The air travel industry was once viewed as a segment for the elite because of the high ticket fares. However with changing government policies prices have been reduced resulting in the entry of more and more airlines into the industry. The result is increased competition. To outdo competition and attract more customers, airlines are offering a wide range of fares to cater to all segments of travelers. An online air ticket booking portal offers, at a glance, the details of the fares of all airlines. Offering the best deals to all types of customers is key to surviving in the online ticket booking segment.

1.1 Purpose
The purpose of this SRS is to outline both the functional and non-functional requirements of the subject Online Air Ticket Booking Service For Corporate Customers. The document provides detailed information of the performance considerations and design constraints imposed on the subsequent implementation. It is intended that the presented set of requirements possesses the following qualities; correctness, unambiguousness, completeness, consistency, verifiability, modifiability and traceability. Consequently, the document should act as a foundation for efficient and well-managed project completion and serve as an accurate reference in the future.

1.2 Document Conventions
The following table gives the acronyms and abbreviations used in the document. <to be added later depending on what we use> Acronym Description SRS DBMS LAN IP TCP Software Requirement Specification Database Management System Local Area Network Internet Protocol Transmission Control Protocol

1.3 Project Scope
Currently online travel agencies offer services for booking of tickets for airlines, trains and buses. Additionally they offer services to book hotels, taxis and holiday packages. The

The user must select the place of origination and termination. number of travelers. The system displays a list of results satisfying these criteria and allows the user to select one of the options and proceed with the payment. 2. Cancel a booking 4. For example. Make Payment In the Book Ticket function. Book ticket 2. Information Description 2. Modify a booking 3.project focuses on providing an exclusive booking facility for corporate customers. The service also provides for a special scheme for the most loyal customers who make frequent bookings. the customer can modify certain details of a booking that is already made. In the Modify Booking function. It is thus desired that an exclusive booking portal be provided in which the customers can access a wide range of services. The customer logs in to the portal. The requirements of a corporate customer are different from those of an ordinary customer. The customer is then allowed to make. . choice of departure time interval. The system provides for changing the date of journey. a corporate customer books tickets at frequent intervals of time as against an ordinary customer who does so only occasionally.2 Product Features The most important business functions of the air ticket booking portal include 1. cancel or modify bookings. Then the details of the remainder amount to be paid by the user is displayed and the user can proceed to the payment. airline and for upgrading to business class.1 Product Perspective The Online Corporate Air Ticket Booking System is a software package to facilitate the booking of tickets for a corporate customer in an easy manner by way of an exclusive interface. The project focuses on air ticket booking while hotel and taxi booking are incorporated as auxiliary services by partnering with providers of such services. The system presents a snapshot of the user details and the previous transactions. Additionally the system provides services for booking of taxis and hotels by directing the user to the website of the respective service. 2. the customer can make a booking for the destination of his/her choice in the preferred airline. one-way or two-way travel etc. in-flight meals.

The system will display the status of the booking along with the amount to be reimbursed. the user is taken to a secure payment gateway where the payment can be made with the use of electronic payment systems. In the Make Payment function. .In the Cancel Booking function the user can cancel a booking. The secondary function of the product is the customer loyalty module by which a frequent customer is rewarded with special offers.

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