Applying Barcode Font by uploading Font File to Database –

Use the Font Files page to view and upload font files for use with XML Publisher at runtime. To navigate to the Font Files page use XML Publisher Administrator  Administration  Font Files. To upload a font: 1. Select the Create Font File button.

2. On the Create Font File page, enter a Font Name. For example – “Free 3 of 9” 3. Use the Browse button to select the font file to upload. For example – FREE3OF9.ttf.

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You can also update the font file associated with the font name by selecting the Update icon from the Font Files page. Font mapping is performed only for PDF Output. Creating Font Mappings Use the Font Mappings page to define mappings for fonts used in your templates to produce desired published fonts. There are two types of mappings – 1. On the Create Font Mapping Set page. first create a Font Mapping set. the template level. Oracle XML Publisher Page 2 of 6 Company Confidential . using the Edit Configuration tab. 1. PDF Form – for mapping fonts from PDF templates to different PDF output fonts. Select the Create Font Mapping Set button from the Font Mappings page. 2. or the data definition level. enter a Mapping Name (Custom XML Publisher Fonts) and Mapping Code (CUSTOMXMLPUBFONT). 2. If there are no errors. Select Apply. and then create Font Mappings within that set. you will receive confirmation that your mapping set was successfully created and the Font Mappings page will launch. To create a Font Mapping. Enter any unique name and code you choose. The mapping can then be defined at the site level. FO to PDF – for mapping fonts from RTF templates and XSL-FO templates to PDF Output fonts. Creating a Font Mapping Set.

Creating a Font Mapping 1. Select the Font Type that the base font is to be mapped to: For example TrueType. (Optional) Select the Language (English) and Territory (United States) codes. iii. Font Family – enter the font family that will be mapped to a different font. b. enter the following as appropriate and select Continue: a. Only templates with the corresponding language and territory codes will use this font mapping. Select Create Font Mapping button from the Font Mappings page. 2. Oracle XML Publisher Page 3 of 6 Company Confidential . On the Create Font Mapping page. Target Font Type i. Locale i. Select the Weight: Normal. For example: ii. Base font i. c. Select the Style: Normal.

Once you have created your font mapping it is now available for use in your templates.3. 5. Navigate to the Administration tab then select the Configuration subtab. 4. Click on Apply Button. On the Create Font Mapping page. select the Font Mapping Set that we had created previously (Free 3 of 9). Template. Data Definition and Site. Oracle XML Publisher Page 4 of 6 Company Confidential . You can make this font available at one of three levels. For Site Level Setting: a.

Click on Save button. For example – Custom XML Publisher Fonts. Oracle XML Publisher Page 5 of 6 Company Confidential . 7. Expand the FO Processing properties group and use the LOV for the Font Mapping set property to select the font mapping you want to make available for this level. You can also set the same property at the Template and/or Data Definition level too by querying your Template or Data definition in the Template Manager and select the Edit Configuration button.6.

Apply the font to the field of your choice.normal.truetype. under the Custom Tab enter the following – Name – xdo-font. Go to File  Properties.ttf) from Team Room under XML Publiser Info  Barcode Font File Category to your Local Drive under C:\WINDOWS\Fonts directory. Open the Template in Word.Applying Barcode font by uploading Font file to UNIX – 1. Detach the Font File (FREE3OF9./usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/FREE3OF9. 2. this font needs to be installed in some common directory– which will eliminate the dependency on a particular server when we would migrate to different instances. Hence.normal Type – Text Value . Oracle XML Publisher Page 6 of 6 Company Confidential . you’ll notice a new Font “Free 3 of 9” would have got added to the Word’s Font List. 4.Free 3 of 9. 3.ttf We cannot use Environment Variables like $XXMRP_TOP in the Value field. This will install the Barcode Font on your local machine.

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