System Reviews (Gordon s 11 Functional Pattern)  Date of Interview: January 05, 2011

Health Perception Pattern

According to Ms. L.M.C.L, before her confinement, she sees herself as a healthy individual. She considers herself healthy because she does not feel anything that is abnormal or unusual. She is also aware that in her age she must be health conscious enough therefore she s aware with what she eats. She also tries to have some form of exercise over the week like walking. Before experiencing unusual bleeding and pain, the patient used to have regular and normal amount of menstruation. She often consumes at least 2 pads per day but sometimes up to 3 pads if it s her 1st day. Her menstruation used to last for up to 3-4 days only. Furthermore, she just feels irritated or sleepy when she is having her period. Ms. L.M.C.L also added that she seldom experience dysmenorrhoea and never experienced vaginal pain.

At present, she assumes herself unhealthy and sick because of the major operation she have gone thru as well as of the fibroids diagnosed from her although it was already removed. She further added that she feels uncomfortable because of the incision as well as being not able to do the activities she s used to. Moreover, before the confinement, she recently often experienced too much flow of blood in her menstruation accompanied by pain (patient scaled 5-7 out of 10, 1 as the lowest and 10 as the highest since it is sometimes tolerable, sometimes not, and sometimes radiating) with body weakness. This body weakness according to the patient makes her skin look pale sometimes. This unusual condition of her menstruation caught her attention and made her seek for a medical help although at first she assumes that she maybe just in the menopausal stage. Upon knowing her condition, she followed the doctor s advice to undergo a hysterectomy which on the later became TAHBSO.

30 (hys) .L also stated that she s aware enough and with no complaints regarding the medications prescribed to her.24-tahbso. the patient eats typical Filipino food always accompanied by rice. she believes that it was a good decision for it will contribute for her wellness and be a healthy individual again. peanut butter or cheese wheez for bread. it is mostly easy to cook food which just requires frying. 4. She also added that she does not have any problems with regards to her ability to eat. Going through with the procedure. she prefers to have some soup or oatmeal.50 diet as tolerated. She further added that she expects the nurses to attend his needs and that they would help her recover faster by rendering complete and effective care. She was also properly acquainted in different diagnostic exams that she s been gone through. she ll also participate in the recovery process by taking the doctor s advice. On the 2nd post op day. She leaves everything in the hands of the doctors as she knows they are responsible enough to treat her condition and bring no any complication or problem upon discharge. For her supper. 2. she usually eats 1cup of rice. Ms. Nutrition and Metabolic Pattern The patient usually consumes 1cup of coffee 2 piece of bread a piece of egg for her breakfast. 1 ½ cup of rice and 1 glass of juice. op ended) in preparation to her operation. she is on a strict soft diet for she is still recovering from the operation.L stated that have the trust to the hospital and to the medical team. bread pandesal . Ms. Prior to her confinement she was placed on NPO (jan2-4pm naadmit. she usually consumes a viand with soup. lonnganisa. According to her. As we have observed.During her hospital stay. L. more exercise and time for rest. But sometimes depending in her mood. tocino. she often used to have a cup of coffee and . L. hotdog and either fried rice. Yet.M. 1.C. any viand and she drinks 2 glass of water for her lunch. (even in hk?? Anu diet nia nung asa hk?) She takes the usual breakfast meal consisting of the foods like: egg. jan3-op started.M. same as when she was in HK for she cooks her own food. For her liquids in the morning. 11pm npo. Before admission. She also added that she sometimes eat street foods as her snack. follow-up checkups and modifying her lifestyle through proper diet.C. 4pm.

. During admission at 4pm. bbq etc Liquids she takes for snacks are about 1-2 glass of water. The patient added that she is also taking merienda foods like breads. She takes Vit. Elimination Pattern According to the patient. most of the time juice or gulaman but seldom of soft drinks. she has no problems with her bowel movement as she defecates every morning and urinates for approximately 630-840cc of water a day at a frequency of 3-4 times with yellow to light yellow in color. fishball. For lunch and dinner. which usually happens most likely at least twice a month). And was under NPO the midnight before her surgery the next morning. C every morning after a meal since she have to be healthy to sustain her needs and provide something for her mother as the patient stated. squid ball. there were no restrictions yet in the patient s diet. She don t have any difficulties in eating. But her favorite for snack are street foods like kwek-kwek. no problems in wound healing. she accompanies it as much as possible with fruits like bananas.consumes about 1-1 ½ glass of water. But for dinner. orange or any fruit that is available in season. It was infact diet tolerated. She does not smoke and do not abuse the use of substances (medications/drugs) and patient stated that she drinks Alcohol beverages occasionally (birthdays and the like/. any viands would do plus 1 cup of rice and then 1-2 glasses of water. In terms of her bowel movement. The patient has no complaints in the usual pattern of her urination. and no any dentures or teeth problems. she stated that she eliminates every morning. pastries or banana-q .

Meanwhile on the 2nd post day. She also stated that when she wakes up she sometimes feel refreshed and moody depending on her night. Nagigising gising ako kasi nga masakit yung tahi. She stated that she sleeps continuously except for days when her neighbours are noisy and wakes her up in the middle of the night. She also mentioned that she was disturbed by the monitoring procedures of the health care provider. She seldom goes out and have fun because of her work but she is fond of watching TV and going out with friends in her free time. the patient said that she s having difficulty in sleeping due to the pain at the incision site. Hindi ako makatulog ng maayos kaya madalas nangihihina ako. At present she find it hard to move her body due to pain her hypogastric area. formed solid and pungent in odor. Activity Exercise Pattern Before admission. Sleep-Rest Pattern According to the patient. She described her stool as brownish in color. she urinates everyday : 1000=1300 estimated about 2 5oo ml of water at a frequency of 6-7 times. During confinement. the patient was under an indwelling catheter. The doctor order an early ambulation for faster recovery. She also likes to believe that her daily movement is part of exercising her body. . the patient verbalized. There are no reports of excessive perspiration. with the usual urine color. She wants to focus on healing faster so that she can go back to work. she usually sleeps 7-8 hours a day.Before her operation. the Patient verbalized that she seldom takes brisk walking outside their house as her form of exercise. She usually sleeps around 9-10 in the evening and wakes up at 5 in the morning to prepare for her work.

The patient doesn t have any difficulties in decision making in fact she is firm in making decisions. During hospitalization. the patient describes herself as short-tempered. The patient likes to interact with . At present she is still wearing her glasses for her work. firm and straightforward person. the patient is feeling sad because of her fear and anxiety of her current state. the patient is in a good mood. She worked abroad to support the remaining siblings who are still in college. and presence of memory change from time to time. She asks an advice to her family when she encounters problems. Self-Perception Pattern Before hospitalization. She is striving hard to get well for she wants to repay the love that her family has given to her. She has been wearing these glasses since she was in high school at the age of 14. She can speak Tagalog and English fluently. Naiinis lang ako kapag pinagchichismisan ako ng mga taong nakapaligid sa kin. problems are common trials in life. find to learn things easily through verbalization and demonstration. The patient just manages her stress by taking a nap. She does not like people who are stubborn. Syempre sino bang hindi mainis di ba? She never loss hope whenever she had problems in fact. Role Relationship Pattern The patient is a Care Giver who takes care of her family financially. The patient also mentioned that as much as possible. she does not want to get mad. according to her she learned from it because for her.Cognitive Perceptual Pattern The patient is wearing eyeglasses for she stated that she has double vision . The patient was able to hear whispered words and read newsprints with her reading glasses. Most of the time.

Even thought she has no family of her own. Her menstruation used to last for up to 3-4 days which were fully soaked and bright to dark red in colo. Furthermore. According to her. Sexuality Pattern According to the patient. She stated that she follow her physician s orders because she wants to get well immediately. hindi namin tinatapos ang araw na may problema kami The patient decides for herself and consults her family when she is having a hard time deciding on things. the patient said that she is stressed out about her surgery because she is afraid of what may happen to her during her confinement.. when she is having personal problem she keeps it to herself. Her unforgettable experience that she can t forget was when her father died when she was 4 years old due to Tuberculosis. but when she doesn t know how to solve the problem. Whenever they have any problems.. the patient stated that there is no crisis going on within her family. she sometimes ask help with her family and friends. It was her mother with their relatives who helped raised them all up.15 y/o. financially and spiritually. madalas nandito mga relatives ko para makipag kwentuhan sa akin makita ko lang sila para bang nagiginhawaan na ako. During hospitalization. she is still happy for all the care and love that her siblings are giving to her. she had her menarche during her 2nd year in high school. She is ready to help people who need her as long as she can. She is close to the members of her family. The patient .people. She does not experience dysmenorrhea or headache during her period. During confinement. as verbalized by the informant. The client stated that she is not sexually active. (pt: not sexually active) Coping Stress Pattern Prior to hospitalization. She often consumes at least 2 pads per day but sometimes up to 3 pads if it s her 1st day. she just feels irritated or sleepy when she is having her period. they fix it right away.

the client verbalized. makita ko lang sila ayos na ko as verbalized by the patient. She sees God and her family as her source of strength in life. She believes that religion and her relationship in God is very important.said that her family and friends helps her in getting well. client stated. that there were no interference or any changes to her beliefs . Value Belief Pattern The patient believes that she can get the things she wants in life as long as she work hard. During confinement. She is very thankful for them for always staying by her side during her hardship and happiness. Her Religion is Roman Catholic and her family attends mass occasionally on Sunday night because of their busy schedules. Hindi pwedeng hindi ako magdasal bago matulog sa gabi. she is hoping that she could get well soon. .

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