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Heavy Snow Hits Air Travel,
Roads Across Britain
By David Stringer
BLIZZARDS and freezing tem-
peratures shut down runways, train
tracks and highways across Britain
and Europe, disrupting flights and
leaving shivering drivers stranded
on roadsides.
Airports in Britain, Germany, France,
Spain, the Netherlands and Denmark
reported cancelations or delays to flights
December from December 18.
Heathrow Airport would not accept any
arrivals December 19 and would allow
only a handful of departures after snow
and ice forced the closure of runways. By
the following day the airport announced a
full closure and told travellers not to even
go to the airport due to crowding.
They said: “Several hundred workers
were doing their best “to keep passengers
in the terminal as warm and as comfortable
as possible while we do everything we can
to get Heathrow moving.”
London’s Gatwick also announced
closure the following day.
When the London airports opened two
days later, British Airways told travellers
not travel to Heathrow unless they had
a confirmed booking. They also advised
those whose travel was disrupted severely
to cancel their flight,
in return for a full
refund, or consider
changing their flight
to another date over
the next 12 months.
easyJet says it will
allow its passengers
who have been dis-
rupted to transfer their
return flights free of
charge to any airport
served by the airline.
As Ireland was battered by its worst
snow in decades, airports in Belfast and
Dublin remained open but warned on their
websites of cancellations and delays.
Conditions on British roads were treach-
erous, Automobile Association official
Darron Burness said. “One of the biggest
problems is that large amounts of snow are
falling very quickly on to frozen surfaces,
making driving hazardous,” he said.
Hundreds of motorists were left stranded
on a major road in northwestern England
following a deluge, prompting police pa-
trols to offer food and water to drivers.
Jeremy Clarkson, host of BBC motor-
ing program Top Gear said he was among
drivers forced to abandon their vehicles
close to Oxford, west of London. “It was
very bad out there,” he said.
In Italy, the Autostrada of the Sun – the
country’s main north-south highway – was
jammed with hundreds of vehicles, whose
chilly occupants slept in their cars, vans or
trucks. Though snow had mainly cleared
PM Seeks Action Against
Violent Protesters
PRIME MINISTER Cameron says he
wants to bring the full weight of the law
against protesters who attacked a car car-
rying the Prince of Wales and Duchess of
Cornwall amid violent protests in London
over a rise in tuition fees.
David Cameron said that protesters says
police should take lessons from the “regret-
table” incident but that protesters should
take full responsibility for their actions.
Thousands of students and youths pro-
testing in the streets of London December
9. The demonstrations, over rises in uni-
versity tuition fees, turned violent when
some students vandalized buildings and
threw objects at police.
Metropolitan Police Chief Paul Ste-
phenson commended his officers for their
bravery and said the nearly 3,000-strong
contingent handling the student protests
showed restraint in dealing with “thugs.”
Police said 33 protesters were arrested
but would not say whether any of the
arrests were linked to the royal attack.
Scotland Yard said most of those arrested
had been released on bail.
More than 40 students and 12 police
were injured during the protests.
The son of Pink Floyd guitarist David
Gilmour issued a public apology after the
riots for climbing atop of one of Britain’s
most important war memorials during the
violent student demonstrations against
rising university fees.
Charlie Gilmour, 21, said he was sorry
for the “terrible insult” to the thousands
who died for the country. Gilmour – a
Cambridge University history student –
said he did not realize that the monument
he climbed was the Cenotaph, which com-
memorates Britain’s war dead.
“I feel nothing but shame,” he said. “My
intention was not to attack or defile the
Cenotaph. Running along with a crowd of
people who had just been violently repelled
by the police, I got caught up in the spirit
of the moment.
‘Ordinary’ Kate
Reflects Class
By Jill Lawless
A MIDDLE-CLASS girl studied hard,
got good grades, went to university,
fell in love, became a princess.
A fairy tale? An aspirational
dream? A snob’s nightmare? Kate
Middleton’s story is all these and a
window on the intricacies of Britain’s
complex, inescapable class system.
For some, the fiancee of Prince
William is an ordinary woman from a
hardworking family whose acceptance
into the royal “firm” shows a monar-
chy embracing modernity in a country
where class is no longer a barrier. For
others, media obsession with Kate’s
class background shows a country still
ossified by status envy.
In the eyes of an elitist few, the
descendant of coal miners is not good
enough for the future king.
“There are those purists who say
he should marry a princess from one
of the European royal families,” said
Visibly shaken Camilla and Charles.
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Conservatives Flashed
Most Election Cash
BRITAIN’S Electoral Commission
says the Conservative Party spent
twice as much as the Labour Party in
the 2010 election campaign.
Figures released last month show
PM David Cameron’s Conservatives
spent £16.7m on the election.
Labour spent just £8m, a drop
from the £10m it spent on its 2005
election campaign, which ended
with Labour leader Tony Blair’s re-
election as prime minister.
Total campaign spending on the
2010 vote clocked in at £31m. The
Liberal Democrats, now part of the
coalition government, spent £4.8m.
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People walk through the snow in Piccadilly Circus in
central London, last month. Authorities say air travel
across Europe has been disrupted by heavy snow,
leaving stranded passengers at Heathrow airport,
while rail services and roads were also affected by
the blast of wintry weather.
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Nine Men Charged With
Pre-Christmas Terror Plot
TWELVE men were held during a series
of dawn raids by unarmed counter-
terrorism officers last month in London,
Cardiff, Stoke and Birmingham. Three
men, two from Cardiff and one from
London, were released without charge.
Lord Carlile, the independent re-
viewer of counter-terrorism powers, de-
scribed the alleged plot as “significant”.
Police were granted more time to
question the suspects, aged from 19 to
28. They were detained under the Ter-
rorism Act.
The remaining nine suspects were
charged December 26 with conspiring
to cause an explosion or explosions in
the UK “of a nature likely to endanger
life or cause serious injury to property”.
Chief magistrate Howard Riddle re-
manded them all in custody to appear
at the Old Bailey on January 14.
The operation was the most high-
profile anti-terror raid in Britain since
April 2009, when 12 men were detained
across northern England.
THAT’S KATE Middleton? Britain’s
Royal Mint released, on December 23, a
commemorative coin featuring portraits
of Prince William and his bride-to-be,
but critics said the results were far from
Images of the couple on the memento
bear little resemblance to either the prince
or his 28-year-old betrothed. Middleton
appears plump in the face and lips and has
bags under her eyes, while some critics
suggested William looks more like former
US Vice President Al Gore.
Available in silver or gold, the £5 coin
– which costs£9.99 to buy – marks the
April 29 wedding of the second-in-line to
the British throne.
“This coin is of historical importance, to
get it so wrong seems ridiculous,” Ingrid
Seward of Majesty magazine told Britain’s
Sky News.
The Royal Mint said the coin was
designed by its in-house engraving team
and insisted the portraits had gone though
“a rigorous approval process.” Both the
Queen and Prince William had given their
consent to the design and staff had used
photos of the couple to produce the images,
the mint said in a statement.
“The inspiration for the design came
from photographs of the couple at a sport-
ing event,” the mint said.
Dickie Arbiter, a former royal spokes-
man, said it is often difficult to produce
accurate images on a coin.
Engravers managed a better likeness
of William’s father and mother, Prince
That’s Kate
Middleton? Critics
Slam Wedding Coin
Page 2 January 2011
in the past month . . .
Not All Happy Over The
William-Kate Marriage
THE approaching marriage of Prince Wil-
liam and Kate Middleton has been met with
general approval from the British public, and
the nation is genuinely happy that the pair
has finally named a date. There has been
few dissenting voices regarding the coming
nuptials, but a comment by the Bishop of
Willesden, the Rt Rev Pete Broadbent, got
him in to a lot of hot water.
The Bishop’s remarks on his Facebook
page that the marriage may only last seven
years and his reference that the royal family
are philanderers, has been met with outrage
by the Anglican Church. The Bishop of
London, the Rt Rev Richard Chartres, has
written to the Rt Rev Broadbent asking him
to withdraw himself from public ministry until
further notice.
“I was appalled by the Bishop of Willesden
comments about the forthcoming Royal mar-
riage,” explained the clergyman.
“In common with most of the country, I
share the joy which the news of the engage-
ment has brought,” said the Rt Rev Chartres,
reiterating that he had sent apologies to St
James Palace.
The Rt Rev Broadbent has apparently
apologized unreservedly about his Facebook
statements, but has still been requested to
refrain from public ministry.
Four-Wheel-Drive Player’s
Protest Earns Him Jail Stay
RED cards on the soccer pitch usually
conclude with a few games suspension or
a small fine, but for Joseph Rimmer, 28, it
resulted in 24 weeks jail time. At a South-
port & District League match in February,
Rimmer, from Melling in Merseyside, who
plays for Lonsdale FC, objected strongly to
getting sent off during a game against rivals
Harrington FC. Referee David Harkness was
adamant about the sending off, however, but
never suspected he was putting his very life
in to jeopardy. The irritated Rimmer walked
off, jumped into his Landrover, and drove
on to the pitch doing a series of wheelies
before heading for the astonished ref who
took cover between the goal-posts. He also
disrupted another game on a nearby pitch.
He eventually brought the vehicle to halt,
made his hands in the shape of a gun and
threatened to shoot the ref.
At a recent appearance at Liverpool
Crown Court, Judge Brian Lewis, called it a
disgraceful incident, and beside the jail time,
banned Rimmer from driving for two years.
David Harkness has been a soccer referee for
35 years, but says after this experience and
after concerns that Rimmer would come to
his home, he is unsure if his part-time career
as a ref will continue.
Mother Gets Chips, Pie And
A Crocs Head ‘Thrown In’
ZOE Green’s visit to the local chip shop in
Stafford, was enlivened by the appearance of
a crocodile’s severed head lying on the pave-
ment outside the fast food establishment. Her
three-year-old son Austin, was fascinated
with the open mouthed object and begged his
mother to let him take it home. Suspecting
it was a child’s toy, maybe a plastic replica,
she allowed Austin to pick up the strange
skull, proclaiming he would show his Dad
the strange find. The ten inch cranium was
brought to the Green home, where thoughts
of a plastic replica proved completely false,
however. The crocodile’s head was stinking
to high heaven in just a few days.
“I didn’t think it was real,” said Mrs Green.
“But after a couple of days it really began
to smell.”
The RSPCA have since taken over an
investigation, regarding the gruesome
animal part.
Woman Calls 999 Over Her
Missing Snowman
A MISSING snowman stolen from outside
a house in Chatham, Kent, was reported
to the local police, who were not pleased
to receive such a frivolous 999 emergency
call. The homeowner said she had built the
snowman just five hours previous, using one
pound coins for its eyes and teaspoons for
its arms. She went out to check on it and
discovered it was gone.
“It’s not a nice road,” said the caller.
“But you don’t expect someone to nick your
snowman! ”
Chief Inspector Simon Black of the Kent
Taskforce was outraged that the woman had
taken up time that could have been used on
proper emergencies that flow into the 999
centre, especially during the recent snow
storm that left many people stranded. Police
returned the call of the woman, explaining
that a stolen snowman was not the life and
death situation that is the purpose of the 999
crisis call centre. Police have prosecutorial
powers for people misusing the system.
“This call could have cost someone’s
life,” said CI Black. ”It was completely ir-
An investigation revealed that the woman
was genuinely concerned about the theft of
the two pound eyes and the teaspoons and
was given the benefit of the doubt. She was
not charged.
Jean Still Has Her Christmas
Tree From 1928
JEAN Eadie of Aberdeen, probably owns the
oldest Christmas tree in Britain. Her parents
paid a half-a-crown for the small artificial
tree in 1928, and every year since, it’s been
brought out highly decorated as part of
the Eadie family Christmas festivities. The
85-year-old pensioner was three-years-old
when the tree was bought and considers it
her most precious heirloom. She even has
some of the original decorations that came
with the purchase. The tree brings back
fond memories of late parents, John and
Margaret-Jane Gall, and her husband who
passed away in 1991. It may have gotten
a little ancient, but Eadie has no plans to
throw it out.
“It will never end up in the bin,” She said.
“I’II leave it to someone in my will.”
Police Warn: Don’t Warm-Up
Your Car Unless You Are In It
WOLVERHAMPTON police have warned
motorists not to leave their cars, while wait-
ing for the engine to warm up at this cold
and snowy time of the year. David Whittaker
was sitting in his vehicle giving it a chance
to get a little warmer before driving to work,
when he heard the phone ring from inside
his house.
He went inside to answer the ring, leaving
his car still idling peacefully.
After a minute or two he was back in his
driveway, ready to go to work, but his car
was gone. An opportunistic thief has taken
those few minutes to inflict further aggrava-
tions on what had been an disturbing wintry
“I feel stupid of course,” said Whittaker,
who admitted that leaving your car unat-
tended with the engine running was not a
conducive arrangement for following safety
rules that everyone is familiar with.
Over fifty vehicles had gone missing
in similar circumstances since the early
December snows reckon local police, who
issued warnings for motorists to watch for
snow thieves.
Hayden’s Jaffa Cake Could
Have Had A Sting With It
TWO-year-old Hayden Mugford loves his
chocolate covered jaffa cakes, but if his
mother had not kept her eye on him as
he chomped through his afternoon snack,
things could have turned out rather nasty.
Mom, Alison, noticed something attached
to the bottom of the biscuit and as her son
was about to bite down she snatched the
jaffa cake away from him. Further scrutiny
revealed the remains of a wasp embedded
in the biscuit. A stunned Mrs Mugford, 25,
took the offending biscuit with the wasp still
attached, back to where she had purchased
it at the local Tesco supermarket in Tiverton,
Devon. While staff offered sympathy and a
full investigation she was shocked to be of-
fered just twenty pounds in compensation.
Tesco’s Jaffa Cake supplier called it a
freak accident and said the factory where
the product is made was a clean and well
maintained environment, and there was no
evidence of insect infestation. Alison Mug-
ford was not happy with that explanation.
“£20 is not enough to think of the dam-
age that could have been done,” said the
irate mother of three.” What if I had not
been watching my son and he’d eaten the
Tesco and Mrs Mugford are still talking.
Blind Pet Left To Die In
Garbage Collection
HEARTLESS homeowners who put a blind
guinea pig out with the garbage, hoping
dustmen would put the animal through the
compacter in the refuse truck did not get their
wish. The dustmen handed the creature over
to the RSPCA, rather than the metal jaws of
the garbage truck. He had been put in an
empty phone and answering machine carton
with the message, “His name is Fred, please
take care of him-thank you”.
Staff at the Ashley Heath, RSPCA branch
in Ringwood, Hampshire, forwarded the
animal to a local vet who determined he
was not a male, but a female. She has a
shrunken right eye and poor vision out of the
left one, which was probably due to a birth
defect caused by the mother’s malnutrition.
The four-month-old guinea pig has been
re-christened “Beattie,” and is eating well
and enjoying the tender loving care of the
volunteer staff.
The RSPCA is attempting to locate the
homeowner using the serial number on the
empty phone box, where a prosecution over
animal cruelty is a distinct possibility.
Fishing Rod Assault Man
Found Hiding In Mother’s Attic
VICIOUSLY beating a man with a fishing rod
over a £200 debt sent Michael Gartside into
hiding as police sought him on charges of
grievous bodily harm.
He had taken his impatience out on Luke
Gillvrey, 21, who owed him the money, and it
turned into brutal and physical confrontation
at a local park. For four months he evaded
the arm of the law, before a police visit to
his mother’s home in Torquay, found him
hiding in the attic. At Exeter Crown Court,
the 22-year-old Gartside was found guilty of
GBH and sent to jail for two years.
The court reprimanded his mother, Janet
Gartside, 52, for assisting her son when she
knew there was a warrant out for his arrest.
She was unimpressed by the judge’s tone
of voice however.
“Any mother would do the same,” she
Man Robs Bank, Spends Loot
On Drinks At Local Pub
BANK robber Christopher Allnut, 42, did not
try to hide or run after holding up a Barclays
Bank in Winchester. Infact, he remained
loudly visible. He walked into a nearby
Wetherspoon’s pub, The Gaol House, threw
his ill-gotten gains in to the air and declared,
“I’ve just robbed a bank and the drinks are
on me.”
He had left the bank with £1,600, but
dropped £350 in the street, and when
police arrived to arrest him, most of the
stolen money was gone. Regulars at the
Gaol House, gleefully took him up on his
offer of free drinks. Police made a public
appeal for the money to be returned, but
few responded.
At Winchester Crown Court, Allnut of
Southampton, was detained under the
Mental Health Act, where Judge Keith Cutler,
imposed an indefinite hospital stay. The court
was told that the bank robber had a history
of mental problems and earlier that day,
turned up twice at the nearby police station
demanding to be arrested for stealing a bottle
of whiskey. Allnut apologized for scaring the
female tellers that he would shoot them if
they did not give him £5,000, and admitted
he was lying and did not have a gun.
Thousands In Parking
Fines Outside Woman’s
Own Residence
CHARLOTTE Williams has wracked up over
£11,000 in parking fines even though her
vehicle is parked outside her father’s home
where she lives in Llanelli.
Carmarthern Council demands a £30
resident’s parking permit in the town, but
because of the complicated regulations
regarding the fee, Williams, 21, is struggling
to comply. She moved back in with her father
at his Old Castle Road home after becoming
unemployed in 2008. Her car registration
shows her living at the old address, so the
Council won’t issue a permit. But they are
issuing lots of citations and say they have
written to Williams 381 times to sort it out.
Council bailiffs have arrived at the address
to garnish possessions in lieu of legal fees,
but the property and its assets belong to
her father. However, they have threatened
to take her dog.
Williams explained she is not working and
does not have money to bring this debacle
to a conclusion though her grandmother has
provided some financial assistance towards
the debt. “It’s so stressful” she said, querying
how the council could have let this get so far
along, and her 160 unpaid, fixed penalty cita-
tions reach such a level of intricacy.
The Council’s transport-board-member,
Phillip Hughes, was not sympathic. “This is
taxpayer’s money,” he said. “Other people
who park illegally are expected to pay their
The situation continues.
Homeless Man Saves Woman In
River, But Has Clothes Stolen
WHEN a homeless man jumped into the river
Thames to save a woman from drowning
near Blackfriars Bridge, he received ac-
colades of bravery from the Port of London
Authority after holding onto her until a lifeboat
Thanks to his efforts, a tragedy was
averted,” said Martin Garside of the PLA,
praising Adan Abobaker for being extremely
brave and selfish.
Abobaker’s lifesaving episode did have
a downside though. When the 37-year-old
homeless man returned for his clothes after
the rescue, they were missing. Someone
had stolen them. His hat, a wooly sweater,
a pair of gloves and a hip flask had all dis-
appeared. No good deed goes unpunished,
but the local police did pitch in with a few
warm garments.
Award In Search Of Hero –
Authorities Seek Officer
A BRAVERY medal awarded to a Welsh
police-officer who rescued a bather in trouble
at Kimmel Bay in 1938, has turned up in a
New Orleans pawn shop. Detective Kevin
Higgins of the New Orleans Police depart-
ment became aware of the medal and got in
touch with North Wales Police. He suspects
that a family member would be thrilled to
receive this old medal commemorating a
daring rescue. The pawn-shop owner could
not shed any light on its origins. The medal is
well worn and bears the inscription, “DT Sgt
JR Oxley for a gallant rescue of a drowning
person in Kimmel Bay, July 1938.”
Librarians in Abergele, have been pour-
ing over old newspapers in an attempt to
discover more of this courageous rescue,
and the search for the whereabouts of the
Oxley families, but nothing yet. The north
Wales branch of “The National Association
of Retired Police Officers,” is also going
through its records, but with no success.
There was an Army Camp at Kimmel Bay,
so maybe it was a Army medal and not a
Police award ?
If you’re an Oxley, reading this Union Jack,
and you can shed some light on this award;
Detective Kevin Higgins of the New Orleans
Police Department would love to hear from
you as would the North Wales Police press
office at 01492-804666.
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From the U.S. to the U.K.
From the U.K. to the U.S.
STUDENT protesters “ambushed” the car carrying Prince Charles and the Duch-
ess of Cornwall last month as they travelled to the Royal Variety Performance
at the London Palladium near Oxford Circus.
One rioter managed to push a stick through an open window of the limousine and jabbed
the duchess in the ribs as a baying mob of tuition fee protesters surrounded the vintage
Rolls-Royce on its way to the theatre.
A police source said that one of the car’s
rear windows was opened in error as the
protesters moved in. The attack is the biggest
royal security breach in decades and raises
new questions about protection for the royal
The breach was even more serious than at
first appeared, with thugs managing to reach
deep into the car’s interior. Armed officers
were seconds from drawing their weapons,
but the police driver managed to accelerate
away from trouble. Police said that the duch-
ess was “very scared” when the rioter leaned
into the car.
“She is laughing about it now, but everyone
was rather shaken,” he said.
The Rolls Royce was surrounded as it
travelled down Regent Street, with protesters
kicking at the doors and shattering a rear
window. At one point it was rocked and hit
with paint bombs.
The police source said that at first the stu-
dents did not appear to be aggressive. He said:
“They were very friendly but then things turned
nasty when the hard core stepped in.”
The Metropolitan Police Force is likely to
face an inquiry into how the royal couple be-
came trapped in such a vulnerable situation.
Top hotels in London will be charging a
“Kate Rate” for rooms for the night of the
royal wedding The rush for rooms has pushed
prices to a record high with demand from
around the globe.
Prices for four- and five-star hotels have
doubled in some cases and many hotels are
demanding a minimum three-night stay to
secure a room for April 29.
Tourists hoping to witness Prince William
and Kate Middleton emerge from Westminster
Abbey as husband and wife have been warned
that central London will be fully booked for the
night within a few weeks.
Even hotels in the suburbs and home
counties are being inundated with enquiries
from around the world For those seeking the
ultimate accommodation, the Savoy still has
its royal suite available at £10,000 a night while
Claridge’s Diane von Furstenberg suite is also
awaiting a client at £8,500 a night.
And these are prices even before food is
Well, it certainly beats a pre-war bed and
breakfast for £5 a night at Southend-on-sea!
The Royal couple will receive lessons on
how to have a successful marriage from the
Archbishop of Canterbury and the Bishop
of London.
The Rt Rev Richard Chartres, Bishop of
London, will take the most active role in pre-
paring them for married life. This is likely to
include how to cope with arguments, remain
faithful, prepare for parenthood and cope with
the in-laws.
The Archbishop, Dr Rowan Williams, who
will officiate at the service, will meet the
couple to ensure that the wedding is pitched
correctly to their relationship.
Transport for London is issuing a souvenir
edition Oyster travel card to mark the royal
marriage. This will follow the tradition set
in 1981 when a special ticket was issued
for the marriage of Prince Charles and Lady
Diana Spencer.
If the issue is successful, it could be
repeated in 2012 for the Queen’s diamond
jubilee and the London Olympics.
As Prince Philip approaches the age of 90,
he has decided on a definite cutback in his
workload. He will step down from about 20
of his most demanding roles next year – the
first time that he has considered cutting back
on his responsibilities.
He will give up chancellorship of Edinburgh
University, held since 1952, and of Cambridge
University, held since 1976, after his birthday
on June 10 next year, a Buckingham Palace
spokesman said.
But he will maintain a busy schedule of
ceremonies and events, and remain patron
or president of more than 800 other or-
ganisations, including the Duke of Edinburgh
The Queen, who turns 85 in April next
year, has no plans to cut back on her royal
Now that the wedding date has been an-
nounced, attention is being turned to what
new title will be bestowed upon Prince Wil-
liam. For her part, Kate would be unlikely to
enjoy being referred to as Princess William.
Tradition suggests that Prince William
might become the Duke of Clarence, but that
has a sad precedent (he was drowned in the
malmsey wine). Cambridge and Sussex have
also been mooted, but are unlikely.
The next best bet will be on Albany, which
has the advantage that it designates the area
of Scotland north of the Clyde and Forth,
neatly encompassing St Andrews, where
Prince William met his future bride.
An exhibition of Imperial Chinese Robes
from the Forbidden City is being presented
at the Victoria & Albert Museum until Febru-
ary 27.
It is not a very big exhibition, but the robes
are really exquisite – beautiful colours and
materials. I asked a girl at the sales counter
whether some of the robes were for sale.
“Oh yes,” she said. “That one is four fifty
and the other is seven fifty.” Remarkably
cheap, I thought – until I realised that she was
talking in hundreds, not just pounds!
The prices were £450 and £750 respec-
Among the exhibits were the Emperor’s of-
ficial dress, his festive dress, his military and
travelling outfit, and informal dress – made
mainly from silk, although western fabrics
became popular as a novelty after the late
London cabs have been equipped with
Oyster-card style payment systems. It allows
passengers to pay for journeys simply by
touching “readers” with their Visa cards. A
total of 80 cabs are using the system as a trial,
accepting payments of up to £15.
Visa said that it was hopeful that thousands
more will sign up to the service before 2012.
“This will end the inconvenience of not be-
ing sure if you have enough money for a cab
home,” said Visa’s David Goodridge.
The system will use a reader and a screen
explaining the system mounted behind the
driver. It is based on one that has been used
in New York for several years. For journeys
of more than £15 passengers can use the
device as a normal chip and pin reader.
Figures show that the average London black
cab fare is £12.
This system also gives users the opportu-
nity to place a tip on the card. Goodridge said:
“It’s often the case of a tip being whatever
change you had. Now it is built into the system,
and in New York we saw that tips actually
A replica of the statue of Eros made by
Alfred Gilbert has been finished at the Black
Students Clash With Royal Car
Isle Bronze fine art foundry in the Highlands
of Scotland.
The cast of the Piccadilly Circus sculpture
is to go on display at the Victoria & Albert
Museum in April.
It was agreed when the rights to the work
were sold 20 years ago that only 10 copies
would be made, and this is the last of them.
Britain’s ageing InterCity trains are to
be scrapped and replaced with a new fleet
as part of an £8bn bid to ease commuter
Transport Secretary Phillip Hammond
has unveiled plans to scrap the 34-year-old
vehicles in favour of a new generation of
trains, cutting journey times on lines from
London to Wales and Scotland.
The Government has also confirmed
the go-ahead for the £5.5bn Thameslink
London’s West End will have a £1bn
makeover in time for the Olympics, it was
announced last month.
Business leaders said that the investment,
to benefit the capital’s retail and leisure sec-
tions and infrastructure, is a sign of “growing
confidence” in the area. The developments,
funded by public and private sector invest-
ments, will ensure that visitors will be able
to enjoy “world class” entertainment during
the 2012 Games.
New retail developments, hotels and a
£22m overhaul of the Hippodrome, Leicester
Square, turning it into a “leisure casino” are
on the cards.
This, says Robert Davis, Westminster
City Council’s deputy leader, will ensure that
“when the eyes of the world are upon us, it
acts as a showcase for the country.”
From the Melbourne Herald: Alcoholic
beverages are banned in Saudi Arabia. Under
the country’s Islamic Sharia law, those who
consume alcohol are canned publicly.
The King’s Speech – A
Royal Globes Winner?
THE British film The King’s Speech,
took the lead with seven nominations for
Best Drama in the annual Golden Globes
Awards to be
handed out at a
star-studded cer-
emony in Bev-
erly Hills, on
January 16. It
will be televised
on NBC-TV to
more than 160
countries world-
Directed by Tom Hooper, who was
nominated for Best Director, his movie
also brought nods to British star Colin
Firth, 50, who portrays the future stuttering
King George VI, and to Helena Bonham
Carter, 44, as his wife Elizabeth.
Of his nomination, Firth thanked the
Hollywood Foreign Press, adding “I am
truly grateful to be in the company of so
many of my colleagues.”
Australian star Geoffrey Rush who
gives a strong performance as a speech
therapist to George VI, is up for Best Sup-
porting Actor.
Of Firth’s nomination, Bonham Carter
said, “I find it’s very funny that Colin’s
probably going to get an Oscar for playing
somebody who can’t speak, yet as soon as
the camera is off, he talks non-stop.”
Another British film, Made in Dagen-
ham an award-winning British comedy ,
with Sally Hawkins was a no-show for
a Globe.
In television, Judi Dench in Return to
Cranford is up for Best Actress in a mini-
series or motion picture made for TV, and
past Globes winner Hugh Laurie is again a
contender for Best Actor for House.
Despite the strong competition, The
King’s Speech has favourable odds to be
crowned a Royal winner at the Globes
Colin Firth
Famous Christian Landmark Tree Chopped Down
POLICE were searching for vandals last
month who chopped down a thorn tree
venerated for centuries by Christians.
The Glastonbury Holy Thorn Tree,
said to have links to the earliest days of
Christianity in England, has been reduced
to a six-foot stump by vandals who sawed
off its limbs.
The desecration happened the night
after a sprig from the tree was cut off in
a ceremony so it could be given to Queen
Elizabeth II to decorate her Christmas ta-
ble, said Glastonbury Mayor John Coles.
Coles believes the traditional ceremony
may have sparked a backlash.
“Whether the person responsible for the
deed saw the ceremony on local television
or witnessed it, it’s rather a coincidence
that it was done that same night,” he said.
“We don’t know whether it’s one person
responsible or a group.”
Glastonbury, 125 miles west of London,
is best known for its annual rock music
festival that has drawn artists such as Bruce
Springsteen since the 1960s.
Religious tradition holds that the
original tree was planted by St Joseph of
Arimathea – the wealthy merchant who
volunteered his tomb to Jesus – after
he first made landfall in England some
2,000 years ago. The chopped-down
tree is thought to be descended from the
original and sprouted on Wearyall Hill in
“The story goes that Joseph of Ari-
mathea pushed his staff into the ground
and pronounced it to be weary – that’s why
it’s known as Wearyall Hill,” said Coles.
“The tree is said to have grown from the
staff. It’s something you can’t prove or
Many pilgrims have left offerings at the
base of the tree over the years.
Katherine Gorbing, the director of Glas-
tonbury Abbey, said there is some hope the
tree may recover.
“We’re very hopeful that it will grow
back,” she said.
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Heavy Snow Hits
Travel Across Britain
or melted early Saturday, the highway was
still closed in one direction, with traffic
backed up for nearly 25 miles.
Paris was sprinkled with a light coat of
snow overnight, as many people prepared
to set off on their Christmas vacations.
More snow was predicted, leading civil
aviation authorities to cancel 15 percent of
flights at Charles de Gaulle airport.
Britain may experience its coldest
December on record, weather service
forecaster Mark Seltzer said.
Police in Leicester, central England,
said the snowy weather had helped uncover
a cannabis factory in the city. Officers
raided the premises after spotting that snow
had melted on the building’s roof as a re-
sult of heat from industrial-strength lights
used in the cultivation of the drug.
Horse racing meetings and dozens of
soccer games in England and Scotland
were called off as a result of the conditions,
including a high profile match scheduled
for Sunday in London between Chelsea
and Manchester United.
William Bortrick, editor of Burke’s Peer-
age and Gentry, the genealogical bible of
British blue bloods.
That is not a widely held view in Mar-
lborough, the prosperous market town 60
miles west of London where Middleton
went to school. Many here welcome the
infusion of ordinary English blood into
the aristocratic Euro-hybrid of the royal
“It hasn’t really worked out, marrying
a cousin, has it?” said photograph vendor
Lou Eastham, dismissing centuries of royal
Down the street at the Marlborough
Conservative Club, retiree Peter Goddard
agreed that Middleton’s “humble origins”
were an asset.
“Two hundred years ago, her family
didn’t live in a castle,” he said. “Good
for them.”
Since nothing is ever simple when it
comes to class in Britain, it’s not surpris-
ing there’s a furious debate about just how
common Catherine Elizabeth Middleton
really is.
Unlike the United States, whose most
powerful uniting belief is that anyone can
rise to the top through hard work, for cen-
turies in Britain birth was destiny and that
legacy still resonates. If you were born into
the upper classes, you’re likely to remain
there even if you lose your fortune. The
penniless aristocrat who can’t afford to
heat his castle is no less aristocratic than
the wealthy one.
Even now, in an arguably more socially
mobile era, class origins stick more than
elsewhere. Mick Jagger remains for many
a faintly disreputable rock’n’roll rebel
despite a knighthood that made him Sir
Mick. And for all his millions, David
Beckham’s working class accent is as
much a part of his persona as his looks and
soccer prowess.
As for Middleton, she is not a member
of nobility or the aristocracy, which makes
her an unusual bride for the man who will
likely be king one day. William’s mother
Princess Diana was the daughter of an
earl, and Prince Andrew’s ex-wife Sarah
Ferguson also has aristocratic ancestors’
her great-grandfather was a duke.
Middleton’s maternal ancestors were
manual laborers and coal miners, a fact
trumpeted in tabloid headlines like “From
pit to palace.” The tabloid Sun claimed
that her family’s journey from “slag heaps
... to the heart of the Establishment is a
remarkable and uplifting story of social
But Kate is not exactly working class.
Middleton’s paternal ancestors have been
affluently middle-class for more than a cen-
tury: merchants, lawyers and mill owners
in the northern English county of York-
shire who amassed comfortable fortunes,
sent their children to private schools and
became pillars of the community.
Kate’s parents Carol and Michael
Middleton are millionaires who run their
own party-planning business. Before that
Continued from page 1
they worked in the airline industry Carol
as a flight attendant, Michael as a flight
They sent Kate to Marlborough College,
a £30,000-a-year boarding school whose
handsome red-brick buildings and neatly
clipped lawns dominate one end of the
town. Alumni include the poets John Betje-
man and Siegfried Sassoon and musician
Chris de Burgh.
“She’s not middle-class,” said Neil
Clarke, a workman digging a hole in the
road just outside the school’s tall iron
gates. “You wouldn’t be able to afford that
on a middle-class salary.”
Middleton’s Marlborough education
helped give her an ease around the upper
classes, and on the evidence of her one
television interview, polished manners
and a genteel accent to match those of her
royal fiance.
Accent is still a key class signifier,
although times have changed since those
of humble origin had to shed all hints of
working-class or regional origins if they
hoped to rise in the world. Today it’s just as
common to find upper-class kids adopting
“mockney”, mock
Cockney, accents in
an attempt to seem
Yet Middleton’s
background is or-
dinary enough to
launch the oft-re-
peated story about
Wi l l i am’ s posh
friends quipping
“doors to manual”
as a gibe at her
mother’s former
job. Or for com-
mentators to snipe
about Carol Middle-
ton chewing gum
during William’s military college gradua-
tion ceremony, attended by the Queen.
Such reactions suggest Britain is still far
from a classless society.
Will Atkinson, a sociologist at Bristol
University who has studied the class
system, said social mobility in Britain has
been stagnant since the World War II.
“Kate Middleton has taken a very un-
usual path to the top,” he said. “It’s not a
path that’s open to most people.
“You get the occasional David Beck-
ham. You get the occasional Kate Middle-
ton. But most people will reproduce their
parents’ class.”
That is backed up by educational charity
the Sutton Trust, which says England lags
behind many other developed countries in
social mobility. It points out that 60 percent
of ministers in the British government went
to private schools, which are attended
by just seven percent of the population.
Almost 70 percent of the Cabinet went to
Oxford or Cambridge, the country’s two
most prestigious universities.
Others, though, argue that the walls of
the upper-class citadel have been ham-
mered down, the old ruling class replaced
by a new elite, based on wealth and educa-
tion rather than birth.
Peregrine Worsthorne, the impeccably
posh author of “Democracy Needs Aristoc-
racy,” said the royal family was making a
canny move by marrying William “into the
dominant class, the bourgeoisie, the rich
but not well-born.”
“I don’t think they sat him down and
told him ‘Look, sonny boy, you’ve got
to marry into the bourgeoisie,’” he said.
“Nowadays they are the people he would
be likely to meet. It’s part of a natural
historical process.”
And not, for Worsthorne, an entirely
welcome one.
“We’ve got a meritocracy and the results
don’t seem very encouraging,” he said.
“They’ve led us into the most ungodly
financial mess.”
Class purists appear to include the
former editor of Burke’s Peerage, Charles
Mosley, who was quoted by the Daily
Mail newspaper as saying William should
have married someone from its pages,
noting that “even if you take out the men,
the married women and those too old that
would still leave around 10,000 for Prince
William to choose from.”
His successor is more relaxed. Bortrick,
the grandly titled “executive and royal
editor” of Burke’s Peerage, turns out to
be an affable 35-year-old modernizer who
has wrenched the tome into the 21st cen-
tury by including offspring of unmarried
couples’though not, he stresses, “children
of scandalous liaisons”, and listing children
in order of birth, rather than putting the
boys ahead of the girls.
He thinks the marriage of William and
Kate is “a very positive thing for everyone
for the family and for the country.”
That sentiment is reflected on the streets
of Marlborough, where the romance of the
royal union has warmed many hearts, in-
cluding that of Jane Corbett, a milliner who
has made hats for Middleton in the past.
“What I think is special is he’s chosen
the woman he’s in love with, regardless of
her background,” she said. “It will make
for a very modern monarchy.”
‘Ordinary’ Kate Middleton Reflects Class Divide
Kate Middleton and Prince William.
Russian ‘Spy’
Challenges UK
By Sylvia Hui
LAWYERS for a Russian woman
detained in Britain on suspicion of spy-
ing launched a legal challenge to her
deportation order last month, claiming
she was the innocent victim of a bungled
secret services operation.
Ekaterina Zatuliveter, who worked
as an assistant to Liberal Democrat law-
maker Mike Hancock, was detained last
month pending deportation to Russia.
Hancock’s office said the 25-year-old
was arrested on the grounds that her
presence in Britain “was not conducive
to the public good.”
Zatuliveter denies any wrongdoing.
Her lawyer said the government
has failed to provide any evidence that
Zatuliveter is a threat to national se-
curity. Her law firm filed to challenge
the government’s decision to deport
the Russian, and she is also seeking
Zatuliveter’s immediate release from a
detention center, about 60 miles north of
London, where she is being held.
Alexander Sternik, charge d’affaires
at the Russian Embassy in London, told
reporters during a press briefing that his
embassy has “a limited relationship”
with Zatuliveter.
Wikileaks Chief
Says US Preparing
To Indict Him
THE FOUNDER of WikiLeaks fears the
United States is preparing to indict him,
but he insists that his government secret-
spilling site would continue its work de-
spite what he calls a dirty tricks campaign
against him.
Julian Assange spoke last month from
snowbound Ellingham Hall, a supporter’s
10-bedroom country mansion where he
was confined on bail as he fights Sweden’s
attempt to extradite him on allegations of
rape and molestation.
Attorney General Eric Holder has said
repeatedly a criminal investigation of the
WikiLeaks’ continuing release of some
250,000 secret US State Department cables
is under way and that anyone found to have
broken the law will be held accountable.
The Justice Department has provided
no other public comment on who is under
investigation or its legal strategy.
A British High Court judge freed As-
sange on bail earlier on condition he reside
at the 600-acre estate in eastern England,
wear an electronic tag and report to police
daily. Assange spent nine days in prison
after handing himself in to British police
on December 7. He is wanted in Sweden
for questioning about sex allegations lev-
eled against him by two women he spent
time with while visiting the country in
Swedish officials – and the lawyer for
the women involved – have denied accusa-
tions from Assange and his supporters that
the allegations are politically motivated.
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Flu Death Toll Rises To 27
EXTREME weather conditions have not
helped winter sicknesses this year. 27
people have died from flu in recent weeks,
including 24 from swine flu, according to
official figures.
Ten more fatal cases of confirmed flu
were reported in the week preceeding
Nine children and 18 adults have died
since October, the Health Protection
Agency (HPA) data confirms, and there
are growing concerns about how many
young people are being struck down by
the virus.
People are being urged to get their flu
jabs after figures showed many people in
“at risk” groups – such as pregnant women
– had not been vaccinated.
Just one of the 22 people who died, and
whose vaccination status was known, had
received the most up-to-date flu vaccine.
The NHS helpline is also struggling
after calls soared by 50 percent in the past
few days, it has been claimed.
Fl Fl DD th th TT ll ll Ri Ri TT 27 27
Charles and Diana, the Princess of
Wales, in an official coin released to
mark their 1981 wedding. In 2008, the
mint released another coin to com-
memorate Charles’ 60th birthday.
“The Royal Mint has been record-
ing historical events for over 1,100
years,” said Dave Knight, of the
Royal Mint.
The coin is the latest official mer-
chandise to celebrate the royal wed-
ding. William’s office has also already
approved a souvenir tankard, plate
and pill box that feature the couple’s
entwined initials, the prince’s coronet
emblem and the date of the wed-
That’s Kate
Middleton? Critics
Slam Wedding Coin
January 2011 Page 5
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What Does An Export License Have
To Do With Visa Applications?
A CONCEPT known as “deemed export”,
in conjunction with national security, has
caused for the first time, US Citizenship
& Immigration Services (USCIS) to make
inquiries when employers file applications
for certain foreign national talent. The new
requirement applies to the following nonim-
migrant visa categories: H-1B (visas for
professionals), H-1B1 (professional visas
for those from Chile or Singapore), L-1
(intra company transferees and O-1A (those
of extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts,
athletics or business).
The form use is known as an I-129
petition. A new version came on line on
November 23, 2010 with a mandatory use
date of December 23, 2010. The relevant
question on the new form requires employ-
ers to review various State Department and
Commerce Department schedules relevant
to the International Traffic in Arms Regula-
tions (ITAR and the Export Administration
Regulations (EAR) and make an affirmative
certification as to whether or not an export
license is required for a given filing. Gener-
ally, if a foreign national will be exposed to,
or even have access to, certain technology
that requires an export license, one needs to
be obtained. Factored into this analysis is the
country of birth, nationality and residence of
the foreign nationality. If an export license
is required, the petition can still be filed and
approved and the foreign national can even
show up to work, however, she can not be
exposed to or have access to that technology
until a license is obtained. It can take two or
three months to get these licenses.
The fact of the matter is that most peti-
tions will not require an export license. The
problem is that each petitioner must still
certify it has reviewed the applicable mate-
rial and certify one way or another. A wrong
guess, if discovered, can lead to significant
civil and even criminal penalties. There is
a strict liability standard which means that
intent is irrelevant.
So, employer/petitioners of the above
mentioned types of working visas must put
in place a process whereby someone with
reliable subject matter expertise can liaise
with staff handling the visa process on behalf
of the company. This is another reason why
employers need to drive the immigration
process as opposed to letting the foreign
national do so where compliance corners
might be cut to expedite processing.
Employers with significant head count in
these visa categories can likely put together
a program whereby individual case analysis
would not be required. An updated grid of
sorts can likely be prepared which will allow
the immigration contact to answer this new
It is important to realize that this is not a
new law. For about the last 20 years, employ-
ers had to obtain export licenses for foreign
national workers exposed to certain technol-
ogy. What is different now is that employers
have to review and certify one way or another
on the visa petition.
Fifty Years Of Corrie Brings Move Announcement
IT WAS December 9, 1960 when
the first episode of Coronation
Street was aired in the UK.
Corrie, now tagged the longest-running,
and most watched soap opera in the
world, is to have it’s set relocated to a
more modern, and much larger venue in
Coronation Street, set in Weatherfield,
a fictional area of Greater Manchester,
northwest England, was created by Tony
Warren, who initially named the show
Florizel Street.
Although originated by Granada Tele-
vision and has been shown in all regions
of ITV almost throughout its existence.
Since first being aired it has been one of
the most financially lucrative programmes
on commercial television, underpinning
the success of its broadcaster ITV, and on
September 17, 2010 became the world’s
longest-running TV soap opera currently
in production.
But space demands and modern technol-
ogy calls for filming to be moved from the
Granada complex in central Manchester to
Trafford Wharf, near Salford Quays.
The new street, complete with the
famous houses and cobbles, will be con-
structed to a larger scale to cater for the
demands of high definition TV.
The 7.7-acre site, which still needs plan-
ning permission, will also give the soap the
option of expanding with the building of
new parts of Weatherfield.
ITV’s other Manchester operations
will move to the Media City complex in
Salford, near a new BBC office that will
house programmes such as Match of the
Day, BBC Breakfast and Blue Peter.
On the current Coronation Street set,
which has been used since 1982, the
terraced houses are slightly smaller than
real houses.
ITV said the new outdoor set would be
built “to greater scale than before”.
“HD is with us so we’re going to build
it to ensure it stands the test of time,” an
ITV spokesman said.
“All of the old favourites will be there
– the Kabin and the Rovers Return – but
it gives us options going forward for ex-
panding. That’s the beauty of being on a
purpose-built site.
ITV’s new production base is due to
open in 2012
“We’re on a 7.7-acre site, so in terms of
what happens in the future who knows, but
it gives us options from a production per-
spective that we don’t currently have.”
“Coronation Street is an incredible
brand and as we celebrate its 50th anniver-
sary, it’s fantastic news that we are able to
invest in the construction of a modern pro-
duction centre to ensure that the nation’s
best loved soap remains at the top of its
game for another half a century,” he said.
ITV also currently produces the Jeremy
Kyle Show, Countdown and University
Challenge in Manchester, but no decision
has been made about whether they will
also move.
The BBC is due to begin the move into
its new complex next year. BBC Sport,
Children’s and Radio 5 live are among
the departments that will be transferred
from London.
A BBC spokesman said: “We would
like to offer a warm BBC welcome to our
colleagues at ITV.
The show celebrated it’s 50
by airing
a one-hour live episode which featured a
trolley train tragedy on the street.
, the e
tha than n
brand brand d brand bran d and and and as e as we as we l cele cele celebbrate brate brate iits its its 50 h 50th 50th 50th anni anniv anniv niver er- er-
sary, it’ it’s f t fant ti astic news th t that we a b re abl t le to
Original “Street” characters,
Minnie Caldwell, Ena Sharples
and Martha Longhurst at the
Rovers Return.
Street with
the iconic
Return on
the corner.
PROBABLY one of Britains best-
known, and loved TV animals, the
Andrex puppy, is to be replaced by a
digital version.
The Labrador retriever, which has
been a fixture on screens since 1972, is
being revamped in a new £15m advertis-
ing campaign. Andrew manufacturer
Kimberly Clark has confirmed the new
ads will star a computer generated im-
age instead of using a real-life puppy.
The puppy has been digitally recre-
ated using the movements, mannerisms
and “personalities” of thousands of
puppies studied by animators over the
past six months.
In the Andrex adverts, the Labrador
is joined for the first time by British
Bulldog and Dalmatian puppies in a
digital “puppy world”.
Andrex Puppy
Takes His
Final ‘Bark’
The commercial then depicts the dog
playing with its “friends”, eating and
sleeping in what was billed as showing
how “the little things” make a difference
to his life.
The adverts, which have been
shrouded in secrecy for months, were
created by advertising agency, JWT, the
firm who devised original mascot. Jon
White, marketing director for Kimberly
Clark Europe, said while the puppy had
a “huge and loyal following”, the com-
pany was “refreshing” the brand.
White denied introducing CGI was a
cost-cutting exercise. He said the puppy
would still appear on tissue packaging.
“We really believe we’ve given him
a new lease of life and have evolved his
character,” he said.
Page 6 January 2011
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LIFE on Coronation Street will never be the
same again. Events unfurled this month, in
Corrie’s 50th anniversary year, that will have
major repercussions for everyone who lives
on the Street. And we’re not just talking a
dodgy hot-pot in the Rovers, oh no. We’re
talking an explosion in Nick and Leanne’s
trendy new watering hole, The Joinery. An
explosion so big and so loud that it knocked
an oncoming tram off the viaduct, hurtling
it onto the cobbles and killing some of the
Street regulars. Who will live and who will
die is a closely guarded secret and I’ll bring
you the list of survivors and casualties in the
next column in the New Year.
Elsewhere this month, Gary’s returns from
Afghanistan. He’s a changed man, stunned
by what he’s seen and shocked by the death
of his mate Quinny. He drowns his sorrows in
the Rovers and his temper flares out of hand
as he struggles to cope with all that’s gone
on in the army.
Meanwhile, David’s sent home after hav-
ing his charge dropped for attempted murder
of the local butcher. He’s been diagnosed as
an idiopathic epileptic which could account
for the lapse in concentration he suffered
while at the wheel of his car which made it run
poor Graeme the butcher over on the Street.
Or then again, David might just have found
his excuse. He’s an evil one that David, and
you just never know.
Over at the trendy new bar on the Street,
before it went up in flames, Nick and Leanne
were having a fling behind the bar and behind
Leanne’s fiance’s back. Mind you, Peter’s
been a bigamist in his past and has an eye
for Carla Connor at the moment too, so it’s
safe to say that Leanne’s looming marriage
to Peter doesn’t have the Hallmark seal of
approval on it, just yet.
Also this month, John discovers Charlotte
was the one who nicked his house keys,
the one who made the DVD that scared Fiz
witless, the one who’s been sending scary
notes to Fiz made from letters cut out from
newspapers. But what does he do when he
discovers all of this? He sits down to enjoy
a steak dinner with the loopy woman after
she threatens to blackmail him over what he
knows about Colin Fishwick’s death and that
John bured Colin under the factory founda-
tions. So John’s stuck between a rock and a
hard face who tells him she wants him in her
life even if she has to share him with Fiz.
At the Rovers, Owen the builder sets
his cap at Liz the barmaid. It’s all going
swimmingly until Liz’s ex-husband Big Jim
McDonald returns and squares up to Owen.
Owen’s not one to back down, and he won’t
leave Liz alone just because Jim’s returned.
But even I was stunned by the lengths that
Owe went to, to ensure Jim got the mes-
sage to leave Liz alone. Owen pays one of
his builders to get his mates in to give Jim a
good hiding when they find him drinking in
town. Jim ends up battered and bruised and
in hospital, warning son Steve that Owen’s
a bad ‘un alright.
And Molly and Tyrone face a sad Christ-
mas when she tells him that only does she
not want to have another baby with him,
but that she’s leaving him too. As everyone
knows, except Tyrone, their baby has been
fathered by Kevin Webster but he’s turning a
blind eye and a deaf ear to Molly’s pleas for
them to make a fresh start of things. Kev’s
got more on his mind than moaning Molly.
His youngest daughter Sophie has become a
born-again Christian and is struggling to find
a church that doesn’t take issue with her be-
ing a lesbian, while his eldest daughter Rosie
is fast becoming the strumpet of the Street.
Glenda Young
BILLY, we hardly knew ye: When Carol Jack-
son returned to the Square, we all knew trouble
would follow, but no one ever expected the
tragic events that occured. . .
On leave from the Army for his 18th birth-
day, Billy Jackson has a party in Pat’s front
room attended by his family, as well as a
bunch of troublesome friends. There is heavy
drinking, which gets even heavier when the
oldsters leave the kids to it. The next morning
Bianca goes to wake Billy, who’s asleep on the
couch, and finds him dead. Alcohol poisoning.
Carol can’t cope, blames everyone else for
what happened, and bans most of the family
and all of his friends from his funeral. And in
grief, she preposterously begins a secret affair
with one of his friends, Connor...
Jane reluctantly stays with Ian, though in
a strange twist of events, Ian finds himself
hiding in the closet at the Masood’s house
(he’d broken in to spy, to find out what they
were bidding for the Argy Bargy) and is stuck
there when all the women walk in to get
made up for a party at the Vic. As all the girl
talk goes on, unseen by all (except Glenda),
Ian hears Jane admit her discontentment
with him and says she doesn’t love him. He
eventually sneaks out heartbroken . . . Jane
and Masood carry on almost, but not quite,
having an affair, going so far as to rent a
hotel room, and then just chat about their
marriages. Jane confronts Ian and tells him
all (including that she had intended to sleep
with Masood, but didn’t.) In true Beale form,
Ian gives it all he’s got to convince Jane to
give their marriage another go, and when she
agrees, he immediately starts a secret affair
with Glenda (who, btw, is also having a secret
affair with Phil, behind Shirley’s back). . .
A blast from Billy Mitchell’s past resurfaces,
a girlfriend from the Children’s Home he grew
up in, to tell him that she had his baby all
those years ago and he has a grown son . . .
Lauren Branning has been asking alot of ques-
tions about Bradley’s involvement in Archie’s
murder, and finally Max can’t take it anymore
and admits that it was Stacy who did it. Lauren
jumps to the wrong conclusions, thinking her
dad is protecting Stacy because they’re hav-
ing an affair, and doesn’t understand about
the rape, and so she confronts Stacy. After
briefly running away, for fear Lauren will turn
her in, Stacy returns, convinces Lauren not
to tell, and begins an affair with baby daddy
Ryan, behind Janine’s back. But it ain’t behind
Janine’s back for long. . .
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If you would like to keep up with all things
Eastenders just sign up for my FREE, weekly
EastEnders e-newsletter. To get on the
list, just email me here at the Launderette:
Si gned, Your Fai t hf ul Repor t er
Deborah Gilbert AKA Ishcabible
Hate Crimes Figures Jump – England, Wales, N Ireland
MORE THAN 50,000 hate crimes were
reported last year across England, Wales
and Northern Ireland a rise of 12 percent
over the last year.
Police figures released last month that
the number of offenses perceived as hate
crimes rose more to 52,028 in 2009, com-
pared with 46,300 a year earlier. Police
here only began recording hate crimes in
April 2008 following the adoption of a
universal definition for the term.
More than 43,000 of the incidents
in 2009 were race-related, while nearly
5,000 crimes were motivated by sexual
orientation. Others were motivated by
religion, faith or disability.
British human rights activist Peter
Tatchell, well known in Britain for his
campaigns on gay rights issues, described
the rise as alarming, although he noted
that “it’s really hard to say with any au-
thority why the figures are going up.”
He said it was possible that attacks
were on the rise, or simply that hate
crimes were being reported more fre-
“It may be a bit of both,” he said.
Politicians here have worried that the
economic downturn could be a boon for
hate groups, and both Muslim and Jewish
groups in Britain have reported spikes
in attacks on their communities. While
Britain remains a generally tolerant place
for gays, attacks do still occur, including
a case in which a gay man was stamped
and kicked to death in Trafalgar Square
last year.
The Association of Chief Police
Officers said it hoped the data would
encourage victims and witnesses of hate
crimes to come forward.

Deborah Gilbert AKA Ishcabible
Christmas Trees Wobble In
Minor UK Earthquake
AUTHORITIES says a small magnitude
3.5 earthquake struck northern England
December 22, waking residents and shak-
ing buildings.
The British Geological Survey said that
the tremor, which lasted for more than a
minute, was centered on the country of
Cumbria, in northwestern England.
Peter Kelly, owner of the Yewdale
Hotel in Coniston, said residents heard a
bang and rumbling sound.
Alan Robertson, who runs a hotel in Es-
kdale, said the tremor was “sizable enough
to shake an old and well-established
Geologist say Britain experiences a
small earthquake every 12 to 18 months.
Zara Phillips To Marry
Rugby Star Mike Tindall
ZARA Phillips, the Queen’s oldest grand-
daughter, has got engaged to her long-term
boyfriend, England rugby union player
Mike Tindall.
Buckingham Palace said last month that
Tindall, 32, had proposed at the couple’s
Gloucestershire home.
Phillips, 29, who is 12th in line to the
throne, said she was “shocked”, but “very
happy”; the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh
said they were “delighted” by news of the
engagement. No wedding date has yet
been set.
Miss Phillips and Mr Tindall met dur-
ing England’s Rugby World Cup-winning
campaign in Australia in 2003. He also will
captain Premiership side Gloucester for the
2010/11 season in August.
small small eart earthquak hquak q e eve e every 12 ry 12 y to 1 to 18 mon 8 months ths. ss
Z Philli T M
January 2011 Page 7
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AND SO, welcome to 2011!
There are so many things to commemo-
rate this year, so many reasons to celebrate
the joy of being British or even ex-British.
The national highlight of our year will
probably be the wedding of Prince William
and Kate Middleton in Westminster Abbey
on April 29. Surprisingly, the declaration of a
public holiday for this has not been met with
unalloyed delight by some of Her Majesty’s
subjects largely because it means that there
will be three four-day weeks in a row. The
timing of the wedding creates a four-day
public holiday weekend for three consecu-
tive weeks. The Monday after the wedding
is already a designated bank holiday and the
weekend before has two Easter bank holidays
on the Friday and Monday.
Politicians are worried because with coun-
cil elections, Scottish parliament elections
and the referendum vote on a new voting
system all coming in the first week in May the
voters may not be especially engaged.
A hundr ed
years ago the
Edwardian era
came to an end
with the corona-
tion of George V
(1865-1936) on
June 22, 1911.
That didn’t quite
usher i n t he
modern age for
George was a bit
of a lad. In December, he went to India to be
crowned Emperor of India in a great durbar
in Delhi. He then moved on to Nepal seem-
ingly intent on wiping out the wildlife there.
Comfortably ensconced in a howdah atop his
elephant, our new king despatched 21 tigers,
eight rhinos and a bear.
This was masterly hunting at its imperial
best. The King was accompanied by 12,000
fellow hunters and 600-odd elephants with
another 2,000 mahouts or attendants. The
elephants surrounded each of the victims
and our king did the rest, along the lines of
an abattoir I suppose.
1911 started with a spot of violence in
Stepney, 100 Sidney Street to be precise. A
gang of Latvian revolutionary burglars were
deemed to be holed up here after a break-in
in Houndsditch. Most importantly Peter the
Painter was believed to be in hiding there
too. Winston Churchill became personally
involved in the eleven day siege, finally au-
thorising the use of the Scots Guards. After
six hours of heavy gunfire during which a
bullet passed through Churchill’s hat, a field
artillery gun was summoned. However, fire
consumed the building before the artillery
could be employed.
The police stood with their guns facing the
front door awaiting a desperate break-out but
it never came. Inside, they found the bodies
of two of the Latvi-
ans but no Peter the
Painter. A hundred
years later we are
no wiser about what
happened to him or
whether indeed he
ever exi sted. The
bullet that missed
Churchill’s head was
to save the British
nation 30 or so years
later but at the time he was severely censured
for exposing himself to such danger.
In February 1911, the
first airmail flight took to
the skies – in California
where one Fred Wiseman
carried three letters to
Santa Rosa. On the very
next day, 13,000 air letters were delivered by
a Frenchman in a flight covering no less than
13 kilometres in Allahabad, India. But it was
we Brits who set up the first airmail service
later in 1911 connecting Hendon to Windsor.
The purists amongst us may argue that the
real beginning of airmail came in January
1785 when correspondence was carried in an
air balloon that sped from Dover to Calais.
Also in 1911, Harland and Wolff men in
Belfast were able to launch the hull of The
Titanic. This was held together by no less
than three million rivets, the very same rivets
which were shown to have popped when the
ship hit an iceberg the following year, a struc-
tural weakness blamed for causing the 1523
deaths in the icy north Atlantic waters.
The 1912 tragedy was not remotely
foreseeable for 1911 was a year of great
optimism. Across the country work was
proceeding apace in the provision of public
electrical supplies. A patchwork of compa-
nies was busy wiring us all together. There
were great celebrations when the elevator at
the metro station at Earls Court in London.
Meanwhile the development of the public
telephone service was beginning to link us
and provide more evidence of the brilliance
of modern communications.
Modernity was all the rage. Particularly
enraged about it were the suffragettes. In
November, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson and
Emmeline Pankhurst led a march on the
Houses of Parliament. Their protests met
a brutal response from the police. Many of
the women were arrested, opting for prison
The Past Reaches Out To Grab Us
sentences and hunger strikes, leading to
terrible scenes of forced feeding. Though
women over the age of 30 won the vote in
1918, it was to be another ten years on top
of that before universal suffrage for all was
finally achieved in the UK.
On July 11, 1911, Terry Thomas was
born. The gap-toothed comedian grew into
the archetypal cad, famed for his catch-
phrase, “I say,
what a bounder”.
In 1960, at the
hei ght of hi s
career, he was
starring in a mid-
night show at the
Liverpool Odeon.
When he came
off stage he was
besi de hi msel f
with rage to discover that his cigarette
holder, encrusted with 42 diamonds and
valued at £2,000, had been stolen from his
dressing room.
Two of the missing sparklers soon turned
up but it was to be a fortnight before the
remainder were discovered. They had been
secreted in a roll of carpet belonging to a
young comedian who had asked Thomas
before the show if a place in the programme
could be found for him. Thomas had angrily
turned down the request – and the young man
had taken his revenge for this slight.
He pleaded guilty and was given two
years probation for the crime. He went on
to become one of Britain’s best-loved and
successful performers though I shall leave it
to you to find out for yourself his identity.
On the last day of the year, a mother went
into labour in Ambala India, producing a fine
baby boy on the first day of 1912. The boy
was christened Harold Adrian Russell and
Dora Philby was no doubt delighted with her
hard labour. His career diplomat father, St
John Philby, nicknamed the boy Kim after
Rudyard Kipling’s hero, ironically since he
was to betray his country. A year after
Kim’s defection to Russia in 1963,
Dora died drinking a bottle of gin a day
after her husband had rejected her for
an Arab lady.
Thus the past reaches out to grab
John Polley
Terry Thomas
King George V
The Titanic launch.
THIS month’s recipe might seem to be
backwards to be featured in January, but
as I had several requests in December
obviously it is something of interest, and
you can keep it until next Fall. The reputation
for fruit cake in the States is dismal, and
has a great reputation for being used as a
door stop, or recycled annually! However
a really nice fruit cake is a treat, just need
to plan ahead, I have converted so many
of my American friends to a “proper” fruit
cake. I usually make mine in October to be
ready for Christmas, however I do have a
friend who loves it so much that she makes
it all year round!
Making a fruit cake takes time, and you
need a really good deep cake pan. Make
sure the oven is preheated, and don’t open
the oven door any more than needed or
it can cause the cake to fall. (Even if that
happens you can still finish it and cover it
with the icing!) This particular recipe makes
two cakes, and it is one of those times when
halving it doesn’t work out as well, if you
don’t want to use straight away the second
one can be frozen. By making it ahead if
using it, you have a chance to let the cake
“marinate” with a few additions of brandy or
rum . . . or both! Sometimes it can be hard
to find the dried fruits, I always find some
though at the local health food stores
My preference is the traditional use of
marzipan and Royal icing. I don’t like the
fondant type of icing, too sweet for me, but
it does make it easy, whatever your prefer-
ence, I’ll include the icing recipe anyway. I
hope you enjoy my version
Christmas Cake /Fruit Cake
1½ lb chopped citron (candied peel)
1/2lb chopped and pitted dates
1/2lb glace (candied) cherries
3¾ cups raisins
2¾ cups currants
1lb chopped or ground almonds
3/4 cup brandy
1lb brown sugar
1lb softened butter
15 egg yolks beaten until thick
4 cups all purpose four
1 Tbsp each cinnamon, cloves, all spice
and nutmeg
1½ tsp mace
15 egg whites beaten until stiff
Preheat oven to 300 degrees F.
Mix together the first six ingredients; pour
on the brandy and let sit while preparing the
rest of the ingredients. Cream the butter and
sugar until light and fluffy. Add the beaten egg
yolks gradually beating constantly. Reserve
one cup of the flour, and gradually add the
dry ingredients beating well after each addi-
tion, then add the beaten egg whites. Sprinkle
the reserved cup of flour into the fruit and
fold in the fruits into the batter. Grease and
line two deep cake pans with greaseproof or
parchment paper, have a 2-3” cuff above the
pans. Place a pan of water in the bottom of
the oven ( it makes it easier to put pan in the
oven and then pour the water in). Bake for
two or three hours until done, tested with a
tester; ovens and altitudes vary so the time
can be different. Remove from oven and let
sit and cool thoroughly. Remove the paper
off the cake and wrap well with plastic wrap
and aluminum foil. Depending when you
will use the cake (try to allow two-three
weeks if possible) pour about 2-3 Tbsp of
brandy over the cake periodically, wrapping
up tight after doing. This is what keeps the
cake so moist.
When ready to use, glaze the cake with
apricot jam or marmalade, then wrap with
rolled out marzipan. Let sit overnight, then
decorate with preferred icing.
Royal Icing
2 egg whites
1 Tbsp lemon juice
1lb confectioners (icing) sugar
Beat the egg whites with the lemon juice
until it is the consistency of cream. Beat
in the sugar a little at a time, continuously
scraping the sides of the bowl, until the icing
is smooth and shiny . . . it will be very sticky
to use, Leave to dry and decorate.
(I welcome suggestions, comments,
and enquiries and can be reached at
Happy New year to you, I hope it is a
great year for us all
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Page 8 January 2011
Continued on next page
Contact Leo and Karen at PO Box 5691 Oxnard, CA
93031 or britishlad12@yahoo.com
THE Cinderella Panto at the El Portal The-
atre in N Hollywood was overwhelmingly
successful!! Sold out run. Congratulations!!
Pantomine is born in America. Written/
produced by Kris Lythgoe and produced/
directed by Bonnie Lythgoe, The Lythgoe
Family Productions gave a huge sigh of relief
when the costumes and entire set (shipped
from London) were finally released at the LA
dock in November after the huge arms scare.
“This is the first of what now will become an
annual event,” Kris said to us on the phone.
“Next year A Snow White Christmas. This
was a modern version set in Beverly Hills
which people thought was fantastic and
wonderful! What was fun, was to visit with
the cast after the show! The Opening Night
show benefitted LA’s Best for After School
In keeping with the spirit of Christmas,
kudos to Rod Stewart for coming to the aid
of a 21-month-old Oliver Thomas who was
having his third open heart surgery. Oliver’s
parents, Jennifer and Geoff, were over-
whelmed with gratitude when Rod donated
$10,000 to help with the medical costs. Rod
was watching the CBS LA news and was
touched by the story and the grief the par-
ents were going through. We found it rather
commendable as he didn’t do it for any other
reason than kindness. Rod already has seven
kids (oldest is 46) and his eighth (Aidan)
due in February. His latest album The Great
American Song Book V is in the stores.
British Ambassador to the US Sir Nigel
Shinwald weighed in on the 30th anniversary
of the untimely demise of John Lennon on
the CNBC Chris Matthews Show, of the mini
rebellion of the youth in the 60s and how it
did change a lot of our thinking: a time of mini
skirts; the mini car; the Concord; and winning
the World Cup, and not won since!
On a recent visit to New York, promoting
his book Beyond the Crash: Overcoming the
First Crisis of Globalization, former Prime
Minister Gordon Brown appeared on the
John Stewart Show. Much to his credit, I felt
he got it spot on with his view of the future
of the economy whether you’re a lay man
or an intellectual. In eight minutes Gordon
Brown and Jon Stewart nailed what I’ve been
watching hundred’s of hours of American
television to try and figure out, how this
money mess happened. Can’t wait to read
the book www.books.simonandschuster.
We got a lot of email thanking us for
reminding readers of a day gone by (see
last month’s column on Procol Harum) and
the music we rebelled on. Recently on the
David Letterman Show Ricky Gervais was
talking about the student unrest in London
over the tripling of fees at university (which
I did find rather ironic). The same politicians
wanting to increase fees are the same ones
that had much lower tuition costs, isn’t that
hypocritical! Ricky also reminded us of the
50p in meter for either a bath or clothes wash
(for me it was a shilling in the meter just to
stay warm).
Talking of the cold, this time last year we
were telling you about the fabulous time we
had with the Bromley Cadets visiting here in
LA and the whirlwind tour they had of police
activities. This year is was time for the LA
cadets to visit jolly olde England.
On November 17, 17 law enforcement
explorers from Industry Sheriff’s Station
departed for Bromley, England for a trip of a
lifetime. Upon arriving at Heathrow Airport,
Bromley Police Constables greeted the group
from California and whisked them away to
the host borough of Bromley. During their
nine day stay, the Metropolitan Volunteer
Police Cadets and their Coordinators from
Bromley transported the group to the Brit-
ish Museum, Windsor Castle, Parliament,
Stonehenge, Tower of London, 10 Downing
Street, Churchill War Museum, Trafalgar
Square, Buckingham Palace, Bath, Imperial
War Museum, and Canterbury. The explorers
were also treated to a day at the Public Order
Training Centre, where they assisted in the
riot training of police constables by becoming
unruly rioters, throwing wooden bricks.
By being sponsored by the Bromley Bor-
ough, the explorers were honored to actually
stand on the front doorstep of 10 Downing
Street and to stand behind the gates of
Buckingham Palace while the changing of the
guards was conducted. For two-thirds of the
explorers, this was their first time of flying on
an airplane, let alone being out of the United
States. Lasting friend-
ships were formed and
this trip solidifies the
bond of international
exchange between two
volunteer groups who
hope to make this a
yearly exchange.
Cadet Guadal upe
Tino said “England was
an overall amazing ex-
perience, but there were
certain things that to
me will forever remain
in my mind. The first
unforgettable memory
that I have is the overall
bonding and friendship
that we the Sheriff Ex-
plorers of Industry were
able to create with the
Volunteer Police Cadets
of Bromley England.
Another experience that
I enjoyed was visiting
the London Dungeons.
Although the fear level
was not extreme, the
history behind it was
Cadet Karla Gaeta
said “Hands down our trip to Bromley
England was outstanding and a once in a
life time experience. I am blessed to have
the opportunity to a 10-day trip overseas.
Comparing and contrasting the different life
style’s realizing how different yet similar the
British Cadets are to the LASD explorers.
Every day was a new adventure, despite
how cold England can get, my favorite part
of the trip was getting the chance to enter
the gates of Buckingham Palace and watch
the changing of the guard. In addition we got
the chance to interact with the Metropolitan
Police by role playing in a scenario of being
rioters and throwing wooden bricks at the
constables in training. The list goes on and
on, England did not disappoint!”
On a really sad note for all of us plane
buffs, the government is retiring the Harrier
Jet. Another 60s icon bites the dust. What
next? The Tiger Moth Bi Plane? Not if you
know where to look!!
We drove 60 miles through the rain in
sunny Southern California to attend the Brit-
ish event of the year, the BABC’s (British
American Business Council) Annual Christ-
mas Luncheon at the Miramar Hotel in Santa
Monica and what a party it was!! Special
guest the Consul General Dame Barbara
Hay, actress Roma Downey and husband
Mark Burnett, along with David Sefton were
the celebrity guest speakers with invocation
by Sophie Keller. MC Alex Hyde-White,
yes, Wilfrid’s son, whom I worked with on
the TV version of The Letter and became
good friends with. Chip off the old block.
Alex played a doctor in a recent episode of
Karen’s favorite show, NCIS.
Top winner of the Raffle and Silent Auc-
tion went to Steven Weinstein, garnering a
cruise both on the Queen Mary II courtesy of
Cunard and a coastal cruise for six on the tall
Cast of the Cinderella Panto at The El Portal Theatre. Photo: Leigh Ann Rahn.
Industry Sheriff’s Cadets at 10 Downing Street, London.
January 2011 Page 9
Leo & Karen’s California View...
Continued from page 8
New hours: 8-8 every day
We ship anywhere, offer whole case discounts, and do special orders!

here off fer ho h le case disco nts and do sp
All Things
Bright & British

nRobert Burns Night
January 25. Gie her a haggis!
February 1. nImbolc
nSt. Piran’s Day March 5. Join us for our
1st Annual Pasty Throwing Contest and
Spring Sale. Food and Prizes! All proceeds
go to the Helix Charter High Speech and
Debate Team. Check our website for details.
We are expanding our
selection of organics (e.g.,
Heinz beans and ginger
beer) and gluten-free/vegan
items while continuing to
carry all the traditional
favorites. (Ribena, flakes,
Crunchies, beans, etc.)
We are expanding our
selection of organics (e.g.,
Heinz beans and ginger
beer) and gluten-free/vegan
items while continuing to
carry all the traditional
favorites. (Ribena, flakes,
Crunchies, beans, etc.)
(San Diego
8401 La Mesa Blvd. La Mesa, CA 91942
Located in the heart of La Mesa Village,
easy parking, family owned since 1987
(619) 464-2298
“Nyns yu
Congratulations to
Prince William
Congratulations to
Prince William
Jolly Good
Pork Pies
Sausage Rolls
“Our Name Says It All!”
(323) 290-2265
FAX: (323) 294-3943
Los Angeles, CA 90043
Karen’s California Events Calendar
For upcoming British events in the Los Ange-
les area, check out www.britweek.org.
The Press Room in Santa Barbara has been
the unofficial British Consulate since 1995 and is
one crazy place New Years Eve with celebrations
starting 3pm. Get there early or you might have to
take a seat across the street (805) 963-8121.
The Lookout Pub in the Channel Islands of
Oxnard has a crazy and classy new Pub Quiz
Master on Tuesdays, check it out!! Stop by for a
pint and dinner. Naturally you can watch all your
favorite sports on their wide screens. You can’t
go wrong, especially with the New Years Eve bash
at 4pm and Midnight (805) 985-9300.
31: Join the King’s Head in Santa Monica for
the the Biggest New Years Eve Celebration in town!
Celebrate the British New Year at 4pm and do it all
again at Midnight!! Bagpiper/DJ/Party favors and
lots of fun…January 1 watch the Rosebowl on TV-
Wisconsin vs Texas. Happy Hour Monday-Friday
4-7pm. (310) 451-1402.
31: The Mayflower Club of N Hollywood has
another full month of activities planned: Gala New
Year’s Eve Celebration December 31 at 8pm; The
Chandler Station Band 15th; Laurel and Hardy,
Sons of the Desert 18; and Panto Puss and Boots
runs through-February 5 on weekends only (818)
31: Fox and Hounds in Studio City has their
British New Year’s Eve 2-5pm with music by UK
Beat and 4pm British countdown. Arrive early for
best seating (818) 763-7837.
31: The Olde Ship in Fullerton and Santa Ana
host New Years Eve in style for your partying
pleasure with the usual 4pm countdown. You’ll
be a stranger there but once (714) 871-7447 or
(714) 550-6700.
31: For those Brits in San Diego, ring in the
New Year at Shakespeare Pub and Grille with
the rest of the UK and Ireland. Celebration kicks-
off at 12 noon with a countdown to 4pm. Live
bagpipes and drums to bring in the New Year
(619) 299-0230.
21: Riverside Dickens Festival presents
Pickwick’s Pub Night Dinner Theater.
22-23: Main Days of the Festival in the
Riverside Convention Center on 5th and Orange
Streets, Riverside. Pageantry of 19th century
England with Queen Victorian and Her Royal
Court: teas, Evensong, famous Authors – Dick-
ens, Twain, Poe and Wilde; Dickens characters;
Gordon Highlanders; children will play in Olivers
Alley; The Crummles Theater Troupe will perform;
food and entertainment with an Ale Pub, and
music hall with Belles of Bedlam. Mr Fezziwig’s
Ball is Saturday night (951) 781-3168 www.
dickensfest.com info@dickensfest.com.
The Royal Society of St George, www.royal-
You Say Tomato of San Francisco has just
celebrated their 7th anniversary!! Kudos to
David Kidd for making his dream come true!!
(415) 921-2828.
23: The Celtic Arts Center will be celebrating
once again with a traditional Burns Supper at the
dinner hall of St Martin-in-the-Fields Church &
School in Winnetka. So get out your kilts and dust
off your ghillie-brogues and join us as we pay
ship, the Bill of Rights compliments of www.
americantallship.org and the UJ newspaper.
Quite a Nautical luncheon.
It was to say the least a fabulous get
together of loyal old friends, which carried
over to Ye Olde Kings Head for continued
merriment. Leading the charge, founder and
former owners Phil and Ruth Elwell, enjoying
a pint with the current and very successful
new owner, Donal Tavey.
What I found rather amusing was the
number of people at the luncheon that are
now successful business men/women that
Phil had at one time or another thrown out
of the pub, including myself!! What does that
tell you? To become successful, you’ve got
to get thrown out of the KH!
And how can a man like that be so dearly
loved. I’ve never seen a man so happy to be
back in the Pub (home) and greeted by both
new and olde customers alike. Pictures at
Now onto Christmas day with my ex-wives
who, along with Karen, are calling themselves
“The Sister Wives.” Happy holidays everyone
and we’ll see you in the New Year!!
Birthday’s: Cleo Laine 83; John Barry 77;
Adam Ant 56; Lulu 62; Greg Lake 63; Gor-
don Ramsey 44; Jack Osbourne 25; Ridley
Scott 73; Billy Idol 55; Ozzy Osbourne 62;
Dame Judi Dench 76; and Dave Clark 68.
Actress Roma Downey and guest speaker Mark Burnett at The
BABCLA Christmas Luncheon in LA.
tribute to Robert Burns with a wonderful evening
of food, music, dancing, and poetry. The price
of admission includes the traditional meal and
something to toast with, as well as the evening’s
entertainment www.celticartscenter.com
Cameron, owner of Cameron’s Inn, along with
Auri Naggar, the Inn’s karaoke host and part of
the Giants’ hosting crew for years, were invited
to a special VIP photo reception to pose with the
San Francisco Giants World Series Championship
trophy. “They ran a tight ship,” recalls Cameron,
“telling us not to touch the trophy. I couldn’t resist
and did sneak a quick touch with one finger. It’s
rather fun to think my fingerprint resides on that
wonderful World Series trophy piece. I got repri-
manded but not kicked out, so it was worth doing.”
Cameron’s Inn was a headquarter spot in the Bay
Area for Giants fans and all eighteen flat screens
were on one channel. It was definitely the place to
be and the Inn filled to overflowing with folks wear-
ing the black and orange. (650) 726-5705.
Cricket – www.corinthiancricketclub.com/
29: The Saint Andrew’s Society of LA holds
their Burns Supper, a very special evening to
celebrate the birthday of Scotland’s Bard and pay
tribute to the life and works of the great Scottish
poet. This is the oldest organization in Southern
California devoted to the promotion of Scottish
culture. www.saintandrewsla.org
1: Ozzy Osborne at the Gibson Theatre (818)
8: Eric Clapton at Universal City www.eric-
clapton.com his last concert prior to Dublin and
the UK.
Ex-Lawmaker Pleads Guilty In Expenses Scandal
Naughtie Lets A ‘Naughty’ Slip On Air
RADIO presenter James Naughtie has
apologised for causing offence live on air by
mispronouncing Culture Secretary Jeremy
Hunt’s surname.
The presenter told his listeners of Radio
4’s flagship Today programme that he would
shortly be talking to “Jeremy C***”.
Naughtie told listeners shortly after his
error that he got himself into a “verbal
tangle courtesy of Dr Spooner”. Spooner-
isms were named after William Archibald
Spooner, who was notoriously prone to
transposing consonents in his speech.
Naughtie had inadvertently used the first
letter of the Culture Secretary’s title instead
of the ‘H’ in Hunt’s surname.
Naughtie said he was “very sorry” for
any offence caused but
Mr Hunt appeared to
take the incident in his
strike, reports the BBC.
Hunt tweeted: “They
say prepare for anything
before going on Today
but that took the biscuit.
I was laughing as much
as u Jim.”
“Or should I say Dr Spooner,” he
According to emails sent in response to
his mistake, Naughtie said: “Some found it
funny, some were fairly offended.”
“Occasionally these things happen in live
broadcasting,” he continued.
James Naughtie
Now l i vi ng i n t he US
There is now a Royal Marine
Association Branch formed in
the US.
Please contact:
John Topping, Secretary
Royal Marine Association
USA Branch
8409 Lake Crest Terrace,
Fairfax Station, VA 22039-2678
Phone: (703) 690-8944
w w w .r ma-us.or g
AN EX-LAWMAKER has pleaded guilty to
three charges of false accounting in the first
criminal conviction of a politician related to
Britain’s parliamentary expenses scandal.
David Chaytor had previously denied
the charges and mounted legal challenges
to have them dismissed.
But the 61-year-old former Labour Party
lawmaker changed his plea last month at
London’s Old Bailey criminal court and
admitted to fraudulently claiming nearly
£20,000 in false IT invoices and rental-
income reports.
Hundreds of British lawmakers were
exposed last year as having made attempts
to bill the public for items including swank
second homes, horse manure and porno-
graphic movies.
Chaytor faces a jail term of up to seven
years. He will be sentenced on January 17.
EE LL kk Pl Pl dd GG ilt ilt II EE SS d l d l
Naugh g tie said he was very sor y ry f y or broadcasting, g, he continued.
‘Sir Trolley Dolly Branson’
Working A Shift
FOLLOWING the loss of a bet, Sir
Richard Branson is to dress as an air
stewardess and serve drinks on board
an Air Asia X flight,
After losing a bet with the boss of
the low-cost airline, his forfeit will see
him wearing heels, make-up and a red
dress, and will be asked to perform
lavatory-cleaning duties.
The chairman of Virgin Group is
expected to work a shift on board one
of Air Asia X’s flights between London
Stansted and Kuala Lumpur on Febru-
ary 21, reported the Daily Telegraph.
Sir Richard placed a wager with Air
Asia X chief executive Tony Fernandes
on whose Formula One team would
finish higher in this year’s constructors’
While neither Virgin Racing or
Fernandes’s Lotus F1 team scored a
single point in 2010, Fernandes won
the bet by virtue of better finishing
The two bosses agreed the loser
would perform flight attendant duties
on board one of the other’s aircraft.
Seats on board the flight are likely to
be auctioned, with the proceeds going
to the charity of Sir Richard’s choice.
Sir Richard famously donned a
wedding dress in 1996 for the launch
of Virgin Brides and also wore a dress
at the unveiling of Vie, Virgin’s range
of cosmetics and toiletries.
‘Si ‘Si ‘Si T r T r T l rol rollley ley DDo Doll lly lly BBr Brans ans ’ on’ on’
Working A Shift
FFOLLOWING the loss of a bet, Sir r
RRichard Branson is to dress as an air r
sstewardess and serve drinks on boardd
aan Air Asia X flight,
After losing a bet with the boss off
tthe low-cost airline, his forfeit will see e
hhim wearing heels, make-up and a redd
ddress, and will be asked to perform m
llavatory-cleaning duties.
The chairman of Virgin Group iss
eexpected to work a shift on board onee
oof Air Asia X’s flights between Londonn
SStansted and Kuala Lumpur on Febru- -
aary 21, reported the Daily Telegraph.
Sir Richard placed a wager with Air r
AAsia X chief executive Tony Fernandes s
oon whose Formula One team wouldd
fifinish higher in this year’s constructors’’
While neither Virgin Racing orr
FFernandes’s Lotus F1 team scored a a
ssingle point in 2010, Fernandes wonn
tthe bet by virtue of better finishing g
The two bosses agreed the loserr
wwould perform flight attendant duties s
oon board one of the other’s aircraft.
Seats on board the flight are likely to o
bbe auctioned, with the proceeds going g
tto the charity of Sir Richard’s choice.
Sir Richard famously donned a a
wwedding dress in 1996 for the launchh
oof Virgin Brides and also wore a dresss
aat the unveiling of Vie, Virgin’s range e
of co of co o smeti smetics an cs and toi d toiletri letries es.
Page 10 January 2011
PUBS: If you wish to get bulk cop-
ies of the Union Jack, (50 papers a
month minimum), to offer your custom-
ers, phone our circulation department
1-(800) 262-7305. The paper is free,
but a small delivery charge applies.
(Or go to: www.ujnews.com). Over 800
distributors nationwide.
~ This paper reaches the British community in all parts of Florida and, of course, the US ~
The opinions in this column are Patri-
cia Kawaja’s and not necessarily shared
by Union Jack Publishing.
EXPATS are better off abroad and love our
life here, a recent survey by NatWest Bank’s
International Personal Banking revealed. It
found nine in ten British expatriates are more
financially secure as a result of their decision
to move to the USA and other countries.
Less than 20 percent of expats want to
return home, having found a quality of life
higher overseas than in the UK. Said Dave
Isley, who conducted the survey: “It seems
the grass really is greener for Brits living
abroad. The fact that fewer want to return
than three years ago when we last asked,
proves that the pace of life, work, balance
and earning potential makes life sunnier in
more ways than one.”
watched every American Idol show of every
season for eight years, they’ve lost me now
Simon Cowell is gone. His refreshing British
honesty, fulfilling his required role as a talent
judge, not to coddle deluded contestants,
made the show the juggernaut it is. Ameri-
cans seem to believe – I observe after 20
years among them – that they have to be
kind all the time, which cloys. Example from
this review of the transplanted American
show The Fastasticks by London theatre
critic Charles Spencer in a UK newspaper:
could somebody please call me an ambu-
lance? I have just been subjected to a po-
tentially lethal overdose of charm, whimsy,
manipulative sentimentality and corny
philosophising and I fear I may not survive
to the end of this review.… If ever there
were proof that America and Britain are two
countries divided by a common language, it
must be surely be found in the sticky, sugary
depths of this ghastly musical. In the USA
since it opened in 2006 there have been
11,000 productions in 3,000 cities. Here
it has never prospered … the British know
a great pile of steaming phoney-baloney
when they see one. I’m going to sign off
and get my stomach pumped.” Don’t beat
about the bush Charles – tell me what you
really think.
ORLANDO BACC are putting on an
exceptional event for members and guests
at the Daytona International Speedway.
Sponsored by Rolex watches, join other
British racing fans for an exciting day out.
January 29 and 30, 2011. Phone the BACC
offices (407) 226-7251 for details.
great day out. Dust off your sporrans, wear
something tartan and go.
SARASOTA Scottish Festival January
29. Call (941) 342-0509.
JACKSONVILLE Scottish Games Sat-
urday, February 26, 2011. Call (904)
and good blowkes. Know any Aussies in
Miami? There’s a Miami Aussie-Kiwi club I
attend as the token Pom. If you a Miami area
Aussie or Kiwi reading this, email me your
name and phone to Britishflorida@aol.com
for details of our next night out. Put Aussie
Club on subject line. By the way: What do
Aussie men call Speedo swimsuits? Budgie-
Trust a fellow Brit to service your beloved
baby – your car. Martin Mills, British owner
of MEC Auto Repair in St Petersburg (727)
526-8200 has just moved from the UK and
set up shop. “I want to target local expat
customers who would expect honesty and
British thoroughness in my work,” he said.
Sort of bloke-to-bloke. His garage offers
complete repair, for British, American, and
Asian Automobiles, including British Clas-
sics, with a FREE A/C or diagnostic check
for new customers. Anyway, do give his
business a try – Let’s all help each other.
honour the funniest man we ever produced
– TOMMY COOPER – who made you roar
before he’d even spoken. So I will share one
of his classic gems each month: Doctor, I
can’t pronounce my F’s, T’s and H’s. ‘Well
you can’t say fairer than that then. So I went
to the dentist. He said ‘Say Aaah.’ I said
‘Why?’ He said ‘My dog’s died.’
MIAMI: Renowned British designer
and fashion illustrator Barbara Hunalicki,
of BIBA fame in London’s Swinging Six-
ties, has a new exhibition called FLASH:
A Portrait of Barbara Hulanicki. It features
colorfully infused digital prints, a reflection
of Hulanicki’s wild and free imagination in-
spired by experiences over several decades
in London and Florida. Hulanicki, who has
lived in Miami Beach for many years and
whom I know socially, began her career
in the early 1960’s as a freelance fashion
illustrator. Having covered a number of im-
portant collections in major London-based
publications including Women’s Wear Daily,
British Vogue, The Times, The Observer and
The Sunday Times, Hulanicki emigrated to
Miami in the late 1980’s. Like many of us
transplanted Brits she reinvented herself,
as a designer of interiors and exteriors just
in time for the boom of Miami Beach’s re-
emerging Art Deco District. FLASH exhibition
runs through February 4, 2011 at the Calix
Gallery in Wynwood Arts District near down-
town Miami. www.calixgustav.com.
FT LAUDERDALE – a great Irish night
out – we love the Irish! A Taste Of Ireland
Gala And Auction extravaganza featuring
great food, live music, open bar, incredible
auction items, plus an exclusive performance
of Martin Casella’s uproarious comedy hit
The Irish Curse produced by the Mosaic
Theatre in Plantation (west Ft Lauderdale)
Saturday, February 26, 2011 from 6pm.
Tickets details, call (954) 577-8243.
Each month, I feature one Florida pub
picked at random from my files. This is
not a recommendation – an endorsement
from moi costs a few glasses of Pinot
Grigio ! So you may deem it divine or dire.
Pop in and see.
CLERMONT: The British Stage Door
Pub (863) 424-8056. English family own-
ers Alan, Linda and Jason Scott.
FORMING: Apparently there are Jane Aus-
ten appreciation societies all over the world,
celebrating our genteel English chronicler,
but none in Florida. So an enterprising
American called Arnie Perlstein has just
started a South Florida chapter of JASNA
(Jane Austen Society of America). Janeites,
who love all things Austen, will gather in
South Florida locations. The next event
is Sunday, January 23 at Nova University
campus in Davie. To join or just attend call
Arnie on (954) 647-6154.
Palm Coast – (Daytona area) British Club
Call Espeth (386) 446-5912.
Villages Area British Club (352) 753-
9636. Looking for British Clubs and British
Events in Your Corner of Florida? I don’t
have space here to list them all, so drop me
an email with your name, city and contact
phone and I will reply with details.
January 2011 Page 11
5511 University Drive, Suite 102
Coral Springs, FL 33067
Tel: 954-509-1022
Fax: 954-337-0738
RED CLOAK PRESENTS the best authentic arts
and crafts of the North of England call (312)
945-6870 or www.red-cloak.com. 1-1
RETAIL HOME DECOR & gift store in Mt Dora
F l or i da . 25 mi l e s NW of Or l a ndo
Est abl i shed 8 yr s ( 407) 687- 8766
www.nonihomeandbath.com. 1-1

ATTENTION EXPATS: There could be buried
treasure of yours stagnating back in the UK.
It’s free to find out. info@ukpensiontransfer.com
www. Br i t i s h- Pens i on- Det ect i v e. com
www.ukpensiontransfer.com. (770) 391-0181. 12-5
able & Trainable? Listen and earn a serious
six-figure income. Open in UK (800) 620-4782,
www.FreedomRox.com. 02-r
SQS VIDEO, 2911 State St, Carlsbad, CA 92008.
sqsvideo.com (800) 576-6949 (760) 729-9500 4-9
INTRODUCERS REQUIRED. Kestrel International
(see our ad in this paper at www.kestrelint.
com) urgently need expat introducers to help
us contact expats with UK pensions. We have
helped many expats increase the value of their
pension benefit. We are particularly keen to
have introducers in California, Florida, Texas,
New York, New England, Washington/Virginia.
Introductory commission paid. Please email us
at Kestrelint@aol.com or fax (813) 258-5902 or
visit our website: www.kestrelint.com/job.html.
We will get straight back to you. 10-09
NURSING TALES: “Of Sluices and Sisters” by
Alison Collin. www.alisoncollin.co.uk. Great gift
book! Buy online or at stores. 12-1
YORKSHIRE PASSPORTS. Aye, it’s reet good lad!
Official-looking spoof passport containing: York-
shire motto, anthem, the history of language/
literature, and Yorkshire-English translations.
So cum on, gormless, fill out t’name and of
t’missus, and whether you keep: whippets,
ferrets, pigeons or owt else. Mailed in “official”
Yorkshire Embassy envelope! $9.50 + $1.25
s/h, (CA residents add 9.5% tax) - Call Union
Jack Shop Window at (800) 262-7305.
OLD £sd COIN SET. Crown, half-crown, shilling,
sixpence, threepenny bit, penny, etc. (8 coins)
$29.95 plus P&P. Call (800) 262-7305.
Speci al i zi ng i n Di sney area i nvestment
properti es/vacati on homes si nce 2000.
Expert Bri ti sh, Canadi an and Ameri can
agent s-unbeat abl e af t er-sal es-servi ce.
Check out our hundreds of testimonials.
www.dolbyproperties.com (407) 352-3664 9-8
ENGLISH LADY seeking friendly US penpals. Not
too young, not too old. ALA. Jane Hill, 19 Digby
Close, Leicester LE3 1JE, England. 2-12
10 condominiums, oceanfront on Boardwalk.
Studios, 1 Bedrooms & 2 Bedrooms, all rented.
$1,600,000 or best offer. (732) 477-1778 or
(732) 948-9381. 11-12
Movie star model. Fully furnished. Never lived
in. 3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, 1 car garage
$324,000 or best offer. (732) 477-1778 or
(732) 948-9381. 11-12
(800) 655-2595. 3-8
GO TO www.ujnews.com and
fill out the online form, or call
(800) 262-7305
Sandwich Shop Theft Of Stradivarius
STOPPING for a sandwich proved to be an
expensive bite for a world-famous violin-
ist when she had her £1.2m Stradivarius
violin stolen.
Internationally acclaimed violinist Min-
Jin Kym was on her way to catch a train
when opportunistic thieves struck, reported
the Daily Telegraph.
They stole her 314-year-old Stradivari-
us violin along with a Peccatte bow worth
£62,000 as she bought a £2.95 sandwich
at London’s Euston station.
Kym, 32, had put her prized instrument
– one of only 450 in the world – down as
she chose her lunch at a branch of Pret A
Pret worker Hafid Salah told of Miss
Kym’s panic when she realised her violin
had vanished.
He said: “She and her friend were on
computers and iPhones and not looking
at their bags.
“She came up to me at the counter and
said: “Have you seen my bag? Call the
police. Can you get the CCTV? You have
to do something”. She was really upset
and panicking.”
Det Insp Andy Rose said: “These items
hold enormous sentimental and profes-
sional value for the victim but although
they are extremely valuable, it would be
very difficult to sell them on as they are so
rare and distinctive.”
South Korean-born Miss Kym has
performed with some of the world’s lead-
ing orchestras and released Beethoven’s
Violin Concerto in D Major on the Sony
Insurers have offered a £15,000 reward
for information leading to recovery of the
violin and bows. It was on long-term loan
to Miss Kym and it is not known who
owns it.
Elton John Edits Newspaper
For World AIDS Day
ELTON JOHN last month turned news-
paper editor, overseeing an edition of
Britain’s The Independent to mark World
The December 8 paper featured more
than a dozen pages of stories related to
the fight against HIV, including contribu-
tions from some of John’s famous friends,
including Elizabeth Taylor, Stephen Fry
and Bill Clinton.
In an editorial, John highlights progress
in the battle against the disease, noting
that there has been “a 25 percent drop in
new infections across the worst-affected
countries since 2001.”
owns it.
f f
d d
Page 12 January 2011
IT WAS the Los Angeles Auto Show again last
month, and this year there was no shortage of
new models on display to tempt the public to
into buying. The general feeling in the Motor
Industry is that the lull over the past three
years is at an end and the general public are
in need of new cars.
There were lots of exciting new models
from most of the vendors so perhaps the
speculation in the industry is correct. There
were also quite a few concept vehicles from
several car makers showing the direction
they were heading for the future, including
one which was no less than astonishing – it
was the Jaguar C-X75. I’m not exactly sure
of what the CX stands for, Conceptual, Ex-
perimental, perhaps but the 75 is to celebrate
Jaguars 75
anniversary in the car making
Jaguar’s Director of Design, Ian Callum
was on hand to show this masterpiece to the
press for their opinions and the general con-
sensus was Wow! Plus a thumbs up from all
who witnessed it’s unveiling for it was no less
than stunning, the star of the whole LA car
show. It’s a Hybrid, partly battery-powered
like many of the concept cars on show, and
it’s the way of the future I suppose. But this
Jaguar, unlike the others that are coupled
with a conventional internal combustion
engine, uses Jet Propulsion for its auxiliary
power to both charge the Lithium ion cells at
a rate equal to their discharge, and to provide
additional power or thrust if you like to propel
this futuristic Jag beyond the capabilities of
battery power to an astonishing 205mph with
acceleration beyond what is achievable with
the very best internal combustion engine.
Unlike an aircraft’s jet engines the C-X75’s
turbines do not provide thrust to move the car
but instead compress air to drive a generator
that produces electrical charge which in turn
is stored in the battery pack. The majority
of concept cars on display at Auto shows
never make it past the conceptual stage and
are present to show the capabilities of their
representative design teams and to give an
insight to the way the companies are head-
ing. Many of these are too futuristic in looks
(like something out of the Jetson’s) and thus
pointing too far in the future, not the case with
the Jaguar C-X75, it is to become a reality for
their 75
Style-wise, it is futuristic but not overly-
so, hence it is stunning none the less. The
legendary C-Type Jaguar was used as a
template for its styling according to Jaguar’s
Ian Callum but the intention was not to look
back but forward. Ian had this to say about
his new design: “The C-X75 is everything a
Jaguar should be. It possesses remarkable
poise and grace yet at the same time has the
excitement and potency of a true supercar.
This is as close to pure art form as a concept
car can get and is worthy homage to 75 years
of iconic Jaguar design.” Well, I can’t say I
disagree with him, except perhaps that some
Jaguar cars over the last few years have
hardly been iconic, this one should be though,
it is a real beauty, and with the performance
of a real brute.
Here’s how it works, plug in Lithium-ion
batteries provide power to four independent
195bhp electric motors for a combination of
780bhp and 1180lb ft of torque vectored to
all four wheels. Charging of these battery cells
from a domestic power supply takes six hours
and allows the car to travel approximately 68
miles. For performance over what the batter-
ies will allow, and/or to re-charge the batter-
ies en route two micro gas turbines (which
weigh only 36kg or 77lbs each) operating at
80,000rpm kick in to supply power directly to
the four wheel motors. An underbody Venturi
system incorporates a movable aerofoil and
directional control of the jets exhaust gases
to ensure maximum down force to keep the
car hugging the road at speed, each micro jet
(Five is the top
Teacup score)
Room by Emma
locked up in all
sorts of ways,”
Ma tells the un-
remitting prime
time journalist.
And metaphori-
cally Ma is right
but not every-
body has been
locked up, under duress, in a room for
seven years.
Right off the bat, through the eyes and
voice of a five-year-old boy named Jack, we
feel something ominous. Everything about his
described world seems contained and limited.
We soon realize that Ma and Jack are confined
to a room and have been since the day Jack
was born. Unsettlingly, he has never known
anything else. What happened to Ma is every
parent’s most crippling fear. Kidnapped at
nineteen, Ma is a prisoner of a sadist called Old
Nick. As adults we understand why Jack is put
in the wardrobe each night when Old Nick gets
home, where he waits counting the creaking
of the springs until Old Nick leaves and he
can come out once more. Because rations
are scarce, everything is repurposed; toilet
paper rolls become building blocks, a balloon
is blown only once a month, the rug becomes
a flying carpet. Their limited book collection is
recited by heart, and no food is wasted. Ma, to
protect Jack, has never told him that there is
an outside world – the light from the skylight
is God’s shining face and the people on TV
are only on TV. Ma pulls from every resource
around her to educate and nourish her son in
this most bizarre setting.
As a reader you can see that Ma’s survival
instincts are locked on high alert, but for Jack,
except for the rare days when Ma is “gone,”
it is mostly fun and games. Emma Donahue
took a chance using Jack’s five year old voice
to tell this story. Little boy talk could be a
disaster but instead the reader is drawn to
Jack’s untainted imagination and later, upon
his release, to his naive, confused, or maybe
not, first impressions of the “outside” world.
The idea behind this mesmerizing novel and
the way in which it is narrated are both excep-
tional. Donahue, this year’s runner up for the
Man Booker prize, trusts the reader’s maturity
to carry little Jack’s story forward.
Very clever Room is about the strength of
a mother’s love and the notion that such a
strong mother-son bond can be built regard-
less of circumstance. Despite everything,
Jack’s Ma made him feel safe inside the
room. Jack never really fully understands
that for his Ma the room represents the place
where her nightmare began, because for him
it is home. It is Ma’s courage and unflinching
love that makes her hell his sanctuary. Need-
less to say, this is an exceptional story.
Definitely worth five teacups!
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books she recommends in this column. Email:
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that every row,
every column,
and every 3x3 box
contains the digits
1 through 9.
Sol ut i on on
page 15
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program at www.sudoku.com
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2011 Jaguar C-X75.
engine consumes 35,00 litres (1,236 cubic
ft) of air a minute supplied through carefully
honed intake ducts. The movement of this air
was one of the principle drivers of the design
cues that helped the designers to shape the
surface of the bodywork. The turbine theme
is also echoed in the alloy wheels which
appear to have been cut from a single block
of aluminum with a spoke design inspired by
the fan blades on the jet engines. Through the
rear window and inside a clear yet sealed
compartment is where the twin micro turbines
are housed, they are clearly visible from
outside of the car and look magnificent in
their elegant aluminum housings.
It is apparently whisper quiet inside the
cabin and outside the jet exhaust is suf-
ficiently muffled to produce a subdued jet
engine roar. The compact packaging of the
turbines allowed the designers further free-
dom at the rear of the car which is shaped
like the trailing edge of an aircraft wing. The
jets can be powered by a range of different
fuels including diesel, bio-fuels, compressed
natural gas or petrol. Under the front bonnet
is where the Lithium-ion batteries are stored
along with the front wheel electric motors.
I’m not sure how much luggage space there
is but there should be some, as the whole
power package is somewhat smaller than
a conventional internal combustion engine
and gearbox.
As for the cars range, on a full tank of fuel
and with the batteries fully charged, it is an
astonishing 560 miles, the fuel tank capacity
is 16 gallons (60 litres) which calculates to
the car using one gallon for each 35 miles,
not too bad for a 205mph supercar which
can accelerate from 0-60 in only 3.3 seconds
and 50-100 in a further 2.3 seconds. Total
weight of the car is 2,976lbs (1,350kg).
Yes, this is truly an astonishing motor car
which could point the way to the future of
the automobile, it has everything, looks, per-
formance, economization and an extremely
low carbon emission and it’s a Jag, and the
best looking Jag that has come out through
the factory doors for quite some time. Price?
Well it has not been set yet but I asked Ian
Callum anyway, his answer was a mixture,
somewhat of a shrug as if to say he wasn’t
too sure and almost a question to me “does
$250,000 sound about right” to me it did, and
a bargain, I thought of this car of the very near
future. Let’s face it this could very well be the
future of the motor or I should say Jet car.
Happy Motoring gg gg gg p , p , jj e g e g e oa e oa e co e co pact pact pac a pac ag g g g o t o t ee appy appy oto oto gg
Snowbound Pub Provides
‘Dream’ Lock-In For Seven
STAFF and two locals at a Yorkshire pub
thought they were in heaven last month
when adverse weather conditions saw them
trapped by 16ft snowdrifts.
Five staff and two local residents
enjoyed the ultimate lock-in at The Lion
Inn at Blakey Ridge on the North York
They were cut off since the heavy
snow blocked in the isolated Lion – the
fourth-highest pub in England, reported
the Daily Mail.
The snow was so deep that vehicles in
the car park were completely buried. But
despite their ordeal, the spirits of those
trapped remained high.
Waitress Katie Underwood, 18, gave a
live account: “It was really novel at first
and quite exciting. The snow is immense.
Most of the windows in here are blocked
up, but we’ve got a door open at the back
to get some air when we need to. “It’s been
freezing, but we’ve been lucky that it’s a
pub and B&B we’re trapped in. We’ve got
plenty of coal for our fire, which has been
great, and there are rooms upstairs so we
have somewhere to sleep, and plenty of
food. We’ve been eating as much of the
fresh food as we can so as not to waste
it – but obviously we can’t eat as much as
we would usually serve to customers so
some has been thrown out.”
Katie, who has worked at the pub for
four years, has been stuck with colleagues
Rob Sinley, 22, Joe Bell, 20, Stuart Dow-
son, 25, and Danny Butter-
worth, 23, along with the two
local residents.
Ironically, the Lion’s land-
lord and landlady missed the
enforced lock-in. They were
at their home five miles away
when the drifts hit.
The Lion Inn at
Blakey Ridge on the
North York Moors.
January 2011 Page 13
One Year
By Joe Nicholls. Joe and Kevin McGinty can
be heard on “Sounds of Britain and Ireland”
Sundays 4-5pm on Cleveland’s WCPN 90.3FM
and www.wcpn.org).
7, 21: British-American Club, Fish & chips din-
ners, 8564 Ravenna Rd, (off Rte 82) Twinsburg,
6:30-8:30pm (330) 963-6370.
7, 14, 21, 28: West Side Irish American Club,
Irish-style dinners, 8559 Jennings Rd, Olmsted
Township, 6-9pm (216) 251-4075.
9: Scottish American Society, Monthly meet-
ing, Akron Public Library, Downtown Akron, 3pm,
(330) 882-0342.
11, 25: SHANO, Scottish Heritage Meetings,
Community Presbyterian Church, 5132 Mayfield
Rd, Lyndhurst, 7:30pm (330) 463-5559.
12: Calon Lan Welsh Club, Lunch Meeting,
Denny’s Restaurant, Rt 224 Boardman, 1pm,
(330) 758-4202.
14, 28: British-American Club, Pub Nights,
8564 Ravenna Rd, Twinsburg, 8pm, (330)
15: SHANO, Robert Burn’s Dinner & Ball,
American Croatian Lodge, 34900 Lakeshore Blvd
Eastlake, 5:30pm (440) 392-2308.
27: Daughters of the BE, Westminster
Chapter, meeting, Lyndhurst, 7:30pm (440)
28: British American C of C, Link Club, Lun-
cheon, Lockkeeper’s restaurant, Valley View,
11:30am (216) 621-0222.
Check out other latest British related
events submitted by Union Jack read-
ers at UJNEWS.com and click on the
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By Martin
Tel: (713) 256-1173 Email: mburniston@gmail.com
A TV ‘Feast’
I WAS delighted to turn on the television
recently and find that one of my favourite
British restaurants was being featured on the
Food Network on a programme called Outra-
geous Foods! Feast, run by Brits Richard
Night and James Silk with wife Meagan
Silk, was described on the programme as
a “nose-to-tail” restaurant. The TV show’s
host, Tom Pizzica, was treated to the Feast’s
Black Pudding served with peas and fried
egg, Deviled Kidneys, Ox Heart: “tastes like
flank steak,” and Bath Chaps (I’ll let you
research that, but it sounds and looks very
interesting!) When interviewed, Richard said
about the menu, “More pig, more pig, more
pig!” The restaurant does not use any meat
or meat product from factory-farmed, inten-
sively raised animals and uses local farmers
wherever possible. I highly recommend this
restaurant, especially for those adventurous
eaters! Feast has recently opened a location
in New Orleans. Feast is located at 219
Westheimer, near Downtown Houston. The
telephone number is (713) 529-7788. The
website is www.feasthouston.com.
High Planes Drifter???
Richard Branson arrived at DFW Airport on
December 1, dressed in his Western “duds”
to celebrate the start of Virgin America’s
new service from the West Coast to Texas.
Virgin America has built a strong reputation
on California to East Coast routes with rich
service and low fares. To this point the Vir-
gin America flights have always over-flown
Texas! With its new service to DFW, Virgin
goes toe-to-toe with American Airlines, who
has a big presence there. “It’s American’s
dominance that provided an opening for us to
come in with lower fares, newer planes, and
more passenger amenities,” said Richard.
Rugby Fans Enjoyment
Houston’s population of Rugby fans has
been treated to a fun time at Big John’s
Sports Bar, on Wilcrest in Houston, over
the recent weeks. The place was packed for
the Six Nations games and the end of year’s
test matches. There was lots of good natured
rivalry between supporters of just about every
country playing, and all attendees for the
early matches have enjoyed the full British
breakfast offered by Big John’s. Big John’s
has become a great venue in Houston
for viewing Rugby and Football (the
real Football, that is!), and is the home
of the True Blue (Glasgow) Rangers
Supporters Club. Other pubs in the
Houston area featuring Rugby and
Football matches are The Richmond
Arms and The Bull and Bear.
BABC St Andrew’s Day Gathering
What a fabulous night it was
at Sherlock’s at Carillion West in
Houston, as the BABC celebrated St
Andrew’s Day in fine style. Kilts and
tartan garb were certainly in fashion
as revelers enjoyed Scottish music
from the Murder the Stout band, and
tasted the delights of single malts at a
whisky tasting. Caledonian Kitchen
provided both lamb and beef haggis
and, as an interesting alternative, Chef
Adrian Rodrigues donated some deli-
cious Indian dishes, as a precursor to
an upcoming BABC Curry and Mince
Pie night to be held in December! The
Indian food reminded me of those Sat-
urday nights visits to the Curry Centre
after a session in the Dutch Mill in
Aberdeen. Sherlock’s is a monthly
networking spot for the BABC.
Houston Dynamo 2011 Kit
Becci Himes, Executive Director of the
British American Business Council, was a
VIP guest at the unveiling of the Houston Dy-
namo’s new kit for 2011. Becci said, “I love
my rugby. That being said, it ain’t bad being a
Dynamo VIP, especially when it comes to par-
ties!” Becci was the privileged guest of BABC
member Stephen Powell of the Dynamo. The
event was held at the spectacular Venue
on Main Street downtown. The Dynamo
entertained quests with a rockin’ band and
light show. Chris Cannetti, new president of
the Dynamo, was on hand to assure the fans
that the Dynamo are going to have the best
year ever. He also introduced the team’s new
sponsor Greenstar Recycling. The BABC has
had a fabulous time with the Dynamo this
year. They have had door prizes at events
and special ticket rates and breaking news
on Dynamo events like the Man U game and
the World Cup USA/England game. They’re
looking forward to an even more exciting year
in 2011 with the building of the new Houston
Dynamo stadium near Downtown.
Queen B’s Going Strong
I’m pleased to tell you that Queen B’s
English Tea Room and Antiques in Ingram,
Texas, just outside Kerrville is going strong.
Whenever I visit my Mother, Mary Lemons,
in Kerrville we head to Queen B’s for a good
old-fashioned Sunday dinner. (I go for the
Roast Lamb with tons of veggies – delicious!)
It’s always a special occasion and lots of fun
to visit Bridget and John
Dale, the owners. This small
old hill country converted
house is very warm and
welcoming. The tables are
laid out with lace cloths and
fine china, and the place is
jam-packed with teapots,
teacups and curios – all for
sale. You’ll find hats, gloves
and boas dotted around the
place for you to try on, be
photographed in, or buy! It’s
so much fun just to wander
around the place to see what
new thing you can find.
High Tea is a must! Bridget
makes the tastiest scones, and the selection
of teas is beyond compare. There’s also an
antique shop next to the Tea Room. Bridget
has now started to sell a selection of your
favourite British foods, including bacon and
sausages. On a recent trip to Queen B’s, the
couple at the next table had driven all the way
from San Antonio, over an hour’s drive, just
to have Sunday dinner! It really is one of the
best kept secrets in the area, and well worth
a visit. Queen B’s is located at the intersection
of Hwy 27 & College Street in Ingram, Texas.
It’s always best to call ahead for reservations
– (830) 367-4184.
BABC January Cricket ‘Ashes’
The British American Business Council
is preparing for its annual cricket match for
the ‘Houston Ashes’ as it challenges the local
Australians at the Australia Week Picnic and
Barbie in January. The BABC has not fared so
well lately, so it is making an extra effort this
time to win the coveted award! The venue for
the big battle has not been determined at this
time, but the match will take place on January
23, 2011. This should be a very entertaining
day, so check out the BABC website at www.
babchouston.org for the time and location.
Heather & Thistle Christmas Party
The Heather and Thistle Society of
Houston held its annual Christmas Party and
Gift Exchange at the Black Labrador Pub, on
Montrose Boulevard in Houston on December
13. Membership has been dwindling a little
in recent years, but the Society is really try-
ing to revitalize. One strong event organized
by the H & T is the Burns Supper, which is
always well attended. The Society’s 58th
Annual Robert Burns Supper will be held at
the Crowne Plaza Hotel, 14703 Park Row,
Houston, TX 77079 (Hwy 6 and I-10), on
Saturday, January 29, 2011. Ticket sales
are on a first-come, first-served basis.
This year tickets can be purchased on the
Society’s website using major credit cards
via PayPal. http://www.heatherandthistle.
2010 BABC St Andrew’s Networking On
Tap - Becci Himes with members
of Murder the Stout.
Feast Restaurant Interior.
Former Officer Says
He Saw Nessie Twice
THE SON of the man who took one of
the most famous photographs of the Loch
Ness Monster, Simon Dinsdale, a retired
police detective from Essex, insists the two
minute film recorded 50 years ago by his
father, Tim Dinsdale, is genuine.
The 1960 footage is one of the best-
known images put forward as evidence by
those who believe in the existence of the
monster, reported the Daily Telegraph.
Dinsdale junior is determined to con-
vince the public the video is authentic and
has discussed his belief in the mysterious
monster in an interview with the BBC.
He said: “I saw this immense, extraor-
dinary object, it looked like the back of a
huge animal.
“It stood two or three feet out of the
water, four or five feet across, reddish
brown and had a blotch on the left flank
which I could see very clearly.
“And then it started to move – a most
electrifying moment.”
Dinsdale, who spent his career examin-
ing evidence and was involved in tracking
down serial killer Steve Wright in Ipswich,
is adamant the film can not be a hoax.
He said: “I’m experienced at looking
at evidence and I can tell you that on the
balance of probabilities there is something
large and unknown living in this loch.”
His father, an aeronautical engineer in
the RAF who died in 1987, was one of the
world’s leading Nessie-hunters, making
56 expeditions to Loch Ness and writing
a number of books on the subject. jj
Ginger The Cat Dials 999 . . . At 3am
RETIRED lecturer Howard Moss knew his
cat was smart, but got a rude awakening
when Ginger dialed the emergency telephone
number. Police who answered a 999 alarm
in the middle of the night were surprised to
learn the caller was a ginger cat.
Retired lecturer Howard Moss, 64,
crawled out of bed at 3am to find two police-
men on his doorstep.
They told him they were answering an
emergency call made from his house – but
Moss told them he had been asleep for hours.
The officers searched the house and found
Ginger snoozing next to the phone – which
was slightly off the hook.
Computer checks proved the call had
come from his home in Swansea.
“The officers quickly drew the only
possible conclusion that it was Ginger who
made the 999 call with his paw while he
was sleeping.”
Moss, who used to teach at Swansea Uni-
versity, said: “I’ve had him 12 years and he is
very, very friendly. But he was oblivious to
the commotion he’d caused. He just jumped
down off the table.”
Page 14 January 2011
Compiled by Larry Gardner
ENGLAND’S top soccer officials were left
stunned and bitterly disappointed after a
coordinated bid to host the World Cup fell flat
at FIFA headquarters, December 2, The effort
included the personal intervention by prime-
minister David Cameron and HRH Prince
William, who petitioned FIFA officials to
favour England’s application to host the 2018
World Cup. England garnered only two votes
in the first ballot from the voting committee
of 22, and were thus eliminated. A scathing
article about corruption at FIFA by the Sunday
Times, plus a Panorama television report in
the same vein is thought to have soured FIFA
officials on England’s otherwise, favourable,
World Cup bid.
Seven executive members had reput-
edly pledged support for England’s bid, but
reneged when the actual vote was taken.
President Sepp Blatter who supported Rus-
sia from the start, is reported to have told
his executive committee to ignore media
reports when casting their votes. Russia will
host the 2018 World Cup, proposing games
in thirteen cities and with a promise to drop
visa requirements for the tournament. Spain-
Portugal and Belgium-Netherlands were the
other nations competing to host the soccer
The gulf nation state of Qatar will host
the 2022 World Cup. The United States bid
failed, but they did get down to the final two
nations before being eliminated. Australia,
Japan and South Korea had also put in bids
for the 2022 tournament. Qatar is one of the
smallest nations in the world with a popula-
tion of 1.7 million, and has never qualified
for the final stages of the World Cup. It will
be the first middle-eastern country to host a
major sporting event. It will have to build a
complete soccer infrastructure, that includes
nine air-conditioned stadiums, a metro
system, and many more hotels, which will
cost the nation some $4bn. It is evident that
English soccer may have the best leagues
in the world, but it does not have an insider
status with FIFA.
Australia and England drew their first
Ashes encounter at the Gabba in Brisbane,
where a determined second innings by
England changed the face of the first Test
match after Aussies, Mike Hussey and Brad
Haddin had put together a 307 run stand.
England 260 and 517 (Andy Strauss 110,
Alistair Cook 235, Jonathon Trott 135-1
dec. Australia 481(Mike Hussey 195, Brad
Haddin 136) and 107-1 at close.
At Adelaide, England’s batsman produced
fire and the Aussie bowling struggled to
contain a confidence oozing series of English
batsmen that’s upbeat and challenging de-
meanor led to an innings and 71 run victory.
Australia 245 and 304. England 620 (Alastair
Cook 148, Kevin Pietersen 227)-5 dec.
A three dayer at Melbourne against Vic-
toria gave the England players some respite
from Test pressure where the match was
drawn. Victoria 216 (Michael Hill 105)-2
dec and 278-6 dec. England 184-2 and 211
(Matt Prior 102-6 at close.
England lost their karma during the third
Test at Perth, however, where the Aussies
leveled the series after just 50 minutes of
play on the fourth day, December 19, winning
by 267 runs. Australia 268 and 309 (Mike
Hussey 116) England 187 and 123.
Pakistan suspended the three players in-
volved in the spot fixing probe that tainted the
Pakistan tour of England last summer. They
were not in the Pakistan side that faced South
Africa in Abu-Dhabi, in a drawn two match
Test series which end 0-0… After drawing
the first two encounters with New Zealand,
India beat the Kiwis in the third and final Test
by an innings and 108 runs at Nagpur; thus
taking the series 1-0. New Zealand 193 and
175 at close.
India 566 (Rahul Dravid 191)-8 dec…
Rain thwarted a decision in Sri Lanka where
the first two Tests at Galle and Colombo
against the West Indies were drawn. The
third Test at Kandy was rained out too. Sri
Lanka did not even get a chance to bat. West
Indies 303-8 at close. Series drawn 0-0.
Bangladesh captured their first even gold
medal at the 16
Asian Games in Guangzhou,
China, winning the Twenty20 cricket com-
petition. They beat Afghanistan (who took
the silver) 118-8 at 20 overs. Bangladesh
119-4 at the nineteenth over by six wickets.
In the semifinals, Afghanistan beat Pakistan
and Bangladesh beat Sri Lanka… The ICC
Intercontinental Cup final at Dubai, a second
tier knockout Test series, saw
holders Scotland lose by seven
wickets to Afghanistan. Scotland
212 (Neil McCallum 104 not
out) and 82. Afghanistan 171
and 124-3 at close.
Lee Westwood confirmed his
status as the world’s number
one golfer with a stunning 17
under 271 at the Nedbank Challenge in Sun
City, South Africa, December 5. He finished
eight strokes clear of the rest of the field, in
a spectacular game of golf which included an
eight under 64 in the second round. The same
weekend in Thousands Oaks, California, in
the Chevron World Challenge,
US Open Champion Graeme McDowell,
came from four strokes behind to force Tiger
Woods in to a play-off. The Ulsterman holed
a twenty-five-foot putt on the first play-off
hole, leaving Woods to miss a fifteen footer.
McDowell collected the winner’s purse of
$1.2m, leaving Tiger Woods with a winless
streak stretching back 13 months. The Golf
Writers of America later added further acco-
lade to the Northern Irelander, by naming him
golfer of the year. Last summer, McDowell
became the first European golfer to win the
US Open in forty years.
The final Rugby Union games in the
autumn internationals last weekend in No-
vember, saw world champions South Africa
proved too potent for England at Twicken-
ham, winning 21-11. A last minute penalty at
Pittodrie, by Ruaridh Jackson, gave Scotland
a 19-16 victory over Samoa. Australia
slammed France in Paris, 59-16, Wales
tumbled to a 37-25 loss in Cardiff, against
New Zealand, and Ireland beat Argentina
in Dublin, 29-9. Italy beat Fiji 24-16. The
autumn internationals concluded at Twick-
enham, December 4, where the Barbarians
beat South Africa 26-20.
Romania grabbed the final qualifying berth
in the Rugby Union World Cup scheduled in
New Zealand later this year, after overwhelm-
ing Uruguay 39-12.
The younger brother of Ricky Hatton, the
Manchester Hitman, Matthew Hatton, (41-
4-2) successfully defended his European
welterweight crown at the Reebok Arena, Bol-
ton, late November, stopping the previously
unbeaten Swiss challenger in the third round.
Roberto Belge’s record of 26 unbeaten fights
looked extremely suspect as a vicious body
punch ended his participation… Notting-
ham’s Carl Froch (27-1) reclaimed his WBC
super-middleweight crown at Helsinki, after a
unanimous decision over Arthur Abraham.
The German (31-2) produced an all-out final
round punching frenzy, but the Briton had
already done enough for victory… WBO
super-featherweight champion Ricky Burns
retained his crown at the Braehead Arena,
Glasgow, December 4, with a unanimous
decision over Andreas Evenson, a Colombian
born Norwegian. The Coatbridge Scot (30-2)
had Evenson (13-2) on the canvas during the
first round, and the challenger soon learned
that Burns had stamina and seemed bigger
and stronger…
IBF and WBO heavyweight champion
Wladimir Klitscho called off his fight with
British heavyweight champion Dereck Chi-
sora, just three days before their December
11, encounter in Germany. Klitscho claimed
a torn muscle injury, but says he should be
ready to fight again in 60 days…. Former
British heavyweight champion Matt Skelton
(25-6) was jailed for five months after lying
to police about who was driving his speeding
Porsche. Skelton,43, told police three times
it was his valet that was driving, when in
fact, it was him.
Amir Khan (24-1) quelled the doubters on
his boxing skills and a suspect chin with a
physical unanimous points victory over Mar-
cos Maidana in Las Vegas, December 11,
where he retained his WBA light-welterweight
crown. A fierce contest with both boxers
aggressively moving forward against one
another saw the Bolton man rely on proven
strategy in the final two rounds as the Argen-
tinean (29-2) punched hard and fast. “It was
his ultimate test so far,” said Khan’s trainer
Freddie Roach.
Andy Murray progressed to the semifinals
of the eight-man ATP World Tour Finals at the
02 Arena, London, before being beaten in the
semi-finals by Rafael Nadal in a gritty and
tense game of tennis 7-6(7-5)3-6,7-6(8-6).
Murray beat Robin Soderling and Spain’s
David Ferrer, but lost to Roger Federer in
the preceding matches. Federer beat Nadal
in the final.
Serbia beat France 3-2 in the final of the
2010 Davis Cup in Belgrade, December 4,
after being down 1-2 earlier in the contest.
Serbia have only been playing Davis Cup
tennis for fifteen years, so the victory is
considered very special.
Britain’s only gold medallist at the Olym-
pic Winter Games at Vancouver in February of
2010, Amy Williams, was awarded the MBE
by the Princess Royal at Buckingham Palace
last month. The 28-year-old from Bath, won
gold in the skeleton… John Higgins won the
UK Open snooker championship at Telford,
winning 10-9 over Mark Williams with the
final going down to the very last frame…
Nick Matthew became the first Englishman
to a win a World Squash Championship,
beating fellow Brit James Willstop, 7-11,11-
6,11-2, 11-3, in the final at Saudi-Arabia…
Scotland’s Women’s Curling team had
to be content with the silver medal in the
World Curling championships in Champery,
after being beaten by the Swedish women
in the final.
The final two games of the Champion
Leagues group series (November 23-24, &
December 7-8) were completed last month
with the five British clubs moving along to
the knockout phase of European competi-
tion. At the Ibrox Stadium, Rangers put up a
defensive shield against Manchester United
and were reluctant to move forward. Near the
end, Steven Naismith made a nefarious chal-
lenge on Fabio de Silva in the box, and the
ref pointed to the spot. Three minutes from
time Rangers’ courageous defense strategy
was torn asunder as Wayne Rooney’s pen-
alty kick put the ball in the back of the net
giving United a 1-0 victory. A week later, Old
Trafford fans gasped in disbelief as Pablo
put Valencia in front on the 32
minute, but
Brazilian striker Anderson brought the game
level after the break for Manchester United to
tie the match 1-1.
In Turkey, against Bursapor, Kenny Miller
put Rangers ahead in the 19
minute but the
host struck back for an equalizer eleven min-
utes from time for a 1-1 result. Rangers will
continue their European quest in the knockout
phase of the Europa League.
Spurs were in a rambunctious mood
against Werder Bremen winning 3-0 at
Whitehart Lane. Goals courtesy of Younes
minute) Luka Modric on the
break, and Peter Crouch hitting the third,
eleven minutes from time. A high scoring
game in Holland against FC Twente had
fans on tenderhooks, but the contest ended
all square 3-3. Wisergof found his own net
to put Spurs in front, while Jermain Defoe
would hit a brace.
At Stamford Bridge, Chelsea beat MSK
Zilina 2-1,after falling behind to a 19
goal by the Ukrainians. Second half nettings
by Daniel Sturridge and Florent Malouda
brought the blues through to victory in front
of a 40,000 plus crowd. A Brandao goal nine
minutes from the whistle saw the blues fall
1-0 against Marseille in France.
Arsenal seemed to be holding their own
in Portugal against Braga, but Mathieus
broke the Gunners defense twice in the last
17 minutes giving the hosts a 2-0 win. At the
Emirates, a 3-1 win over Partizan Belgarde
put the Gunners into the last sixteen of the
Champions League for the 11
season. A Robin Van Persie penalty broke
the ice on the half-hour, while Theo Walcott
and Nasri netted in the second half. Bacary
Sagna got his marching orders five minutes
from time, but by that time Arsenal had
completed the mission.
The concluding games of the Europa
League group games saw both Manchester
City and Liverpool progress to the knockout
phase of the competition. Manchester City
thwarted Red Bull Salzburg of Austria at
the City of Manchester Stadium where a 3-0
victory proved entirely appropriate. Mario Ba-
lotelli hit two, while Adam Johnson added the
third, twelve minutes from the whistle. In the
final group game they went to Italy for a 1-1
tie against Juventus. Nicolo Giannetti put Juv
ahead two minutes before the break where
a small crowd of under 8,000 witnessed the
action. Brazilian striker Jo later found the net
as the City went on to top Group A.
Milan Jovanovic put Liverpool ahead
in the 19
minute in Romania, but Steaua
Bucharest got an equalizer after the break for
a 1-1 tie. At Anfield, Liverpool did not sparkle
against FC Utrecht and fans could not have
been happy with the goal-less draw against
the Hollanders, but it did put Liverpool top
of Group K.
The quarter-finals of the Carling Cup,
November 30-December 1 saw holders
Manchester United trounced at Upton Park
as Premier League strugglers West Ham
produced a 4-0 thrashing for the Reds.
Jonathon Spector and Carleton Cole hit a
brace apiece. A goal in each half at the Emir-
ates saw Arsenal take Wigan 2-0, courtesy
of Paraquayan striker Alcaroz and Nicklas
Bendtner. Ipswich Town remained the only
non-Premier league side remaining, where a
penalty by Grant Leadbitter gave them as
1-0 win at Portman Road over West Bromich
Albion. The midlands derby at St Andrews,
saw Birmingham City overcome cross City
rivals Aston Villa 2-1, where a late goal by
Serbian striker Zigic, put the blues in the
semi-finals. Sebastian Larsson put the City
ahead with a twelve minute penalty, while
Gabriel Agbonlaher leveled for the Villa.
A crowd invasion after the match marred
a good game of football and the FA are
The second round of the FA Cup, Novem-
ber 27, produced goals and some unusual
surprises. Conference south side, Dover
Town knocked out Division two’s Aldershot
2-0, after a double by Adam Birchall. Division
One’s Swindon earned a draw on their visit
to Crawley Town, but at home in the replay,
a Ben Smith goal in extra-time gave the
Conference side a 3-2 victory. FC United of
Manchester tied 1-1 at Brighton, after their
goalie saved a last minute penalty. In the
replay at Gigg Lane, however, United missed
a penalty that may have changed the game’s
direction, while Brighton powered forward
to a 4-0 win. Conference’s Droylsden Town
held Leyton Orient 1-1 at home, but in the
replay, after two men apiece from each team
had been sent off, the O’s triumphed 8-2.
The ninety minute scoreline of 2-2, produced
extra time and half a dozen goals.
European champions Inter Milan, won the
six nation World Club Championship in Abu
Dhabi, December 8-18, beating TP Mazembe
Engelbert of the DR Congo (African club
champions) 2-0. It was the first time the
final had been contested by a non-European
or non-South American side, and the fourth
consecutive year a European club has won
the world club title. The Italians sealed vic-
tory earlier on with goals by Goran Pandev
minute) while four minutes later Samuel
Eto’o found the net, and Joseph Biabiany got
the third, five minutes from time. Mazembe
beat Pachua of Mexico (Central American
champions) 1-0, and then went on to sur-
prise and stun Sports Internacional of Brazil
(South American champions) 2-0.
The other side of the draw saw Al Wahda
(Gulf champions) beat Oceanic champions,
Hekari United of Papua New Guinea 3-0,
while Seongnam IIhwa Chunma (Asian
champions) overwhelmed Al Wahda 4-1.
Inter-Milan cruised passed Seongnam 2-0,
beating the south Koreans with consider-
able ease for a place in the final which they
won 3-0.
A referee’s strike and snowstorms that
deluged the Scottish mainland completely
disrupted scheduled fixtures late November
and December. The SFA brought in European
refs, as a weekend of strike action prevailed.
Scottish referees are complaining about
criticism from the clubs about their integrity
and performance and the threat of violence
from fans who could endanger their homes
and families. The SFA is looking seriously
at the issues.
SFA’s Henry McLeish has revealed a new
plan for the Scottish Premier League which
would split in to two divisions with ten teams
apiece, and the implementation of a winter
break. Not all clubs are in agreement with the
idea however. The Artic weather caused such
a paralysis last month, that SPL secretary Iain
Blair said a extension of the Scottish soccer
season could be a distinct possibility.
Inverness CT stole the glory over the Old
Firm last month. They held Celtic to a 1-1 tie
at Parkhead, November 27, and drew Rang-
ers 1-1 at home on December 11. Rangers
still lead the SPL.
Former British, Commonwealth and
European bantamweight champion Alan
Rudkin, (42-8) was a fiery 118lb fighter from
Liverpool, that will be remembered as one of
those quality British boxers who deserved a
world title, but never got one. A formidable
and gutsy competitor who lost and beat
Scottish great, Walter McGowan, engaged
in three World title attempts against Fighting
Harada, Lionel Rose and Ruben Olivares.
Unfortunately for Rudkin, these men were
top class fighters at the peak of their careers,
though the Liverpudlian’s brave pugilism was
noted and applauded by the British sporting
press. Alan Rudkin was 68.
Motor racing fans will know the name
Tom Walkinshaw, who was born to a Scot-
tish farming family in Midlothian, but would
become a man to be reckoned with on the
international motor racing scene. After small
beginnings racing Minis from his garage,
he ran Formula Three, British Saloon Car
and European Touring teams, after an injury
forced him in from the driving seat. He made
his Formula One debut with Benetton in 1991,
where a young and talented driver named Mi-
chael Schumacher eagerly signed a contract.
He later took full control of the Arrows, where
he signed up then world champion Damon
Hill for the 1996 season. Recently, he held
part ownership in the Holden Racing Team,
but his new project was the Bundaberg Red
Racing Team. He may never have won a
Formula One championship, but this tough
Scot never gave up trying. He was also owner
of Gloucester Rugby Club. Tom Walkinshaw
was 64.
Tottenham Hotspurs fans will remember
the footballing skills of Ralph Coates and
Eddie Baily. Spurs signed Coates for a then
British record transfer fee of £190,000 in
1971, and he assisted them to a UEFA Cup
and League Cup win during his six year stay
at White Hart Lane. He was 64. Eddie Baily
joined Spurs after the war, put in 325 first
team appearances and later joined the man-
agement team before ending his association
with the club in 1956. Eddie Baily was 85.
Hatton Settles Dispute
With Former Trainer
RETIRED English boxer Ricky Hatton
has reached a settlement with a former
trainer who sued him for $2.2m over
unpaid earnings.
Billy Graham claimed the former two-
weight world champion owed him money
from fights against Floyd Mayweather in
2007 and Juan Lazcano in 2008.
A joint statement released last month on
the third day of a hearing at Manchester’s
Civil Justice Centre said Hatton and Gra-
ham have “agreed to put their differences
behind them and have ended the court pro-
ceedings on mutually acceptable terms.”
Graham trained Hatton for 45 fights,
from 1997 to 2008.
Luger’s Season Put On Ice
BRITAIN’S top luger has been forced to
cancel his season because he can’t afford to
compete on the World Cup circuit.
AJ Rosen, who finished 16th in the
men’s singles at the Vancouver Olym-
pics, says “my luge career is on hold for
now” because he no longer receives any
The American-born luger’s funding
from Britain’s Talented Athlete Scholar-
ship Scheme and the International Olympic
Committee Solidarity Fund has dried up.
Rosen’s parents are unable to continue
supporting him.
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Ar senal – Pol i sh keep-
er Wojci ech Szczesny made
a poised, confident debut at
Old Trafford but his teammates
couldn’t match the only goal he conceded and
they fell to Man United, 1-0. Samir Nasri’s pair
of brilliant goals subdued Fulham in a 2-1 win.
He dummied two defenders before rifling in
a high shot, and slid past defenders and the
goalkeeper to slot home from a snug angle
15 minutes from time.
Aston Villa – Goals by Stewart
Downing and Emile Heskey ended
a three-game Premier League los-
ing streak and a 2-1 triumph over
West Brom. Downing scored his sixth goal
of the season in the 25
minute and Heskey
tallied 10 minutes from time to preserve an
unbeaten record against West Brom dating
back to 1985.
Birmingham – Seven saves by
Ben Foster staved off Wolverhamp-
ton for all but a brief interval of first-
half stoppage time, which is when
Wolves struck in their 1-0 triumph.
Kevin Phillips headed wide on a great oppor-
tunity in the final minutes. Nikola Zigic headed
a Roger Johnson cross into the goalmouth
for Craig Gardner to tie up Tottenham, 1-1,
with his fifth goal of the season.
Blackburn – Defender Ryan
Nelsen pounced, or more pre-
cisely lurched, to knee a ball
just over the goal line to score
the goal that gave Rovers a snow-encrusted
1-1 draw with West Ham that marked the
debut of caretaker manager Steve Kean. It
also may have ended the season for Phil
Jones, who limped off with a serious knee
injury. Less than a minute after Mame Biram
Diouf equalized in the 87
minute at Bolton,
Rovers collapsed and allowed the goal that
condemned them to a 2-1 loss. Set plays
by Morten Gamst Pedersen set up goals for
David Dunn and Nelsen, and Brett Emerton
also scored in a 3-0 rout of Wolves.
Blackpool – DJ Campbell’s
winner three minutes after half-
time downed Stoke, 1-0, and
upped Blackpool’s take to six
wins and 22 points in their first 16 Premier
League matches. Headers by Ian Evatt and
Luke Varney gave the Seasiders a 2-0 lead
at Bolton but they conceded twice in the final
15 minutes to draw, 2-2.
Bolton – American midfielder
Stuart Holden fired home a spec-
tacular winner in the 88th-minute
for a 2-1 defeat of Blackburn
attained despite playing with 10
men after the departure of Mark Davies to a
red card in the 56
minute. Fabrice Muamba
scored nine minutes later for a 1-0 lead and
less than a minute after Bolton conceded an
equaliser, Holden chested and then volleyed
a header from Kevin Davies.
Chelsea – Didier Drogba drilled
a shot through the gloves of
Spurs keeper Humberto Gomes
to equalize at White Hart Lane,
but couldn’t beat him from the penalty spot
in stoppage time and Chelsea drew, 1-1.
Midfielder Frank Lampard came off the bench
in the final minutes for his first appearance
since late August
Everton – Jermaine Beckford
came on as a sub to score the
goal in the 86
minute that forged
a 1-1 draw at Chelsea. A bad back
pass from Phil Neville put keeper Tim Howard
in trouble and his foul was punished by a cau-
tion and the penalty kick by which Chelsea
took a 1-0 lead shortly before halftime.
Fulham – Diomansy Kamara
equalized on the half hour at Arse-
nal and five minutes after a Zoltan
Gera header was cleared off the
goal line, the Gunners notched a goal that
clinched a 2-1 victory. Clint Dempsey headed
an equalizer eight minutes into the second
half for a 1-1 draw with Birmingham.
Liverpool – Dirk Kuyt’s de-
flected equalizer in the 50
ute brought Liverpool some hope
at Newcastle, but they conceded
twice in the final 10 minutes to
go down, 3-1, despite a staggering 21-7 ad-
vantage in shots. Liverpool spoiled the return
to Anfield of former manager Gerard Houllier
and won their fourth straight home game by
blasting Aston Villa, 3-0, with goals by David
Ngog, Ryan Babel and Maxi Rodriguez. It was
Pepe Reina’s 100
shutout for Liverpool.
Manchester City – With-
out suspended and disgruntled
striker Carlos Tevez, City romped
at West Ham, 3-1. Yaya Toure
scored the first goal directly
and tallied again when his shot came off
the upright and rebounded into the net off
the keeper. Adam Johnson collected the
third goal. Tevez had started the month by
scoring his 10
goal of the season in a 1-0
defeat of Bolton.
Manchester United – The
Chilean miners and David Beck-
ham were on hand at Old Traf-
ford to see United down Arsenal,
1-0, on a headed Ji-Sung Park goal from a
deflected Nani cross. The scoring woes for
Wayne Rooney – without a goal in open play
since last March – continued when he shot a
penalty kick over the bar.
Newcastle – Manager Alan
Pardew, chosen to replace
Chris Hughton, celebrated his
debut by beating Liverpool,
3-1. Andy Carroll clinched the
victory with his 10
goal of the season after
goals by Liverpudlians Kevin Davies and
Joey Barton edged the Magpies in front,
1-0, and 2-1. Hughton was dismissed after
a 3-1 thrashing at West Brom in which Peter
Lovenkrand scored as the final seconds
ebbed away on Hughton’s reign.
Stoke City – A five-match un-
beaten run ended with a 1-0 home
loss to Blackpool in which. Ricardo
Fuller smashed a shot against the
crossbar in the 36
minute. Matthew Ether-
ington and Rory Delap also hit the woodwork.
Robert Huth and Etherington scored 13
minutes apart in a see-saw first half at Wigan
that ended 2-2, as did the match.
Sunderland – When a par-
ried Darren Bent shot floated
in his direction, on-loan Danny
Wellbeck dove to head home
his fifth goal in six matches and the only one
the Black Cats would need to beat Bolton,
1-0. Keeper Craig Gordon saved the victory
by lashing out his glove to paw a point-blank
chance over the crossbar. Teammate Simon
Mignolet did the business with nine saves in
a 0-0 draw at Fulham.
Tottenham – Jermaine Defoe
pierced the Chelsea defense to
provide Roman Pavlyuchenko’s
ninth goal of the season in the 15
minute; after letting a shot squirt
through his gloves to provide
the opponents an equalizer, keeper Hum-
berto Gomes conceded a penalty kick with a
clumsy foul then batted away the spot kick to
retain a 1-1 draw. Sebastien Bassong scored
his first goal in 16 months in the 19
at Birmingham and a late equalizer handed
Spurs a 1-1 result.
West Bromwich Albion – After
Somen Tchoyi’s shot hit the cross-
bar, Paul Scharner’s goal in the 89
minute came too late in a 2-1 loss
at Aston Villa. Top scorer (six goals) scorer
Peter Odemwingie missed the match because
of groin and calf problems. Odemwingie
netted twice and Tchoyi also scored in a 3-1
thumping of Newcastle, their first win against
the Magpies in the last 18 meetings.
West Ham United – Substitute
Junior Stanislas brought the Ham-
mers a point by drilling home the
rebound of a saved Scott Parker
shot in the 78
minute for a 1-1
draw at Blackburn. Keeper Ruud Boffin made
his debut in the absence of Robert Green,
sidelined while recovering from surgery to
remove a cyst. A Yaya Toure handball trig-
gered appeals for a penalty that were denied
and by the time James Tompkins headed a
goal in the 89
minute, West Ham were on
the ropes of a 3-1 defeat.
Wigan Athletic – Keeper Ali
Al Habsi fended off numerous
attacks and in the final minutes
Mohamed Diame and Ronnie
Stam were denied winners as the Latics held
out for a 0-0 draw at Everton. Tom Cleverley’s
goal five minutes before halftime ended the
scoring in a 2-2 home draw with Stoke that
also included an own goal, a bad miss by
Hendry Thomas, and a Charles N’Zogbia
shot off the post.
Wolverhampton – Keep-
er Wayne Hennessey posted
Wolvers’ first shutout since April
and Stephen Hunt connected on
a near-post cross by Sylvan Ebanks-Blake
in first-half stoppage time to beat Birming-
ham, 1-0, at Molineux. Ebanks-Blake and
Hunt scored in the final eight minutes to
bring Wolves back from 2-1 down and beat
Sunderland, 3-2, to stop a four-game losing
skid. Kevin Foley’s goal five minutes into the
second half sparked the five-goal barrage.
January 2011 Page 15
By Ridge Mahoney
One Year
As of December 27
The Perfect Gift - Anytime!
A Union Jack Subscription
~ See Page 3 ~
Solution to Sudoku puzzle on page 16.
– Saturday, January 1 –
Birmingham v Arsenal; Liverpool v Bolton;
Man City v Blackpool; Stoke City v Everton;
Sunderland v Blackburn; Tottenham v Fulham;
West Brom v Man Utd; West Ham v Wolves
– Sunday, January 2 –
Chelsea v Aston Villa; Wigan Athletic v Newcastle
– Tuesday, January 4 –
Blackpool v Birmingham; Fulham v West Brom;
Man Utd v Stoke City
– Wednesday, January 5 –
Arsenal v Man City; Aston Villa v Sunderland;
Blackburn v Liverpool; Bolton v Wigan Athletic
Everton v Tottenham; Newcastle v West Ham;
Wolves v Chelsea
– Saturday, January 15 –
Chelsea v Blackburn; Man City v Wolves;
Stoke City v Bolton; West Brom v Blackpool;
West Ham v Arsenal; Wigan Athletic v Fulham
– Sunday, January 16 –
Birmingham v Aston Villa; Liverpool v Everton;
Sunderland v Newcastle; Tottenham v Man Utd
– Saturday, January 22 –
Arsenal v Wigan Athletic; Aston Villa v Man City;
Blackpool v Sunderland; Everton v West Ham;
Fulham v Stoke City; Man Utd v Birmingham;
Newcastle v Tottenham; Wolves v Liverpool
– Sunday, January 23 –
Blackburn v West Brom
– Monday, January 24 –
Bolton v Chelsea
– Tuesday, January 25 –
Blackpool v Man Utd
Last 32
(To be played February 15, 17, 22 & 24)
Napoli v Villarreal
Rangers v Sporting Lisbon; Sparta Prague v Liverpool;
Anderlecht v Ajax; Lech Poznan v Braga;
Besiktas v Dynamo Kiev; Basel v Spartak Moscow;
Young Boys v Zenit St Petersburg;
Aris Thessaloniki v Man City;
PAOK Salonika v CSKA Moscow; Sevilla v Porto;
Rubin Kazan v FC Twente; Lille v PSV Eindhoven;
Benfica v Stuttgart; BATE Borisov v Paris St Grmn;
Metalist Kharkiv v B Leverkusen
Last 16
(To be played March 10 & 17)
Benfica/Stuttgart v BATE Borisov/Paris St Grmn
Besiktas/Dynamo Kiev v Aris Thessaloniki/Man City
Rubin Kazan/FC Twente v Young Boys/Znt St Petersburg
PAOK Salonika/CSKA Moscow v Sevilla/Porto
Lille/PSV Eindhoven v Rangers/Sporting Lisbon
Metalist Kharkiv/Bayer Leverkusen v Napoli/Villarreal
Anderlecht/Ajax v Basel/Spartak Moscow
Sparta Prague/Liverpool v Lech Poznan/Braga
Group A
P W D L F A Pts
Man City 6 3 2 1 11 6 11
Lech Poznan 6 3 2 1 11 8 11
Juventus 6 0 6 0 7 7 6
Salzburg 6 0 2 4 1 9 2
Group K
P W D L F A Pts
Liverpool 6 2 4 0 8 3 10
Napoli 6 1 4 1 8 9 7
S Bucharest 6 1 3 2 9 11 6
Utrecht 6 0 5 1 5 7 5
First Round
(First Legs Feb 15-16 & 22-23,
Second Legs March 8-9 & 15-16)
Roma v Shakhtar Donetsk
AC Milan v Tottenham; Valencia v Schalke;
Inter Milan v Bayern Munich; Lyon v Real Madrid;
Arsenal v Barcelona; Marseille v Man United;
Copenhagen v Chelsea
Group A
P W D L F A Pts
Tottenham 6 3 2 1 18 11 11
Inter Milan 6 3 1 2 12 11 10
FC Twente 6 1 3 2 9 11 6
Werder Bremen 6 1 2 3 6 12 5
Group C
P W D L F A Pts
Man United 6 4 2 0 7 1 14
Valencia 6 3 2 1 15 4 11
Rangers 6 1 3 2 3 6 6
Bursaspor 6 0 1 5 2 16 1
Group F
P W D L F A Pts
Chelsea 6 5 0 1 14 4 15
Marseille 6 4 0 2 12 3 12
Spk Moscow 6 3 0 3 7 10 9
MSK Zilina 6 0 0 6 3 19 0
Group H
P W D L F A Pts
Shakhtar Donetsk 6 5 0 1 12 6 15
Arsenal 6 4 0 2 18 7 12
Braga 6 3 0 3 5 11 9
Partizan Blgrd 6 0 0 6 2 13 0
(First Legs week of January 10, Second Legs
week of January 24)
Ipswich v Arsenal
West Ham v Birmingham
Fourth round
(To be played January 8/9)
Aberdeen v East Fife
Dundee United v Ross County
Queen of the South v Brechin/Annan Athletic
Montrose v Dunfermline
Morton v Aidrie/Beith
Falkirk v Patrick
Berwick v Celtic
East Stirling v Buckie Thistle
Rangers v Kilmarnock
Hibernian v Ayr
Stenhousemuir or Threave Rovers/Stranraer
Hamilton v Alloa
St Mirren v Peterhead
Inverness v Elgin City
Dundee v Motherwell
Hearts v St Johnstone
Both games at Hampden Park
Saturday, January 29
Aberdeen v Celtic
Sunday, January 30
Rangers v Motherwell
(To be played weekend January 8/9)
Burnley v Port Vale; Coventry v Crystal Palace;
Bristol City v Sheffield Wed; Fulham v Peterborough;
Doncaster v Wolves; Brighton v Portsmouth;
Huddersfield v Dover Athletic; Crawley T
or Swindon v Derby;
West Ham v Barnsley; Reading v West Brom;
Arsenal v Leeds; Sheffield Utd v Aston Villa;
Leicester v Man City; Bolton v York;
Blackburn v QPR; Swansea v Colchester;
Wycombe v Hereford or Lincoln;Stevenage v Newcastle;
Burton Albion v Middlesbro; Millwall v Birmingham;
Southampton v Blackpool; Watford v Hartlepool or Yeovil;
Chelsea v Ipswich; Sunderland v Notts Cnty or Bournemth;
Scunthorpe v Everton; Man Utd v Liverpool;
Hull v Wigan; Stoke v Cardiff; Tottenham v Charlton
or Luton; Preston v Nottingham Forest;
Norwich v Droylsden or Leyton O;
Torquay v Carlisle
(To be played weekend January 8/9)
Burnley v Port Vale; Coventry v Crystal Palace;
Bristol City v Sheffield Wed; Fulham v Peterborough;
Doncaster v Wolves; Brighton v Portsmouth;
Huddersfield v Dover Athletic; Crawley T
or Swindon v Derby;
West Ham v Barnsley; Reading v West Brom;
Arsenal v Leeds; Sheffield Utd v Aston Villa;
Leicester v Man City; Bolton v York;
Blackburn v QPR; Swansea v Colchester;
WWWycombe v Hereford or Lincoln;Stevenage v Newcastle e; ;
Burton Albion v Middlesbro; Millwall v Birmingham;
SSoouthampton v Blackpool; Watford v Hartlepool or Yeov vill;
CCh helsea v Ipswich; Sunderland v Notts Cnty or Bournemtthh;
Scunthorpe v Everton; Man Utd v Liverpool;
Hull v Wigan; Stoke v Cardiff; Tottenham v Charlton
or Luton; Preston v Nottingham Forest;
Norwich v Droylsden or Leyton O;
Torquay q y v Carlisle
P W D L F A Pts GD
Man Utd 17 10 7 0 38 16 37 +22
Arsenal 18 11 2 5 37 20 35 +17
Man City 19 10 5 4 28 16 35 +12
Chelsea 18 9 4 5 32 15 31 +17
Tottenham 18 8 6 4 27 23 30 +4
Bolton 19 7 8 4 32 25 29 +7
Sunderland 19 6 9 4 21 20 27 +1
Stoke 18 7 3 8 23 22 24 +1
Newcastle 18 6 4 8 28 29 22 -1
Liverpool 17 6 4 7 21 22 22 -1
Blackpool 16 6 4 6 24 29 22 -5
West Brom 18 6 4 8 24 31 22 -7
Blackburn 19 6 4 9 23 30 22 -7
Everton 18 4 9 5 20 21 21 -1
Aston Villa 18 5 5 8 20 30 20 -10
Wigan 18 4 7 7 15 29 19 -14
Birmingham 17 3 9 5 17 20 18 -3
Fulham 18 2 10 6 17 23 16 -6
West Ham 19 3 7 9 19 32 16 -13
Wolves 18 4 3 11 19 32 15 -13
P W D L F A Pts GD
QPR 22 12 8 2 40 14 44 +26
Cardiff 22 12 4 6 37 22 40 +15
Leeds 23 11 6 6 41 37 39 +4
Swansea 23 11 4 8 28 23 37 +5
Norwich 22 10 6 6 35 30 36 +5
Coventry 23 10 4 9 29 27 34 +2
Reading 22 8 9 5 34 24 33 +10
Burnley 21 8 8 5 34 27 32 +7
Notts Forest 20 7 9 4 24 17 30 +7
Derby 22 9 3 10 35 29 30 +6
Watford 21 8 6 7 38 33 30 +5
Doncaster 21 8 6 7 33 35 30 -2
Millwall 22 7 8 7 26 23 29 +3
Portsmouth 21 8 5 8 29 28 29 +1
Hull 22 7 8 7 22 25 29 -3
Barnsley 21 8 5 8 26 31 29 -5
Leicester 23 8 5 10 33 40 29 -7
Ipswich 22 8 3 11 25 30 27 -5
Bristol C 22 7 5 10 25 34 26 -9
Sheff Utd 22 7 4 11 19 31 25 -12
Middlesbro 22 6 3 13 21 32 21 -11
C Palace 22 6 3 13 24 40 21 -16
Scunthorpe 20 6 2 12 23 35 20 -12
Preston 21 5 4 12 25 39 19 -14
P W D L F A Pts GD
Brighton 19 10 6 3 31 15 36 +16
Sheff Wed 21 10 3 8 34 21 33 +13
Huddersfield 20 10 2 8 31 22 32 +9
Charlton 19 9 5 5 31 25 32 +6
Bournemouth 19 8 6 5 36 21 30 +15
Colchester 19 7 9 3 25 23 30 +2
Oldham 18 7 8 3 27 21 29 +6
Peterborough 19 9 2 8 38 40 29 -2
Exeter 20 8 5 7 32 34 29 -2
Hartlepool 19 8 5 6 22 24 29 -2
Southampton 19 8 4 7 26 18 28 +8
Brentford 19 8 4 7 23 21 28 +2
Carlisle 19 7 6 6 26 20 27 +6
MK Dons 19 8 2 9 25 32 26 -7
Plymouth 19 7 4 8 25 29 25 -4
Leyton Orient 19 6 6 7 27 26 24 +1
Swindon 19 6 6 7 30 33 24 -3
Rochdale 19 5 7 7 27 26 22 +1
Notts Co 18 7 1 10 23 28 22 -5
Tranmere 19 6 4 9 20 28 22 -8
Bristol R 19 5 7 7 23 34 22 -11
Dag & Red 19 4 6 9 21 32 18 -11
Walsall 19 5 2 12 18 32 17 -14
Yeovil 19 4 4 11 20 36 16 -16
P W D L F A Pts GD
Chesterfield 19 11 5 3 39 23 38 +16
Port Vale 19 10 6 3 26 10 36 +16
Bury 19 10 4 5 36 22 34 +14
Rotherham 19 9 7 3 32 23 34 +9
Wycombe 20 9 7 4 30 22 34 +8
Shrewsbury 19 9 6 4 32 19 33 +13
Torquay 19 7 7 5 29 21 28 +8
Cheltenham 19 7 6 6 26 29 27 -3
Crewe 19 6 8 5 40 28 26 +12
Macclesfield 19 7 4 8 23 28 25 -5
Stevenage 19 5 9 5 20 16 24 +4
Burton 19 6 6 7 26 23 24 +3
Gillingham 19 6 6 7 25 28 24 -3
Bradford 19 7 3 9 17 20 24 -3
Northampton 20 6 6 8 23 29 24 -6
Oxford 19 6 5 8 21 23 23 -2
Southend 19 6 5 8 21 23 23 -2
Aldershot 19 5 7 7 16 23 22 -7
Accrington 19 4 9 6 26 29 21 -3
Morecambe 19 5 6 8 23 29 21 -6
Stockport 20 4 8 8 19 39 20 -20
Lincoln 18 5 4 9 14 26 19 -12
Barnet 20 5 4 11 24 37 19 -13
Hereford 20 3 6 11 20 38 15 -18
P W D L F A Pts GD
Rangers 16 13 2 1 39 17 41 +22
Celtic 17 12 3 2 38 13 39 +25
Hearts 17 10 3 4 30 15 33 +15
Inverness CT 18 7 6 5 29 22 27 +7
Kilmarnock 17 7 3 7 27 20 24 +7
Motherwell 16 7 2 7 24 22 23 +2
Dundee Utd 14 5 4 5 15 20 19 -5
St Johnstone 17 5 3 9 12 25 18 -13
St Mirren 17 4 4 9 17 29 16 -12
Hibernian 17 4 3 10 19 29 15 -10
Aberdeen 17 4 1 12 17 37 13 -20
Hamilton 15 2 4 9 11 29 10 -18
P W D L F A Pts GD
Dunfermline 15 9 3 3 27 15 30 +12
Raith 14 8 4 2 18 8 28 +10
Falkirk 13 7 1 5 28 14 22 +14
Queen of Sth 14 6 2 6 18 18 20 0
Cowdenbeath 14 5 1 8 20 28 16 -8
Partick 16 4 4 8 12 21 16 -9
Ross County 15 3 6 6 12 18 15 -6
Morton 15 3 5 7 13 16 14 -3
Stirling 14 3 3 8 13 33 12 -20
Dundee 16 8 5 3 24 14 4 +10
P W D L F A Pts GD
Livingston 14 8 4 2 24 14 28 +10
Brechin 14 7 6 1 28 13 27 +15
Ayr 13 7 2 4 23 22 23 +1
Alloa 16 6 5 5 27 27 23 0
Forfar 13 6 3 4 22 18 21 +4
Airdrie Utd 15 5 4 6 23 26 19 -3
East Fife 14 4 4 6 34 28 16 +6
Peterhead 16 3 6 7 22 30 15 -8
Stenh’semuir 14 3 3 8 13 21 12 -8
Dumbarton 13 3 1 9 12 29 10 -17
P W D L F A Pts GD
Stranraer 15 7 7 1 29 20 28 +9
Albion 13 8 3 2 25 17 27 +8
Elgin City 16 7 3 6 27 28 24 -1
Arbroath 14 7 2 5 26 27 23 -1
Berwick 13 5 7 1 29 17 22 +12
Annan 12 5 5 2 22 15 20 +7
Montrose 14 3 4 7 25 26 13 -1
Queen’s Park 14 3 2 9 16 22 11 -6
East Stirling 13 3 2 8 8 18 11 -10
Clyde 12 1 3 8 12 29 6 -17
Page 16 January 2011
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By John Polley By John Polley
England’s Foreign-Based
Players Warned
THE English Rugby Union has
decided to get tough on players
who opt to turn out for foreign
sides. After this year’s World
Cup, the only players who will
be selected for England will be
those who play for English clubs.
It is an attempt to maximise preparations for
England’s own World Cup in 2015.
As matters stand, three players would
thus become ineligible for selection: Tom
Palmer and James Haskell (Stade Francais)
along with Jonny Wilkinson (Toulon). All are
currently likely to be in the English squad
for this but not the next World Cup. Of that
trio Haskell at 25 is in greatest jeopardy.
So too is Danny Cipriani who is in Australia
preparing for a first Super 15 series with the
Melbourne Rebels.
There is a slight problem with this blanket
approach and it comes in the shape of Euro-
pean employment laws. That being the case,
Rob Andrew has given himself a fall-back
position, “In exceptional circumstances, we
might pick from abroad.”
Charlie Hodgson, the Sale and England
flyhalf, has been sidelined with a broken
foot and might not recover before the Six
Welsh Woes
Wales too have picked up a couple of
injuries in their preparations for the Six Na-
tions. Lee Byrne, their star fullback has a
broken thumb. More seriously their brilliant
winger, George North, faces three months
out following surgery on a shoulder injury
which he picked up playing against South
Africa. Byrne should be fit but
North is unlikely to be able to
turn out at least for the start of
the campaign.
Scottish Optimism
Andy Robinson’s string of
Scottish victories over Aus-
tralia, South Africa, Argentina
and Ireland has resulyted in his
contract being extended. There are however
serious worries up north that the Lions’ selec-
tors may come knocking on his door. How
the Scots would love to win the Calcutta Cup
this year – they haven’t beaten England at
Twickenham since 1983.
The 2011 Six Nations
Championship (home sides first,
local kick-off times)
Round 1
February 4: Wales v England (19:45)
February 5: Italy v Ireland (14:30), France
v Scotland (17:00)
Round 2
February 12: England v Italy (14:30),
Scotland v Wales (17:00)
February 13: Ireland v France (15:00)
Round 3
February 26: Italy v Wales (14:30), Eng-
land v France (17:00)
February 27: Scotland v Ireland (15:00)
Round 4
March 12: Italy v France (14:30), Wales
v Ireland (17:00)
March 13: England v Scotland (15:00)
Round 5
March 19: Scotland v Italy (14:30), Ireland
v England (17:00), France v Wales (19:45)
Premier League Splashes
Out On Agents’ Fees
THE PREMIER League says clubs in Eng-
land’s top division spent more than £67m on
player agents’ fees in the past year.
Chelsea and Liverpool were the biggest
spenders on agents between October 2009
and September 2010, splashing out £18.2m
between them from a combined total of
£67.1m among the 20 topflight teams.
Chelsea’s payments to agents were
slightly down compared the previous year
but Liverpool’s were up £2.4m.
The total outlay by Premier League clubs
fell by £3.6m compared to 2008-09.
The league’s biggest spender, Manchester
City, more than halved its payment to
agents’from £12.8m to £5.9m.
Chelsea And Wilkins Settle
A MANAGERS’ union says Chelsea and its
former assistant coach Ray Wilkins have re-
solved the dispute surrounding his departure
from the Premier League club.
Chelsea announced on November 11 it
was not renewing Wilkins’ contract and that
the former England midfielder would be leav-
ing the club with immediate effect.
Wilkins threatened legal action on the
basis of unfair dismissal but the League
Managers Association said last month the
two parties have reached a settlement.
Wilkins thanked Chelsea for “ensuring that
matters have been brought to a swift and
harmonious conclusion.”
A former Chelsea player, Wilkins had
two spells as the team’s assistant coach
and played a key role in helping the Blues
win the Premier League-FA Cup double last
Newcastle Hires Alan Pardew
ALAN PARDEW took over as Newcastle’s
new manager, pledging to build on the work
of predecessor Chris Hughton and establish
the club as a Premier League force.
The former West Ham and Southampton
manager was hired by the northeast side on
a 5-1/2-year deal to replace the popular Hugh-
ton, who was fired December 6 despite leading
Newcastle back into the Premier League at the
first attempt and to a mid-table position.
Hughton’s dismissal stunned Newcastle’s
players and angered fans, after the former
Ireland and Tottenham full back had revived the
team’s fortunes in his 18 months in charge.
Supporters are also believed to be largely
against the appointment of Pardew, who
has trawled around the lower reaches of the
Premier League and in England’s second
and third tiers during his 11-year manage-
rial career.
Blackburn Sack Manager
Sam Allardyce
BLACKBURN Rovers last month announced
the firing of manager Sam Allardyce.
Allardyce, 56, was relieved of his duties
along with his assistant Neil McDonald by
the club’s new owners, the Venky’s Group
from India.
Rovers have lost three of their last five
games, including a 2-1 defeat by his former
club Bolton on Sunday.
“I am very shocked and disappointed
to be leaving Blackburn,” said Allardyce in
a statement released through the League
Managers’ Association.
“I am extremely proud to have managed
this club and I enjoyed a fantastic relationship
with the players, my staff and the supporters
during my time in charge.”
The new Indian owners announced that the
first-team coach Steve Kean will take charge
through the end of the season.
Liverpool Gives Away Free
Match Tickets To Kids
TWO MONTHS after being rescued from the
brink of financial ruin, Liverpool is giving
away free tickets to children accompanied
by a paying adult.
It is the latest move by New England
Sports Ventures – the Boston Red Sox
ownership group – to repair Liverpool’s frail
relationship with fans after buying the team
from wildly unpopular duo Tom Hicks and
George Gillett Jr in October.
With the team already through to the
Europa League knockout phase, Liverpool
were struggling to fill Anfield for its Group K
finale against Utrecht.
A full house was instead achieved, with up
to four free tickets for fans under the age of 17
available when an adult buys a £20 ticket.
Buddle Trial At Birmingham
LOS ANGELES Galaxy and United States
striker Edson Buddle is on trial at Premier
League club Birmingham during the Major
League Soccer offseason.
The 29-year-old Buddle was the leading
scorer in the MLS for most of the 2010
season despite missing more than a month
for the World Cup. Buddle ended the regular
season as the second-highest scorer with 17
goals in 25 matches.
Buddle’s Galaxy teammate, Landon
Donovan, came to England on loan this year,
spending January to March at Everton before
returning for the MLS season.
However, the Galaxy were frustrated
that midfielder David Beckham was injured
in March during a second stint on loan at
AC Milan.
Lawmakers To
Probe Debt At
Soccer Clubs
By Rob Harris
BRITISH SOCCER will be investigated
by a parliamentary inquiry following
concerns about the high level of debt at
Premier League clubs and the owner-
ship troubles at Manchester United and
The House of Commons Culture,
Media and Sport Committee will assess
whether clubs should face government
intervention and look at the regulations
used by overseas leagues.
The legislators will examine the
structures of the four soccer associations
in Britain, with the English FA facing
questions about its lack of leadership
after the country’s failed bid to host the
2018 World Cup.
The last British parliamentary in-
quiry into soccer in 2009 issued 27
recommendations and flagged up the
“ludicrous levels of borrowing.”
But that all-party group lacked the
power of this latest select committee
inquiry, which can order the attendance
of witnesses and has greater resources
at its disposal.
A committee statement said that the
“high-profile coverage of Liverpool
and Manchester United” was one of the
triggers for the inquiry, while there are
growing calls for fans to have a greater
say in the running of clubs.
Manchester United was debt-free
before a leveraged takeover by the
American Glazer family in 2005, but now
has liabilities exceeding $788m and fan
protests are evident at every match.
Liverpool had to go through a bit-
ter court battle in October to force its
Americans owners to relinquish control
of the 18-time champions, after it too
had acquired debts through a leveraged
“The Government has said that it
will encourage the reform of football
governance rules to support the co-
operative ownership of football clubs
by supporters, and there is widespread
concern that the current governance
arrangements are not fit-for-purpose,”
committee chairman John Whittingdale
said in a statement.
The key questions the committee will
consider are:
* Is there too much debt in the profes-
sional game?
* Are there lessons to be learned from
governance models across Britain and
abroad, and from other sports?
* What are the pros and cons of the
Supporter Trust shareholding model?
The Premier League said it “rec-
ognized the importance of engaging
in these types of inquiries” and plans
to use its evidence to detail recent
strengthening of financial and owner-
ship regulations.
“It is a welcome opportunity to
highlight the numerous governance de-
velopments in our rule book over recent
years, as well as enabling us to frame
the challenges facing the game and
how we might appropriately regulate
them going forward,” the league said
in a statement.
Ferguson Longest Serving
Manchester United Manager
chester United’s longest-serving
manager December 19 with
his team topping the Premier
League through Christmas
but with heavy snow deny-
ing him the chance to
mark the milestone with
a win over title rival
By extending his
reign to 8,811 days, the
68-year-old Ferguson
surpassed fellow Scots-
man Matt Busby’s re-
cord set during his two
spells in the Old Traf-
ford hot seat.
“In the history of football, the best
(manager) is Sir Alex,” said England
coach Fabio Capello, the 64-year-old
Italian who has also taken charge of Real
Madrid and AC Milan. “For such a long
time he managed the team and changed a
lot. He changed the team, he changed the
players, he has been really, really good
for the club.”
Ferguson has won 26 major trophies
since replacing Ron Atkinson in November
1986, including the Premier League eleven
times and the Champions League twice.
“It’s an incredible achievement,” said
United assistant manager Mike Phelan,
who also played under Ferguson. “His
secret is his enthusiasm, his attention to
detail, his work ethic – that’s something
he was born into, which comes from his
background and his family. He is youth-
ful, has a young mind, and he’s always
willing to learn.”
Ferguson, who has stopped
discussing his future plans after
previously changing his mind
about retirement to remain
in the job, was awarded
a knighthood by Queen
Elizabeth II in 1999 af-
ter guiding United to
a treble of Premier
League, European
Champions League
and FA Cup titles
that year.
While he has be-
come British football’s most successful
manager, Ferguson is quick to point out
that Busby had the tougher time, having to
rebuild United following the 1958 Munich
air disaster that killed eight players.
Busby went on to deliver the club’s first
European Cup in 1968 as well as winning
five league titles during his first tenure
between 1945 and ‘69. He took charge
again between 1970 and ‘71 and remained
involved with the club until his death in
1994, aged 84.
Women’s Football World Cup Draw
Germany 2011
Group A
Germany, Canada, Nigeria, France.
Group B
Japan, New Zealand, Mexico, England.
Group C
United States, North Korea, Colombia, Sweden.
Group D
Brazil, Australia, Norway, Equatorial Guinea.
bb gg yy yy Brazil, Brazil, Australi Australia, Norwa a, Norway, Equat y, Equatorial Gu orial Guinea. inea.
Free Ashes Trip For
Twitter Woman
A 22-YEAR-OLD Massachusetts babysitter
who knows nothing about cricket has been
offered a trip to go watch a match in Australia
because of a mixup over her Twitter name.
Ashley Kerekes of Westfield has a Twit-
ter username of “theashes,” similar to
international cricket’s most celebrated rivalry
between Australia and England. Cricket fans
from around the world bombarded her with
messages after the 66th Ashes series began
last month. She issued a series of polite deni-
als before lashing out in all caps that she was
not, in fact a cricket match.
Of course, cheeky fans then encouraged
other to follow her. Now she has over 7,600
followers and as her “fanbase” grew, her
attitude appeared to soften. But, within a few
days, she was inquiring about the rules of the
centuries-old game.
That prompted a campaign on the microb-
logging website to “gettheashestotheashes”
and Australian airline Qantas then posted
the following on its Twitter account: “Qantas
wants to see theashes in Australia. We’ll fly her
from New York to Australia for the Ashes!”
Vodafone Australia has since offered to pay
for her match tickets.
h h
AC Milan.
A i FFre Fre AA e A e A h she she T s T s T ii rip rip FFo Forr
LLLaw kk makers TT To
Probe Debt At
Soccer Clubs
By Rob Harris
d BBBBRITISH SOCCER will be investigated ddd
bbbbyy a parliamentary inquiry followingggg
t ccco oncerns about the high level of debt a at tt
PPPrremier League clubs and the owner r---
d ssshhip troubles at Manchester United and ddd
The House of Commons Culturee,
MMMMedia and Sport Committee will assesssss
t wwwwhether clubs should face governmen nttt
iin nntervention and look at the regulation ns ss
uuus sed by overseas leagues.
The legislators will examine theee
sssttructures of the four soccer associationnsss
iin nn Britain, with the English FA facing ggg
qqquuestions about its lack of leadership ppp
aaaf fter the country’s failed bid to host thheee
2220 018 World Cup.
The last British parliamentary in n---
qqqu uiry into soccer in 2009 issued 27 77
rrre ecommendations and flagged up theee
“““l ludicrous levels of borrowing.”
But that all-party group lacked theee
ppppo ower of this latest select committeeee
iin nnquiry, which can order the attendanceee
ooof f witnesses and has greater resource es ss
aaat t its disposal.
A committee statement said that th heee
“““h high-profile coverage of Liverpoo ol ll
aaan nd Manchester United” was one of thheee
ttr tr riggers for the inquiry, while there ar reee
r gggr rowing calls for fans to have a greate er rr
sssaay in the running of clubs.
Manchester United was debt-freeee
bbbbeefore a leveraged takeover by theee
AAAAmerican Glazer family in 2005, but nowwww
hhha as liabilities exceeding $788m and fan nnn
ppppr rotests are evident at every match.
Liverpool had to go through a bit t- --
ttte er court battle in October to force it ts ss
AAAAmericans owners to relinquish controol ll
ooof f the 18-time champions, after it too ooo
d hhha ad acquired debts through a leveraged ddd
ttta akeover.
t “The Government has said that iit tt
wwwwill encourage the reform of footballl ll
gggo overnance rules to support the co o- --
ooop perative ownership of football clubbs ss
b pporters, and there is widespr d bbby y supporters, and there is widespread ddd
ccco oncern that the current governanceee
aaar rrangements are not fit-for-purpose,”””
ccco ommittee chairman John Whittingdaleee
sssaaid in a statement.
The key questions the committee wil llll
ccco onsider are:
* Is there too much debt in the profes s---
sssiional game?
* Are there lessons to be learned from mmm
d gggo overnance models across Britain andddd
aaab broad, and from other sports?
* What are the pros and cons of th heee
SSSuupporter Trust shareholding model?
The Premier League said it “recc- --
ooog gnized the importance of engaging ggg
iin nn these types of inquiries” and plan ns ss
t ttto o use its evidence to detail recen nttt
sssttrengthening of financial and ownerr---
ssshhip regulations.
“It is a welcome opportunity toooo
hhhi ighlight the numerous governance dee- --
t vvveelopments in our rule book over recen nttt
yyye ears, as well as enabling us to fram me ee
d ttth he challenges facing the game and ddd
hhhoow we might appropriately regulat te ee
d tth th hem going forward,” the league saidddd
iin nn a statement.
,, gg
Women WWomen’ F ’s Fo ’s Fo b l otbal otball W l Wor l World C ld Cu ld Cu D p Dra p Draww
December 19, Surpassed Matt Busby’s 24 Years In Charge


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