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no difference in contact-pressure with new or old plugs. Self Locking design The plug cannot be pulled out of the socket by its cable or fall out on its own due to positive bayonet type fitting. They are suitable for outdoor applications and for use under conditions of high vibrations. convenience and reliability. . bayonet-type fitting between plugs and sockets. Interchangeability of interiors The interiors of Plugs and sockets are interchangeable and are retained by cir . contacts wipe and align when the plug has been fully inserted. Earthing The earth contact is always in the central position thus eliminating the possibility of inadvertently connecting a live contact to earth. Low contact-resistance-low temperature-rise. BIL Industrial Plugs and Sockets are available in several contact combinations both for power as well as control circuits.Industrial Plugs & Sockets OFF-LOAD Decontactor . Plugs and sockets up to 5 pins for power circuit are rated for 30A at 500V and those meant for use on control circuits. Non-deteriorating contact carrying surface. Socket cover The socket is fitted with a strong spring closed gasketted cover making the unit suitable for outdoor use. Reliability of silver contacts unaffected in high temperature conditions.SS Type BCH Industrial Plugs and Sockets (off-load Decontactors) combine simplicity. shrouding of live parts from accidental human touch.e. It is also impossible to lodge or wedge bare conductors in the socket to obtain a supply. Butt-type silver contacts Pre-determined optimum contact pressure for high conductivity. reliable earthing through butt-type silver-tipped contact. The easy interchangeability enables many different arrangements to be made up from a minimum stock of components. up to 12 pins. instead of the conventional concept of pin-and-sleeve type. They have advantages like positive. Their unique design makes use of the concept of spring-loaded butt-type contacts.clips. self wiping contacts i.e. Self aligning. Infinite plug interchangeability with consistent contact pressure i. have ratings of 12A at 500V.

15 kg.5mm2 Solder type Approvals Electronics Components Standardisation Organisation. (min. Bangalore. for application on Vehicles and Trailors Central Machine Tools Institute.000 operations 3/4" dia 1.Electrical and Mechanical Ratings PARAMETER Contact options PLUGS AND SOCKETS FOR USE ON POWER CIRCUITS 2P + E 1P + E + N 3P + E 3P + E + N 500V AC and DC 30A (Copper cable) 20A (AIum. of contacts 12 * Available on request CATALOGUE CODE Panel mounting socket 2499/12 Plug with inclined handle 299/12B . (max. Bangalore. as per IEC: 309A Selection chart POWER CIRCUIT APPLICATIONS Contact options Position contacts Panel mounting socket Plug with inclined handle 1 E CATALOGUE CODE 2P+E* 2 1 E 1 E 1P+N+E 3P+E 2 3 3P+N+E 2 1 E 3 N OR 2 N 2415B 215B 2413B 213B 2417B 217B POWER CIRCUIT APPLICATIONS No. as per JSS 508 19.) PLUGS AND SOCKETS FOR USE ON CONTROL CIRCUITS Upto 12 contacts Rated voltage Thermal current (Ith) 500V AC and DC 12A (Copper cable) 8A (AIum. Nirikshan Niyantranalaya (Vahan).000 operations 3/4" dia 6mm2 Spring loaded 10.) 1.2 kg. Cable) Less than 1m ohm 1. Ministry of Defence. Ahmednagar.35 kg.) Contact resistance Contact pressure Mechanical and electrical life Conduit entry Terminal capacity Terminations 10.) 1. (min. (max. Cable) Less than 1m ohm 1 kg.

'08 ./5000/JAN.Dimensions(mm) Power Circuit Applications 106 34 47 DIA 42 30 42 53 Control Circuit Applications 4.2 DIA 16 36 33 90 Panel mounting socket 66 3 4 5 11 12 10 1 9 6 7 10 2 72 Panel mounting socket 33 Position of the contacts looking on the front of the socket 84 8 PD/P&S(SS)/3000/MAY' 05 RP.