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Hidden & Dangerous 2: FAQ/Walkthrough by DR SMOOTH

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RELEASE NOTES: Version .50 created 3/11/04 by DR SMOOTH

WARNING: COPYRIGHT 2003 DR SMOOTH: This guide may not be

reproduced unless for private and personal needs. Hidden
and Dangerous 2 is copyright TAKE-TWO, THE GATHERING, and
ILLUSION SOFTWORKS. This is an unofficial guide and may not
be used commercially. Copyright infringement and plagiarism
are both punishable by law. This guide may not be used in a
password protected area, or one that requires monetary
payment to access.

REMEMBER: This is just a little guide may by me with a lot

taken from the Hidden and Dangerous 2 manual. There are
many ways to complete Hidden and Dangerous so just use my
walkthrough as a loose guide for your self.


This section will help you navigate my walkthrough.

1. Introduction
2. The Basics
2.1 Controlling the Squad
3. Walkthrough
4. Training
5. Campaign Artic
5.1 Operation Snowball: First Strike
5.2 Operation Snowball: Scout
5.3 Operation Snowball: Rendezvous
5.4 Operation Snowball: Iceberg
6. Campaign Africa
6.1 Operation Nomad: Spaghetti Airport
6.2 Operation Nomad: Air-Show
6.3 Operation Nomad: Guests
6.4 Operation Nomad: Caravan
6.5 Operation Nomad: Whiskey Bar…/29179 1/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…
6.6 Operation Nomad: Birds of Prey
7. Campaign Norway
7.1 Operation Seawolf: Steam Piping
8. Campaign Burma
8.1 Operation Stranger: Anthill
8.2 Operation Stranger: Mountain King
9. Campaign Alps
9.1 Operation Challenger: Babes in the Wood
9.2 Operation Challenger: Estate Agent
10. Campaign Normandy
10.1 Operation Overlord: Lighthouse
10.2 Operation Overlord: Blade Dancer
11. Campaign Czechoslovakia
11.1 Operation Liberator: Billable Entry
11.2 Operation Liberator: Mole in the Hole
11.3 Operation Liberator: Business
11.4 Operation Liberator: Annual Fair
11.5 Operation Liberator: Gin Send off
11.6 Operation Liberator: Final Show-Down
12. Characters
12.1 Secondary Characters
13. Weapons
13.1 Light Weapons
13.2 Medium Weapons
13.3 Heavy Weapons
13.4 Explosives
13.5 Gear
14. SAS History
15. Regions of Hidden and Dangerous 2
16. Multi Player
16.1 Death Match Levels
16.2 Occupation Levels
16.3 Objectives Multi Player
17. Easter Eggs
18. FAQ
19. Wrap Up

*****1. INTRODUCTION*****

This walkthrough is for the game known as Hidden and

Dangerous 2. This is one of the best games I have ever
played as it offers a unique version of war games balanced
with pure fun and action. The game takes place in World War
2 in many different areas. There are over twenty levels in
seven campaigns and each one is as fun as the next. During
each level you get to select the soldiers you take, up to
four, and the weapons you take. There are many ways to give
commands to your soldier which adds a lot of fun to the
game. Levels take time to beat but can be completed. This
guide will cover all of the missions found in Hidden and
Dangerous 2 including some extra information. I hope you
enjoy my guide and ultimately the game. Remember that this
guide will offer some help but will just help you through.
Completing the actions is on your part.

*****2. THE BASICS*****
***********************…/29179 2/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…
Controls: You need to know the basics right? So why not
start with the controls? Note that these controls are
default ones for the keyboard.

*Arrow Keys- These will move you up, backwards, sidestep

left, or sidestep right
*F4- Save
*F8- Load
*Backspace- Drop the weapon you are holding
*Tab- Cycle through your team members
*1- Select team member 1
*2- Select team member 2
*3- Select team member 3
*4- Select team member 4
*T- Brings up message line to talk to others in multiplayer
*Y- Brings up team message line to talk to teammates on
*~- Brings up message board that contains everything said
in the game
*I- Brings up your inventory
*B- Uses Binoculars if you have them
*P- pauses your game or unpauses
*Bracket keys [,] - Cycles throw your weapons and items
*Enter- Reloads
*S- Brings up objectives or score in multiplayer
*C- Switches to first-person or third-person
*V- Hides all objects on your screen
*M- brings up mouse
*Shift- lay down
*Ctrl- Kneel
*Space- Tactical squad management
*Home- Climb objects
*End- aiming mode
*Delete- Lean left
*Page down- Lean right
*Left mouse button- Fires or activates
*Right mouse button- Uses any object available to you


You can only control one team member during the game but
you can give orders to your teammates by using your
keyboards number pad. If you want to issue commands to your
teammates you have to select them.
*Numpad 0- Selects all squad members
*Numpad 1- Selects soldier #1
*Numpad 2- Selects soldier #2
*Numpad 3- Selects soldier #3
*Numpad 4- Selects soldier #4
*Numpad 5- Selects friendly unit #5
*Numpad 6- Selects friendly unit #6

After you have selected which soldier to give a command to

you can now give the command using a two button code. The
first button in the code will bring up a command group and
the second will select the actual command.

*Command Group 1: Movement*

This group issues orders by yelling them out to your…/29179 3/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…
teammates if they are in hearing distance. If they are not
in hearing distance it will not work. Watch out for enemies
hearing you though.

*Numpad 1: Follow me- Your soldiers will follow you in the

selected formation you have on.
*Numpad 2: Advance- When issued your teammate will advance
the direction you are looking.
*Numpad 3: Move there- When issued the soldier will move to
where your crosshairs are pointing.
*Numpad 4: Halt- When issued your soldier will stop
*Numpad 5: Hold Position- This will stop your soldier in
the direction they are facing.
*Numpad 6: Take cover- This will make your soldier take
cover in the direction you point them.

EXAMPLE: To make your soldier #1 follow you just hit 1, 1,

and then 2 and he will follow you.

*Command Group 2: Attack*

These commands are just to help you out when fighting or
about to. It is best to issue commands individually with
this group.

*Numpad 1: Fire at will- Whenever your soldier spots

someone or is shot at he will return fire.
*Numpad 2: Hold your fire- Soldiers will not return fire
*Numpad 3: Fire on my lead- When issued your teammates will
not return fire until you do so
*Numpad 4: Cover fire- Teammates will fire randomly to make
enemies head for cover.
*Numpad 5: Throw grenade- Soldier will throw grenade
*Numpad 6: Use RPG- If someone has a heavy artillery weapon
this will make them uses it.

EXAMPLE: To tell Soldier 4 to throw a grenade just type 4,

2, and 5 to throw one.

*Command Group 3: Action*

This command group will change depending on what you are
facing. Foe example if you are facing a door you can tell
someone to open, tell someone to switch uniforms by facing
a captured enemy, or tell someone to heal someone by facing
towards a wounded team member.

EXAMPLE: To get your soldier #3 to switch uniforms with a

captured soldier point at the captured soldier and type 3
then 3 and it will work.

*Command Group 4: Silent Movement*

The commands here are just the same as command group 2 only
now they are silent so you will not alert the enemy. To use
these commands you must have a direct line of sight with
who you are trying to signaling. Note that the commands for
this are the same as command group 2.

EXAMPLE: To get friendly unit #5 to follow you point at him

and type 5, 4, and then 1 to get them to follow you.

*Command Group 5: Silent Attack*…/29179 4/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…
This is the same thing as the attack command group only
that people with silent weapons will be used here. Also
your commands will be silent so face who you are giving
orders to. Note you can only use fire at will, hold your
fire, and fire on my lead.

EXAMPLE: To get soldier #2 to hold his fire type 2, 5, and

then 2.

*Command Group 6: Silent Action*

Same as action command group only now it is silent.

EXAMPLE: To get soldier #4 to open the door point at the

door and type 4 then 6.

*Command Group 7: Formation*

This command group will alter the formation of your group
and how they stand next to each other.

*Numpad 1: Point formation- Default formation in which

teammates will fan out behind you in a V-shaped formation.
*Numpad 2: Line formation- All soldiers will stand next to
each other in a line.
*Numpad 3: Column Formation- Your soldiers go out into a
column with each one behind each other.
*Numpad 4: Tighten formation- Teammates will move closer
*Numpad 5: Widen formation- Teammates will spread out from
each other.
*Numpad 6: Regroup- If teammates get separated they will go
back to last formation chosen.

EXAMPLE: To get your whole team in Line formation type 0,

7, and then 2 to get whole team in this formation.

*Command Group 8: Tactical mode*

This group refers to anyone given orders in tactical mode.

*Numpad 1: Signal 1 and Numpad 2: Signal 2- These commands

are used to execute soldiers orders in real time that have
been issued to soldiers in the tactical map after the wait
for signal 1 or wait for signal 2 commands that have been
*Numpad 3: Hold- Soldiers will stand still until next order
*Numpad 4: Continue- This order will resume the soldier
whose commands have been halted.
*Numpad 5: Cancel orders- Cancel orders for your teammates.
*Numpad 6: Back to formation- This will stop all teammate
commands and they will return to formation and now be able
to use commands told by them and not the tactical map.

EXAMPLE: To cancel all of your soldiers orders type 0, 8,

and then 5 to cancel all orders.

*Command Group 9: Call support*

This calls an air strike for multiplayer but a radio must
be equipped.

*Numpad 1: Call air strike- Calls an air strike on enemies

*Numpad 2: Call artillery- Summons a long air strike on
chosen point on map.…/29179 5/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…

EXAMPLE: To call an air strike simply type 9 and then 2.


*****3. WALKTHROUGH*****

The next few parts will be the actual walkthrough. Note

that every mission has multiple ways to complete them and
that my way is just one for you to notice and what I
prefer. Upon creating your profile choose your difficulty
level. You can either have easy, normal, hard, or very
hard. I believe normal is a decent difficulty for anyone.
Choose easy if you have never played this type of game

Before actually getting into the game you must choose what
type of game you will be playing. Note that the most common
is campaign mode where you just go through the levels in
order and can save and load whenever you want. You can also
do Lone Wolf mode if you want. This is campaign mode only
you get one soldier instead of four and you do not have to
worry about your team. Choose this if you want a challenge
or do not want teammates to control. Next is carnage mode
where you have to beat each mission but also kill every
enemy on the map. Finally you can choose to play single
mission or single mission carnage. If you choose this you
can play any level you have beaten before again for fun and
do carnage mode for a little added fun.

Now that you have chosen your game type, note that the game
is cut into seven campaigns each difficult in their own
way. Before you get into the missions you must choose you
characters. There are forty to choose from but you should
usually choose one good shooter to be a sniper, a good
medic, a good stealth person, and a good overall character.
After that you must choose weapons. Give the right weapons
to each character and take weapons you think you may need.
Note that you can always get more weapons and ammo in game
from enemies and supply boxes. Now you are ready for the
actual game. Listen to your briefing and then have fun.

This paragraph will now explain how to read my walkthrough.

First thing first every section starts with a paragraph
that tells about the game that you will find at the loading
screen for that particular level. Next I will tell you
primary objectives and then optional objectives. Next will
appear the list of needed gear you may or may not need.
Then there will be a little description and finally the
actual guide to the level. Remember that there are many
ways to beat a level and mine may not be the best or a
little vague but try to use it as a guideline. E-mail me
any better ideas or corrections you may have.

*****4. TRAINING*****

"All, who decided to join the ranks of the elite SAS, are…/29179 6/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…
experienced and battle-hardened warriors. Many of us are
officers but here in a training camp deep in the woods,
everybody is equal. One like the other we have to go
through the training course, obey younger instructors and
respect their command and rules."

1. The assault course
2. Shooting
3. Throwing grenades, bazooka shooting
4. Laying explosives
5. operating the vehicle
6. Diving
7. Obeying orders
8. Team action


DESCRIPTION: After you have selected your team members it

is time for training. You do not need to do training but if
you want some early help it is very helpful. Just listen to
your instructors and you should breeze through training.

GUIDE: At the start go straight ahead through the snake by

sidestepping. Next go over the first plank and back over
the second. Now go to the front of the little walls. Use
the home key to climb over each one. Then climb the smaller
ladder and go over the side. Next sidestep through the
trenches and finally crawl under the barbwire. The assault
course is done so head to the shooting rang in the back.

Once inside your first gun to use is either a Colt 1911 or

an Enfield .38. Choose whichever one you want and hit the
targets. Note if you run low on ammo you can easily get
some from the supply box. Next you get to use a M1 Thompson
or a BAR. The next room you use the Springfield optics.
Finally the last room contains the Browning M 1919.

The next area you should to go to is the grenade and

bazooka area right outside the shooting area. You get some
bazooka shells and Grenades in this area. Use the grenades
to kill the targets in the trenches. Use the bazooka to
destroy the tank and barrel.

Next go out the doors and find some steps to the explosive
area. Take the explosives and plant them in the designated
areas and then run to finish that area.

Now go outside and talk to the guy near the jeep. Take the
jeep and follow the signs to the pool. Once there take the
wire cutters from the box. Go down to the complex area and
use the wire cutters to go through the fence. Watch out for
the patrolling guard because if you are spotted you will
fail the mission. Go to the back building and in the locker
room find the scuba gear. Equip it and find the pool. The
dog tags are at the bottom so look around for them and once
you have them leave the pool. Take the scuba gear off and
get back to where you left the jeep. Remember to watch out
for the patrolling guard again.

Now take the jeep back to where you got it from and park it…/29179 7/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…
there. Now go all the way back to where you started and to
the tower. Three men will now join you. Tell the men to go
to the barrels off in the distance. Once completed you must
tell your men to crawl under the barbwire. Use the tactical
map and this should be easy. Congratulations you have
beaten training and are now ready for the first campaign.

*****5. CAMPAIGN: THE ARTIC*****

The Artic campaign is a four level campaign and has some

very interesting levels. From searching an enemy research
facility to exploring a large iceberg. For this beginning
campaign you'll need stealth and snipers. During the whole
campaign the only specific items you'll need is an
explosive, camera, and possibly a wire cutter. For the
whole campaign you'll only have what you start with unless
you can find a supply box. After selecting your four man
squad you now get to select your weapons you'll take.
Hopefully when selecting your squad you took a stealth man,
sniper, first aid man, and a good lock picker. Here is the
list of weapons you can get in the first campaign.

4 Enfield.38 with 20 clips
5 Colt 1911 with 6o clips
10 Fairbairn-sykes Dagger

6 Enfield MK.4 with 60 clips
4 De Lisle C.C. with 60 clips
3 M1 Garand with 35 clips
2 M1 Carbine with 24 clips
5 Springfield with 58 clips
1 Springfield (optics) with 58 clips
0 Enfield MK.1 (optics) with 60 clips
3 Sten gun with 32 clips
1 Sten gun (Silenced) with 32 clips

1 Bren gun with 17 clips

12 Grenade no. 69
13 Grenade no. 36
1 Explosive
5 Dynamites

Nothing special here

4 Compasses
2 Large first aid kits
6 First aid kits
4 Wire Cutters
7 Binoculars
8 Backpacks
1 Camera…/29179 8/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…

"We are ready for the airdrop to the Lofots Islands. After
the drop-off, we must immediately proceed to find a member
of the local pro-British resistance who will guide us and
show us where the mission objectives are located. We would
appreciate if he could provide us with information on
German guard placement but our guide is not a soldier and
therefore we cannot expect such a detailed tactical
preparation. In any case, we should soon reach a factory
facility where we will have to deal with guards first.
According to our intelligence service information, only
provisional units with insufficient training and equipment
have been deployed to the area. When we make sure nobody
can attack us from behind, we will start to search for an
entrance to the underground complex. Having found it we
will gather there and one of us will enter the complex to
discover its purpose."

1. Find and follow the guide- he must stay alive
2. Find the entrance to the underground complex
3. Kill all enemies in the complex
4. Gather your squad at the underground complex entrance

5. Destroy the truck loaded with explosives
6. All team members must survive

NEEDED GEAR: 1 camera, 1 wire cutter, 1 explosive

DESCRIPTION: This level is fairly hard for being the first

level in the game but is not that bad. Make sure you bring
a stealth person with either a De Lisle or silenced sten
gun. Snipers are helpful and the camera is needed for the
next level. Wire cutters come in handy to. First aid kits
are essential and the explosive is needed to destroy the
truck with explosives. Also note that if you make a lot of
noise before you get to the guide he will take you to the
road that follows to the entrance. If you do not make much
noise he will lead you right up to fence around the

GUIDE: Your first move should be to go to the house in

front of you and kill the two patrolling guards with your
stealth man. If you look at your map you will notice that
there is a blue X on it. This is the location of your
guide. If you want to follow the road make noise before you
get to him. If you want to be stealthy do not make much
noise and he will lead you through the marsh right to the
complex. I prefer the road but it is up to you. If you
follow the road you will see a truck in the distance and
your guide will leave you. Kill the soldiers pushing or
near the truck. To complete an optional objective, take
your explosive and plant it on the truck anywhere and run.
After that, take a left at the junction towards the
complex. Use the forest for cover and try to snipe all
enemies. The guard tower near the entrance has a machine
gunner inside so take him out. After that, enter the…/29179 9/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…
complex to continue the mission.

Inside you will find many guards inside the complex. Take
them all out as you slowly move through killing everybody.
Be careful though when dealing with the dog as it can be a
real pain when it gets close to you. Also remember to check
the docks as there are three soldiers out here. One may be
stuck behind a box. When the message comes up saying you
killed everybody you should now find the underground
complex. When near the car in the middle of the complex go
towards the entrance. On your right there will be an
indention and that is where the entrance is located.
Mission successful. Note that if you are taken by the guide
to the fence of the base the level is still pretty much the
same. Clear out the complex then move back to the truck if
you feel like completing that objective.


"The second phase of the operation begins. One of us will

enter the complex and steal or photograph any suspicious
documents or anything that could be related to aeronautical
research. We have no information about the size of the
complex nor about the enemy strength, so you will be
completely on your own down there."

1. Photograph everything that is involved with aviation
2. Survey the underground complex
3. Place explosives in all designated locations
4. Return to the surface

5. Go unnoticed by the patrols

NEEDED GEAR: 1 Camera, 1 stealth weapon, 1 knife

DESCRIPTION: This level can be done two ways. Stealth or

all out kill spree. Stealth is harder at first but if you
want to complete the optional objective I advise you use
it. To complete the optional objective do not let any guard
raise the alarm on you. Also note that you only get one
soldier for this level. Bring your best stealth guy to
complete the optional objective. He must have a stealth gun
and even a knife helps. Do not worry about explosives as we
will find some in the actual level. Also note that you
should only plant explosives when you are ready to leave or
you will fail the objective of returning to the surface.
Remember do not let any guard raise the alarm, and even the
scientists. If the alarm does go off you'll lose the
optional objective and you'll hear a faint alarm noise
everywhere you go. Note that you can turn off the alarm by
pressing the switch and note that you can also turn it on.

GUIDE: At the start of the level take your soldier and head
down the stairs until you find the first door. Walk inside
and then close the door behind you. Lie down and wait for
the sleeping guard to wake up and open the door. When he is…/29179 10/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…
out kill him and observe his corpse to find two keys. Use
the keys to open the door or wait for an enemy soldier to
come in. Make sure to kill everybody you see. This means
the scientist up in the second floor when you open the door
as he will try to raise the alarm. In the next room there
will be a guard in the room on the right and left. Once you
get these two head to the room on the right and then
another right. In this room you should see someone
painting. Shot above his head or charge him and should give
up. Capture him and this will be your uniform for the
level. When walking around remember to drop any non German
weapons you may have. Equip your knife and maybe even take
a German MP 40.

Now after that, go back to the next room and go to the

bathroom. Wait for him to get out and then do stealth kill
to his back. Leave and go to the backroom and up the stairs
to find a lone scientist in here. Kill him and note that
dynamite locations should be coming up on your screen. We
will worry about that later though. Now leave here and go
back to the main room. Keep going and you should get to a
room with two scientists. Kill both of them with an MP 40.
Take a picture of the plane on the desk. Now around here
somewhere is another room with a scientist in it. Kill him
and take a picture of the board he was looking at. Now go
to the fuel room and kill anybody in here. Walk around
until in here until you hear something about a good spot to
plant dynamite. Now go back to the room with the two
scientists and go into the next room and go downstairs.

Note that once downstairs do not kill or shoot anyone. Your

uniform is your only weapon. Work your way around guards
and try to find a warehouse that tells you of a good spot
to plant dynamite. Now find a generator room and it will
tell you another spot to plant dynamite. Keep going and you
should see a wind tunnel thing soon. Go in there and take a
picture of the plane in the wind tunnel. This should
complete objectives one and two. Now find a room in here
with a general inside and a few weapons. Only take the
backpack and only four dynamites which are on the box. If
the general is in your way wait for him to move as any
aggression will result in raising the alarm. Next go to the
warehouse and not the generator. When the coast is clear
plant the dynamite in the designated location. Now run
upstairs and plant dynamite in the fuel tank room, the
control room, and the room near the beginning with a
dynamite spot. Once all four dynamites are planted,
excluding one spot, return to the surface through how you
got in to beat the level. Not if you are not using stealth
you can follow this guide just make sure to kill everybody
including the patrol that comes after the alarm.


"An evacuation vessel is about to reach the port. Before

boarding, we must find a fighter pilot who was shot down
and take him to the evacuation area. He should be waiting
for us together with the Norwegian guide by the cottage."…/29179 11/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…
1. Find the Pilot
2. Rescue the Pilot
3. Board the ship and leave

4. Sygurd rescued
5. Make sure the entire boat crew survives
6. All team members must survive

NEEDED GEAR: Nothing much, just a lot of ammo.

DESCRIPTION: This is a long level and involves a lot of

sniping. Use your snipers and if you feel like it there is
a supply box in the woods that contains Springfields. Note
that this is the same level as the first one and is still
dark out. Move slowly and snipe all you see. Note that
optional objective 4 is when you meet the guide again. Some
snipers will pop out so save Sygurd. Also to complete
optional objective 5 once you get the pilot you must try
and get back to the docks in the complex as fast as

GUIDE: Right off the start, take your sniper and head to
the entrance of the complex. Kill any guards you see in the
distance ad soon there will be a supply box with ammo in it
near you. Take some ammo if you need it. Now wait for the
next group of enemy soldiers to come and snipe them out.
Once all of them are dead continue ahead to the
intersection. Snipe some more guys here. Note that if you
want to give a Springfield to any of your men there located
in the woods left of the main entrance. Now if you have not
yet taken your other men tell them to follow your sniper
through the level. Take a right at the intersection and
continue down the road until you find a truck in the
distance. Snipe any enemies near the truck and continue on
to the truck. Note that near the truck there are some
grenades in the supply box. Now a smart thing to do is
drive the truck there on to the road to block it. You will
see why later.

Now take two men and go right towards the cottage from the
first level. Walk in the woods to try and kill any men out
here. When farther up find the wreckage of the plane and
kill the two men around here. Now turn around and find the
cottage. Sygurd your guide is outside and tells you the
pilot is inside. Stay out here though because if you want
to save Sygurd now is the time to do it. Behind the cottage
an enemy will come from the mountain and there might be
some snipers in the trees. Once safe Sygurd will thank you
and take his leave. Now that you have the pilot head back
to the docks as fast as possible with him following you.

On your way back head to the road you came from. On your
way you should meet about three enemies. Make sure to take
care of the pilot as he only has a pistol. You can give him
items if you want but it does not matter. Now when back on
the road you will see a truck coming. Watch it try to push
the truck you put on the road out of the way. Shoot the
truck and watch it blow. Kill any survivors and regroup
your squad. Head back to the complex on your way you will…/29179 12/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…
meet quite a few enemies in places you already cover. Just
keep the pilot safe and all should go well. Once inside the
complex pick up some more ammo if you need it and continue
to the docks. You will meet some resistance but not much.
Once in the docks do not kill your allies. Head to the ship
and get the pilot to board it. Mission Successful.


"This is the last, originally unplanned, part of our

operation. We learned from the documents found in the
underground complex that the main research results were
transferred to a meteorological station. The Norwegian
station located on an iceberg where further processing and
evaluations are scheduled. We were able to reach land on
the iceberg thanks to the pilot. First we will survey the
surroundings, and then attack the German camp. Search it
and hopefully find the necessary documents."

1. Explore the Iceberg
2. Find the radio station
3. Prevent the submarine from submerging
4. Find documents containing research results
5. Seize the submarine
6. Inform command of the situation at the end of the

7. Carry out task so that no one can tell what happened
8. All team members must survive

NEEDED GEAR: Nothing much, Enfield snipers given at


DESCRIPTION: This level is surprisingly fun and neat. The

level is a gigantic iceberg and we are finally greeted by
the sun instead of being in the dark. This level basically
comes down to sniping and protecting your snipers. You will
find another sniper rifle off the start so that greatly
helps. Also if you want to complete the optional objective
just kill everybody on the map. Have fun in this mission
and I hope you are a good shot.

GUIDE: Right off the start the pilot will began talking to
you. During this take your best sniper and make him drop
his weapon. Now get the Enfield in the box and a lot of
ammo. If you want two snipers have someone else get the
Springfield and pick up some more ammo. Note that the other
box also contains a Sten gun and a M1 Garand if you want
them. Group all your men and continue straight ahead up the
middle. After awhile you should come to high cliff drop.
This is going to be your sniping location. You can see the
whole German base good but do not fire yet. Set up your men
by having all snipers on the cliff looking out. Put the
rest of your men below them to guard them from anybody that
comes up to kill your snipers. Once you think you have
sniped everybody you can, including those in windows, head
to the encampment.…/29179 13/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…

If you have not already killed it watch out for the dog as
they can be real nuisances. Once close to the camp wait for
a general to walk out of the main building. Kill him to
prevent the launch of the submarine. Next send one troop
into the main building. Inside there are few guards but
there is a dog I believe. In the back hallway rooms is
where you will find the documents. On the left there should
be a room with them in it. Find them and pick them up. Now
walk outside and snipe the three guys who are coming down
the mountain to the north. Next go into the building next
to the main building and use the radio. Your next task is
to seize the submarine.

Kill all men on the actual submarine and the take a soldier
with some form of a machine gun. Climb to the top of the
submarine and go down the hatch. Once at the bottom there
are two doors to the north and south. Three enemies behind
each door so kill the guys in whatever door opens first and
then go kill the others. Once everybody is dead you have
seized the submarine. Now if you have not already completed
the optional objective do so now by exploring the whole
island to find any survivors. When satisfied go back to the
radio station and inform headquarters of your success.

Congratulations you have beaten the first campaign in the

Artic. Now for a change of scenery you will be heading to
Africa. Hope you brought your best pair of shorts.

*****6. CAMPAIGN: AFRICA*****

The Africa campaign is a grueling 6 level march from

hopping airport to airport and dodging enemy planes. It may
sound tough but in the end proves to be a very entertaining
campaign. If you were able to keep all your men alive from
the last campaign just use them again since their stats are
now superior to the others hopefully. Chose your weapons
off the start carefully as you will keep most of them for
the first three levels until you get to replenish your
supplies somewhat. For the whole campaign bring what you
normally would and make sure to bring some knives even.
Note that first aid kits and backpacks are essential. Here
is the list of weapons you will find in the Africa
campaign. Note that there is only one sniper rifle and one
stealth gun. There are a lot of dynamites but you do not
need them. Also note that you can take some German weapons.

5 Enfield .38 with 50 clips
4 Colt 1911 with 26 clips
2 German fighting knives
8 Fairbairn-sykes dagger

2 Karabiner 98k with 18 clips
2 Enfield MK.4 with 26 clips
1 De Lisle C.C. with 26 clips
2 M1 Garand with 25 clips
2 M1 Carbine with 20 clips…/29179 14/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…
0 Karabiner 98K (optics) with 18 clips
2 Springfield with 33 clips
1 Springfield (optics) with 33 clips
0 Enfield MK.1 (optics) with 26 clips
1 MP 40 with 11 clips
2 M1 Thompson with 32 clips
4 Sten gun with 50 clips
0 Sten gun (silenced) with 50 clips

1 BAR with 18 clips
1 Bren gun with 17 clips
2 M1 Bazooka with 8 clips

20 Grenades no. 69
22 Grenades no. 36
2 Explosives
15 Dynamites
5 Mines
2 Anti-Tank mines

Nothing special

4 Compasses
3 Large first aid kits
8 First aid kits
1 Binocular
10 Backpacks


"The mission objective is to capture a German officer named

Hans Schumann who has documents concerning attack plans in
Africa. We assume he will be in one of the airport
buildings, which are very well defended. Probably even with
heavy weapons. We can use aviation fuel tanks as a
diversion; their destruction will surely distract the
airport crew. As it is necessary to search the airport
thoroughly, we must suppress all enemy resistance.
Destroying aircraft is part of our work and there will be a
great opportunity to practice on some Italian targets at
this airport."

1. Find Hans Schumann
2. Find documents concerning Schumann's departure
3. Suppress all resistance at airport
4. Gather at the Flak vehicle or SAS jeep

5. Destroy enemy planes
6. Destroy the fuel tanks
7. All team members must survive

NEEDED GEAR: 2 rifles, lots of first aid, maybe a bazooka…/29179 15/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…
DESCRIPTION: Before playing this level note that there is a
bug in this level that may make it unable to be beatable.
Sometimes you will not be able to kill everyone or you will
not be able to find the documents. Besides that when
starting you will see your team in a jeep. There are many
ways to beat this level but I like mine best. My way
requires quick action and exact placement. I think it would
help you if you brought 2 riflemen and the other two having
whatever they want. A bazooka may be useful but you can
find others in the level so do not worry. Do note however
that you must protect the jeep and flak truck depending on
which you want for the next level.

GUIDE: At the start take your jeep and drive down left side
of map. You should be next to a little hill now. Take two
riflemen and put them on the top of the hill looking out.
With your other two you will be using the jeep. Note that
after awhile reinforcements will be sent with a tank so act
fast. Before you drive off with the jeep tell your two
riflemen to fire at will. Circle around the level with the
jeep killing as many people as possible. Once done you
should be able to see enemies and tanks coming from behind
the hangar. Now act fast and park your jeep in the hole
next to the main airport building. Take only one man out
and head to the main building. During this your two
riflemen will kill all the reinforcements.

With your single guy in the building, go into the first

room on the left and talk to the general guy. He will tell
you Schumann has left. Next look at the desk and take the
key on it. Now go back to door in the back of the building
which is the storeroom. There should be a guy in here so
kill him. After that the storeroom contains panzerfausts,
karabiners, grenades, ammo boxes, and a lot of dynamite.
Now take a panzerfaust and go out the back and try to find
the tank which should be near your guy in the jeep. Once
the tank is dead go back into the jeep and try to clear out
the whole level. Look for enemies in trenches and holes in
buildings. Also there should be two or three guys in the
hangar near the main building.

Now after that take your jeep and destroy all the planes
and fuel tank with the machine gun. Once those objectives
are done you must now find the documents. These can be hard
to find but here are three possible locations. The
documents may either be in the main room in the main
building, on the left side inside the hangar, or in one of
the tents at the far end of the level. Now after you have
completed all of the objectives you either choose the jeep
or flak truck for the next mission. I prefer the SAS jeep.
Before the level ends to you might want some panzerfaust
rounds from the storage room.


"The only road we can use has been the center of heavy
fighting. Therefore it is probable that we will encounter
the remains of German convoys. What is worse, the road is
surrounded with dense mine fields. We have no other choice…/29179 16/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…
apart from accepting these facts and moving cautiously to
the end of the valley."

1. Go through the desert

2. Destroyed enemy armored vehicle
3. Prevent enemy from calling reinforcements
4. All team members must survive

NEEDED GEAR: Nothing much except for a sniper

DESCRIPTION: Now depending on which vehicle you took from

last level you will either kill everybody or just run. The
flak truck is too small so you will have to fight. Also the
jeep is fast so you might want to run. Also note that you
should tell your squad to hold fire or they will waste ammo
on every plane that goes by.

GUIDE: From the start keep driving along the road. If you
look on your map you will see an X on the map. The X
represents where enemy patrols are located. When you get to
the first X area there is a guy in a machine gun turret.
Kill him and any of his companions. Now after that head to
the next area. Now if you have your jeep you can just run
down the side of the hill watching out for mines and enemy
gunfire. If not, go to the top of the mountain with your
vehicle. Snipe all enemies near the enemy flak truck. Next
send a guy with a bazooka to the destroyed tank. Use the
main weapon to destroy the tank. If it is still alive use
your bazooka. If you are interested there is an ammo box in
the middle of the valley. Now get your men into their jeep
and continue on. On the way you will meet an enemy in a
crater. After that you will come to the last area. There
will be a few guys in this area and four more coming from
the back. The four in the back will be coming out of the
destroyed truck in the background. Once all enemies are
dead continue to the end of the level. Note I am not sure
how to complete the optional objectives. Any information
will be greatly appreciated.


"There is an oasis in front of us where we can hopefully

get hold of a functional vehicle. What we know for sure is
that there is a German transmitter in the mosque. We must
make sure they do not use it to call in reinforcements. The
oasis is occupied by a well trained crew and defended by
heavy machine guns, positioned on the ramparts. When we
fight our way inside, we will clear the oasis from all
enemy soldiers."

1. Find new functioning vehicle
2. Contact HQ using radio transmitter
3. Protect the mechanic
4. Kill the enemy…/29179 17/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…
5. All team members must survive


DESCRIPTION: This is an awesome level that requires ranged

and close quarter battle. There are many ways to complete
this level with many entrances to the mosque but use my way
as a guide. Note that once inside watch out for enemy
grenades as they will kill you and the mechanic in one

GUIDE: Right off the start you are forced to abandon your
good vehicle from last level. Now take your sniper and the
group and head for the ruins just ahead of you. Use the
ruins as cover as you snipe everybody you can. Watch out
for any soldiers in the ruins however and the guy in the
tower. Next after the area is secured head to the other
ruins to your left. Use those as cover as you once again
snipe all enemies inside and outside. Now it is not
necessary but I advise to circle around the oasis once to
kill any one outside and on the ramparts of the oasis. Once
ready go through the main entrance of the oasis.

Slowly circle around killing everybody you see once inside.

Be cautious of many enemies hiding in each building and
watch out for grenades. Once in the back find the mechanic.
He is wearing blue and is near the truck just to warn you.
Do not shoot him and make sure he is safe. Now head into
the mosque and kill the guy at the radio station. Do not
kill the doctor as he will help you next level. Take some
health kits if you wish. If you have killed everybody use
the radio station to finish the level. If you have not
killed everybody, just look around and try to kill any


"The Oasis and a functional vehicle are ours. Our task now
is to defend both of them, which means preventing the
enemies from entering the oasis and damaging our newly
acquired transport. Further progress would be endangered,
if not impossible and successfully capturing Schumann would
become uncertain if we fail."

1. Defend the oasis
2. Prevent the repaired vehicle from being damaged

3. All team members must survive

NEEDED GEAR: Nothing much

DESCRIPTION: After three hard levels you are rewarded with

the following extra supplies from the pre mission screen.

1 M1 Garand with 15 clips…/29179 18/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…
2 M1 Carbines with 22 clips
1 Springfield with 12 clips
0 Springfield (optics) with 12 clips
1 Sten gun with 19 clips
0 Sten gun (silenced) with 19 clips

Now that is not that helpful but useful. Take what you need
then get into battle. The level requires careful planning
and action. If the level is set up well, you will do well.
If done correctly, not a single person will get into your

GUIDE: At the start of the level send two guys to the

mosque. Inside you will find mines, bazookas, med kits, and
the doctor. The doctor will join you so give him some
weapons and tell him to guard the main entrance. Now you
should place some mines at the main entrance and side
entrance on the south side. After that take one man and put
him in the machine gun tower in the south east side facing
the area between the ruins. Here is where the enemy will
come. Next take someone and give them a bazooka and shells
from the mosque. Put them on the wall near the main
entrance. Your next guy should be put on a wall on the
south side. Now when ready take your sniper. Use him to
inform HQ with the radio station. Now take him up near your
machine gunner. Be ready now for the German convoy.

Remember that all enemies will come through the pass in

between the ruins. First a truck will come through.
Controlling your sniper take out the driver. Your machine
gunner will get the survivors. When you see a tank coming,
find cover with your men. This means taking your machine
gunner out of his post. When you see the tank goes by get
back into your positions. Note that the tank goes around
and parks at the North West side. Now kill all comers
including those to your side. Soon an armored vehicle will
come by. Wait for him with your guy on the wall near the
main entrance. When in view shoot the armored vehicle with
a bazooka. This will destroy it and the crew inside. Note a
tank will soon park near your machine gunner. When things
calm down you must now kill the tanks. Take a bazooka man
with extra shells from the mosque and get the two tanks.
One is near your machine gunner and one is in the back. To
kill them without killing yourself get behind the tanks and
shoot them in the back for one shot kills. Circle around to
find any survivors if you do not get objective accomplished
for killing everybody.


"We are at the Abn-Sin-Oan airport. Hans Schumann, whom we

must capture and prepare to transport to Great Britain, is
probably located there too. As further movement trough the
desert is impossible, we will have to use one of the planes
that are prepared to take off. We also know about some
storage facilities in the airport area and their
destruction would surely make the German position a bit
more complicated."…/29179 19/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…
1. Find and capture Hans Schumann
2. Force Hans Schumann to cooperate
3. Hans Schumann must survive
4. Kill enemy around the runway
5. Leave with Hans Schumann in a JU88

6. Destroy the heavy German equipment
7. Destroy the fuel storage
8. Destroy the planes
9. Find out information on German reinforcements
10. All team members must survive

NEEDED GEAR: De Lisle, knife, German uniform

DESCRIPTION: Here is a neat little level where you can just

go crazy with a tank. Before the mission remember to give a
stealth gun and a German uniform to your best stealth
soldier. This level is very easy if done correctly and
should give you some excitement.

GUIDE: Right off the start take your stealth guy and kill
the two men in your room. Make sure you have a silent
weapon as you might make noise and have the whole airport
after you. Now take your stealth guy again and go outside.
Knife the guy in the back that is patrolling around. After
that you should go into the far hangar. Listen to the
conversation to complete objective 9. Now look at your map
and try to find the tank yard. There is one tank out and
one will drive out when you are done. Move silently to the
third tank parked and jump into the main weapon. Kill the
two enemy tanks by shooting them in their turrets and use
the machine gun to kill any guards running around. Your
next action should be to go back to the beginning and pick
up your team. Once your tank is full go circle around the
map a few times to kill everybody. Also kill every plane
except for the big one near the main building.

Now your objective is to clear out every building and all

the trenches outside if you have not already. First let us
get the storage room near the beginning. Once cleared out
you will find grenades and a lot of panzerfausts. Next you
should clear every hangar including the two planes hidden
in them. There is a plane in the middle of the back three
hangars and one in the room where you listened to the
conversation from the beginning. Next go back to the tank
area. Clear these rooms and destroy all of the fuel tanks
if you have not already. Now you should go to the rooms
next to the main airport buildings. Finally we can clear
out the main airport building. Make your way through
killing everybody. Note that Hans Schumann is on the second
floor in the back hallway. Find him and tell him to follow
you. Note that there is also a guy on the very top of the
building. Go up the ladder and kill him to hopefully clear
the runway. Now to destroy the heavy German equipment you
must destroy your tank with some panzerfausts. To finish
the level simply get all your men to surround the big plane
near the main building.

*************************************************…/29179 20/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…

"It might seem nothing can stand in our way, but the
pursuing German fighter pilots think differently. We must
defend our plane against vastly superior forces and

1. Fly through the canyon

2. All team members must survive


DESCRIPTION: For the whole level you are in a plane

shooting down enemy planes in a big canyon.

GUIDE: I cannot help you to much on this level as it is

just basically you and your teammates shooting down the
enemy planes. Note that when your wings are burning your
damaged and almost dead. I hope you have good aim as this
level can be quite hard. Note that there are only so many
planes. When you shoot one down it will not come back.

Congratulations you have beaten the second long campaign.

Have fun with the next short campaign.

*****7. CAMPAIGN: NORWAY*****

After a long campaign in Africa, be prepared for a short

one level campaign in Norway. You will finally experience
swimming and submarine usage. The only level in this
campaign however relies heavily on stealth. Since you get
to select four silenced weapons I suggest you take them.
The De lisle and silenced Sten gun are very useful. Have
fun with it and be cautious. Just incase you wanted to know
here is the list of weapons for the third campaign.

4 Enfield .38 with 25 clips
2 Colt 1911 with 38 clips
5 Fairbairn-sykes dagger

1 Karabiner 98K with 8 clips
2 Enfield MK.4 with 21 clips
2 De Lisle C.C. with 38 clips
3 M1 Garand with 35 clips
4 M1 Carbine with 35 clips
0 Karabiner 98K (optics) with 8 clips
2 Springfield with 35 clips
1 Springfield (optics) with 35 clips
0 Enfield MK.1 (optics) with 21 clips
1 MP 40 with 12 clips
5 M1 Thompson with 40 clips
3 Sten gun with 40 clips
2 Sten gun (silenced) with 40 clips…/29179 21/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…

1 BAR with 10 clips
1 Bren gun with 12 clips

3 Magnetic mines

British diver sets

4 Compasses
4 Aqua lungs
4 First aid kits


"We will navigate through the entry of an inlet in a mini-

submarine and approach two ships which are anchored there.
The first ship is the Tirpitz, on which we will place a few
magnetic mines. Then we will move to the minesweeper, which
has the German scrambler 'Enigma' onboard. While searching
for this device, we cannot afford to alert the Tirpitz, as
this would jeopardize the entire mission. After acquiring
the 'Enigma' we will return back to the extraction ship
before anyone realizes it is missing."

1. Place explosives in strategic locations on the
2. Place explosives in strategic locations on the
3. Acquire the Enigma scrambler from the minesweeper
4. Do not sound the alarm on the Tirpitz
5. Return back to the drop ship

6. Find the book of codes
7. Find the cruise plan
8. All team members must survive

NEEDED GEAR: 3 Magnetic mines, knife, De Lisle

DESCRIPTION: This is the first mission where you get to go

swimming. It is a stealth mission so I hope you brought a
good stealth soldier with a knife and De Lisle. Note that
through the whole entire mission you must try to make as
little noise as possible or you will warn the Tirpitz and
lose the mission. This mission is very short but can be

GUIDE: Right from the start take all your men and put them
into the two submarines. Each submarine can hold two men.
After that, head straight ahead to the Tirpitz. Go
underneath it and look for spots to plant your magnetic
mines. They will be marked as red locations. There will be
two spots on the Tirpitz. When that objective is
accomplished, head to the minesweeper. Plant the magnetic…/29179 22/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…
mine in the designated location and complete objective 2.
Now we must board the minesweeper.

Take your best stealth guy and find the ladder on the
minesweeper pointing away from the Tirpitz. Climb the
ladder but be careful of the guards. If you make to much
noise you will alarm the Tirpitz and lose the mission. Use
your De Lisle and kill every guard you see. After that, go
up the stairs and down the other side. Find the door on
this side straight ahead from the stairs.
Once inside, go into the next room. Kill the guard in here.
Next you should open up the second door on the left to find
a sleeping guard. Shoot above him and when he wakes up he
will surrender so take his uniform. Remember to drop any
non-German weapons you have and your diving gear on your
back. Take an enemy gun if you wish. Now go into the door
in the very back marked "Kapitan" or captain. In another
room you will find the captain. Shoot him and move on to
the last room on the side to find the "Enigma" on a desk.
Also the book of codes is in the safe located next to the
bed under the removable floor board.

Now to get the cruise plan go to the second deck outside.

Go inside and knife any enemies. The plans are on a desk in
one of the back rooms. Now we are ready to leave and head
back to the drop ship. Make sure to get your diving gear
and uniform back from the guard or you will drown in the
water. Leave the boat and go back to where you started and
then head for the boat near there to finish the level.

Congratulations you have completed the easiest campaign.

*****8. CAMPAIGN: BURMA*****

Now you are ready for the dark and concealing forests of
Burma. This campaign contains two great levels each with
great objectives and scenery. Prepare for slow movement
through the forest as it is almost impossible to see ahead
of you. For these levels you should definitely bring a De
Lisle, sniper, and machine gun. Required items also involve
three bags of explosives. Note grenades are helpful as
well. Here is the list of available weapons in Campaign 4.

4 Enfield.38 with 36 clips
2 Colt 1911 with 57 clips
8 Fairbairn-Sykes dagger

2 Enfield MK.4 with 28 clips
2 De Lisle C.C. with 57 clips
2 M1 Garand with 32 clips
2 M1 Carbine with 31 clips
3 Springfield with 51 clips
1 Springfield (optics) with 51 clips
1 Enfield MK.1 (optics) with 28 clips
1 MP 40 with 10 clips
4 M1 Thompson with 33 clips
4 Sten gun with 50 clips…/29179 23/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…
1 Sten gun (silenced) with 50 clips

1 BAR with 12 clips
1 Bren gun with 12 clips

20 Grenades No. 69
25 Grenades No. 36
2 Explosives
7 Dynamites

Nothing special

4 Compasses
1 Large first aid kit
6 First aid kit
7 Backpacks


"We are struggling on through the jungle heat, humidity and

mosquitoes. There is an important bridge ahead of us,
serving as a crossing for Japanese convoys. We must destroy
it and survey the area to find out what they are

1. Find out what the trucks are transporting
2. Acquire technical specs for the parts
3. Destroy the parts
4. Destroy the bridge
5. Team must gather in the escape area

6. Find the Japanese officer's katana
7. Destroy the radio station
8. Find identification tags from squad that came before
9. All team members must survive

NEEDED GEAR: 3 Explosive pouches, De Lisle

DESRIPTION: Watch out for the bunkers. On your map every

little tiny X is a bunker so be careful. Also use stealth
when moving around as it is very hard to see. If you stay
aware of bunkers and stay close you should be able to
finish the level pretty easy.

GUIDE: Right off the start, kill the two guards who come
straight at you. Next take a sniper and someone with De
Lisle and continue forward. When you come to the bridge,
watch out for the machine gunner. Either snipe him or have
someone walk to the entrance of the bunker. Note that to
take out bunker stand out behind the door and wait for it
to open up and kill whoever comes out. Now use your sniper
and kill anyone crossing the bridge or near it. After that…/29179 24/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…
continue forward on the side you are on. When you get far
enough find the knocked down tree and cross it. Have your
other two men go guard the bridge.

After crossing the bridge kill the men in the two bunkers
here. Note you should use your gun here to locate all
bunkers near you. Now we should clear out the tent area.
There are six guys here so snipe from a distance. After
that go and check the area with boxes to complete objective
1. Now we have to find the documents which are located in
the hut in the back. Note the documents are a big textbook.
Also one hut contains the katana if you want to take it.
Also the radio station is in a small hut in the back as
well so shoot it to destroy it. Next we should plant some
dynamite in the center of the boxes near the tents to
complete objective 3. Next your goal should just be to
circle around and kill every guard in the bunkers. When all
clear remember we still have the bridge to take care of.
Plant an explosive on that and run. After that head for the
escape area which is a big blue X on your map. Near this
area is also the identification tags on an ally if you want
to find them.


"Having left the jungle, we met another unit. Its leader

asked us to help them attack a network of bunkers lying at
the top of the hill, from where the Japanese are
controlling the whole surrounding area. The covering of
mist could give us the element of surprise, although it
will be very hard to recognize friend from foe. What is
more, the whole area is being shelled regularly. God bless
the artillery but I hope the shells do not land on us."

1. Seize the bunker on the hilltop
2. Team must gather in the escape area

3. All team members must survive

NEEDED GEAR: Snipers, sub machine guns

DESCRIPTION: This is a run up the hill level where you will

have help from many computer allies. The level is basically
just killing everybody in the bunkers. Do watch out for
machine gunners though and the occasional air strike. If
you need extra weapons you are also welcome to take some
extra weapons that are given to you. Here is the list. Note
you can now get Japanese weapons.

2 Colt 1911 with 18 clips
2 Taisho 14 with 25 clips
1 Fairbairn-Sykes dagger

0 De Lisle C.C. with 18 clips
1 M1 Garand with 18 clips…/29179 25/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…
1 Arisaka with 15 clips
1 Arisaka (optics) with 15 clips
2 Sten gun with 36 clips
0 Sten gun (silenced) with 36 clips

1 BAR with 14 clips

3 Grenades No. 69
7 Grenades type 97

2 First aid kit

GUIDE: Right off the start, get you and your men to follow
the tank. Keep marching up the hill following the tank
killing any resistance. After awhile the tank will be
destroyed however. Continue and get to the top of the hill.
From up here snipe and kill everyone up here. Watch out for
the grass in the back as three enemies will soon come from
there. On your map there are little black figures locating
the hatches that lead into the bunkers. Send one guy into
one of the hatches while the rest guard the hill outside.

Your objective in the bunker is to kill everybody in each

room. Make sure you clear everything. Two of the hatches
connect to each other and one is separate. In the bunkers
it is helpful to toss grenades around to kill people. Also
go slowly as many enemies will come out when you are not
looking. When it appears saying you have completed the
objective take your men to the extraction area which is
located by the big blue X marked on the map.

*****9. CAMPAIGN: ALPS*****

This is another two level campaign and is very cool. You

will start in a long canyon pass and then go on a stealth
mission in the Alder Castle. The campaign only requires a
bazooka and possibly some grenades and a silenced weapon.
Here is the list of weapons you will find in the Alps

4 Enfield.38 with 25 clips
2 Colt 1911 with 38 clips
8 Fairbairn-Sykes dagger

1 Karabiner 98K with 8 clips
2 Enfield MK.4 with 27 clips
2 De Lisle C.C. with 38 clips
1 M1 Garand with 17 clips
1 M1 Carbine with 17 clips
0 Karabiner 98K (optics) with 8 clips
2 Springfield with 26 clips
1 Springfield (optics) with 26 clips
1 Enfield MK.1 (optics) with 27 clips
2 M1 Thompson with 26 clips…/29179 26/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…
4 Sten gun with 60 clips
2 Sten gun (silenced) with 60 clips

1 26 ZB with 17 clips
1 BAR with 14 clips
1 Bren gun with 16 clips
1 M1 bazooka with 2 clips

18 Grenades No. 69
24 Grenades No. 36
2 Mines
1 Anti-tank mine

Nothing Special

4 compasses
1 Large first aid kit
4 First aid kit
8 backpacks


"We are closing in on the Alder Castle. We will try to get

through the German guards and eliminate one of the truck
drivers who are passing through the area. We will acquire
the necessary documents and uniform from him which will
hopefully help us to get inside the castle."

1. Acquire papers from the driver
2. Acquire uniform from the driver
3. Depart for the castle in disguise

4. Civilians must survive
5. Sever the telephone lines
6. Destroy armored vehicle
7. All team members must survive

NEEDED GEAR: Bazooka, silenced weapon

DESCRIPTION: This level is a long straight trek through a

valley in the Alps. During the level you will find many
enemies and many enemies that may come from behind you.
Remember to bring rifles and a bazooka. Also remember at
the end of the level be quiet or you will fail the mission
unless you cut the telephone wires. Also be warned of
civilians and do not kill them.

GUIDE: Right at the start toss a grenade and kill the three
men near you. After that, go ahead straight. You will soon
see some men cutting lumber. These are civilians so do not
kill them. However you should kill the guards around there.
Some more are hiding along the side of the mountain in the
middle. A little farther up you will find some more guards…/29179 27/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…
including a dog. After that, go through the clearing in the
middle of the mountains. Kill the few soldiers and snipe
the machine gunner on the cliff and up ahead on the road.
Wait here until an armored vehicle comes from the road to
the left of you. When it comes, shoot it with the bazooka.
Now continue ahead to the first machine gun. There is a
supply box here if you need it. Continue ahead to another
mounted machine gun on a cliff. Kill all of the guards that
are playing cards and wait for a minute. Some more troops
will come from the forest to your left. Now continue around
the area and kill everybody.

Now leave everybody behind and only take your best stealth
guy. Make him run into the last area around the mountain.
Kill the guy near the mountain with a silenced gun and keep
going. Go behind the house and use the white box there to
severe the telephone lines. Kill the enemies in front of
the house and then listen to the conversation. When the
truck driver comes out shoot above his head and he will
surrender. Now look behind you and get ready to kill two
guards that come from the road behind you. Once dead take
the truck drivers uniform and the documents he was holding.
Also find a MP 40 to take along. Get in the truck and drive
along to complete the level.


"One of us succeeded in getting inside the castle and is

surveying it now. In order to avoid possible danger he must
bring the documents to the lieutenant and then find our
agent. She will take him to the archives and help him find
the necessary documents. They must act as quickly as
possible before the German soldiers guarding the archives
begin to suspect something. As soon as this is done, they
will move to the main gate and leave the castle. Agent
Salter is going with us; her continued presence at the
castle would be extremely dangerous."

1. Hand the documents to the officer
2. Wait for the soldiers in the storage area
3. Contact agent Salter
4. Find required documents in the archives
5. Flee towards the main gate

6. Recover the stolen paintings
7. Agent Salter must survive

NEDED GEAR: German uniform, German papers, MP 40

DESCRIPTION: This level is very hard if you do not know

what you are doing. Luckily I can tell you and help you.
First of all stealth is key in this mission so drop all
non-German guns, backpacks, and any thing else that may
give you away. Keep watching your stealth bar and make sure
it stays up and not all the way down. In the beginning do
not kill anyone either or you will sound the alarm and
fail.…/29179 28/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…

GUIDE: Right at the start leave the first room. Go out to

the courtyard and look for a room under the siding that has
a red mark next to it. Go inside and put the papers on the
red designated location. After that, go back to where you
started. Wait here until some guards come and it says
objective completed. Next you should leave that room and go
into the door on the left. Continue down this hall and find
some stairs. On these stairs you should find a mural. Use
this to know where you are. Now after that turn right into
the double doors, left through the large room, go right
through the next door, go down some steps, and then on the
right in a library is Agent Salter. Now follow her to the

Once at the archives pick up the documents. They are in the

back on a cabinet. After you pick them up prepare to kill
all enemy guards. Your objective is to run to the gate but
it may be better to kill everybody. Note when you are low
on ammo pick some up on enemy soldiers. Have Salter follow
you and even give her a weapon. Find your way to the
courtyard and clear it out. Now if you want the stolen
paintings they are on the top floor behind a painting.
Start at the courtyard and go into the "munitions lager"
then up the stairs. Turn right at the top of the stairs and
the first painting covers a secret room so go in there and
find the paintings. Finally to beat the level, go to the
gate with Salter.

*****10. CAMPAIGN: NORMANDY*****

Normandy is another two level campaign where you will find

yourself infiltrating a castle type building and running
through a damaged city. For the campaign you will need at
least 3 explosives off the start and sniper rifles. For the
first level you also get diving sets. So in these missions
work fast and you will do well. Here is the list of weapons
available to you.

4 Enfield .38 with 40 clips
2 Colt 1911 with 49 clips
10 Fairbairn-Sykes dagger

2 Karabiner 98K with 17 clips
2 Enfield MK.4 with 33 clips
1 De Lisle C.C. with 49 clips
1 M1 Garand with 16 clips
2 M1 Carbine with 20 clips
0 Karabiner 98K (optics)
1 Springfield with 24 clips
1 Springfield (optics) with 24 clips
1 Enfield MK.1 (optics) with 33 clips
1 MP 40 with 11 clips
5 M1 Thompson with 46 clips
3 Sten gun with 45 clips
2 Sten gun (silenced) with 45 clips…/29179 29/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…
1 BAR with 18 clips

21 Grenades No. 69
29 Grenades No. 36
6 Explosives

British diver suit

4 Compasses
1 Large First Aid Kit
6 First aid Kits
4 Aqualungs


"The fleet heading to Normandy is endangered by the coastal

fortress cannons. The situation is further complicated by
the fact that the Germans disabled a navigational
lighthouse that is placed in close vicinity of the
fortress. Our team must eliminate the cannons, first the
active ones if possible, then find the electric current
generator and start up the lighthouse again."

1. Destroy cannons shelling the ally ships
2. Destroy remaining cannons in the fortress
3. Turn the lighthouse power generator on
4. Turn on the lighthouse
5. Gather in the escape area

6. Destroy the anti-aircraft defense
7. All team members must survive

DESCRIPTION: This can be a very challenging level if you

try to take the whole fortress on at once. Stealth is of
the utmost importance and not getting lost is vital.
Hopefully you will not get lost and be able to find the
away around the fortress. The level will force you to bring
at least six explosives. Note that when you plant your
explosives run out of the room or you yourself will be
blown up. Work strategically and you will conquer Normandy.

GUIDE: At the very start swim straight ahead. Find the hole
in front of you and swim up it. Go up the ladder and open
the hatch to get on the first floor. On this floor use your
map and try to get to a corner an find some stairs.
Whatever stair cases you find just go up it a few flights
until you hit the like second or third floor. To make sure
you are on the right floor you should find some big guns
pointing out the fortress. When on this floor your
objective is to just circle around finding every big gun.
Your task is to blow them up using your explosives you
have. There are seven cannons on the floor and you should
either have six or three explosives. If you have six just…/29179 30/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…
kill every cannon. Note that in one room there are two
cannons next to each other so one explosive will do. If you
have three use them all and wait till later when we find
some more. Once all cannons are destroyed you should
completed the first two objectives.

Now find your way to the roof of the fortress. Be careful

up here as the entire anti-aircraft defense is up here and
they will give you trouble. There are many anti-aircraft
guns on the roof that may be used against you. The door you
go out of should be used as cover to snipe all enemies on
the roof. To complete the optional objective you must kill
everybody on the roof. So check the ramparts if everybody
is not dead yet. Also note that there is a guy on the
lighthouse off in the distance that may be snipe you. Also
remember to use the roof to snipe down into the courtyard
to kill any enemies. Your task now is to find your way into
the courtyard on the first floor. So this means backtrack
to the steps and go to the first floor and find a door to
the courtyard.

Once in the courtyard fight your way to the main gate and
the exit of the fortress. Before we leave though, we must
find the generator. Starting from the main gate go into the
gate door on your right. You should find a sign saying
"Elektrishe St." Now make a right into another door into a
hall with a three doors. Go into the second door in the
middle marked "Generator Raum." Kill the lone guard inside
and turn on the switch near the door. Now leave this room
and go into last door here. Take a left into the first door
you find and you see a room filled with explosives. Take
some if you still need to blow up some guns on the second
floor. If not go back to the Main entrance and leave the

Now we must make it to the lighthouse. Only bring one guard

into it. Prepare yourself for a long journey up some long
stairs. Be cautious as there is an enemy near the top who
throws a lot of grenades that hurt just as much. Your best
bet is to room up and then down and wait for an explosion.
Once at the top turn on the switch and pull the lever to
turn on the lighthouse. Enjoy the view up here and then go
back down the stairs. The blue mark on your map indicates
the escape area. Once your man get to the jetty the level


"The worst, but most common thing we could encounter around

here are snipers. They are placed on the rooftops all
around the area. The search and destroy operation will make
the situation easier both for us and for the Allied units
that will come after us. Our main objective is to fight our
way through the streets of the town to the square, where
enemy units surround our American allies. Together, we will
try to defend the bank until the arrival of reinforcements
and tank support."

1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…
1. Kill snipers on the rooftop around the square
2. Contact allies trapped in the bank
3. Rescue the allies
4. Wait for the arrival of reinforcements

5. Destroy the German tank
6. All team members must survive

NEEDED GEAR: Sniper, grenades, Bazooka

DESCRIPTION: This is a hard level as there are many snipers

in this level that will snipe you from many locations. Move
slowly through the town and check every nook and cranny for
enemy soldiers and most importantly snipers. For the level
take your own snipers with grenades and a bazooka to take
out an enemy tank. Before the level change your weapons if
you need to and take extra ammo. Here is the weapons list
for this level.

4 Enfield .38 with 28 clips
4 Colt 1911 with 44 clips
4 Fairbairn-Sykes Dagger

1 Karabiner 98K with 13 clips
2 Enfield MK.4 with 25 clips
1 De Lisle C.C. with 44 clips
1 M1 Garand with 17 clips
3 M1 Carbine with 26 clips
0 Karabiner 98K (optics) with 13 clips
3 Springfield with 20 clips
1 Springfield (optics) with 20 clips
0 Enfield MK.1 (optics) with 25 clips
5 M1 Thompson with 47 clips
2 Sten gun with 39 clips
1 Sten gun (silenced) with 39 clips

1 26 ZB with 13 clips
2 BAR with 17 clips
1 Bren gun with 11 clips
2 M1 bazookas with 7 clips

18 Grenades No. 69
21 Grenades No. 36
4 Explosives
3 Mines

Nothing special

1 Large first aid kit
6 First aid kit
2 Binoculars
8 Backpacks

GUIDE: At the start of the level move your squad out the…/29179 32/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…
doors ahead of you. In this first area you will meet two
soldiers near the building and three more behind some
rubble. Use some grenades it if suits you and move on. The
building to your far left and ahead will have a sniper in
the window. Kill him and the guy on the building near the
entrance. Move out to the next area after you take your
first left. Continue ahead to meet snipers straight ahead
and to both sides of you. Some men will run out but just
kill them before they stop. Take a right at the next
intersection and kill the guards that run out into the
area. Move on and look at the building on the right corner
of the next intersection. Kill the two guys in the hole
upstairs. Walk into the building on the right corner and
kill each soldier on each floor. After that you must make
it through courtyard and to the bank. On the far right and
left side you should find some snipers. Once these snipers
are killed you should complete the optional objective. Get
inside the bank and go to the top floor to find the

Once inside your objective is to protect the bank and wait

for reinforcements. On the first floor are some very useful
supply boxes. One will restore your ammo and the other
contains and Enfield sniper rifle, M1 Garand, and an M1
Bazooka. Get what you need and prepare for the German
onslaught. Use your men and kill all approaching Germans. A
tank will come soon so get a bazooka and take care of that.
Note that the tank will park outside right near the main
entrance. Once the tank is destroyed that will complete the
optional objective. It should take a few minutes for the
reinforcements to arrive so sit tight. If you get bored and
things slow down walk outside and pick off any stragglers
around the area. When the reinforcements arrive a cut scene
will begin and you will complete the sixth campaign.

*****11. CAMPAIGN: CZECH*****

This is the last campaign in single player and offers some

very different levels. You will go from a train station, to
a destroyed train, and to a huge open town. For the
campaign you will need a lot of grenades and snipers are
always helpful. Also the only anti-tank mine may prove
useful. You get to choose from a large list of weapons so
choose carefully and here is the list of weapons.

1 Parabellum P08 with 8 clips
4 Enfield.38 with 28 clips
3 Colt 1911 with 62 clips
3 German fighting knives
8 Fairbairn-Sykes Daggers

1 Karabiner 98k with 9 clips
3 Enfield MK.4 with 35 clips
2 De Lisle C.C. with 62 clips
3 M1 Garand with 41 clips
2 M1 Carbine with 25 clips
0 Karabiner 98k (optics) with 9 clips…/29179 33/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…
3 Springfield with 43 clips
1 Springfield (optics) with 43 clips
1 Enfield MK.1 (optics) with 35 clips
2 MP 40 with 22 clips
5 M1 Thompson with 53 clips
6 Sten gun with 67 clips
2 Sten gun (silenced) with 67 clips

1 26 ZB with 5 clips
1 MP 44 with 15 clips
2 BAR with 36 clips
2 Bren gun with 27 clips
1 Panzerfaust 60
2 M1 Bazooka with 6 clips

48 Grenade no. 69
54 Grenade no. 36
10 Explosives
2 Mines
1 Anti-tank mine

Nothing special

4 Compasses
4 Large first aid kits
8 First aid kits
8 Wire cutters
1 Binocular
8 Backpacks


"We are in Bohemia, a land which was one of the first to be

occupied by Nazi Germany. Local guerillas successfully
attacked a German convoy transporting among others, a top-
secret document. This document describes in detail the
technology used by the Germans to make their quality armor
for battle vehicles and tanks. Jiri Trebissky, a leader of
the resistance, has these documents with him and will hand
them over to us at the night rendezvous point, in the
forest near the Liptakov village. Sounds too easy, don't

1. Contact the switchman
2. Rescue Trebissky as soon as possible
3. Team must gather in the escape area

4. All team members must survive

NEEDED GEAR: Rifles and grenades

DESCRIPTION: This level looks like it can be done in a

stealth manner but I find it easier to go blazing through…/29179 34/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…
it. Do remember though that the level is timed and if you
are to slow you will fail the mission and Trebissky will be
killed before you get to him. Note that sniper rifles and
heavy machine guns are very useful. Time is of the utmost
importance so be swift and work fast.

GUIDE: Right at the start toss a grenade at the two

soldiers in front and kill them. Have your whole group move
and follow you. Snipe any enemies you see and go to the
first building near you. Use the switch outside to stop the
truck from coming across the tracks. Go into the building
and talk to the signalman. He will tell you to go to the
main building and rescue Trebissky. Now go outside and
follow the road that goes behind the signal house. In the
distance you will see a fence. Watch out as enemies will
use the fence for cover and shoot you through it. Now as
you stick to the road it will soon cut off to the dirt
path. Follow it and go the second building on your left.
Note that from the town a few soldiers may come and
surprise you from behind.

Once in the building go into a room on the right side and

go up some stairs to the second floor. Go into the first
door on the right and kill the guard in here. Open the next
door and get to the room with Trebissky in it. Note the
room also has two guards in it so lean out side and finish
them. Watch the cut scene and get back outside the
building. There should be a truck outside so use that and
drive back out to the beginning. The escape area is exactly
at where you started. Get your whole team there and you
complete the level.


"We are already quite experienced as far as pursuing German

officers is concerned and it therefore did not take us long
to find out where the train with Freiberg is headed. This
we were very lucky and without our knowledge, the guerillas
had already mined the track and blown the train up. It is
now, together with Freiberg and his staff, caught in a
tunnel, so it is up to us to find and capture him before
the confused and injured soldiers get ready to defend

1. Capture Colonel Freiberg
2. Leave the area

4. Acquire documents from a German Officer
5. All team members must survive.

NEEDED GEAR: Sniper rifle and De Lisle

DESCRIPTION: This is a very easy level as your enemy is

trapped in the tunnel and you must flush them out. Work
carefully and when you finally do find Freiberg make sure
you do not kill him by accident. Note that the MP 44…/29179 35/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…
objective does not show as complete when you beat the

GUIDE: At the start send a sniper and kill the guard ahead
of you. Go along the path to the side and find a safe way
down to the ground. Lean over and look into the tunnel to
snipe or just throw a grenade and kill everybody in the
entrance. Do watch out for the machine gunner in the
beginning. Now get your other men from the start and have
them get to the entrance of the tunnel. A good method to
beat the level with is to send your sniper up the ladder to
the top of the train. Slowly move down the level with your
sniper on top and your other men on the bottom. When your
sniper gets on the train kill the enemy ahead with an MP
44. Back to your other men you will see an MP 44 in a box
at the entrance of the tunnel. Take it and now go through
the second train car. Kill the guard inside and continue.
Once out there are two enemies to your right and two ahead
behind the third train car. Go to your right once the
guards are taken care of and find the ammo box to replenish
your supplies. Get your sniper some ammo if he needs it.
Now continue up some more cars with you sniper leaning over
both sides making sure to finish everyone off. Back to your
other three men the cart in front of you has the documents
in them near the supply box. Go in and kill the guard in
the middle and search the body behind him to get the
documents for the optional objective.

Once that is completed continue on through the cars until

you get to the last passenger train car. Once outside the
last one watch out for the guard right at exit. Now this
takes care of most of the enemy resistance. Take your
sniper and continue to the end of the train. Once there
just wait until the end of the level. Take your other group
of soldiers and continue on to the end of the train. Watch
out as many soldiers will hop out of many train cars and
kill you. Also to check each train car you must open up
each door. Your objective and Freiberg are in the third
train cart from the rear. When you are done with the level,
go in there to finish it out. Note that if you want some
more ammo go get it from the supply box and note that the
optional objective to find an MP 44 does not register that
you beat it even if you picked one up.


"We have found and captured Freiberg but he himself is no

use to us. We also have other tasks to complete in the
area, which is why we decided to hand him over to an
American unit that is operating nearby. They will secure
Freiberg and transport him to a prison camp where he will
await post-war trial. The hand over point has been set to
an abandoned villa by the forest, no complications are

1. Kill the enemy
2. Take Freiberg to the Villa…/29179 36/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…
3. All team members must survive

NEEDED GEAR: Rifles and grenades

DESCRIPTION: Use snipers and kill enemies as fast as

possible in this level. About half of the enemies in the
level hold a few grenades and are willing to use them. Stay
far away and hope they do not blow you up. Sniper rifles
are useful and even grenades of your own may help. Do not
accidentally kill Freiberg as he is the objective.

GUIDE: At the start toss a grenade over into the building

area ahead of you. Be ready as when you do this many
enemies will jump out of their perches and gun you down.
Slowly move your group into the building area ahead of you.
Note that there is an ammo supply box and a supply box with
grenades in the loft room. Use the walls as cover and lean
around and snipe anyone you see. This also means the few
soldiers in the villa visible through the windows. Note
that you should always be careful of possible grenade
throwers near you. When you decide to move out follow the
road to the front of the villa. Get any people you can from
this spot and then move to the lumber camp.

Now go to buildings in the back with the parked tank in the

opening. Circle around and kill anyone in the area and
outside the fence area. Now it is time to head to the
villa. Go up the stairs in the front of the villa and the
head to the back to find the entrance. Open the door and
kill the guard in the first room. There is a guard on top
of the steps also. Clear out the upstairs and downstairs
and hopefully you should complete the first objective. Note
that if you do not complete the objective you will have to
walk around and find any survivors.

After that check your map and locate the blue X. Go here
and find Freiberg. You have to take him back to the villa
but do not worry as there are now no enemies in the area.
Note that if you need ammo before you leave go back to
where the supply boxes were located. Once Freiberg is
safely brought inside the villa the mission will end.


"Our colleagues whom we handed Freiberg over to gave us

another task. A German supply convoy is about to pass
through a nearby village tonight heading towards a bunker a
few miles away. The Germans are provisionally storing
stolen valuables and church relics here; we also expect a
provisional fuel storage area to be close. Everybody, apart
from the soldiers, has left the village. Although if some
have not we must take the fact into account and try to
divert the fighting away from them. Our main objective is
to eliminate all enemy so that nobody can warn the
approaching convoy."

1. Kill the enemy…/29179 37/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…

2. Destroy barrels with fuel
3. Stolen valuables found
4. All team members must survive

NEDED GEAR: Rifles, De Lisle, Grenades

DESCRIPTION: This level may sound hard or look hard as it

is just a big gigantic town but it is quite easy. When
going around the town it is best to go counter clock-wise
to complete the optional objectives. Do make sure to kill
everybody in the town though to complete the level. Snipers
work great and a few grenades will help to.

GUIDE: At the start of the level take someone and go around

the corner of the building ahead of you. Wait here as a
guard will become visible soon. Kill him and go back to
your other. Try and get them through the destroyed building
ahead of you. Throw a grenade over the climbable ledge up
ahead to kill any guards there. Then climb over then and go
out the doors to the street. There will be enemy guards
coming ahead from the street ahead and down the road. Once
clear get your squad together. Now continue down the road
going counter clock-wise around the town. Remember to check
every alley and street you go by. Soon you should come to
fork in the road. Go far right into the cutoff and you
should be in the bottom right hand side of your map. Kill
any guards you see ahead of you in under the archway.
Continue to the buildings ahead of you. Check every door in
the area and scan each one out. Now go into the door behind
the stairs leading into the building. Once in, go up the
stairs you find and into the door. Now go to the first door
on the right and kill the guard in here. Walk to the end of
the room and find the stolen valuables in here to complete
the optional objective. Get out of the building and back to
the actual town roads.

Once back in the streets continue going counter clock-wise

around the town. Once on the far right road on your map go
up towards the labeled pond on your map. When on this road
be careful for enemies jumping in and out of alleyways.
There are two spots on this road where that may just
happen. Once you get to the pond labeled area keep moving
along the road until you find a road leading out on your
right. You will first head under an archway through here
and there should be about four guards. After that, head
straight down the alley to the only doors that are open.
When you come out to the open area, watch out for the guy
in the window with a pistol. He will hurt you so lean out
to kill him. Also once near the orange barrels look up into
the window behind you. If the window is open then kill the
guy in there. If not either wait or go up the ladder in the
room underneath where he is. Next if you want to throw a
grenade at the barrels to complete that optional objective.
Now go into the room where the guy with the pistol was.
Inside you will find an ammo box, 2 mines, 2 anti-tank
mines, 2 panzerfausts, and a rare shotgun. Take what you
need and note that the anti-tank mines will be helpful for
the next mission. Now just explore the rooms in the
building and then head back out to the streets.…/29179 38/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…

Continue going on and snipe the guy patrolling ahead. After

this head back to the beginning and then head to church
marked with a cross on your map. Kill any outside and then
head on in. Watch out as there are 2 guards in here and the
first one likes to throws grenades. Kill them both and if
the level is not complete just continue searching the map
and most importantly the alleys in the middle of the map.
Note that there may be some stragglers back at the area you
found the stolen valuables. When all enemies are killed the
level will finally be over.


"The village is entirely under our control, but the

important part of the mission is still ahead. It is
necessary to prevent every single vehicle and soldier from
leaving the village. If somebody escapes, we are in
trouble. We must consider the situation, every mistake
means failure. There is no second chance."

1. Kill the enemy
2. No one can escape

3. All team members must survive

NEEDED GEAR: Rifles, Anti-tank mines

DESCRIPTION: This is a relatively simple level. Bring

grenades and sniper rifles and also pick up some anti-tank
mines from the one supply box to take care of the tank.
Remember that no person or vehicle can make it out of the
city so be sure to protect the area. Just set yourself up
well or the enemy may overrun you.

GUIDE: Right at the start have your whole group follow you
and fire on your lead. Take someone with timed grenades and
once you are in range of the lead truck start throwing
grenades. If the do not kill everybody finish off the
survivors. After that head behind the first truck you saw
and use the supply boxes. One holds panzerfausts and the
other one has explosives, anti-tank mines, and German
backpacks. Take at least 3 anti-tank mines and you should
be good. Now continue down the road and snipe the guard
patrolling around the lone car. Next go into the alley here
that leads to the buildings. There are only 2 enemies in
here and they both can be seen through the window. Find and
kill both and then head on out. It is now time to setup up
your defense.

Okay so now take the man with the anti-tank mines and
someone else but do not take your snipers. With these two
men get into a car or truck and to lower left section of
the map (southwest corner) where you started the last
mission. Do not go too far down road to the East corner or
you will trigger the attack. Now take your anti- tank mines
and place three of them about a few feet from each other…/29179 39/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…
diagonally on the road. This way the tank that comes in the
attack is bound to hit one of them and will explode. With
these two men take cover and make sure no man or vehicle
gets by them when the level starts. Go back to your other
two men and continue down the road you were going to the
area marked pond. Kill the two guards here and if you want
some cover take the armored car although it is not
necessary. Just ahead of the next junction is the point
where a cut scene will begin and eventually the attack.

When you trigger the attack set up your guys to be ready to

snipe everybody. With your two guys you were just using
wait for a truck in the distance and then start sniping
anyone you see. Be accurate or you will have to find these
guys when the attack is over. With your two guys wait for
the tank to go by and make sure it blows. Once you think
the attack is over use both squads and check the whole area
for survivors. Some people usually hide right at the corner
where the attack comes from. When all enemies are dead the
mission is over. Only one more left.


"Finally we have reached the German Bunker. There should be

a well-defended radio station somewhere close, which we
should consider destroying it. As far as the bunker is
concerned, we have no choice but to launch a frontal
assault and fight our way inside, where we will deal with
its crew and search for the documents. Czech frontier
bunkers are famous for their perfect construction and
defense possibilities; let us hope then, that the German
crews are banished in the same humiliating way as the
Czechs were."

1. Acquire the documents
2. Team must gather in the bunker
3. Fight off the Russian attack

4. Occupy the German Panther tank
5. Stop the German radio station from broadcasting
6. All team members must survive


DESCRIPTION: This is the last level so have fun and

remember all the memories of all the last missions. Overall
this level is not hard as there is a tank you can occupy to
really make the level easier and when the Russians comes
you can easily kill them with bunker you will then have
occupied. Take some grenades and more importantly a sniper
rifle but most importantly have fun with the last mission.

GUIDE: Right at the start you have two options. One is to

just kill everybody in the first area and the second is to
complete the optional objective of getting the tank. If you
do not want the tank just kill everybody near the radio
station. If you want the tank tell your squad to hold fire…/29179 40/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…
and snipe the lone guard outside trying not to create a lot
of noise. A better way to do this is to get closer and use
a silenced weapon. After that go around the radio station
and do not shoot at any enemies. Instead try to get close
to the tank and make a run for it. If you are to slow or
get caught early the enemy will occupy the tank and you
will lose it. Once you have the tank use the machine gun to
kill any enemies left around you. Now it is hard to find
but behind the door on the side near the bottom of the
radio truck is a switch to shut off the radio station and
complete the optional objective. Now assemble your squad in
the tank and continue down the road.

Now before you start going down the road remember to snipe
the guard sitting in the flak cannon. Those flak cannons
can take your tank out pretty quickly. Now continue down
the road to the tents ahead and kill any guards you see
with the tank machine gun. Once at the tent area get out of
the tank and secure the area. Now you should be able to see
the bunker up ahead. Use your snipers and take out every
guard possible. Leave the tank behind because the road
ahead is mined and it will blow up your tank but not you.
Now you should head to the bunker. Be careful because the
only entrance inside is covered by two machine gunners.
Once they are dead you can walk on in.

When you are ready to go into the bunker lean and shoot any
survivors in the first room. Then go into the first door
you see when walking in. Kill any guards in here and open
up another door that leads to a tunnel and there is usually
two guards in here. Now continue down the tunnel and the
door on your right will contain an enemy in there. After
you complete, that continue down the tunnel and an enemy at
the end of the tunnel will appear and one behind the wall
where the tunnel opens up again. Once at the end of the
tunnel open the door and throw a grenade in. There should
be about 4 enemies in there. Walk in and kill any
survivors. Next go into the door on the right side and look
up ahead to the guard you see. Kill him and then go up and
look down the right side of the hall and kill the officer.
Watch out however, as the door behind you contains three
enemies. When the coast is clear go search the body of the
officer and pick up the documents.

Once you pick up the documents you will be magically

transported back to the front of the bunker. Once you start
controlling your squad take control of the two heavy
machine guns looking out to stop the Russians. When you
feel safe take some panzerfausts from the corner of the
room and your sniper. Go outside and look for any
stragglers. Do not worry about the tank as it will not fire
at you. When you think everybody is dead take a panzerfaust
and shoot the back of the tank. It should take one or two
shots to kill it but, once it is dead the level is

Congratulations as you just completed Hidden and Dangerous

2. Hope you had fun and I hope my guide was able to help

************************…/29179 41/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…
*****12. CHARACTERS*****

These characters are the ones you can choose for your game.
Each one excels in different areas and can be utilized in
many ways. All this section will do is gives you the stats
of the soldiers. The stats are as follows.

H- Health: This is the amount of health your soldier will


STR- Strength: This determines how much your soldier can


E- Endurance: The endurance is your how fast your stamina

meter will drop and how many hits you can take. This also
affects your aiming abilities in a good way.

SHT- Shooting: This determines how accurate your men will

be with their weapons.

ST- Stealth: This determines how quiet your soldier can be

and if they can sneak up on enemies. It also affects how
fast your stealth bar goes down when wearing an enemy

F- First aid: This determines how good your soldier is at

administrating first aid.

L- Lock picking: This determines how a soldier is at

unlocking door.


DOUGLAS LAUER |515| 21kg| 75| 75%| 37%| 15%| 70%|
JOHN (SMITHY) GLESBY |585| 25kg| 45| 71%| 79%| 35%| 17%|
ROBERT CZAKOWSKI |545| 25kg| 68| 79%| 54%| 10%| 11%|
HERBERT (DOC) BENNETT|555| 25kg| 36| 70%| 35%| 85%| 43%|
SIEGFRIED HIRSCH |600| 27kg| 32| 82%| 52%| 10%| 22%|


DANIEL OSULLIVAN |645| 24kg| 63| 67%| 53%| 10%| 26%|
GREGORY (JOCK) DEAN |570| 25kg| 70| 68%| 25%| 48%| 32%|
ARTHUR MUNCIE |545| 23kg| 34| 78%| 58%| 58%| 10%|
PATRICK MULLHOLAND |575| 21kg| 60| 72%| 60%| 10%| 56%|
JAMES THOMAS RUSSEL |635| 25kg| 48| 71%| 44%| 10%| 56%|


JULIAN CUNNINGHAM |595| 22kg| 55| 70%| 39%| 60%| 19%|
FREDERICK MALLORY |560| 21kg| 80| 65%| 63%| 25%| 48%|
JAN KRATOCHVIL |605| 30kg| 28| 73%| 31%| 30%| 75%|
DAVID FOREMAN |535| 25kg| 49| 74%| 68%| 55%| 15%|
WILLIAM BROADHURST |540| 22kg| 78| 71%| 80%| 12%| 12%|


GEORGE WINGATE |575| 34kg| 25| 72%| 49%| 43%| 45%|
JAMES (ANGEL) SAUNBY |580| 31kg| 77| 61%| 42%| 20%| 33%|
ANDREW HARRIS |520| 29kg| 26| 85%| 71%| 10%| 50%|
SIMON FINCH |550| 21kg| 64| 65%| 77%| 50%| 30%|
PETER ASH |580| 25kg| 50| 74%| 57%| 18%| 35%|

NAME: H: STR: E: SHT: ST: F: L:…/29179 42/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…
ROGER JENKINS |610| 30kg| 31| 86%| 25%| 30%| 40%|
THOMAS WRIGHT |565| 32kg| 29| 83%| 55%| 10%| 20%|
PAUL (SCOUSE) TATNELL|615| 25kg| 39| 62%| 62%| 82%| 23%|
LARRY SMITH |570| 33kg| 40| 63%| 48%| 65%| 41%|
IRWIN CARLYSLE |550| 21kg| 56| 77%| 75%| 10%| 60%|


BASIL ELLIOT |525| 24kg| 65| 73%| 69%| 22%| 38%|
ROGER HENDRY |560| 23kg| 72| 78%| 46%| 10%| 13%|
GEORGE (FLASH) BURTON|530| 29kg| 41| 70%| 73%| 39%| 55%|
HARRY (COAL) COLLINS |620| 25kg| 52| 69%| 33%| 33%| 28%|
KEVIN TURNER |630| 28kg| 59| 66%| 28%| 35%| 25%|


There are many soldiers and characters in Hidden and

Dangerous 2 but what about those you meet in level. Well
this section is a devotion to those secondary characters we
meet in our play through.

SYGURD: We meet Sygurd in the first level and third level.

He graciously leads to the complex in the first level. But
wait he does not stop there. All the time he is caring for
our downed pilot. Sygurd is a brave man and even does this
even though he says he has a family to care for. Depending
on whether or not you saved Sygurd when the snipers come
will show how he cares for us.

KEN WILLS: The pilot of the Arctic Campaign who we risk our
butts trying to save. In the first level we hear that his
plane was shot down and Sygurd is taking care of him. We
finally rescue him in third level Rendezvous. We take him
to the escape boat and move to the iceberg. He offers his
help in the beginning of the level but we tell him to stay
him back because we know he is weak. We salute you Ken

MECHANIC: The mechanic of the oasis who we force to repair

us the truck. He gladly helps us out even though we did
take his getaway vehicle. He leaves us in the next level
but we know he is okay because the car that was in the
oasis in the level before is now gone. We wish you luck
faithful mechanic.

MICHEAL AXMAN: You may not remember him but he is the

doctor that we find in the Oasis. We get to watch him in
action healing people and there are even first aid kits
everywhere near him. In the level Caravan the doctor even
gives us his assistance and we get to use him in the good
fight. Michael Axman is a great doctor and even a great

HANS SCHUMAN: The overall objective of the African campaign

we search near and far for this slippery fellow. He eludes
us in the Spaghetti Airport but we get him in the Whiskey
Bar. And to show us he is not a bad sport he even flies us
to safety in Birds of Prey. This Bud is for you Hans.

ELIZABETH SALTER: I think she is the only woman we meet in…/29179 43/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…
our travels but we will not forget her. With her help we
were able to get the needed documents from Estate Agent. To
show our gratitude we helped her get out to safety.

MACH: You may not remember him but we see him in the
opening seen of the Czech campaign. He warns us of Jiri
tribessky and his predicament. We thank Mach and take our

SIGNALMAN: He tells us there where about location of

Tribessky while having a nice smoke in Billable Entry. We
thank him and he offers smoke but we remember we just quit.
Anyways thanks Signalman.

JIRI TRIBESSKY: He has the information we need in the first

Czech mission. We fight tirelessly and as fast as possible
to get Tribessky but sadly we are too late. He does tell us
where to go next but dies after. He was badly beaten and we
could not help him but we still consider him a national

GUNTER FREIBERG: We capture Gunter in the second Czech

mission and take the documents we needed from him. In the
third Czech mission we clear out the villa and then take
him to it while waiting for the Americans to come and take
him to sentence him based on war crimes. Silly Gunter,
crime does not pay.

*****13. WEAPONS*****

This section will describe all of the weapons you will come
in contact with during the. Light weapons, which consist of
pistols and knives. Medium weapons, which consist of rifles
and sub machine guns. Heavy weapons, which consist of
rocket launchers and light machine gun. Explosives, which
contain dynamite, mine, and grenades. And finally the gear
you will find in the game. Note that almost all information
is from your Hidden and Dangerous 2 Manual.

*****13.1 LIGHT WEAPONS*****

Light weaponry consists of your basic combat knives,

pistols, and revolvers. Combat knives are used largely in
hand to hand combat, after a soldier has run out of
ammunition, or when stealth is of the utmost importance.
The difference between a semi-automatic pistol and a
revolver is that a semi-automatic pistol is magazine fed,
while each shot in a revolver must be loaded individually.
Light weaponry is very useful as a backup for your primary
weapon. Pistols can really help you out when you have
sniper rifle and someone charging. Here is the list of
light weapons.

*Colt 1911: The Colt 1911 is an American gun manufactured

in 1911. It weighs 1106 grams and has a range of 30 yards.
The colt is a semi-automatic pistol fitting 7 rounds into
each clip. Its maximum velocity is 825 ft/s (251 m/s) and…/29179 44/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…
caliber is .45 in (11.43 mm). The Colt is the heaviest
pistol but still decent.

*Enfield .38: The Enfield is a British pistol manufactured

in 1926. It weighs 766 grams and has a range of 30 yards.
The Enfield is a revolver fitting only six rounds in each
clip. Its maximum velocity is 600 ft/s (183m/s) and caliber
is .38 in (9.65 mm). The Enfield .38 is the slowest
shooting pistol only holding six rounds but is the lightest

*Parabellum PO8: The Parabellum is a German pistol

manufactured in 1908. It weighs 965 grams and has a range
of 50-55 yards. The Parabellum holds 8 rounds in each clip.
Its maximum velocity is 1150 ft/s (351m/s) and caliber is
.38 in (9 mm). The Parabellum is a fast shooting pistol and
has a good range.

*Taisho 14: The Taisho is a Japanese pistol manufactured in

1927. It weighs 879 grams and holds 8 rounds in each clip.
Its range is only 30 yards. Its maximum velocity is 1100
ft/s (355 m/s) and caliber is .31 in (8 mm). The Taisho is
a fast shooting pistol and is very light.

*Tokarev: The Tokarev was used by the USSR and was

manufactured in 1933. It weighs 840 grams and has a range
of 55 yards. It holds 8 rounds in each clip. Its maximum
velocity is 850 ft/s (280 m/s) and its caliber is .30 in
(7.62 mm). The Tokarev is very light but is slower then
most other pistols.

*German Fighting Knife: Used by Germany and weighs 450

grams. Knives are useful when out of ammo.

*Fairbairn-Sykes Dagger: Used by Britain and weighs 420

grams. Lighter then the German knife.

*****13.2 MEDIUM WEAPONS*****

Medium weapons consist of rifles and sub machine guns.

Rifles can either be categorized as bolt-action or semi-
automatic. Bolt-action means it is a single shot and then
you have manually use the breech to shoot again. Semi-
automatic means it will keep firing until the clip is
empty. Sub machine guns are very useful as they fire fast
and can do a lot of damage.

*ARISAKA/ARISAKA OPTICS: Used by the Japanese and

manufactured in 1906 the Arisaka has a range of 600 yards.
It weighs 4313 grams and holds 5 rounds in each clip. The
maximum velocity is 2400 ft/s (732 m/s) and caliber is .25
in (6.5 mm). The Arisaka has good range and high velocity.

*DE LISLE: Used by Britain and manufactured in 1942 the De

Lisle has a range of 300 yards. It weighs 3774 grams and
holds 7 rounds in each clip. The maximum velocity is 830
ft/s (747 m/s) and the caliber is .45 in (11.43 mm). The De
Lisle is a great medium ranged weapon with high caliber and
most importantly it is a silenced weapon which is very…/29179 45/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…

*KARABINER 98K/KARABINER 98K OPTICS: Used by Germany and

manufactured in 1898 the Karabiner has a range of 500
yards. It weighs 3887 grams and holds 5 rounds in each
clip. The maximum velocity is 2450 ft/s (747 m/s) and its
caliber is .31 in (7.92 mm). The Karabiner is a great rifle
with a high velocity which can be very useful.

*ENFIELD MK.4/ENFIELD MK.4 OPTICS: Used by Britain and

manufactured in 1926 and has a range of 550 yards. It
weighs 4114 grams and holds 10 rounds in each clip. The
maximum velocity is 2400 ft/s (732 m/s) and its caliber is
.30 in (7.62 grams). The Enfield is a great rifle because
of its good qualities but most importantly its ability to
hold ten rounds in each clip giving you much more ammo.

*M1 GARAND: Used by the USA and manufactured in 1936 and

has a range of 600 yards. It weighs 4313 grams and holds 8
rounds in each clip. The maximum velocity is 2800 ft/s (853
m/s) and its caliber is .30 in (7.62 mm). The M1 Garand has
a high velocity and is a semi-automatic rifle so fires must

*Springfield/ Springfield Optics: Used by the USA and

manufactured in 1903 and has a range of 500-600 yards. It
weighs 3904 grams and holds 5 rounds in each clip. The
maximum velocity is 2300 ft/s (701 m/s) and its caliber is
.30 in (7.62 mm). The Springfield is a very useful sniper
rifle in the campaign mode as it is what you will be using
many levels.

*M1 Carbine: Used by the USA and manufactured in 1940 and

has a range of 300 yards. It weighs 2270 grams and holds 15
rounds in each clip. The maximum velocity is 1950 ft/s (594
m/s) and its caliber is .30 in (7.62 mm). The Carbine is a
very useful rifle that is very light, holds 15 rounds, and
shoots extremely fast. Its only drawback is that it has a
shorter range then most guns.

*Mosin-Nagant: Used by the USSR and manufactured in 1930

and has a range of 500 yards. It weighs 3450 grams and
holds 5 rounds in each clip. The maximum velocity is 2400
ft/s (732 m/s) and its caliber is .30 in (7.62 mm). The
Mosin-Nagant is a solid rifle but nothing more.

*MP 40: Used by Germany and manufactured in 1940 and has a

range of 110 yards. It weighs 4710 grams and holds 32
rounds in each clip. The maximum velocity is 1200 ft/s (366
m/s) and its caliber is .38in (9 mm). The MP 40 is a heavy
machine gun but is very easy to control compared to other
sub machine guns.

*Spagin: Used by the USSR and manufactured in 1943 and has

a range of 160 yards. It weighs 3632 grams and holds 71
rounds in each clip. The maximum velocity is 1650 ft/s (503
m/s) and its caliber is .30 in (7.62mm). The Spagin is an
extreme powerhouse with its 71 rounds in each clip. It
fires fast and has enough ammo to last quite a long time.

*M1 Thompson: Used by the USA and manufactured in 1942 and…/29179 46/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…
has a range of 55 yards. It weighs 4767 grams and holds 20
rounds in each clip. The maximum velocity is 900 ft/s (274
m/s) and its caliber is .45 in (11.4 mm). The Thompson is a
very powerful machine gun but has below average range and
weighs a lot.

*PPS: Used by the USSR and manufactured in 1943 and has a

range of 200 yards. It weighs 3334 grams and holds 35
rounds in each clip. Its maximum velocity is 1600 ft/s (732
m/s) and its caliber is .30 in (7.62 mm). The PPS is a fast
shooting gun and has a great range for sub machine guns.

*Sten Gun MK.2/Sten Gun MK.2 Silenced: Both guns are used
by Britain and manufactured in 1942 and has a range of 175
yards. It weighs 3462 grams and 3518 grams with a silencer
on and holds 32 rounds in each clip. Its maximum velocity
is 1200 ft/s (366 m/s) and with a silencer the maximum
velocity is 100 ft/s (305 m/s). The caliber for both guns
is .38 in (9mm). The Sten gun is a very useful machine gun
and becomes even more useful when a silencer is equipped.
The silencer makes the weapon very powerful in stealth

*****13.3 HEAVY WEAPONS*****

Heavy weapons consist of weapons requiring both hand to

hold and include light machine guns, anti-tank weapons, and
an assault rifle. Light machine guns are heavier then sub
machine guns but are stronger and usually have to be fired
from a prone position. The anti-tank weapons are the
Panzerfaust 60 and the M1 Bazooka while the only assault
rifle is the MP 44.

*BAR: Used by the USA and manufactured in 1917 and has a

range of 600 yards. It weighs 9988 grams and holds 20
rounds in each clip. Its maximum velocity is 2800 ft/s (853
m/s) and its caliber is .30 in (7.62 mm). The BAR is a
useful light machine gun that if in danger can be shot
while standing and not lying down. Its only setback is that
it has less ammo then the other light machine guns.

*BREN GUN: Used by Britain and manufactured in 1937 and has

a range of 600 yards. It weighs 10130 grams and holds 30
rounds in each clip. Its maximum velocity is 2400 ft/s (732
m/s) and its caliber is .303 in (7.696 mm). The Bren gun is
a heavy, meaning it weighs a lot, light machine gun but is
still very useful.

*DEGTYAREV: Used by the USSR and manufactured in 1928 and

has a range of 550 yards. It weighs 9307 grams and holds 47
rounds in each clip. Its maximum velocity is 2750 ft/s (838
m/s) and its caliber is .30 in (7.92 mm). The Degtyarev is
a great light machine gun mainly because of its ability to
hold 47 rounds in each clip and fires very fast while not
being that heavy.

*ZB26: Used by Germany and manufactured in 1934 and has a

range of 600 yards. It weighs 10130 grams and holds 30
rounds in each clip. Its maximum velocity is 2493 ft/s (760…/29179 47/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…
m/s) and its caliber is .31 in (7.92 mm). The ZB26 is
almost an exact replicate of the Bren gun but is still very

*MP 44: Used by Germany and manufactured in 1944 and has a

range of 700 yards. It weighs 5136 grams and holds 30
rounds in each clip. Its maximum velocity is 2150 ft/s (655
m/s) and its caliber is .31 in (7.92 mm). The MP 44 is an
assault rifle with an extremely great range and speed. The
only downfall of the gun is its weight compared to sub
machine guns.

*PANZERFAUST 60: Used by Germany and manufactured in 1944

and has a range of 60 yards. It weighs 6810 grams and holds
1 round in each clip. The maximum velocity is 148 ft/s
(45m/s) and its caliber is 5.9 in (150mm). The panzerfaust
is an ideal weapon for mass destruction and getting rid of

*M1 BAZOOKA: Used by the USA and manufactured in 1941 and

has a range of 120 yards. It weighs 6016 grams and holds 1
clip in each clip. Its maximum velocity is 300 ft/s (91
m/s) and its caliber is 2.36 in (60 mm). The M1 Bazooka is
a great piece of heavy artillery and can be considered a
little better then the Panzerfaust 60 because of its range
and weight.

*****13.4 EXPLOSIVES*****

Explosives include many things like grenades, anti-tank

mines, anti-personnel mines, and dynamite to take out key

*ANTI-TANK MINE: Weighs 9000 grams and as the name states

it is used to take out tanks.

*DYNAMITE: Weighs 1600 grams and is very useful in blowing

things up.

*EXPLOSIVES BAG: Weighs 200 grams and offers more power

then dynamite.

*EXPLOSIVES: Weigh 300 grams and offers enough power to

take out tanks and trucks.

*MAGNETIC MINES: Weigh 400 grams and are used to destroy

the hull of ships and other metallic surfaces.

*MINES: Weigh 300 grams and used to take out soldiers.

*No. 36: This grenade is used by Great Britain and

manufactured in 1915. It weighs 370 grams and has a delayed

*No. 69: This grenade is used by Great Britain and

manufactured in the 1900s. It weighs 770 grams and will
explode on contact.

*STIELHANGRANATE 39: This grenade is used by Germany and…/29179 48/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…
manufactured in 1918. It weighs 363 grams and has a delayed

*TYPE 97: This grenade is used by Japan and manufactured in

1937. It weighs 500 grams and will explode on contact.

*****13.5 GEAR*****

In this section all gear that is available to you will be


*BACKPACKS: There are many different types of backpacks

available and each one will allow you to carry much more.

*BINOCULARS: Allows you see farther and scope the area.

*CAMERA: Used to take pictures of objectives.

*COMPASS: Tells what direction you are going in the top

left hand corner of your screen.

*DIVING GEAR: You will need this instead of a backpack to

breathe under water.

*FIRST AID KIT: Used to heal opponents but only has enough
power to heal once. To heal someone interact with that
person and choose the available option.

*LARGE FIRST AID KIT: Like the small first aid kit but now
has a chance to heal multiple times.

*KEYS: Used to open lock doors and are usually found near
important people.

*WIRECUTTERS: Used to cut down fences and wires and is used

by interacting with what you are trying to cut.

*****14. SAS HISTORY*****

This section is just a text from your Hidden and Dangerous

manual that tells about the founding and victories of the

*David Stirling, a 24 year old Scots Guards subaltern (2nd

Lieutenant), arrived in North Africa as a volunteer member
of 'Layforce' (8 Commando).

At this time Special Forces were viewed as a waste of

manpower and material, so upon arrival, Layforce was
quickly dismantled in all but name, and the majority of its
members were sent to fight in Crete. Stirling's experience
with the Layforce made him realize that Special Forces were
being poorly utilized. They were poorly equipped, poorly
trained, and the commanders tended to use them as
traditional units, charging them headlong into a fight.
Stirling knew there had to be a better way.…/29179 49/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…
While considering the options, Stirling decided that
airborne insertion had potential. In the process of
learning to parachute, Stirling was injured and spent two
months in an African hospital. During his stat in the
hospital, Stirling devoted his time planning how small
raiding teams could be used to attack vulnerable airfields
and logistics bases behind enemy lines.

Upon his release from the hospital, Stirling headed for the
High Command Headquarters in order to see General
Auchinlek, the Commander-in-Chief. Instead, he accidentally
ended up in General Ritchie's office and presented his idea
for raiding forces. General Ritchie, Deputy Commander
Middle East, saw that Stirling's idea was a good one and
went on to present it to General Auchinlek. Both generals
saw the potential of his idea. Stirling felt that the
battalion-sized formations that were being formed for
amphibious raiding were to cumbersome for covert
operations, and that small units of five to six men would
be able to stealthy penetrate enemy bases and attack using

Three days later Stirling was back at GHQ and given

permission to recruit six officers and 60 men from Layforce
and to set up a training camp in the Suez Canal Zone. This
independent command was to be called L Detachment, Special
Air Service Bridge. The term "Brigade" was chosen in order
to convince German intelligence that the 8th army had an
airborne brigade in theatre rather then just a handful of
men. It was thought that the use of 60 volunteers would not
deplete the strength and resources of the 8th army, but
their use behind enemy lines might cause confusion during a
major offensive.

In an early mission, L Detachment deployed to gather

intelligence, as well as harassing and tying up German
forces during Operation Crusader. Sixty-six men were
parachuted from five Bristol Bombay bombers in very bad
weather. It took them over an hour to assemble the men, and
they could only find two of their ten supply canisters.
These contained blankets, water, food and 6 Lewes bombs
(named for Jock Lewes, a co-founder of the SAS), but no

Unable to destroy any planes, Stirling decided to split his

men into five groups and at least carry out some
reconnaissance. One by one the men made it back to the
rendezvous point where the Long Range Desert Group (LRDG)
was waiting with vehicles for extraction to Allied lines.
Of the 66 men who had left for the operation only 22 men

Next, Stirling and his group teamed up with A Squadron of

the Lone Range Desert Group. They set up a base at Gialo
about 240km south of Benghazi in Libya. There they could
operate using ground insertion instead of the highly
unreliable air insertion of the previous mission. Stirling
was asked to head the mission, due to the enemy airfields
preparing an operation on the 21st/22nd of December.
Stirling, along with Irish athlete Patty Mayne, would lead
ten men in an attack on the airfield at Sirte, while Jock…/29179 50/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…
Lewes would go for El Agheila, and Lt. Bill Frasier would
attack Agedabia a week later.

Leaving Gialo on December 8th, Stirling and his group were

being transported by the LRDG in 7 30-cwt (hundredweight)
trucks. The column totaled 32 men and was piled high with
stores and equipment. For the first three days the journey
was uneventful, except for minor mechanical problems with
one of the trucks. On the fourth day, an Italian plane
spotted the group. Knowing that bombers would soon follow,
the group hid in some scrub. Three Italian bombers came,
and for fifteen minutes they bombed the group, throwing up
huge clouds of dust. When the dust had cleared, Stirling
found that his column suffered no damage at all.

The column moved on. Just before dark, another Italian

plane came and started circling overhead. Being to dark for
enemy bombers, and knowing that a patrol might soon be
coming, Stirling decided to divide his group. He sent
Mayne, along with ten men, on to attack the airfield at
Tamet, while he would see what could be done at Sirte.

Both attacks were to take place the following night. That

night, the reconnaissance under Stirling was noticed by the
Italians, causing them to fire randomly into the darkness.
All Stirling could do was to hide and watch the show,
knowing that they had lost the element of surprise. The
following day, Stirling cursed as he watched the Italians
evacuate the airfield. Hoping the others had better luck,
the group headed for the rendezvous point.

At Tamet, Mayne had better luck. As his group approached

the airfield they could hear people chatting and laughing
in one of the buildings. Mayne kicked the door open and
fired his Thompson sub machine gun into the room. Leaving
four men as a rear guard, Mayne and five men proceeded to
place bombs on 23 aircraft in 15 minutes. Having no more
bombs, Mayne climbed into the 24th aircraft cockpit and
ripped out part of the instrumental panel with his bare
hands. It was an episode which would become part of SAS

Lewes found that his airfield was only a ferrying point and
had no aircraft, so he planted mines on the runway and
along the road, as well as blowing up some thirty trucks.
Fraser was even more successful, destroying 37 Italian CR42
fighter-bombers, although he had to leave two aircraft
untouched after running out of explosives. Incidentally,
the German general, Erwin Rommel, was at nearby Agedabia
that night, and was most likely entertained by the
resulting fireworks.

Thus began the SAS. By the end of 1941 the SAS had
destroyed more than 100 enemy aircraft. By the close of
1942, L Detachment was given full regimental status as 1
SAS regiment. Receiving volunteers from 8 Commando, Free
French, Poles, and Greeks. During operations in North
Africa, the SAS destroyed over 400 enemy aircraft and tied
up large numbers of enemy troops protecting air bases and
lines of communication. The SAS will continue to do
important missions throughout the war, causing havoc and…/29179 51/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…
destruction behind enemy lines.


The information in this section is just about the various

areas you will find in the game. Note that all information
is just text from your Hidden and Dangerous 2 manual.

*Norway (March 1941)

Norway is a nation in the northwestern portion of
continental Europe, north of Denmark (and Germany) and west
of Sweden. Norway has thousands of kilometers of coastline
with numerous ports. Much of the landscape is glaciated,
with rugged mountains and fertile valleys. Artic Tundra
becomes prevalent to the north.

Norway's position in the North Atlantic makes it

strategically invaluable to the German Navy. Norway had
taken a position of neutrality early in the war, and its
tiny army was completely unprepared when, in April of 1940,
Hitler sent his armies to conquer the country, receiving
help from the traitorous Norwegian Foreign Minister, Vidkun
Quisling. The Norwegian troops fought valiantly, once even
driving the Germans out of the port of Narvik, but the
cause was hopeless, and Norway accepted an armistice on
June 9, 1940. As of March 1941, the Germans still hold
Norway in a tight grip.

*North Africa (November 1942)

North Africa is a region that includes a number of
individual countries, including Libya, Egypt, Ethiopia,
Algeria, Morocco, and others. The terrain and environment
vary from region to region, including some areas in the
north with climates reminiscent of Italy and the Northern
Mediterranean. Most of the area though is arid, barren
deserts, with blowing sands and little shade or cover.

Africa was never high on Hitler list of targets, but

Mussolini has other ideas, thinking to invade the French
and British colonies there and create an Italian empire
around the Mediterranean. When Italy invasion began to go
bad in late 1940 and early 1941, Hitler sent in General
Erwin Rommel, called the desert fox, to clean up the mess.
Rommel landed in Tripoli and advanced rapidly as far as
Tobruk, at which point Allied forces were able to check his
advance. As of November of 1942, General Bernard Montgomery
has pushed back against Rommel, forcing him into a retreat
at the recent battle of El Alamein. The battle for North
Africa is not won, but the tides have turned.

*Burma (July 1943)

Positioned in Southeast Asia between China and India, Burma
is a broad, heavily forested land surrounded by rugged
highlands. It is a hot, humid tropical region subject to
heavy monsoons throughout the spring and summer months, and
long dry periods during the winters.

Burma is the main route between the West and our allies in
China, a route sometimes called the Burma Road. With the…/29179 52/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…
Japanese control of the shipping lanes to the East of
China, it becomes the most important route. The Yanks need
to use Chinese air bases in order to launch strikes at the
Japanese homeland, and our Chinese allies need supplies. In
May of 1942, the Japanese captured Burma. As of July 1943,
there is no hard plan in place to recapture Burma, and the
allies are not completely certain of what the Japanese are
doing in the interior of the country.

*AUSTRIA (September 1943)

Austria is a small country with the misfortune to have been
located between Germany and Italy. It is a small,
mountainous country, tapering off to sloping hills in the
north and the East. Austria has cold winters and mild
summers, with rain in the lowlands and snow in the

Wedged between two axis countries, Austria was the first

country to fall to the Hitler scheme for world domination,
although it fell more through political chaos and
pressuring then it did through conventional warfare. In any
case, Austria has, for all practical purposes, been a part
of Germany since the spring of 1938.

*Northern France (May 1944)

France lies, as you know, just across the English Channel
from our own country. It is north of Spain, which remains
highly uninvolved in the current war, and also borders both
Germany and Italy directly. It is a country of plains,
fields, and gently rolling hills (although it is
mountainous to the East). Cool summers and mild winters
combine to make France a generally comfortable place to be.

France fell early in the war as part of the Hitler

Blitzkrieg, forcing the remaining French administration
into a collaborationist government in the town of Vichy.
The entire northern half of the country is under direct
German control. The Axis leaders know that Britain will be
the staging ground for an invasion of the continent by the
Allies sometime soon. They even believe that the invasion
will take place in France, but they are unsure where, and
their forces are spread out thin to cover a massive amount
of coastline in Northern France. Hitler knows we are
coming. We would hat to disappoint him.

*Czechoslovakia (May 1945)

Czechoslovakia is a country dominated by forests, plains,
plateaus, and rolling hills. Czechoslovakia enjoys cool
summers, but wet winters. It is a strategically located
country, sitting astride some of the most important land
routes through Europe.

Sitting in the cradle between Austria and Germany,

Czechoslovakia made an obvious early target for Hitler. The
Czechoslovakian army made no match for Hitler, and the only
countries willing to defend Czechoslovakia (France and
Soviet Union) were prevented from doing so by Poland and
Romania. In 1938, in an attempt to assuage the threat from
Germany, Czechoslovakia gave up the German-populated
Sudetenland. Six months later, under threat of an
unstoppable invasion that would have devastated the…/29179 53/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…
country, the rest of Czechoslovakia was surrendered to
Germany without a shot being fired.

Czechoslovakia has remained in German hands since that

time. Now that the war in Europe draws to a close and
Hitler has been corralled in Berlin, reports have come in
of the Czechoslovakian citizenry, with the backing of the
Soviet Union, rising up against the German troops remaining
in the area.

*****16. MULTIPLAYER*****

Multiplayer is the online portion of the game where you get

to play with real live people around the world. You can
play on the internet or your local area network. There are
three types of games online. First is your normal death
match game where everybody is on his or her own and must
kill everybody. Person with the most kills after a period
of time wins. Next is occupation maps where there are zones
marked with flags all over the map. This is like a capture
the flag game only with many flags that you must stand near
to get. This is a team game and teamwork usually helps.
Finally there is the objectives mode of online play. Every
level has a set of objectives that one team must complete
while the other team tries to stop them. This is a team
game, and remember that you only get one life in this type
of game while others ones let you re spawn. When playing
online you get to choose to be the axis or allies and
choose whatever weapon setup you like. Next you choose your
spawn location and that is where you start and will re
spawn if you die. On occupation maps use the map to select
your spawn spots. Truly the multi player is very fun.

*****16.1 DEATHMATCH LEVELS*****

AFRICA 1: The Africa level is a great death match level

with great sniping areas and a lot of cover. There are a
few mounted machine guns in the level but mostly snipers
work here. The few trenches also prove useful for cover.
Compared to the single player mission Africa 1 adds a few
more buildings, trenches, and scenery. The background is
also different compared to the single player mission.

AFRICA 3: This is an awesome level with many crooks and

crannies for you to hide in. Sub machine guns work well as
you can dip in and out of rooms using them for cover. As a
sniper the corners of the oasis are some of the best
sniping locations in the game. Also the tower coming out of
the mosque is a great sniping location as well. This is the
exact same level as in the single player game.

AFRICA 5: This is a huge map and forces you to search a

little for your enemies. Bazookas are necessary as anyone
who plays this level always goes for the three available
tanks and flak trucks. For some reason most action in this
level takes place in the main building on the top of the
map. Get used to the openness of the map and snipe your…/29179 54/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…
enemies or just kill them with one of the tanks.

ARCTIC 1: This is just the complex area of the first level

in the single player mission. It is a dark mission so use
this to your advantage and take out your enemies. Do watch
out for enemies that shoot from the outside of the complex
into it. Also there is a tower in the level that can be a
dangerous spot as well.

ARTIC 2: Here is the only all indoor mission and level.

Bring machine guns as sniper rifles are almost useless
here. Check every corner as many people like to hide in
certain areas. Your best bet for this level however is to
just run through and annihilate anybody that gets on your
screen. Do not however that there are two levels to the
facility so move around and do not just stay on one.

BURMA 1: Burma is a great level for the patient player. It

is a humongous forest with a lot of bunkers and trees. Use
the trees as cover and watch out for the bunkers. There are
two bridges and one fallen tree in the level and these may
be considered death traps as many people will set up shop
near these and just kill anyone who passes them. Take any
weapon you want as anybody you see probably will not see
you instantly. Also the main camp area seems to be where
the most action happens so keep an eye out for that.

CZECH 3: This is a small little level and you will most

likely meet your enemies many times. The level consists of
four buildings. One is the main villa which contains some
very good positions upstairs. Do be careful as once your up
there everyone will soon gun you out. Also the logging area
provides for some nice firefight areas.

NORMANDY: This can be a very confusing level as there are

many rooms and floors in the castle. Your best bet is to
just keep moving and try to find your enemies before they
stumble on to you. Sub machine guns work well and
surprisingly sniper rifles are good to. Most activity
happens on the roof though so when you are walking around
and stumble into a stairwell go up to the roof. Note that
if you re spawn in the lighthouse either use and snipe the
castle roof or make the long trip back through the main
entrance of the castle.

*****16.2 OCCUPATION LEVELS*****

AFRICA 2: This level is pure occupation action as you will

not find much cover out in this desert and there are a lot
of vehicles to use. Actually for every spawn location there
is at least two vehicles and they are almost always a jeep
and a tank. Be prepared to take a bazooka or panzerfaust
with you on this level. There are a total of 14 flags in
the level for you to try and take. This is just a straight
on head to head, vehicle mayhem, no cover level.

AFRICA 5: Africa 5 is a big open level with a total of ten

flag zones. There are many jeeps and tanks in this level so
bring some heavy equipment. Use teamwork here and you…/29179 55/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…
should be able to drive past enemies and get all the zones
for your team. Tanks are located at each starting location
and the tank area. Jeeps are located everywhere.

ALPS 1: The Alps is a head to head map with a few heavy

machine guns set up for you. Grenades work best here and
the forest can provide some key cover for you and your
team. Watch out for the snipers on cliffs and try to
control the 7 flags in this level.

ARCTIC 4: This is one of my favorite levels as it contains

a very strategic mountain in the middle that results in a
lot of snipers overlooking the action below. There are 12
flags in this open level so you will be marching all over
the map dodging your enemies and avoiding snipers. The
buildings on the one side provide for some great cover and
even better firefights.

BURMA 1: The forests of Burma are foggy, dark, and

concealing. In a team game you will find it hard telling
friend from foe but that makes it all the better. Watch out
though if a team controls the bridges as crossing them can
be very treacherous. There are 6 flags in this level and
you try to get anyone of them.

CZECH 2: This is the train level and is very difficult when

many players are in it. Snipers on the roof of trains will
get head shots and machine gunners on the bottom will take
out your legs. Well placed grenades can result in glory if
you kill a lot of enemies or disaster if you get your own
team. There are 12 flags but advancing in the tunnel is
quite the feat as this level proves to be a real tug of

CZECH 4: The town is huge in this level but do not fear

there are a few jeeps around to help you travel from each
flag to the next. There are a total 13 flags in the level.
Use the alleyways and jeeps to get around and surprise your

CZECH 5: Same level as Czech 4 just that it is now dark out

and for some reason the jeeps are now gone. There are still
13 flags so use the darkness to your advantage and move
carefully along and kill your enemies. Try not to shot your
teammates in the dark and try to move as a single squad to
get all the flags.

CZECH 6: This surprisingly is a great level for occupation

games. There are 6 flags in the level and you can get
anyone of them you want. There are a few tanks and armored
vehicles in the level that can prove to be quite dangerous.
Note that there is a lot of cover in this level with barbed
wire, the forest, hills, and most importantly the bunker.

NORMANDY 2: This is an awesome level for occupation as it

is a small level with tons of possible sniping locations
and indentions in walls to hide. Grenades work great but
watch out for your teammates. There are five flags for your
team to try and capture here.

NORMANDY 3: You may not recognize this level as it is not…/29179 56/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…
in single player. It is a big bridge with many bunkers and
craters along with a few machine gun areas. You can even
use the 2 tanks and 2 jeeps available for use in this
level. Remember to bring heavy artillery to get rid of
tanks. Also you can either climb to the top of the bridge
for great position or use the bottom walkway underneath for
cover and to sneak up on enemies. There are 5 flags in this


*****AFRICA 1:*****
1. Prevent Allied team from blowing up the tank
2. Prevent the plane from being destroyed
3. Protect the VIP

1. Blow up five tanks with air craft fuel
2. Destroy the plane
3. Kill VIP member of the Axis team

GUIDE: For the Allied team you will need dynamite to blow
up the tanks of fuel, grenades to get the plane in the
hangar, and to hope you can kill the VIP member of the
other team. For the Axis guard everything and remember that
on your team map the person with a red arrow thing is the

*****AFRICA 3:******
1. Prevent Allied team from entering the Oasis
2. Prevent radio transmitter from being damaged

1. Enter the Oasis
2. Destroy the radio transmitter

GUIDE: For the Allies use dynamite to get in and then blow
up the transmitter once inside. For the Axis protect the
transmitter and prevent the enemy from getting in the

*****AFRICA 4:*****
1. Enter the oasis
2. Destroy the radio transmitter

1. Prevent Axis team from entering the Oasis
2. Prevent radio transmitter from being damaged

GUIDE: This is the exact same level as Africa 3 only it is

now dark out and the team objectives are switched. Axis
must destroy the transmitter and the Allies must protect
the transmitter.

*****ARTIC 1:*****
AXIS OBJECTIVES:…/29179 57/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…
1. Prevent bomb no.1 from being deactivated
2. Prevent bomb no.2 from being deactivated
3. Prevent bomb no.3 from being deactivated
4. Prevent bomb no.4 from being deactivated
5. Prevent bomb no.5 from being deactivated

1. Prevent bomb no.1 from exploding
2. Prevent bomb no.2 from exploding
3. Prevent bomb no.3 from exploding
4. Prevent bomb no.4 from exploding
5. Prevent bomb no.5 from exploding

GUIDE: Both teams must interact with the bombs and you can
find the bombs on your map as they are marked. There are
five bombs and the Allies must prevent them from exploding.
On the other hand the Axis must protect them and keep them

*****ARTIC 3:*****
1. Kill the traitor
2. Destroy the transformer station
3. Destroy the group of 4 tanks
4. Destroy the isolated fuel tank

1. Protect the Traitor
2. Protect the transformer station
3. Protect group of 4 fuel tanks
4. Protect the isolated fuel tank

GUIDE: This is same map as Artic 1 but now it is day time.

Also the Axis team must be the aggressors. The Axis must
break into the complex blow up tanks and the transformer
station and kill the traitor. The Allied team must protect
the traitor and the other objectives. The traitor will be
marked with a red marker on the Allied map.

*****BURMA 1:*****
1. Prevent the central part of the bridge from being
2. Prevent the documents from being stolen
3. Prevent the Allied team from fleeing to the escape

1. Seize the central part of the bridge
2. Steal the documents from the bridge
3. Gather the team in the escape zone

GUIDE: This is a big level but most action happens in the

little village area. The Allies must steal the documents
from the village area, seize the bridge by waiting for the
meter to fill, and get the survivors to the escape point.
The Axis must stop the Allies from completing these goals.

*****BURMA 2:*****
1. Defend the Eastern machine gun post…/29179 58/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…
2. Defend the Western machine gun post
3. Prevent the documents from being stolen and disclosed

1. Seize the Eastern machine gun post
2. Seize the Western machine gun post
3. Steal the documents and inform HQ of their contents
using the radio transmitter

GUIDE: This level is pretty neat but hard as both teams

fight for the machine gun posts. The Allies must seize both
by filling the meter when standing near them. The Axis must
guard them. Also the documents and radio transmitter are in
the bunkers at the north end of the map. In the middle
however, there is a radio that lets you call air strikes so
watch out for that.

*****CZECH 1:*****
1. Prevent the tracks from being destroyed
2. Prevent the engine from being destroyed

1. Sever the tracks
2. Blow up the engine

GUIDE: For the Allies bring a lot of dynamite to be able to

complete the objectives. The spots for placing dynamite are
given to you. The Axis must stop the Allied team from doing
any of this. During the level it wise use trains for cover.

*****CZECH 2:*****
1. Prevent the valuables from being destroyed
2. Protect the VIP member of the AXIS team

1. Steal the valuables from the crate
2. Kill the VIP member of the Axis team

GUIDE: This is a tough level as it is very compact and

dangerous. The valuables are half way down the level. The
Allies must get these and the Axis must stop them. Also the
Allies must kill the VIP member while the Axis must protect
the VIP. The VIP is marked by a red marker on the Axis map.

*****CZECH 3:*****
1. Protect the VIP member of the Axis team
2. Prevent the secret plans from being photographed

1. Kill the VIP member of the Axis team
2. Photograph the secret German plans

GUIDE: This is a great level and has some fairly easy

objectives. The Axis must protect the VIP member and
prevent the secret plans from being photographed. The
Allies must kill the VIP member and photograph the plans.
The plans are in the first floor of the villa and you will
need a camera to take a picture.…/29179 59/60
1/21/2011 GameFAQs: Hidden & Dangerous 2 (P…

*****17. EASTER EGGS*****


*****18. FAQ*****


*****19. WRAP UP*****

I hope you enjoyed my walkthrough and most importantly the

game. Hidden and Dangerous 2 is a great game. I hope I
helped you if you got stuck in the game and needed

Yet again this walkthrough for Hidden and Dangerous 2 may

not be reproduced in any way unless for private and
personal use. Thanks to Take-two, Gathering, and Illusion
Softworks for making this masterpiece. Contact me at for your questions, corrections,
additional information, and input. Please only e-mail if it
is important and relevant.


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