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You will need: 2 coordinating non-directional fabrics directional Sharp Scissors Coordinating thread Yardage required using 45” wide fabric. Size Size Size Size Size Size Size Size 3- ½ yd of fabric 1 and ½ yd of fabric 2 4- ½ yd of fabric 1 and ½ yd of fabric 2 5- ½ yd of fabric 1 and ½ yd of fabric 2 6- 2/3 yd of fabric 1 and 2/3 yd of fabric 2 7- 2/3 yd of fabric 1 and 2/3 yd of fabric 2 2 8- 1 yd of fabric 1 and 1 yd of fabric 2 9- 1 yd of fabric 1 and 1 yd of fabric 2 10-1 yd of fabric 1 and 1 yd of fabric 2 1

Before beginning this project it is recommended that you read through all of the instructions. Light weight cotton fabric or medium weight quilting fabric is recommended for this top. *All seam allowances for this top are ¼ inch.

Sewing Steps
Step 1- Prepare your pattern

1. Make sure you print your PDF file at 100% In Vista this setting will be ‘Fit to Printable Area’ 2. Tape your pattern together so that the arrows match up as shown. The paper pieces will not overlap.

3. Once your pattern is taped together cut out the pieces by cutting

along the colored line that matches the size you want.

Step 2- Cutting fabric

1. Place your pattern pieces on your fabric. The front piece needs to be placed on the fold. Pieces can be placed upside down if necessary to conserve fabric.

• The pattern pieces for sizes 3-8 will fit side by side. • The back pattern piece for sizes 9-10 will not fit side by side and will need to be placed on the fabric upside down for cutting.

You should have: • 2 front pieces cut on the fold (1 from each of your fabric choices) • 4 back pieces (2 from each of your fabric choices)


Step 3-Sewing the top 1. Place the back pieces on the front piece printed sides together. Line up the sides and pin them in place.

2. Stitch along the sides. Be sure to back stitch at both the top and the bottom on both sides. 3. Repeat the last 2 steps for your second fabric choice.

4. Lay the sewn together pieces flat and iron all seams open.


5. Place the two pieces printed sides together and pin together. Leave a space open along the bottom front. This is left open for turning.

6. Leave all 4 of the shoulders unpinned and unsewn. Sew all pinned areas leaving a ¼ in seam allowance. Backstitch at every starting and stopping point.


7. Remove all of the pins and then you will need to clip around the curved edges being careful to not cut the stitches. This will make the curves turn and iron flat easier.

9. When you cut the V you will need to make a cut in the center of the V and a cut on either side of the center.

10. Turn the top right side out and iron flat. You can use a pin to pull out the curves to ensure that the top will be completely flat.

11. When you iron the opening at the bottom front you will need to turn the opening in ¼ inch to match the seam allowance.

12. Closing the shoulders. • The back shoulder piece is wider than the front shoulder piece. • The top of the back shoulder piece needs to be turned in ¼ inch and ironed flat. (See picture)


• Insert the front shoulder piece on the right into the back shoulder piece on the left side.

Pin in place. Repeat for the other shoulder. Stitch over the joined shoulder pieces and backstitch at the sides. Do not sew over the pins.


13. The final step is to topstitch around the entire top. You will need to stitch around the entire top close to the edges. This will close the bottom front of the top and give the top a nice finished look. Be careful not to go over the side.

Congratulations‼ You are now done with the Criss Cross Applesauce Top. Hopefully your little one will love it as much as mine does.

Keep a look out for more patterns from Mia Bella.


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