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Eric Coste

De: Envoyé: À: Objet: Rachel Thursby <> mercredi 28 juillet 2010 20:11 Eric COSTE Vocable:Wednesday, July 28

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Wednesday, July 28 2010 7:30PM Eric COSTE Rachel Thursby

Hi Eric, I hope that you will have a wonderful evening. Talk to you tomorrow. At the beginning of the lesson you had a lot of difficulties with "has" and "have". I think that by the end of the lesson you had a better understanding. Please be careful with your pronunciation. At times it's difficult to know exactly which word you are saying. Please see the complete summary for our lesson below. Thank you and have a great day! Rachel Thursby

Today's Activities
Document or Activity Lesson 13A - Has and Have Lesson Objectives To review and understand when to use "has" and "have"

Corrections and Suggestions
You said I good day He have He doesn't not has She have She do not have Correction I had a good day He has He does not have She has She does not have Comments/Suggestion

Vocabulary/Pronunciation Notes Have Our Houses Keys

Plural Next Lesson Document or Activity Lesson 14 . Lesson Vocabulary      Have Our Houses Keys Plural Homework Article Lesson 17: Where Is.? and where does. .. Where does Lesson Objectives Do practice answering the question "do you have.What do you do Lesson 17 ..Where is. 2 . A Lot.. A lot and None...Much. To be able to properly ask and answer the questions where is.Do you have..I drink medicine .. Where Does New Words I am sick.. Many.... Many. None To understand when to use Much.? Lesson 15 ..? Lesson 16 ... .?" To learn new vocabulary and to be able to say what you do with..

3 . Article Where Is. Where does she eat? She eats at a restaurant . The airplane lands . Where Does Where is her food? Her food is on a plate. Where do you buy bread? I buy bread at the bakery . Where is the bread? The bread is at the bakery.The airplane takes off .

Where is your teacher? She is at school. Where do teachers teach? They teach at school . Where are the doctors? The doctors are at the hospital. 4 .Where is the bus driver? She is at work. Where do doctors work? Doctors work at the hospital . Where do airplanes take off and land? Airplanes take off and land at the airport . Where are the airplanes? The airplanes are at the airport. Where does she drive? She drives on the road .

Where do you buy books? I buy them at the bookstore .Where do you buy gas? I buy gas at the gas station . Where do you buy medicine. soap. 5 . Where do you buy shoes and clothes? We buy them at the department store . and toothbrushes? We buy them at the pharmacy .

At a restaurant.)? I buy them at the grocery store . At schools. At a school. _____6. At restaurants. Where does a baker work? Where does a driver work? Where do nurses work? Where does a plumber work? Where does a receptionist work? Where do sales assistants work? Where do teachers work? Where do waiters work? SET B At a bakery. _____7. _____6. At hospitals. _____8. At a pharmacy. At a department store. At a bookstore. On a bus. Match the question in SET A with the correct answer in SET B. _____4. Article 6 . etc. At an office. _____3. _____3. _____7. Match the question in SET A with the correct answer in SET B. _____8.Exercise A. SET A _____1. At a gas station. SET A _____1. At department stores. _____4. juice. Where do drivers drive their buses? Where does he buy medicine? Where does she buy bread? Where do you eat? Where does he buy gas for his car? Where does she buy her books? Where do children read and write a lot? Where does she buy her clothes? SET B At a bakery. _____2. Article Where Is.Where do you buy food and drinks (water. In houses. _____5. _____5. On the road. Where Does . B. _____2.

and place of work. country. All Rights Reserved 7 . 2. Where Does . 1. Greet each person and find out his or her name.Speaking Activity You and your trainer will take turns pretending to be the people in the pictures. 6. address. job. 3. 4. Copyright© 2000-2010 goFLUENT Inc. 5.Where Is.