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British School in Baku weekly planning sheet KS2

Class 6Z Class teacher: Narmina Ziyatkhanova Week 3 Term: 2

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

8.30 Registration Registration Registration Registration Registration
8.45 Maths Maths English English Maths
9.00 Using Abacus resources Using Abacus resources Non-Fiction- Non-Fiction- Travellers’ Tales Using Abacus
Block A2.c Block A2.c Travellers’ Tales Text- The Hostile Desert resources
Day 1 Day 2 Text- The Hostile Sentence – Noun and verb Block B2.b
Teaching focus 1-15 p.4 Desert agreement Day 5
Use decimal notation for Teaching focus Sentence – Noun and Copymaster Book Teaching focus
tenths, hundredths and Use decimal notation verb agreement Worksheet Conjunctions Multiply by numbers
thousandths; for tenths, hundredths Task A, B Text book DNFS near 50, 100 by
Task 1-18 p.19 and thousandths; Know Task A,B multiplying by 50,
what each digit 100 and adjusting
represents in a number
with up to three decimal
Task 10-18 p.20
1-12 p.21
9.30 Maths Maths English Maths Maths
Using Abacus resources Using Abacus resources Reading Using Abacus resources Using Abacus
Block B2.a Block B2.a Block B2.b resources
Day 1 Day 2 Day 4 Block B2.b
Teaching focus- Multiply Teaching focus- Use Teaching focus Day 5
Unit 7 p.42-43
by portioning known number facts Continue to multiply using Teaching focus
Our flight in the
Task 1-9 p.20 and place value to closely related facts Multiply by numbers
consolidate mental Task 1-13 p.23, Explore near 50, 100 by
multiplication and multiplying by 50,
division 100 and adjusting
10.15 B R E A K
English Science English
Non-Fiction- Travellers’ Geography Unit 6C: Dissolving Spelling skills book:
Tales Name and locate the Making predictions about what Unit 11 p.28
10.30 Music
Text- The Hostile Desert main world mountains happens after water evaporates.
Word – Hyperbole Task 7 p.10
Task A p.31

English PSHE English

11.15 Non-Fiction- Travellers’ Unit 09: Respect for Maths Spelling skills book:
Tales property Using Abacus resources Unit 11 p.28
Text- The Hostile Desert Section 1: What are the Block B2.a
Word – Hyperbole consequences of Day 3
Task B p.31 crime? Teaching focus ICT
recognise the Consolidate the use of
consequences of factors to help multiply
stealing for victims Task 1-15 p.22
12.00 L U N C H
12.45 Non-Fiction- D/T
Travellers’ Tales
Art Library
Text- The Hostile Unit 6C: Fairground
Desert To Design and make a model of
Word – Suffixes’ous’ a fairground ride.
and ‘ious’
Task A, B p 32
1.45 B R E A K
2.00 Science
Geography Unit 6C: Dissolving
Evaporating water from
3.00 Name and locate the P.E Games/Sport
solutions. Task 6 p.9
main world mountains
Home Maths-10-18 p.20 Maths-13-15 p.21 Maths-15-24 p.22 Maths-
English-complete the class
English- worksheet English-complete the English- complete the class ORT
work task class task, learn the task, learn the words of the unit
List words 11 p.28
Assessment of the week (please keep an on-going record) Respect for property