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Abducted by Aliens

Or How I Learned to Cope With High Strangeness, Government Harassment, and

My Mother (a True Story)
by Chuck Weiss

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150: UFO Spin Doctors

”We are the property of an alien intelligence! Our planet is a cosmic laboratory and we are but
guinea pigs to those who have kept us prisoners on Earth. Humankind continues to face an all-out
battle with those who have kept us as their slaves for centuries.”

The above is a quotation from a book titled, The Controllers that was posted on a website many years
ago, offering online books to download. I wrote it down, but didn’t note the author’s name at the time
and, unfortunately, I can’t find it again now. While I have nothing to say about the book itself not
having read it, I want to comment on the negative “spin” that’s often put on what little we know about
the E.T.s and their differing agendas. This blurb is a good example of what I see as either unreasoned
paranoia on part of the author because he can’t see the larger context, or a piece of deliberate
disinformation meant to misdirect the UFO debate by leading people to misinterpret the evidence. I
don’t take issue with the facts given in the quote, just with way they’re presented. Let me comment.

“We are the property of an alien intelligence!”

First of all, which “alien intelligence” is the author talking about? It’s generally agreed within the UFO
community that there are approximately 70 different species visiting Earth at present. If it’s the Grays
he’s referring to they aren’t extraterrestrials, but instead interdimensional beings that reside on the next
higher plane of existence, the place we go when we die, and where we come from when we’re reborn.
While they have said that they have the right to intervene in human affairs, we’re not their property.
We’re more like their protechés.

“Our planet is a cosmic laboratory…”

He’s right to say that Earth is a “laboratory.” The Grays are the Guardians of Reincarnation and made
the human race as a species of “shells” (their words) in which to place the souls they incarnate. They’re
always “tweaking” the model to improve it, hence their interest in our DNA. While Earth is a laboratory
of sorts, I would say that it’s also a “school” where higher beings administer the “life lessons” that we’re
meant to learn.

“…and we are but guinea pigs…”

The Grays created our bodies, incarnate us into them when we’re born, monitor us once we arrive on
Earth, and guide us to fulfill our potential as we go throughout our lives. To say that we’re “guinea
pigs” is to suggest that teachers only work with children so that they can experiment on them.

“…to those who have kept us prisoners on Earth.”

There is evidence to support the thesis that we are not being allowed to extend our reach too far into
space. Only 20 percent of our Mars missions are admitted to have been successful. (Yet we keep
sending them. Why is that?) It has been hypothesized that Earth may be under “quarantine” until such
time when we show that we’re civilized enough as a species to join the greater galactic community.

“Humankind continues to face an-all out battle…”

This acknowledges that we are at war with the ETs. Every since the Roswell Incident, we’ve been
shooting them down. Ed Wood documents in his book, MAJIC Eyes Only (link), over 70 different cases
of crashed UFOs from around the world. They weren’t the result of flying in thunderstorms, an
explanation that’s sometimes put forth for what happened at Roswell. We shoot them down at every

“…with those who have kept us as their slaves for centuries.”

“Slaves” is another loaded word like “guinea pigs.” It is true that the Grays have been with us for a long
time, but not for so short a time as but a few hundred years. Like the monolith in the movie 2001: A
Space Odyssey they’ve been guiding us throughout the millennia, every since our ancestors picked up
that bone and used it as a weapon.

Often what little is known concerning any mystery can be interpreted in different ways. I often use this
analogy. A good script writer can take the basic outline of any movie and turn it into either a comedy or
a drama, depending on what is needed. The same is true within the UFO community. People can take
the same set of “facts” and run in different directions. While I do believe my theories at to the origin of
the Grays and their agenda on Earth is correct, I don’t discount that others can take the same set of facts
and come to different conclusions. It’s all in the spin.


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