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All about MNP-Mobile Number Portability - A guide for subscriber 1 Day, 9 Hours

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Mobile Number Portability (MNP) allow to opt for other service provider but reta
in your mobile no.
Mobile Number Portability Cost - It will cost you Rs. 19
How frequently you can change - A subscriber must be with a provider for atleast
3 month.
Limitation- You can change your service provider within your circle.
How to change Mobile service provider via MNP -
To switch sent PORT <space> Mobile number to 1900
You will receive 8 digit unique porting code.
Go to new service provider with this unique port code, ID/Address proff/Photo/Ap
plication form.
Then, new operator will forward your request to mobile portability clearing hous
e and it will deactivate your current provider and activate new service provider
You will receive message from new provider regarding time period which it will t
ake to resume yoru new services.