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The Post Implementation Report (PIR) will have to be completed for all changes reported as Failed (please see table below for
definition of the failed change). The PIR must be completed within 2 business days after closing the change.

If the Change Resolution Change will be

Code is: {Rogers OVSD reported as: (IBM
(OpenView Service Desk) Standard)
Complete with no Issues Successful
Complete with Issues Failed
Backed Out Failed
Partially Complete Failed
Failed Failed
Cancelled Cancelled

Step 1 - The Change team will send a PIR request to the owner of the failed change The request will include instructions and a
Step 2 – The Change Owner will have 2 business days to complete the PIR and send it back to the Change team.
Step 3 – It is the responsibility of the Change Owner to follow up and complete any outstanding action items that resulted from
previous PIRs

Post Implementation Report

RFC Number? 45137

Change Description? STORAGE: add 100GB for cabdb4 for RDYPRD Growth
What is the associated Incident/Problem Ticket High
Number and Severity (Low, Medium, High or
Customer Business Impacted? Y or N Y
If customer was impacted, provide written
description of impact.
Date/Time Change was completed? 12/31/10 01:00:00
Date/Time Change Failed? 12/31/10 05:30:00
What was the planned change duration? 4
What was the actual change duration? 4
List IT Teams that implemented the change? TSUNIX-Solaris
What was the change risk (Low, Moderate or
Was this change unplanned (Emergency or N
Urgent)? Y or N
Was the Change fully tested prior to execution? N
Y or N
If NO, explain (e.g. Testing environment not
Was the Implementation Plan complete? Y or N N
Y Yes, all details required to implement the change
were in the ticket.
N  No, some additional items had to be done to
implement the change causing the change to be
marked “Complete with Issues” (i.e. Failed)
Was the Verification Plan complete? Y or N N
Y  Yes, all details required to test the
implementation of the change were in the ticket.
N  No, some additional items had to be done to test

Post Implementation Report

the change or should have been done to ensure

successful completion of the change.
Did we have to execute Back-out plan? Y or N Y
If YES, provide date/time Backed-out was N
Was the Back-out Plan complete? Y or N N
Y  Yes, all details required to Back-out the change
were in the ticket.
N  No, some additional items had to be done in
order to back-out.
Was the Business Risk Evaluation complete? Y N
or N
Y  Yes, all details required to properly assess the
change were in the ticket.
N  No, not all the details required to assess the
business impact were in the ticket or properly
explained in the ticket

Change Failure Code? 6 ..Luns were not visible

1 = Human Error
2 = Testing
3 = Planning – Scheduling
4 = Planning – Documentation
5 = Customer
6 = Hardware
7 = IBM Vendor
8 = Software
9 = Environment

Human Error - Change Failed as a direct result of

human inaccuracy or miscalculation. The process or
detailed plan was not followed.
Testing - The test environment does not exist or
adequate testing was not performed. This would lead
to a change that is backed out in the window.

Post Implementation Report

Planning – Scheduling - Time overrun, start too

early, change conflicts or order of tasks within a
Planning –Documentation - Incomplete or
erroneous documented plan. Plan did not work (as
opposed to not followed, which is human error).
Customer - Change failure was a direct result of
something done or controlled by the customer (i.e.
inadequate customer verification during
implementation, improper information supplied to
implementation team or customer owned vendor
Hardware - A hardware component failed and need
fixing or replacement.
IBM Vendor - IBM managed 3rd party software or
3rd party fix failures. This should result in backing out
a change in the window.
Software - Application, software at the OS end
caused the change to fail.
Environment - Infrastructure, floods, power outage

Primary reason why did the change failed Luns were not visible which were presented by storage
(provide detailed description)?
Secondary reason why the change failed (if There was an issue of inconsistency which caused to failover of
applicable, provide detailed description)? cluster services
Was a Technical Review Completed or Planned N
on the Failed change? Y or N
If YES, provide details (e.g. Contact, Date, Report,
What actions are being done to prevent similar A Bridge call had to be initiated and ensure that every one
occurrence? involved in the change must be in the cal for validations
(Traceable action items are required to complete this
section - Who owns the action, status, target dates
Date the action plan will be executed?

Post Implementation Report

Is follow up required? Y or N N
If YES, explain providing date and group to

PIR Completed by: Name:Vamsi K

PIR Reviewed by: