7 Keys That Will Change Your Life!

by Evangelist Andreas Huebner


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Evangelist Andreas Huebner

Box 11 62 27341 Rotenburg Germany All Rights Reserved. Thoughts become things! 4 5 7 8 9 10 12 Enjoy every moment of your life! Your life is fertile soil! You become the people you let into your life! About the Author 14 7 Keys That Will Change Your Life! Copyright © 2008 by Andreas Huebner Published by Andreas Huebner P.7 Keys That Will Change Your Life! by Evangelist Andreas Huebner Table Of Contents How to use this book 3 Key#1 Key#2 Key#3 Key#4 Key#5 Key#6 Key#7 You—not others--decide who you are! Money is your servant—not your master! God is not shocked if you fail. Contents and/or cover may not be reproduced in whole or in part in any form without the expressed written consent of the Publisher.O. 2 .

Meditate on them! Act on them..7 Keys That Will Change Your Life! by Evangelist Andreas Huebner How to use this book 10 Days .. Day 1-7 Day 8-10 On the first day. read Key#1.. Internalize these truths! 3 . the second day Key#2 and so on .. Every day read all seven keys.

Your being.. “I am that I am!” Be ye therefore followers (imitators) of God! (Ephesians 5:1) 4 .7 Keys That Will Change Your Life! by Evangelist Andreas Huebner Key #1 “You—not others-decide who you are!” Only about one or two people out of 100 know who they are.. The opposite is true: It is a divine principle! God Himself changed Abram’s name to Abraham (father of many nations).      If you do not decide who you are. then others will do so. “I am that I am. If others flatter them. The life of these people is a constant “up and down” and is determined by the reactions and statements others are making about them. why trouble ye her?” (Mark 14:6). Define yourself! What is your character? What is your mission? What are your greatest abilities? Write down your personal mission statement! Start this statement with the words. He Himself renamed Simon as Peter (rock. they believe it. As God said about Himself.. Jesus said: “Let her alone. read it to yourself with a loud voice every day! You will see how you will grow into your own mission statement and will no longer depend on the affirmation of others. You too need a “Let me alone!” mentality.” so you say about yourself. As the lady poured out the precious perfume over Jesus and the others said that she was wasting her money. This is not an arrogant attitude.      When you have written down your personal mission statement.” And then define yourself. The remaining 98% are going forth in life always looking for others to tell them who they are. Keep in mind that your goals are benefiting others. Follow the voice of the Holy Spirit. If those other people tell them they are losers who will never achieve anything.      Key #1 is of utmost importance: You decide who you are—don’t leave that decision with others.. These names were the mission statements of God for these persons. your character and your goals will be fixed. Nothing and nobody will be able to knock them down.. rock-steady faith). “I am thanking God for my life for I am a person who. they believe the false praise.

His financial blessing is wonderful: “The blessing OF THE LORD. it maketh rich. vitality and love. “I want to see my money for the last time!” Instead. but it is not the most important thing. peace of mind.      God wants to bless you with financial abundance. think about changing your working place or your business concept. he will talk about people. then you become a slave to money. If your entire life consists only of work. Let me be very frank: Money is a very important thing. but He doesn’t want this to come about through sorrows. Money is your servant. then money will take its position as master over you. The last words of a person on his deathbed will surely not be. which hath pleasure in the 5 . the west and the east.      God has called you to be a master over money! Start taking this position. Ye cannot serve God and mammon” (Matthew 6:24). This abundant life is filled with joy. and he addeth no sorrow with it.” (Proverbs 10:22)      Take spiritual authority over money and command it to flow to you from the north.7 Keys That Will Change Your Life! by Evangelist Andreas Huebner Key #2 “Money is your servant —not your master!”      Maybe you are wondering why I have chosen this as the second key. the south. Money is a wonderful servant and a terrible and merciless master! If everything you do is focused on making money.      Jesus has promised us life and life more abundantly. “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one. even if his monthly salary is larger than that of his neighbor. Money is nothing more than an energy that enables you to enjoy life to the fullest. those people he loves. Joy. not your master! A person who works 18 hours a day to have “enough money” to pay off his loan that he has taken to finance his overwhelmingly big house (which by now he inhabits alone) will not be able to enjoy such a life. your relationships with other people and most of all your relationship with God are the things that really count in life. hard work or even through the sacrifice of others.  This may sound a little exaggerated. and love the other. and despise the other. “LET THE LORD be magnified. or else he will hold to the one. The point I want to make is this: If you don’t take your position as master of money.

This is the law of seedtime and harvest that Jesus describes in Luke 6:38.      Tithing should not happen out of legalism or compulsion. you take authority over money and confirm that money is your servant! The immediate reward for such an act of giving is the inner witness—I am reigning over money. Instead. not money over me! The long-term reward is that every seed you are sowing will multiply and flow back into your life in the future. it should help you fulfill your covenant with God and prevent you from becoming greedy. you are my servant! Money. flow to me! Money.      By sowing financial seeds into the Kingdom of God even if you are in need. I am not controlled by you. And this cycle of abundance knows no limits. speak these words: “Money. I am controlling you! In Jesus’ name!” 6 .7 Keys That Will Change Your Life! by Evangelist Andreas Huebner prosperity of his servant” (Psalm 35:27).      Now.

Instead.      God doesn’t want believers seeing themselves as sinners. he wouldn’t have send Jesus to die and to pay the price for our sins and iniquities. “Well. God is used to the fact that people fail. The sooner you admit it. The word “confession” (Greek: homologeo) in 1 John 1:9 actually means nothing other than that you “acknowledge” that you have sinned. I thought you would know better than this!” God delights in you if you quickly admit that you have failed. you are still a winner.”      You are a winner! If you fail. you should learn from them how to become a better you. You should not accuse yourself over your failures. you try to hide it or condemn yourself. If he hadn’t known about man’s failure. some of them more than once. “If we confess (acknowledge) our sins. He just wants you to realize when you have failed and accept his gift of forgiveness that he has already given you. “Yes.7 Keys That Will Change Your Life! by Evangelist Andreas Huebner Key #3 “God is not shocked if you fail. So what is the danger? The greatest danger is that if you fail. He doesn’t say. and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” (Proverbs 28:13)      Some of the greatest heroes in the Bible have failed. admit your downfall immediately by confessing. He has witnessed the phenomena since Adam and Eve. He gave you the gift of total forgiveness. God has already forgiven you! When you accepted Jesus Christ. One aspect of this winning is that you do not need to condemn yourself if you have failed. This forgiveness even belonged to you before you ever sinned. I have failed!” God is not shocked about this at all. however. Nothing is more foolish than that!      The key for today is: “God has forgiven you. the greater is His joy! “He that covereth his sins shall not prosper: but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy. But they all got up again! And God Himself has helped them up.”      Again and again I have seen people who look for all kinds of excuses when they have failed or who try to downplay what they have done by any means. so you can make your future so big that it will strike your past dead!”  7 . he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins. God doesn’t want you to beg for forgiveness.

. God did this with Abraham when he told him he should look toward heaven and count the stars and that’s how numerous his descendants would be. if you internalize it with passion. Sometimes He wants to give you even more than you envision. will become reality in your life!      Envision with passion how you will reach your goals! Even better. 8 .      Envision your goals with such passion that you can almost feel them.7 Keys That Will Change Your Life! by Evangelist Andreas Huebner Key #4 “Thoughts become things!”      This key should really excite you! Your dreams. start thanking God for these wonderful things.      Ask the Holy Spirit to inspire you in your goals and dreams. see yourself with all the wonderful and good that God wants to give to you–and it will become yours! Today start setting yourself concrete goals and envision your dreams with passion. believe that ye receive them. envision how you have already reached them! Internalize this picture of your breakthrough! This picture. but rather an enjoyable experience—and  you will see awesome results!      This principle is powerful.. “According to your faith be it unto you!” (Matthew 9:29) This is not distressful. Your prayer should always be something like this: Lord. and ye shall have them” (Mark 11:24). if you internalize them with passion. I don’t want to receive anything that you do not want for me! Let God have the final word over your dream.      Whatever your goal is. In this state of mind. will become reality in your life! This is a biblical principle: “.

Surround yourself with things that motivate you and that you enjoy. Jesus wants you to have life and life more abundantly (John 10:10b). Give them small gifts.7 Keys That Will Change Your Life! by Evangelist Andreas Huebner Key #5 “Enjoy every moment of your life!” Many people are so busy dwelling on their future that they go through the garden of the present with closed eyes. and yet I say unto you.      Don’t allow anything to rob you of enjoying the small things in life.      God has given you so much. that Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these” (Luke 12:27). they spin not. Enjoy God’s overflowing blessing! 9 . the sound of the flowing river. He has created you in such a way that you can enjoy even the smallest blessing. why did He give you taste buds? Why then don’t you eat tasteless gray mash? Why did he give you eyes that can see in color and not just in black and white? The small moments of life accumulate and become hours. Hours become years. the singing of the birds. Maybe it is a scent. Enjoy the present! Enjoy every ray of sunlight. Spend time with those people who are important to you. And finally the sum of these small luxurious moments defines the quality of your life. the rain and the colorful flowers!      “Consider the lilies how they grow: they toil not. Allow yourself that luxury! If God wanted you to do nothing else but think about your future. your favorite color. a particular song…only you can answer this question.

.      Every farmer knows that the quality and the quantity of the harvest are dependent on the quality and the quantity of the seeds he sows. Money seeds bring forth money harvests.7 Keys That Will Change Your Life! by Evangelist Andreas Huebner Key #6 “Your life is fertile soil!” See your entire life as a cycle of seedtime and harvest. however. then God will reward you. then I have good news for you: God gives you another chance! He is able to change the entire soil of your field! The waves of the past may still reach the shores of your present life for a short while. Even this decision is a seed! And the more enthusiastically and 10 . it bringeth forth much fruit” (John 12:24). Every seed you sow returns into your life— multiplied. No one would buy a combine harvester if he has sown only a handful of seeds. it abideth alone: but if it die. Good seeds bring forth good harvests. If a person uses sickness as a pretense to escape the reality of life and to get others to feel sorry for him. No one would expect to reap corn on a field where he has planted thistles. Think about this--your salvation is the result of a seed that God has sown: His own Son! “Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die..  And herein lies also a great danger.      If a person always sows criticism and accusation. Good—godly—thoughts  bring forth good—godly—things  in your life.      You will reap exactly what you sow. Seeds of helpfulness draw helpful and loving people into your life. if you decide now to do everything in your might to sow only godly seeds in your life from now on. such a person doesn’t need to wonder if he or she will reap criticism and accusation.so much so that this sickness could become the purpose of his life. he will reap more and more of that sickness.      If you are now afraid that you might have sown so many bad seeds that the harvest field of your life is only bringing forth weeds and that all hope is lost.

” (Matthew 10:41)...7 Keys That Will Change Your Life! by Evangelist Andreas Huebner passionately you sow this seed.. that shall he also reap” (Galatians 6:7). “Whatsoever a man soweth. the quicker and greater will your harvest be and the results will overshadow everything in your past!      What can you do today? Ask God to show you how you can sow wonderful and good seeds today. “He that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet's reward. Sow into the Kingdom of God. Sow into the lives of other people. 11 .

stop crying with the wolves who lament all day long how bad everything is and how their lives are going down the tube. You too need to keep away from any kind of hypocrisy.7 Keys That Will Change Your Life! by Evangelist Andreas Huebner Key #7 “You become the people you let into your life!”  Be very careful whom you allow into your life. surround yourself with eagles! If you want to reach higher goals. you have a golden future.” Jesus has warned us. Most likely those people will someday see how God is 12 . you will be casting “pearls before swine.      Birds of the same feather stick together! If you rise as an eagle. unbelief and lack of faith. “Give not that which is holy unto the dogs.      If you know that the lion of the tribe of Judah is living inside of you and that by His power and the principles of God. If you invite such a person to dine with you. you are not to surround yourself with chickens! This way of thinking is not arrogant—it simply recognizes that if you interact with the wrong circle of people and you start speaking. then don’t speak about them with the doubters and naysayers. thinking and acting like them. Help only where people celebrate and value your help highly. not where people only tolerate you.      Jesus Himself warned his disciples again and again to keep away from destructive teachings and views: “Take heed and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and of the Sadducees” (Matthew 16:6). then all the gifts that God has given you will be nipped in the bud.      If you are an eagle. neither cast ye your pearls before swine. Do not accept every invitation. and turn again and rend you” (Matthew 7:6).      Your greatest breakthroughs are not behind you—they are ahead of you! The greatest favor you can do for those who reject God’s power and His principles for a successful life is to not become one of them.      Some fast-food lovers wouldn’t appreciate the fancy foods served in a fine 5-star restaurant. lest they trample them under their feet. but with those who also want to reach higher goals.

13 . Use them and you will enter a new era.7 Keys That Will Change Your Life! by Evangelist Andreas Huebner blessing and using you. a life of victory. and new things do I declare: before they spring forth I tell you of them” (Isaiah 42:9). This is my prophetic word for you!      “Behold. please meditate on the seven keys again and again! Read them again and again! Act on them! Internalize these principles! They are of great importance. And then even those people will come to you and ask you to let them know your secret of victory. Even those dear people will then arrive at a new way of thinking and take off on a wonderful journey of victories and breakthroughs.      I ask you. the former things are come to pass. a life filled with good things.

Mike Murdock) and God's Embassy (Kiev. to please Him and to follow His leading. teacher .. And yet his ministry involves so much more. including The Wisdom Center (Fort Worth."  Visit us on the Internet: www. Andreas Huebner .Pastor Dr.. His forgiveness . healed and delivered hundreds of thousands of people in Andreas Huebner's evangelistic crusades. equipping and motivating them to greater heights in their ministries.... • strengthens believers to do the works of Christ and to live a life of victory.yourbreakthrough. • teaches businesspeople to enter a new dimension of success by following biblical principles.. mentor.Pastor Sunday Adelaja).. Brother Huebner describes his ministry this way: "In all things my greatest concern is to be obedient to the Holy Spirit. prophet. Ukraine . Texas . • mentors spiritual leaders. Evangelist. His power—all available to those who come to Him.7 Keys That Will Change Your Life! by Evangelist Andreas Huebner About The Author  God has saved. He is a much sought after inspirational and motivational speaker for both Christian and secular business conferences.tv 14 . these are some of the words people use to describe his ministry. This ministry is all about God's unconditional love . • has spoken to some of the most impacting audiences and churches in the United States and around the world. • encourages multitudes of people through the Word of Knowledge that flourishes in his ministry and guides them into confirmation and new direction along the journey God has called them to..

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