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Note From Us
The catalogue now in your hands testifies to our declared objective of coming out with good books on Islam for the English speaking readers. Many new titles have been lined up, and these are not a regurgitation of the familiar subjects on Islam flooding the bookshelves of Islamic bookshops. Most of the over hundred books listed in this catalogue are a result of painful editing and reformatting. Such tedious process to ensure only good books make their way out of us has not been of help in fulfilling our publication schedule. Hence releasing a title is not a bi-weekly or monthly affair for us. For these reasons, unlike many other large publishers, including Islamic publishers, our catalogue did not grow in bulk. Yet, we have almost steadily gained a reputation for our quality books at affordable prices–exactly the agenda we had in mind when we first started. One thing that distinguishes us from the rest of the publishers in Malaysia, as well as many other publishing houses around the world which specialise on Islamic subjects, is our concentration to what is known as ‘slow moving’, ‘serious’ books on history, contemporary politics, law and religious sciences. Neither have we paid too much attention to one particular thought of the Muslim scholarship. Our titles are not attached to any particular sect or scholar: sitting next to each other in this catalogue are works of scholars whose followers would not talk to each other because of their sectarian differences. This year’s catalogue not only gives the complete list of our publications, but also introduces readers to the scope of our work, current projects and topics covered. A book is not only judged by its cover; it is sometimes judged by its author. With that in mind, we have included short biographies of various authors, in the hope that readers will have a better understanding of the works we publish. You will also find in this catalogue a new category called Malaysian Interest. Being a homegrown Malaysian publisher, we cannot avoid books which deal with topics that have a local and regional flavour, in spite of them fitting in one of our other categories. These books have now found a new home and we hope to add more into it so that scholarly local or regional works can be presented in a way that they also can cater for the international audience. As we publish more books from a variety of topics, we hope to introduce more categories that will cater for specific interests. More updates on our publications can be found on our website and online bookshop, We also hope you will introduce us to relatives, friends and colleagues. On that note, Happy Browsing!


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as well as a comprehensive index. for quality books at affordable prices visit www. Islamic Book Trust is now undertaking the new edition of this important work. so that the work can be presented to today’s English speaking Muslims preserving the spirit in which it was intended by the author. purity. albeit with many mistakes and omissions. charity. The task is not only to publish a reprint edition. Many of these chapters and parts have been published as individual books by publishing houses in the West.Projects While we publish good books on Islam and offer them at affordable prices. We have to-date come out with new and revised editions of several of Ghazali’s works.ibtbooks. Islamic Book Trust and The Other Press have been working on several projects that require longer time and greater editorial effort. The work is divided into four parts. prayer. the Ihya can be given its rightful recognition in the English speaking world. a comprehensive translation of the whole work in English is still lacking. but to improve the contents and correct the numerous translation as well typographical 3 . We have identified three publication projects which we hope to complete by the year end. but incorporates more readable texts of both the Arabic and English translation. people and society. Fiqh as-Sunnah is a comprehensive treatment of Fiqh matters and has been translated into dozens of languages. and we hope to publish as many translations as possible of Al-Ghazali’s works so that in time. THE MESSAGE OF THE QUR’AN This comprehensive translation and commentary-tafsir of the Qur’an by Muhammad Asad has yet gain its full recognition despite being referred to extensively by Muslim scholars in the English speaking world. heavy and lacking index. IHYA ULUM AL-DIN Imam al-Ghazali’s Ihya Ulum al-Din (The Revival of the Religious Sciences) is regarded as the greatest work of Islamic spirituality not only by Muslims but also by non-Muslim scholars. Translated into English and other major languages. FIQH AS-SUNNAH The original three-volume Fiqh As-Sunnah by Sayyid Sabiq is the first writing of its kind bringing together the four schools of thought. Each part is divided into ten chapters. Part of the reason lies with the format of the book bulky. Sabiq wrote the book in the 1940s when he was only 30 years old. with no preferential treatment to any. although some efforts were put for an abridged edition in English. at the request of Hassan al-Banna. pilgrimage. inner life of the soul and the vices which need to be avoided and virtues that must be achieved. We are now preparing an edition which will not only be more handy than its previous prints. The English translation of this important work is divided into three volumes and was first published by American Trust Publications. dealing on such varied subjects as knowledge. fasting. recitation of the Qur’an. livelihood and friendship. Every fiqh ruling in the book goes back to the Qur’an and Sunnah and Sabiq dealt with all four schools of thought objectively. The task of undertaking such a publication is huge indeed. marriage. the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt.

are great books because of the greatness of the religious inspiration which produced them. This understanding.The Qur’an — A Revelation from God O ne of the fundamental aspects of the modern Western civilization is its loss of understanding of the phenomenon of revelation. Anything beyond reason is. they turn their backs in aversion. This can be poetic inspiration or religious inspiration.ibtbooks. for it is a living Book and when those who do not believe in its Divine origin approach it. For most contemporary Westerns. which make up the New Testament. unreasonable. Surah al-Isra': 46 4 for quality books at affordable prices visit www. sent down through the agency of a Noble Messenger (meaning the Angel Jibril) to the heart of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings upon him). In the absence of this basic understanding. As a result. hence not worthy of serious attention. Modern Western civilization is built on humanism and its pivotal belief in Rationalism. emerging out of a historical past going back to the Renaissance. This approach blocks the paths to the Qur’an immediately. and hence that of religion itself. the phenomena of revelation is often confused with inspiration. The prophets of the Old Testament were human beings who wrote accounts of their truly heroic and great spiritual journeys. by definition. a Western reader sincerely trying to understand the Qur’an approaches it in the same manner in which he or she approaches the Bible. that it is well-nigh impossible We have laid veils which prevent them from understanding it and into their ears. there is no such thing possible as a direct revelation from the Creator. Thus it is very difficult for a Western mind to grasp that there might be worlds upon worlds beyond the realm of reason and rationality. it puts a veil between itself and such readers. And so. the one and only. for most Westerns to grasp even the basic Qur’anic claim that it is actually the Word of God Himself. all that is humanly possible is inspiration under which a human being writes. has so coloured the Western understanding of revelation. The four gospels. Shakespeare and Dante are considered great poets because they were truly inspired in a poetic sense. . deafness. you mention your Sustainer.

meant to be a handy volume. Its chaste English prose and scholarly notes and appendices. with original number of the notes given in square brackets.00 product code 001 THE MEANING OF THE HOLY QUR’AN: Translation and Selected Commentaries Abdullah Yusuf Ali This is a shorter version of Yusuf Ali’s revised translation and commentary of the Qur’an. have made it a major landmark in the Qur’anic interpretations.00 S/B$50. printed on thin paper. Paperback.00 US$9. It has enjoyed such authority that both scholars and students have widely used this as their reference ever since it was first published in 1934. Hardbound. with footnotes and commentaries. beautifully typeset in large font sizes both Arabic and English. The selected notes have been reproduced with no change. without the Arabic text. comes in a new readable format. Translation and Commentary Abdullah Yusuf Ali Of all the existing translation and commentaries of the Qur’an in English. ‘Abdullah Yusuf ‘Ali’s version is perhaps the most popular and the widely read.00 S/B$16. so that the meaning of the verses can be understood in its proper context.This new edition in modern English.ibtbooks.Qur’an THE MEANING OF THE HOLY QUR’AN: Text. 742 pages ISBN 9789839154047 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM30.00 US$ 5 . It does not include the more than six thounsand commentaries found in the original edition. but only such notes that are essential to give readers the historical background to difficult passages.00 product code 002 for quality books at affordable prices visit www. 1584 pages ISBN 9789839154825 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM100.


THE HOLY QUR’AN: Text and Translation (PVC material bound) Abdullah Yusuf Ali
This shorter version of ‘Abdullah Yusuf ‘Ali’s work includes his translation of the Qur’an text side by side with the Arabic text in a compact volume. The exclusion of the commentaries found in the original edition makes the volume handy for the reader especially when on a journey. This volume is also suitable for students of Islamic studies. Printed in thin paper and comes in PVC-bound cover, or in regular paperback.

Soft PVC bound, 854 pages ISBN 9789839154917 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM39.00 S/B$20.00 US$12.00

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Paperback, 854 pages ISBN 9789839154849 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM35.00 S/B$18.00 US$10.00

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Know the Author

Abdullah Yusuf ‘Ali (1872-1953) is most famous for his monumental English translation of the Qur’an, The Holy Qur’an: Text, Translation and Commentary, later published, printed and distributed on an unprecedented scale. Born in Gujrat, India to a Bohra family (a mercantile community in India), Yusuf ‘Ali belonged to both East and West, had an abiding faith in the British, acting as a publicist for the Allied cause. In his childhood, he became well-versed in Arabic, and later went to an English school. At 19, he obtained a first-class degree in Classics and that won him a scholarship to England, where his relationship with the British Empire began. He wrote extensively on social, political and historical issues, as well as articles and reviews on Islam, in various journals. But it was his translation and commentary of the Qur’an now available in countless editions which stands out as the most widely circulated work of twentieth century Islamic scholarship. Despite his public acclaim, Yusuf ‘Ali died a lonely man, according to his biography, Searching for Solace. He was found on a cold winter as a confused old man outside a house in Westminster, England. The police took him to a home for the elderly, but days later, on 9 December 1953, he died of heart attack.

Also See
SEARCHING FOR SOLACE LACE A Biography of Abdullah Yusuf Ali, Interpreter of the Qur’an M.A. Sherif

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Know the Author

One of the Muslim world's most well-known converts, Marmaduke Pickthall is also remembered as the first Englishman who was a Muslim to translate the Qur’an into English, The Meaning of the Glorious Koran. He was also a prolific writer on the issues that concerned Muslims during his lifetime–Turkey, India, Islam–as well as a novelist and short story writer. Born into a devout Christian family in England, and whose father was a clergyman, Pickthall converted to Islam, declaring his new faith in dramatic fashion after delivering a talk on 'Islam and Progress' on November 29, 1917 to the Muslim Literary Society in Notting Hill, London. When a propaganda campaign was launched in the UK in 1915 over the massacres of Armenians, Pickthall rose to challenge it and argued that all the blame could not be placed on the Turkish government. At a time when many Indian Muslims in London had been co-opted by the Foreign Office to provide propaganda services in support of Britain's war against Turkey, Pickthall's stand was considered one of great integrity and courageous given the war climate. He enamoured of the Islamic world by living and working in India. Pickthall died on May 19, 1936, and is buried at Woking, England.

Works include:
• • • Said the Fisherman Oriental Encounters: Palestine and Syria 1894-6 War and Religion


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This 'Pocket' edition is the latest edition of the Meaning of the Qur’an from us. Ideal as gift or a travel companion for ease of reference and mobility. Includes meaning of the Qur'an without commentaries and Arabic text

Paperback, 570 pages ISBN 9789839154962 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM20.00 S/B$10.00 US$7.00

Dimension: 9.5 cm X 13 cm, weighs less than 200g.

product code 005

Pickthall’s translation is the first by an Englishman who was a Muslim. The Qur’an is here rendered almost literally and every effort made to choose befitting language. This beautifully printed edition also contains full Arabic text in a handy volume, and incorporates 248 corrections in Pickthall’s celebrated translation.

Paperback, 950 pages ISBN 9789839154269 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM39.00 S/B$20.00 US$12.00

product code 006

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In doing so. The present study is not a review of previous exegetical attempts. QUR'AN AND HISTORY Maurice Bucaille The holy scriptures of the three Abrahamic religions share some of the main aspects of historical events which happened after prophet Abraham.00 S/B$15.00 product code 007 MOSES AND PHARAOH IN THE BIBLE. his . Jews and Christians. While referring to interpretations from classical exegetical works. author of the best-seller The Bible.00 S/B$19. 246 pages ISBN 9789675062056 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM25. 298 pages ISBN 9789839154726 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM39.including careful examination of the historical background of its story and detailed comparison with the corresponding Biblical narrative.00 S/B$22. Paperback.00 product code 008b 10 for quality books at affordable prices visit www.00 product code 008a Hardbound. THE BIBLE AND HISTORY Louay Fatoohi Surah Yusuf (Joseph) of the Qur'an deals almost entirely with the story of this noble Prophet. this book offers new insights into the meanings and magnificence of this Qur’anic text. Paperback.ibtbooks.Qur’an THE PROPHET JOSEPH IN THE QUR’AN. Dr Bucaille.00 US$14. and their father Prophet Jacob. but a genuinely new look at the surah . The events during this period are important to the Muslims.00 US$16. 246 pages ISBN 9789675062063 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM35. carefully avoids theoretical and speculative views in an attempt to cope only with facts. the Qur'an and Science and other award-winning works on scripture and hieroglyphics. Since the revelation of the Qur’an fourteen centuries ago. there have been numerous attempts to interpret this surah. One topic which reveals many such shared aspects is the story of Moses who rose up against the despotic Pharaoh. This work is a comparative study of the Biblical and Qur'anic narrations of the story of Moses and Pharaoh.00 US$10. and in many cases form the basis of the history and rituals of the three religions.

Paperback.00 US$7.Qur’an THE OPENING CHAPTER OF THE QUR’AN Abul Kalam Azad translated by Syed Abdul Latif Azad’s explanation (tafsir) of Surah 11 .00 product code 009 BASIC CONCEPTS OF THE QUR’AN Abul Kalam Azad edited and translated by Syed Abdul Latif Of all the writings of Mawlana Azad. reproduced in the very manner of Azad’s exposition. explains the Qur’anic conception of God in the light of the pattern of organisation found in phenomenal nature. Students of the Qur’an will find therein a store of Quranic knowledge such as is not found in current commentaries.00 product code 010 for quality books at affordable prices visit www.ibtbooks.00 S/B$15.00 S/B$10. 201 pages ISBN 9789839154283 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM20. Rightly regarded as Azad’s major contribution to Islamic learning. his exegesis of Surah al-Fatihah (The Opening Chapter) in his Tarjuman al-Qur’an is a masterly introduction to the study of the Qur’an. this is a profound exposition of Qur’anic thought. This work is an analytical summary of it.00 US$10. 132 pages ISBN 9789839154498 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM19. Paperback. the first chapter of the Qur’an.

No exegesis is by itself sufficient for a full understanding of the Qur’an. This tafsir is based on the principle of coherence. 694 pages .ibtbooks.00 US$23. 816 pages ISBN 9789839154313 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM60.00 S/B$18.00 S/B$45.00 S/B$33.00 product code 011 TADABBUR-E-QUR’AN (PONDERING OVER THE QUR’AN) Volume One: Tafsir of Surah al-Fatihah and Surah al-Baqarah Amin Ahsan Islahi. Hardbound. Paperback.00 product code 012 12 for quality books at affordable prices visit www. Without recognising and appreciating the coherence of the Qur’an.00 US$30. one may gain knowledge of certain commandments and teachings but will remain ignorant of the Qur’anic wisdom (hikmah) contained in its beautifully integrated and holistic message.00 US$10.Qur’an A THEMATIC COMMENTARY ON THE QUR’AN Shaykh Muhammad al-Ghazali Already there is a wealth of exegetical work on the Qur’an. a pre-eminent scholar of the Qur’an. Tadabbur-e-Qur’an (Pondering over the Qur’an). Translated by Mohammad Saleem Kayani This English translation of the tafsir of Surah al-Fatihah and Surah al-Baqarah is part of the eight-volume Urdu tafsir.00 RM35. the result of the life-long work of Amin Ahsan Islahi (1904-1997). 1584 ISBN 9789839154887 ISBN 9839154621 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM75. But this work is an indispensable companion in the quest for a better comprehension of the sacred text. Muhammad al-Ghazali’s (d. and is perhaps the first sustained and successful attempt to demonstrate such coherence and to refute the oft-repeated allegation of the lack of order or integrity in the Qur’an. 1996) work is unique in the sense that it focuses on organic unity of each chapter (surah). The Urdu original was first published in 1967.

Azad then roused the Muslim community through the Khilafat movement. In 1930. Besides writing the Tadabbur. he served as India’s first minister of education. Born in Makkah in 1888. His tomb is located next to the Jama Masjid in Delhi. Islahi elucidated and explained the subject through his monumental nine volume Urdu tafsir. born in Azamgarh. both old and new. the educational institution associated with renowned Indian Muslim scholar Shibli Nu’mani (1857-1914). for quality books at affordable prices visit www. Azad’s family descended from a line of eminent scholars of Islam. especially for his approach based and evolved around the concept of order and coherence in the contents of the divine book. learned and mastered Farahi’s concept of internal order and coherence in the Qur’an and became the most important proponent of this school. but in modern times. Amin Ahsan Islahi. In 1920. the Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology in Bhopal. Historically. the idea of coherence in the Qur’an has always been present in the writings of various scholars. ABUL KALAM AZAD Commonly remembered as Mawlana Azad (1888-1958). Pakistan. and three years later was elected as its president. Azad later joined India’s freedom struggle.Know the Author AMIN AHSAN ISLAHI Amin Ahsan Islahi. he was jailed for his antiBritish activities. Islahi has authored a number of books in Urdu on various topics of Islam. Azad was a Muslim scholar and the most recognisable Muslim face in the Indian independence movement. Tadabbur-e-Qur’an (Pondering over the Qur’an). Mawlana Azad is the namesake of many public institutions across India such as the Maulana Azad Medical College in New Delhi. 13 . Al Hilal. After independence. the youngest person to occupy the post. the Maulana Azad National Urdu University and the Maulana Azad College in Calcutta. Azad staunchly opposed the partition of India. he joined the Indian National Congress. and later a principal of Madrasah al-Islah. the renowned scholar. and cooperated with India’s independence leader Mohandas K Gandhi’s civil disobedience movement. his mass circulated journal. it was Hamiduddin Farahi (1863-1930). He died at the age of 93 in Lahore. The government of India celebrates his birthday on November 11 every year as Education Day. was shut down by the British government. His family soon moved to Calcutta where he was educated in Arabic. who was an outstanding pupil of Farahi. 1904. on 15 December 1997. will be remembered for his lasting contribution to Qur’anic studies. Persian and English. In 1916.ibtbooks. who wrote systematically on this subject while adding new dimensions to it.

. . The meaning of the Holy Qur’an is arguably one of the most read books in the English speaking world. product code 002A Please send me .The Best Books Are Almost Free. Selangor Photocopy of this form is accepted.. I enclose a cheque / money order* payable to THE OTHER PRESS SDN BHD.... it is the best gift at the best price. copies (Minimum order 10 copies) of the low-cost edition of ORDER FORM The Meaning of the Holy Qur’an: Translation and Selected Commentaries by Abdullah Yusuf Ali at RM9..* you can present your friends.. at the price of RM9...00 a copy. Now.00 a copy. * For payment by credit card or online bank transfer... Jalan Othman 46000 Petaling Jaya. colleagues and relatives with this authoritative translation of the Qur’an by Abdullah Yusuf Ali.... In modern English and containing selected for details Name: ________________________________________________________ Date:____________ Address: _________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ Daytime telephone: _______________ Email: _________________________________________ Return this form to: The Other Press Sdn Bhd 607... * This offer is currently valid only in Malaysia... Only a minimum order of 10 copies accepted. Postage and packing are free.. please email to quran@ibtbooks. Mutiara Majestic..

00 US$15. 500/550 pages ISBN 9789839154238 & 9789839154245 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM70. substantiating thoroughly the Qur’anic claim that it enshrines the ‘exposition of everything’. but to grasp its system of meaning and to understand its teaching as a practical system of guidance.ibtbooks.00 product code 014 for quality books at affordable prices visit www. in 2 volumes. Paperback. Paperback. It invites the mind to a different reading of human religious history and a different understanding of the human condition that goes far beyond the mere concerns of Muslims.00 S/B$22.00 product code 013 THE QUR’ANIC FOUNDATIONS AND STRUCTURE OF MUSLIM SOCIETY (VOLUMES I & II) Muhammad Fazl-ur-Rahman Ansari Studying the Qur’an is not merely reading it in the original or its translation even together with its commentary.00 S/B$ 15 .00 US$25.Qur’an THE QUR’ANIC PHENOMENON Malik Bennabi translated by Mohamed Tahir el-Mesawi Bennabi’s reformulation of the Qur’an’s miracle within the wider philosophical and historical context of the religious phenomenon and prophetic movement is quite unique. This two-volume work provides that system of guidance in an elaborate manner. 340 pages ISBN 9789839154252 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM39.

00 product code 015 * Available in ASEAN region.Qur’an ETHICO-RELIGIOUS CONCEPTS IN THE QUR’AN* Toshihiko Izutsu Professor Izutsu provides a masterful and lucid exposition of the Qur’anic teachings.00 S/B$18. Paperback. 306 pages Paperback.00 S/B$28.00 US$10.00 RM35. Paperback.00 US$21. GOD AND MAN IN THE QUR’AN Toshihiko Izutsu Coming from the pen of the first serious Japanese scholar on Islam. 1584 ISBN 9789839154382 ISBN 9839154621 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM39. The main part of the book is extensively concerned with the problem of the personal relation between God and man in the Qur’anic worldview.00 S/B$22.00 product code 016 16 for quality books at affordable prices visit www. Izutsu's description of the historical evolution of these concepts in pre-Islamic Arabia up to the appearance of Islam is rich and valuable. First published in . this work was one of the first studies of the Qur’anic worldview to have appeared in a Western language and its importance has not changed with the passing of time. 346 pages ISBN 9789839154559 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM45.ibtbooks.00 US$16. this book discovers the substantive structure of Qur'anic teaching in a four-fold relationship between God and man.

00 S/B$35. orientalist works had challenged the authenticity of Hadith material (sayings of the Prophet). Sahih of Imam al-Bukhari... a disciple of a companion of the Prophet to substantiate his arguments. It was not in vain: in his own words. 206 pages ISBN 9789839154948 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM40.ibtbooks.00 product code 017 SAHIH AL-BUKHARI: The Early Years of Islam Translated by Muhammad Asad This work comprises the historical chapters of the most important compilations of Traditions. 318 pages ISBN 9789839154450 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM64. The author had set out to translate the whole of Sahih al-Bukhari but much of his manuscripts were destroyed in the chaos that followed the Second World War.00 US$18.Hadith AN INTRODUCTION TO THE CONSERVATION OF HADITH In the Light of the Sahifah of Hammam ibn Munabbih Dr Muhammad Hamidullah Since the past century. refuted the misgivings spread by orientalists. and depicts the beginning of the Prophet’s revelation.00 US$25.00 S/B$24. translating and clarifying the Sahih were a God-willed preparation for a work which for a very long time had represented an enticing dream to me: a new rendering into English of the Message of the Qur’an. the Battle of Badr. Paperback.” Hardbound. This work selects the collections of Hammam ibn Munabbih. claiming that these collections of hadiths were done orally and therefore subject to misreporting and alterations. and on the basis of 17 .00 product code 018 for quality books at affordable prices visit www. Dr Hamidullah discovered very early collections of hadiths preserved in libraries in Turkey. the merits of his Companions and the early years of Islam up to and including the decisive turning point of Islamic history. France and Germany. “ten years spent on analysing.

succinctly put the case for Hadith. (From Hadith and Sunnah: Ideals and Realities) 18 for quality books at affordable prices visit www. Subjectively “A selecting few hadiths which appear to contradict the Qur’an. it contains no Sunnah for us.ibtbooks. is even more pathetic.for which there is no effective cure. It is a fact we have among us a number of groups quite confused about the true place of Hadith in Islam. we are naively told that Hadith may be history. but it has no Shariah normativeness. even if Hadith is genuine. political and cultural integrity of the Ummah..a. on the ground it is shirk (polytheism) to mention Muhammad together with Allah (sic). This mental aberration.” In these words. they use them to claim that Hadith is opposed to the Qur’an and they are obliged to follow only the Qur’an. They exhibit a singular lack of clarity of issues and a dismal ignorance of the role of the Prophet s. The problem is compounded also by the illiterate religious functionaries of the Muslim world who interpret the Hadith literally. which is of recent origin.w. they swear by the Qur’an to an Iblisian Tawhid— as Iqbal put it—and reject the second shahadah.The Role of the Hadith nd if all Hadith is given up. probably results from the frustration with the extreme conservative attitude of some of the Muslims who have a tendency to quote even some of the weakest of hadiths to defend their customs and practices which may have nothing to do with the Prophet or his practices. they sometimes tell us that the Hadith is unreliable as a guide to the Prophetic Sunnah. what remains but a yawning chasm of fourteen centuries between us the Prophet? And in the vacuity of this chasm not only must the Qur’an slip from our fingers under our subjective whims—for the only thing that anchors it is the Prophetic activity itself—but even the very existence and integrity of the Qur’an and. The group known as “anti-Hadith” argues that all hadiths are fabricated. the existence of the Prophet himself become an unwarranted myth. and that the Qur’an alone is the source of guidance for Muslims. largely in the third century of Islam. Without any founding either in scholarship or insight. indeed. himself. The case of another anti-Hadith group. In their anxiety to clear the way. the late Dr Fazlur Rahman. At other times. As a ploy to be accepted by the Ummah. Only a dishonest and insane person will deny the importance of Hadith in its continuing role to guarantee the social. without understanding the purpose or context of the . “Muhammadun Rasulullah”. they resort to methods much more questionable than Nero’s method of rebuilding Rome. one of the most energetic and productive minds of our time. and as result distort the religion itself. ie.

significance. It serves a long felt need for a comprehensive collection of writings on various aspects of the subject for the non-academic reader. Special Features and Criticism Muhammad Zubayr Siddiqi First published in 1961.00 product code 019 HADITH AND SUNNAH: Ideals and Realities edited by P K Koya A compilation of essays on Hadith (sayings) and Sunnah (exemplary conduct) of the Prophet.00 product code 020 for quality books at affordable prices visit www.ibtbooks. Development.Hadith HADITH LITERATURE: Its Origin. collection. this book is the first of its kind in English on the subject of Hadith .00 US$14. 360 pages ISBN 9789839154023 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM36. written by various Muslim scholars. 19 .its origin. some special features (such as Isnad. Paperback.00 S/B$20.00 S/B$22.all comprehensively dealt with in this work from a scholarly Islamic view. Asma’-ul-Rijal). 246 pages ISBN 9789839154795 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM35. women traditionalists . development.00 US$12. Paperback.

00 product code 021 product code 022 ST D ES STUDIES IN EARLY HADITH LITERATURE E Mustafa A‘zami The most important field of research.00 US$10. The Arabic text is provided side by side with the translation and a short commentary.00 US$5. and evaluation of the smaller collections of hadiths antedating the six canonical collections of Hadith. STUDIES IN HADITH METHODOLOGY AND LITERATURE Mustafa A‘zami This is a topic-by-topic study about the science of Hadith written to fulfil the needs of modern college students whose medium of instruction is mainly in English.00 Paperback. 528 pages ISBN 9789839154214 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM39.00 US$15. and he has done it according to the exact standards of scholarship.00 S/B$22.00 US$4. 122 pages Paperback.00 RM14. verification. Imam Nawawi’s Matan al-Arba’in has lighted the path of believers “whose hope is in Allah and the last day.ibtbooks. FORTY HADITH Imam Nawawi For more than 800 years. relative to the study of Hadith. 78 pages ISBN 9789839154030 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM10.00 S/B$8. Paperback. 1584 ISBN 9789839154276 ISBN 9839154621 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM35.00 S/B$ . Dr A‘zami has done pioneer work of the highest value.00 product code 023 20 for quality books at affordable prices visit www.Hadith Paperback. and is a genuine hadith taken mostly from the Sahih works of Al-Bukhari and Muslim.00 S/B$18. is the discovery.” Each of the hadith included in this collection sets forth one of the fundamental points of Islam.

not an utopian ideal .ibtbooks.00 US$9. Paperback. This book aims to present a clear.00 product code 024 THE LIFE OF MUHAMMAD Abdul Hameed Siddiqui Here is an integrated view of the life.00 S/B$10. precise and positive statement of the life and message of the Prophet. This book is a must for every student of religion. India. 344 pages ISBN 9789839154115 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM25. Paperback. In these lectures the author vividly presents the life of the Prophet as an abiding historical model .com 21 .Prophet & His Companions MUHAMMAD THE IDEAL PROPHET Saiyid Sulaiman Nadwi This book took shape from a series of lectures given by the author in 1925 at Madras.00 S/B$14.00 US$7.00 product code 025 for quality books at affordable prices visit www. 180 pages ISBN 9789839154306 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM19.for all humanity. personality and mission of the man who changed the course of history and inaugurated a new era in the life of mankind.

00 product code 026 * Available in ASEAN region. MEN AROUND THE MESSENGER Khalid Muhammad Khalid A revised translation based on Khalid Muhammad Khalid’s celebrated work in Arabic. birth. It is an expanded version of Schimmel’s Und Muhammad Ist Sein Prophet. They come from all walks of life and character. . all of which became subjects for religious devotions. 516 pages ISBN 9789839154733 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM45.Prophet & His Companions AND MUHAMMAD IS HIS MESSENGER* The Veneration of the Prophet in Islamic Piety Annemarie Schimmel In order to understand Muslim piety it is necessary to take into account the long history of the veneration of Muhammad. Schimmel discusses aspects of his life. for they will find in them yet another proof of that conviction that fills their hearts. Paperback. 392 pages ISBN 9789675062032 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM40. These are stories of real people which can be historically verified and that will touch the souls of the believers.00 US$20. providing a much-needed understanding of religion as it is experienced and practiced in the Islamic world. and heavenly journey. Rijal Hawla al-Rasul.00 product code 027 22 for quality books at affordable prices visit www. the sixty-four companions presented here are representative of that unique early generation of Muslims.00 S/B$25. Schimmel shows us the gentler side of Islamic religious culture.00 S/B$24. By using poetic texts and artistic expressions and by examining daily Muslim religious practices. Paperback. originally published in German in 1981. though it may be denied and its signs effaced by wielders of power in the Muslim lands through treachery and cowardice.00 US$18. marriage. This is the first book in English to deal with all aspects of the veneration of the Prophet Muhammad.ibtbooks.

She frequently travelled to Pakistan. she lectured in Ankara. Sufism and Muhammad Iqbal. She studied at the University of Berlin and in Marburg. Schimmel also spoke fluent Farsi. Turkish. in an effort to better understand Islamic teachings. For her work on Islam. Harvard. having authored more than a hundred books on the subject. She died on January 26. Saxony (Germany) on April 7. was to become her second home. Dr Schimmel was a well-known and influential German scholar who wrote extensively on Islam. Bonn. The professor saw it as her life-long mission “to awake understanding for Islam”. and London.ibtbooks. English. the government of Pakistan honored her with one of its highest civil awards known as Hilal-e-Imtiaz or ‘Crescent of Excellence’. The scholar started to learn Arabic at the age of 15.Know the Author ANNEMARIE SCHIMMEL Born in Erfurt. 2003. arguing that “Islam was among the most misunderstood religions”. During her academic career. in due time. The Satanic Veses. She was showered with many other awards from many countries. Works include: • • • • • • And Muhammad Is His Messenger Deciphering the Signs of God: A Phenomenological Approach to Islam Rumi’s World: The Life and Works of the Greatest Sufi Poet Islam: An Introduction Islamic Calligraphy Make A Shield From Wisdom: Selected Verses from Nasir-i Khusraw’s Divan Gabriel’s Wing: Study into the Religious Ideas of Sir Muhammad Iqbal Mystical Dimensions of Islam • • for quality books at affordable prices visit www. as she had defended the outrage of the Muslim world against Salman Rushdie and his blasphemous work. Urdu and 23 . where she became a professor for comparative religious studies. New York. but the 1995 prestigious Peace Prize of the German Book Trade caused a controversy in Germany. which. 1922.

a subject or a ruler. but from reputed sources and methodical records of what we call as history. presented a winsome example of his sublime conduct and moral behaviour. a greater appeal than the works of fiction. can say. “Follow me if you love God.a. a saint or a commoner — for the path of virtue and goodness and righteousness lies only in following my example. This was the honour granted to Muhammad s. a teacher or a student. others were embodiments of selflessness.” In this section you will also find books on those men whose lives were illuminated directly by that “lamp that spread light” (Qur’an. Only Muhammad. bearer of the final and ever abiding message of God and. event or biography which he knows to be fictitious. told to while away the hours of leisure. for that very reason. particularly if it is intended to impart a lesson to others. since he was the last of the line of prophets. and all the different segments of humanity which have done anything to make this world a better place to live in deserve our gratitude. whether you are a soldier or a commander. Historicity means that the genuineness of the accounts of life and character of any man put forth as a perfect exemplar should proceed not from any fable or a legendary . in his own time. But. he was sent as a standard of virtue and goodness for the guidance of mankind to the end of time. to be deeply impressed by any happening. Each one of them has.w. each of them was a lighthouse of guidance showing the path of exalted behaviour in one or the other walk of life every man has to tread in his sojourn on this earth. For a lasting impression of any character. Historical stories have. thus. by his frame of mind. the most deserving of our gratitude are the prophets of God. can be deemed to hold up a model for emulation. submission to the Will of the Lord. 33:46) and who formed the vanguard of Islam . The first and foremost test to which the character of such a guide should be put is historicity.the Companions of the Prophet. If one was a model of endurance. Another reason for the historicity of a character. is that no bed time fable. saying and doing of such a personality is perfectly true and verifiable. a beggar or a millionaire. Surah al-Ahzab: 21 Man needs the light of his past experiences to brighten his present and future. one needs the assurance that every detail of the life. A character held out as an ideal or model for humanity’s needs must fulfil certain conditions before such a claim can be universally accepted.ibtbooks. In short. fervour for Truth and Oneness of God. sacrifice. the “lamp that spread light”. chastity and piety. 24 for quality books at affordable prices visit www.The Sirah of the Messenger Surely you have in the Messenger of God the pattern of excellence (uswatan hasanah) for anyone whose hope is in Allah and the Last Day and who remembers Allah much. Man is never disposed.

ibtbooks. He carefully removes sectarian prejudices from the pages of history.00 product code 028 THE PIOUS CALIPHS Majid Ali Khan The author describes the first 40 years of the Islamic State. Paperback.Prophet & His Companions THE LIFE OF MUHAMMAD Muhammad Husayn Haykal. a detailed analysis of pre-Islamic Arabia. 650 pages ISBN 9789839154177 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM50. It includes complete coverage of the Prophet’s life. This book is highly recommended as a text book on Islamic history in higher institutions. Paperback.00 US$20.00 product code 029 for quality books at affordable prices visit www. 237 pages ISBN 9789839154085 Price product code 028 Malaysia RM19. dealing with various events during the rules of the Four Caliphs with impartiality and 25 .00 S/B$30.00 Singapore / Brunei S/B$10. the situational context of revelation and a comparative study of the basics of Islamic and western civilizations.00 All others US$7. translated by Ismail Raji al-Faruqi This biography of Prophet Muhammad is the first written by a contemporary Muslim scholar.

Abdul Haq Vidyarthi.00 All others US$12.00 US$24. The author.00 S/B$30. Hindu and Buddhist Scriptures Volume I explores the Parsi (Zoroastrian).00 Paperback. The . attempts to illuminate prophecies of the Prophet of Islam found in the holy texts of the these religions and explains the rationale of his conclusions. product code 030a product code 030b Individual volume at Malaysia RM30.ibtbooks.00 product code 030 26 for quality books at affordable prices visit www. Hindu and Buddhist scriptures. a Christian priest who converted to Islam.Prophet & His Companions MUHAMMAD IN WORLD SCRIPTURES (TWO VOLUMES) Abdul Haq Vidyarthi and Rev David Benjamin Keldani This two-volume work explores the Zoroastrian. Buddhist and Christian holy scriptures with regards to Prophet Muhammad. a scholar of the Vedas and comparative religion. 2-volume set. this book helps readers understand the absolute unity of God and the ultimate source of all revealed Scriptures. The Bible Volume II explores what the Bible says about the Holy Prophet. 206 & 298 pages ISBN 9789839154696 & 9789839154658 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM55.00 Singapore/ Brunei SB$16. Written some hundred years ago by Rev David Benjamin Keldani. Hindu.

he displays a strikingly acute awareness of Islamic laws on the subject.00 S/B$15. The work represents a serious scholarly effort to sort out complicated questions. and to apply them in the changed context of present-day business.00 US$20. however.00 product code 032 for quality books at affordable prices visit www. in 1999.00 US$10.Islamic Law & Jurisprudence ISLAMIC LAW OF BUSINESS ORGANIZATION: PARTNERSHIPS Imran Ahsan Khan Nyazee The author attempts to spell out the Islamic principles on which business enterprise should be based especially in the area of partnership. Paperback.ibtbooks. In this exercise. as well as a model judgement to be studied by Muslims interested in the Islamization of the financial system.00 S/B$30.00 product code 031 THE TEXT OF THE HISTORIC JUDGEMENT ON RIBA BY THE SUPREME COURT OF PAKISTAN Justice Muhammad Taqi Usmani This historic and well-researched judgement is written by Justice Usmani of Pakistan’s highest court. it nevertheless serves as a useful work for students of Islamic law and economics. 360 pages ISBN 9789839541304 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM50. 160 pages ISBN 9789839541175 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM20. This. Although its implementation of the judgement was postponed several times by the Pakistani 27 . is matched by an equally striking awareness of the forms of business organization in vogue in the contemporary world. and to enunciate Islamic principles relative to business enterprise. Paperback.

Kindness.God made this blessed righteous shari‘ah accommodating and convenient and thus won the hearts of human beings and invoked in them love and respect for law. Common Good and Wisdom. Abu Ishaq al-Shatibi The Shari‘ah is all Justice. Had they had to act against convenience they could not have honestly fulfilled their obligations. Any rule that departs from justice to injustice … or departs from common good (maslahah) to harm (mafsadah) … is not part of Shari‘ah. even if it is arrived at by literal interpretation. Ibn Qayyim .

This book. beneficial information about the life. which forms the basis of his philosophy of Islamic law.00 product code 033 SHATIBI’S PHILOSOPHY OF ISLAMIC LAW Muhammad Khalid Masud Abu Ishaq al-Shatibi (d.00 S/B$20. the author leads us step by step to what he considers the true import of Shatibi’s views concerning Jurisprudence. Paperback.ibtbooks.00 US$14.1888) had sought an answer to the challenge posed by modernisation and change to Islamic law. by introducing maslahah.00 US$25. thought and method of this venerable Imam. Paperback. which offers a wealth of new. 478 pages ISBN 9789839154689 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM64.00 product code 034 for quality books at affordable prices visit www.00 S/B$35. the causes behind legal rulings and the intentions and goals of the Islamic 29 . 294 pages ISBN 9789839154139 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM36. translated from the original Arabic. Imam al-Shatibi. as well as a painstaking study of objectives-based thought as pioneered by the father of objectives-based jurisprudence. represents a pioneering contribution presenting a comprehensive theory of the objectives of Islamic Law in its various aspects.Islamic Law & Jurisprudence IMAM AL-SHATIBI’S THEORY OF THE HIGHER OBJECTIVES AND INTENTS OF ISLAMIC LAW Ahmad al-Raysuni The most important means by which scholars sought to restore the intimate contact between Muslims and the Qur’an was to study the objectives of Islam. In a fascinating way. The author presents us with an important study of al-Shatibi himself.

the period of the Prophet and subsequently his Companions.00 S/B$30. examining the chronological phases of the development of business transactions and legal opinions of earlier jurists. Paperback. law.00 US$25. The subject is approached from the perspective of history. also addressed the topic of the intents of Prophet Muhammad behind his decisions. 316 pages ISBN 9789839541564 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM50. 500 pages ISBN 9789839154856 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM64.00 S/B$35.ibtbooks.00 product code 036 30 for quality books at affordable prices visit www. .00 product code 035 TREATISE ON MAQASID AL-SHARI’AH Muhammad al-Tahir ibn Ashur This is the English translation of Shaykh Muhammad al-Tahir Ibn Ashur’s (1879-1973) treatise on Maqasid al-Shari’ah.e. economics. market management. The book covers the law of contractual obligations or commerce and trade in early Islam. He introduced criteria to differentiate between the Prophetic traditions that were meant to be part of the Islamic law and the Prophetic actions/sayings that were meant to be for the sake of specific purposes.Islamic Law & Jurisprudence SALES AND CONTRACTS IN EARLY ISLAMIC COMMERCIAL LAW Abdullah Alwi Haji Hasan This is a comprehensive study of the economic practices of early Islam.00 US$20. one of twentieth century’s great Islamic scholars. The author examines the business practices in the early period of Islam and highlights the legal principles which emerge therefrom. religion and ethics. which has not undergone any serious development since the era of the great Imams. Ibn Ashur proposed Maqasid as the methodology for the renewal of the theory of the Islamic law. The author. i.

the result of a deep and serious study of the revitalization of Islamic jurisprudence. Maqasid 31 . He was also a prolific writer. He died at the age of ninety-four in August. Ibn Ashur remains 20th-century Tunisia’s most well known scholar of Islam. 1973. Works include: • • • • • • Tafsir al-Tahrir wa al-Tanwir (multivolume tafsir of the Qur’an) Kashf al-Muwatta Al-Nazar al-Fasih (commentary on Sahih al-Bukhari) Alaysa al-Subh bi-Qarib Usul al-Nizam al-Ijtima’i fi al-Islam Maqasid al-Shariah al-Islamiyyah for quality books at affordable prices visit www. before being named “Shaykh alIslam”. He quickly rose to various prominent positions and in 1927. Ibn Ashur entered the prestigious Zaytuna School at the age of 13.ibtbooks. most of whom were reform-minded ‘ulama of the time. leaving a rich legacy of works. is a pioneering study of Shariah. he was appointed the chief judge. the highest scholarly rank in the country. being taught there by eminent professors. Egypt and Syria.Know the Author IBN ASHUR Born in Tunis in 1879 to an affluent family. writing in leading journals and magazines published in Tunisia. His most famous work.

The book presents the content of Islamic legal theory in a manner that reflects the traditional approach.00 product code 038 32 for quality books at affordable prices visit www. This work will be a significant addition to the text books available on Islamic jurisprudence in English. while the third theory is based on the purposes of the Islamic shari’ah.Islamic Law & Jurisprudence THEORIES OF ISLAMIC LAW: The Methodology of Ijtihad Imran Ahsan Khan Nyazee This book presents usul al-fiqh. 356 pages ISBN 9789839541311 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM50.00 US$20. 423 pages ISBN 9789839541373 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM50.00 product code 037 ISLAMIC JURISPRUDENCE (USUL AL-FIQH) Imran Ahsan Khan Nyazee Usul al-Fiqh or Islamic jurisprudence is a subject which is replete with subtleties that challenge even the most intelligent minds. but takes into account the needs of the modern lawyer. the methodology of the second incorporates strict interpretation and . The author has simplified the subject to serve the needs of the non-specialists.00 S/B$30. or Islamic legal theory. Paperback.00 S/B$30. Each had a distinct function to perform in the development of Islamic law.ibtbooks. The first theory is shown to be based on the operation of general principles and the analytical method.00 US$20. Paperback. as comprising three major theories or methodologies. judge and scholar.

00 S/B$40.00 US$25.00 S/B$39. and is considered to be the first attempt to codify Islamic law. especially Zakat administrators. Today the Mejelle is used as one of the main sources of the study of Islamic law in institutions of higher learning.00 product code 040 for quality books at affordable prices visit www. it is incumbent on all individual Muslims. the authentic hadiths and classical works of the fuqaha (jurists). The work appeals not only to academics but also practitioners. to acquire a thorough knowledge of its fundamental principles and the law to its implementation at state level. Since Zakat is a religious obligation with a social and spiritual 33 . In recent decades many research works have been undertaken to examine the provisions contained in Mejelle and the extent of compatibility to the current civil codes of many Muslim countries. Paperback.00 US$30.00 product code 039 THE MEJELLE An English Translation of Majallah el-Ahkam-iAdilya and a Complete Code of Islamic Civil Law The Mejelle was the civil code of the Ottoman Caliphate. Hardbound. 379 pages ISBN 9789839541120 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM70.ibtbooks.Islamic Law & Jurisprudence THE LAW AND INSTITUTION OF ZAKAT Farishta G de Zayas In this work. As such this book should be an essential aid to Muslims in general and Zakat officials in particular. 452 pages ISBN 9789839541281 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM70. the author carefully and comprehensively examines the rules of Zakat from the most authentic sources: the Qur’an.

00 product code 041 CONFLICTS AND TENSIONS IN ISLAMIC JURISPRUDENCE Noel J Coulson Professor Coulson’s method is to examine the principal currents of Islamic legal thought through a series of conflicting concepts. unity and diversity.00 product code 042 34 for quality books at affordable prices visit www.00 US$8.ibtbooks. Although clearly relevant to general Islamic studies.00 S/B$ . 220 pages ISBN 9789839541403 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM35. idealism and realism. and stability and change. law and morality. Paperback. enabling the utilisation of options specific to particular societal and cultural norms.Islamic Law & Jurisprudence FORENSIC PSYCHIATRY IN ISLAMIC JURISPRUDENCE Kutaiba S. This book will appeal to both the general as well as the academic reader. It gives contemporary psychiatry in any Islamic country a broad spectrum of tools to work with. 126 pages ISBN 9789839541502 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM19. Chaleby This is the first book in Forensic Psychiatry that focuses on the application of psychiatry to legal issues connected to Islamic jurisprudence. The six polarizations he has devised are revelation and reason.00 S/B$10.00 US$15. Paperback. authority and liberty. this book is intended primarily as a study in comparative law.

In recent decades the issue has assumed even greater significance than before largely because of the impact of human rights and freedom of religion.00 S/B$12. Paperback. Probing into the Qur’an and Sunnah of the Prophet.Islamic Law & Jurisprudence THIS LAW OF OURS AND OTHER ESSAYS Muhammad Asad The essays in this book are based on several essays by Asad written as far back as in the 1940s. discussed and debated for centuries by both Muslim and non-Muslim scholars. and post 9/11 scrutiny of Islam and Muslims.00 product code 043 PUNISHMENT OF APOSTASY IN ISLAM S A Rahman Foreword by Chandra Muzaffar The punishment for apostasy remains one of the most contentious issues in Islam. Paperback.ibtbooks. 184 pages ISBN 9789839541496 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM25.00 US$ 35 .00 product code 044 for quality books at affordable prices visit www. 195 pages ISBN 9789839154108 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM20. his approach is analytical and scientific which is why it is so intellectually persuasive.00 S/B$15. They aim to clarify the confusion prevailing in the Muslim Ummah as to the scope and practical implications of Islamic law. This compilation also constitutes something like a “profile” of the intellectual face of Muhammad Asad.00 US$8. religious heterogeneity vis-à-vis Muslims. This work by the late Chief Justice of Pakistan examines each and every aspect of Islamic jurisprudence connected with the question of apostasy in a detailed manner. Islamic resurgence with its emphasis upon Islamic law.

and Paperback.50 product code 045 SA SALADIN AND THE FALL OF TH THE KINGDOM OF JERUSALEM St Stanley Lane-Poole Th This work. On a foggy morning in the summer of 1922.00 S/B$16. Leopold Weiss returned to Germany and published his journal entries as Unromantisches Morgenland.00 US$18.00 US$14. first published in 1898. 192 pages (plus photographs) ISBN 9789839154610 Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM28. and you feel a stab of rapture in your heart. Salahuddin al-Ayyubi. or Saladin. he stood on the planks of a ship on his way to the East where he would experience his first Arab encounters. aus dem Tagebuch einer Reise. as well as extensive consultation of books by Muslim and Eu European historians on the subjects. 408 pages (plus photographs / illustrations) ISBN 9789839541557 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others . translated from the German by Elma Ruth Harder In the spring of 1922. has become almost an authoritative account of the era of the Crusades an and the life of one of Muslim world’s best known lea leaders.00 S/B$24.History & Biographical THE UNROMANTIC ORIENT Muhammad Asad.00 product code 046 36 for quality books at affordable prices visit www. The author’s ob objective and unbiassed research on Saladin. twenty-one year old Leopold Weiss received a letter from his uncle Dorian to come and live in his “delightful old Arab stone house” in Jerusalem on the fringe of the Old City near the Jaffa Gate. This first English translation of a long forgotten work recaptures his initial experiences in an unknown and intriguing land where he found a new home and a new sense of belonging. “It was as when you enter a strange house for the first time and an indefinable smell in the hallway dimly gives you a hint of things which will happen to you as if they are to be joyful things.ibtbooks. This edition th is the first time it has been subject to typographical rev revision and updates so that contemporary readers ma be able to identify the names of persons may an places as they are currently known. Paperback. makes the book on one of the best sources on the Crusades even more than a hundred years after its first edition.” After several months.

he was a gifted young writer and adventurous traveller who journeyed to the East to discover Islam. After India’s partition in 1947. the collected books of Prophetic traditions. because the West had more time to adjust to those values and mores. the Muslim world must make a choice between living by its own valuee. but all his translations except one were destroyed during the chaos that followed World War II. He later moved to Spain and lived there with his wife. The Message of the Qur’an (this re-issue of this work in a new format is being undertaken by Islamic Book Trust). Works include: • • • • • • The Road to Mecca The Message of the Qur’an Sahih al-Bukhari: The Early Years of Islam Islam at the Crossroads This Law of Ours The Principles of State and Government in Islam for quality books at affordable prices visit www. or accepting Western morality. At 80.ibtbooks. in which case.Know the Author MUHAMMAD ASAD Muhammad Asad’s name figures prominently on the roll of 20thcentury English-language Muslim thinkers. temperament and sense of spiritual security intrigued him. Pola Hameeda Asad. which he sees as the true legacy of the early Muslims. and would end up compromising their own religion and culture. For Asad. The result of his travels is a highly charged and brilliantly written autobiography. they would always lag behind the West. Asad was appointed Pakistan’s ambassador to the United 37 . until his death in 1992. he became the most articulate and passionate of Muslim scholars and writers. Over the decades that followed. He found the Muslim world an unexpected tonic: its complexities. Asad’s many writings highlight a plea for rationalism and plurality in Islamic law. He had also undertaken a translation of Sahih al-Bukhari. The Road to Mecca. he completed his translation and commentary of the Qur’an. Born as Leopold Weiss into a Polish family of strong Jewish background. devoted to the revival of his faith and its reconciliation with the modern world.

00 product code 047 INCIDENTS IN THE LIFE OF A SLAVE GIRL Harriet Jacobs Narrated by Linda Brent Harriet Ann Jacobs (1813-1897) was an American abolitionist and writer.00 product code 048 38 for quality books at affordable prices visit www. it is just as relevant today as it was first published in 1861.History & Biographical FROM BEIRUT TO JERUSALEM Dr Ang Swee Chai This is the story of Dr Ang Swee Chai. degradation and sexual exploitation. 346 pages (include photographs) ISBN 9789839541328 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM25.ibtbooks.00 US$12. 250 pages ISBN 9789839541472 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM29. and her flight to war-torn Lebanon in 1982 to treat the wounded and dying. is a tribute to the ongoing struggle against Zionist occupation in the Holy Lands. Paperback. This new edition. shapes and shades. This is a real life account of enslavement.00 S/B$15. for slavery and racism still exist today under various guises. twenty years after the Zionist terrorism in Shabra and Shatila which killed thousands of Palestinian civilians.00 US$10.00 S/B$16. a Malaysianborn orthopaedic . names. Paperback.

Sherif This is the first detailed account of the life and ideas of A Yusuf Ali. Paperback.00 S/B$18.00 product code 050 for quality books at affordable prices visit www.00 product code 049 IN QUEST OF TRUTH From Deception to Deliverance Shifa L.00 US$12. This is a candid and sympathetic study that draw on Yusuf Ali’s writings and private papers.00 S/B$15. whose The Holy Qur’an: Text.A.ibtbooks. is an Australian Muslim convert.00 US$14. Interpreter of the Qur’an M. 314 pages (include photographs) ISBN 9789839154009 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM25. Mustapha At a time when sections of Christianity are making every effort to convert peoples of the Islamic faith. Translation and Commentary is the most widely used English translation of the Qur’an. Paperback. as well as unpublished sources. when in the media every Muslim misdeed is highlighted and every Muslim virtue is hidden. how is it possible that so many Western Christians are turning to Islam.History & Biographical SEARCHING FOR SOLACE A Biography of Abdullah Yusuf Ali. 214 pages ISBN 9789839541441 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others 39 . Shifa Lynette Vivienne Mustapha. The author. recognising that it is God’s True Path? Within these pages we see the author’s theological journey which gives insight into a struggle which has taken place through the ages. whose work earned her recognition for bringing greater understanding between Muslim and other Australian communities.

00 product code 051 IMAM SHAMIL The First Muslim Guerilla Leader Muhammad Hamid Throughout history.00 US$14. Paperback. Paperback.00 S/B$16.00 US$12. The Tuhfat is compulsory reading for anybody interested in post-Cordova episodes of Muslim history. it was written to motivate Muslims for the struggle against the invading Portuguese. to be retold from generation to . Little is known of the Muslims of Chechnya and the occupation of their lands by the Tsarist Russian invaders.00 S/B$20. Tuhfat al-Mujahidin is a pioneering historical work dealing with the struggles of the Malabar Muslims in southern India against the Portuguese. Imam Shamil’s story of jihad against the Russians is a part of the same story. 180 pages (plus photographs) ISBN 9789839154801 Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM35. The Sufi movement in the Caucasus in the 18th century was not a Muslim cult occupied merely in chanting God’s praise: their jihad movement led by Imam Shamil is an epic story of faith in God and a legacy that Muslims cherish.ibtbooks.00 product code 052 40 for quality books at affordable prices visit www. 212 pages (plus photographs) ISBN 9789839541540 Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM29. Based on the author’s own first hand information of events and what he could gather from reliable sources. Muslims have continously nurtured the sentiment of jihad in their hearts. This translation includes more than 200 notes explaining local backgrounds and clearly identifying the names mentioned in the original Arabic work.History & Biographical TUHFAT AL-MUJAHIDIN A Historical Epic of the Sixteenth Century Shaykh Zainuddin Makhdum Translated by S Muhammad Husayn Nainar First written in Arabic in the late sixteenth century.

00 product code 054 for quality books at affordable prices visit www. As a European Jew. Asad. Woven into the tapestry of this unique book are the 41 . tells the story of his conversion to Islam. hopes. Paperback. is best known as a modern Muslim scholar who tried to affect the course of contemporary Islam.00 US$14. Paperback.00 S/B$18. 380 pages ISBN 9789839154122 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM30.History & Biographical THE ROAD TO MECCA Muhammad Asad Muhammad Asad. The luminous details of this sojourn in Islam’s second-most sacred mosque are superimposed on the historical events that shaped the Muslim community during its initial formative period. Numerous episodes from the life of the Prophet form the backdrop for the slow unfolding of a narrative filled with intense reflections on contemporary Muslim life. This book.ibtbooks.00 US$12. who died in February 1992. born Leopold Weiss. as an author. and spiritual struggles of many pilgrims who were present during the month of Ramadan in the Mosque. is arguably the most prominent Jewish convert to Islam. he crossed the spiritual deserts of Europe and the sand deserts of Arabia. fears. 234 pages ISBN 9789839154924 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM35. and translator of the Qur’an.00 product code 053 DAWN IN MADINAH A Pilgrim’s Passage Muzaffar Iqbal This is a vivid account of a month-long retreat in the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah. diplomat.00 S/B$20. a combination of memoir and travelogue. on a trek that brought him ultimately to the oasis of Islamic belief. activist.

to lead man to the good life.Fundamentals THE MIND AL-QUR’AN BUILDS Syed Abdul Latif The task of rooting out evil is a spiritual function which is to be undertaken by religion. Paperback. it has been relegated into the background and replaced with the idol of secularism. the writer seeks to lift the veils that have been allowed to rest on the Qur’an. In this treatise.00 US$7. Two chapters from the author’s Islamic Cultural Studies have been incorporated in this revised edition.00 S/B$16.00 product code 055 WONDERS OF THE HEART Imam al-Ghazali The term ‘heart’ has a primal position in the vocabulary of Muslim religious teachers and in that of the . al-Ghazali unravels its wonders and secrets. Of late. 224 pages ISBN 9789675062001 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM29. This is the twenty-first book of the third quarter of al-Ghazali’s Ihya Ulum al-Din. Paperback. In this book. and to let it speak for itself unhindered by its medieval associations. 154 pages ISBN 9789839154351 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM19.00 US$10.00 product code 056 42 for quality books at affordable prices visit www. achieving its desired end . The term is used in Islam for the seat of intellectual and emotional life.00 S/B$10.

164 pages ISBN 9789839154566 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM23. business dealings.Fundamentals THE THEOLOGY OF UNITY Muhammad ‘Abduh Translated by Ishaq Musa‘ad and Kenneth Cragg The first of his works to be translated into English. dress. It answers questions facing Muslims today based on authentic references in Islamic jurisprudence and fiqh. and one of the most influential Muslim theological writings of the contemporary period.00 S/B$14.00 S/B$12.ibtbooks.00 product code 057 THE LAWFUL AND THE PROHIBITED IN ISLAM Yusuf al-Qaradawi Al-Halal wal Haram fil-Islam is widely considered an authority and has enjoyed huge readership in the Muslim world in countless editions and translations.00 product code 058 for quality books at affordable prices visit www. Risalat al-Tauhid. food and drink. The fields covered include rituals.00 US$8. represents the most popular and systematic of Muhammad ‘Abduh’s work.00 US$9. Paperback. individual and group relations. Paperback. marriage and divorce. 356 pages ISBN 9789839154290 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM22. The essentials of ‘Abduh’s modernist thought are contained in this 43 .

00 US$17. It differs from other books about the hajj in that it does not simply describe the rituals in detail. Muslims. 220 pages ISBN 9789839154375 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM20. History will judge Shariati’s Hajj as one of the most important documents of Islamic renaissance.00 US$8. Paperback.Fundamentals THE HAJJ Ali Shariati This twentieth century masterpiece by one of the Muslim world’s best known scholars is a wonderful spiritual preparation for those intending to perform the Pilgrimage. Paperback. but rather it deals with the underlying philosophy behind them. Europe and Asia. really understand what Islam stands for? The .ibtbooks. presents the Islamic faith as Muslims understand it.00 product code 060 44 for quality books at affordable prices visit www. 222 pages (plus photographs) ISBN 9789839154481 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM39.00 product code 059 ISLAM: FAITH AND PRACTICE Mahmoud Ayoub What is Islam? Is it just a set of rituals or does it have a philosophy all its own? Islam and Muslims are often in the news but do the non-Muslims. who has taught and lectured widely on Islam in America. It is important for those going for hajj to understand the concepts discussed in this book so it can be a much more meaningful experience. or for that matter.00 S/B$25.00 S/B$12.

1977. His works are constantly reprinted and eagerly studied throughout Iran and the rest of the Muslim world. as well as a student of history and philosophy. He formulated a coherent Islamic worldview and an ideology of social. On June 19. Works include: • • • • • • The Hajj On the Sociology of Islam Marxism and Other Western Fallacies The History of Religions Martyrdom Existentialism for quality books at affordable prices visit www. his views have contributed much to the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979. experiences and concepts found in Islamic philosophy and culture for his analysis. A 45 . Imprisoned by Iran’s Shah regime in the 1970s. He subjected contemporary society to careful examination. Shariati mysteriously died at the age of forty-four. political and economical change. Shariati. scholar and writer. he was educated in Mashhad (Iran) and Paris. the son of Muhammad Taqi Shariati–the famous Iranian scholar–had a dynamic influence on the young people of Iran with his free lectures and writings during the 1960s and 1970s.Know the Author ALI SHARIATI A teacher. using the terms.ibtbooks.

sheds much light on the issue of the face-veil (niqab). brings together as many features of the Prophet’s Prayer from the beginning to the end.00 US$12. the Sunnah and Ijma (consensus of ulama).00 S/B$15.00 US$6. This famous work translated from the original Arabic Sifah Salah al-Nabi. judged according to the strict rules of the science of Hadith. 125 pages ISBN 9789839154528 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM14. Paperback.00 product code 062 46 for quality books at affordable prices visit www. This work is the result of an extensive research by the author on various traditions (hadiths) and their . Revised Edition. Translated by Usama ibn Suhaib Hasan Many books have been published on the salah (Prayer) of the Prophet but most are by later scholars that cater for a particular madhhab (school of thought).Fundamentals THE SALAH In the Light of the Prophet’s Tradition Shaykh Muhammad Nasir al-Din al-Albani. This little book also includes an Introduction by Mazheruddin Siddiqui on social restriction on men and women as well as the face-veil to elucidate further some of the salient points by Dr Darsh. so that Muslims can fulfil the Prophet’s command to “pray as you see me pray”.00 product code 061 HIJAB OR NIQAB An Islamic Critique of the Face-Veil Syed Mutawalli ad-Darsh The author.00 S/B$8. examining the subject from the point of view of the Qur’an. 208 pages ISBN 9789839154580 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM25. an eminent scholar who chaired the UK Islamic Shariah Council until his death in 1997. Paperback.ibtbooks.

al-Albani himself had high respect for the traditional scholars of the various schools of thought whom he criticised. authenticated version of the original work. The result of this is many useful works on Hadith and fiqh. Tirmidhi.Know the Author SHAYKH NASIR AL-DIN AL-ALBANI Shaykh Muhammad Nasir al-Din. His works are not without controversies as some of his works were critical of the traditional works by mainstream jurists. annotating and transcribing Hadith works by famous scholars. he was awarded the King Faisal International Prize for Islamic Studies. studied without any inclination towards a particular school of thought. where al-Albani completed his initial education. or al-Albani as he was most famously known. 47 . al-Albani began to engross himself in Hadith studies. Al-Albani visited various countries for lectures and was several times forced to emigrate. Nasa’i. Works include: • • Sifah al-Salah al-Nabi (The Salah) Sahih wa Dha’if Jami‘ Saghir. In 1999. By the age of twenty. His family migrated to Damascus. authenticated works originally compiled by al-Suyuti Sahihs of Abu Dawud. • • for quality books at affordable prices visit www. Despite this.ibtbooks. He would sometimes close up his shop and retreat to the famous al-Zahiriyyah library. He was expelled from Syria and lived in Amman. was born into a poor and religious family in Albania. and Ibn Majah Mishkat al-Masabih. Jordan under house arrest until his death on October 2. 1999 at 87 years of age. Al-Albani was also trained by his father in the art of clock and watch repair and soon derived his earnings through it.

00 product code 064 48 for quality books at affordable prices visit www.1111) ranks among the greatest of Muslim thinkers.00 US$9. and it raised in the first few centuries of Islamic culture a number of problems of real significance.Fundamentals THE CONCEPT OF BELIEF IN ISLAMIC THEOLOGY* A Semantic Analysis of Iman and Islam Toshihiko Izutsu ‘Belief’ was historically the first and the most important of all the theological concepts in Islam. this study throws light upon one of the most interesting phases of the history of Islamic thought. GHAZALI AND PRAYER Kojiro Nakamura Imam Abu Hamid al-Ghazali (d.00 S/B$14.00 product code 063 * Not available in the US. Some of them were literally problems of life and death to the growing Muslim community. Australia and New Zealand. 160 pages ISBN 9789839154368 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM23. Europe.00 US$22. Paperback.00 S/B$30. Paperback. Canada. 332 pages ISBN 9789839154702 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM48. ‘belief and work’ are some of the key concepts explored by the author in depth and analyzed in the light of earlier studies. UK. The author is Professor of Islamic Studies at Obirin University and Professor Emeritus at the University of Tokyo. ‘the relation between iman and islam’. This is the first extensive study of Imam Ghazali’s theory of prayer (dhikr and du’a) and demonstrates its significance and application in the daily programme of divine offices. ‘belief and knowledge’. such as the works of Imam Ghazali and Ibn Taymiyyah. ‘The danger of the free practice of takfir’. as they are still . By methodically analyzing these problems and the major concepts underlying them.

the famous compendium of Sufi knowledge and practice by Al-Qushayri (d. a member of a community which embraces a quarter of the world’s population and to describe the forces which have shaped the hearts and minds of Islamic peoples.ibtbooks. and delves into the Muslim view of man’s destiny. The author also tells the story of Prophet Muhammad and the early caliphs.95 product code 065 * Not available in the US. Canada and Europe.1072).R.00 US$12.00 S/B$15.Von Schlegell This is the first English translation of Al-Risalah.General PRINCIPLES OF SUFISM* Al-Qushayri.00 product code 066 * Available in ASEAN region.00 US$19. the social structure of Islam and inner meaning of Islamic teachings. the Risalah defines classical Sufism through the use of quotations from the Qur’an. AlQushayri illustrates the principles of Sufism with tales and sayings of the first generation of Muslims and his contemporaries in the eleventh century.00 S/B$24. Translated by B. for quality books at affordable prices visit www. ISLAM AND THE DESTINY OF MAN* Gai Eaton This book explores what it means to be a Muslim. 242 pages ISBN 9789839154221 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM30. 386 pages ISBN 9789839154603 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others 49 . Paperback. Paperback. One of the most widely read Sufi treatises. the Sunnah of the Prophet and references to examples of saints and ascetics.

they are not there in the form of pure ‘existences’. Paperback. stone.00 S/B$24. They do exist. Middle East and Australia. 252 pages ISBN 9789839154818 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM45. This collection of four papers by the late Japanese scholar remains the best comparative study of the notion of existence (wujud) in Eastern and European philosophy. writes Izutsu. as we ourselves exist. tree.General FIRST THINGS FIRST* For Inquiring Minds and Yearning Hearts Khalid Baig This is a compilation of the author’s articles which appeared in his column “First Things First” in Muslim current affairs magazine Impact International. inspiration and intellectual stimulation. They ‘exist’ as various and variegated things: man. they aim at providing reflection. both individually and collectively as an Ummah.ibtbooks. On the other hand. Paperback.00 product code 067 * Available in ASEAN . horse.00 US$18. etc. exposition. First written during 19681970.00 product code 068 50 for quality books at affordable prices visit www. Covering a wide spectrum of Islamic topics of contemporary relevance.00 US$21. 430 pages ISBN 9789839154894 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM40. they centre around the topic of reality and concept of existence as it has been elaborated in the post-Mongol period of Islamic philosophy. THE CONCEPT AND REALITY OF EXISTENCE Toshihiko Izutsu The actual presence of things.00 S/B$28. They are there. The author makes the Qur’an and Sunnah of the Prophet as a guide to observe contemporary issues facing Muslims. is their existence.

His father was a calligrapher and a Zen Buddhist. In 1958. It was said that he finished reading Qur’an in a month after beginning to learn Arabic. for the first time directly from Arabic to Japanese. and Izutsu became familiar with meditation and koans (sayings and teachings followed by the Zens) from an early age. Works include: • • • • God and Man in the Qur’an The Concept of Belief in Islamic Theology Ethico-Religious Concepts in the Qur’an A Comparative Study of the Key Philosophical Concepts in Sufism and Taoism The Concept and Reality of Existence History of Islamic Thought (Japanese) Mystical Philosophy (Japanese) Cosmos and Anti-Cosmos (Japanese) • • • • for quality books at affordable prices visit www. and more than thirty scholarly works in Japanese and English are attributed to him. Turkish. Chinese. in addition to many modern European languages. including Hebrew. he completed translation of the Qur’an.ibtbooks. Izutsu was a well known Japanese scholar on Islam. Izutsu’s area of study was wide.Know the Author TOSHIHIKO IZUTSU (1914-1993) Toshihiko Izutsu was born into a wealthy family in Japan. Sanskrit and Arabic. His translation is still renowned for its linguistic accuracy and widely used for scholarly works. all of which demonstrate uniqueness of his thought through the construction of complex theoretical arguments. 51 . Montreal and the Iranian Imperial Academy of Philosophy. McGill University. having taught at Keio University. Persian. Complementing this brilliance was his mastery of over twenty languages.

Muslim attitudes toward modern science and technology.00 product code 069 A YOUNG MUSLIM’S GUIDE TO THE MODERN WORLD Seyyed Hossein Nasr The philosophical. SCIENCE. to be able to respond to the challenges posed by the modern world and its current ideologies.General ISLAM. Seyyed Hossein Nasr and Muzaffar Iqbal explore Islamic views on the origin of the cosmos and life.00 US$14. Paperback.00 S/B$20. especially in reference to modern science and technology. and the environmental crisis. In three full-length articles and four focused conversations. economic and social impact of the domination of the modern West continues in one way or another through the width and breadth of the Muslim world. cultural.00 US$12.00 product code 070 52 for quality books at affordable prices visit www. Paperback. political. but Islamic religion . various dimensions of the relationship between Islam and science. MUSLIMS AND TECHNOLOGY Seyyed Hossein Nasr in conversation with Muzaffar Iqbal This book brings into sharp relief important dilemmas faced by the Muslim world today.ibtbooks. written by one of contemporary Islamic scholarship’s best minds. This book. 224 pages ISBN 9789839154993 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM35. threatening not only the traditional institutions of Islamic society. addresses primarily the Muslim youths in a language which is fairly simple rather than being excessively scholarly.00 S/B$18. 276 pages ISBN 9789839154900 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM30.

Works include: • • • • • Man and Nature: the Spiritual Crisis of Modern Man Religion and the Order of Nature Knowledge and the Sacred A Young Muslim’s Guide to the Modern World Islam and the Plight of Modern Man for quality books at affordable prices visit www. degree in the history of science and learning at Harvard University. Currently University Professor of Islamic Studies at the George Washington University. Nasr is one of the most important and foremost scholars of Islamic.C.Know the Author SEYYED HOSSEIN NASR Seyyed Hossein Nasr was born in 1933 in Tehran.D. He has authored over fifty books and five hundred articles which have been translated into more than ten languages. He was the first Iranian student to be admitted as an undergraduate at M. where he began his illustrious teaching career–when he was still a young doctoral student.T.ibtbooks. as well as tutorial in French.. Upon his return to Iran.I. Iran. and went on to pursue his Ph. His early education included the usual Persian curriculum at school with an extra concentration in Islamic and Persian subjects at home. His arrival in America at the young age of twelve marked the beginning of a new period in his life. He obtained a Master’s degree in geology and geophysics in 1956. he became the youngest person to become a full professor at Tehran University. Religious and Comparative Studies in the world 53 . to study Physics. Washington D.

Persian. 534 pages ISBN 9789675062049 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM50. the way of the Sufi in a manner that adds an essential ingredient to her analysis of the history of Sufism. Punjabi.ibtbooks. for the first time. an eminent scholar of Islam.” Religious Studies Review Paperback. Annemarie Schimmel.00 product code 071 * Available in ASEAN region. a balanced historical treatment of the transnational phenomenon of Sufism-Islamic mysticism–from its beginnings through the nineteenth century. the .General MYSTICAL DIMENSIONS OF ISLAM* Annemarie Schimmel This book presents. Turkish.00 US$20. Through her sensitivity and deep understanding of the subject. Also See AND MUHAMMAD IS HIS MESSENGER y The Veneration of the Prophet in Islamic Piety Annemarie Schimmel turn to page 22 54 for quality books at affordable prices visit www. She skillfully demonstrates how Sufi ideals permeated the whole fabric of Muslim life. providing the average Muslim — villager or intellectual — with the virtues of perfect trust in God and the loving surrender to God’s will. The best and most comprehensive study on Islamic mysticism in the English language. “Beautifully written. Sindhi.00 S/B$30. Professor Schimmel examines the various aspects of mystical poetry in Arabic. and Pashto. draws the reader into the mood.

272 pages ISBN 9789839541465 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM35. examples. Paperback.00 product code 072 A DICTIONARY AND GLOSSARY OF THE QUR’AN With Copious Grammatical References and Explanations of the Text John Penrice. With 59 lessons comprising exercises. 329 pages ISBN 9789839154207 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM20.00 S/B$12.00 US$14.00 US$9. Revised Edition. charts and tables. this is the first time it has been subjected to a complete revision. Paperback.ibtbooks.00 product code 073 for quality books at affordable prices visit www.General ARABIC MADE EASY Abul Hashim This self-instruction book deals with basic grammatical rules essential for learning the Arabic 55 . However. Edited by Duraid Fatouhi This famous dictionary of the Qur’an has gone through many reprints by various Muslim and non-Muslim publishers since it was first published in 1873.00 S/B$20. a careful study of the book will enable one to have a working knowledge of Qur’anic Arabic in the course of one year.

00 S/B$16. 166 pages ISBN 9789839154474 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM25. 188 pages ISBN 9789839154511 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM30.Sociology ON THE ORIGINS OF HUMAN SOCIETY Malik Bennabi Translated by Mohamed Tahir el-Mesawi In this seminal work. Paperback. On The Origins of Human Society provides an adequate theoretical framework for a paradigmatic shift in the study and understanding of human social . the book offers a passionate formulation of what makes the essence of human society and civilization.00 US$12.ibtbooks.00 S/B$15.00 product code 074 THE QUESTION OF IDEAS IN THE MUSLIM WORLD Malik Bennabi Translated by Mohamed Tahir el-Mesawi This is a quintessential summary of Malik Bennabi’s philosophical and sociological thought. Besides being a profound analysis and holistic critique of the political and intellectual situation in the Muslim world. Paperback.00 product code 075 56 for quality books at affordable prices visit www. Malik Bennabi investigates the essentials of human society by exploring what makes the human group an ethico-social order and historical community and not a mere agglomerate of individulas living according to the laws of nature.00 US$12. Following a multi-disciplinary approach informed by a clear philosophical bent mind and a unity of intellectual vision.

could easily be regarded as the most eminent scholar and thinker of post-World War II Algeria and one of the foremost intellectuals of the Arab world. He had based himself in Cairo before returning to Algeria. Works include: • • • • • • • • • The Qur’anic Phenomenon On the Origins of Human Society Islam in History and Society L’Afro-Asiatisme Memoirs of a Witness of the Century Les Conditions de La Renaissance Les Grands Thèmes The Question of Culture The Question of Ideas in the Muslim World for quality books at affordable prices visit www. His did not parrot what had been discovered before his time. The Qur’anic Phenomenon provides a fresh approach to the study of the Qur’an at a time some orientalists were subverting Islam under guise of ‘scientific’ inquiry. Upon his return in 1963. For him. Bennabi’s interest however does not reflect his early education: he was a graduate of electrical engineering from a polytechnic school in Paris. searching for what constitutes the essence of culture and the birth of civilisation.ibtbooks. he is regarded as a grand theory-builder whose work is a critical response to the intellectual climate of his time.Know the Author MALIK BENNABI Malik Bennabi. where its members keep on harping on the civilisation that once was built by their forefathers. Bennabi’s best-known discourse. he began to reflect on the question of culture at a time when modern science and technological civilisations were unfolding rapidly. the Muslims’ failure in the past brought to the fore what he coined ‘civilisational bankruptcy’. Fluent in Arabic and 57 . born in 1905 in Constantine. He criticised the Muslim society for frequently falling into an apologetic state. but rather.

This book commemorates the sixth centennial of his death.00 US$20. to show that an adequate understanding of his contribution to the study of the various aspects of human society requires an understanding of his all-comprehensive approach to sociology. Aristotle and their Muslim followers.00 S/B$15. He lived during a turbulent part of history. and out of his experiences. Paperback. Revised Edition. Paperback..Sociology IBN KHALDUN His Life and Works Mohammad Abdullah Enan Ibn Khaldun is viewed as a founder of modern historiography. This work examines the philosophic foundation and principles of Ibn Khaldun’s new science of culture.00 S/B$25. he “conceived and created a philosophy of history that was undoubtedly the greatest work ever created by a man of intelligence.00 US$12.00 product code 077 58 for quality books at affordable prices visit www. 326 pages ISBN 9789839541526 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others . sociology and economics..00 product code 076 IBN KHALDUN’S PHILOSOPHY OF HISTORY A Study in the Philosophic Foundation of the Science of Culture Muhsin Mahdi 14th-century Arab historian Ibn Khaldun founded a special science to deal with the problem of history and culture based on the philosophies of Plato.ibtbooks. 188 pages ISBN 9789839541536 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM25.”.

Shahid Alam The essays in this book explore the underground history of September 11.00 US$15.ibtbooks. They connect the present to the past. They tell the history of our times. the dispossessed Palestinians to the history of their dispossession.00 S/B$20. the Muslim world is looking increasingly 59 . the destruction of Iraq to American empire and the Zionist project. 240 pages ISBN 9789839541434 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM30. from the ruins of Iraq’s civilian infrastructure. the US and Israel M.00 S/B$20. The Cross and the Crescent is a pioneering study. from Palestinian camps. from the Twin Towers. the Islamicate resistance to the human instinct for self-preservation.Politics & Contemporary THE CROSS AND THE CRESCENT: The Rise of American Evangelicalism and the Future of Muslims Muhammad Arif Zakaullah As the forces of global Christian fundamentalism are on the march. In other words. filling a strategic intellectual void by initiating a Muslim tradition of the scientific study of the West.00 product code 079 for quality books at affordable prices visit www. Paperback. Paperback. the disequilibrium in Islamicate societies to the history of their dismemberment.00 product code 078 IS THERE AN ISLAMIC PROBLEM? Essays on Islamicate Societies. 282 pages ISBN 9789839541427 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM35. these essays are about the misadventures of global capitalism in Muslim societies. reported from the trenches (so to speak).00 US$15.

00 product code 081 60 for quality books at affordable prices visit www. 339 pages ISBN 9789839154160 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM35.00 S/B$20. This book retains its relevance in many respects: the socio-economic inequality in Muslim societies. the imprint of Qutb’s thought on contemporary Islamic movements remains profound. it has run into a religious challenge. and for creating order in the ties between peoples. * Not available in the US. Despite the years that have passed since his death.00 S/B$25. the need for viewing Islam as a .00 US$14.Politics & Contemporary HUMANISM IN ISLAM Marcel A Boisard The process of modernization has not lured the Muslims away from the remembrance of a glorious heritage.00 US$19. 337 pages ISBN 9789839154535 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM45. This book has not been drafted only out of sympathy for the Muslims but also on account of historical evidence: Islamic civilization was the first to outline clear and mandatory provisions for protecting the destiny of man and society.ibtbooks. Paperback. Paperback. Wherever the movement of Westernization has been too brutal.00 product code 080 SOCIAL JUSTICE IN ISLAM Sayyid Qutb Perhaps the best known work of Sayyid Qutb. and the depiction of the West as a neo-Crusading force. Islam thus reappeared as one of the grand moral and political forces of the world. Canada and Europe. who was executed by the Egyptian regime in 1966.

Milestones (or Signposts). On August 29. From 1948 to 1950. receiving a master’s degree from the Colorado State College of Education (now the University of Northern Colorado).ibtbooks. 1966. gripping the Muslim world. It was during his long confinements in prison that he completed his magnum opus. his books translated into virtually every language that Muslims read. he went to the United States on a scholarship to study the educational system. He later became active in Egypt’s Ikhwanul Muslimin 61 . he was sent to the gallows by Egypt’s Nasser regime after being found ‘guilty’ of a ludicrous charge of plotting a Marxist coup. Sayyid Qutb lives in the hearts of millions of Muslims worldwide. His early life was spent in the village. which he termed as jahiliyyah (ignorance). In the Shade of the Qur’an. In 1954. Qutb devoted himself to literature as an author and critic. It was during this period that Qutb wrote his now-famous book. for quality books at affordable prices visit www. he was arrested by the Egyptian secret service and was tortured for hours. The specific charge against him was based on his now-celebrated book. Social Justice in Islam. He moved to Cairo where he was educated. Works include: • • • • • • In the Shade of the Qur’an (multi-volume tafsir) Social Justice in Islam Milestones Ashwak (Thorns) Mihimmat al-Sha’ir fil-Hayah (The Task of the Poet in Life) The Socialism of Islam. the tafsir of the Qur’an.Know the Author SAYYID QUTB The saying that ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’ accurately describes the life-story of Sayyid Qutb. During his early career. He raised his voice–indeed his pen–against un-Islamic ideologies. and where he started his career as a teacher in the Ministry of Public Instruction.

00 S/B$10. like a scientific process.00 product code 082 THE PRINCIPLES OF STATE AND GOVERNMENT IN ISLAM Muhammad Asad The very fact that none of the existing Muslim countries has so far achieved a form of government that could be termed genuinely .ibtbooks. the Islamic Revolution must be repeatable. Paperback. he considers much of the Shi’i and Sunni theology to be divisive. Paperback. He studies the phenomenon called the ‘Islamic Revolution’ and insists that.00 US$7. This book is an attempt to keep that discussion alive. Rising above the events in Iran.00 product code 083 62 for quality books at affordable prices visit www. 111 pages ISBN 9789839154092 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM19. An indispensable reading for those who want to understand the Islamic movement and the events in the Muslim world.00 US$7. 138 pages ISBN 9789839541458 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM19.00 S/B$11. makes a discussion of the principles that underlie the constitution of Islamic state imperative. and identifies ideas that are already part of an ‘intellectual revolution’ in the Muslim world.Politics & Contemporary STAGES OF ISLAMIC REVOLUTION Kalim Siddiqui This book is the last work by the author before his death in 1996.

he became a student leader during his youth. In 1992. holding seminars in the early eighties to dispel the heightened Western propaganda against Islam in the wake of the Islamic revolution in Iran. he controversially set up the Muslim Parliament of Great Britain. He set up The Muslim Institute in 1972. His Stages of Islamic Revolution remains an important reference material of Islamic political movement and is a must-read for anyone interested in understanding Muslim political thought. Little was known of him outside Britain. a newsmagazine of current events in the Muslim world. migrating to Britain in 1954. was not in community affairs. Correction and Convergence in Muslim Political Thought Stages of Islamic Revolution • for quality books at affordable prices visit www. until The Satanic Verses affair in 1989 sparked by Salman Rushdie’s book insulting Islam. a position rarely filled by a Muslim in those days. thereby sparking a debate on Muslims’ future in Britain. however.Know the Author KALIM SIDDIQUI Dr Kalim Siddiqui was perhaps Britain’s best-known Muslim personality in the late eighties and nineties. Kalim’s charisma and deep understanding of how British policy works immediately gained him recognition as the voice of British Muslims. but in his writings and brilliant analyses of the global Islamic movement. Kalim also co-founded the Crescent International. which rose to become a world-renowned centre of Islamic movement and 63 .ibtbooks. Born in India. which continues until today. Deviation. Sometimes described by the British media as “Britain’s Ayatollah”. Kalim’s biggest contribution. He rose in the journalism field and became a sub-editor and correspondent for The Guardian. Works include: • • The Seerah: a power perspective Processes of Error.

00 US$7. This work aims at reviving a new feeling among the Muslims for religious contruction. It analyzes the relationship between the elite structure and the transformation of the Jama’at and assesses its impact upon the organization and upon the society as a whole.ibtbooks.00 product code 085 64 for quality books at affordable prices visit www. In a brief but telling way. 160 pages ISBN 9789839541038 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM19. It pinpoints various milestones in the transformation of the Jama‘at-e-Islami of Pakistan from a quietist.00 S/B$10.Politics & Contemporary A SHORT HISTORY OF THE REVIVALIST MOVEMENT IN ISLAM Sayyid Abul A‘la Mawdudi This great work was originally published in 1940 and has since run through countless editions in various languages. . Mawdudi presents the history of the revivalist movement in Islam from a critical angle. revivalist organization to an active political party and a mass revolutionary movement.00 S/B$15.00 product code 084 REVOLUTION TO REVOLUTION Jama‘at-e-Islami in the Politics of Pakistan Abdul Rashid Moten Studies dealing with Islam and politics focus largely upon the impact of Islam on political institutions in the Muslim world. This study reverses the sequence and evaluates the consequences of “politicising” an Islamic movement.00 US$12. 220 pages ISBN 9789839154429 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM25. Paperback.

in 1979 following an ailment. was completed shortly before his death in New Jersey. is perhaps the 21st century’s most well-known Muslim scholar from the Indian subcontinent. the Tarjuman al-Qur’an had created controversies and sparked criticisms from Muslim scholars of that time. Works include: • • • • • • • • • Understanding the Qur’an A Short History of the Revivalist Movement in Islam Jihad in Islam The Religion of Truth Islam and Ignorance On Education Towards Understanding Islam The Process of Islamic Revolution Biography of the Last Prophet for quality books at affordable prices visit www. but have become an inspiration to millions of Muslims today and required readings in institutions of higher learning. an exegesis of the holy book. as he is widely 65 . His magnum opus. He founded the Jama‘at-e-Islami and was active in political and social works.Know the Author SAYYID ABUL A’LA MAWDUDI Mawlana Mawdudi. Understanding the Qur’an (Tafhim al-Qur’an). Mawdudi’s works established his place in the annals of Islamic revivalist thought. He suffered imprisonment and was even sentenced to death by the Pakistan regime in 1953. His works – about 120 books and more than a thousand speeches and articles – are translated into numerous languages all over the world. US.ibtbooks. His ideas and thought expressed in his famous periodical.

00 product code 086 ISLAM AT THE CROSSROADS Muhammad Asad This book was written as a plea to the Muslims to avoid a blind imitation of Western social forms and values. 105 pages ISBN 9789839541045 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM15.Politics & Contemporary OUR DECLINE Its Causes and Remedies Amir Shakib Arslan Seventy years after the author wrote it. The Muslim world still awaits redemption at all levels. Paperback. degenerated ulama with selfish aims of protecting their own lives instead of correcting the errors of their kings and heads. ruler and ruled.00 S/B$14. and to try to preserve instead their Islamic heritage which once upon a time had been responsible for the many-sided historical phenomenon comprised in the term ‘Muslim civilisation’. The Islamic character as it exists today has changed relatively little since Shakib’s time. Unjust and selfish Muslim leadership.00 US$6. the ultra moderns and the ultra-conservatives. It clarifies something of the tragic confusion nowadays prevailing in the Muslim world. this book is still relevant.00 S/B$8. young and old. . 172 pages ISBN 9789839154542 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM25.00 product code 087 66 for quality books at affordable prices visit www.00 US$10. rich and poor.ibtbooks.

com 67 .00 US$6. a glutinous flood of publications on Islam and politics began to submerge the academic and pseudo-academic book market in the West.ibtbooks. Paperback. We will be struck with the parallel we find in the conditions just preceding the two catastrophes mentioned in this book and the social. religious and political conditions prevailing in the present day Muslim world.Politics & Contemporary MODERN ISLAMIC POLITICAL THOUGHT Hamid Enayat Foreword by Hamid Algar In the aftermath of the triumph of the Islamic Revolution in Iran.00 US$14. 118 pages ISBN 9789839154665 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM12. this book offers a lucid and well-argued interpretations of modern Islamic political thought that is indispensable for the understanding of much of the current political developments in the Muslim world. which almost wiped out Islam.00 S/B$8. whether of a serious or pamphleteering type.00 S/B$20. the two tragedies in history.00 product code 088 LESSONS OF THE CRUSADES AND THE MONGOL HORDES: Salahuddin al-Ayyubi and his Successors Syed Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi The aggression unleashed on the Muslim world today by its enemies combines the elements and spirit of both the Crusades and the invasion of the mongol hordes. In the midst of such staggering amount of writings. 320 pages ISBN 9789839154153 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM36.00 product code 089 for quality books at affordable prices visit www. The readers may draw thier own conclusion as to the reasons of present day humiliation and sufferings of the Muslim Ummah. Paperback.

00 US$8. first published in Crescent International.Politics & Contemporary ISLAM AND THE PROBLEM OF ISRAEL Ismail Raji al-Faruqi The problem of Israel confronting the Muslim world today has neither precedent nor parallel in Islamic history.00 product code 091 68 for quality books at affordable prices visit www. This volume brings together essays and features on the Hizbullah spanning a period of ten years. Paperback. its history.00 S/B$ . 130 pages ISBN 9789839541342 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM19. The book goes into the nature of Zionism.00 S/B$10. or at best. The author shows how Israel is neither one of these. Paperback. The Muslim world has tended to regard it as another instance of modern colonialism.00 US$7.00 product code 090 HIZBULLAH: PARTY OF GOD An Islamic Movement Perspective The Hizbullah are far more than simply a military force.ibtbooks. and many other topics. Islam’s verdict concerning Israel today. capable of transcending the country’s fractured communal politics. a repetition of the Crusades. but that it is both and more. They are also a popular political movement in Lebanon. what has kept it alive. the question on whether a secular Palestinian state is an answer to the problem of Israel. the West and Arab governments alike. It is not only for their military strength that they are massively popular with Arab and Muslim peoples everywhere – and regarded with fear by Israel. 166 pages ISBN 9789839541489 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM19. and the main providers of education and welfare services to Lebanon’s poorest people.

Malaysian Interest RAFFLES AND RELIGION A Study of Sir Stamford Raffles’ Discourse on Religions amongst Malays Syed Muhd Khairudin Aljunied Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles (1781-1826) is the most well-known colonial administrator in the history of Southeast Asia. personal anecdotes a and penetrating observations by the writer who s served in various diplomatic capacities in Malaysian e embassies in the Middle East.00 S/B$12. Yet none of these works made any extensive analysis of his discourse on the religions of the people he perceived as ‘Malays’. examining in detail Raffles’ thoughts on the ‘various religions’ of the Malays. this book embraces a rich blend of diplomatic practices.00 US$28.00 product code 092 E EXCELLENCY: JOURNAL OF A DIPLOMAT T Tan Koon San M More of a journal than a 69 . This book attempts to fill this gap.00 product code 093 for quality books at affordable prices visit www. Paperback. Entire writings have been devoted on him and he has been the subject of a comprehensive bibliography. 239 pages (include photographs) ISBN 9789839541090 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM75. Europe and Asia.00 S/B$40.00 US$9. Hardbound with dustcover.ibtbooks. 134 pages ISBN 9789839541397 Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM23.

ibtbooks. However.” Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. 560 pages ISBN 9789839541571 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM150. it became an attention-grabbing and daring player in the world at large within the following two decades. by dint of an amazingly intuitive and constructive leadership from the very beginning. Malaysian Prime Minister (Speech during launching of book). is intended as a handy guide for the interested reader rather than a substantive reference source. The book also records occasions where we did not do well and what went . From the 1980s onwards it embarked upon a determined mission to stand up for developing nations with a series of pioneering projects for peace and understanding in an increasingly unbalanced international order. for the most part. This necessarily abbreviated record of its first 50 years in international diplomacy when.00 product code 094 70 for quality books at affordable prices visit www. Hardbound with dustcover.00 S/B$75. “It will serve as a reminder of what we did right and how we did it. it succeeded in punching well above its weight.Malaysian Interest MALAYSIA: FIFTY YEARS OF DIPLOMACY 1957-2007 Chandran Jeshurun Malaysia’s entry into international affairs as the independent Federation of Malaya in 1957 marked the emergence of a uniquely new factor in Southeast Asian regional politics.00 US$50.

00 US$14. This leads to conflict between the two systems and to bring together the two with one supplementary to the other generates confusion.00 Singapore / Brunei S/B$24. secular system. The book’s main objective is to present readers both in the legal profession as well as the ‘laymen’ with the general overview of the constitution avoiding details on the legal provisions and case law. religious system and the pragmatic. Paperback. offers a general overview of the constitutional principles and problems in the country. Paperback. post-independent Muslim countries have attempted to reformulate their educational policy and curriculum so as to be contemporary and integrated while remaining faith-based.00 S/B$20. Faced with this dilemma.Malaysian Interest MALAYSIAN CONSTITUTION: A Critical Introduction Abdul Aziz Bari This work by one of Malaysia’s well-known constitutional experts. Dr Abdul Aziz 71 . Second Edition.00 All others US$18. and provides insights in order to have a critical outlook of the constitution. two educational systems are the traditional.00 product code 095 EDUCATIONAL DUALISM IN MALAYSIA Implications for Theory and Practice Rosnani Hashim In Muslim countries.00 product code 096 for quality books at affordable prices visit www. This book investigates the differences between the two systems within the Malaysian context and highlights attempts made in reformulating the educational policy and curriculum. 320 pages ISBN 9789839541366 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM35. 286 pages ISBN 9789839541416 Price Malaysia RM40.ibtbooks.

Paperback. his other work included in this volume. DELIVERANCE FROM ERROR AND THE BEGINNING OF GUIDANCE Al-Ghazali Translated by W. Montgomery Watt Deliverance from Error is the spiritual autobiography of Imam Ghazali. historical and political. philosophical and .ethical and social. complements his spiritual autobiography and sets out his ideal of how the religious man should order his life from hour to hour and day to day.00 S/B$10.Mini Intro Series The object of the Mini Intro Series is to place within easy reach of students and general reading public. who are not necessarily experts.ibtbooks. Their contents will be varied . handy background books on Islam. 208 pages ISBN 9789839154641 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM19.00 product code 097 72 for quality books at affordable prices visit www.00 US$7. taking the reader on an educational journey through its many aspects as a religion and a civilisation in all its splendour. and The Beginning of Guidance.

A collection of sayings and admonitions by Prophet Muhammad. becomes endued with angelic qualities. revised based on an old translation. Paperback. the window into the spiritual world. Imam al-Ghazali explains in these pages how to achieve contentment of the heart. This World and the Next World. When he is purged from carnal passions. Its rightful author remains unknown.00 product code 099 for quality books at affordable prices visit www. but its usefulness as a practical guidance in day-to-day life has stood the test of 73 . yet he lives for ever. His body is mean and earthly.00 product code 098 AL-MUNABBIHAT (THE COUNSEL) Translated by Habib Siddiqui Originally written in Arabic this little work has remained unknown to the English readers. Each chapter is arranged in such a way that the number of the chapter determines how many sentences are given in the paragraphs. The spiritual alchemy which operates this change in man. Paperback. Ihya Ulum al-Din. Rebuking those whose piety was only lukewarm or who uttered empty phrases. Originally written in Persian as his own abridgement of his 12th century magnum opus. like that which transmutes base metals into gold.00 US$6.00 US$7. 134 pages ISBN 9789839154955 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM19. companions and great scholars of Islam. other prophets of Islam. This alchemy may be turning away from the world to God. he attains to the highest. 144 pages ISBN 9789675062018 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM12. is not easily discovered.00 S/B$8. and in place of being a slave to lust and anger. or disputed.Mini Intro Series ALCHEMY OF HAPPINESS Imam al-Ghazali Man was not created in jest.ibtbooks. yet his spirit is divine. Self. and its constituents are four types of knowledge: the knowledge of God. this little book is its English version. He is not immortal. this book serves as an added reminder to the reader of his/her responsibilities as a Muslim.00 S/B$10.

164 pages (plus colour pages) ISBN 9789839154672 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM12.00 S/B$10. the challenging issues of the modern times and what guidance we can get from this surah to find a solution. al-Qurtubi and Sayyid Qutb.ibtbooks.00 product code 101 74 for quality books at affordable prices visit www. Based on three tafsirs of Ibn Kathir.00 S/B$8. Translation and Commentary Compiled From Various Sources Surah Ya Sin is frequently recited from memory by Muslims on solemn occasions. 140 pages ISBN 9789839154788 Price Malaysia Singapore / Brunei All others RM19.00 US$7.00 product code 100 SURAH YA SIN Text. Paperback.00 US$6. Paperback. in the light of the Qur’an. this book is a simplified exegesis of the Surah and serves as a good introduction to the ‘heart of the Qur’an’. It is therefore incumbent upon us to know the meaning of the verses and their significance to derive maximum benefits from its recitation.Mini Intro Series FAITH VERSUS MATERIALISM The Message of Surat al-Kahf Sayed Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi This exegesis of Surah al Kahf .

and ultimately their future as a race whose socio-political history has occupied a central place in Malaysian political discourse. and ultimately proving the authenticity of many of the historical accounts in it. and intention. history and anthropology. These encounters are viewed from the perspective of sacred history. The author explores various dimensions of Islam and studies some of the more hidden aspects of the encounter between Islam. which forms the thirty-third book of Ihya Ulum 75 . is a result of extensive research and reference of old sources in examining the geo-historical background of the Qur’an.THEIR PROBLEMS AND FUTURE Syed Husin Ali The updated version of this book comes at a time when multiculturalism and Malay domination have again become the focus of debates in Malaysia. for quality books at affordable prices visit www. alGhazali addresses the issues of music and ecstasy. Like his other works. covers the different aspects of Islam which is why it is comprehensive. Qaradawi presents Islam in a manner which is simple yet detailed. The author studies the Malays from the perspectives of sociology. analogy (qiyas).” This is a translation of Kitab al-Khawf wa al-Raja’. THE MALAYS . First written in it permitted or prohibited? Depending on who one talks to. although meant to be an introductory work on Islam. Seen through this prism. AN INTRODUCTION TO ISLAM Shaikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi Yusuf al-Qaradawi’s Madkhal li Ma’rifat al-Islam (Introduction to Islam). Ard alQur’an. the answer usually reflects a certain divisiveness of Muslim scholarship. In the eighteenth book of Ihya Ulum al-Din. from primarily three perspectives: the Qur’an and Sunnah. MUSLIMS AND THE WEST Muzaffar Iqbal A GEOGRAPHICAL HISTORY OF THE QUR’AN Sayyid Muzaffaruddin Nadwi The most difficult task in respect of ancient history is dates and identification of names. FEAR AND HOPE Imam al-Ghazali “Hope and fear are two wings by means of which those who are brought near fly to every commendable station. and two mounts on which every steep ascent of the paths of the next world is traversed.ibtbooks. and its permissibility. DEFINITIVE ENCOUNTERS ISLAM. Muslims and modern Western civilization.Forthcoming Titles ON MUSIC AND SINGING by Imam al-Ghazali The issue of music in Islam is one of dichotomy . viewing events as a continuum of Adamic story. the contemporary global conflicts gain a degree of depth that is often lacking in secular approaches.

K. 30 Abul Hashim. 16. Mustafa. 19 Hadith and Sunnah: Ideals and Realities. Science. The. Louay. 12 God and Man in the Qur’an. 57 Boisard.Index: Titles and Authors A ‘Abduh. 25. Abdul. 39 Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl. 49 Islam at the Crossroads. An. . 66 Ayoub. Syed. 34 Concept and Reality of Existence. 15. 27 Izutsu. 48. 40 In Quest of Truth. 37. Khalid. 16. Muslims and Technology. 43 Abdul Latif. Gai. Muhammad. 58 Abdullah Alwi Haji Hasan. 41 de Zayas. Abdul. 58 Ibn Khaldun’s Philosophy of History.. 40. 69 Khalid Masud. 47 Alchemy of Happiness. Muhammad. 11. 16 Excellency: Journal of a Diplomat. 55 Arif Zakaullah. 12. 72. 13 A‘zami. 44 Islam and the Destiny of Man. 11 Bennabi. 50. 34 Cross and the Crescent. Noel. Imam al-. Special Features and Criticism. 75 Ghazali. Mahmoud. Harriet. 72 Dictionary and Glossary of the Qur’an. 44 Hameed Siddiqui. Abul Kalam. 3. 34 Forty Hadith. Muhammad. 50 Concept of Belief in Islamic Theology. 74 Faruqi. 59 D Dawn in Madinah. 68 Humanism in Islam. 36. P. Mohammad Saleem. 15 First Things First. 48 Ghazali. Toshihiko. 38 Arabic Made Easy. 34. 29 Khalid Muhammad Khalid. 71 Enayat. 48. 60 B I Baig. 34 Coulson. 31 Ibn Khaldun: His Life and Works. 16 H Hadith Literature: Its Origin. Development. Kutaiba S. 10 Fazl-ur-Rahman Ansari. A. 20 Aziz Bari. 26 Khairudin Aljunied. 18 Hajj.ibtbooks. 50 Basic Concepts of the Qur’an. 67 76 for quality books at affordable prices visit www. 36 Law and Institution of Zakat. 56. 73. 38 Kayani. 13 Islam: Faith and Practice. Ismail Raji al-. 52 Islamic Jurisprudence (Usul al-Fiqh). Muhammad. 60 C Chaleby. 42 Abdullah Enan. The. Muhammad al-Tahir. 30. Muhammad. 44 Azad. 69 J Jacobs. 58 Imam al-Shatibi’s Theory of the Higher Objectives and Intents of Islamic Law. Marcel A. 25 Hijab or Niqab: An Islamic Critique of the Face-Veil. 68 Islam. Hamid. Amin Ahsan.. 21 Hamid. Muhammad. 19 L Lane-Poole. The. 71 G Ghazali and Prayer. 73 Algar. 20 From Beirut to Jerusalem. Syed Muhd. Shaykh Muhammad Nasir al-Din al-. 55 Albani. Rev David Benjamin. Mohammad. Muhammad Husayn. 22 Koya. 33 Deliverance From Error and Beginning of Guidance. 40 Hamidullah.. 42. 48 Conflicts and Tensions in Islamic Jurisprudence. 32 Islamic Law of Business Organization: Partnerships. 51 Eaton. 12 Keldani. Farista G. Shaykh Muhammad. 55 E Ibn Ashur. 66 Islam and the Problem of Israel. 67 Ang Swee Chai. 17 Is There An Islamic Problem? 59 Islahi. 62. Malik. 2. 38 Introduction to the Conservation of Hadith. Muhammad. Hamid. 46. The. 17 Haykal. 10. 43 Lessons of the Crusades and the Mongol Hordes. 46 Hizbullah: Party of God. Stanley. 50 Forensic Psychiatry in Islamic Jurisprudence. 68 Fatoohi. 33 Lawful and the Prohibited in Islam. The. 59 Asad. 49 Educational Dualism in Malaysia. 29 Imam Shamil: The First Muslim Guerilla Leader. 67 Ethico-Religious Concepts in the Qur’an. 38 K F Faith versus Materialism: Message of Surah al-Kahf.

30 Schimmel. 12. 40 Malaysian Constitution: A Critical Introduction. 62. 30 Tuhfat al-Mujahidin. 41 Rosnani Hashim. 33 Men Around the Messenger. 62 Principles of Sufism. 39 Shifa L. Al-. 74 P T Penrice. Saiyid Sulaiman. 27 Text of the Historic Judgement on Riba. Kalim. Zubayr Siddiqi. 69 Rahman. 61. 35 Treatise on Maqasid al-Shari‘ah. Muhsin. The. 73 Siddiqui. The. The. 35 Raysuni. Habib. 55 Pickthall. 20 Studies in Early Hadith Literature. 39 Shahid Alam. 49 Qutb. The. 37 Saladin and the Fall of the Kingdom of Jerusalem. 69 Taqi Usmani. The. Justice Muhammad. 26 Muhammad the Ideal Prophet.ibtbooks. 52. 9 Qur’an. Shaykh Zainuddin. M. Abdullah. 5 Qur’anic Foundations and Structures of Muslim Society. Mustapha. A. 15 Qur’anic Phenomenon. 54 Searching for Solace. 22 Mesawi. Seyyed Hosein. 32 O On the Origins of Human Society. and History. The. 46 Sales and Contracts in Early Islamic Commercial Law. Amir.Index: Titles and Authors Life of Muhammad. The. 71 Mawdudi. 15 Qushayri. 72. 12 Theology of Unity. 75 Tadabbur-e-Qur’an: Pondering Over the Qur’an. Imran Ahsan Khan. 6 Qur’an: Text. 21 Munabbihat. 27. 22. Annemarie. 21. Sayed Abul Hasan Ali.. 10 Punishment of Apostasy in Islam. Abdul Rashid. Translation and Commentary. M. The. 73 Muzaffar Iqbal. 63 Social Justice in Islam. 29 Sherif. S. 32 This Law of Ours and Other Essays. A. 36 Salah: In the Light of the Prophet’s Tradition.. Sayyid Abul A’la. Al-. 64. 42 Modern Islamic Political Thought. 49 Prophet Joseph in the Qur’an. 56 Mind al-Qur’an Builds. The. 52 Yusuf Ali. 43. 74 Nakamura. 67 Moten. the Bible.. John.A. 60. 17. 67. 23. 7. Marmaduke. 27 Thematic Commentary on the Qur’an. Mohamed Tahir el-. The. 9 Pious Caliphs. 45 Shatibi’s Philosophy of Islamic Law. 20 Surah Ya Sin: Text. 71 S N Nadwi. 75 Question of Ideas in the Muslim World. 56 Qur’an: Complete Translation and Selected Commentaries. 37. 61 Stages of Islamic Revolution.A. 48 Nasr. The. 21 Nadwi. 8. 58 Majid Ali Khan. 5. 36 Vidyarthi. 44. Yusuf al-. Muhammad. 64 Siddiqui. 9 Qur’an: Text and Translation. 66 Sahih al-Bukhari: The Early Years of Islam. Imam. 9. Abdul Haq. 25 Makhdum. The. 52. 15. 26 Young Muslim’s Guide to the Modern World. 35 Q Qaradawi. 56 Opening Chapter of Qur’an. Ali. Translation and Commentary. 29 Revolution to Revolution. The. The Meaning of the Glorious. 75 Raffles and Religion. 25 R M Mahdi. 63 Studies in Hadith Methodology and Literature. 19 for quality books at affordable prices visit 77 . Sayyid. 40 U V Y Z Unromantic Orient. Kojiro. 53 Nawawi. 59 Shakib Arslan. 65 Mejelle. 5 Qur’an: Pocket Edition. 41. 25 Principles of State and Government in Islam. 60. 11 Our Decline: Its Causes and Remedies. The. A. 13 Tan Koon San. 66 Shariati. 39 Short History of Revivalist Movement in Islam. 20 Nyazee. 39. 62. Ahmad al-. 64 Muhammad in World Scriptures. 14. 43 Theories of Islamic Law: The Methodology of Ijtihad. 64 Road to Mecca. 6.

______________ payable to THE OTHER PRESS SDN BHD for the sum of RM/S$/B$/US$ ___________________________ □ Visa* □ MasterCard* Card no. our payment vendor. at RM70. www.00 (Singapore/Brunei) and US$40.00 (All others).ibtbooks. S/B$”. including postage.00 (Malaysia). Published every month in 40 pages from London Subscribe for one year (12 issues). PAYMENT METHOD □ Cheque/postal order/bank draft no. please visit Fax: ________________ Email: _________________________________________ ▪ Your card will be billed under “Mobile88.For almost three . Expiry date (mm/yy): CVC code: (The last 3 digits printed on the back of card) Cardholder’s name: ______________________________________________ Cardholder’s signature: _________________________ MAILING ADDRESS Name: __________________________________________________________________ Address: ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________ Daytime phone number: ________________ Postcode: _________________ Please mail / fax your subscription to: The Other Press Sdn Bhd 607 Mutiara Majestic Jalan Othman 46000 Petaling Jaya Malaysia Tel: +603 7781 3197 Fax: +603 7783 7706 To make your subscription and payment securely online. Crescent International has been providing some of the broadest news coverage and most perceptive current affairs available in the Muslim world.

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com . Expiry date (mm/yy): CVC code: (The last 3 digits printed on the back of card) Cardholder’s name: ______________________________________________ * Cardholder’s signature: _________________________ For payment using credit card or online banking. 607.ibtbooks. Jalan Othman 46000 Petaling Jaya. ______________ payable to THE OTHER PRESS SDN BHD for the sum of RM/S$/B$/US$ ___________________________ □ Visa* □ MasterCard* Card no. you may browse our catalogue and make your order online securely. Thank You for your order 80 for quality books at affordable prices visit www. Malaysia. SHIPPING ADDRESS Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Daytime phone number: ________________ Please complete and send form to : Postcode: ________________________ Fax: ________________ Email: _________________________________________ THE OTHER PRESS SDN.Order Form PAYMENT METHOD □ Cheque/postal order/bank draft no. Tel: 603-7781 3197 Fax: 603-7783 7706 Email: info@ibtbooks. Your order will be processed by the next business day. Selangor. Mutiara Majestic.

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