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Towards perfection with limitations and parameters the classrooms of today are all charged up with the fragrance of DISTRACTIONS being measured on and off. The Six Sigma Methodology has to pave in with advantage to laminate the process in the best of possibilities with Teachers as SIGMA specialists further. There is a need towards Quality Assessments as to be made mandatory by the CBSE for schools to monitor towards the statutory and the regulatory requirements of repute and perfection in particular. The problems may start with all the Wireless Stuff in the classroom with the children matching the frequency of the Cyber Space based instruments and devices. Further add on relates to ignoring conditions by the teacher on practice. The others which appear common include, Cell phones, i-pads, thumb drives etc. The teachers need to salute their rules clearly with no exceptions. Also in addition, there rolls out continuous coming and going by the students from the class out of no particular reason quoting an inception for Wash Rooms or Drinking Water in particular. Here again, to maintain a positive culture to avoid distraction, one needs to state the rules about tardiness and early departures or in turns. Improper light conditions expose reflections and hence cause distractions. The best norm would be to move around the room and explore any causing reason or an opportunity towards

distraction by the students. Also, the classroom temperature is at times tough one to control and hard to manage and give them relief the best is to take them to the field under the sun or follow the rules to close down for their benefits.

In addition, the noise outside the class, being so near the canteen or the music room has to be seen with consideration further. Also above all if the school falls to be in the vicinity of traffic, itd s annoying to deal with car alarms. Wish we have a substitute for the same. Apart from this the Coughing, sneezing, etc. due to the seasonal colds and allergy season can lead to a chorus of distracting sounds. Further the room size matters. The workspace matters and the children need to float their bags, jackets and books apart to give them space to concentrate with open mind. They hence need to place the stuff around on the floor or off to one side. Further the speakers in the classrooms have a buzz all the time of one notice or the other by the Principal or the Co-ordinator. This could rather be best of judge and execution at pace. There has to be a fixed time for the same. Combating distractions in the classroom is again a not so simple task in particular. It details further to appoint and authorize taming the same in perfection further. The 21st century classroom explores the novel causing the same further. Part of the problem is armed with their own personal high-tech gadgets. come out with derailed discussion of helping the way of ICT framework that kids come to school If they are checked they teacher out and make a

positive environment in the class towards smart learning further. Above all bringing smart phones and iPods, etc. into the classroom and using them while a teacher is trying to teach is also becoming popular with the inception of Smart tools to imparting education being used in the classroom further. To the wonder of one and all but the PARENTS, the schools are all set to outsource the Lesson Planning and implementation of Structure Design for the perfect delivery of the content. After students, now teachers have found a way to cut back on homework. Instead of preparing their own lesson plans, many schools have outsourced it to companies who specialise in

providing front-line services like drawing lesson plans, designing activities for students. Also because there is an CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), for Continuous Evaluation (CCE), towards the interactivity

worksheets and emphasis by the the Compulsory in classes, the

teachers are required to think of new activities and exercises for every lesson. Assuring this to be done and conducted in the best of possible manner, many city schools are taking outside help of agencies, who openly prepare minute-by-minute lesson plans that can be easily followed by teachers. "The demand for lesson plans has grown over last session, especially after educational reforms like CCE. The various vendors all over the country claiming to be of repute and experience are dwelling into the market with preface towards doing the job the best possible manner with ICT implementation at practice. The quality decision making particularly through the promoters of the schools came as a surprise to the parents but ultimately rolling out to be an add on in the fees with change explored to their satisfaction and honour. The crux is to involving the child giving him opportunities to learn for the better. An action plan for implementation towards KAIZEN, the format for the Continuous Improvement, change for better activates through CONNECT as Creating Opportunities New Networks Experiencing Collaboration Teaching further. Further more, the classroomd s effectiveness is strongly put to focus on student outcomes and the characteristics of teachers that are associated with these outcomes without automatically looking at the processes that are needed to bring changes. The classroom improvement is mainly concerned about changing the quality of teachers and teaching learning process without automatically looking at the consequences for student outcomes. This effectiveness is essential to find out what is to be changed during the content delivery and the environment within the classroom in order to become more effective. Common Six Sigma Classroom Projects include: a. b. c. d. Avoiding distractions in the classroom. Assuring attention by students. Making the knowledge delivery interesting. Assuring 100% attendance.

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Making learning fun. Assuring Teacher s Involvement. Dealing with hi-tech learning ga gets. Countering the Facebook walls within the classroom.






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