Report fous: 10292016 lease wo: 16-33022 000 lemee 1 7 lowes 1824 - DRU ABUSE/POSS/NON NARCOTIC escing Dn ors or = = [= Toner eae jozoaas7o | a [=e Fe EES eee meen es aoe Err PP Pearl Pose ‘Tag Norte cane | PreeOne Type co soot I Ss Yoh seein = Owner iad bs = = a = = aan errs Ce de xeole very le" caanronomaoy |) DBE UE Fels ow4 A Cocco PVexoS EPO 0262 ca) Lbd4( os yo. raacatt Police Department Property & Eviaonce Report a leeen ee ee rep bd | Jone: 10/84/2016 case no: 16-33022 001 wd © Necenscting age or. 2OMo “U9 40 = onnna pee en Congr adi ow Easence PP- Perna Proper BS ay SF TRE RTS CAS One S- TONE ns oa [aeons eta = jam G01... PHONE ABPLE _A1778..IPHONE... BATTERY DEAD = 1350-002 007'E. CARDS. BIDEN. MULTIPLE BIDEN,ROBERT. 2.DC DL'S, 4 VISA'S, 1 SECSERV BUSCARD. (BIDEN'S NAME ON At aie lso00s ole GADGE EWR AG DELAWARE AG 8 1 i t Prem" I BLACK WALLET.NOID “SM TORN CLR BAGGIF...0,00 1350-004 E__.PARAPHevaagaie a am rer" ReSIQUE (SMALL AMOUNT) WHITE ea le eee |350-005 001. = PARAPH PIPE GLASS "METH"PIPS 0.00 A POPP" RESIDUE IN PIPE __ aa a — aie sesee 350.006 002'E TAPE RESIDUE TAPE 2,09, | Pr" USED TO PICK UP WHITE RESIDUE FROM VEHICLE ____ ee wT [350.007 €._PAPERS HERTZ ROBERT BIDEN, 0.00 cate Pm RewTAl PAPERWORK FOR ROBERT BIDEN FROM VEH ___ Seer fererspn cs seevrpc see sane eee eeeEee |350-008 E __MISCEL, __' FROM.CAR 0.00. : eel sc ems FROM CAR CIGAR CASE, OEGT. SMOKE — eZ = : ~_ : = [a ED. a? Uf Le jsre__| Uw 9452 |350-BRAZELL JEREMY __| (ware UU! tls[w [Prescot Police Department Property & Evidence Report Toupee cg eli a spp td : Fa FF C Carta amaed Fe Recnree Las Bano Orernew E-Enten PP Fonans PDR Taw aren [ow] com | rrevomntee [tone | Sent ao vee [Sonor omer = moe 1350-001 001.E. .CPHONE.... APPLE. A1778_.. IPHONE 250,00: 669 NY BATTERY DEAD ______ See eee as ae 2 1350-002 007'E CARDS. BIDEN. MULTIPLE 0.00. BIDEN,ROBERT. 16¢ DC DL'S, 4 VISAS, 1 SECSERV BUSCARD (BIDEN'S NAME ON ALL) —_[ = et ye 350,003 001. BADGE... DELWRAG DELAWARE AG BADGE , 0.00, 1669 IN BLACK WALLET. NOID eee ee eae eee 750-004 EPARAPH _Tancce ‘SM TORN CLR BAGCIE 0,00 1669 Pm RESIDUE (SMALL AMOUNT WHITE 1350-005 . O0lE PARAPH . PIPE GLASS 00, 1669 mm RESDUEINPIPE 350-006 002 E TAPE RESIDUE. TAPE i 00. 1665 \ JR USED TO PICK UP WHITE RESIDUE FROM VEHICLE ——__[* sissies eran ie 350-007 PAPERS HERTZ ROBERT BIDEN 0.00 agpiz [oP RENTAL PAPERWORK FOR ROBERT BIDEN FROM EH cnet Rebeca 350.008 E MISCEL FROM CAR 0.09, (e912 [am WiSCITEMS FROM CAR CIGAR CASE, DET, SMOKE Seem 350-009, PHOTO.‘ DRIVE. UNDER DR ITEM # LDR. 0.00 DE mania tape iene Sores sees fogged ee bse — 7 = rR r eo : __|350" BRAZELL.JEREMY i sees orl is {ie Woe |