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Unlocked Communications
Customer Obsession Teams
Communications Passion
Voxeo Prophecy is an industry-leading communications platform that makes it easy for
companies to interact with people in ways that improve service, drive sales, and lower costs.
Take advantage of Prophecy to deliver everything from speech-driven self-service and
outbound IVR to unified communications and innovative SIP applications.

Prophecy is built on the core principle of simplicity with rigorous adherence to open
standards. We believe that a voice application platform should be easy to install, manage,
and develop upon – and should never suffer at the expense of encumbered business
models and inflexible processes. Voxeo’s approach is very different and so are the results:

Unified Self-Service™
. Multiply your ROI by
enabling VoiceXML application interaction via voice,
SMS, IM, Twitter, web-chat, and mobile web browsers.
Prophecy uniquely unlocks the value of existing VoiceXML
applications by extending them across multiple channels
with little or no modification.

Say goodbye to complex application

development. Prophecy addresses a wide range of
developer skill sets and preferences so you can deploy
better applications faster and make changes with ease.
Write Prophecy applications directly in VoiceXML,
CCXML or Voxeo CallXML; use our web-based, Visio-like
Designer tool for free; or use Prophecy Pro integrated
with Voxeo’s VoiceObjects service creation, management,
and analytics offering.

Install Prophecy in minutes. Download and

install the Prophecy platform in minutes from Avoid complex server
requirements and expensive on-site vendor
implementations. It’s free to get started and we
won’t ask you to fill out a form, sign an NDA or talk
The Prophecy Commander Dashboard features
to a sales person unless you want to.
highly visual, continuously updated graphs, gauges,
and tables that provide views into exactly how
Prophecy servers and solutions are performing.
Stay in control with Prophecy point, our VoiceObjects service creation platform
Commander. See your application stats in works seamlessly with Voxeo Prophecy as well as
real-time, provision network resources on the fly, platforms from Aspect, Avaya, Genesys, Intervoice,
configure and manage multiple distributed systems, Nortel, and others. With Voxeo, you can always port
and more. Based on the technology used in Voxeo’s your application.
worldwide SaaS hosting platform, Commander
brings the full capabilities of our patented, multi- Leverage industry-first pricing
tenant IVR virtualization and distribution technology alternatives. The Prophecy platform was
to any Prophecy deployment. designed to support Voxeo’s own large, multi-
tenant hosting deployment. As such, Prophecy has
Deliver better, smarter service with the built-in capabilities for flexible pricing models
logging and analytics. Fine-tune your that aren’t typically available with premise solutions.
applications to improve service and lower costs. Voxeo offers a port-lease option and unique per-
Prophecy collects and indexes data and call logs in minute pricing that enables you to deploy the
real time, giving IT staff and developers the ability Prophecy platform on your premise with pay-as-
to search, navigate, analyze, measure, and report you-go billing and no upfront costs.
statistics, transactions, and errors as they occur.
Use Prophecy Pro bundled with the industry-
leading VoiceObjects platform for out-of-the-box
integration with popular business intelligence tools
and deep analytics covering business metrics such
as task completion rates, personalization statistics,
caller loyalty, and more.
Prophecy Highlights
Tap into the power of native SIP support.
Prophecy is light years ahead of the competition in › 100% VoiceXML-compliant
the delivery of a clean, scalable SIP foundation that › World’s most proven and
brings together diverse applications and devices, widely‑used CCXML engine

eases access to enterprise data, and lowers the cost › Built-in high-quality speech
recognition and synthesis
of transferring calls with direct IP to IP connectivity.
Prophecy is fully SIP compliant and IMS ready. › Easily works with other
speech engines via MRCP
› Built-in conferencing,
Keep your options open and protect your up to 200 callers
investment. Unlike other vendors, Voxeo offers
› Built-in call recording
on-demand hosting and on-premise deployment
› Complete voice,
options based on a common platform. Customers
SMS and IM support
can easily implement a hybrid solution or move
› Flexible SIP-based
from one solution to the other without having telephony support
to rewrite their applications. Likewise, Voxeo
won’t lock you in by delivering proprietary tools
on top of the open VoiceXML standard. Case in
• Free speech recognition plus broad Implemented as a web service, the interface delivers
support for third party engines – Prophecy a fully asynchronous, event-based CTI capability to
supports the use of multiple speech recognition IVR applications on the Prophecy platform. VoiceXML
(ASR) and synthesis solutions (TTS), enabling mixed and CCXML application triggers or events can be used
deployments and easy, automatic migration between to initiate CTI events and CTI events can be used to
underlying engines. Prophecy provides MRCP trigger VoiceXML call session events. Additionally,
standards-based connections to Loquendo, Nuance, being natively based on the SIP protocol, Prophecy can
and other engines for speech solutions spanning support the transfer of CTI information in SIP header
52 languages. In addition, Voxeo bundles its own highly messages to integrate with next-generation and IP
accurate speech recognition and synthesis engines. communications-based environments.

• Call progress analysis – Voxeo delivers industry- • Prophecy Designer – This Visio-like rapid
leading call progress analysis (CPA) capabilities for application development tool works like an interactive
Outbound IVR. Voxeo CPA offers advanced detection of tutorial, walking users through simple steps to create
humans versus answering machines, fax machines, and any IVR or VoIP application. Designer lets you go from
other special information tones (e.g., a busy signal, or concept to customer without writing a single line
TTY and TDD devices for the hearing impaired). Voxeo of code.
also allows customers to define the business logic
associated with the different error tones for improved • VoiceObjects – Prophecy Pro edition provides all
handling and a better customer experience. the power of Prophecy bundled with the VoiceObjects
service creation and management environment.
• Secure, two-way call recording platform – VoiceObjects provides real-time reporting and deep
Record any IVR or agent call without the expense of analysis of caller behavior, application performance,
a separate recording platform. Prophecy provides and transaction success for rapid tuning, improved ROI,
Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant call recording and a better customer experience. It also facilitates
a consistent, personalized user interface across all
via its support for public-key encrypted audio files.
customer service touchpoints.

• Distributed conference manager –

Prophecy’s VoiceXML and CCXML-based, speech- • Java APIs – Prophecy includes SIPMethod, a
driven conference manager features phone and robust SIP Servlet (JSR 289) engine that provides
web-based conference call creation, access and an open programmable and extensible interface
management. Prophecy supports conferencing for for SIP application developers. The converged SIP
up to 200 participants with built-in echo cancellation servlet, HTTP servlet, and web service application
and noise suppression, dual band automatic gain server enables rapid development and deployment of
control (agc), and the ability to add, remove, and communication solutions using Java APIs.

mute participants.
• Platform flexibility – Prophecy works with
Windows, Linux (Centos 5 or Redhat Enterprise), and
• CTI support – To support contact center
Mac OS X. Prophecy is also available as a pre-installed,
environments, Prophecy integrates with CTI interfaces
pre-configured turnkey server.
from Cisco ICM, Genesys T-Server, Avaya, and Nortel.
• Take advantage of the latest standards to simplify Sample Applications
development, speed deployment, and ease
ongoing maintenance › Plain Old Interactive Voice
• Leverage easy-to-use development tools and resources › Speech-driven Voice Response
› Intelligent VoIP call routing
• Overcome barriers to speech adoption and improve the applications
customer experience with Prophecy’s free recognition
› IP-PBX solutions
and synthesis engines; or use any MRCP-compliant
› IP call center solutions
speech engine
› Call recording solutions
• Prophecy’s free recognition and synthesis engines; › Information retrieval
or use any MRCP-compliant speech engine › Telephone surveys
› Emergency notifications
• Deploy blended inbound and outbound applications
› Virtual receptionists
• Enable customers to contact you in more ways – and › Order status
save money – with Unified Self-Service™
› Conferencing solutions

• Remove the limitations of expensive legacy systems › Voice verification

and eliminate the need for proprietary skill sets

• Leverage existing investments in web infrastructure and

applications, including integrations and business logic

• Centralize management and reporting through

web-based tools

• Flexible architecture enables deployment in front of or

behind the PBX and in both TDM and IP environments

• Deploy on a single server or in a distributed configuration

• Realize carrier-grade reliability and management of

sophisticated, multi-tenant environments

• Leverage off-the-shelf hardware

• Realize a seamless migration path to a next-generation

VoIP network

• Get 24x7x365 support from Voxeo Customer Obession

Teams, including our knowledgeable, highly trained
VoiceXML certified customer engineers.
SCALABILITY Voxeo’s no-hassle approach to doing business makes it
exceptionally easy to try, buy, and use Prophecy.
Prophecy scales from deployment on a developer notebook
to 1000+ server clusters spanning multiple data centers. Your company can download and install Prophecy right now.
The platform is the foundation of Voxeo’s globally- You’ll get everything you need to start creating applications
distributed hosting infrastructure – a 82,000 port example including Voxeo’s 100% compliant VoiceXML and CCXML
of Prophecy’s scale and power. browsers, integrated speech recognition and synthesis
engines, a built-in SIP softphone, support for hundreds of
All Prophecy components communicate via SIP, RTP, and
SIP providers and devices, free 24x7 developer support, and
MRCP protocols, making it easy to distribute any functions
bundled open source VoiceXML auto attendant, voicemail,
onto additional servers. Customers can easily increase core
and conferencing apps.
platform capacity at any time simply by adding gateway and
server components to the existing system. Call routing at
Learn more at
each tier enables seamless failure detection with the ability
to follow multiple call paths for no single point of failure.

Call Control Features • Audio prompt/ W3C Standards Support IETF Standards Support
• SIP inbound/outbound announcement playback • VoiceXML 2.0/2.1 speech/IVR • RFC 3261 SIP
call support • Audio bridging media • RFC 3310 SIP authentication
• SIP call redirection (SIP 302 status) • Audio mixing/conferencing • CCXML 1.0 call control • RFC 1889 RTP media
• SIP call rejection • Audio noise removal • SCXML 1.0 (draft) flow control • RFC 1890 RTP audio
• SIP call routing and transfers • Audio fixed gain control • SRGS 1.0 speech grammars • RFC 2327 SDP
• SIP call leg bridging • Audio dynamic gain control • SSML 1.0 speech markup • RFC 3264 SDP negotiation
• SIP REINVITE audio re-routing • Audio call recording • SISR speech semantic • RFC 2833 DTMF and events
• SIP registrar server support • MP3 support interpretation • RFC 3263 SRV DNS records
• SIP proxy server support • Automated Speech • Extensible Markup • RFC 3761 ENUM URI DNS records
• SIP authentication support Recognition (ASR) Language (XML) 1.1 • RFC 3764 ENUM SIP DNS records
• Configurable SIP port range • Text-to-speech (TTS) • Namespaces in XML 1.1 • RFC 3164 UDP Syslog logging
• NAT IP translation support • Audio playout jitter buffer • XML Document Object Model • RFC 3195 TCP Syslog logging
• Multi-ethernet card bridging • DTMF tone detection • XML Path Language (XPath) 1.0 • RFC 2865 RADIUS metering
support and generation • XML Event Syntax • RFC 2616 HTTP protocol
• Outbound calling • SOAP Web Services • RFC 2617 HTTP authentication
SIP Compatibility • Intelligent Call Progress • WSDL Web Service Description • RFC 2964 HTTP
• SIP from: Global Analysis (CPA) • JSR 289 SIP Servlet 1.1 state management
Crossing, Level(3), • Configurable RTP port range • JSR 154 Java Servlet 2.5 • RFC 2965 HTTP state management
• Verizon/ MCI, AT&T, Avaya, Cisco, • NAT IP translation support • JSR 254 Java Server Pages 2.1 • RFC 3927 Dynamic IP config
Nortel, BT, Voxbone, Polycom, • Multi-ethernet card • RFC 2136 Dynamic DNS updates
Sipura, Sonus bridging support De Facto Standards Support • RFC 5552 SIP interface to
• Works with most other • Supports VoiceXML 2.x IVR • Nuance GSL grammar format VoiceXML media servers
SIP solutions • Supports CallXML 3.0 IVR • Scansoft/Speechworks • DNSEXT DNS service
• Media and IVR Features • Runs on standard x86 platforms grammar format discovery draft
• Java speech grammar • MMUSIC RTSP draft
format (JSGF) • IETF MRCPv1

Go to or contact us at to learn more.


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