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Name of Drug Date Drug Dose, Mechanism of Action Specific Indication Contraindication Adverse Effects Nursing Precaution

(Generic and Ordered Classification Frequency, and

Brand) Route
Paracetamol 12-16-10 Antipyretic Dose: 500g Thought to produce analgesia For Fever Contraindicated in Hematologic: 1)Use liquid form for
by blocking pain impulses, patients hemolytic children and patients
Frequency: probably by inhibiting hypersensitivity to anemia, who have difficulty
synthesis of prostaglandin in drug. neutropenia,leuko swallowing.
Route: IVTT the CNS or of other substances penia,pancytopeni 2)Advise patient that
that sensitize pain receptors to a drug is only for short
mechanical or chemical Hepatic: liver term use.
stimulation. It’s thought to damage, jaundice. 3)Tell patient not to
relieve fever by central action Metabolic: use for marked fever,
in the hypothalamic heat- hypoglycemia. fever persisting
regulating system. Skin: Rash and longer than 3 days or
Urticaria. recurrent fever unless
directed by
Fluimucil 12-14-10 Mucolytic Dose: 600g Mucolytic that reduces the Inspissated mucous Contraindicated to CNS: fever, 1)Drug smells
viscosity of pulmonary secretions in patients drowsiness. strongly of
Frequency: OD secretions by splitting disulfide patients with hypersensitivity to CV: sulfur.Mixing oral
linkages between mucoprotein pneumonia. drug. tachycardia,hypot form with juice or
Route: NGT molecular complexes. Also, ension,hypertensi cola improves its
restores liver stores of on,chest palatability.
glutathione to treat tightness. 2)Dilute it in water
acetaminophen toxicity. EENT: upon giving it
rhinorrhea. through NGT.
GI: stomatitis, 3)For maximum
N/V. effect, instruct patient
Respiratory: to clear his airway by
bronchospasm. coughing before
Skin: Rash, aerosol
clamminess,urtica administration.
Norgesic 12-15-10 Skeletal muscle Dose: Hyperpolarizes fibers to reduce To manage severe Contraindicated in CNS: 1)Give with meals.
Forte relaxants impulse transmission. Appears spasticity in patients drowsiness,high 2)Don’t withdraw
Frequency: to reduce transmission of patients who don’t hypersensitivity to fever,dizziness,he drug abruptly after
PRN impulses from the spinal cord respond to or can’t drug. adache,weakness, long-term use unless
to skeletal muscle, thus tolerate oral fatigue,paresthesi severe adverse
Route: decreasing the frequency and baclofen. as,hypotonia,conf reactions demand it,
amplitude of muscle spasms in usion,insomnia. doing so may
patients with spinal cord CV: precipitate seizures,
lesions. hypotension,hype hallucinations or
rtension. rebound spasticity.
EENT: blurred 3)Tell pt. to avoid
vision,nasal activities that requires
congestion,slurre alertness until CNS
d speech. effects of drug are
GI: N/V, known. Drowsiness
constipation. usually is transient.
GU: urinary 3)Tell pt. to avoid
frequency alcohol while taking
Metabolic: drug.
eight gain.
muscle rigidity or
Skin: rash,
Bactidol 12-16-10 Oral antiseptic Dose: Protection against oral For general oral Contraindicated to 1)Instruct pt. not to
bacterial and fungal infection hygiene patients with swallow the
Frequency: TID to give fast relief from soar lesions and medications.
throat and mouth ulcers. It ulcerations of 2)Caution the pt. that
Route: oral reduces bacteria in the affected oral/buccal mucosa. the solution may be
cavity areas to help relieve and too harsh to taste.
prevent soreness. 3)Asses for any
lesions in the mouth
of the pt.