Herlev Rebels Offensive Philosophy The general perceptions of the spread being a ‘finesse-style’ offense have drastically

changed during its evolution. People now realize that you can have a very physical run game out of spread shotgun formations. The Herlev Rebels will take this offense and build a balanced attack that is driven by the run yet also can use the open space created by the threat of the run to pick teams apart with the pass. We believe in the spread for many reasons: 1. By spreading the field you force the defense to play assignment football 2. By spreading the field you take defenders out of the box, which means there are less players to block on every play. 3. It allows you to distribute the ball to more players. This makes the game exciting and interesting. We try to make the game fun and keep everyone involved. The beauty of the spread is that you can adapt the offense to match the strengths of your personnel. We can present match-up problems against any defense we are facing. Coupling the personnel advantages with the zone option concept our run-oriented spread offense will become increasingly successful. I. Terminology A. PositionsWR- X TE- Y FB/Singleback- B(3) HB/Slotback- L(2) / R(4) QB(1) B. Formations All formations will be singular formations, meaning that left and right strengths of the same formation will be referred to seperately. Strong Right formations will have the letter “R” and strong left formations will have the letter “L” as part of the name (example BLUE/RED). C. Playcalling • Formation • Motion • Ball carrier • destination • playname • ex. RED L28 FLY

Pull Kick Rip open with PS arm and pull straight down the line to kick out designated defender. ii. Down Block Similar to a zone block done to the backside of a run play. ii. The Down Rule i. but to get him moving up field at minimum a 45 degree angle. iii. iii. call out double teams. iv. Every player is responsible for the area from their backside shoulder to the playside gap. The backside EMOLOS is not considered covered by an outside shade (i. Communication is key for the zone concept to work. iv. Blocking Terminology i. All down blocks are one on one. If there is no player in your assigned gap then seek out next defender to the backside iv. Second step will bring body to even with first step. II. The defender must never be allowed to cross your face to the playside . iii.e. The Zone Rule i. It is important that on a zone block to not simply block your defender straight down. B. This will create lanes and cutback lanes for the ball carrier. a 5 or 9 tech). Talk to each other. Therefore they will release directly to 2nd level. if in doubt point out your blocks. ii. Zone Concept A. Pull Lead Rip open with PS arm and pull straight down the line and up through designated gap v.D. Kickstep Movement technique used in pass blocking. If there is no player in your assigned gap look to double team on the next closest defender or release to 2nd level. Every player is responsible for the area from their playside shoulder to the backside gap. Zone Block First step short opening up outside foot to a 45 degree angle.

It is important that this defender is not allowed to cross the face of the pullchecker to the playside. The Pull On any play where there is a pull involved we will first identify who is pulling and where he is pulling. C. Route numbering Primary pass routes will be identified by number 1. 10 Yard Out 5. 10 Yard Comeback . Corner 7. Curl 0. If the playside guard is pulling then the remaining players not involved in the pull or pullcheck will block following the zone rule. Triple Options i. 2nd read will be on a 2nd level defender for a keep or pitch. IV. Speed Out 3. V. Post 8.III. The Perfect Run Play Instead of one gap to run through our system gives us multiple options. Hitch 2. Down or Zone i. The Pullcheck First the player who is in the pullers gap must be identified The pullcheck will be performed by the closest player to this defender. Pull/Pullcheck/Down or Zone A. ii. Two read options where the first read will be on a first level defender for either a dive or shovel ii. B. Option read on run plays QB will read the BS DE on run plays for the give or keep. C. 10 Yard In (Dig) 6. Speed Options Simple one read options where the emphasis is on making a quick read and getting the ball up field B. If the backside guard is pulling then the remaining players not involved in the pull or pullcheck will block following the down rule. Slant 4. Drop back Passing A. Our blocking scheme is designed to give cutback lanes and other options in case of the primary gap being closed down. Fade 9. VI.Option Concept A.

giving us more options in terms of play calling. . Red L3848 Swing X-3 Y-8 B-4 R-8 L-Swing VII. B. Motion backs first priority is blitz pick up. Also must be solid pass blockers. If team has no viable TE's Y will become a slot receiver. Must be good zone blockers iii. RB L/ROur slotbacks need to be all around athletes who will receive the highest percentage of touches. Motions i. C. Speed is key as the majority of their plays will occur outside the tackles BThe inside runner of our offense. Must have speed to hit the post ii. tag route 2nd C. Will will strive to develop dual threat QB's. Playcalling Drop back pass plays will be called using the route numbers called out from left to right. Tags i. D. • ex. QB i. Play action plays are given a direction (Waggle RT/Waggle LT) B. Tags are given to supplement routes given in the play call. Must be a solid down field blocker.B. Screens Screens plays are given a direction (Bubble RT/Bubble LT) Positional development A. WR Can be a possession or speed receiver. having a player who can make plays with their feet is essential to the modern football game. TE i. IX. ii. Playaction A. While the QB's primary job is as catalyst of the passing game. Tags are also given to indicate routes for motioned backs D. Must be able to make plays in both the running and passing game. Players will be put in motion in an attempt to keep the defense off balance ii. They are set plays with predetermined routes VIII. Will focus on zone running. must have ablity to see and utilize cutback lanes.

4. FUN! These kids are being asked to pay a lot of money to play a sport so it is important for them to have fun!! Offensive Development Plan U13: 1. rollouts. U19: 1. Emphasis on skills development over system development 2. 3. 5. Explosiveness i. etc) 3. Introduction to the zone concept (simple OZ) U16: 1. Score on any play ii. 2. Take what the defense gives us iii. Balance i. Similar plan to U16 2.X. Big play football can demoralize defense C. Passing game will be focused on play action. Season long goal ii. Goals within the system A. 2. Force defense to have to defend everything at the same time B. and screens . Introduction of overall system terminology (formations. 3. simplified version of senior playbook Introduction to numbered passing routes Introduction of the drop back passing game Full implementation of senior passing game at a simplified level. Senior II: 1. 4. Should be exclusively in shotgun 3. Introduction of the Shotgun Introduction of Pull/Pullcheck/Down or Zone First implementation of motions Systems emphasis will be on the option and the zone read Passing game will be focused on play action and roll out and screens Next step toward senior system. Systems emphasis on option and option read 4.

Football A. attitude iii. same terminology at all levels iii. Be positive and enthusiastic i. clinics/camps ii. everyday is a good day if there is football ii.I. same as high level mainstream sports B. trophies are great recruiting tools iii. standard of play ii. Keep them stimulated i. Don't be afraid to think big ii. winning teams get media attention II. same fundamentals at all levels ii. leave no doubt . film sessions iii. not limited to the scoreboard iii. Set a standard i. Win the right way ii. Expose as many kids to football as possible a) school days b) youth centers c) word of mouth ii. Continuity i. similar systems at all levels D. Make football a big deal Make the team the biggest show in town B. Attitude lessens the blow a) physically b) mentally c) financially C. Set high expectations i. Program A. Its contagious iv. Actively recruit i. WIN! i. It shows iii. go big or go home iv. “homework” a) scouting reports b) gameplans c) quizzes C.

the Rebel way G. Be honest i. attitude. we like ii. Involve anyone who wants to help find a way a) chain crew b) stats c) concessions d) car pool e) fund raising F. Coaching A. the right way. parent meeting a) program guidelines b) expectations c) open door policy E. off the field a) off season programs b) in season programs ii. No me or I ii. “we stand alone. football classes ii. together” I. language B. Get parents involved i. appearance. Always talk “we and “our” i. kids have great BS detectors . we can coach/teach H. Points system focus on the total person a) academics b) accountability c) attendance d) athletically III.D. never make promises you can't keep ii. Be professional i. someone is always watching ii. fundamentally a) one way. Systematically i. for the betterment of the TEAM iii. we can sell iii. Establish an Identity i.

disciplined players make systems work G. always look for an opening iii. Bad attitudes are contagious E.C. ask successful coaches what they do J. take responsibility for loss ii. Set high expectations i. always be coaching v. Discipline i. clinics/camps ii. accountability iii. help them ii. high expectations->high results F. Coach them up i. players respond to challenges ii. coaching library iii. assert dominance iii.Focus changes towards winning (win without sacrificing development) e) Senior. Let them play i. no double standards ii. Attitudes effects ability. “what ifs” are dangerous ii. give away credit for win D. work ethic ii.All play (as much as they earn) d) U19. find a way to let them contribute a) at this level they don't know any better b) U13. weeds out the cancers iii. find a place for them. retention is always the goal ii. Be humble i. Internet iv.Best players at each position play • Best does not always mean the best athlete .All play (as much as possible) c) U16. Be positive i. be efficient doing so I. false expectations H. do everything you can do to help iv. Never stop learning i. Focus on who you have i.

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