Oracle 9i RAC

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OPS (Oracle Parallel Server) was renamed as RAC CFS (Cluster File System) was supported OCFS (Oracle Cluster File System) for Linux and Windows watchdog timer replaced by hangcheck timer

Oracle 10g R1 RAC
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Cluster Manager replaced by CRS ASM introduced Concept of Services expanded ocrcheck introduced ocrdump introduced AWR was instance specific

Oracle 10g R2 RAC
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CRS was renamed as Clusterware asmcmd introduced CLUVFY introduced OCR and Voting disks can be mirrored Can use FAN/FCF with TAF for OCI and ODP.NET

Oracle 11g R1 RAC

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Oracle 11g RAC parallel upgrades - Oracle 11g have rolling upgrade features whereby RAC database can be upgraded without any downtime. Hot patching - Zero downtime patch application. Oracle RAC load balancing advisor - Starting from 10g R2 we have RAC load balancing advisor utility. 11g RAC load balancing advisor is only available with clients who use .NET, ODBC, or the Oracle Call Interface (OCI). ADDM for RAC - Oracle has incorporated RAC into the automatic database diagnostic monitor, for cross-node advisories. The script addmrpt.sql run give report for single instance, will not report all instances in RAC, this is known as instance ADDM. But using the new package DBMS_ADDM, we can generate report for all instances of RAC, this known as database ADDM.

ensuring that our regression test uses real production data.eliminates the need to change tns entry when nodes are added to or removed from the Cluster.The Oracle grid control provisioning pack allows us to "blow-out" a RAC node without the time-consuming install.Automatic capture of diagnostics (dumps) for a fault. RAC OneNode is a new option that makes it easier to consolidate databases that aren’t mission critical. 11g Release 2 Real Application Cluster (RAC) has server pooling technologies so it’s easier to provision and manage database grids.Standby snapshot . SCAN is fully qualified name.The new standby snapshot feature allows us to encapsulate a snapshot for regression testing. Data Guard .Oracle Automatic Diagnostic repository (ADR) has a new command-line interface named ADRCI. which create three SCAN listeners. using a pre-installed "footprint". ADR Command Interface. ASMCA Single Client Access Name (SCAN) . By default. but need redundancy. We can collect a standby snapshot and move it into our QA database. GSD. AWR is consolidated for the database. Oracle 11g R2 RAC • • • • • • • • We can store everything on the ASM.moves on from the general cache fusion protocols in 10g to deal with specific scenarios where the protocols could be further optimized. LOAD_BALANCE is ON. Oracle 11g RAC Grid provisioning . Quick Fault Resolution .• • • • • ADR command-line tool . Oracle recommends assigning 3 addresses to SCAN. This update is geared toward dynamically adjusting servers as corporations manage the ebb and flow between data requirements for datawarehousing and applications. gsdctl introduced. ADRCI can be used to access the 11g alert log: $adrci adrci> show alert Optimized RAC cache fusion protocols . We can store OCR & voting files also on the ASM. RAC instances register to SCAN listeners as remote listeners. .

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