Welcome to Sufficiently Advanced Technologies!

The Secret Project
According to the classified briefing that you received, the product is no less than a fully functional teleportation system. Such a system could revolutionize every single aspect of society. No more highway system. No more shipping overseas. No more travel by space shuttle. No more border security. How will it change transportation? Industry? Urban development? Space exploration? Warfare?

Sufficiently Advanced Technologies

Everyone in a high tech industry has heard of Sufficiently Advanced Technologies. It’s the impressive little startup that snatched up some of the world’s leading physicists. Led by maverick businessman Alan Smithee, the company has been spawning rumors and buzz aplenty, even without ever announcing what it’s been working on. Everyone seems to have a theory about what the secret project is. You have heard several before you were invited to this presentation. Some theories are mundane, some are outlandish. All of them were wrong.

The Facility
Though they are making big promises, the SAT labs are pretty small and humble. Just a single smallish lab and a few other rooms. Are these three scientists the only science staff that they have? Did they really make this amazing breakthrough as a modest little garage startup? You had heard amazing things about Sufficiently Advanced Technologies. The reality seems to be... smaller. Not the giant well funded lab that you were expecting from their press releases.

Information packet for

Ibn Da’wud al-Baghdadi
The Herrawi Group Project ISIS presentation January 22nd, 2021

Abu Abdul-Matin

You are not the powerful Middle Eastern businessman that you claim to be. You are, in reality, Abu AbdulMatin, a Libyan terrorist working for the Brotherhood of Global Jihad. The Brotherhood espouses fighting back against Western agression through violent terrorist acts. The Brotherood of Global Jihad had contracted with the American Mr. Manciple to obtain a nuclear bomb. The Brotherhood paid Manciple, but he delivered an oil drum full of used pinball machine parts instead of a working bomb. Sources indicate that he probably used the Brotherhood’s funds to purchase the nuclear device from a black market source, but kept it for himself. Because he wouldn’t recognize you, your superiors sent you to locate the bomb and retrieve it. Manciple must still have it here somewhere. Find out where he keeps it and get it back to Libya for God and glory. This briefing you received about a teleportation device is quite interesting. You see obvious uses for it in a guerilla warfare context. Using the teleportation gateway, you could plant bombs anywhere on Earth from complete safety. If you can recover other technical items and return them to the Brotherhood as well, then more glory will be yours and Allah’s.

Find the nuclear bomb and retrieve it. Get Mr. Manciple to tell you where he put the bomb, and get it away from him. Take any other science items you can find. This teleportation system sounds like it would be very useful for your terrorist group. Get revenge on Manciple. Once you have the nuclear bomb again, you want to see Manciple pay for betraying the Brotherhood of Global Jihad. Find out about The Temple’s Foundation. You have heard vague rumors that the Brotherhood of Global Jihad is a front for something bigger. This secretive group is sometimes referred to as “The Temple’s Foundation” in English. You wish to know the true goals of the organization that you are working for. Do they really attempt to bring the jihad to America, or are they using true believers like you as pawns in some larger game?

People You Know
Mr. Manciple - A liar and a cheat. He promised to provide the Brotherhood of Global Jihad with a nuclear device. But he instead swindled you, providing nothing but old pinball machine parts. You need to find out where the bomb has gone to, and get it back. Alan Smithee - A loudmouthed blowhard, like many Americans. General Duggan - Having American military authorities around makes you nervous. Lt. Plinger - Not long ago, you were training with jihadists in Afghanistan. One day, your fellow warriors fll into some sort of ambush placed by the Americans. You don’t know what happened in there, but they all wound up dead. As you fled, you got a clear look at this American soldier. If you recognize her, does she recognize you? That could endanger the entire mission. Keep an eye on her, and if it looks like she knows who you are, you’ll have to eliminate her quickly and escape.

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