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is seeing was seeing here there
Sees saw this that
Saw saw/had seen these those
has seen had seen now then
will see would see today that day
is going to see was going to see yesterday the previous day
can see could see tomorrow the next day

Convert the phrases below into reported speech.

"It's raining," she said. Una frase en estilo indirecto

1 ______________________________________________ consta de dos partes, la
He said to her, "I love you." parte introductoria, y la
parte que nos cuenta lo que
2 ______________________________________________
otra persona dijo en otro
"I saw María in the supermarket yesterday," said Carlos. momento, y a veces, en otro
3 ______________________________________________ lugar.
"We've lived here for three years," he said.
4 ______________________________________________ Julian said (that) he was
"I'll bring a pasta salad," said Francesca. tired.
Parte introductoria frase indirecta
5 ______________________________________________
"Mark's going to install solar panels," said Miranda. Para pasar una frase directa a su
6 ______________________________________________ equivalente indirecta, debemos
acordarnos de dos cosas:
"They found gold here," said the geology teacher.
1) Pasar el verbo a su equivalente
7 ______________________________________________ pasado (-lo que se llama “un paso
"Jenny can't speak French," said Pierre. atrás-)
2) Cambiar los pronombres y palabras
8 ______________________________________________ de la frase para que concuerden con
"I first met my wife in Seville," he told us. lo que estamos diciendo.
9 ______________________________________________ Ejemplo:
They said, “we don’t like fish”.
They said (that) they didn’t like
The teacher said, “The children will
go to school tomorrow”.
The teacher said that the children
would go to school the next day”.
En las preguntas, la palabra “that” se sustituye por “IF” (o “WHETHER” –si
te dan dos opciones a elegir -) si la pregunta no tiene particula
interrogativa. Si la tiene, se usa esa partícula. Recuerda que al pasar una
pregunta a estilo indirecto, se recupera la estructura de una oración:
"Can they play the piano?" she asked.
1 _____________________________________________________
"Has Sarah ever been to Siena?" he asked.
2 _____________________________________________________
"Are they French or Canadian?," asked Charlie.
3 _____________________________________________________
"Where do bears live?" asked George.
4 _____________________________________________________
"Who wants some more yoghurt ice cream?" asked Mum.
5 _____________________________________________________
"Are we going out tonight?" asked Bob.
6 _____________________________________________________
"Can I use your mobile, John?" asked Sarah.
7 _____________________________________________________
"Have you ever been to Lisbon?" Luis asked Paul.
8 _____________________________________________________
"What has Daddy made for dinner?" asked Simon.
9 _____________________________________________________
"Is the Pope a Catholic?" asked JK.
10 _____________________________________________________
"Who won the match?" asked Monica.
11 _____________________________________________________
"Have you fed the cat yet, Philip?" asked Letizia.
12 _____________________________________________________
"How much does it cost?" asked Carlos.
13 _____________________________________________________
"Do you like fried eggs?" Anne asked David.
14 _____________________________________________________

Para pasar órdenes o

REPORTED SPEECH FOR ORDERS frases en imperativo a
indirecto, no se pasa
ESTILO INDIRECTO (ORDENES) el verbo a su pasado
equivalente, sino que
"Shut up, everybody!" said the teacher.
hay que seguir la
siguiente fórmula:
1 _____________________________________________________
"Open the window, Robert," said Jane. Si es afirmativo:
2 _____________________________________________________ “to + verbo”
"Phone your granny," she told him. Si es negativo:
3 _____________________________________________________ “not to + verbo”
"Don't be late," she warned him.
4 _____________________________________________________
"Don't talk to strangers, Michael," said his mother. Directo:
5 _____________________________________________________ John ordered Steve, “Don’t
"Don't listen to a word he says," she told me. drink any more!”
6 _____________________________________________________
John ordered Steve not to
"Clare, help me clean up the kitchen," said Tony. drink any more.
7 _____________________________________________________
"Fiona, get out of my way," said Alastair.
8 _____________________________________________________
"Boys! Stay away from the dog when he's eating," said Dad.
9 _____________________________________________________
"Minnie, don't scratch the sofa," said Bob.
10 _____________________________________________________
"Carla, don't pick your nose in class," said the teacher.
11 _____________________________________________________
"Look after your sister," said my father.
12 _____________________________________________________
"Break a leg, Oliver," said the actor.
13 _____________________________________________________
"Lionel, eat your meat," said Elsa.
14 _____________________________________________________


Change each of the following direct quotes to reported speech.

1. Alex said, "I am going to meet a friend."
2. Ken asked, "What are you going to do tonight?"
3. I said, "I've been to Mexico."
4. Steve said, "I want to go to to South Africa."
5. Allen said, "I'd like to come visit."
6. Emily: "My teacher will go to Leipzig tomorrow.
Emily said that _____________________________________
7. Helen: "I was writing a letter yesterday."
Helen told me that ___________________________________
8. Robert: "My father flew to Dallas last year."
Robert said that _____________________________________
9. Michael: "I'm going to read a book this week."
Michael told me that __________________________________
10. Jason: "I'll do my best in the exams tomorrow."
Jason told me that ___________________________________
11. Andrew: "We didn't eat fish two days ago."
Andrew said to me that ________________________________
12. Alice: "I spent all my pocket money last Monday."
Alice complained that _________________________________
13. David: "John had already gone at six.
David said that ______________________________________
14. Mandy: "Are you reading that book now?"
Yesterday Mandy asked me _____________________________
15. Jason: "Who gave you the book yesterday?"
Yesterday Jason asked me ______________________________
16. Robert: "Are you leaving next Friday?"
Yesterday Robert asked me ________________________________
17. Daniel: "Do you think it will rain tomorrow?"
Yesterday Daniel asked me _____________________________
18. Jennifer: "Where do you play football today?"
Yesterday Jennifer asked me ___________________________
19. Nancy: "Why didn't you go to New York last summer?"
Yesterday Nancy asked me ______________________________
20. Barbara: "Must I do the homework this week?"
Yesterday Barbara asked me _____________________________
21. Linda: "Did Max fly to London two weeks ago?"
Yesterday Linda asked me _______________________________