PROJECT TITLES FINANCE 1. Financial Performance analysis 2. Study on Working Capital management 3. Study on Inventory management 4.

Study on Cash Management 5. Study on Receivables Management 6. Study on Economic Value Added (EVA) 7. Financial Modelling 8. Study on Risk Management 9. Study on Budgetary Control System 10. Performance Evaluation of Mutual Funds
11. Study on Volatility of Share Price Movement

12. Fundamental Analysis of Selected Scrips 13. Comparative study of Technical Indicators 14. Study on Derivatives trading
15. Drafting Investment Plan using Risk & Return of Port Folio

16. Study on Pricing of Selected Scrips in the Share market 17. Performance Evaluation of IPOs 18. Portfolio Construction
19. Comparative Study of Effective Lending rates of Banks

Study on Performance Evaluation Through Balanced Score Card .20.

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