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Our Classroom Helpers:

Mrs. Naumann M, Th
W EEK 2 0


Kindergarten 2 Milk order forms may be taken

directly to the office on or before
Thursday of this week.

January 25-February 3 I will be helping my

dad make funeral arrangements. My
mother was called to heaven earlier
today. Although it seemed surreal, I was
so relieved that her suffering was done
and her eternity in glory has begun. I was
quite sad last week seeing the
Jesus Time Language Math transformation. I was constantly amazed
how God provided comfort and help for
This week in Reading and Writ- This week we will:
His people during the challenging time.
Jesus is Baptized by John ing we will: • Identify numerals
He did for me and my family and
• Spell segments with –at (last through 20
continues to do so even now. Thank you
We will see how Jesus began week was –an) • compare for your prayers. May God be praised
his work of saving us by obey- • Read –at words • Measure weight that we know, love, and believe in the one
ing His heavenly father. who gives us eternal life. Nothing else
• Review the sounds qu, ck, • Compare sets
gl, pl identify the hard work- gives us life in heaven, only Jesus.
Matthew 3:17 A voice from ers a, e, i, o, u
heaven said, “This is my Son.” • Read a story “The Three January 28 Science Fair Open House 6-8
Pigs” p.m.
We will not have a display in K2.
• Review sight words a, the,
can, why, with, me, I, see,
School Phone: 408-578-4800 February 4 Collaboration Day
from, to, do, in, may, at, Miss S:
like, two, it, if, is Dismissal 11:45 a.m.
School & Church:
• Word themes:
WELS (church group) website: February 6 K1 and K2 sing in 8:45 service
Patience and Impatience
Practice waiting to talk to mom Look for K2 blog at
and dad
Practice patience with siblings Homework
Practice using words to tell fam- Monday:
ily members how you feel “I Tuesday: practice making –at
feel___ when you say or do ___” words cut out Zoophonics ani-
mals and glue them onto the
–at sheet
Wednesday: Parents help your
child make the cube to review
words and sounds
Music P.E. Social Studies/Science Thursday: play a game
Friday: Return folder.
Songs: fun songs P.E. W: Travel to Africa
Bring offering envelope
Prepare song for February 6, Please wear comfortable shoes T, Th: seeds/plants
8:45 service for running. F: Scholastic News
Concepts: notes and v alues