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Case Study Department of Public Administration Page 2 .

and mortgage and equity services. It focused on becoming America’s dominant deep discount brokerage firm by fully automating the front and back office trade processing function and maintaining its position as the low cost provider.g. Trade plus. the parent company of E-trade. E-trade also offers low rate loans for the purchase of new or used RVs and boats or refinancing for existing loans on these vehicles. found a partner in General Atlantic partners. it also provide two distinct money market accounts. Roth IRAs and IRA accounts for self employed as well as for education saving. was founded by Bill porter in 1982 as a PC financial management services bureau. He also says that the company has four different levels of titles including professionals.Case Study E-trade Financial Services E-trade financial services are pioneer in online brokerage services. E-trade provides three distinct checking accounts according to customer needs and demands.3 million employees in more than 100 countries.It provide smart saver savings account is an FDIC insured savings accounts offering premium rates like a CO but without the term requirements and the ability to add to the principal at any time. All of the E-trade services offer convenient and easy to understand tools on the website and all of they are free to cost which attract a larger no. launched in 1992. business managers. E-trade adopted direct-to-customer strategy instead of private label. This thing creates a sense of caring for customers and attracts the customers. business leaders and officers. Its services are available on one website and accessible 24/7. (the complete the value and regular checking account). According to chief communication officer E-trade has “very flat” management structure in which about 3500 employees are working. It also provide mortgage loans. why made a significant equity investment in E-trade in 1995. IRA help & tips & past stock history etc) Over 2500 companies use E-trade for the management of stock plans for 1. In 1992 porter launched E-trade securities Inc. The information about the all these option or offers are easily accessible 24/7 and free of cost. E-trade offers deep discount brokerage services. In adulation the company filed with SEC in may 1996 for an initial public offering. traditional banking services. of customers e. E-trade offered a variety options for retirement includes traditional IRAs. The platinum visa card offers variable rate with no annual fees and the functions of standard card for balance transfer and cash advances. The E-trade money market plus account is an FDIC insured accounts that offer super premium yields for customers who maintain high balance along with unlimited access and the flexibility to write up to three free checks per month. Page 3 . ( loan calculator. E-trade offers a number of tradional banking services but they are differ from tradional brick and motor bank.

compared with net income of $ 209. It also bought browen Co. E-trade bought Howard capital management and later kobren insight management. It received an average rating of three out of five stars for customer services. It try to buy its rival companies (TD water house & ameritrade but all in vain. It is to be average in its services. E-trade bank is in the top 100 largest deposit taking institution in the US with $ 14. Ameritrade chosen to buy TD over E-trade because TD has ten times more no. it choose to employ. TD ameritrade second and Charles Schwab & co. the industry average is 5 seconds. E-trade guarantees that it will execute trades in two in two seconds.000 ATMs worldwide.7 million or $0. By doing this its average trading volume per day increased to 1. E-trade pros as education. The company will continue to be a presence in the industry and holds the potential to become a global power Page 4 . website experience and website load time. Proactive net monitor all the servers in its production environment for the company’s North American Trading and Banking website in order to assure continued and successful business. 60. An advantage to ATM cards that customers are not changed a fee when ever using an out of network machines. E-trade use proactive net software to provide real time application. for $ 1. For this purpose it upgrade its server and change its operating system. E-trade did no achievements in 2004 due to trade slumps. It use LINUM(server) for reducing software licensing fees and service costs and use IBM system to develop a horizontally scaled system that can adapt to worked changes and failures.1 million or $0.75 per dilute share for the same period in 2004. when E-trade experienced enormous growth. E-trade is certainly passable as an on-line brokerage. bought the discount brokage division Harris direct bank of Montreal financial group for $750 millions. It has a strong record in the online financial services field and will continue to strengthen that position through expansion services and grow opportunities. Through the acquisition. E-trade has 15000 ATMs machine in the United States and 600. E-trade after failed “negotiation to merge” with TD & Ameritrade.79 per dilute share for the nine months ended September 30. Ameritrade owner said that this company is not for sale and he bought TD water house for 3 billion. Oracle enterprise resource planning applications to manage its financial and human resource functions which allows E-trade to use a lean staff to run all the modules and they provide real time application and infrastructure performance analysis. thired. E-trade has achieved a consolidated net income $ 301. 2005.000. easy website nanigation and a large library of contents. the brokerage division of IPMorgan chase & CO.6 billion. of branches then the later with 2600 registered investments advisors in the US. E-trade has established itself as one of the most visited banking and investing sites on the internet. The E-trade online brokerage is ranked fourth while fidelity first.6 billion deposits in banking accounts. SLA and infrastructure performance analysis.Case Study After its initial public offering in 1996. expansion and retention customer relationships.

Case Study house with the diversification of services and the careful management of the firm. it may become the online leader in several of its offered services with acquisition and strategic mergers simultaneously expanding into the bricks and mortar financial industry. E-trade can continue to increase its market share and strengthen its position as a diverse financial services provider in both the virtual and real worlds. Page 5 .

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